Monday Y&R Transcript 5/26/03

Y&R Transcript Mon
day 5/26/03--Canada; Tuesday 5/27/03--USA

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Chris: I'm having a glass of wine. Do you want one?

Paul: Wine?

Chris: Yeah, but don't say it's too early. Today it's not.

Paul: I was going to ask you if you had anything stronger.

Chris: I don'T. That bad, huh?

Paul: You know, she actually thought that we could talk things out, that everything would be all right.

Chris: Are you sure you can't?

Paul: You're kidding, right?

Chris: There's a lot at stake.

Paul: You know, there was a lot at stake when baldwin and isabella decided to keep us apart, too.

Chris: We can't go back to that point in time.

Paul: I know. I realize that.

Chris: Your life has changed so much since then. You have a wife and a son. You can't just erase them.

Paul: I don't want to erase my son, but as far as isabella goes... she's history.

Michael: Maybe you should sit down.

Isabella: Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Michael: All right.

Isabella: Okay, if paul thinks he's gonna leave me for christine, well, he's got another thing coming. I have worked too hard, I have given tooucuch to lose everything now, especially to that blonde bitch.

Michael: You're so sure christine would take him back.

Isabella: In a heartbeat.

Michael: I think you're wrong.

Isabella: Poor michael, so obsessed with christine that you can't see what's staring you right in the face.

Michael: Aren't you the person who told me I still had every reason to be hopeful?

Isabella: Forget what I said. Everything has changed.

Michael: Not as much as you think. Christine came by here earlier. I thought she came to pack up her office, but she didn'T.

Isabella: And you think that means all is forgiven? You call me delusional?

Michael: I think christine is overwhelmed right now. She needs time to think.

Isabella: Well, she did her thinking with her feet.

Michael: What is that supposed to mean?

Isabella: Michael, get your head out of the clouds. On what was supposed to be your wedding night, christine hopped on a plane to los angeles, okay? So we need to stop pretending that the question is whether she'll go back to him. She already has.

Isabella: Oh, I'm sorry, you didn't know.

Victor: (Grunting) (knock on door)

>>Victor: I didn't hear you come in.

Sharon: I didn't want to interrupt. Does it help clear your mind, pounding away at the bag like that?

Victor: Best medicine in the world.

Sharon: Maybe I should have you tea m me.

Victor: (Laughs) well, one day.

Sharon: Is victoria living here now?

Victor: Uh-huh, but she lets me work out here whenever she isn't around.

Sharon: That's nice of her.

Victor: Any change with nicholas?

Sharon: Well, I'm not really expecting any change, if that's what you mean. I, um...

Victor: What?

Sharon: On a day like today, I wish I could spend some time with my kids.

Victor: It breaks my heart, sharon. I agree with you, but I guess you gotta respect their wishes.

Sharon: I know, and cassie's made it very clear that she doesn't want s see me, and as for noah, nick said that he would talk to him soon.

Victor: Has he done that?

Sharon: He's dragging his feet. He really doesn't want me near either of the kids.

Nick: Yeah, the hair looks good, code.

Cody: Hey, nick, cassie. Yeah, I didn't see you guys come in.

Nick: Yeah, we know. You were too busy checking yourself out.

Neil: Dru, where is he? I know he's somewhere here in the building.

Dru: Uh, ne,, you seem to be worked up. What's the problem?

Neil: The problem, huh? You said you were interviewing someone.

Dru: So I did. Why don't we talk about this at home later?

Neil: I'm not going anywhere until you admit that you went in my office, and you took damon porter's business card off of my desk.

Dru: You know, I'll admit to whatever you want me to at home tonight, okay?

Neil: No, don't you patronize me. I'm not talking about at home tonight, I'm talking about right now. If damon porter is around here, I want to see him.

Dru: Okay, neil, can you take it down a thousand? This is very embarrassing.

Jack: You do seem kind of wound up about this damon porter fellow. What's up, neil?

Nei n no, you-you stay out of this.

Jack: Well, much as I might like to, we're in my office. You came barging in here like you own the place. You don'T. Sorry.

Neil: Okay, forgive me. Where are my manners? How are you, jack?

Jack: I'm having a pretty average day. Thanks for asking.

