Friday Y&R Transcript 1/3/03

Y&R Transcript
Friday 1/3/03--Canada; 1/6/03--USA

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 Phyllis: Wow. It's just a cole pages. That's amazing.

 Jack: Like something out of "oliver twist." Sign a kid's life over just like that.

 Silva: Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, but not a lot more when the transfer of custody is uncontested. Here's how it'll happen. Once diane signs this, we'll have a very brief hearing. 3E161D36.JPG

 Phyllis: Same judge?

 Silva: Yeah. And she might want to hear arguments from me, concerning the suitability of your home and circumstances and so forth, but if diane, as the child's mother, feels that kyle would be better off with you, the judge will have to give that some serious weight.

 Jack: Weight? You make it sound like it's not a done deal.

 Silva: All I'm saying is unless there's a sudden change of heart, it should be open and shut.

 Diane: Counselor, I could kiss you.

 Michael: I take it you're pleased.

 Diane: Your agreeing to handle my case-- I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. 3E161D5F.JPG

 Michael: Well, just a little heads up. You know I don't come cheap. I'm a businessman, diane, and the fact that we go back doesn't factor into it.

 Diane: So we go back now? I thought we were friends.

 Michael: You're a client. I work harder for clients. You know why? Because clients have a right to expect more than friends, and I might as well tell you while I'm at it that if this goes to trial, it's going to get very expensive.

 Diane: Look at you. Living off of othersmimisery.

 Michael: No, trying to get rid of it, like a doctor.

 Diane: And if it doesn't work, what, call me in the morning from the state pen? 3E161D8B.JPG

 Michael: Diane, you came to me because you know I am very, very good at what I do. Now let's talk about your case, okay?

 Andy: Okay, okay, all right. Well, thanks for letting me know. Okay, faren. Yeah, you, too. Take care. Sorry about that.

 Paul: No problem. So how is faren?

 Andy: She sounded great. She wanted to touch base 'cause betsy got her first grad school grades back. She gets three a's, one B.

 Paul: That's incredible. So you and faren are still close, huh?

 Andy: Uh, yeah, yeah. She's the best.

 Paul: How novel. An amicable divorce. 3E161DB7.JPG

 Andy: I mean, you know, we just kind of both agreed that we made better friends than we did spouses.

 Paul: So it's always been like that? I mean, the whole time, all these years?

 Andy: Yeah, I mean, it's been a relationship that... yeah, I've kind of really appreciated it.

 Paul: Wow, that's impressive.

 Andy: You're thinking about christine, aren't you?

 Paul: I wish we would have handled thin b better before our divorce. Maybe we'd still be friends.

 Paul: Who am I kidding? Even if I had tried, I probably would have found a way to mess it up. Of course, anything would have been better than the nightmare I've created for us now. 3E161DE1.JPG

 Andy: Paul, don't give up on this thing. I mean, you still may be able to fix it.

 Paul: How can I fix it when I can't even find her? I mean, I have called every place I can think of. I have been in touch with all of my contacts. It's like she has dropped off the face of the earth.

 Andy: Yeah, but you and I both know nobody just disappears. We are gonna find her.

 Paul: Yeah, well, I wonder if there's any point. I mean, even if we do find her, you think she's gonna wanna listen to anything I have to say? The more I think about it, the more I think I should just focus on my life here. I have a family. My best friend is back in town, and, look, I've got all this work to keep me company. 3E161E0D.JPG

 Andy: Well, I'm gonna get some more coffee. Do you mind?

 Paul: No, sure.

 Andy: Speaking of work, though, I guess I should congratulate you.

 Paul: Yeah, for what?

 Andy: Your involvement in the phyllis abbott trial.

 Paul: You heard about that, huh?

 Andy: Read about it in the paper.

 Paul: And I suppose you're wondering why I never mentioned it?

 Andy: Uh, no, not really. I assume it's the same reason that you did not ask me to get involved in the investigation-- 'cause diane and I used to be married.

