Monday Y&R Transcript 3/3/03

Y&R Transcript Mon
day 3/3/03--Canada; Tuesday 3/4/03--USA

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Brad: Hey, good morning, honey.

 Ashley: Hi.

 Brad: Just in time for breakfast.

 Ashley: Sweetie, when this child is born, he or she is only gonna weigh about 7 or 8 pounds. I'm not eating for an entire football team.

 Brad: Well, you can't blame me for spoiling my pregnant wife. 3E63E5AD.JPG

 Ashley: I'm so lucky to have you... and our family.

 Brad: Honey, what is it?


 Brad: Are you worrying about Niki telling Victor about Abby--

 Ashley: No, no. If that had happened, I would have heard something by now.

 Brad: Well, something's going on. What's wrong? I can see something--

 Ashley: Yeah, it's colleen, honey. I was gonna tell you last night, but you seemed really tired. Check out page two under "candid photo of the week."

 Brad: School newspaper?

 Ashley: Mm-hmm.

 Brad: I can't believe this. What is she thinking?

 Colleen: Excuse me, do you have this in blue? 3E63E5F5.JPG

 J.T.: Everything we have is out.

 Colleen: Darn. That's too bad. My boyfriend says I look good in blue.

 J.T.: Well, he thinks you look good in just about anything.

 Colleen: Oh, really?

 J.T.: Yeah. Good morning.

 Colleen: Now it is.

 J.T.: You remembered I was opening, huh?

 Colleen: Of course. I said I'd stop by.

 J.T.: Yeah, well, I thought you had class. I wasn't sure you were gonna make it.

 Colleen: First period's free today.

 J.T.: Yeah, right it is.

 Colleen: I swear. I'm not cutting. I'm sorry I'm late, though. How much time do we have before anyone gets here? 3E63E618.JPG

 J.T.: A while.

 Colleen: Good.

 J.T.: I don't think we should push our luck, though, colleen.

 Colleen: Oh, come on. I just got here. I don't want to leave already. And besides, I happen to know handbags are not your thing. I think I should stay as long as possible and distract you.

 Jill: My, what a lovely domestic scene.

 Snapper: Look quick, Jill. It may not last long.

 Greg: Hey, sis.

 Esther: Coffee, Jill?

 Jill: No. Thank you, Esther.

 Esther: Well, let me know if there's anything you need. Anything at all.

 Greg: Thanks. Nice lady.

 Jill: Yeah, well, you've been with her for about 12 hours. She gets tedious, believe me. 3E63E650.JPG

 Greg: Well, goody-good morning to you, too, Jill. Did you make that stop?

 Jill: Yes. Got it right here.

 Snapper: Is that what I think it is?

 Jill: Yeah. This is my birth certificate. This is where the trail begins, the trail to my real parents and finding out who I really am.

 Frederick: Where'd you come from?

 Anita: Our empty bed. Since you didn't see fit to come home last night.

 Frederick: Anita, I told you I had an overseas conference call.

 Anita: At least you're keeping your alibis tidy.

 Frederick: Yeah, well, then I got roped into a late business dinner, and there's a group of investors in town, who actually went out looking for a karaoke bar after midnight, if you can believe that. 3E63E6B0.JPG

 Anita: Hmm. So that's where you were? You were warbling your heart out in some bar?

 Frederick: No, honey, I made my excuses, but by then it was very late so I decided to stay downtown. I checked into a hotel.

 Anita: God forbid you should call me to let me know.

 Frederick: Look, Anita, I am beat. I'm sorry I didn't call you, but I didn't want to wake you up.

 Anita: You are just so thoughtful.

 Frederick: I can see you're angry, but that's the way the evening unfolded. Did you just come by here to be sarcastic?

 Anita: No, darling. Actually, I came by because I was curious. 3E63E6D0.JPG

 Frederick: About?

 Anita: Whether you slept alone last night, like I did.

 Billy: This box weighs a ton. What do you have in here, barbells?

 Mac: Yeah, right. I need to get buff so I can keep you in line.

 Billy: Oh, is that how it's gonna be now that we're living together?

 Mac: Pretty much.

 Billy: Hey, Raul? Britt?

 Mac: Anyone here?

 Billy: Guess not.

 Mac: Must've gone to get another load of their stuff. I still can't believe we found this place. What a great apartment!

 Billy: It's all ours, babe.

