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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/04/0
3--Canada; Thursday 6/05/03

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Diane: I take it paul's gone.

 Isabella: Yeah. Just hope he doesn't come back.

 Diane: I heard the crash.

 Isabella: Yeah. Paul, um, dumped one of my boxes. His way of helping me unpack, I guess.

 Diane: Helping you unpack?

 Isabella: He has no intention of letting me leave town. He wants his divorce, and he wants ricky here so we can share joint custody, and he intends on pushing this through as quickly as possible. I'm afraid to fight it. I'm afraid of what he'll do.

 Diane: Look, isabella, I really don't think--

 Isabella: Diane, please don't tell me that you're gonna stand up for him. He is enraged and out of control. Surely you can see that.

 Phyllis: Hey.

 Michael: Hey.

 Phyllis: Ooh, wow. Don't bowl me over with your enthusiasm. We haven't seen each oer in months.

 Michael: Sorry. Just had a very confusing day.

 Phyllis: Talk to me. Have you and the bug hit a little windshield?

 Michael: No, no. (Laughs) "little" one. No, very big. Very big. Sort of the romantic pratfall of all time.

 Raul: Okay, here's your card. Here's your copy... and your package. Have a good one.

 Brittany: Yeah, have a great day! Be sure to stop in again re s soon. I'm sorry. I'm just trying to be in the spirit. Lauren told me I need to be more of a team player, so rah, rah, rah.

 Raul: Baby, why don't you knock off a little early today?

 Brittany: I'm fine.

 Raul: No, you're not fine. You've been a mess ever since this craziness has started with your parents.

 Brittany: Wrong. The old brittany would have been torn up. The new brittany says, "it's their lives, not mine." They can screw 'em up as much as they want.

 Lily: Okay, next section. Why don't we

conjuguez les verbes?

 Colleen: Can we take a break?

 Lily: But we just started.

 Colleen: I know. I just-- I can't concentrate.

 Lily: Okay. Whatever.

 Sierra: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. What are we working on?

 Colleen: Oh, nothing at the moment.

 Lily: We are not in the mood to study.

 Sierra: Finals are next week.

 Colleen: Right, like you have anything to worry about.

 Lily: Yeah, you ace all your tests.

 Sierra: Okay, did I miss something? I know why you're in a bad mood, but what's the deal with you?

 Lily: Well, this morning I pretty much got the worst news of my life.

 Sierra: What?

 Colleen: Her parents just told her they're getting remarried.

 Sierra: Well, that's good, isn't it?

 Lily: No, it's awful. I don't even know what they were thinking. They already tried being married to each other. Guess they forgot they stink at it.

 Neil: Well?

 Dru: Well, what?

 Neil: Well, ain't you gonna say anything?

 Dru: About?

 Neil: About lily, about your daughter storming out of the house that way.

 Dru: You don't want to hear what I have to say.

 Neil: You know, I was hoping that she would react better to the news.

 Dru: And how was she supposed to do that when you're nitpicking all morning long?

 Neil: It takes two, baby.

 Dru: You were the one who was sarcastic at breakfast.

 Neil: Gee, what possible reason could I have to be that way?

 Dru: I don't know. Maybe your male ego is bruised because a woman outsmarted you.

 Neil: Outsmarted? Let's get real here and call it for what it really is, which is theft.

 Dru: What is it that you think I stole, neil?

 Neil: Damon porter's business card, yes, from my desk. You already admitted it.

 Dru: I didn't admit to anything. Mnh-mnh. Didn't steal it.

 Neil: But you did take it.

 Dru: What I did do was tidy up your desk.

 Neil: Drucilla, do you reali how serious this is? You could have cost me my gig in life, my job or worse.

 Raul: Baby, f found that box you were looking for.

 Brittany: Whoopee. I'm sorry. (Cell phone rings) (ring) (ring)

 Brittany: It's my dad. (Ring)

 Raul: You don't want to talk to him?

 Brittany: Why? I know why he's calling. He and mom want to have lunch with me.

 Raul: Are you gonna go?

 Brittany: Why would I?

 Raul: Because it might be a good start to putting things back together.