Neil: Let's go. Let's go talk about this somewhere else. Come on, let's go.

Dru: Stop. Stop it. I'm not going anywhere. I'm in the middle of a very important meeting with jack.

Neil: An important meeting talking about, maybe, damon porter?

Jack: Gee, there's that name again. He obviously means a great deal to you, neil. Wait, this isn't the damon porter whs s well-known as a cosmetics designer, is it?

Neil: Jack, you know damn well he is. This is between drucilla and me, so why don't you go take a walk down the hallway or something? It's only gonna take a second, right, dru? Good afternoon. We have some breaking news to report. A cf-18 has crashed north of cold lake. The jet went down around two twenty this afternoon. We have no information yet on the status of the crew - or even how many people were on board. Stay tuned for the latest details tonight at six.+++And the klein government has come up with an action plan to deal with the mad cow crisis in alberta - we'll tell you what it's decided on global news at six. For our children to be hahappy and healthy,

Jack: Neil, you're wearing out your welcome real fast. You want to talk nice, stick around, we'll have a chat. Otherwise, take a hike.

Neil: Did you swipe that card?

Jack: Neil, I don't think you're hearing me. Drucilla and i are in the middle of a business meeting. If you'd like us to take a break, have some coffee, maybe discuss baseball, that'd be fine. I'm not gonna have anyone climbing over my eloloyee in my office on my time, okay?

Neil: Wait a minute, do you honestly not know what's going on?

Jack: Honestly? I know you're out of line.

Neil: You listen to me. We had the idea-- that's me and victor. Newman enterprises had the idea to talk to damon porter. Now I strongly suspect that you hpepen to be interviewing the man right now. Is that a coincidence?

Jack: Well, you're the one with a crystal ball, you tell me.

Neil: That card, that card was on my desk. Phyllis said that you were in my office--

Dru: Ha.

Neil: Yes, and that you were going through stuff on my desk.

Dru: Phyllis, my girl, right on time.

Jack: What do you say we keep my wife out of this?

Neil: No, let's not keep your wife out of-- were you going through stuff on my desk?

Jack: Neil, you're being terribly transparent about all this. Obviously, this damon porter person is very important.

Neil: Ah, shut up, jack! This is between dru and me.

Jack: No, th I is between all of us. You guys bought satine. You had no one with any design chops to back it up, to help develop their groundwork. Look, it's a good product, it's a good approach, good theme. They're dead in the water without a good r&d person. You guys gotta get rolling, and you need someone like, say, ashley abbott.Neil: Don't tell me what I need because we can hire anyone we want. You don't have the money. We do.

Jack: The problem is, there aren't that many "anyones" to throw your money at-- not top-caliber people, not the people you need. No, there's a real shortage, and when mr. Porter decided to go and raise horses, he brought the number down by one.

Neil: Horses, huh? Okay, of course-- of course you know about him.

Jack: Well, for god's sake, neil, I'm in the cosmetics business. That's all I do.

Dru: Give jack credit for his business acumen, honey.

Jack: You do remember, don't you? We almost bought satine. Athehe time, we realized that mr. Porter was the force behind most of their successes.

Neil: I'm gonna ask you one more time, cough up that card.

Jack: You just can't stand the idea that we might have grabbed someone before you decided whether you wanted them or not.

Dru: Classic newman. You know what? I really think you should take a good look at yourself because you wouldn't want any of that newmanitis to rub off on you.

Nick: So you want a drink, kiddo?

Cassie: Maybe later, dad. I'm gonna go do my homewor

Nick: Okay.

Nick: All right, so what's the deal, man? You're really dressed up for crimson lights.

Cody: Well, it's my night off, remember? Soon as my shift's over, I'm outta here.

Nick: Cody's got a date.

Cody: Yeah, yeah, something like that.

Nick: All right, out with it. Who is she?

Cody: Well, she, uh-- well, actually, she, she, uh--

Nick: She-she-she-- she's got you tongue-tied, man. Who is she?

Cody: It's your sister.

Nick: Victoria?

Cody: Yeah. You have another sister I don't know about?

Nick: You and vicki are going out on a date, like, together?

Cody: You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Nick: I don't know, man.