 Mac: Kitchen stuff?

 Billy: Ah, I stopped by the thrift store the other day. 3E63E6FF.JPG

 Mac: You didn't have to do that.

 Billy: Don't worry, I didn't spend much.

 Mac: I assumed I'd bring all these things from home. My grandmother said we could take whatever we need from her kitchen. She's got enough extra stuff to furnish ten apartments.

 Billy: You know what this is, Mac?

 Mac: A spatula?

 Billy: No, this isn't just a spatula. This is a spatula that I bought with my own money. It's not some hand-me-down from your grandmother. And since what's mine is now yours, that makes it our spatula.

 Mac: Our spatula. I like the sound of that.

 Billy: One more thing-- what you said about getting stuff from home-- this is home. 3E63E727.JPG

 Mac: Raul.

 Billy: Hey, buddy. Didn't know you were there.

 Mac: Where's Britt?

 Raul: She's gone.

 Jill: Any word from the hospital?

 Snapper: I just got off the phone, and the early tests that they've done have been very positive. 3E63E7FE.JPG

 Jill: And she knows who she is?

 Snapper: Looks that way.

 Greg: The tumor was well-defined. They think they got the whole thing.

 Jill: Oh, good, good, good.

 Snapper: About the business with the birth certificate...

 Jill: Snapper, you are not gonna stop me.

 Snapper: I can try, and I'm going to.

 Greg: Look, neither of us has the right to stop her.

 Snapper: You've got the right to encourage her, but I have to keep my mouth shut?

 Greg: Come on, I already tried to talk her out of it.

 Jill: Stop it. Stop it. Snapper, this is gonna happen. I am going to find out who my parents were.

 Snapper: Is this even legal? 3E63E818.JPG

 Greg: There are procedures, but, yeah, sure it is. Come on, Snapper, you read the newspapers.

 Snapper: You know, have you ever thought maybe these people-- maybe they don't want to be bothered.

 Jill: You mean because they didn't want to be bothered with me all those years ago?

 Snapper: It occurs to me. Does it ever occur to you?

 Jill: Yeah, but things change, you know? People feel differently.

 Snapper: Why's it that I get the feeling that this is like digging up some old corpse--

 Jill: Do you remember what I told you before? You're either with me on this, or you get out of my way!

 Lauren: Can I get the check when you have a moment? Thank you. 3E63E851.JPG

 John: Good morning, Lauren. How are you?

 Lauren: Fine, thank you. What brings you here?

 John: Business meeting. Little bit early. Mind if I join you?

 Lauren: Well, I'm almost finished. Okay. Why not?

 John: You know, I've gotta tell you, you look really beautiful today.

 Lauren: What, are you trying to defuse me with flattery?

 John: Not at all. I've always thought you were a stunning woman.

 Lauren: Okay, what's happening here? Are you hitting on me?

 John: Maybe I am.

 Lauren: What, are you stealing a page from J.T.'S playbook? 3E63E87F.JPG

 John: Now just a moment. You and I are both adults.

 Lauren: That's a very convenient way to look at it.

 John: We're mature enough to make choices. Colleen is far too young for that. And as for J.T. Hellstrom, I don't think I'd trust that he'd make the right choice.

 Lauren: You know what it's like to be in love. Why are you being so resistant? Do you honestly think that you can stop the two of them from feeling the way that they do?

 John: Oh, come on, Lauren, this isn't about love.

 Lauren: You're so sure their feelings aren't real.

 John: My granddaughter has to learn that there are limits and rules, that she just can't do whatever she wants whenever she wants. 3E63E8A6.JPG

 Lauren: You know, trying to keep the two of them apart is like trying to keep the tide from coming in.

 J.T.: You just love the smell of danger, don't you?

 Colleen: The door's closed. Who is going to see us?

 J.T.: Yeah, and outside that door is the lobby of a building where, like, your entire family works. If one of them decides just to poke their head in--

 Colleen: I will say that I came over to ask Ashley to help me with my chemistry homework and she wasn't in, so I decided to go window shopping. It's not my fault you just happened to be working here.

 J.T.: Nice try, but that's not gonna work.

 Colleen: Would you stop being such a worrywart? 3E63E8C9.JPG

 J.T.: Well, it kind of goes with the territory, you know?

 Colleen: Are you really that concerned about my family?

 J.T.: Yeah, I am, among other people.

 Colleen: Who else?