 Brittany: You mean giving them a chance to explain why they're cheating on each other? Gee, that should be fun.

 Raul: Come on, brittany. At least listen to what--

 Brittany: Yeah, it's ironic really. They ignore me my entire life, and suddenly they're, oh, so interested in my feelings. Like this lunch thing. That nerer would have happened a year ago.

 Raul: Which proves that they're trying to reach out to you.

 Brittany: You'd think. Except I know what's really going on.

 Raul: Which is?

 Brittany: They can't accept that I'm actually standing up to them, telling them how messed up their pathetic lives are.

 Colleen: You know, just because it didn't work out for your parents the last time they were married doesn't mean it'll be the same this time.

 Sierra: Yeah, I mean, maybe the first one was, like, practice or something.

 Colleen: Right, and they won't make the same mistakes.

 Sierra: Yeah.

 Lily: I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but you're just wasting your breath. My parents are just not meant to be together.

 Colleen: Lily...

 Lily: No, it's cool. I accepted it a long time ago. They're just too different.

 Colleen: Hey, opposites attract.

 Sierra: Yeah.

 Lily: Yeah, well, not when it comes to my parents. They're, like, constantly arguing about one stupid thing or another, and now they're working at competing companies. Things are gonna be even more tense.

 Colleen: (Sighs)

 Sierra: Hey, don't worry about it, all right? It'll be fine.

 Colleen: Oh, my god. I just thought of something.

 Lily: What?

 Colleen: Do you guys remember the other day when we were at scho, talking in the library about the things we really wanted to do, but we weren't sure if we had enough nerve?

 Sierra: I remember.

 Lily: I don'T.

 Colleen: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, sierra?

 Sierra: You mean now?

 Colleen: Well, why not? It might cheer us up.

 Sierra: Okay. Okay.

 Colleen: Lily, are you in?

 Lily: I don't know what you're talking about.

 Colleen: Good. That's a yes. Come on. Let's go.

 Lily: Wait. Where are you guys gngng?

 Colleen: Just come on. My god! Wait!

 Lily: Hold on, you guys!

 Dru: Well, you're still working for old moneybags, aren't you?

 Neil: Yeah, by the skin of my teeth.

 Dru: At least you're not living in a cardboard box under a bridge or anything, right?

 Neil: You really think this is funny, don't you?

 Dru: No, no. I take my work at jabot very seriously.

 Neil: It's amazing. Nothing fazes you, does it? I mean, it's just--it all rolls right off your back.

 Dru: I'm just not ashamed of anything I've done. That's what I told phyllis.

 Neil: You've been talking to phyllis?

 Dru: Yeah. Your redheaded pit bull came here to our house swinging her weight around. She's lucky I didn't snatch that fake flower out of her head.

 Neil: I'm surprised that she didn't attack you.

 Dru: She did with her big mouth.

 Neil: And you're still in one piece?

 Dru: That's a joke, right?

 Neil: You know, I gotta tell you, victor wasn't exactly thrilled with me either.

 Dru: Oh, I know he must be through with you.

 Neil: That's putting it mildly.

 Dru: Well, honey, my heart bleeds for you, really.

 Neil: Look, I gotta get to work, do some damage control, try to hang on to that job of mine.

 Dru: Yeah, like find a damon porter clone or something, right?

 Neil: Hey, I need that man's business card back, please.

 Dru: Why?

 Neil: Because it's mine.

 Dru: I don't have it.

 Neil: Liar.

 Dru: Unh-unh. No, no. In fact, phyllis took it. I mean, she snatched it.

 Neil: You're a liar. You're a fibber. Yes, you are.

 Dru: Neil? Neil? Does this mean that our engagement isffff? Mmm!

 Dru: I guess... I guess that's the answer to my question.

 Dru: Wow.

 Sierra: There's a step right down coming up.

 Lily: Where? You guys, can I open my eyes now?

 Colleen: Um, okay.

 Lily: Get out! A tattoo parlor?

 Colleen: You always said you wanted to get a tattoo.

 Sierra: And your nose pierced.

 Lily: Yeah, but I didn't mean... you guys really want to do this?