Cody: What, you think it's a bad idea?

Nick: No, it's just-- vicki, uh... boy, vicki can be a handful, code.

Cody: Yeah, I'd have to be blind not to see that.

Nick: You sure you're ready to take on the female tornado?

Cody: Yeah, if you don't mind.

Nick: Hey, even if I did, I wouldn't say anything. Otherwise, vicki would tear me to shreds, so good luck.

Cody: Thanks, boss, appreciate it.

Nikki: Hey, sweetie.

Cassie: Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Nikki: Hi.

Nick: What are you doing in my neck of the woods?

Nikki: Um, I don't know, just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes. I haven't seen you.

Nick: Is this about sharon?

Nikki: Look, um, can we just go in your office?

Nick: Yeah, come on.

Neil: Ah, see, look, you guys have it all wrong, okay? Because damon porter-- he's good, yeah, but he's not unique.

Dru: Then what's all the fuss about?

Neil: You know damn well. You had no right taking that business card, whether you thought it was important or not. You had no right going in my office, taking anything off my desk.

Jack: Then it was important, is that what you're saying?

Neil: I'm not saying anything to you. I'm talking to dru.

Jack: Careful, neil, you're not on your own turf. Okay, it's obvious you're desperate to get in touch with damon porter, I understand that. That's why I've already been in touch with him myself.

Neil: Yeah, I-I knew that.

Jack: Did you also know that I hired him?

Neil: Drucilla, sweetheart, this was so uncool, and, jack, I wouldn't have expected this from you.

Jack: Really? Why not? Come on, neil, be a good sport.

Neil: I'll see you at home.

Chris: Does isabella know?

Paul: That it's over? Yeah, I think she heard me.

Chris: You're not sure?

Paul: Well, she so desperately was trying to figure out a way to get me to stay...

Chris: She actually thought that it might be possible?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, she did.

Chris: But you told her that's it, that the marriage is finished?

Paul: Chris, I can't live like that. I mean, the lies and the deception-- it changes everything.

Chris: I know, I know. Michael desperately tried to convince me that, in spite of everything, he's still the man for me.

Paul: Well, please tell me that he didn't succeed.

Chris: No, though, as much as you'll hate hearing this, I did have feelings for him.

Paul: Well, you're right. I do hate hearing that, but I did make that assumption. I mean, after all, you did agree to marry him.

Chris: It just still amazes me, michael and isabella both, that they actually thought we could put this deception behind us and go on as if nothing changed. Well, so here we are. We've both cut ourselves adrift, like two lost sailboats at sea.

Paul: You know, not me. I don't feel lost. I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction, I mean, for the first time in... as long as I can remember.

Chris: The right direction?

Paul: You know, chris, maybe the reason my marriage didn't work, the reason that it didn't feel right, was because it wasn't right.

Chris: I thought you fell in love with her.

Paul: Well, that's what wanted you to think. In fact, that's-that's what I wanted me to think.

Chris: Pretty convincing sales job.

Paul: Well, depends on who you ask I mean, if you ask isabella, she feels as though I never stopped loving you.

Chris: Really?

Paul: She's pretty angry. She blames me for the marriage not working because I never let my feelings for you go.

Chris: Oh, so it's all your fault now?

Paul: Well, yeah, that's pretty much her take on it.

Chris: Ah, I see. How convenient for poor, dear isabella.

Paul: You know, chris, she's not exactly wrong-- isabella... on my feelings for you.

Chris: We shouldn't talk about this now. I...

Paul: You're right.

Michael: Why wouldn't christine tell me she went to california?

Isabella: Because she's a lying, evil, scheming--

Michael: Stop it, stop it!

Isabella: You asked.

Michael: Unh-unh, no. It wasn't anything.

Isabella: Oh, please, michael--

Michael: She just wanted to tell him in person.

Isabella: Uh-huh. Well, I bet that's not all she did in person.

Michael: If christine wanted to be with paul, why wouldn't she just say so?

Isabella: That's what she's doing, with actions, not with words. Michael, she never really cared about you.

Michael: No, no, we were about to be married. Christine said she loved me. We could have a great life together.

Isabella: Words, michael. You need to face the fact that you and I were just toys in this game that christine and paul were playing with each other.

