Thursday Y&R Transcript 5/29/03

Y&R Transcript
Thursday 5/29/03--Canada; Friday 5/30/03--USA

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Victor: What do you mean, "the news isn't good"?

 Neil: Well, victor, it certainly isn't catastrophic. My short list of candidates to head up satine's r & d department has some very illustrious names on it. I've been talking to corey baskin. He designed the whole rustic flavors line for durban hill cosmetics.

 Victor: That's a small specialty line.

 Neil: Yeah. There's also francine trudeau. She put out feelers. I'm sure you're aware of her. She wants to--

 Victor: Neil, wait a minute, let's cut to the chase. In other words, you're telling me there's no contract for me to sign. We do not have damon porter on the hook, is that it?

 Neil: Yeah, that's very true.

 Victor: Is he playing hard to get, or what?

 Neil: Very.

 Victor: Offer him a lot of money, make it a short-term contract. If he doesn't work out, we cut him loose. If he works out, he's worth all the money.

 Neil: Well, you see, it's not really a matter of money because someone else got him.

 Victor: What do you mean, "somebody else got him"? What happened?

 Neil: It's a long story.

 Victor: I want to hear it.

 Neil: You do? Well, the sequence of events goes like this. I left porter's--

 Vtotor: Wait one second, one second, one second. Who else has the kind of money to offer damon porter outside of us? Who? Who's hiring?

 Neil: Jabot, sir. He's gone to work with jabot.

 Dru: Uh, maybe I should call security and, uh, you know, I don't recall inviting you for a heart-to-heart, phyllis.

 Phyllis: Well, let's not stand on ceremony, sweetie.

 Dru: Do you really think that you can barge into my space and throw your weight around?

 Phyllis: Wow, that's so funny because I haven't said more than two words since you closed the door. You seem to know what I'm gonna talk about.

 Dru: Well, I know you're on your high horse about some kind--

 Phyllis: High horse, high horse, horses, horses-- who's that remind you of? Anybody? I don't know.

 Dru: Okay, what have you been smoking?

 Phyllis: A certain man, horse breeder from georgia? Well, at least, he used to live in georgia until you stole a business card and lured him to work for you at jabot. I don't know, is it me? But, you know, since you brought up horses...

 Dru: Yeah, you know what? Let me bring up this other subject. Perhaps you should get out.

 Phyllis: Perhaps let's get real about the situation and about how much trouble you're in.

 Ashley: Yeah. You wanted to see me?

 Jack: Hey, thanks for coming up. Take a load off.

 Ashley: Could we just get on with it? I got a lot of wkk to do in the lab.

 Brad: Actually, honey, that's what we want to talk to you about.

 Ashley: Is there a meeting? Nobody told me.

 Jack: Actually, it's, uh, it's not a meeting.

 Brad: We want to discuss your situation.

 Ashley: What situation?

 Jack: Your pregnancy.

B brad: As we've all agreed, obviously the timing could be a bit better.

 Ashley: Oh, well, boys, I'm so sorry I can't seem to control mother nature.

 Brad: No, honey, of course we realize that. It's just--

 Ashley: I already came up with a solution, I told you.

 Brad: Delay development and production of the tuvia line until after you've had the baby.

 Jack: We just don't think that's the best idea.

 Ashley: Oh, I think I know where you're going with this.

 Brad: You do?

 Ashley: Yeah, you want to bring somebody into r & d until I get back.

 Jack: You don't have a problem with that?

 Ashley: No, as a matter of fact, I've come up with a list of chemist names I think would fit the bill beautifully. What's that? What's going on? Why are you looking at each other like that?

 Brad: Well, um, jack already found someone.

 Jack: And I hired him.

 Noah: Mommy, don't leave us again. I don't want you to go. Please, stay here with us.

 Sharon: Oh, honey, I'll see you again real soon, okay?

 Noah: But I want you to stay here with us.