 Paul: Well, you know, I just didn't feel there was any need to drag you into it. 3E161E31.JPG

 Andy: You know, I appreciate you looking after me, but if your goal was to stop me from seeing diane, forget about it. I've already seen her.

 Neil: Forewarned is foreaed.

 Dru: What?

 Neil: You told me last time I kissed you, you should have slapped me.

 Dru: And you tried again, like a fool.

 Neil: Well, I had to shut you up. Couldn't get a word in edgewise. You were going on and on about how my suggestion was so unworkable.

 Dru: So you kissed me to shut me up.

 Neil: What else could it be?

 Dru: I am not amused by your little games.

 Neil: Who says I'm not serious? 3E161E77.JPG

 Dru: I do.

 Neil: Let me tell you something, sweetheart. I am as serious as a heart attack. I want you and lily here with me.

 Colleen: You're still here?

 Lily: Hey, I thought you left.

 Colleen: Yeah, I got part way home, and I was like, why? Everyone thinks I'm asleep. Plus, it's, you know, it's probably better if I sneak back in after my dad and ashley are in bed. So where's that guy you were with earlier, your mom's friend or whatever?

 Lily: He had to run out and see someone.

 Colleen: So he just left you here?

 Lily: Well, he's gonna be back in a while, so... 3E161EAA.JPG

 Colleen: Well, this is a really cool place to hang out. At least, I like it.

 Lily: Yeah, it pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of a place in paris, near the sorbonne, where we used to live.

 Colleen: I love the sorbonne. It has the best university.

 Lily: You know it?

 Colleen: Yeah, I spent time there in paris. I studied dance one spring, not in the sorbonne, though.

 Lily: Cool. Yeah, it was a blast hanging out there.

 Colleen: You hung out with college kids?

 Lily: Well, what maman doesn't know won't hurt her.

 Olivia: I'm sorry. I must have sounded like a basket case on your voice mail. 3E161ED5.JPG

 Wes: Uh, a little anxious maybe.

 Olivia: Well, I hope I didn't tear you away from anything important.

 Wes: I was spending time with lily.

 Olivia: Now I feel terrible.

>>Eses: Don'T. Don'T.

 Olivia: How is she?

 Wes: Olivia, I doubt you called me here to talk about lily.

 Olivia: No, wesley, I didn'T. Ashley's gonna do it. Brad's gonna know the truth about abby before the night's over. He's gonna know everything. 3E161FB4.JPG

 Ashley: Yeah, olivia, it's ashley. Call me. I'm still at home. Where are you, brad? Are you with her? Is that why she's not picking up the phone? (Doorbell rings) (doorbell rings)

 John: Hi.

 Ashley: Hi.

 John: Is it cold out there! Listen, I hope I'm not stopping by too late.

 Ashley: That's okay.

 John: I had to run an errand for mamie. I thought I'd just stop by and see how colleen was doing.

 Ashley: Daddy, she's sleeping. She's got a really big test tomorrow.

 John: You want her to be fresh for it--good. 3E161FEB.JPG

 Ashley: Something like that.

 John: Ashley, you all right?

 Ashley: Yeah, why do you ask?

 John: Well, because I know that my granddaughter can be a handful. Now look, if she's creating problems around here. I want to know about it.

 Michael: Okay, first, the ground rules. From this point on, you speak to no one about your case, only me.

 Diane: I already spoke to isabella and jack.

 Michael: Ah, diane.

 Diane: I guess--

 Michael: Isabella is married to the private detective jack used against you. You got that, right?

 Diane: Point well taken.

 Michael: Mr. Abbott?

 Diane: I didn't seek him out, michael. He came to me. 3E162017.JPG

 Michael: He's just hassling you, or did he actually want something? What?

 Diane: Made me sick to my stomach.

 Michael: What did?

 Diane: Jack made me an offer. He said that, um, phyllis and he would do everything possible to keep me off the hook with the police...

 Jack: In exchange for?