 J.T.: Lauren. She's been totally cool about getting me this job here, even though she knew she'd take some flack from the Abbotts. I promised her we wouldn't meet here.

 Colleen: A promise you conveniently forgot.

 J.T.: Only because I thought you'd be here early, and we wouldn't get caught.

 Colleen: What? You think she's gonna fire you?

 J.T.: She might.

 Colleen: Oh, come on. Lauren is like your new best friend. She'd look the other way, don't you think? 3E63E8ED.JPG

 J.T.: Yeah, well, I wouldn't want to find out.

 Colleen: What are you saying, Jeffrey Todd, that being with me isn't worth the risk anymore?

 J.T.: Now I didn't say that.

 Colleen: No? We are lucky if we can find a couple times a week to see each other. And we have found a perfectly good place to sneak in a couple extra minutes. You want me to go and leave me all lonely?

 J.T.: You are such a tease.

 Colleen: That's what you think.

 J.T.: You better stop. You're gonna get us both in trouble.

 Colleen: You keep pushing me away, I might just leave.

 J.T.: Oh, yeah?

 Colleen: Yeah, and you just try and get me back. Who knows, maybe next time I'll skip this place, go to the coffeehouse. 3E63E917.JPG

 J.T.: You'd pick coffee over me? No way.

 Colleen: Yes way.

 Billy: Gone?

 Mac: What are you talking about?

 Raul: Brittany sent me that e-mail.

 Billy: "Dear Raul, I've gone away for awhile. Please don't worry, I'm fine, but I need time alone to think about something. I'll be in touch. Don't try to find me. And don't tell my parents. They think I moved in with you, Mac and Billy, and I want to keep it that way. I love you. Brittany."

 Mac: And you had no idea she was planning this?

 Raul: None. She was a little quiet yesterday at the coffeehouse. When I asked her about her mood, she just brushed it off. 3E63E94F.JPG

 Billy: Look, man, I'm sure this is nothing. Britt says she's fine. It's not like she's in danger or anything.

 Raul: I hope not. But still...

 Mac: What? What are you thinking?

 Raul: Listen, assuming that Brittany isn't in any trouble, then there's only one other reason she would have taken off.

 Bill: : What?

 Raul: This was a big step for us, you know, moving into a real home together. Maybe Brittany wasn't ready for it.

 Frederick: I'm not even gonna dignify that with a response, Anita.

 Anita: Surely you can understand why I might wonder if you were alone last night.

 Frederick: You know, Anita-- 3E63EA80.JPG

 Anita: You know what? Forget it, Frederick. Forget I ever cared.

 Frederick: Why does it have to be this way all the time?

 Anita: You tell me.

 Frederick: I don't know. Maybe we need to go on one of those encounter weekends, huh?

 Anita: Would you?

 Frederick: In theory, yeah.

 Anita: Well, I guess that'll just have to keep me warm nights, won't it?

 Frederick: So curiosity satisfied, do you mind if we just adjourn till later?

 Anita: Actually, I did have one more thought in the wee hours of the morning, when I was wondering if you might be lying in a gutter bleeding.

 Frederick: What?

 Anita: Now that Brittany's moving out again, living with her friends, is that why you don't feel compelled to come home any longer? 3E63EABB.JPG

 Brad: Well, um... I'll bet this shoots my plan.

 Ashley: What plan?

 Brad: I was going to talk to you about colleen moving back in with us, but with this kind of stuff--

 Ashley: I think she should be back here.

 Brad: You do?

 Ashley: Yeah, she's a handful for my dad, but other than that, she's a part of this family, and she belongs here with us.

 Brad: Listen, honey, it means the world to me that you feel that way, but how are we gonna deal with her? I mean, she defies us at every turn.

 Ashley: I wouldn't exactly call it defiance.

 Brad: Well, what would you call it? 3E63EADB.JPG

 Ashley: You're not gonna like it. I don't think it's infatuation. And I don't think it's a silly little teenage crush. Colleen's in love with J.T.

 Jill: I'm sorry, Snapper. You know, it's been really great to see you, but if you're gonna start to play big brother and get bossy with me, you'd be better flying back to England.

 Snapper: Okay, I'm gonna keep my opinions to myself, but I'm on the record--

 Jill: That's it. That's enough.

 Greg: Come on, let me have a look at it.