 Sharon: I know, but... I haven't been back that long, and I'm staying at grandma doris', and she's expecting me.

 Noah: She won't care if you stay here with us.

 Sharon: Honey, it's just a little bit too soon, okay?

 Noah: No, it isn'T.

 Nick: Buddy, yes, it is. Now look, I want you to go upstairs and go to bed, okay? I'll be up soon to kiss you good night.

 Nick: I can b believe you. You're accusing me

messing with cassie's mind? How can you do that? What the hell's the matter with you?

 Nikki: Hi.

 Victoria: Hey, what's up?

 Nikki: Um, I don't know. What's up with you?

 Victoria: Nothing. What do you mean?

 Nikki: You seem happy.

 Victoria: Oh, yeah, right. I guess that's kind of odd for me, huh?

 Nikki: Oh, honey, I didn't mean it like that.

 Victoria: No, no, it's all right. It's true. I had a lovely evening.

 Nikki: Really? You had a date. Tell me about it.

 Victoria: Mother, I don't want you making a big alal out of this. It's not a big deal. I just had fun, that's all.

 Nikki: Look, anything that will put a smile like that on your face is a big deal. It's a very big deal to me, but I'm not gonna pry.

 Victoria: Good. Well, I guess I'd turn in, but I'm not really that tired.

 Nikki: (Sighs) well, let's see, what shall we talk about? How about work? How are things at work?

 Victoria: That's kind of treacherous territory for us, don't you think?

 Nikki: Why do you say that?

 Victoria: I don't think we should talk about things at work.

 Nikkibebecause we're in competition? That whole situation is so disturbing to me. You are aware of my investment in jabot...

 Victoria: Yeah.

 Nikki: The amount of money I stand to lose?

 Victoria: I'm very aware of it, but that's the risk you take when you invest in a company owned by your husband'nenemesis. You should have expected problems from the day you bought into jabot. Good afternoon. The mad cow scare has scuttled the jobs of one hundred edmontonians. They were laid off from a pasta company that can't ship it's beef lasagna across the border anymore. Andnow ontario's talking about banning alberta beef.+++Plus - she's barely a foot tall - and weighs only a couple of pounds - but she's ining called a hero for saving her owner from a house fire this morning... you'll meet nico tonight on edmonton's global news at six.

 Brittany: Look, if you're gonna give me some sob story--

 J.T.: I'm not giving you anything. Just leave me alone, all right?

 Brittany: What you said about it costing you, sleeping with my mother, what did you mean?

 J.T.: What do you think it means?

 Brittany: Just answer me, okay? I don't have time to play stupid guessing games.

 J.T.: How'd you find out?

 Brittany: About you and my mom kissi at the lodge? Raul told me.

 J.T.: How did he find out?

 Brittany: Oh, wow, that's right, your little virgin princess. You were really busted, huh, stud?

 J.T.: Oh, I bet you think this is really funny, don't you?

 Brittany: Try pathetic.

 J.T.: Hey, colleen's the only thing in my life that matters. Now I've screwed that up, probably for good.

 Lauren: This just came in, and it's one of my favorites. What do you think? Would you excuse me for a minute? Hi, colleen.

 Colleen: Hi.

 Lauren: If you're looking for J.T.--

 Colleen: He's not here, is he?

 Lauren: No, actually, he's not working tonight.

 Colleen: Good.

 Lauren: Did I miss something?

 Colleen: I came to drop these off.

 Lauren: J.T. Gave these to you.

 Colleen: Yeah. Would you give them back to him, please?

 Lauren: Don't you think that you should be the one to do it?

 Colen: No. I never want to see J.T. Ever again.

 Nikki: Look, just so you know, jabot does not intend to lose the cosmetics competition.

 Victoria: Well, then you have nothing to worry about, do you?

 Nikki: Unfortunately, I know that your father is equally as committed.

 Victoria: Me too, mother.

 Nikki: So one of us will win, and one of us will lose.

