Friday Y&R Transcript 5/30/03

Y&R Transcript
Friday 5/30/03--Canada; Monday 6/02/03--USA

Provided By Eric

Colleen: J.T.

 J.T.: Hi.

 Colleen: Lauren said you weren't working tonight.

 J.T.: I'm not.

 Colleen: Then why are you here?

 J.T.: I was looking for you. Why are you here?

 Colleen: I dropped something off for you.

 J.T.: What?

 Colleen: Ask lauren.

 J.T.: No, wait. Colleen, wait. Lauren, can you give us a minute alone?

 Lauren: Yeah, actually, I was just gonna lock up, so--

 J.T.: Well, yeah, I can take care of that.

 Colleen: Look, I don't want to talk to you.

 J.T.: Please, colleen, just hear me out.

 Colleen: Look, I don't have much time before my dad starts to wonder where I am.

 J.T.: Then I'll get right to it. Last time we talked, you made it pretty clear that you didn't want anything to do with me.

 Colleen: That's right, I don'T.

 J.T.: Well, I'm not gonna make it that easy for you.

 Anita: Ah, I see I was right. I was hoping I might find you here.

 Brittany: My lucky day.

 Anita: I left a message on your cell phone. I was hoping maybe, if you weren't too busy, we could spend a little time together. I see you have something to drink. Have you eaten anything?

 Brittany: No, thank you.

 Anita: All right, so how have you been? You're loong well.

 Brittany: What is your deal? You want to bond, have a little girl talk?

 Anita: Look, things have not been easy for me, living in a hotel. It gets very lonely, especially at night.

 Brittany: So now you expect me to be all gooey and sympathetic?

 Anita: I suppose I had hoped you might be a little compassionate.

 Brittany: Oh, right, 'cause dad's been such a heel,cheating on you. That's the whole reason you left him, right, because he was having sex with another person, didn't even bother to hide it out in public?

 Anita: How did you find out?

 Brittany: Does it matter?

 Anita: Your father and i had hoped that maybe you would never have to know.

 Brittany: About him and jill, or about you and your little college boy stud muffin? That's right, mother, word's out. You and J.T. Are officially an item.

 Eher: Jill.

 Jill: God, don't do that to me. You stare ed me. Don't do that again.

 Esther: You look pretty tense.

 Jill: Yeah, well, you'd be tense, too, if someone was lying in wait for you, ready to jump out at any second.

 Esther: You don't want to go in there. Billy and mac are with mrs. C.

 Jill: And why shouldn't I join them?

 Esther: I don't know, because you might attack your son's girlfriend?

 Jill: You know, I am getting pretty sick and tired of you and that big mouth of yours.

 Esther: So leave. No one's going to miss you.

 Liz: Jill.

 Jill: Oh, mama, hello.

 Liz: Hi, daughter.

 Jill: John.

 John: I'm surprised you're still here.

 Liz: Oh, she's just checking up on katherine. That's very sweet of you.

 Jill: No, I'm not doing that. I was at home, and there are some decisions to be made around the house, so I thought I'd come here and find out how long she's gonna be, you know, out of it. (Doorbell rings)

 Chris: Hi.

 Paul: Hey.

 Chris: Hey, come on in. Why didn't you use your key?

 Paul: Well, um, I I guess I wasn't really sure of the guidelines.

 Chris: What would you have done if I hadn't been here?

 Paul: Don't worry, I wouldn't have waited in the hall that long. I'm not that polite.

 Chris: You're traveling kind of light, aren't you?

 Paul: Well, I'll pick up the rest of my stuff later. This is just what i brought back from L.A.

 Chris: I hate to break it to you, but it's kind of stinky.

 Paul: Yeah, I know. I'm gonna stop by the laundromat later.

 Chris: Why would you do that when there's a perfectly good washer and dryer here?

 Paul: Well, I wasn't sure of the--

 Chris: Oh, of the guidelines.

 Paul: Mind if i use your soap?

 Chris: Be my guest.

 Paul: Thanks.

 Chris: You were never this accommodating when we were married.

 Paul: Well, I'm trying to make a good impression. Don't worry, it won't last long.