 Diane: Full custody of kyle.

 Michael: That's a steep price.

 Diane: I mean, every fiber of my being was screaming, "no." But if I get convicted, he's going to get custody anyway, which jack was only too happy to rub in my face. I mean, what should I do? Should I accept this-- this offer? Jack was so cold, and he was so cruel that I'm sure that if I don't cooperate they won't even bring my little boy to see me in prison. 3E162050.JPG

 Michael: Okay, jack is in the driver's seat.

 Diane: Are you telling me that I should do it?

 Michael: Uh... I'm just saying that, um, it's not a bad idea, no matter how this turns out, if you thought about giving custody to jack.

 Diane: Is this your gentle way of telling me that there's no way out?

 Michael: Jack has a tight-knit family, a fine home, he can create a safe and stable environment to raise a child-- something you might not be in a position to do.

 Diane: You mean if I go to prison?

 Michael: Even if you don'T. Look, you're a career woman. You're single, I mean... you could date. You could have a social life. 3E162084.JPG

 Diane: Michael.

 Michael: And still spend plenty of time with kyle. This could wind up being what's best for everyone.

 Diane: Phyllis is a lunatic.

 Michael: I have to admit she hasn't been on her best behavior, but in all fairness, she's been under immense strain.

 Diane: And I haven't?

 Michael: I've known phyllis a long time, and she's matured a lot. To the point where I can honestly say that she has a lot of potential. She could very well become a very fine parent, in tandem with you, of course.

 Diane: And what are the chances of that?

 Michael: Diane, that's something you both are going to have to deal with, no matter who has custody. Is: Thank you. Sudden change of heart-- listen, john, I got to tell you, that's what has us worried, especially if diane shows up in court. 3E1620C3.JPG

 Silva: You realize she does have a right to attend?

 Jack: What if she balks at the last minute?

 Silva: I wouldn't worry about that. The rty giving up custody often skips the hearing. And since you've agreed to liberal visitation, I really can't imagine why diane would put herself through that.

 Phyllis: I think we may have a little glitch.

 Silva: Glitch? What glitch?

 Jack: Diane has asked michael baldwin to represent her.

 Silva: Why should that be a problem? You had to know she would hire an attorney.

 Jack: Well, this one talked to us a little bit earlier, and we didn't much like what he had to say. 3E1620E4.JPG

 Silva: What happened?

 Jack: He agreed with you that the police don't have an airtight case, and he said if she does get arrested, he's confident he can get her off.

 Silva: I'm afraid to hear the answer to my next question. I'm not even gonna ask. Just tell me you two haven't done something wrong.

 Ashley: Dad, colleen is settling in beautifully. We're getting along just great.

 John: Ashley, my beauty, come on, something is the matter.

 Ashley: Daddy, brad and I are working through something, okay? But it's gonna be all right. We just don't want anybody else's input.

 John: Look, just sometimes it can be helpful to just talk-- 3E16220B.JPG

 Ashley: No. Please, I'm not going to say anything else, so don't even ask me.

 John: Ashley, I'm not trying to pry. I'm concerned.

 Ashley: Dad, I know that you care, and I appreciate that, but, honestly, don'T.

 John: Look, I'm your father, will you just plea--

 Ashley: Daddy, please! You're not helping!

 John: What the hell did this man do to you?!

 Ashley: Just leave. You gotta go. Please, just leave.

 John: Ashley, please--

 Ashley: Leave! Now, please. (Door slams)

 Dru: You know, why don't we put this on the back burner?

 Neil: What, indefinitely? Keep the kid in limbo? 3E162237.JPG

 Dru: This is better, right? We'd be sleeping in separate bedrooms, leading separate lives, pretending to be a family. That's rich.

 Neil: No. We wouldn't be pretending, not about that. No chance.

 Wes: So that's why you're all wound up-- ashley and brad?

 Olivia: You don't think that's reason enough?

 Wes: I know you're pretty close to the situation.