 Victoria: It looks that way.

 Nikki: And that doesn't bother you?

 Victoria: Well, I'm not thrilled about it, but, personally, I think jabot should have backed off. We had the jump on the women of color market. We were there first.

 Nikki: Honey, cosmetics are an incidental line at newman.

 Victoria: Oh, thanks, thank you, since that happens to be my division.

 Nikki: Honey, brash & sassy is wonderful. You've done magnificent things with it. I know that's your baby. I'm so proud of you. I know how much it means to you, but satine-- that's a company you acquired with a very limited product line. You had nothing to do with the development of it. I just don't see the point in you getting so personally involved.

 Victoria: Hmm, and you're forgetting that you stand to lose $35 million if we succeed, right, mother?

 Sharon: No, I know cassie has been hurt, but she just sounds terribly bitter.

 Nick: I can't believe that surpris y you.

 Sharon: Well, listen to yourself, nick. I mean, you do sound like a very bitter man.

 Nick: And you think I'd lay all that on cassie?

 Sharon: Well, maybe it was unintentional.

 Nick: Let me make one thing very clear here. I did everything I could-- everything-- not to color those kids' reactions to you. What you saw in there from cassie came from her heart-- a heart which you broke when you walked out of her life.

 Sharon: All right, I'm punishing myself enough already. I don't need you to lay on a guilt trip real thick.

 Nick: It's all about you, isn't it? It's all about sharon.

 Sharon: What does that mean?

 Nick: If you have to ask, then forget it.

 Sharon: All right, I know that didid a bad thing. I wish that I had never done it, but you still don't begin to understand why I did it, do you?

 Nick: It was because of my dad, right? That's what you put in that letter to your mother, but you know what? More and more, I'm starting to think that that was a lie.

 Sharon: Well, you know what? It was a lie. The reason that I really left was because of you.

 Ashley: You hired somebody? Now how the hell could you do that without consulting me?

 Jack: Calm down. Just listen to me for a minute.

 Ashley: This is my department, jack. How dare you go behind my back and bring somebody in. It's outrageous.

 Jack: This guy is pure gold, ash.

 Brad: He's the man who developed the whole satine line.

 Ashley: Damon porter.

 Brad: You know him?

 Ashley: Reputation only.

 Jack: Then you know he's a first-rate talent.

 Ashley: There's still a hundred reasons why you shouldn't have gone ahead, jumped the gun, and hired this man. He has to collaborate with me.

 Jack: We--

 Ashley: He has to tailor his vision to mine.

 Jack: We will make sure he understands that.

 Ashley: You know, it would have been nice, at the very least, if I could have met him before you went ahead and did this.

 Jack: Too late. It's a done deal.

 Ashley: You are unbelievable.

 Jack: Well, I'm not saying yoyou don't have a right to be upset. Try to keep in mind, we had to move fast or the competition would have grabbed him.

 Ashley: Are you saying that newman wanted to go ahead and bring him back to satine?

 Jack: I'm saying they were on the verge of making an offer, yes.

 Brad: Had they been successful, honey, it would have been a double whammy for us.

 Ashley: Now how could you possibly know what newman was going to do? Did porter tell you that? Didn't it dawn on you that maybe this was a negotiating ploy?

 Jack: This was not a ploy, trust me. We had this from a very reliable source.

 Ashley: Who?

 Jack: Drucilla winters.

 Victo s so damon porter went to jabot, and that is why jack abbott had that smug expression on his face.

 Neil: I'm afraid so.

 Victor: Didn't you tell me that we had the man in the bag? Isn't that what you told me?

 Neil: Well, I knew you were prepared to make him a handsome offer, so it did seem like it was a done deal.

 Victor: You said that something, some business card, was stolen off your desk.

 Neil: Yeah, a business card was removed from the front of my--

 Victor: Stolen.

 Neil: It was borrowed.

 Victor: Why are we splitting hairs about that?