Michael: So, what, we-- we should give up?

Isabella: Exactly the opposite. Now is when we fight harder than ever.

Jack: You don't move until I have a deal. I'll let you know. You certainly seem pleased with yourself.

Drushshouldn't I be?

Jack: No. Just because you stumbled onto a good thing does not mean I approve of your tactics.

Dru: Stumbled? Jack, I practically gave blood. Let me get something straight. Because I came up with the idea as a spokesperson, it's perceived as a stroke of dumb luck, whereas if you had come up with the idea, it would have been a stroke of genius?

Jack: You get points for cleverness and seeing an opportunity and grabbing it.

Dru: Thank you, I think.

Jack: You're gonna pay a hell of a price, certainly in terms of your relationship with neil.

Dru: I can handle that. Neil stole something from this company, and I don't see how he can complain if I return the favor.

Jack: I'm not sure neil's gonna see things the same way.

Dru: Yeah, well, I'll handle that. So what's next? You told neil that you hired damon porter. How about you bring that to fruition?

Jack: I might, if he's available, and if I can afford him.

Dru: Let's go talk to the man.

Jack: Let's decide first who's running the show.

Dru: You are, jack, all the way.

Larry: Hey there, little cutie.

Cassie: Hi, larry.

Larry: You mind if I join you?

Cassie: Sure.

Larry: What are you working on, some math?

Cassie: It makes my head hurt.

Larry: Well, go easy. I heard you went through a rough time.

Cassie: I'm okay now.

Larry: Well, I'm glad to hear that. So what aryoyou doing your homework in here for?

Cassie: Well, my teachers sent my work home. The doctor doesn't think I'm ready to go back to school.

Larry: Hmm. Where's your dad?

Cassie: In the office, talking with nikki.

Larry: So what else is new?

Cassie: I guess you haven't heard.

Larry: Heard what?

Cassie: My mom left.

Larry: You're kidding? You mean, like, gone?

Cassie: Well, she's back now.

Larry: Oh, so like a vacation?

Cassie: No, she just left.

Larry: Gotcha, but she's home now, and that's good, right?

Cassie: No, it isn'T. Well, I mean, at least, not to me.

Larry: Really? How come?

Cassie: I wish she'd stayed away and never come back.

Victor: You know, your children suffered a great deal while you were gone, and I'm sure it left some scars.

Sharon: I can't tell you how much I regret that.

Victor: I know you do, and I'm sure tho s scars will heal in time.

Sharon: So you're telling me to be patient?

Victor: I think that's the best advice I ever gave you, and don't give up.

Sharon: On nicholas or the children?

Victor: As much as I want to help, sharon, I don't think you and i best discuss personal matters.

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, we probably shouldn't be talking or even be seen together.

Victor: No, not after what happened between us.

Sharon: Victor, that was my fault. I was so-- I was just so desperate.

Victor: Don't blame yourself, okay? However, the result of all that ishahat my son will probably never forgive me for seeing us kiss as long as he lives.

Sharon: Can i just say one thing? I have been so alone for so long, and-and so frightened, but just talking to you-- you make me calm and not so frightened.

Victor: I'm glad to hear that. You're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife place.Good afternoon. I'm lesley macdonald. A cf-18 jet has crashed this afternoon just north c cold lake. It's believe the pilot died in the crash. A global news crew is on it's way to the scene. We'll have a report coming up at 5:30. And the most powerful earthquake to hit japan in more than two years caused fires and landslides along the coast. The story......on edmonton's global news at 5:30.

Nikki: How much have you seen of sharon since she's been back?

Nick: She stopped by a few times.

Nikki: Don't let her make you feel sorry for her.

Nick: Why should I? She's the one that took off, left me and the kids to fend for ourselves.

Nikki: Still, if she tries to soften you up, don't you fall for it.

Nick: Mom, there is not a chance of that happening.

Nikki: Well, it's understandable that you would be vulnerable to her. You loved her very much at one time.

Nick: Mom, it's all right. Seriously, I haven't given sharon any false hopes. She knows our marriage is over.

Nikki: Yeah, but it seems like something has changed how you feel about her.

Nick:T's just so hard to be down on her because she's feeling so guilty.