 Jill: All right. I was born at Genoa city memorial. At least that's what it says in here. How would we know if that's correct? 3E63EB07.JPG

 Greg: Well, an adoption birth certificate looks exactly like an original birth certificate. Other than the parents' names, all the details could be exactly the same.

 Snapper: Not necessarily, Greg.

 Jill: How would we find the original?

 Greg: Well, the first place to look is the county hall of records.

 Snapper: And you think they're just gonna let you go rooting around in their vault?

 Greg: No, but it's possible they made a record of the birth at the hospital.

 Jill: So would that be easier?

 Greg: Could be.

 Jill: Otherwise, we would have to wait. We'd have to file a lot of papers. Oh, Greg, I want to get started on this. 3E63EB27.JPG

 Greg: Well, let's go give it a try at the hospital.

 Jill: Great. Great.

 Snapper: Why do I get the feeling that someone is pushing the legal envelope?

 Greg: Because you're a suspicious person, that's why. You coming with us?

 Snapper: No. I'm staying here in case someone has to come bail you out later.

 Greg: Oh, yeah, right. I need my big brother to keep me out of trouble. Come on, Jill. You're so determined. Let's go see what we can find out, huh?

 John: I think you're missing the point.

 Lauren: Colleen is not going to change the way she feels because you tell her to. I mean, why don't you give her an opportunity to be open and honest with you? 3E63EBCF.JPG

 John: Lauren, at her age, a committed relationship is just not healthy, especially since I don't think J.T. Is capable of being committed. No, she should be with boys her own age, boys she has something in common with that would be appropriate today.

 Lauren: But she's chosen J.T.

 John: Well, let's make no mistake about one thing-- I expect you to be a responsible adult.

 Lauren: Meaning what?

 John: Meaning colleen and J.T. Are not allowed to meet at the boutique. Now that is a rule that I gave you a long, long time ago.

 Lauren: Excuse me, but I run a business, not a daycare center. And I can't control who walks into my store. 3E63EBF5.JPG

 John: Oh, well, I'm sure you can control your employees. And you can make it very clear to J.T. Hellstrom his job depends on it.

 Lauren: And what about your granddaughter? I mean, I'm not gonna fire J.T. Because your granddaughter comes in looking for trouble.

 John: Oh, be assured I will tell my granddaughter. If she cares for this young man, she will do as I tell her.

 Lauren: And that is exactly the heavy hand that is causing so much tension between the two of you. Why do you keep doing what doesn't work?

 John: Because I owe it to colleen. Learning self-discipline is crucial to her future. And if you can't understand that-- 3E63EC1A.JPG

 Lauren: Whoa. I understand. We just don't agree on how to get there. Well, john, have a great day.

 Brad: In love. At her age?

 Ashley: It happens.

 Brad: "It happens." "It happens." That's just great. I can't believe this. I mean, even with all the precautions about the dance-- Billy drives her to and from, your father is chaperoning-- and they still get away with a kiss right under our noses.

 Ashley: She's resourceful. But they didn't get away with anything. They were caught red-handed, honey.

 Brad: Her first love. A kid with his reputation.

 Ashley: Well, he's used to riding in the fast lane. One thing I know--that's not what it's about with colleen. 3E63EC47.JPG

 Brad: Don't tell me you're condoning this.

 Ashley: No. No. But you and dad have tried so hard, and...

 Brad: This is not acceptable. It's not acceptable at all.

 J.T.: You'd better go. Lauren's gonna be here soon.

 Colleen: Mmm... I hate leaving you, and I hate saying good-bye.

 J.T.: Yeah, me too. We're kind of close.

 Colleen: You want to meet me at the hideaway after school?

 J.T.: Colleen, I don't know.

 Colleen: Oh, come on. We've had hardly any time together this morning.

 J.T.: You better stop with those big eyes.

 Colleen: I don't know what you mean.

 J.T.: Oh, you don't?

 Colleen: Unh-unh. 3E63EC81.JPG

 J.T.: All right. All right, I'll be there.

 Colleen: Yeah.

 J.T.: Yeah. (Cell phone rings)

 Colleen: Oh.

 J.T.: That's yours. (Ring)

 Colleen: Hello?

 Brad: Colleen, it's me.

 Colleen: Oh, hi, dad. What's going on?

 Brad: I wanna see you... now.

 Colleen: Why?

 Brad: Just come over to my place. I know you have time.

 Colleen: Okay. I'll be right there.

