Monday Y&R Transcript 2/3/03

Y&R Transcript Mon
day 2/3/03--Canada; Tuesday 2/4/03--USA

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 Jill: I can't be hearing you right.

 Liz: It's true.

 Jill: You're telling me that I was adopted. How can that be? 3E3EFBBE.JPG

 Liz: Like I told you, after greg was born, I found out--

 Jill: You couldn't have any more children. Yeah, I heard that. Mom, I don't want to say this, I really don'T... but I think that your memory has been affected in some weird way.

 Liz: Oh, jill, I've been over this with the doctors. I have a tumor in my skull, and I have lost my sense of smell, and my vision is blurry sometimes, but I'm not crazy. I've known this since your father brought you home to me.

 Jill: Stop it! I don't want to hear that.

 Liz: I knew it wouldn't be easy.

 Jill: No. Not easy. Not easy? Mama... oh, my god. I can't really even call you that anymore, can I? 3E3EFBEE.JPG

 Liz: Oh, now you listen to me, girl. I raised you. I gave you love.

 Jill: You lied to me. All those years, you let me go on believing that I was who I--who I was. And now you're expecting me to accept the fact that I'm somebody else?

 Liz: Calm down, jill. I'm not asking you to do any such--

 Jill: The hell you aren't! I--in the flash of an eye, poof! I don't know who I am. And you expect me not to be upset?

 Gina: So, brock, how long are you in town for?

 Brock: Oh, it's hard to say, gina. A few days.

 Gina: You're busy doing good works, huh?

 Kay: Thank you. 3E3EFC1F.JPG

 Brock: Gina, you're not making fun of me now, are you?

 Gina: Now I wouldn't do that. Actually, I feel a little guilty that I didn't come down to louisiana to work alongside you.

 Brock: Aw, don't worry about it.

 Kay: Oh, yeah, absolutely. You are doing good work right here.

 Gina: Well, thank you, katherine.

 Kay: And while we're on the subject, I'm looking forward a a plate of that delicious antipasto salad.

 Gina: For two?

 Brock: Oh, yeah, yeah. That sounds great.

 Gina: Okay. I think I can arrange that. I'll be right back.

 Brock: Well, duchess, I haven't seen much of you. 3E3EFC47.JPG

 Kay: Small wonder, the way you dart into town, darting out again.

 Brock: (Imitating billy crystal) you... you look simply mah-velous, darling.

 Kay: Oh, brock, you're so sweet.

 Brock: Something on your mind?

 Kay: Yeah. You'll never guess who came by to see me today.

 Brock: Who?

 Kay: Liz foster.

 Brock: You're kidding( all the way from london?

 Kay: All the way from london. She had something on her mind.

 Brock: Any idea what?

 Kay: She said she came to talk to jill. It wasn't a social call. Not at all. I'm sure of that. 3E3EFC76.JPG

 Brock: Hmm.

 Reese: Nurse?

 Nurse: Yes, dr. Walker?

 Reese: Do you know if mrs. Carlton talked to dr. Winters before she checked out?

 Nurse: No, sir, I don'T. Why?

 Reese: Well, dr. Winters was supposed to give her some very important news-- news that shouldn't wait.

 Olivia: You and ash are separating?

 Brad: Yeah. It's ironic, isn't it?

 Brad: Usually a crisis brings people closer together.

 Olivia: It's all so sudden.

 Brad: Tell me about it. One second we're living apart on a temporary basis, and the next we're on the brink of divorce.

 Olivia: Any chance you can still work things out? 3E3EFCA6.JPG

 Brad: Unlikely. I'm afraid to say it, but I think our marriage may be over.

 Nikki: I didn't realize you had left. Where have you been?

 Victor: I was talking to sharon.

 Nikki: Oh, why doesn't that surprise me?

 Victor: I realize you're upset with me.

 Nikki: I'm upset withhis support you insist on giving sharon, when the best thing would be to let that marriage mercifully end.

 Victor: How can you possibly say that, when you know what this would do to their children?

 Nikki: Victor, right now I'm thinking of our child. Our son was just here. This situation is taking a toll on nicholas-- a terrible toll. 3E3EFD0C.JPG

 Victoria: Oh, my god! What is going on in here? Jeez!