 Colleen: Don't you?

 Lily: Are you kidding? Yes! It would totally freak my parents out. We have to do it together, okay, all three of us.

 Colleen: Okay. I'm in.

 Sierra: Me too. Definitely.

 Lily: Yay! This is so exciting.

 Man: Can I help you, ladies?

 Lily: Um, hi.

 Man: Hi.

 Lily: We'd like to get, um, a tattoo.

 Colleen: And a nose ring. Actually, she wants a nose ring. I wanted one on my belly button.

 Lily: Yeah.

 Colleen: You guys do that, right?

 Man: Yeah. How old are you?

 Colleen: 18.

 Man: You got money, right?

 Colleen: Uh, yeah.

 Man: Okay, then. Who's first?

 Colleen: Um, well, we were thinking we could look around and pick something out.

 Man: Okay. Go ahead and look around. Here's some books you can flip through right here, and let me know when you're ready.

 Lily: Okay.

 Colleen: Oh!

 Lily: Oh, my gosh.

 Michael: So that's my sad tale of woe.

 Phyllis: Sad? I know you don't want to hear this, but honestly, I think you're better off without that--

 Michael: You're right. Maybe I don't want to hear this.

 Phyllis: Well, I'm not going to sit here and make sympathetic mooing noises, okay? Listen, imagine if you would have had children and been married to the woman and the big secret came out then. That would have been a disaster.

 Michael: (Whispers) maybe you should go.

 Phyllis: (Whispers) yeah, maybe I should go. (Normal voice) 'cause I don't want to sit here and watch you wallow in your own misery. I-I gotta tell you something. This is like shades of danny romalotti.

 Michael: (Stammers)

 Phyllis: Here I sit with a very smart, talented, handsome man who could have any woman, any woman he wants, but no, no, no. He wants christine bland. Ugh! God. "Oh, oh, oh, phyllis, I can't live without her." Ugh! Gives me dry heaves thinking about it. This is a good sign.

 Michael: What?

 Phyllis: Well, you're not jumping down my throat right now defending her. Could it be you're actually getting over the woman?

 Diane: Isabella, you've gotta calm down.

 Isabella: That's easy for you to say.

 Diane: I'm worried about you.

 Isabella: I'm worried about me, too. That's why I wanted you here. I knew paul was coming over, and I'm afraid to be alone with him.

 Diane: I've known paul for a long time. I mean, he's not exactly my favorite person, but I really don't believe that he would--

 Isabella: What, that he'd resort to physical violence? You don't think he's capable?

 Diane: He doesn't want to hurt you, isabella. He just wants to be free.

 Isabella: Well, it's not that easy. We have a marriage. You don't just wave good-bye and walk out the door. It doesn't work like that.

 Diane: Did you ever consider it might be for the best?

 Isabella: What, ending up with nothing after I've given so much? No, I didn'T.

 Diane: But it's not nothing. You have your son. You have a lot of family support--

 Isabella: No, I'm a woman raising a child by myself all because of one miserable human being who should have stayed the hell away and done the decent thing. But no, that's not gonna happen. Okay, christine wants paul. She's already turned him against me, and if I fight it, I-I'M... I mean, you saw what happened. His temper, the way he loses it. He's a violent man, especially when it comes to christine. And then after the baptism when he went after michael, I thought paul was going to kill michael if somebody hadn't broken it up.

 Diane: I still feel that you're exaggerating.

 Isabella: No, I'm not. Ask michael. Ask anyone. I've seen it coming for weeks. It's like he's just flipped. It doesn't take much to push him over the edge.

 Diane: I don't understand what you want from me.

 Isabella: I want you to admit that you saw what I saw, that paul's a dangerous man. He's--he's out of control.

 Diane: Do you want to get a restraining order, keep him away from you? Is that what this is all about?

 Isabella: A restraining order?

 Diane: Mmm.

 Isabella: That's good. I-I hadn't thought of that. Maybe that could be an answer.

 Diane: Well, it couldn't hurt anyway, if you're really this frightened.

 Isabella: I am. I am. Make no mistake about it. I am terrified of paul williams.