 Olivia: It's just that I wanted brad to know the truth for so long I felt he had a right to know.

 Wes: That victor newman is the father of his child?

 Olivia: But now that it's all happening...

 Wes: You're having second thoughts?

 Olivia: I'm torn. And it's about what we spoke about before. Am I so blinded by my feelings for this man that I don't know what's best for him? 3E16226B.JPG

 Wes: Olivia, you talked before about being in love with brad, but is it really love, or is it infatuation?

 Olivia: You're not listen--

 Wes: No. Look, just bear with me. Now I am not trying to negate anything. It's just that you've been on your own for some time now.

 Olivia: You think I'm obsessed with a man because I'm lonely. It's certainly ashley's theory.

 Wes: To go after a married man--this is a man who is unavailable. It's just not likely to work out the way you want. Sometimes people-- they'll go after something that isn't theirs because they think it's the only way they're gonna find happiness. 3E16228E.JPG

 Olivia: Look, I'm not some sort of insecure neophyte that doesn't know what love is. My feelings for brad are real. Okay, they're really-- they're real. I just don't know how to handle them. Look, I don't want to be some underhanded home wrecker, and yet I ache inside. I just wanna be with him. He's so wonderful, wesley.

 Wes: So... brad gets this news, then maybe there's an explosion in the relationship--

 Olivia: No, no, no maybe about it.

 Wes: Fine. The question is then-- what will you do, olivia?

 Olivia: That's gonna depend on brad.

 Wes: Whether or not he approaches you? 3E1622BE.JPG

 Olivia: You know, ashley wants me to act with integrity. As if she should be telling me that.

 Wes: What does that mean to you?

 Olivia: If brad comes to me, I won't shut him out.

 Wes: You're gonna have to be honest with him, olivia, and how are you ining to do that without expressing your own feelings? Either you're going to lie, or you're gonna hate yourself for telling the truth.

 Olivia: Or he's gonna want a future with me, no matter what I tell him. (Phone rings) dr. Winters.

 Ashley: I've been trying to reach you. Have you seen brad?

 Olivia: No. Why? He knows, doesn't he? He knows. 3E162301.JPG

 Wes: Ashley?

 Olivia: Yeah, I'm sorry, wesley, I gotta go.

 Wes: Olivia. Olivia! Look, don't think that you cannot step away from this. You have a choice.

 Olivia: No, wesley, no, I don'T. I never had a choice. Q cc @ aa already seen diane?

 Andy: Yeah, I ran into her at the coffee shop. And then I went by her hotel right before the trial started.

 Paul: Her hotel? Well, that sounds very civil.

 Andy: It was very civil. Which goes to show you don't need to protect me from her.

 Paul: Oh, come on, andy, I couldn't ask you to get involved in the abbott case. We were looking for evidence to destroy diane. Can you honestly say that you would have been objective? 3E1623C2.JPG

 Andy: Can you honestly say

you were objective? Come on, you and diane have a history, too. I mean, are you telling me that when you started this case you didn't assume she was guilty already?

 Paul: Fine, I admit I don't have a lot to say about the woman's character.

 Andy: At least not very much that's positive.

 Paul: The point is-- I would not let it interfere with my professionalism. Look, I admire your ability to see the good in people and the fact that you don't rush to judgment. But there does come a point in time--after they've broken your trust, after they've broken the law--that you've gotta be realistic.

 Andy: You think diane's guilty? 3E1623E9.JPG

 Paul: Don't you?

 Andy: Deliberately setting up phyllis for a crime that's gonna put her in jail for 30 years? No, I don't even think diane would go that far.

 Paul: You do remember all the things this woman has done in the past?

 Andy: Yes, of course, I do. This woman has betrayed a lot of people, but this thing would take it to a whole new level. It's hard for me to believe the woman I know could do something-- is capable of something that extreme.

 Paul: You have a soft spot for her.

 Andy: I don't think I said that.

