Wednesday Y&R Transcript 1/22/03

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/22/0
3--Canada; Thursday 1/23/03

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(Telephone rings) (ring) (ring)

 Jack: Hello?

 Diane: Good morning, jack.

 Jack: What do you want, diane?

 Diane: Ooh. My, my. Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. 3E2F29B1.JPG

 Jack: Is this about kyle's visit later? I hope you're not calling to cancel.

 Diane: No, nothing like that, although I should warn you that our son isn't feeling well.

 Jack: What's the matter with him?

 Diane: Oh, he has a terrible cold-- runny nose, sneezing, the whole thing.

 Jack: Have you taken him to the pediatrician?

 Diane: Uh, not yet.

 Jack: I assume you're going to.

 Diane: I will, though what the boy really needs is to get out of this nasty weather, go someplace warm.

 Jack: What e e you suggesting?

 Diane: I'm going to petition a judge for permission to take kyle to florida. 3E2F29D3.JPG

 Jack: For how long?

 Diane: Oh, I don't know. Couple months, maybe.

 Jack: A couple of months?

 Diane: Just until it warms up out here.

 Jack: You have got to be kidding me.

 Diane: I feel it would be best for our son--

 Jack: He's a little boy. He has a cold. It is not that big a deal.

 Diane: Maybe not to you.

 Jack: Diane, you're overreacting. Either that, or you're deliberately trying to keep him away from me. Which is it?

 Diane: You'll have the opportunity to present yo c case to the judge. Although I doubt her honor would prevent a young child from enjoying a little healthy sunshine. 3E2F29F3.JPG

 Jack: You want kyle to feel better? Why don't you let him live over here? He'll be good as new in no time.

 Diane: You'll receive notice of the hearing.

 Jack: No, wait, diane, wait.

 Diane: Ciao, jack.

 Lynne: (Scratchy voice) I really appreciate this, paul.

 Paul: Don't mention it. Here.

 Lynne: E e painter said they should be finished with my apartment this afternoon, so it'll just be a couple of days. Pain killers are getting to me.

 Paul: Yeah, not my favorite. Seems to be affecting your voice.

 Lynne: You don't think chris will mind if I crash at her place a few days, do you?

 Paul: No, not at all. It's probably a good idea. 3E2F2A1B.JPG

 Lynne: All right. Let me knoifif you need anything else. Thanks again.

 Paul: You bet.

 Paul: Ahem.

 Michael: Something I can do forouou?

 Paul: Yeah. I heard you took diane on as a client.

 Michael: You heard correct.

 Paul: So you didn't have a problem with, um, I mean, as phyllis' friend representing diane?

 Michael: Actually, I'm no longer representing diane. The police have pretty much dropped the case, or hadn't you heard?

 Paul: Oh, no, I heard, but that doesn't change what a scum you were for agreeing to defend her in the first place, now does it? 3E2F2A59.JPG

 Michael: Every person has a right to legal counsel.

 Paul: Oh, is that how you're justifying it?

 Michael: Look, I'm well aware that diane isn't one of your favorite people.

 Paul: Well, you know something? Now that I hear who her lawyer was, I feel sorry for her.

 Michael: Oh. That so?

 Paul: You know what amazes me? How anyone can trust you.

 Michael: You mean the way christine does? (Doorbell rings)

 Woman: Isabella williams?

 Isabella: Yes?

 Woman: (Southern accent) hi. I'm kelly simmons. I'm sorry to bother you so early. I was hoping to have a moment of your time. 3E2F2A8C.JPG

 Isabella: I was on my way out.

 Kelly: I'll just be a moment, I promise. I have a couple of questions here to ask you.

 Isabella: What kind of questions?

 Kelly: Regarding a mr. James franklin.

 Isabella: This has to do with my ex-husband?

 Kelly: Yes, it does.

 Isabella: Come in.

 Kelly: Thank you. You have a lovely home here.

 Isabella: Thank you.

 Kelly: Uh, I'll get right to the reason for my visit. I'm not sure if you're aware, but mr. Franklin is up for parole next month.

 Isabella: No, I wasn't aware.

 Kelly: Yes, it is a work release program. My office is compiling a report trying to determine if mr. Franklin is ready to be reintegrated into the community. 3E2F2AB4.JPG

 Isabella: What does that have to do with me?