 Wes: Tell me, since when have you become interested in current events?

 Dru: Since current events became interesting. Hi.

 Wes: Hey. Say, would you like to grab a table and have another cup of coffee?

 Dru: Yes, I would. Thank you.

 Wes: Mm-hmm. Oh, boy. You know, I remember a time when the most serious reading you ever did was fashion magazines.

 Dru: Yes, well, I was self-absorbed with what designer I was going to wear and the makeup artist and the hairstylist--

 Wes: Mm-hmm. And now?

 Dru: And now I'm out to conquer the business world, sing jabot's praises. I I don't have time for all that superficial stuff.

 Wes: Huh. Well, you still look pretty put-together to me.

 Dru: Well, thank you. Thank you. Makeup and hair is still important when a girl's still in the public eye.

 Wes: But now you're not just a pretty face.

 Dru: Yeah, and people are actually interested in what I have to say.

 Wes: Hmm. Sounds like this new job is everything you were hoping for.

 Dru: And a thousand times more. Listen, you wouldn't believe what I've been up to.

 Wes: Yeah, it sounds, uh, real exciting, but actually I'd rather talk about your personal life. I hear you have some big news, lady.

 Sierra: Hey, guys, did you see that tattoo?

 Colleen: No. Well, what about that one?

 Lily: No, it's not really me.

 Colleen: Well, you need to hurry up, because sierra and i already picked ours out, and we are waiting on you.

 Sierra: Yeah.

 Lily: You guys, don't rush me, please.

 Man: Okay, ladies, this is my last book.

 Lily: Thank you.

 Man: You're welcome.

 Colleen: So?

 Lily: What about that one?

 Colleen: You're kidding me, right?

 Lily: What?

 Sierra: The eiffel tower?

 Lily: Okay, it's kind of lame, but something having to do with paris would be really cool.

 Colleen: You need to get over this paris obsession.

 Lily: What obsession?

 Sierra: Well, just look at your screen name-- "the mona lily"?

 Lily: Well, what's wrong with that?

 Colleen: No comment.

 Lily: Well, I like it.

 Colleen: So do you see anything you like?

 Lily: No. You guys go ahead. I'll find something.

 Sierra: Great.

 Colleen: Um, we're ready.

 Man: Now, uh, you sure you want to do this? I mean, these tattoos are the real deal. They're not like those temporary jobs that your little friends have.

 Colleen: Yeah, I know.

 Sierra: Uh-huh.

 Man: Okay. Which one of you is gonna go first?

 Woman[Song]: Good time let's throw away our troubles we're gonna party all day long do you remember all the things we said we'd do today if we had our way? Do anything we wanna do 'cause we all don't have to answer to the boys right now it's party time and it's our dime yes, it's ladies night all the way let's have goodimimes let's throw away our troubles we're gonna party all day long let's take another day throw all our cares away have a good time all night long all night long guys, leave us alone they don't see we need to spend some time on our own hey, every now and then we just have to let our hair down put those red shoes on it's party time and it's all I got yes, it's ladies night all the way let's have a good time let's throw away our troubles we're gonna party all day long let's take another day throw all our cares away

 Colleen: This is so cool.

 Sierra: I can't believe we actually did this.

 Lily: Oh, no kidding.

 Man: Well, just so you know, ladies, that ink's gonna look real nasty for the next couple of days. I mean, that's normal. So in the next couple of weeks, it'll heal up nice.

 Lily: Okay.

 Raul: Listen, britt, personally, I think that going to lunch with your folks is a good idea.

 Brittany: Then you go.

 Raul: I wasn't invited.

 Brittany: You can go in my place.

 Raul: Right. Yeah, because frederick and anita are two of my biggest fans, right?

 Brittany: You know, I thought it wouldn't be like this anymore.

 Raul: Like what?

 Brittany: My parents trying to control my life. I'm finally out from under their roof and yet I've never felt more trapped. I should've gone to college in new york. Then I wouldn't have to deal with any of this garbage. And it's not just my parents I want to escape from. I'm tired of having the same day over and over again. It's just work and school, work and school.