 Neil: Because the person who borrowed or stole it was my fiancéE.

 Victor: Are you serious?

 Neil: Yes, very. Drucilla got porter on the phone before I could. They sealed a deal before I--

 Victor: She had the impertinence to walk into my office the other day and accuse me of underhanded business tactics. She's either insane or totally dishonest.

 Neil: I think she-- she told me that one bad turn deserves another, that we stole satine.

 Victor: We did not steal satine! We outbid the sorry bastards. They couldn't cut the mustard, that's what happened. That's how the marketplace works, not by stealing things off people's desks, for heaven's sake.

 Neil: I'm as angry about it as you are--

 Victor: I doubt that seriously.

 Neil: Victor, I realize this is a very complex situation.

 Victor: This is a very complex situation, neil, because you are engaged to her, and you're about to marry her. That's the only reason that I tolerated her impertinent littleererformance the other day. If she ever walks in here again and does that, I would have her thrown out on the street.

 Neil: Yeah, but, victor, if I may explain this, she felt responsible that she brought satine to our attention. I mean, if I had it to do all over again, I probably would have done things differently myself.

 Victor: Oh, in other words, you wouldn't tell victoria about satine, is that it?

 Neil: Well, even though it's an incredible opportunity for the company, I should have known that it would cause problems--

 Victor: And although satine would become an enormous success for newman enterprises and for my daughter.

 Neil: You're putting me on the spot.

 Victor: You're damn right, I'm putting you on the spot. There'll come a day when you will have to make a choice, neil.

 Neil: What choice?

 Victor: Between working for me and your allegiance to newman enterprises and your fiancéE.

 Dru: Trouble, phyllis? I don't think so.

 Phyllis: Are you lying to me, or are you just totally clueless?

 Dru: You know, I was having the most fabulous evening before you showed up.

 Phyllis: Yes, after a very, very busy day of corporate espionage, stealing... how do you fit it all in?

 Dru: Espionage, huh? What are you babbling about?

 Phyllis: I caught you red-handed. You were rifling neil's desk.

 Dru: Looking at his calendar, phyllis.

 Phyllis: Rifling his desk, drucilla, and, lo and behold, you come across a card with somebody's name on it, someone you can manipulate.

 Dru: I could no more manipulate a guy like damon porter than you could--

 Phyllis: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Damon porter, did you say? Uh-huh. Now we're getting somewhere.

 Dru: Whatever, phyllis.

 Phyllis: You stole the card, drucilla.

 Dru: You keep saying that.

 Phyllis: And you keep ducking it!

 Dru: Whatever floats your boat, honey.

 Phyllis: Are you really gonna stand here and deny this?

 Dru: You know, I'm gonna stand here and tell you that I showed up at my fiancé's office, okay? He wasn't there. I decided to wait. While I was waiting, I looked at his calendar to pick out a date for our wedding. Then the wind blew you in with all of your royal rudeness, and I decided to leave without seeing my fiancé. End of story.

 Phyllis: Okay, well, let me tell you what really happened. You walked into neil's office, snooping around his desk, until you got a piece of proprietary information.

 Dru: Whoa! Proprietary-- that's a big word for you, phyllis. Well, let's see now. Proprietary would mean beloining to the proprietor, which you are not. You don't have a hold on damon porter.

 Phyllis: Oh, my.

 Dru: Yeah, and even if I did steal the card, which I did not, what's the difference between neil lifting information that I gave him and using it--

 Phyllis: Oh, please, blah, blah, blah. We heard that same song and dance.

 Dru: Fair is fair. Fair is fair, phyllis.

 Phyllis: Yeah, hypothetically speaking.

 Dru: Damn straight, honey.

 Phyllis: Well, it's too bad that neil isn't having a "hypothetical" conversation with victor right now. You see, victor is probably handing him his head on a silver platter. That's all your fault.

 Brittany: Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Please.

 J.T.: All I'm saying is I know it was a mistake.