 Kelly: We're hoping you'll assist us with the evaluation.

 Isabella: Me? I haven't spoken to james in years.

 Kelly: Well, yes, but you were married to the man. I'd say that would make you a pretty good judge of his character, wouldn't you agree?

 Isabella: Well, I suppose, but I--

 Kelly: You know, I'm sure you're gonna be a big help. Why don't we just go ahead and get started, shall we?

 Victor: Morning.

 Victoria: I thought you'd already left for the office.

 Victor: I got a late start. Like some breakfast?

 Victoria: No. I'll get something on the way into work. 3E2F2B07.JPG

 Victor: How much longer are you gonna continue this... cold shoulder routine?

 Victoria: Mom up yet?

 Victor: No.

 Victoria: Came home last night, she was on the couch. She looked like she had been crying.

 Victor: She spent the night down here.

 Victoria: Why?

 Victor: I don't know. I don't know what's troubling her, all right?

 Victoria: Maybe there's a reason for that.

 Victor: Meaning what?

 Victoria: Well, you're not the easiest person to talk to.

 Victor: For your information, I've always listened to what your mother had to say, all right?

 Victoria: Not always with an open mind. You look for an opportunity to find fault, to tell people how you think they should handle the situation. 3E2F2B39.JPG

 Victor: Let me remind you of something. Your father's gotten pretty far in this world dealing with people the way he has, and you have enjoyed a hell of a lifestyle, haven't you?

 Victoria: Well, I suppose if making money is your only goal, then, yeah, you've achieved it. But y you also want your family to come to you with their problems, then this "my way or no way" approach isn't very helpful.

 Diego: It looks like a pretty rough crowd.

 Larry: Ah, I've seen worse. Say, you still haven't told me what we're doing here.

 Diego: I heard from our new best friends.

 Larry: You talking about seth and robert?

 Diego: Yeah. They wanna meet us. 3E2F2B71.JPG

 Larry: And what do you think that means?

 Diego: I hope it means they took the bait.

 Larry: You know, these dudes gotta be really desperate for cash.

 Diego: Why do you say that?

 Larry: Well, look at it from their end, okay? You and me--we bust into newman's house, all right? We steal at least a million bucks in cash. Now we offer to cut them in on it, and all they gotta do is what, play lookout? Sounds like a total setup, bro.

 Diego: Larry, it is a setup.

 Larry: Exactly, man. I mean, I'd never fall for that.

 Diego: Maybe they're a lot greedier than they're smart.

 Larry: Man, you sure are thirsty for this revenge thing, huh? 3E2F2B97.JPG

 Diego: You have no idea, larry. After what they did to me, I wanna bring these two down. I'm gonna enjoy every second of it.

 Larry: Here come your boys now. All right, be cool.

 Seth: Well, well, well, you ladies decided to show up.

 Diego: I said we'd be here.

 Seth: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get down to business.

 Andy: That must be-- that must be kyle.

 Diane: That's right. You haven't met.

 Andy: No, we have not met yet. Hey, buddy. How you doing?

 Diane: You wanna hold him?

 Andy: Uh... sure. Hey, buddy. How you doing there, huh? Huh? You're a good-looking boy.

 Kyle: (Babbling) Andy: Yeah. He's a good-looking little boy.

 Diane: I think so.

 Andy: How you doing?

 Diane: Um, I'M... I'm good.

 Andy: You look good. You sure I'm not interrupting anything here?

 Diane: No, no, no, no. Actually, I was about to call my lawyer.

 Andy: Is everything okay? 3E2F2C9E.JPG

 Diane: Well, that's what I need to find out. I'd like to take kyle down to florida for a couple of months, and I, um, first need to petition family court.

 Andy: What's in florida?

 Diane: Warm weather. He hasn't been feeling very well, and I thought a little healthy sunshine would be good for him. What?

 Andy: Nothing, nothing. It'S... it's just funny how I can still read you so well.

 Diane: I'm not sure whwhat you mean.

 Andy: Diane, why don't you admit what you're doing? You're using this boy to get back at jack and phyllis.

 Phyllis: Diane said what?

 Jack: You heard me. 3E2F2CCE.JPG

 Phyllis: That is such bull.

 Jack: You're damn right it is. This isn't about kyle's health. It's about her showing me who's the boss.