 Paul: Look, you know, I realize I am the last person in the world who should be giving advice on matters of the heart. Don't get mixed up with diane jenkins. 3E16241E.JPG

 Andy: Okay, look, just relax. I'm not falling for this woman.

 Paul: Well, then where is all this sympathy for her coming from?

 Andy: I feel sorry for her, okay, this is a woman who at one time, I felt very deeply for. And she is going through a nightmare right now--alone. And nobody deserves that.

 Michael: Diane, I will make sure you have ample visitation. This whole ugly battle could be behind you. It could be what's best for kyle. It could be what's best for you. The timing's yours, diane. It's up to you.

 Diane: I mean, I just-- I don't know. You really don't think that I have a chance of winning without their help, do you? 3E162453.JPG

 Michael: Well, there's no question-- jack and phyllis could have a lot of influence with the prosecution.

 Diane: But what are my chances, michael? Honestly.

 Michael: There are no guarantees. I'll do my best, of course.

 Diane: That's not an answer.

 Michael: Yeah, well, it's the only one I've got.

 Diane: Why do i get the feeling that you're jerking me around?

 Michael: Okay, okay, okay. What do you want to know?

 Diane: I want to know if the police have a strong case against me for arson and obstruction of justice.

 Michael: They haven't arrested you yet! I find that very telling. 3E162478.JPG

 Diane: In what way?

 Michael: Apparently, they're not crazy about what they have to work with.

 Diane: Meaning they don't have a case against me.

 Micelel: They don't have one that will stick. Not yet.

 Diane: Well, doesn't the prosecutor know this?

 Michael: I think he does. I spoke with detective weber. I got the distinct impression that they haven't come up with anything conclusive yet.

 Diane: So it's possible that they won't indict me.

 Michael: Yes.

 Diane: Or even arrest me.

 Michael: No, I wouldn't count on that, though it is possible. You have to keep in mind that the D.A. Is determined to get a conviction on this case. 3E16249D.JPG

 Diane: Yes, but they haven't found that crucial piece of evidence yet--

 Michael: Believe me, they are looking.

 Diane: Michael, michael, this whole thing is confusing to me. I mean, first, you had me terrified that it's all over but the shouting, and now you're telling me it might go--

 Michael: Because I want you to have a realistic outlook. You know what? You hope for the best. You plan for the worst.

 Diane: Oh, and pay you a big, fat fee just in case.

 Michael: You haven't paid me a dime yet. I can walk out of that door. We can drop the whole thing.

 Diane: Just be straight with me.

 Michael: I have been. They cannot have a very good case against you. The evidence is mostly circumstantial, so far. 3E1624C3.JPG

 Diane: And they're not going to find anything else, because I didn't set that fire.

 Michael: All right, that's very confident. I'm glad, okay? You don't want to worry, fine. Lelet me do the worrying for you. I will worry about how much the D.A. Wants to get a conviction on this case. I will worry about the time that they are pouring into this. I will worry about the vagaries of the legal system. I will worry about how easy it is to get a conviction on purely emotional grounds--

 Diane: Okay, okay, okay. But if you have me worrying about all this for nothing, I'm going to be really upset with you.

 Michael: You wouldn't be the first to feel that way, which is why I am entitled to a retainer up front. So... let me know when you decide. 3E162508.JPG

 Phyllis: John, michael was about to go to diane and tell her that she had nothing to worry about.

 Jack: At this point, he'd given her nothing but doom-and-gloom, but he just met with weber...

 Silva: Which played right into your plan?

 Jack: We asked him simply not to get back to the woman until these papers are signed and we're past the hearing.

 Silva: In other words, you asked him to be a party to your scheme.

 Ashley: I knew right after my phone call you'd rush right over here.

 Olivia: So brad finally knows the truth.

 Ashley: Don't gloat, olivia, it doesn't become you.

 Olivia: I'm not gloating.

 Ashley: Oh, really? You could have fooled me. 3E16252D.JPG

 Olivia: It must have been awful.