Nikki: Well, of course she feels guilty. I mean, what kind of mother abandons her kids like that?

Nick: Mom, don't start, all right? I know how you feel about sharon, and so does everybody else who would listen to you.

Nikki: That's because I know how much she's hurt you.

Nick: Yes, she has, but it doesn't help when you're constantly going off on her.

Nikki: All right, fine. There's something that I think that you should know, though.

Nick: What?

Nikki: I walked in on sharon in your father's office.

Nick: Did dad explain why she was there?

Nikki: Apparently, just dropped by for a visit. Could have been more, I don't know.

Nick: I doubt it.

Nikki: Have you talked to sharon about your father?

Nick: No.

Nikki: It hasn't come up at all?

Nick: No, mom, it hasn't, all right? We have more important things to worry about, like two kids.

Nikki: Those poor things. I mean, they are finally coming to terms with their mother abandoning them, and she comes back. How are they really doing?

Larry: Come on, cassie, you didn't really mean that, d you?

Cassie: What?

Larry: About wishing your mom had never come back.

Cassie: Yes, I did. I hate her.

Larry: Oh, come on. You don't have an ounce of hate in your entire body.

Cassie: Larry, I don't think you understand. I mean it. She just left. Took off without even saying good-bye.

Larry: But she's back now. You oughta be thrilled.

Cassie: No way. I'm never gonna forgive her.

Larry: Maybe you oughta think about that some more.

Cassie: Have you ever been really, really mad at someone? I mean, to the point where it hurt?

Larry: Yeah, once.

Cassie: Who?

Larry: My old man.

Cassie: Your dad?

Larry: Yeah. Yeah. He used to whack me around quite a bit when I was a kid.

Cassie: My dad would never hit me.

Larry: Well, my dad was different. I realize now he was just trying to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Cassie: I guess it didn't work.

Larry: No, not at the time. And then he got fired, started drinking way too much, and, um... one day he just split. Just disappeared. Left me and my mom all alone.

Cassie: Jeez. Well, did you ever see him again?

Larry: Years later. I figured that all the problems that I was having with the guy were as much my fault as they were his. He didn't know how to raise a kid. He was just trying his best.

Cassie: So you guys made up.

Lry: I, uh... I wanted to, you know? I wanted to tell him how sorry I was for my part in making his life so miserable.

Cassie: I bet he was really glad to hear that.

Larry: Trouble is, he, uh... never did hear it.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Larry: I heard he was in a hospital in texas, so I thumbed it on down to fort worth, but I was too late.

Cassie: He left again?

Larry: No, he, uh... he died, kiddo. And I never got to tell him all the things that I wanted him to hear.

Cassie: That's so sad.

Larry: It was a long time ago. But I did learn something from it-- that you shouldn't go around keeping all kinds of anger and hatred bottled up inside you, 'cause it just rots your heart. So this little situation with your mom, you need to let it go, you know? And don't repeat the mistakes that I made. Try and forgive your mom. Try real hard, because you never know. Maybe one day, like me and my old man, it'll be too late.

Victor: Sharon, I suggest you not lean on me. That might not help your cause.

Sharon: Who else do I have? You know, I came back to town to try to fix some of the damage that I did, but if all the doors are gonna be closed to me...

Victor: You've got to be patient.

Sharon: Nikki would rather that I just leave town again.

Victor: That's not her decision to make.

Sharon: I wouldn't ask to see the children if I didn't truly believe that I have something to offer them. Even if that's just givinghehem the chance to lash out at me, to tell me to my face how much I hurt them.

Victor: You know that I would gladly intervene on your behalf with my son.

Sharon: But it may just end up making things worse between the two of you.

Victor: He rejects everything I say to him these days.

Damon: This is quite a lady you've got working for you, jack.

Jack: Yeah, we're all just crazy about dru.

Damon: She knows what she wants and she goes after it.

Jack: That's right, and this time it's you.

Damon: I'm flattered.

Dru: Mr. Porter, we need you for our company, and now...

Jack: Dru.

Dru: Would be a good time...

Jack: Dru.

Dru: Well, m m sure you want to know about our financial package that...

Jack: Dru. Dru, listen to me.