>>Auaul: I thought you liked working here.

 Brittany: What's to like?

 Raul: The money's good. You get a great discount on makeup and clothes. I know you love that. And lauren's a great boss.

 Brittany: She's okay. I think I'm just burned out. I need a change.

 Raul: I know that you're upset about everything that's going on with your parents, but give it time, okay? You're gonna feel better.

 Brittany: I doubt it. Those weeks I was away, I did a lot of thinking about what I want. Realized I made a huge mistake staying in genoa city. I mean, look at my life. It's like I'm still in high school. I have all the same friends. I hang out at all the same places.

 Raul: You date the same guy. Is that part of the problem, too?

 Dru: Let me guess. My sister told you.

 Wes: Yes, and I wish the best for you and neil. I alally do, dru.

 Dru: My sister's got a big mouth.

 Wes: What, was it a secret?

 Dru: No, but I wanted to tell you myself.

 Wes: It doesn't matter who told me.

 Dru: Yes, it does matter. You're not like a casual friend. Once upon a time, you know, we were talking marriage.

 Wes: Guess it just wasn't meant to be, huh?

 Dru: No, we had ourselves some fun times in paris-- you, me and lily.

 Wes: I always say, "the best times of my life."

 Dru: Yeah. I wonder what would've happened if I never moved back to genoa city.

 Wes: But you did. And you brought a daughter who'd become a little bit of a rebel.

 Dru: Right, who needed the security of her own father.

 Wes: Yeah, and now I think what you're doing I truly believe is best for lily.

 Dru: Right, family and security.

 Wes: Not that we weren't a family.

 Dru: That's right.

 Wes: But I really think with kids it's probably better when it's your real parents.

 Dru: Let's hope so.

 Wes: You have some concerns?

 Dru: Mnh-mnh. No. Do not worry.

 Wes: But you know I do worry, dru, all right? Lily means a lot to me. She's had a tough year, what, with the move, a new school and now you two remarrying. That's a lot.

 Dru: Well, she better get over it. Everything's gonna be fine, if she just opens up her 15-year-old eyes and sees that.

 Wes: So what about you and neil? 'Cause liv's telling me you two are still duking it out over this business thing.

 Dru: I understand my sister's been keeping your feet warm at night.

 Wes: Well, she's a terrific lady, just like her sister.

 Dru: Hmm.

 Wes: So lily is not too happy about these marriage plans, huh?

 Dru: No, she is not. Broke the news to her, and she pitched a fit and ran out of the apartment like a bat outta hell.

 Wes: Dru, you want me to have a talk with her?

 Dru: Go ahead. I don't know what good it's gonna do, but--you know what? I gotta get to my meeting. I cannot be late. Mommy's working with the big leagues.

 Wes: Then you go get 'em.

 Dru: Thank you.

 Wes: Thank you for...

 Dru: For being such a good friend. Keep the paper.

 Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Not too much of that. You know, come on, I mean, you're gonna fso much better without that blonde narcotic in your system. Imagine that. You're gonna have your life ba, , your firm back. Is she fighting you about that?

 Michael: No fighting involved.

 Phyllis: What do you mean?

 Michael: She asked to keep the partnership intact.

 Phyllis: Ohshe did? Did you tell her where to go?

 Michael: It's a separate issue, phyllis.

 Phyllis: A separate issue?

 Michael: From a business point of view, it's a very smart move.

 Phyllis: A business! Wait, what about your heart?

 Michael: Let's not talk about me anymore. How about you? What's going on? I hear you and jack--

 Phyllis: Oh, yeah, ahah, yeah, yeah. Oh, it's crazy, michael. I mean--

 Michael: What about newman enterprises?

 Phyllis: Yeah, I work for newman, and he's--

 Michael: Pretty smooth.

 Phyllis: Wait. Don't do that to me. Have you thought about this at all?

 Michael: It's the right thing to do.

 Phyllis: Yeah, for christine maybe, but what about you?

 Phyllis: Oh, michael. Oh, my god. What, do you still have hope? Oh, michael, no!