 Ashley: Ripping theeaeart out of the man I love? Yeah, it was pretty awful. Don't even say it, I know I brought it on myself.

 Olivia: That's not what I was going to say. How did he handle it?

 Ashley: He felt betrayed. He didn't understand why I didn't tell him the truth. Heidn't understand why I didn't tell him from the very beginning.

 Olivia: Well, surely that can't surprise you?

 Ashley: No, you know what? It doesn't surprise me. You know what does?

 Olivia: What?

 Ashley: My so-called best friend, that I would have trusted with my life, that I did trust with my deepest secret. 3E16254F.JPG

 Olivia: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I broke your trust.

 Ashley: I suppose you think that you've accomplished something. Well, so far, the results look pretty damn grim to me. Here's a wonderful man, whose life has been torn to shreds, a little girl that may have lost her father. And I've lost, not only my best friend, but possibly my marriage. Doesn't really seem like a win for the good guys, does it?

 Olivia: Did brad say where he was going?

 Ashley: No. He didn't share that with me when he stormed out of here.

 Olivia: But you thought he would come to me, didn't you? 3E162687.JPG

 Colleen: You know, I wish my boyfriend was here so you could meet him.

 Lily: What's his name?

 Colleen: J.T. He's in college.

 Lily: Huh.

 Colleen: Ye, , except we're banned from seeing each other. But he sneaked over on my birthday and played his guitar and sang me this song. It was so cool. Did you go out with anyone in paris?

 Lily: No, the kids there kind of hang out in groups.

 Colleen: That must've been so neat living there full-time. You know, they're always saying paris is the city of love.

 Lily: Well, my mom met wes there.

 Colleen: Who's wes?

 Lily: The guy who was here before. 3E1626AC.JPG

 Colleen: Oh, he came from paris with you?

 Lily: Sort of.

 Colleen: What about your dad?

 Lily: He's here. My mom and him are divorced.

 Colleen: Oh, my parents are, too.

 Lily: Yeah, so now it's like she has two men fighting over her.

 Colleen: Who, your dad and this wes person?

 Lily: I don't know what's gonna happen. Maybe she won't pick either of them. My mom's a pretty big flake.

 Colleen: Hmm. Who do you want her to pick?

 Neil: Dru, don't you see that we'd be making a statement here, a very strong statement to lily?

 Dru: Yes, I do. A statement that would say we're very messed-up parents. 3E1626D6.JPG

 Neil: What are you talking-- what is so messed up about wanting to create a real family for lily?

 Dru: Because this is bogus! This isn't real!

 Neil: Of course, it's real. It's just a little unconventional.

 Dru: You know, yotatalk about wanting stability. What is stable about--

 Neil: You and lily living here with me? While you still have a boyfriend? Well, I got an ia for an answer-- ditch the boyfriend. Listen, yeah, we're divorced, okay? That hasn't changed, but now we have the opportunity to create a real home life for lily. Something that we haven't had for a lot of years, you know that. Do you... do you understand what it would mean to lily? What it would show her about our priorities? The three of us--mommy, daddy, baby girl--living together under one roof. What better way to prove once and for all that her needs come first? None of that is fake. None of that is pretense. It's about our love for our daughter, and we have her best interests at heart, right? Now you tell me-- what is more real than that? 3E16271B.JPG

 Silva: I have to tell you, asking the other side's attorney to withhold information--

 Phyllis: Not withhold, not withhold--delay.

 Jack: He's not her attorney, not yet, anyway.

 Silva: You didn't say anything that could be construed as a bribe?

 Jack: John, don't act like we're stupid. I tried to hire him on our side. It's perfectly kosher. I want to win this. I want kyle! This is an opportunity and I want to make the most of it.

>>Ililva: All right. All right. Did baldwin give you any indication what he was planning to do?

 Jack: No.

 Silva: You realize he's bound by ethics to tell diane everything he knows? 3E16273C.JPG

 Jack: Somehow I haven't tied the concept of michael baldwin and ethics into the same sentence.