 Phyllis: (Scoffs) right. What is wrong with her? You know, don't answer that. We'll be here all day.

 Jack: You know what? I'm gonna talk to silva. She thinks she can get away with this. She better think again

 Jack: You know what? You and I don't need to talk about this.

 Phyllis: Don't worry, honey. It's okay.

 Jack: No, you don't need to hear me going on about diane.

 Phyllis: Oh. Why, because you think I'm still obsessed?

 Jack: You didn't sleep too well last night. 3E2F2CF4.JPG

 Phyllis: No, and that had nothing to do with diane.

 Jack: You can't get her out of your mind.

 Phyllis: No, I can'T. You're right. I can'T. I know you want us all to get along, but I'm sorry. That's not gonna happen. I know diane. This is never gonna end unless we put a stop to it.

 Jack: Okay, what do you suggest we do? You're certainly not thinking of going back to that bar. Honey, you very nearly got hurt there.

 Phyllis: Oh, come on. Those guys were all bark.

 Jack: Not according to paul.

 Phyllis: Well, he's wrong. We're not gonna go back there. It was a dead end. We won't!

 Jack: I'm gonna call silva from the study, okay? 3E2F2D1E.JPG

 Phyllis: I have to go, too.

 Jack: Have a good day.

 Phyllis: Now I said paul and I won't be going back, but, um, I didn't say

i won't be going back.

 Diego: Here.

 Seth: What's this?

 Diego: It's a map of the property of the newman ranch. Thought it might come in handy.

 Seth: Good thinking. All right. Here's how it's gonna go down. You know the security code for the back gate at the ranch, right?

 Diego: Yeah.

 Seth: Okay, so once you've got it disarmed, you go in, open the safe, then and only then we'll show up.

 Diego: Where will the two of you be waiting? 3E2F2D5F.JPG

 Seth: Don't worry about it.

 Diego: But how are we we supposed to, like--

 Seth: We'll be around. That's all you need to know. I'm warning you again. This better not be a setup. If it is, bobby and i are out of here. You'll never see us again until the day we whack the two of you.

 Larry: So tell me again. What exactly are you two doing to earn your share?

 Bobby: We're watching our back, that's what.

 Seth: Easy, bobby. If things get crazy, we'll step in and help.

 Diego: Well, how do we know if things get crazy, the two of you won't take off running?

 Seth: With this kind of dough on the line, we'll stick around.

 Larry: So we're clear on this? We split it four ways? 3E2F2D8B.JPG

 Diego: And after that, we don't owe each other, right?

 Seth: Believe you me, we won't be hanging around genoa city. A million-dollar heist at the newman ranch-- it's gonna bring down some serious heat. If you two were smart, you'd split town, too.

 Bobby: They don't look too smart to me.

 Diego: You know what? So that's it. We're all set then.

 Seth: I think so.

 Diego: All right, good. Then we'll see you guys at the ranch tonight. Ahh... the feeling of bare feet across a floor cleaned with vim oxy gel.

 Victor: I don't appreciate your tone.

 Victoria: I'm just saying-- 3E2F2EAB.JPG

 Victor: I know exactly what you're saying, all right? For your information, I've heard enough. I deal with people the way I see fit, and I've been pretty damn successful doing it. I don't need you as my daughter to critique me.

 Victoria: What are you gonna do about mom?

 Victor: I don't know.

 Victoria: Has she told you anything?

 Victor: No. And I don't wanna talk about that. I wanted to tell you that I'M... happy that you've moved back in here again.

 Victoria: Well, it won't be for long.

 Victor: What do you mean, it won't be for long? Where do you intend to go? 3E2F2ED8.JPG

 Victoria: You really don't want me to answer that question, do you?

 Victor: In other words, you're talking about diego?

 Victoria: Hoping he got that stupid vendetta out of his system, and if he has, I'm gonna buy that condo I had my eye on, and we are gonna move in together.

 Victor: Wait a minute. (Sighs) will you finally listen to me? Don't hang around that guy. It is dangerous right now. He's absolutely right in assuming that the men who attacked him will come after him again! They found $100,000 in his duffle bag. They'll find him!

 Victoria: My god, you're being paranoid! The world is full of dangers. You can't live your life in fear. Besides, you're the reason why he had that $100,000 on him in the first place. 3E2F2F0B.JPG

 Victor: I don't want to start that argument again with you! Not withstanding what you feel right now, I love you, and I'm concerned with your safety. I don't want you to hang around diego!