 J.T.: The old man want to see you?

 Colleen: Yeah. I wonder what that's all about.

 J.T.: Hey, whatever it is, you better not keep him waiting.

 Colleen: Right. I'll see you later? 3E63ECA8.JPG

 J.T.: All right. Have a good one.

 Colleen: Bye.

 Lauren: Colleen.

 Colleen: Hi, Lauren. Good-bye, Lauren.

 Billy: Come on, Raul. I'm sure that's not it.

 Mac: Yeah. Why would Britt have second thoughts? I mean, you guys lived together at the boardinghouse. That didn't freak her out.

 Raul: That was different, Mac.

 Mac: How?

 Raul: Because that was like pretending, okay, like we were playing house or something. And we both assumed it'd only be for a couple of months before we went away to school. I mean, this... I mean, this feels like... this feels more like a commitment. 3E63ECD8.JPG

 Mac: Look, Britt's in love with you, Raul. We all know that. Feelings like that don't go away overnight.

 Billy: Mac's right. I never would have said this about Britt a year ago, but she's changed. What you two have is the real deal.

 Raul: Then what's with the e-mail? Hmm? I mean, why couldn't she talk to me about whatever was bugging her? Why the hell did she just have to take off like that?

 Mac: Maybe it wasn't her decision.

 Raul: What do you mean?

 Mac: Nothing.

 Raul: No, Mac, what were you gonna say? Mac, spit it out! 3E63ECF8.JPG

 Mac: Maybe her parents are behind this.

 Raul: Do you think Britt's parents talked her out of moving in here?

 Mac: I'm probably all wrong.

 Raul: Maybe not. I wouldn't put it past them. I mean, they're not exactly my biggest fans, you know? Especially after all that stuff that happened at the boardinghouse. 3E63EE22.JPG

 Billy: Britt knows you didn't want to be there any more than she did.

 Raul: She hated that place, Billy. She hated it. And now she's been living at her folks' house for a month and a half. She's probably got used to the good life again. You know, it would not surprise me one bit if her parents did bribe her to go back to new York city. Hell, you know what? She could be on an airplane right now for all I know. And seriously--

 Billy: Buddy, hold on. Hold on. Think about this logically for a second. Britt's parents have been trying to control her for years, and it's pointless. They don't have that kind of power over her. 3E63EE47.JPG

 Mac: No way Britt would let her parents pressure her into leaving town. She's way too stubborn for that.

 Billy: Besides, her e-mail says they think she's living with us. They obviously don't know she's taken off.

 Mac: And she doesn't want them finding out.

 Raul: Yeah, I know she doesn't. So I'm gonna be very careful. But Fred and Anita are not dumb. They have to have some idea of what's going on with her. I'm gonna talk to you guys later.

 Frederick: Anita, I explained why I didn't come home last night. Our daughter's presence or absence has nothing to do with it. But you know, now that you bring up Brittany, is it just me, or has she not been herself lately? I mean, she seems kind of tired and withdrawn. 3E63EE87.JPG

 Anita: Can't say it surprises me. When you make one mistake after another as Brittany has, sooner or later it's bound to catch up with you.

 Lauren: So much for our deal.

 J.T.: Come on, Lauren. Don't be mad.

 Lauren: How should I be?

 J.T.: Forgiving?

 Lauren: I don't think you understand the position I'm in.

 J.T.: I know I wasn't supposed to see colleen here--

 Lauren: No, you weren't.

 J.T.: I'm sorry.

 Lauren: Well, I think you're sorry you just got caught.

 J.T.: Look, I don't want to cause any problems for you.

 Lauren: You realize that john Abbott made it crystal-clear that you and his granddaughter are not to be meeting here on the sly. And of course, that was on top of the grief I got about hiring Billy. 3E63EEBC.JPG

 J.T.: That's all the guy does is rag on people. I just happened to make one of his lists. It's kind of like an honor, you know?

 Lauren: You would see it that way.

 J.T.: It's always nice to get noticed by the higher-ups, right?

 Lauren: Yeah. Just like colleen's parents got you noticed by the police.

 J.T.: Well, that's how they all are. They overreact about everything. You're not like that.

 Lauren: You don't think so, huh?

 J.T.: No, I don't. You're cool.

 Lauren: Well, I wouldn't test that theory.

 Colleen: Hey, dad.