 Chris: Great.

 Isabella: Come in.

 Diane: I was surprised to get your call.

 Isabella: Yeah, because of the other day.

 Diane: Yeah, you practically threw me out, isabella.

 Isabella: Forget about that. Look, I just really need a friend right now.

 Diane: I gather things didn't go well.

 Isabella: If you're referring to paul, it was a disaster. So you can go ahead and say, "I told you so."

 Diane: Oh, do you think I like seeing you in pain? I was only saying all that stuff to prepare you, in case things didn't go as you'd hope when you told him the truth.

 Isabella: Well, I didn't have a chance to talk to paul.

 Diane: Someone beat you to it? Who?

 Isabella: Christine. Who else? She flew to L.A.,Tracked him down and put her own poisonous spin on what happened.

 Diane: That's awful.

 Isabella: Yeah, well, before I knew it, he was back here, confronting me about it.

 Diane: Well, I'm sure he was pretty upset with you.

 Isabella: Yeah. Diane, you should have seen the look in his eyes. It was filled with so much hatred, almost like he wished I were dead.

 Diane: Oh, isabella, hey, hey, hey, hey, it's okay. Just let it out. It's okay.

 Isabella: You know, I'm done feeling sorry for myself.

 Diane: Well, good for you. You're ready to move on.

 Isabella: That's what you think.

 Diane: What are you talking about?

 Isabella: I'm ready to get even. Good afternoon. Air canada is running out of time to find a solution to it's financial woes. The airline has been given until midnight tomorrow - or it'll be forced into bankruptcy.+++The young fighter pilot killed in cold lake this week was laid to rest at a full military funeral this afternoon...+++ and - from bongs to flavoured rolling papers - an edmonton company is trying to cash in on the decriminalization of pot.+++Hope you can join us tonight at six. Osg'cc#g#gc'

 Larry: Hey, everyone, look who I found in the elevator.

 Olivia: Well, actually, I was on my way up to see you all.

 Esther: Oh, dr. Winters, please, tell us some good news. It seems like we've been waiting forever.

 Jill: Esther, esther-- esther, let the woman talk.

 Larry: Mrs. C. Is gonna live.

 John: Oh, thank god.

 Larry: But she's not gonna be her old self, though, is she?

 Olivia: Well, the radiologist believes that there's not gonna be any further damage. I mean, there's always the danger of a second stroke, but this one seems to have had the effects it's gonna have.

 Liz: Which is what, exactly?

 Olivia: Well, right now there is some paralysis...

 Liz: Oh, my word.

 Olivia: I mean, but the good news is that she's opening her eyes from time to time. She's still verbally unresponsive. I don't know how much she understands about what's going on around her, but I truly believe that with therapy and hard work, she can recover some of her movement and strength. It really depends on katherine and how hard she's willing to fight.

 Larry: She is one tough lady.

 Olivia: Which is why I believe there's a very good chance at some recovery. Now I am gonna have to g but I do want to give you one piece of advice. Over the next few weeks and months, it's gonna be very tough for katherine, which is why it's important we keep a positive attitude and keep her spirits up. She's gonna be very depressed. She's not gonna feel like there's any hope for her quality of life.

 Esther: I'll be there for her every minute.

 Liz: And I won't leave her side, either. I mean, lord knows, I'm no comedienne, but I will do what I can to keep her spirits up.

 John: She has a lot of friends that will do their part.

 Olivia: Well, that's atat I'm counting on. Okay, well, I have to leave.

 John: Olivia, one moment. Now a stroke like this, could it have been brought on by a stressful situation?

 Olivia: Oh, certainly. I mean, if there's a sudden spike in blood pressure, it could bring on a hemorrhagic stroke. I'm really sorry. I do have to go.

 Jill: Mama, I don't want you taking care of katherine. She has esther, and they can hire nurses.

 Liz: Oh, but I want to, daughter. Katherine and i have been friends for such a long time.

 Jill: I know, but she can't move. I mean, you're gonna have to... do very personal things. It's gonna be a lot of work for you.

 Liz: Oh, jill, there is no way that I would let a stranger take care of katherine. I mean, not while I'm around and able to.