 Nick: Don't you ever knock?

 Victoria: What-- what's going on? Myod, are you all right?

 Nick: What are you doing here?

 Victoria: I was hoping we could talk. Nicholas? What is it? What's wrong?

 Nick: I can't get into it.

 Victoria: Hey, come on. If you can't talk to me, who can you talk to? I'm your sister.

 Nick: That is exactly why I can't talk to you.  3E3EFDE5.JPG

 John: Ashley, honey, I just can't believe that you'd just collapse like that. Why didn't you call me sooner?

 Ashley: It wasn't serious, daddy, just low blood sugar.

 John: Well, what caused it?

 Ashley: Stress, not eating right. I'm fine.

 John: Fine. Why did you let yourself get so run down?

 Ashley: Believe me, I've learned my lesson.

 John: I had no idea.

 Ashley: I know. If you had, you would've been there. Brad was with me the whole time.

 John: Well, that's some consolation.

 Ashley: Yeah.

 John: Why didn't he drive you home?

 Ashley: He was going to. But then I thought about it and decided it was best if I contact you. 3E3EFE10.JPG

 John: Now look, I knew there were some problems between the two of you, but--

 Ashley: Yeah. Afraid it's gone beyond that, dad.

 John: What do you mean?

 Ashley: I'm filing for legal separation.

 John: Oh, ashley... (telephone rings)

 Olivia: Excuse me. Dr. Winters.

 Reese: Olivia, it's reese. Listen, apparently ashley carlton's gone home. Did she see you before she left?

 Olivia: I wasn't aware she checked out.

 Reese: You know, liv, she really should be informed of her pregnancy as sn n as possible.

 Olivia: I know, reese. I'll take care of it.

 Brad: That was about ash, wasn't it? 3E3EFE40.JPG

 Olivia: She's been released.

 Brad: I thought we agreed that I d drive her home. I shouldn't be surprised she made other arrangements, given the conversation we had. She's convinced the only reason I moved out was so I could spend more time with you.

 Olivia: But you reassured her.

 Brad: She thinks you're pressuring me.

 Olivia: Well, I hope you told her I wasn'T.

 Brad: I tried, olivia, but she wouldn't listen. She says she can't live this way.

 Olivia: Live what way?

 Brad: Waiting for me to choose between the two of you. That's why she pushed for the separation.

 Olivia: So the decision wasn't mutual? 3E3EFE6C.JPG

 Brad: No. It was all ash's idea.

 Olivia: And you were against it.

 Brad: I felt it was too big a step too soon.

 Brad: So, um... what's this news you have for ash and me?

 Olivia: No, brad, we're not dropping this, 'cause I wanna know where you stand in all of this. What is it you want?

 Victor: What's going on with nicholas?

 Nikki: I wish I knew.

 Victor: But you said he was just here.

 Nikki: He was in a very strange state of mind.

 Victor: What do you mean by strange?

 Nikki: I don't know. It's hard to describe.

 Victor: Was he angry or... 3E3EFE9C.JPG

 Nikki: He was angry, but at the same time he seemed distant. He just seems at the end of his rope.

 Victor: He could change that situation if he just went back home and tried to put his life back together.

 Nikki: Hearing you say that just amazes me. I don't think you would be so quick to take that advice if you were in nicholas' situation with your wife cheating on you. I mean, sharon says it was just one indiscretion, but how do we know? She's ready to throw in the towel. She's ready to give up. For all we know, maybe she's hooked some unsuspecting guy already.

 Brock: Looks good. Thank you so much. Well, must've been great to see liz foster after all this time. 3E3EFFCD.JPG

 Kay: It was.

 Brock: But?

 Kay: Oh, brock, I don't know. It'S... it's kind of startling to be reminded that jill even has a mother. Most of the time I think of her as this thing that just crawled out from under a rock--

 Brock: Oh, oh, duchess. Whoa.

 Kay: The day she came into my life, broc-- god, what a black day that was.

 Brock: She was only 17. She was your paid companion.

: S, our. D I inteher mhomeid h fhe pvi

sing hnd d inin life. Brock: Mother! Ther, that was a cpl tim

>>Aywhy, beusi waa drunk? And philliwajuair... phillip was fair game?