 Michael: Look, if you don't think it's important that christine still wants to work with me, and before you say anything, she hasn't even mentioned this to paul. Now I think that's pretty important if you... what? You go ahead. Gohehead, fine. You just say it. Say it. Go ahead. I can take it.

 Phyllis: Well, I just think it's sad. It's just so sad to me. I mean, of course, christine has no problem continuing your business relationship, because she doesn't have any feelings for you. She can see you and talk to you all day long if she wants, and she doesn't feel a single twinge. Do ya get it? And of course she hasn't told paul, because she's too busy making up for lost time in bed. Hello. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but you have to hear this.

 Michael: The hell I do.

 Phyllis: Oh, yes, you do. You sit down, and you listen to me. It is over, michael. That woman is not good for you. Everything is so screwed up because of christine. Michael, this is your life, okay? It's not a dress rehearsal. You have one shot. Don't throw it away. Okay, all right. Let's just think of this scenario-- you're pining away for christine, and she and paul get back together. Oh, you're gonna have a front-row seat to all their marital bliss. He's gonna knock her up. She'll be pregnant, parading that around. Do ya need the torture, michael? How much longer can you take this? Get some cojónes! Tell her you have changed your mind.

 Michael: I have to go now.Here. There's some muffin left. Why don't you bite it?

 Colleen: I'll get that booth.

 Lily: I'll get the coffees.

 Colleen: All right.

 Sierra: All right.

 Lily: Hi, can I get three coffees? Thanks.

 Wes: You don't call. You don't write. I'm a sensitive man, lily. My feelings are hurt.

 Lily: Hey, wes. What's going on?

 Wes: Hey, you got a minute?

 Lily: Um, I'm actually kind of busy.

 Wes: Well, this'll be really quick, I promise. Go out on the patio and have a quick little talk, you know?

 Lily: Okay, but just for a minute. I can't just ditch my friends.

 Wes: Yeah, yeah. Well, come on, follow me.

 Lily: Okay.

 Wes: Something wrong with your nose?

 Lily: No, w??

 Wes: Looks good on you.

 Lily: What?

 Wes: That little pink thing in your nose. Nice touch.

 Lily: Really? You like it?

 Wes: I probably would've gone with diamonds myself.

 Lily: Do you have any idea how much a real diamond costs?

 Wes: Yeah, more than your allowance can handle. So I'm assuming you got mommy's permission.

 Lily: Uh, not exactly.

 Wes: Uh-oh. I see trouble.

 Lily: Yeah, well, news flash. I also got a tattoo. See.

 Wes: Okay. Well, at least it's not a skull and crossbones.

 Lily: You mean, yorere not mad at me?

 Wes: Would it make any difference?

 Lily: No, not really.

 Wes: Yeah, well, I can't vouch for your parents though.

 Lily: Yeah, well, they probably won't even notice.

 Wes: Why do you say that?

 Lily: They've been so busy lately, they barely have time for me.

 Wes: If you mean busy giving you a good life, I think you're being a little unfair, don't you?

 Lily: Even when they're at home, they're either too busy making goo-goo eyes at each other or picking fights.

 Wes: So that's what this is about-- pierced nose, a tattoo-- it's a cry for attention.

 Lily: Typical shrink talk.

 Wes: But it's true, isn't it?

 Lily: No. My mom and dad don't ask for my advice about their big decisions, so why should I ask for theirs?

 Wes: We're talking about their engagement now?

 Lily: You know?

 Wes: Yes, I do. And I think it's great. Obviously you don't agree.

 Lily: Are you kidding me? It totally bites.

 Brittany: I didn't mean it like that.

 Raul: How'd you mean it?

 Brittany: Believe me, raul, I'm not tired of being with you. I love you.

 Raul: I love you, too, but I just feel like nothing I do or say helps.

 Brittany: That's not true. You're about the only bright part of my life, the one thing holding me together. I'd be a total wreck without you.

 Raul: And all that stuff you were saying about escaping?

 Brittany: I'd want you to escape with me.

 Raul: You know, what we need to do is figure out a way to shake things up for you and break you out of this rut.

 Brittany: I don't see how that's going to happen.

 Raul: Well, you gotta make it happen.