 Victoria: And if I do it anyway?

 Victor: Then I'll hire bodyguards, have them follow you around wherever you go.

 Victoria: (Sighs) right.

 Victor: Watch me. I will do it.

 Victoria: I'm leaving now before I say something I might regret. (Door slams)

 Diane: I am not using my son to get back at jack and phyllis.

 Andy: Then what would you call it?

 Diane: All I wanna do is take kyle to florida for a couple of months. I just want him to be healthy and happy. Is that a crime? 3E2F2F4C.JPG

 Diane: Okay. So what if I am angry at jack? Look at everything he's done to me. You have no idea how much he hurt me. Nobody does.

 Andy: Diane, I know you had some very deep feelings for this guy.

 Diane: They were a little more than deep feelings, andy. I... I was in love with him, and not just because I was living in some kind of fantasy. I mean, he led me to believe that he felt the same way about me, that--that we were finally going to live this life together, that I had always dreamed about. And then I found out that it was just a sham, that he was just using me. I mean, he even slept with me just in order to get some information. 3E2F2F93.JPG

 Andy: Diane, your obsession with jack has brought you a lot of pain over these years.

 Diane: There have been some good times.

 Andy: Regardless, they're in the past now, diane, and jack's a married man. He loves his wife, and the only connection you have with jack is through your son.

 Diane: That's a pretty powerful connection.

 Andy: Yes, it is, but it... (sighs) it's not gonna change how jack feels for phyllis. The only relationship that you can have with jack now is as a partner raising kyle.

 Diane: Well, I don't know if I can accept that.

 Andy: I don't know if you have a choice. You gotta get past jack. You have to come to terms with the fact that he has moved on with phyllis. If not, you're the one that's gonna suffer here, and your son is gonna suffer. Do you want that? 3E2F2FD4.JPG

 Diane: No. No, of course not.

 Andy: But then that's exactly what's gonna happen if you keep using that boy against his father. It's wrong, diane. It's just--it's wrong, and it's spiteful. No good is gonna come out of this. Yes, you might feel some little degree of satisfaction, some vengeance sitting on a beach in florida with your son. You know, jack is hurting back here. That feeling-- it's not gonna last. It never does.

 Man: Hey, check it out.

 Man #2: Well, what do you know? She's back without her bodyguard. 3E2F3009.JPG

 Man: Yeah. Well, she sure brought her body with her, didn't she? (Laughing)

 Rob: What are you doing back here?

 Phyllisis that how you greet all your customers?

 Rob: Look, a chick like you doesn't belong in a place like this. Why don't you do yourself a favor and get out of here before you get hurt and before I got a big hassl on my hands, okay?

 Phyllis: I'm sorry. I can't do that, not until I get information on this woman.

 Rob: I told you last night I've never seen her before.

 Phyllis: Yeah, I know what you told me. Why don't you take a look? Maybe something else will pop into your head. 3E2F30BB.JPG

 Paul: You know, it didn't take you long to mention chris' name.

 Michael: Have you heard from christine?

 Paul: What makes you think I would tell you if I had?

 Michael: I take that as a no.

 Paul: What are you, a mind reader now?

 Michael: No, but I can read you. It's funny. All this time since christine left I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why she took off like she did without a word to anyone. And every explanation I can come up with comes right back around to you.

 Paul: So you still think I had something to do with it?

 Michael: Oh, I know you did, and it must have been serious. What did you do, paul? 3E2F30EB.JPG

 Paul: You know something, baldwin? What goes on between chris and me is none of your business.

 Michael: Oh, okay. So you did do something.

 Paul: I didn't say that.

 Michael: Then you're denying it?

 Paul: You know what? You can stop interrogating me. Chris is a big girl. She can make her own decisions, and if she feels like she needs some time to herself, you know, why don't you respect that and leave her the hell alone?

 Michael: I mean, could you do that if you were in my shoes?

 Paul: Oh, considering the circumstances, I think so. A refill.

 Michael: Considering the circumstances? What does that mean?

 Paul: What about the christening? 3E2F311B.JPG

 Michael: Oh, you actually think chris has been gone all this time because of that?

 Paul: Yeah, let me remind you, you made quite a scene.