 Brittany: Did you figure that out before or after your little girlfriend got a clue?

 J.T.: The minute it happened I wished it hadn'T.

 Brittany: So what were you doing all over each other in public days later?

 J.T.: I was telling your mom...

 Brittany: What, good-bye?

 J.T.: Yes.

 Brittany: How convenient.

 J.T.: Get off my case, all right? It's true. And for the record, she kissed me.

 Brittany: Spare me the vomit-inducing details.

 J.T.: I didn't go after her. I wasn't trying to score. How can you even think--

 Brittany: So what are you saying, that you weren't even attracted, like anita forced you to take her to bed?

 J.T.: I don't even know why I'm bothering. You're not listening to me.

 Brittany: Well, she couldn't have been that hideous, otherwise you couldn't have gone there.

 J.T.: I never said she was hideous.

 Brittany: Okay, I'm confused. You're saying my mom came on to you, and you knew it was wrong, but you sure couldn't pass up that action? Is that what you expecme to believe, J.T.? Just how long have you been hot for her middle-aged bod?

 J.T.: All right, I'm not talking about her anymore, okay? It was stupid and weird, and I realize that. And I know you don't give a damn, but I'm suffering enough.

 Brittany: You mean the way you were suffering when pure, little colleen wouldn't put out for you? Oh, come on, J.T. You know that's why this happened. You're not used to doing without. So when my mom needed comforting, you figured what the hey. And it might've worked, it might've held you over, except you don't have the brains god gave a flea. Anyway, cheer up. You'll talk your way out of it. You always do.

 J.T.: Not this time.

 Brittany: Well, it's not like colleen has any reason to be jealous. You were just being a horndog. What else is new?

 J.T.: You don't-- I screwed up, all right? She's not gonna forgive me-- not now, not ever.

 Lauren: Colleen, I think you should be the one to give this--

 Colleen: Will you give those to J.T. Or not?

 Lauren: All right.

 Colleen: Thank you.

 Lauren: Is there something else you wanted to talk about? Obviously, something's going on, and I'm sure that the two of you will work it out.

 Colleen: Not this time.

 Lauren: How can you say that? You are crazy about the guy, and I know he feels the same way about you.

 Colleen: Right.

 Lauren: He does. He told me.

 Colleen: Yeah, well, J.T. Says a lot of stuff that he doesn't mean.

 Lauren: People make mistakes. They do things that they don't don't mean, things they regret. I know it's very hard to forgive someone who you think--

 Colleen: Wait, you expect me to forgive him after what he did? Lauren, i saw him. I saw him kissing brittany's mom.

 Lauren: You saw him?

 Colleen: Yeah. That's not the worst part. When I confronted him, he admitted to sleeping with her... sleeping with her, lauren, while we were going out. It all makes sense now.

 Lauren: What does?

 Colleen: Why he kept wanting us to hold off. He told me that I wasn't ready. I thought he was being so patient and understanding. Turns out, he was getting everything he needed from anita hodges.

 Lauren: I know this is very painful for you, and I certainly do not condone what he did, but just because he slipped up this one time does not mean--

 Colleen: How do you know they only slept together once? J.T. Told you, didn't he?

 Lauren: Yes.

 Colleen: Well, what did he say?

 Lauren: It's not important what he said. He feels terrible, colleen. He loves you so much. He cares about you, not anita hodges. That's why he gave you thisececklace. He wanted to show you how he felt.

 Colleen: No, it's because he felt guilty.

 Lauren: That is not true.

 Colleen: How would you know?

 Lauren: Because I helped him.

 Colleen: You helped him pick it out?

 Lauren: Yes. He asked me what I thought you would like.

 Colleen: I cannot believe you, lauren. You ewew J.T. Did something so horrible and disgusting, and instead of telling him to be honest with me, you helped him cover it up? What kind of person are you? You're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife place.Good afternoon. I'm lesley macdonald. Coming up at 5:30...canada's proposed new pot law is raising concerns from edmotnon police about drug-impaired drivers on the roads. And bob hope turns 100 years old today. We'll show you the big celebration in, you're on camera. The latest specialty television channel has a decidedly feline touch. We take a humourous look....