Damon: Um, maybe if you just let the boss handle this.

Dru: Right. I'm sorry, jack.

Jack: Please, have a seat. So I hear you've been off the playing field for awhile.

Damon: That's true. First line of products for satine was a great challenge, but it's obvious the company lacks vision. They weren't about to go the distance.

Jack: Living the life of a country gentleman-- out in the country, raising horses. Boy, they must have paid you well.

Damon: Well, look. Anybody I work for is gonna pay me well.

Jack: How do you feel about being back in the lab?

Damon: I'm thinking about it. I've enjoyed my sabbatical. I'll keep my farm, my animals, but I suppose the cosmetics business is something I love.

Jack: Damon, I'm gonna be honest with you. We don't have the money that some companies do.

Damon: You're talking about newman-- the brash & sassy people. I did get a call.

Jack: They've got a lot of cash to spend. In their mind, that's all you need. They, too, lack the vision thing. They have very little experience and very little feel for the industry.

Dru: Jack, may I add to that?

Jack: Certainly, drucilla, go ahead.

Dru: Mr. Porter. May I call you damon? Damon, I love this company. Jabot is the best. Now we're not talking about a company that's attached to some huge conglomerate. This is a family-owned business. Therefore, whatever you do, you have a sense of it being vital, precious. Now wh j jabot cosmetics is trying to do for women of color in the cosmetics field is nothing short of revolutionary. We intend to give you the latitude that you need to be creative. We're not gonna breathe down--

Jack: Dru. Dru. Dru. Dru, let's slow down. Let's not give mr. Porter the idea we're gonna sign the company over to him.

Damon: Don't worry. I wouldn't want the responsibility.

Damon: Jack, I'm getting a good feeling here. What say I throw in with you for awhile, all right? Say, till your sister gets back in the lab. We'll take it that far, we'll see how it looks from there.

Jack: Great. Like I said...

Damon: Oh. We'll come up with a contract. Some money up-front, some more at the back end.

Jack: Damon, we're going all the way with this tuvia thing. You help us get there, I'll make it worth your while.

Damon: I think you will.

Damon: And I must thank you for having the brass to make this happen. I do so hope we shall be working

very closely together.

Dru: We shall.

Damon: Well, let me get on back to georgia. Make it so I can be aw for awhile. Give me... I don't know. A couple of days.

Jack: Absolutely.

Dru: It was a pleasure. Hurry back.

Damon: Oh, I will. We'll see you.

Jack: Take care now.

Chris: It's weird, isn't it? Starting over.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So where do we go from here?

Paul: Well, I have to find a place to live.

Chris: I have to find a new place to work.

Paul: Well, you know what? You happen to be in luck, because my firm is always in the market for a gorgeous private eye.

Chris: Not up my alley.

Paul: You sure?

Chris: Positive. So where are you gonna stay? With your mom?

Paul: Bite your tongue. I'll stay at the office.

Chris: You know, there is a, um... a spare bedroom here.

Paul: I couldn't ask that.

Chris: You didn't ask. I offered.

Paul: You wouldn't feel uncomfortable?

Chris: After everything we've been through, I-- I'm just offering a bedroom.

Paul: I suppose it would be rude to refuse.

Chris: You let me know if you get a better offer.

Paul: Oh, I really doubt I'll get a better offer. Unless it's from you.

Chris: Okay. Half the cooking, half the laundry.

Paul: That was our deal before.

Chris: It looks like I've got myself a new roommate.

Michael: Isabella, what exactly does that mean-- we should work even harder?

Isabella: You and i used to make a good team.

Michael: Yeah, we did. That was fun while it lasted. I mean, we weren't exactly sincere, either one of us.

Isabella: No, I'm not talking about when we shacked up, you idiot.

Michael: What then?

Isabella: Paul and christine expect us to slink away and lick our wounds and let them live happily ever after.

Michael: But we won't?

Isabella: No. We could make their lives difficult--very, very difficult.

Michael: (Chuckling) oh, get real, isabella. Oh, revenge. No way, that's not how I want to play this.

Isabella: Oh, you think you can get christine back on your own? Well, then you're a fool.

Michael: I love her.

Isabella: Well, she sure as hell doesn't love you.