 Esther: Jill, you heard what the doctor said. We have to take care of her spirit, too, not just her body. We're the best people to do that.

 Jill: Well, it's obvious I have no say in the matter.

 John: You know, I have been wondering.

 Liz: What?

 John: The woman that was with katherine before she had the stroke-- according to esther, she was an older woman. Who would have upset kay that much to have made something like this happen?

 Jill: Oh, you mean, now I'm not officially responsible?

 Liz: Oh, jill...

 Jill: No, no, that was everybody's first reaction, wasn't it? "Must have been jill." "If jill was within a mile of there, it must have been her," and I know where you're going with this. You're gonna blame charlotte, aren't you? You suspect my birth mother 'cause if you can't hang it on me, just hang it on somebody I love. Thank you.

 Esther: Oh, jill.

 Raul: Is it okay if I come in?

 Billy: Sure, buddy.

 Raul: Howouou holding up?

 Mac: I'm okay.

 Raul: Any change?

 Mac: Not since we talked on the phone.

 Raul: I brought you guys some dinner. I figured you'd be sick of the cafeteria food already.

 Billy: I was wondering what smelled so good. Thanks, man.

 Mac: That's so sweet. Thanks, raul.

 Raul: No problem. Oh, before I forget, you guys have a couple messages. A guy named laird worthington called. He said he wants you to call him back right away. Is it bad news?

 Billy: He's the wedding planner that katherine hired.

 Mac: I totally forgot to call him.

 Raul: You guys are still gonna go ahead with the wedding, right?

 Mac: Well, we were going to, but...

 Billy: But what? Hey, are you having seco t thoughts again?

 Mac: Billy, I know we agreed not to change our plans, but I thought grandma would be getting bettebyby now. At least she opens her eyes now and then, but she's still not responding.

 Billy: Are you saying you want to postpone?

 Mac: It just wouldn't feel right-- celebrating while my grandma's like this.

 Billy: I understand.

 Mac: Billy, I am so sorry.

 Billy: Don't be. Hey, we'll wait as long as you need to. I'm not going anywhere.

 Mac: (Whispering) thank you.

 Esther: No, you can't do that, mackenzie. You ju c can't do that.

 Mac: What's wrong, esther?

 Esther: You have to get married. You can't put it off. You have to get married. smooth backside rode us

you're down below

where have you been? Let's check out the mute grab up ˝ qkf

 Michael: Okay, I'll need an extra shot of decaf in each. Hot decaf, please. I'm going a few blocks with these. I do not want them getting tepid. And skim milk. Please make it fresh. Open a new carton if you have to.

 Man: Uh, sir, I don't mean to be smart, but do you know how much milk we go through in a day?

 Michael: Look. These are very important lattes, or I wouldn't make the request.

 Lauren: Very important lattes. My, who's the visiting dignitary?

 Michael: They are for christine and me. I'm going over to her place. I thought I'd bring her a little surprise.

 Lreren: Well, aren't we the thoughtful, devoted fiancÚ.

 Michael: Boy, we've got some catching up to do.

 Anita: I'm not sure what you thinkouou might have found out.

 Brittany: Oh, don't even try, okay? I know. You go around kissing people in public. I mean, talk about careless.

 Anita: Who?

 Brittany: It's a whole big chain reaction, mother. It just takes one person to get an eyeful, and pretty soon the whole town knows.

 Anita: Oh, dear god.

 Brittany: I just found out all the sordid details tonight-- pulled them out of J.T. He's pretty messed up. Not that you would care, since the only person you ever think about is yourself.

 Anita: Sweetheart, if you'd just allow me to explain...

 Brittany: Don't bother.

 Anita: Look, this... it was something that happened one time.

 Brittany: He's 19.

 Anita: Well, this is not something that I am proud of.

 Brittany: Aren't you? Really? Doesn't it give you bragging rights at the club? "Hey, I nailed the pool boy last week."

 Anita: Keep your voice down.

 Brittany: "Oh, did you, dear? How nice. Who wants to play bridge?"

 Anita: Stop it.

 Brittany: Why should I? I'm ashamed of you. It's about time you got a reality check.