 Brock: It made him vulnerable. 3E3F0002.JPG

 Kay: Oh, yes,and that little witch took full advantage of that.

 Brock: Mother, why are you bringing all of this up now? It does no one any good.

 Kay: I don't know. Just poor liz. My god, she has worked so hard, so long, for her family. That's all she's ever done. Just to see that her daughter has become this shallow, heartless thing...

 Jill: Who are you? Who?

 Liz: Oh, jill. You're the same person you were before I told you.

 Jill: Oh, you think so? I don'T. I got somebody else's blood flowing in my veins.

 Liz: It's the same blood you've always had.

 Jill: Yeah, but I don't know where it came from. Do I look like my mother? My father? My great-great-aunt? 3E3F0041.JPG

 Liz: Oh, what difference does it make? I mean, we all look like someone. In the end, you look like you. That's all that matters. You were born. You were raised. You became an adult. And you've been living your life.

 Jill: Would you stop all this philosophizing, please, because none of it will justify the fact that you never told me I was adopted-- that all these years you let me go on believing that I was your child.

 Liz: Oh, but, jill, you were. You are. I held you in my arms. I changed your diapers. I packed you off to school.

 Jill: Why didn't you tell me?

 Liz: Well, for one thing, in those days, people didn'T. I mean, it wasn't that uncommon. 3E3F0075.JPG

 Jill: Those days? Those days? It wasn't the dark ages.

 Liz: Well, even so, but there wasn't all this fuss about people's genes.

 Jill: I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about me, about who I am, where I came from.

 Liz: What difference does it make? You're here.

 Jill: No. No, you're not getting out of this that easily.

 Liz: I'm not trying to get out of anything. I'm not here to apologize to you, jill. I came here to tell you something that I thought you should know before I go to wherever that is I'm going after this operation.

 Jill: You're afraid. 3E3F00A0.JPG

 Liz: Ohh. I'm sorry if it doesn't fit your notion of how I should feel, but I'm not afraid.

 Jill: I am.

 Liz: Why?

 Jill: Because you can't just lay something like this on me and then die.

 Liz: Well... I'd rather not. That's the truth. But it is out of my control.

 Jill: You didn't have to tell me.

 Liz: Would you rather I hadn't?

 Jill: Yes! No. I don't know.

 Liz: When you were 15 or 16, I thought seriously about lllling you.

 Jill: But you didn'T.

 Liz: Well, honey, you were insecure as a teenager. You lacked self-confidence. I didn't think that telling you that you'd been adopted would help. I thought it might make things worse. 3E3F00E5.JPG

 Jill: That's great. That's great, isn't it? That's the thing about the truth-- it's just so damn inconvenient.

 Victoria: Here. Drink something.

 Nick: No, thanks.

 Victoria: Just take a sip. Get yourself together.

 Nick: There. Are you happy? Look, I need some time alone, all right?

 Victoria: No, that's not what you need. What is this about? Is this about another fight with sharon?

 Nick: Oh, yeah. The last one.

 Victoria: Meaning what? What are you saying?

 Nick: I'm saying a guy can only take so much, you know? So much, then you gotta let go, or it'll kill you.

 Brad: Maybe ash was right about you pressuring.

 Olivia: I'm not asking for a declaration, but I'm confused.

 Brad: About what?

 Olivia: The last time we talked, you said you were torn.

 Olivia: Are things more clear for you now?

 Brad: Olivia... the truth is... I'm faced with losing my marriage, my family. That's pretty damn hard to take.

 Olivia: And abby.

 Brad: A child makes a huge difference.

 Olivia: Of course it does. I understand completely.

 Brad: Do you really?

 Olivia: Do I have a choice?

 Brad: You know, the fact is how I feel really doesn't matter at this point. 3E3F01FA.JPG

 Olivia: Why do you say that?

 Brad: Because ash has made up her mind, and nothing will change it.

 Olivia: I'm sorry.

 Brad: So, um... about this news you have for us... (cell phone rings) (ring)

 Brad: Hello? Yeah, ron. What's up? Really? I thought that was in your hands already. Uh, well, I had it sent out yesterday morning, but no problem--I'll make sure it gets sent out again first thing in the morning. All right.

 John: Oh, ash, I had no idea things were this bad.