 Michael: All right, fine! That wasn't one of my finest hours, but you're the one who came out swinging, and still I have a real hard time believing that's what set chris off.

 Paul: Well, you know what? I don't know what to tell you.

 Michael: Did you hit her?

 Paul: What?

 Michael: You were in a very violent mood that night. I have the shiner to prove it, and if you were worked up when you went to go see her, you could have done anything.

 Paul: You know, baldwin, I would never hit a woman, period.

 Michael: Then what 3E2F313C.JPG

did you do?!

 Paul: I think this conversation is over.

 Kelly: Thank you again for agreeing to help.

 Isabella: Can we just hurry this along?

 Kelly: Well, certainly. What we are looking for is evidence that mr. Franklin is ready to be reintegrated into society.

 Isabella: He feels he is?

 Kelly: Oh, yes, he feels he is a changed, changed man, and, indeed, his behavior in prison has been exemplary. Still, there is much to be considered before he can b granted an early release.

 Isabella: Which is where I come in?

 Kelly: Oh, yes. The testimony of others is one of the factors our office uses in making its decision. So let me ask you this. Do you feel that mr. Franklin is a good candidate foa a work release? 3E2F316F.JPG

 Isabella: I can't answer that.

 Kelly: When was the last time you spoke with him?

 Isabella: It's been years.

 Kelly: Have you received any letters, correspondence?

 Isabella: No.

 Kelly: So there's been no contact whatsoever.

 Isabella: None.

 Kelly: I see. Well, now according to my records--let's see. Mr. Franklin was... already in prison before you came to genoa city, is that correct?

 Isabella: That's right.

 Kelly: Well, you appear to have made a whole new life for yourself-- a new home, a new husband, a--what, a child here?

 Isabella: Yes. Ricky. What does that have to with james? 3E2F319D.JPG

 Kelly: Just being thorough. Tell me, do you feel that mr. Franklin is a threat of any kind? If so, I'd like to include that right here in my report.

 Isabella: I don't consider james a threat to anyone.

 Kelly: Including yourself?

 Isabella: I doubt he'll want anything to do with me.

 Kelly: I see. Is there anything that you feel I should know about your ex-husband?

 Isabella: No.

 Kelly: Well, then tell me this here...

 Isabella: I'm sorry. Miss simmons, that's all I have to say. If t s state of wisconsin wishes to release james, that's its decision, and I don't want to get involved. As far as I'm concerned, I'll never see the man again. 3E2F31C5.JPG

 Kelly: Hmm. Very well. I will be on my way. Thank you for your time. I'll show myself out.

 Diego: Hey. Victoria: Hey.

 Diego: I didn't think you'd be here.

 Victoria: I wanted to see you. I missed you.

 Diego: I've missed you, too. How have you been?

 Victoria: Not so good.

 Diego: Same here.

 Victoria: I just hate what's happened to us. I was lying in bed last night at the ranch, and all I wanted to do was be with you. I just wanted to get in my car and drive over here and crawl into bed with you and take you in my arms and never let go.

 Diego: I wish it could be like that. 3E2F3214.JPG

 Victoria: It can. You just have to do one thing. You just have to tell me that this is over, and that you're not gonna go after those creeps who attacked you. Diego, please, please. Let's just get out of here. Let's start our life together.  3E2F333C.JPG

 Rob: You'd better get that picture out of my face, lady.

 Phyllis: Listen to me. This woman's name diane jenkins, and I'm almost positive she hired somebody from this neighborhood to do a job for her.

 Rob: Well, so what?

 Phyllis: So... you know, don't you think it'd be easy to con some guy who has a drinking problem into doing somethi for you? You know, you do a couple favors for me, I'll give you a couple shots.

 Rob: Yeah. Yeah, maybe that could happen, but I think it's more like these guys over here said last night. If a lady looking like that had walked into this joint, you can believe me I'd remember.

 Phyllis: Now I didn't say that she came in here. I'm saying the guy she hired probably has been in here. 3E2F335F.JPG

 Rob: Oh, and now you think he's just gonna walk right up to you and start talking.

 Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Maybe he will if he's thirsty enough, yeah.

 Rob: (Sighs)

 Phyllis: So I'm just gonna sit here and wait for him to walk in the door. Do you have a problem with that?