 Colleen: Do you want to make this any more painful than it already is?

 J.T.: I want you to listen to me.

 Colleen: No, you listen. I trusted you, J.T. I didn't think you'd do anything to hurt me, but you did.

 J.T.: You have every right to be angry. I made a terrible mistake.

 Colleen: A mistake?

 J.T.: That's what it was.

 Colleen: No. A mistake is forgetting to return a library book. What you did destroyed everything that we had.

 J.T.: Colleen, look. I wish I could go back and do things differently.

 Colleen: Well, guess what. You can'T.

 J.T.: What can I do?

 Colleen: Nothing.

 J.T.: No. There has to be something.

 Colleen: You know what? You expect me to forget what I saw? You were kissing mrs. Hodges in that restaurant. You slept with her. Every time I look at you, every time I think about you I picture the two of you together, and it makes me sick. So I can't be around you. It's too hard.

 J.T.: What are these doing here?

 Colleen: I'm giving them back to you.

 J.T.: Well, they're yours.

 Colleen: I don't want them.

 J.T.: They were a gift, colleen.

 Colleen: I don't want them.

 J.T.: I'm not taking these back from you.

 Colleen: Well, fine. I'll throw them away then. Just a reminder of how stupid I was. You know what my dad told me?

 J.T.: I can imagine.

 Colleen: He said that i shouldn't put you or any other guy up on a pedestal because nobody's perfect. He was right. God, I built you up in my head to be this incredible, caring guy, but in reality, you were the J.T. That everyone warned me about. I guess I deserve what happened.

 J.T.: No, don't say that.

 Colleen: Why not? It's true. I should've known better. You and I never had a chance, not really. Why would you want to be with me when you have plenty of girls your own age who are after you? Who will give you everything that you want without any of the headaches?

 J.T.: Colleen, I don't want to be with those girls. I want to be with you.

 Colleen: No, you want to be with anita hodges. Gotta hand it to you, J.T. A sorority girl is one thing, but brittany's mom-- yeah, never saw that coming. If I ask you a question, will you answer me honestly?

 J.T.: What?

 Colleen: Was she the only one?

 J.T.: Yes.

 Colleen: You never cheated on me with anyone else?

 J.T.: No. No, I swear to you. And what happened with anita, it happened one time. It was just something stupid that I did...

 Colleen: Because you couldn't get sex from me.

 J.T.: I know you hate me. I hate myself for what I did to you. But I will never, ever hurt you like that again.

 Colleen: I wish I could believe you.

 J.T.: You can.

 Colleen: No, I can'T. You're J.T., The guy always looking for his next score. The guy who likes to use 'em and lose 'em.

J J.T.: No. No, colleen, that is not me-- not anymore. You know that. You're the only one who knows who I really am.

 Colleen: Correction. I'm the only one who didn'T. But I do now.

 J.T.: Colleen, wait. Wait.

 Colleen: Let go of me.

 J.T.: Look, I love you, and I know you love me. Can you honestly say you don't want to be with me? 'Cause until you look me in the eye and say it, I'm not gonna believe you. R children to behappy and healthy,

 Michael: And even though my goose is probably already cooked, I'm not ready to give up on her yet.

 Lauren: But did christine say that your goose was cooked?

 Michael: More or less.

 Lauren: Well, what is it, michael? Is it more or is it less?

 Michael: I asked her if she could give me some hope. She said she couldn'T.

 Lauren: But you're choosing to ignore that, right?

 Michael: I don't know, lauren. Call me a zany, cockeyed romantic.

 Lauren: Certainly you've been called worse.

 Michael: Mm-hmm.

 Lauren: So realistically, though...

 Michael: What? Oh, my chances of salvaging my engagement?

 Lauren: Yeah. Aim high.

 Michael: You think I'm nuts?

 Lauren: Don't get me wrong. I hope this works out for you for a number of reasons. I'm just wondering...

 Michael: Well, so am I. So am I, but I'm not gonna let doubt stop me. I'm just gonna go over to christine's place, and I'm gonna be the best man I know how to be.

 Lauren: And you really believe that'll be enough?