 Nikki: You know, you might want to pay a little closer attention to your father. I know he fully supports you with the satine acquisition, but still...

 Victoria: Still what?

 Nikki: I don't know if I should get into this.

 Victoria: Well, it's a little late for that, so why don't you say whatever's on your mind?

 Nikki: How much have you seen of your brother lately?

 Victoria: Not much. He doesn't exactly relish coming into newman enterprises these days.

 Nikki: I'm aware of that. And I also know that your father very much would like to change his attitude.

 Victoria: Oh, yeah, I know where you're going with this. You're wondering if I know aut dad's offer to mentor nicholas to take over the company.

 Nikki: Obviously, you do know.

 Victoria: Yeah, I'm aware of it, and to answer your next question, I'm not happy about it. But I'm a big girl. I'm not gonna cry and moan and lick my wounds. Instead, I'm gonna turn satine into one of newman enterprises' most successful ventures ever. That's the only way I'm gonna cut through dad's chauvinistic crap--success. And I'm sorry that you're the one who's gonna have to pay for it--you and brad and, I suppose, the rest of the abbott clan. But all's fair, right, mother? You know what? Suddenly, I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed.

 Nikki: Victoria, if you don't win, if you lose out to jabot, how do you think that's going to impact your relationship with your father? I suggest that you think about that long and hard, because it's not too late to back away.

 Victoria: You are so wrong. You couldn't be more wrong. (Door slams)

 Sharon: You didn't have to walk away from me, nick.

 Nick: Yeah, I did. After hearing what you said, yes, I did.

I made you leave-- that's what you're going with now?

 Sharon: I didn't say that you made me leave. I said that you were the reason I left, and there's a difference.

 Nick: Come on, sharon.

 Sharon: Yes, there is a difference. When I realized what had happened, and that there was no hope left for our marriage, and you seem to feel only contempt for me, I coul't't handle it.

 Nick: So you took off. You were in a little pain and you just took off. You didn't care what it did to our kids.

 Sharon: I was losing it, nick. I did what I had to do.I was practically on the verge of a nervous breakdown! That's a great maternal image for our kids, don't you think?

 Nick: You got it all figured out, don't you? How do I accept the least possible blame?

 Sharon: You know what? You're not gonna listen to me.

 Nick: That's 'cause I'm not buying it. If you were in that rough a place you could've come to me.

 Sharon: No, I couldn't have come to you, because you wouldn't listen to me back then! You woul't't even look me in the eye. You were so caught up in how I had hurt you.

 Nick: I saw you kissing my father, for god's sake.

 Sharon: But you never stopped to think for one single second why that might have happened, did you? How totally you had abandoned me--emotionally, physically.

 Nick: I found out that you were having an affair.

 Sharon: No, you found out that I was unfaithful to you one time, because I thought that you were having an affair with grace.

 Nick: All right, this conversation is absurd. All we're doing is bringing up all the bad things we did to each other.

 Nick: Yeah, I did some stupid stuff. You did some stupid stuff. It's pointless. But you wanna know what the difference is? You quit. You didn't try and stick around and help our kids through it. You quit. But I didn'T. I he o our kids' hands. I tucked them in every night. I was in cassie's hospital room every day, praying that you would come back and be there for her. But you weren'T. Nobody even knows where you were. You never even called, not once. And for you to come down here and accuse me of poisoning our kids' minds... you wanna know what I think? I'd have been totally justified if I had done that. But I didn't do that, not ever. I was never anything but totally supportive of you. And I can't believe that you would accuse me of this.

 Sharon: Nick, I, uh.. I'm just really messed up. Probably your biggest mistake was marrying me.

 Brittany: Stop being so melodramatic. Colleen will forgive you.