 Ashley: Yeah. I don't want to go into any details, but there are reasons that made it inevitable. 3E3F0236.JPG

 John: I can tell by looking at your face this is not something you want, which means bradley was--

 Ashley: Oh, don't, please. It's not anybody's fault. It's not, really.

 John: There must be some hope. I mean, you two love each other very much. You've been through so much. And then there's abby to think of.

 Ashley: Believe me, our daughter is very much on our minds, but what's done is done.

 John: Ooh, baby. I just hate to see you in so much pain.

 Ashley: Well, that's why the separation is for the best, even though it hurts like hell right now. 3E3F0260.JPG

 Brock: You and jill-- in some ways, it's hard to think of one of you without thinking of the other.

 Kay: Oh, we're the odd couple, is that it?

 Brock: No, more like two enemies so locked in mortal combat, you can't let go of each other.

 Kay: Now you listen to me. When you step into something disgusting...

 Brock: (Coughs)

 Kay: And it sticks to the bottom of your shoe, that is not mortal combat. That is called just plain bad luck.

 Brock: You really think that's all there is to your relationship with jill?

 Kay: I don't have a relationship with that woman.

 Brock: What are you still doing? Voluntarily, you're living under the same roof, for heaven's sake. 3E3F0283.JPG

 Kay: Well, you know how that happened.

 Brock: I'm sorry, duchess, things don't just happen.

 Kay: (Whispers) oh, god. Is he gonna get mystical on me again? Please, please...

 Brock: Mother, you could make other arrangements if being around jill were really that intolerable.

 Kay: The only arrangements I am going to make or appreciate is jill's absence. I am not going to leave my home, brock. Now if that foul-mouthed harpy thinks she's going to outlast me... by god, let her try.

 Jill: Let me ask you something. Do snapper and greg know?

 Liz: No.

 Jill: But they were old enough. 3E3F02AA.JPG

 Liz: Not really. Greg was very little. He was only 4 years old. He thought the stork brought you. Snapper was... what? 6. 6.

 Jill: Well, that's old enough to know that the stork doesn't bring children.

 Liz: Still, he was a little boy. He wanted to be a cowboy. He was just starting school. He wasn't at all concerned where you came from. We told him that you were his new baby sister. That was all he needed. No one said otherwise. Even if it had come out, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. But it didn't, and your father and I just left it that way.

 Jill: Oh, my father. I can see his face. 3E3F02D6.JPG

 Liz: He loved you very much. Jill: Is this why he left?

 Liz: What, because you were adopted? No!

 Jill: Well, then why?

 Liz: We've dealt with that long since.

 Jill: Yeah, maybe you have. Right now I'm having to deal with my whole entire life starting over.

 Liz: Listen to me, jill. I'm not trying to get out of anything. And I'm not pretending that this shouldn't come as a shock to you. But you are who you are. You were only a few days old when we got you.

 Jill: From whom? Mama, please tell me you know. You have to know.

 (Doorbell ringing) 3E3F040A.JPG

 Ashley: What do you want?

 Olivia: We need to talk.

 Ashley: I don't want to talk to you.

 Olivia: I-I know it's been a long day.

 Ashley: A lot longer than you think.

 Olivia: What do you mean?

 Ashley: I guess I should tell you the good news.

 Olivia: What good news?

 Ashley: Brad and i are separating.

 Olivia: Yeah, I know. He came by the hospital and told me that.

 Ashley: I should have known he would go straight to you.

 Olivia: Can I come in?

 Ashley: Why? You want to gloat?

 Olivia: You know I wouldn't do that.

 Ashley: You know, tell it to somebody who cares. 3E3F0426.JPG

 Olivia: Didn't dr. Walker ask you to speak to me before you left the hospital?

 Ashley: Yeah. And I didn't want to speak with you.

 Olivia: Well, this is important.

 Ashley: Make it quick, and then get out of my house.

 Olivia: I will. You're pregnant.

 Victor: It's amazing to realize how uncharitable you are toward our daughter-in-law.

 Nikki: Well, I guess it all balances out, because you are so utterly supportive.

 Victor: Well, I'm so supportive becauseshe's alone, for heaven's sakes. She's vulnerable. She's hurting. Someone needs to be in her corner.