Michael: You're bitter. I'm not. I'm very sorry.

Isabella: Look, I don't want your sorries, michael. I want you to be angry. Christine is walking all over you, and you're just gonna sit there and take it.

Michael: Look, I really love her! I love her, okay? I would never do anything to harm her.

Isabella: You know what? Fine. Fine. Stay in your little fantasyland. Okay, I'm gonna take action.

Michael: Oh, go ahead. Go ahead, honey. Just make sure you don't do anything you regret.

Isabella: You know what? The only thing I'm gonna regret, michael, is letting someone treat me like this and not doing something about it. (Door slams)

Michael: Adios! 3 Now we're down to one minute ltt in regulation time of this the 7th game. ...It's just like over-time now and what a series this has been's a loose-puck at centre ice here they come, a three man break down that left side.

There comes a time

every year when women

say to themselves...

season's over he shoots! He scores!

The ford escape.

It's genuine.

It's powerful.

It's an suv

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Claire: We've got teeratures today

Nick: Noah doesn't know sharon's back.

Nikki: Are you planning to tell him?

Nick: Eventually.

Nikki: You're not ready for him to know yet, are you?

Nick: Sharon's desperate to see him.

Nikki: I'm sure she is, but don't let her pressure you.

Nick: No one's pressuring me, not you and not sharon.

Nikki: What about cassie?

Nick: She saw sharon briefly at the house.

Nikki: How did that go?

Nick: Cassie claims that she doesn't want anything to do with her.

Nikki: I don't blame her.

Nick: She's coping, but it's hard to tell what she's holding inside.

Nikki: Well, we will help her through that.

Nick: Sharon said you talked to her at the office.

Nikki: Briefly. I told her what I thought about her sudden reappearance.

Nick: She mentioned you were pretty rough on her.

Nikki: I will never forgive her for what she did to our family. And for the life of me, I can't understand why you don't feel the same way.

Sharon: You have no idea how it tears me apart hearing that.

Victor: I don't hold you responsible, sharon.

Sharon: Your troubles with nick started with me.

Victor: Yeah, but fathers and sons have their conflicts anyway.

Sharon: Not like this.

Victor: You know, the most important thing is... that I think my son still loves you very much.

Sharon: Has hsaid that?

Vicr:R: No, not in so many words, but you know, usually couples that are about to get a divorce are dispassionate and apathetic. He's anything but that. He's not indifferent. He's full of pent-up emotions.

Sharon: Well, do you think his feelings are for me or for the children?

Victor: Well, I can't answer that definitively. I assume that right now his priorities are with the kids.

Sharon: I give you my word that I would never, for the rest of my life, I would never do anything to hurt those kids ever again. And I would do everything humanly possible not to mess it up again, if I just had another chance. And if you do talk to nick, would you mind, please, telling him I said that?

Victor: I certainly wouldn't mind. I will try everything I can, okay? But don't expect too much.

Sharon: Patience, that's my mantra.

Victor: That's it.

Sharon: Thank you.

Victor: Thank me for what?

Sharon: For listening. You're the only person I have to talk to.

Victor: Your happiness and my son's happiness are very important to me. I'll listen to you anytime, okay?

Dru: Hey. Whoo, what a day. Yes. I mean, neil, I am bad, okay? I have to take a step back and say, "dru, you accomplished a lot in ten hours. Yes, you did. Yes, you did, girl."

Neil: Yeah, you sure did. I know exactly what you accomplished.

Dru: You know, I am enjoying the business side of things so much more than I thought I would, neil. I thought it was gonna be boring, a bunch of suits crunching numbers, but no. This is where it's at right here.

Neil: Oh, yeah, it most definitely is. Especially when you play dirty.

Dru: Oh, but it doesn't have to be that way, unless, of course, somebody plays dirty back. And then one has to defend one's self.

Neil: Oh, damn it, dru!

Dru: What?

Neil: Oh, you know what. You played a rotten, dirty trick on me today, and I'm mad as hell about it!

Dru: I'm really sorry you feel that way. You see, once upon a time, you played a dirty, rotten trick on me, and you told me to deal with it. So now the shoe is on the other foot. It's tight, isn't it?

You deal with it.

Neil: You did... oh!

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