 Brad: Hey. Take a cab over? 3E63EEF8.JPG

 Colleen: No, the bus. But I have class soon, so...

 Brad: This won't take long.

 Colleen: What's going on?

 Brad: I think it's time for you to move back in here.

 Colleen: Why?

 Brad: Because that's the agreement we have with your mother.

 Colleen: Yeah, but you and Ashley--

 Brad: Everything's okay. Thank you for being patient.

 Colleen: I'm just surprised you wouldn't want to leave things the way they are.

 Brad: I'm sure you would.

 Colleen: I've just, you know, gotten pretty used to living at granddad's. Plus, it's closer to school.

 Brad: I'll drive you.

 Colleen: Yeah, but all my stuff's over there-- my computer-- 3E63EF16.JPG

 Brad: We'll move it.

 Colleen: Seems like a lot of trouble, if you ask me. I mean, it's not like I never see you.

 Brad: And the number one reason you don't want to move back in here... it's a lot easier to outfox your old granddad than it is Ash and me.

 Colleen: What are you talking about?

 Brad: Something came in the mail yesterday. Congratulations. You made the school newspaper.

 Greg: Now you're gonna let me handle this, right?

 Jill: Don't be pussyfooting.

 Greg: Well, there are certain legal limits we have to stay within.

 Jill: Well, maybe you do. I don't.

 Greg: Jill... 3E63EF4E.JPG

 Jill: All right, fine. Okay.

 Greg: Come on. Hello there.

 Woman: Can I help you?

 Greg: Uh, yes, I think so. Are you a nurse?

 Woman: No. No, I'm just an aide. This is a part-time job. I'm doing it for school credit.

 Greg: Well, that's cool. That a admirable. Are you gonna go into the medical profession?

 Woman: I might.

 Greg: Well, keep you options open. But remember, the world does need doctors. So, anyway, Devon, here's the deal. Can you tell me whether your older records have been moved into storage or cleaned out?

 Devon: Oh, no. No, it's the dustiest, most confusing mess back there. I mean, I can't believe all the boxes and cabinets. 3E63EF7A.JPG

 Greg: Oh, well, that's good for us. Now listen, I have a favor to ask, a big favor.

 Devon: Okay. I'll try and help.

 Greg: This is a date. And we have good reason to believe that t this date, there was a baby born in this hospital. It was a baby girl. In fact, it was my sister.

 Devon: Oh! Wow.

 Greg: Now would you go back into all that dusty mess and see if you can find a birth record from that date for us?

 Devon: Oh. I don't think I'm supposed to do that, you know, without some kind of permission.

 Greg: Um, well, I tell you, this is really important, and we really need a little help. Now that's what you're here for, isn't it? *****That's all for now. Have a terrific weekend.

 Colleen: I had no idea.

 Brad: I'm sure not. You knew the rules, colleen. I trusted you, and you took advantage of my being distracted.

 Colleen: No, that isn't it.

 Brad: How else am I supposed to interpret that picture? You're kissing J.T. In public. Is that your way of defying us? You've been forbidden to see that boy, and for good reason.

 Colleen: What are you gonna do?

 Brad: What can I do?

 Colleen: Don't send me to my mom's, dad, please!

 Brad: She has the right to know about this, colleen.

 Colleen: Don't tell her!

 Brad: I won't... this time. But I don't like the way it feels keeping things from her. You know, when Ash showed me this picture, my heart just sank. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get through to you. I thought we were building a real relationship, but I guess I was just kidding myself. You don't want a father. You just want someone you can run rings around. 3E63F0CA.JPG

 Colleen: Dad, that is not true.

 Colleen: That's how you're treating me... and your grandfather and Ash and everyone else in this family who's trying to look out for you.

 Colleen: I don't want you to feel that way. I just--I keep telling you, there's nothing wrong with J.T. He wouldn't do anything to hurt me. He wouldn't!

 Brad: Colleen, don't ask me to abide by this relationship. Don't ask me, because I can't. So here I am, asking myself what else can I do? I can't watch you 24/7. I can't keep you under lock and key. I'd like to be able to trust you, but god knows you've proven time and time again that I can't. 3E63F0F4.JPG

 Colleen: So what happens now?

 Brad: I don't know. I'm at the end of my rope. There is one other thing I could try, but I don't know if that would be effective either.

 Colleen: What is it?

 Brad: Never mind.