 Michael: I believe in christine. I believe in what we had together, and I believe in the man I've become since she gave me a second chance.

 Lauren: So maybe she'll give you a third. That what you're hoping?

 Chris: Where did you find that shirt?

 Paul: It was in the back of the closet. I decided to wash the clothes I was wearing, too.

 Chris: I see.

 Paul: Why? What's the matter with this shirt?

 Chris: It just-- it brings back memories.

 Paul: Yeah? Good or bad?

 Chris: That depends on who's doing the remembering.

 Paul: I like this shirt.

 Chris: Yes, I know you like that shirt. You wore that when you put on some rock music and demonstrated how terrif you were playing the air guitar.

 Paul: I want you to know that I spent hours and hours in front of the mirror perfecting my air guitar technique. I'm quite skilled.

 Chris: Oh. You call that skill, huh?

 Paul: I'll prove it to you.

 Chris: Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh.

 Paul: Oh, god.

 Chris: What?

 Paul: My cds aren't here. These are all yours. I forgot.

 Chris: So what?

 Paul: Abba?

 Chris: Oh. Don't even start with that.

 Paul: Duran duran?

 Chris: All right. They may not be up to your air guitar standards, but every cd in there is good music.

 Paul: For what,an oldies show?

 Chris: It's good for dancing.

 Paul: Oh, please. You gotta be kidding me.

 Chris: No, I'm serious. I am gonna show you.

 Paul: This is my lucky shirt. (Chuckles)

 Paul: Feels lucky.

 Chris: Don't just stand there. Make your move.

 Diane: Look, I know what you're going through. You have all these delicious thoughts of revenge, but that's all they are. They're just thoughts.

 Isabella: Don't bet on it.

 Diane: Isabella, it's part of the process.

 Isabella: What process?

 Dia: : A way of helping you deal with this loss. Just-- just don't let it go on too long. It'll make you crazy.

 Isabella: And what do you suggest I do instead?

 Diane: Leave town. Go on out to california where you have family. Just start over, and forget about paul and christine.

 Isabella: Not a chance.

 Diane: What's keeping you here, huh? You told me yourself that your husband could hardly stand to look at you.

 Isabella: Well, that's his problem. The fact remains we're still married.

 Diane: Do you really think you have a chance of saving your marriage after everything that's happened?

 Isabella: I didn't say that.

 Diane: Well, good, because I warned you about living in denial.

 Isabella: No, I'm way past denial. But there's no way I'm going to end up the only loser in this mess, not if I have anything to say about it. You're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife place.Good afternoon. I'm lesley macdonald. Coming up at 5:30...mad cow disease is claiming hundreds more jobs in alberta...this time at a meat plant in high river. It's the end of an era for the concorde. We'll have that money were no object... what kind of house would you build? We'll show you a seven and a half million dollar dream house that has it all......on edmonton's global news at 5:30. En it comes to haircolor, now we're down to one minute left in regulatiotitime of this the 7th game. ...It's just like over-time now and what a series this has been's a loose-puck at centre ice here they come, a three man break down that left side.

There comes a time

every year when women

say to themselves...

season's over he shoots! He scores!

The ford escape.

It's genuine.

It's powerful.

It's an suv

built for life in canada.

 Rhonda: Next time on "100 huntley street live in the studio is reverend dale lang. He will talk about his new book "jason has been shot." Also reynold and kathy mainse will have an update on the lazarus project in africa. All of that and much more next time on "100 huntley street."

 Larry: Baby, listen to me, okay? This is not about you. And no one thinks that you did anything to harmrs. Chancellor.

 Jill: I've talked about it a million times, but I never meant it. You know, I know that there's a lot of people that don't like me, okay? I've learned to live with that. I don't give, really, a damn whether people like me or not. I'm gonna live my life the way I want to live it. If peoe don't like it, then they can...

 Larry: Hey, come on. Jill, lots of people like you.

 Jill: Oh, stop it. Come on. Deep down I know it's true. But people need love, and charlotte and I... there's just something there that feels so right. I mean, it makes me feel warm inside. It's gotta be real. There's no other explanation.

 Larry: Baby, you know, if this is real for you, then what's anyone else got to s, , huh?