 Nikki: How vulnerable is she? How lonely? 3E3F045C.JPG

 Victor: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

 Nikki: She can't be trusted. She's proven that. Once the trust is gone, forget it. I think nicholas wants to end this marriage, but he needs a little support.

 Victor: Are you in favor of divorce?

 Nikki: I am in favor of our son finding happiness, and I don't think that's gonna happen if he stays with her.

 Victor: How do you know that?

 Nikki: Oh, come on. Look at everything she's put him through this year. She blamed him for the death of their premature baby, then this affair with diego. Now she wants a divorce. Why are we stopping her?

 Victor: Because he loves her. He knows that. 3E3F0487.JPG

 Nikki: You might think differently if you had been here.

 Victor: Why? What did he say to make you say that?

 Nikki: He said very little, actually. He could barely even look me in the eye. He was in such torment.

 Victor: About sharon, or what?

 Nikki: I don't know. I don't know what's going on with him. He definitely was not himself. And then he blurted out the strangest question.

 Victor: What?

 Nikkihow do I live with it? That's what he asked me.

 Victor: How do you live with what? What did he mean? 3E3F04A6.JPG

 Nikki: Well, when I tried to get him to explain, he talked about constant turmoil, and how things are not the way they seem, and... and he just flew ouout of here. I mean, he was very disturbed. I was so upset by it. Now I know you are probably going to continue to try to save this marriage. I have no idea why. I don't know what kind of spell sharon has cast on you to make you so blindly supportive.

 Victor: I'm not blindly supportive. That's not the point. The point is, I know if our son got a divorce, he'd be very upset. He'd be very unhappy. Think of what it will do to the children. I'm trying to save their marriage because I think it would be best for everyone concerned. You know my heart is in the right place. 3E3F04DA.JPG

 Nikki: Victor, sometimes love isn't enough. Sometimes love doesn't conquer all.

 Victoria: So you and sharon had some big knock-down drag-out fight?

 Nick: No.

 Victoria: But you said that--

 Nick: It's not what it seems. Nothing is what it seems.

 Victoria: What did you and sharon talk about?

 Nick: We didn'T.

 Victoria: But from what you were saying it sounded like--

 Nick: She didn't even know I was there.

 Victoria: Okay, you've really lost me.

 Nick: It's so ironic, too, because I swallowed my pride, you know? I was gonna get my wife back. I bought her this necklace I knew she wanted. I took some flowers and... I went down to our place 3E3F051B.JPG

 Victoria: And what, she wasn't there?

 Nick: I can't talk about this anymore.

 Victoria: Nicholas, you can't just leave me hanging like this.

 Nick: The hell I can'T.

 Ashley: Is this some kind of a sick joke?

 Olivia: It's not the kind of thing I would joke about.

 Ashley: I don't believe you.

 Olivia: You think I'm lying? It came out in the blood work you had done at the hospital.

 Ashley: Pregnant?

 Olivia: Yes.

 Ashley: So then the symptoms that I've been having lately...

 Olivia: It's more than just stress.

 Ashley: Did you tell brad?

 Olivia: No, I thought he should hear it from you.

 Ashley: Oh, my god.

 Olivia: Yeah. Changes everything.

 Ashley: Yes and no.

 Olivia: Oh, come on, you know how much it's gonna mean to brad to be a father again.

 Ashley: Yeah, but we still have big issues between us. 3E3F063E.JPG

 Olivia: Well, I think the pregnancy's gonna make a difference.

 Ashley: It's just gonna distract us from the problem. It doesn't solve anything. And even if I do decide to let brad back into this house, he's gonna come with a lot of baggage-- his feelings for you, which seem to be his priority these days. And, frankly, I don't think this pregnancy's gonna change of much of anything.

 Olivia: Brad's got to be told.

 Ashley: Yes, I know that, olivia. But I'm gonna make it clear it doesn't change our plans.

 Olivia: You mean, about separating?

 Ashley: And probably the end of our marriage. 3E3F066B.JPG

 Brock: Mother, this bitterness you feel towards jill-- it's not good for you.

 Kay: I find it highly invigorating.

 Brock: Oh, you don't mean that.

 Kay: I don't?

 Brock: I think you should cut your losses, get a place in town.