 J.T.: No, she won'T. Sex--it's a very big deal for her that I would do this, hurt her in this way.

 Brittany: You mean she wasn't impressed--her big, studly boyfriend nailing an older woman?

 J.T.: Shut up, brittany.

 Brittany: Relax.

 J.T.: That's easy for you to say right now.

 Brittany: No, it isn't, J.T. We're talking about my mother. This isn't a joke to me either.

 J.T.: Sorry.

 Brittany: My parents will probably wind up getting divorced, becausththey're acting like immature jerks. I'm not really blaming it on you just because you're a sleazy opportunist who has no morals.

 J.T.: Damn it, brittany. I wanted to be good. I tried. I guess deep down I just always knew that I wasn't the kind of guy colleen deserved. I thought I could be, but she is...

 Brittany: So you hurt her. You cheated on her. You'll patch things up.

 J.T.: No. No.

 Brittany: Well, what makes you so sure?

 J.T.: Colleen doesn't want anything to do with me.

 Brittany: Did she tell you to go away for all time?

 J.T.: No.

 Brittany: Well, then, you didn't break up, not officially.

 J.T.: She didn't go that far.

 Brittany: Well, then why are you still sitting here, you idiot? Unless you can't get my mom out of your head. J.T.: You think that colleen might actually--

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 Ashley: Drucilla? And how does she know about this?

 Jack: She foun-- you know wt? What does it really matter?

 Brad: Apparently, drucilla got wind of this before newman enterprises could make their move.

 Jack: She put two and two together, called the guy in and interviewed him.

 Ashley: Drucilla called porter in and interviewed him for this job?

 Jack: Not really. What I mean is, yes, she interviewed him first, then I interviewed him. I realize dru can be impulsive sometimes, and maybe she stuck her neck out a little too far this time--

 Ashley: Oh, maybe just a little.

 Jack: Okay, a lot.

 Brad: Listen, I agree with you, but the fact is drucilla helped us pull off a major coup.

 Jack: Not to mention this gives us real payback with newman.

 Ashley: As you both know, I've had major reservations about hangng her work for us, mainly because she keeps overstepping her bounds.

 Jack: I've already spoken to drucilla, told her that something like this can never happen again.

 Ashley: Oh, well, you certainly put her in her place, didn't you? What you should have done was thrown her out of here on her ear!

 Jack: Selely you're not suggesting we fire drucilla?

 Ashley: The hell I'm not, jack!

 Jack: She's the spokeswoman for the whole tuvia line.

 Ashley: We don't have a tuvia line yet, jack!

 Brad: Ash, she's too important to us to get rid of her just when we're getting started.

 Ashley: Whatever. Whatever. You keep making your deals with the devil. I'm not gonna fight you on this. As for porter, I'm gonna meet with him, and I'm gonna feel him out. And if I don't feel he's right for the job, jack, done deal or n, he's history.

 Jack: Well, that went well.

 Dru: You know, neil's a grown man, and victor respects him. And I'm sure if victor has a problem with neil, he'll work it out.

 Phyllis: Oh, would you just stop with all the garbage? Please. Because of what you did, neil could be losing his job right now.

 Dru: Why is that any of your business?

 Phyllis: Well, because I work with the man... closely. You're so cool and calm right now. Let's see how cool and calm you'll be when you're being served with court papers.

 Dru: Right.

 Phyllis: Sweetie, hasn't it occurred to you, the lawsuit you've opened yourself up to?

 Dru: Lawsuit? No, phyllis.

 Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry. Have you met victor newman? He goes for blood. You know, you may be a little inexperienced, but right now you're playing in the big leagues.

 Dru: You know what? You can sue me every which way from sunday,utut you're gonna end up with bupkiss. And let me tell you why. You have no conclusive evidence that I lifted the card.

 Dru: No! Give me it. Give me it!

 Phyllis: Ha! Ah, look--neil's handwriting.