 Brittany: What, are you a motivational speaker now?

 Raul: I mean it. Think of this summer as a new start.

 Brittany: I'll try.

 Raul: Oh, you'll do more than try. I'll see to that.

 Michael: Took you long enough.

 Isabella: Oh, I didn't realize I was punching a clock.

 Michael: It's just you've been so anxious lately.

 Isabella: No, frightened, michael. I've been frightened.

 Michael: Oh, frightened.

 Isabella: Yes, scared out of my wits.

 Michael: Why? Of whom?

 Isabella: Who do you think? My ever-loving husband, soon to be ex-husband, if he has anything to say about it.

 Michael: Ah. So you and paul have come to a parting of the ways.

 Isabella: He wants to get rid of me, however he accomplishes it.

 Michael: Oh, please, isabella, don't tell me you're suggesting that paul would ever do anything--

 Isabella: He was at our apartment earlier making threats, smashing things. So you tell what to make of it.

 Michael: Really?

 Isabella: You don't believe me. Think I'm making this up? He's a very angry man, especially when I hinted at fighting a divorce.

 Michael: Ah. (Chuckling) that got to him, did it?

 Isabella: You know, you called me. So obviously everything's not all sweet and light in your corner of the world. I assume you figured out that I was right, that christine and paul had been using us.

 Wes: Why are you so against your parents getting remarried?

 Lily: Because half the time they don't even like each other.

 Wes: Honey, look, they're in a competition, all right? That's gonna cause some tension sometimes.

 Lily: Some tension? Hello. Should have been there this morning. They could hardly wait till I left so they could kill each other.

 Wes: All right, don't you think you're exaggerating just a little?

 Lily: Okay, but when you, me and mom lived together, you guys got along great. You never fought.

 Wes: But every relationship is different.

 Lily: Anyway, who cares? They have their lives, I have mine. As soon as I'm old enough, I'm outta here so fast.

 Wes: Lily, you know I don't like hearing you talk like that.

 Lily: Oh, you want me to lie?

 Wes: No. What I want you to do is give their reconciliation a real chance.

 Lily: Like I have a choice. Anyway, are we done talking now?

 Wes: Yeah, sure. Go and join your friends.

 Lily: Thanks. Bye.

 Wes: Stay outta trouble.

 Isabella: So why did you call me? What do you want from me, michael?

 Michael: You still looking for revenge?

 Isabella: The taste would be very, very sweet.

 Michael: A plan, a plan, do you have a plan?

 Isabella: Do you still intend to stay law partners with christine?

 Michael: I didn't tell her no.

 Isabella: Glutton for punishment.

 Michael: Maybe. Maybe I am.

 Isabella: Michael, I hope you're not still holding out hope, because paul made it very clear that he and christine intend to be together, whatever it takes.

 Michael: What does that mean? What does that mean exactly?

 Isabella: He wants a quick divorce. And he was enraged when I told him no way.

 Michael: All right. They want to get back together. Lovebirds reuniting.

 Isabella: Well, I don't know about you, michael, but it makes me sick to my stomach to know that we've been used and lied to.

 Michael: You're gonna fight the divorce?

 Isabella: What legitimate grounds does he have against me? Huh? Our marriage was a lie? It wasn't to me. We have a child. I love him. I mean, I can fight it, right?

 Michael: Sure. Sure. You could delay it for quite some time-- months, maybe a year or so.

 Isabella: That was my guess--

 Michael: But eventually, isabella, paul will get his divorce.

 Isabella: And they'd be together.

 Michael: Mmm.

 Isabella: Haplyly ever after, the man that I love more than life and the woman who destroyed everything for me? Can you live with that?

 Michael: Don't have much choice. You can't keep them apart forever.

 Isabella: Michael, there is always a choice.

 Michael: I don't know what you were hoping to get from me, but I am sorry, isabella. I'm afraid we've lost!

 Isabella: No, we haven't lost! We haven't lost! I'm not gonna let her win! This is not gonna happen!

 Michael: Come on, isabella, don't--

 Isabella: How am i gonna stop them? How am I gonna stop them?


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