 Jill: Oh, charlotte, you came. (Whispering) you came. Oh, thank you. Thank you for coming. I need you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being here.

 Esther: No, you can'T. You can't cancel the wedding. You just can'T.

 Mac: We're still gonna get married, esther.

 Billy: Yeah, when katherine's feeling better.

 Esther: Look, I know it's none of my business, but I really don't think you should change your plans. Your grandmother wouldn't want you to.

>>Acac: That's what I used to think, too.

 Esther: Mrs. C. Is so eited about your wedding. It's all she talked about these past few weeks. She was looking forward to it so much.

 Billy: That's why mac wants to hold off, so katherine can be there.

 Mac: She'd be so disappointed if she missed it.

 Esther: She'll be more disappointed if you wait. If she gets better, and...

when she gets better and learns that you put off the wedding, especially because of her-- I know mrs. Chancellor. She won't be happy. She'll be so upset. She'll remind you of all the times she said that you wouldn't let anyone stand in your way, and anyone includes her.

 Raul: Yeah, I'm with esther. I think you guys should definitely go for it.

 Mac: What do you think?

 Billy: It's your call, mac.

 Mac: Okay. Okay, we'll go ahead. I know it's what grandma would want.

 Esther: Oh, wonderful. I know you won't regret this.

 Mac: Hear that, grandma? Billanand I are getting married on schedule, which means the wedding's only a few days away. I know you don't want to miss it. So please... grandma, please get better. I'm seanna collins and this is out there. The northern alberta international childrens festival continues until tomorrow in st. Albert. The festival gives children the opportunity to explore and experience a forms of art and expression. Pick up an event brochure at any tim horton's location.Join globals mike sobel for the 150 ms bike tour june 7th and 8th. The tour goes from leduc to camrose and then back again. It's the largest bike tour in canada raising thousands of dollars to help families living with M.S.There are only a few days left to enjoy the post impressionist masterworks exhibition at the edmonton art galley. It's comprised of 15 paintings from the national gallery of canada's permanent collection - hurry though - it wraps up sunday. And the edmonton horse owow continues until sundayat northlands park. This is a free family fun event with more than 350 horses and riders competing for over $130,000 in prize money.

 Michael: Isabella had an interesting take on the situation.

 Lauren: I'm sure she did.

 Michael: Look. I went to christine with nothing to gain anand everything to lose, and I told her the truth.

 Lauren: It was just a hell of a time to have an attack of conscience.

 Michael: Yes. Yes, it was. It was the perfect time.

 Lauren: You were almost married to her.

 Michael: Not only that, no one was holding a gun to my head. Nothing was about to come out. No one was blackmailing me. It's exactly the kind of gesture that could wind up meaning a great deal to christine.

 Michael: What? What, you don't buy that?

 Lauren: You and i are not friends, michael. So I actually don't feel the need to salvage your feelings here. I'm gonna be blunt.

 Michael: Mm-hmm.

 Lauren: If you are looking for a hook to hang that tiny shred of hope...

 Michael: All right. All right. How about this? Chststine and paul aren't back together again. They haven't fallen into each others arms.

 Lauren: Do you know that for a fact?

 Michael: Just call it a very strong impression.

 Lauren: Sure that's not wishful thinking?

 Michael: Look, if they were back together... never mind. You know what? Christine is much too arart to be back with paul.

 Lauren: Yeah, like smart has anything to do with it.

 Michael: He was a lousy husband. You should know that better than anyone. You were married to him.

 Lauren: All right. Leave me out of this.

 Michael: Christine needs time. Everything's in turmoil. Once things settle down and her anger subsides, who knows?

 Lauren: I wish you luck, michael. I really do.

 Michael: In spite of the fact you and I aren't friends.

 Lauren: You're not gonna hold that against me, are you? Hmm, tepid lattes.

 Michael: Oh, right. Right. Okay.

 Diane: What's that supposed to mean-- there's no way you're going to be the only loser?

 Isabella: I told you I plan to get even.

 Diane: Listen to me, isabella. I understand that you want payback. But you are talking to somne who knows only too well that it isn't worth it.