 Rob: Yeah, I got a problem with that. That's not all right with me.

 Phyllis: I'll buy a drink.

 Rob: Mnh-mnh. I got the right to refuse service to anybody.

 Man: This guy giving you a hard time, sweetheart?

 Phyllis: No, I can handle this.

 Man: Let her stay. She gives the place class.

 Rob: Look, I'm telling you now, butch, don't be starting nothing here tonight, or you're outta here for good. (Telephone rings) 3E2F3385.JPG

 Butch: Get the phone.

 Rob: Hey, be careful. (Ring)

 Butch: You look good in that outfit.

 Phyllis: Thank you.

 Man: I bet you look good out of it, too.

 Butch: (Chuckles)

 Phyllis: Have you seen this woman?

 Butch: Is that the same picture you showed us last night?

 Phyllis: Yeah, I'm still looking for her.

 Butch: That's too bad she's lost. We could have had a real party. (Chuckles)

 Phyllis: Have you seen her? She was wearing a red wig, probably looked like the color of my hair.

 Butch: Oh, wait a minute. Yeah, I think I seen her. 3E2F33AB.JPG

 Phyllis: You have?

 Butch: howie, isn't that your sister?

 Howie: Hey, you oughta know, huh?

 Phyllis: Okay. That's funny, that's funny. You haven't seen her.

 Butch: No, but I'd sure like to.

 Phyllis: Yeah, right. Nice talking to ya.

 Butch: Hey, baby, don't turn away from me. Hey, you disrespectin' me? Look at me, sweetheart.

 Phyllis: Whoa, whoa! Get your hand off of me.

 Butch: No need to be feisty.

 Phyllis: I said, get your hand off of me!

 Butch: You got a lot of gall, lady. In case you don't realize it, you're not on your home turf. It might be smart for you to be a little friendlier. 3E2F33D1.JPG

 Phyllis: Really, really? I'll be friendly. Just don't touch me again. Do you understand that? Can you handle that? (Telephone rings)

 Michael: Michael baldN.

 Isabella: It's me.

 Michael: Isabella, what's wrong?

 Isabella: Some woman was here--kelly simmons-- asking questions about james.

 Michael: What kind of questions?

 Isabella: She said he was going to be up for parole.

 Michael: Already?

 Isabella: I know. I was surprised myself. Apparently she's gathering information about whether he should be rehabilitated and wanted my opinion.

 Michael: Is this someone you've spoken to before? 3E2F33FE.JPG

 Isabella: No.

 Michael: And are you sure? Maybe back when james was arrested?

>>Sabella: Yes, I'm sure, michael. I've never seen this woman before in my life.

 Michael: That's okay. Okay. Just tell me how you handled it.

 Isabella: Well, I think I did okay. I got her out of here as quickly as possible.

 Michael: Is paul home?

 Isabella: No, thank god.

 Michael: Well, good, good. The last thing you need is for him to be reminded of james and all the sort of things you two were involved in.

 Isabella: I know. I know, michael. I hope she doesn't come back. Are you there?

 Michael: Yeah, I'm still here. 3E2F3423.JPG

 Isabella: Well, do you think she's gonna come back?

 Michael: Uh, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later.

 Victoria: Please, tell me this is over.

 Diego: I can't do that yet. Not yet.

 Victoria: Not yet?

 Diego: It'll be over tonight.

 Victoria: What's that supposed to mean?

 Diego: You know what? Can we just not talk about this now?

 Victoria: No, let's talk about it. I want to know what happens tonight. Answer me! You found them, didn't you? You know who they are.

 Diego: Yes.

 Victoria: Did you call the police, for god sake?

 Diego: No. 3E2F3535.JPG

 Victoria: Why not?! Have them arrested.

 Diego: I can't do that.

 Victoria: Fine, then I'll do it.

 Diego: You know what? I can't let you do that, victoria.

 Vtotoria: Why?

 Diego: Because you'll ruin everything.

 Victoria: What's going on, diego?

 Diego: No, it's better if you don't know the details. All I can say is that I have a way to nail these guys, and I'm gonna make them pay for what they did to me.

 Victoria: Why are you acting like this?

 Diego: I don't expect you to understand. I'm not asking you to understand. Just promise me you will not interfere. 3E2F3555.JPG

 Victoria: So I'm supposed to just sit back and let you get yourself killed.