 Dru: Give me the card, phyllis.

 Phyllis: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I can't do that. I can't do that, but--

 Dru: Give me the card!

 Phyllis: No! But you know what? Our attorneys will send you copies. Ha.

 Phyllis: Give me my pur-- give me my purse. Have a good day.

 Dru: Bitch.

 Neil: Victor, I wish you didn't feel the need to issue an ultimatum.

 Victor: Nor do I. There's another solution I'm thinking of.

 Neil: And that is?

 Victor: Have drucilla resign from jabot.

 Neil: Actually, I wouldn't mind that, but I can't make it happen.

 Victor: I will not have employees' family members run through this building and take things off people's desks, not when they work for the competition!

 Neil: Well, you know, she felt justified.

 Victor: Are you defending drucil?

 Neil: Y,p, not what she did, but as a person. There are two sides to every story. Victor, with your permission, can we get back to the matter at hand? I think once you see this list you'll agree there are people out there who are more than capable of taking this company where we want it--

 Victor: Neil, listen to yourself. You're damning these people with faint praise-- "more than capable." What the hell does that mean? We didn't get damon porter.

 Neil: And I'm damn disappointed about that, and I am damned upset with drucilla. But we have an r&d department to put together, and being upset or disappointed isn't gonna make that happen.

 Victor: All right. Let's get to work. Let's interview some of these candidates. It'll be a lot of hard work, but I promise you one thing-- when it's all done, we'll have wiped that smug smile off jack abbott's face if it's the last thing I do.

 Neil: I'm all for that. I'll get on the phone. I'll start calling.

 Victor: Thank you. And, neil, I do not ever want to see drucilla in this office again. Is that clear?

 Neil: Sorry about porter. For warmer weather.

 Claire: We've got teeratures today

 Nick: That's what you think, that our marriage was just some mistake?

 Sharon: The way you were talking... don't you?

 Nick: Sharon, when I look at my life without you, there's just not a lot there.Every amazing thing that has ever happened to me, you've been a part of.

 Sharon: You don't hate me?

 Nick: I don't understand you. You got some problems. But hate you? I hate a lot of the stuff you've done... a lot of it. But I don't hate you.

 Sharon: Just the stuff I do. Well, um... tell noah that I'll see him again as soon as we make arrangements. And tell cassie...

 Nick: I hope you believe me about isisoning our kids' minds. I just wouldn't do that. It drives me crazy that you think I would.

 Sharon: Nick, when you get stressed out enough, and when you get battered down enough, it affects you. And you do things sometimes that you never would have done, not in a million years.

 Nick: I guess I'll just never understand that.

 Sharon: Well, you haven't been there. You've never been on that precipice, looking down and thinking, "if I don't get out of here right now, I'm gonna fall into that abyss." It is such a terrible feeling. And you can't understand because, you know, you haven't been there.

 Sharon: I'm gonna go. So thanks for letting me see the kids.

 Nick: You can stay. The kids need you. And you certainly need them.

 Sharon: Are you serious?

 Nick: You can see for yourself how I deal with them. It's up to you.

 Lauren: Thank you very much. Here's your receipt. Thanks for not leaving.

 Colleen: I said I wouldn'T.

 Lauren: I want to explain what happened.

 Colleen: What's to explain? My boyfriend cheated on me. You helped him cover it up. What part of that do I have wrong?

 Lauren: It wasn't like that.

 Colleen: Of course not.

 Lauren: You know, I understand that you're in pain right now.

 Colleen: Just stop, okay? I don't want to hear any of your excuses. I just stuck around to ask you for a favor.

 Lauren: What?

 Colleen: Next time you see J.T., If you could please tell him to leave me alone. I don't want to talk to him. That means no phone calls, no e-mails, nothing. Could you please do that for me?

 Lauren: No.

 Colleen: No?

 Lauren: I will give him the necklace and the bracelet, but anything else you need to do yourself.

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