 Isabella: No, it'll be worth it for me.

 Diane: No. No, it won'T. I spent all that time and energy fighting for jack, and the only person I ended up hurting was myself. But it's not too late for you. You can benefit from my experience. Just move on.

 Isabella: Well, I hope i can benefit from your experience, just not in the way that you mean.

 Diane: What are you talking about?

 Isabella: Let me ask you a question, diane. Do you want to help me?

 Diane: What do you have in mind?

 Isabella: Last summer you did something incredibly bold and risky.

 Diane: I did?

 Isabella: Setting fire to the pool house, trying to t t rid of phyllis.

 Diane: Whoa. Wait a minute.

 Isabella: No, it was a stroke of genius, diane, and that is exactly the kind of daring move I am looking for to turn things around.

 Diane: You're not serious.

 Isabella: Oh, you better believe I'm serious. So you want to help me? That's the kind of help I'm gonna need.

 Chris: Are you gonna dance with me or not?

 Paul: What, you really mean it?

 Chris: Unless you've forgotten how.

 Paul: That'll be the day.

 Anita: Ashamed of me? Yes, well, I can imagine you would be. Look, all I can say to you, brittany, is that the last few months have been sheer hell for me. I would be home alone late at night in that big house. I had no way of knowing whether you were dead or alive. And it would get later and later and later, and I would still be alone. Your father didn't come home, didn't even bother to call and tell me where he was. If he did grace our bed with his appearance, it was usually way after midnight, way afteI had cried myself to sleep. The next morning he would be full of excuses. But I knew. I knew what was happening. I just didn't want to believe it was happening to me.

 Brittany: So instead of getting mad, you got even?

 Anita: I suppose that was part of it.

 Brittany: You suppose? Yeah, why give that any kind of deep thought? It's only your marriage, your values. But why would any of that matter if you're getting it on with one of my friends?

 Anita: Won't you even try to understand?

 Brittany: I'll tell you what I understand, mother.

 Anita: No, brittany, please. Would you just listen?

 Brittany: I can't even stomach this anymore.

 Anita: You know, I am so sick of this. I am human. I have feelings. I hurt. I bleed. J.T... he saw what I was going through. He was kind to me. Don't look at me like that. Please don't hate me, brittany. God, I never meant for you to find out about this.

 Brittany: You were meeting him in a restaurant, mother-- a public place. You couldn't have cared that much who saw you. And then you took him upstairs to your room, didn't you? Didn't you?!

 Anita: I admit it. It was stupid, okay? It was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life.

 Brittany: Dyoyou regret it? Do you wish it never happened?

 Anita: Honey, I regret so deeply if I have hurt you in any way with my behavior.

 Brittany: But you don't regret sleeping with J.T. You don't regret sinking to dad's level.

 Anita: Sweetie...

 Brittany: Don'T. I've heard enough. The only thing you're sorry about is getting caught.

 Brittany: Why does it even bother me? I always knew you two were screwed up. I just never realized how much. No wonder I'm such a mess.

 Anita: Brittany, please, don'T...

 J.T.: Say it, colleen. Say you don't love me. Look me in the eye and say it.

 Colleen: I can'T.

 J.T.: That's what I thought.

 Colleen: Yes, J.T., I love you so much. But we can't be together anymore, not ever again.

 J.T.: You just need some time, and I can give that to you.

 Colleen: Time isn't gonna fix this.

 J.T.: We can work this out.

 Colleen: No.

 J.T.: Come on, colleen. We've hit bumps in the road before.

 Colleen: This is more than a bump in the road. Being with you right now, this is killing me. I want more than anything for you to put your arms around me, for you to kiss me and tell me nothing's changed. But that would be a lie, because everything has changed. And you know that things will never be the same.

 J.T.: You're right. They won't be. It'll be better-- maybe not right away but eventually. Because I have learned from what I did. I was such an idiot. I will never do that again. I will never take you for granted again. You have my word on that.

 Colleen: It's not enough anymore.

 J.T.: So is this-- is this it? This is good-bye?

 Colleen: Yes.

 J.T.: It can't be.

 Colleen: You say you love me. And if that's true, let me walk out that door.

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