 Colleen: (Sighs)

 Brad: After school today, I want you to go to your grandfather's, gather your things and come back here. You're moving in as of tonight, and that's final. Now get to school.

 Colleen: I'm sorry, dad.

 Brad: Yeah. So am I.

 J.T.: It's not a theory. It's cold, hard fact. Lauren Fenmore is really cool.

 Lauren: You're just a little too smooth for your own good.

 J.T.: Is that a compliment or a warning? 3E63F14B.JPG

 Lauren: J.T., This colleen thing--

 J.T.: Look, I know. I know. I let you down. You gave me a chance, and I did my own thing. And now you probably think that I blew you off. But I promise, I never meant for you to feel that way.

 Lauren: So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna continue to blow me off? What are you gonna do?

 J.T.: Look, I just don't see what the big deal is. So what if colleen stops by and says hi? It's not like Mr. Abbott can hear you, even if he does find out.

 Lauren: He's not gonna find out. And you know why? Because you're gonna smarten up, and you're gonna start playing by my rules, right? J.T.? 3E63F170.JPG

 J.T.: All right. All right. I will follow your rules.

 Lauren: No more secret meetings.

 J.T.: Cross my heart.

 Lauren: Until the next time, right? Look, I can't keep bailing you out. If colleen's father or grandfather finds out--

 J.T.: Lauren, Lauren, honestly, I-- I'm gonna follow your rules.

 Lauren: I have to go

the bank.

 Lauren: Be good.

 Greg: Listen, we're not gonna be making any copies or taking anything away. Just need a peek, that's all.

 Devon: How about if I get my supervisor down here? She's in a meeting right now--

 Greg: Well, then let's not bother her, okay? I mean, you bring the record out, we take a quick look and we're gone. 3E63F1A9.JPG

 Jill: Greg, maybe we should tell her the real reason.

 Greg: Um...

 Jill: No, you know how we said we wouldn't play the sympathy card...

g Greg: Yeah...

 Jill: But look, Devon, Devon, here's the thing. Unfortunately, I have a very serious blood disease.

 Devon: Oh, no.

 Jill: Yeah, and I just found out a few weeks ago. And we've been looking for a bone marrow donor, but we haven't found any matches. So we're kind of at our wits' end here. And I don't mind telling you, I'm really scared.

 Devon: I can imagine. That's awful.

 Jill: I know. And what's even worse, I'm adopted, okay, so I've never known who my real parents are. But now we have to find them. 3E63F1D2.JPG

 Greg: You see, somebody from her birth family could be a match for a bone marrow transplant.

 Devon: Really?

 Jill: Yeah.

 Greg: You could be saving a life, Devon. And so can you understand why we wouldn't want to go through all the channels? Could take weeks. It could take months. Jill doesn't have that kind of time.

 Devon: Um, you look okay to me.

 Jill: I'm on a lot of medication.

 Greg: Devon, you have to understand, we would not be asking a big favor like this of you if it weren't really an emergency.

 Frederick: You're so damned indifferent. 3E63F2C9.JPG


 Frederick: Have you talked to Brittany about what's bothering her?

 Anita: Obviously you haven't either.

 Frederick: Anita, you're her mother.

 Anita: Oh, yes. I forget I'm the designated parent.

 Frederick: Here we go again.

 Anita: You know, I resent you implying that I'm a derelict mother because I haven't been pumping our daughter with questions.

 Frederick: I'm not implying anything, Anita.

 Anita: Oh, aren't you?

 Frederick: No, I'm not. (Knock on door)

 Raul: Excuse me.

 Frederick: Raul. What brings you by?

 Raul: I'm glad you're both here. I need to talk to you. 3E63F2E8.JPG

 Anita: What about?

 Raul: Brittany.

 Greg: That was quite a performance.

 Jill: Well, you caught on pretty quickly.

 Greg: You know, we could be getting that girl in some trouble.

 Jill: Oh, come on, Greg. You said yourself, she's just a kid.

 Devon: It wasn't that hard, actually. The whole year was in this one drawer.

 Greg: And how many birth records were there for that date?

 Devon: Only three-- two boys, one girl.

 Greg: Which one's the girl?

 Devon: This one.

 Greg: Okay. Well, then just a little peek, and we're out of your hair, hmm? 3E63F31D.JPG

 Jill: Please, Devon, I'm desperate.

 Devon: Okay, you can look at this, but only for a minute.

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