 Kay: Not gonnhahappen. I'm staying put.

 Brock: Okay, it's your life.

 Kay: Thank you.

 Brock: So...

 Kay: So... outlasting that woman is far more important to me than you realize, brock. It's not about her or about myself. It's about who I am. The woman stole my husband and drove me to drink. 3E3F069A.JPG

 Brock: Oh, mother.

 Kay: I was drinking already, what the hell, but what I'm saying is had I not been behind the wheel of that car, phillip would be alive today.

 Brock: Mom, you can't blame that on jill.

 Kay: Well, I damn well-- I damn well can and I do. Brock, most of my life has been very good, but whatever pain and sorrow there has been-- whatever tragedy--has largely been due to jill foster. You can't whitewash that. You can'T.

 Gina: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

 Brock: No, no, it's all right, gina. Well, this wonderful salad is really, uh, really giving me an appetite. 3E3F06C9.JPG

 Gina: Well, good, because I've made you something very special. New zealand mussels on a bed of fettuccini. How does that sound?

 Liz: I never asked where you came from, and bill never said. I liked it that way. I never wanted to think of you as anybody else's child but mine.

 Jill: But I wasn't your child, was I? I mean, you got me because my own mother didn't want me.

 Liz: Oh, a young girl I'm sure, unmarried, but from a really good family because you were a healthy and a beautiful little baby. You were my baby.

 Jill: Mama, I know you loved me.

 Liz: I still do. 3E3F06FB.JPG

 Jill: And I know you did everything for me. I owe you so much.

 Liz: It's nonsense. It doesn't work that way.

 Jill: But I can't absorb this. I mean, you're having this horrible operation, and, me, I'm learning that everything in my life is different than I thought.

 Liz: Oh, but it isn'T.

 Jill: I don't mean to be insensitive, but I need some time to myself.

 Liz: Well, I think I'll just stay the night at a hotel. So would you please thank katherine and tell her I appreciate her offer? But you are right. You need some time alone.

 Jill: Mama, it isn't that.

 Liz: Oh, don't explain. I understand. 3E3F0735.JPG

 Jill: And I'll see you before...

 Liz: Oh, yes.

 Ashley: You're very quiet all of a sudden.

 Olivia: You could be wrong, you know.

 Ashley: About what?

 Olivia: You don't know how brad's gonna feel about all this.

 Ashley: Do you know something I don't?

 Olivia: The last time I talked to him I got the distinct impression that things aren't as hopeless as you might think.

 Ashley: So are you saying all is not lost?

 Olivia: What I'm saying is if he's leaning in any direction, I'd say it was towards you.

 Ashley: Really?

 Olivia: Right, so if you'd stop insisting that things are finished between you and brad, this pregnancy could make all the difference. 3E3F08AB.JPG

 Ashley: Yeah, I guess it could make a big difference.

 Olivia: You think I'm lying, don't you?

 Ashley: I'm just amazed that you would tell me this, knowing how it affects you.

 Olivia: You know what? I just, um, I came to deliver the message. What happens now is up to you.

 Victoria: Why are you so edgy? I'm not the enemy. I want to help.

 Nick: You can'T.

 Victoria: You're not even gonna let me try?

 Nick: Trust me, it's pointless.

 Victoria: Humor me. What is this about?

 Nick: What's it about? Deception... dishonesty... divorce. 3E3F08E0.JPG

 Victoria: You really believe that's where this is headed?

 Nick: No doubt about it now.

 Victoria: But I don't understand. You said sharon didn't even know you were there.

 Nick: Don't press me on this.

 Victoria: No, no, nicholas, if you didn't talk with sharon, you must have seen something.

 Nick: Just drop it, all right?

 Victoria: No, I'm not gonna drop it. What happened? What did you see?

 Nick: You don't want to know.

 Victoria: You can't keep this bottled up inside. It will eat you alive.

 Nick: It already is.

 Victoria: What did you see?!

 Nick: Damn it, victoria, sharon was kissing our father! All right? Sharon was about to have sex with dad. 3E3F0906.JPG

 Victoria: Oh, no, that can't be right.

 Nick: Look, I saw what I saw. I wasn't hallucinating. And trust me, I am never gonna be able to forget this ever.

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