 Diego: That's not going to happen.

 Victoria: How do you know?! These people are criminals. I mean, they already put you in the hospital once, and now you're going back for more?

 Diego: It's something that I have to do.

 Victoria: Why, because of your macho pride? That is such a load of crap.

 Diego: This is not just for me. It's for you, too. Your father--everything I've tried to do to make him understand. But it didn't work. If I can do this...

 Victoria: What--what, you think that acting like some vigilante is gonna get you in good with him? You know what, diego? You're right. You're right, it might just work, because this is exactly something that he would do. He would go off because of his stupid macho pride, and he doesn't give a damn about what anyone else feels or thinks. 3E2F3580.JPG

 Diego: All right, you know what? Can we not argue about this?

 Victoria: Yeah, you know what? Let's not argue. Let's not do anything. Until you're ready to grow up, why don't we just not have anything else to do with each other, all right? How's that?

 Diego: Victoria!

 Butch: You think you can boss me around or something?

 Phyllis: I want to be alone. Is that okay with you?

 Butch: A hot chick like you should never be alone.

 Phyllis: When I want you to touch me, I'll let you know.

 Butch: When do you think that'll be?

 Phyllis: Don't hold your breath.

 Butch: Check it out, fellas. We can look, but we can't touch. 3E2F35AD.JPG

 Man: That ain't fair.

 Howie: No way. Hang down in the breeze, and it's public property.

 Butch: Oh, yeah. Very nice.

 Phyllis: Get your hands off of me. I'm warning you. I'm telling you, get your hands off of me!

 Butch: Aah! (Groaning) you stupid bitch!

 Howie: Pretty rough.

 Phyllis: Oh, yeah.

 Rob: What the hell's going on out here?! Back off, butch!

 Man: Nothing, rob. We're cool. We're cool, rob. We're cool. It's her, man.

 Rob: Take it easy. All right, that's it. You're outta here, lady.

 Phyllis: Fine. Whatever.

 Rob: Now! 3E2F35D0.JPG

 Phyllis: Okay, I'm going!

 Rob: All right, let's go. Come on. Thank you. Let's go. Buy you a drink.

 Man #2: (Slurring) hey. I know her.

 Phyllis: You do?

 Man #2: Yeah, I did a little job for her.

 Phyllis: What kind of job?

 Man #2: Phone work.

 Phyllis: Phone work?

 Man #2: Yeah, she gave me money, and I made a call.

 Phyllis: How long ago was this?

 Man #2: Oh... I don't know. A few months maybe. I don't remember.

 Phyllis: Are you sure it was her?

 Man #2: Yeah, I think so.

 Phyllis: It is so important that you're sure it's her. I mean, you have no idea how important that is. 3E2F3605.JPG

 Man #2: A drink-- that might help sharpen things for me.

 Phyllis: Are you working me?

 Man #2: (Chuckles) well, maybe. But the dame does look kind of familiar. So how about that drink? (doorbell rings)

 Victor: What do you want?

 Diego: I need to talk to you.

 Victor: You get off my property now.

 Diego: Please, mr. Newman, you have to hear this.

 Victor: The only sound I want to hear is your car getting out of my driveway, got that?

 Diego: It's about the guys who stole your money. I've been in contact with them.

 Victor: I'm amazed you're still alive.

 Diego: Yeah, I'm alive. But they may not be, not after you're through with them. 3E2F3713.JPG

 Victor: What are you talking about?

 Diego: They're coming here... today. (Telephone rings) (ring)

 Isabella: Hello?

 Michael: Is paul home yet?

 Isabella: No.

 Michael: What about ricky? You tied down?

 Isabella: No, he's at the sitter'S. Why?

 Michael: I don't think we should get into this over the phone.

 Isabella: Is it about the woman who was here today?

 Michael: Yes. Didn't make sense to me-- james being considered for early parole. He got sent up for some very serious crimes, so I called the prison in green bay. 3E2F373D.JPG

 Isabella: And?

 Michael: James isn't being considered for early parole or work release... not for quite some time.

 Isabella: Well, then what was the kelly person doing here, asking all those questions?

 Michael: I don't know, but I don't like it. Get over here right away.

 Isabella: Yeah, I'm on my way.

 Lynne: How did it go?

 Christine: Very... very interesting.

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