 Silva: Maybe not, but he wants to keep his law license.

 Jack: Yeah, he actually mentioned that.

 Silva: You realize it doesn't matter whether he's officially her attorney? She went to him for legal advice. She told him certain things. He did some nosing around for her.

 Jack: And what, he's obliged to tell her every time detective weber tells him what day it is?

 Phyllis: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't even believe we're having this conversation. We're talking about this after everything she's done to us. 3E162756.JPG

 Jack: Honestly, all of this hinges on michael baldwin deciding to take the ethical road?

 Silva: Yes. And why wouldn't he?

 Phyllis: Why wouldn't he? Right, that's the question. I mean, maybe he won't because he knows how important it is r r us to get custody of kyle. I don't know.

 Jack: I assume you still think that's the best scenario.

 Silva: Yes. Yes.

 Phyllis: Good, I mean, imagine diane jenkins as your mother.

 Silva: Well, the judge did grant her custody.

 Phyllis: Right, she did. Wasn't that right before she started burning down buildings, john? I know, listen...

 Lily: Why should I care what my mom does? 3E16285E.JPG

 Colleen: Are you saying you don't?

 Lily: I don't exactly get a vote.

 Colleen: Okay, so let's pretend that you did get a vote, and your mom and dad got back together.

 Lily: Well, my dad's okay. I mean, more than okay.

 Colleen: But you think your mom would be happier with this wes guy?

 Lily: I know I'd be happier going back to paris. And my dad isn't going to move there anytime soon.

 Colleen: And wes would go back there with you?

 Lily: I think he's dying to go back.

 Colleen: So if you did get a vote...

 Lily: I just miss home so much.

 Colleen: What would your dad say? 3E16288C.JPG

 Lily: What do you mean?

 Colleen: Well, if your mom picked wes and you guys went back to paris.

 Lily: Well, how should I know? I'm not a mind reader. I mean, I get dragged here against my will. Now it's all, "here's your father." Instant relationship. I haven't seen him in years. He doesn n need me. If he was so desperate to be my dad, how come he almost never came to see us?

 Dru: You always were a hell of a speechifier.

 Neil: I meant every word I just said.

 Dru: You'll have to forgive me if I have reservations.

 Neil: Lay 'em on me, pretty lady. 3E1628B6.JPG

 Dru: See, that's what I'm talking about, that slippery sweet-talking nonsense.

 Neil: Nonsense?

 Dru: There will be no hanky-panky, because that would be very confusing to lily.

 Neil: What's so confusing about it?

 Dru: You can't go arodd kissing on me, all right?

 Neil: Why not?

 Dru: Are you serious?!

 Neil: Did it ever occur to you that lily might get a thrill out of seeing her mom and dad starting--

 Dru: Of seeing nothing! She's gonna see nothing. This is about lily, not about you and me, and if we can't get on the same page, then forget about it.

 Neil: Okay, all right, yes, we are on the same page. Trust me 3E1628D6.JPG

 Dru: As far as I can spit.

 Neil: Do you need any help packing your bags?

 Dru: No. Just get the rooms ready. And, uh... by the by, I will be changing the lock on my bedroom.

 Ashley: I don't know where brad might go or what he might do. He wasn't exactly thinking straight. I tried to explain.

 Olivia: Well, I guess he wasn't buying your explanation.

 Ashley: I also told him how much I value his love and our marriage.

 Olivia: But not enough to trust him with the truth.

 Ashley: Okay, olivia, what's done is done! Give it a rest!

 Olivia: Well, brad shouldn't be alone. Someone should be with him. 3E162909.JPG

 Ashley: Well, I suppose you're volunteering for that.

 Olivia: Well, first of all, we have to find out where he is. Do you have any idea where he went? Could he have gone to have it out with ctctor?

 Ashley: I hope not. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

 Olivia: What is it?

 Ashley: I forgot to tell brad something before he ran out of here.

 Olivia: What?

 Ashley: That victor doesn't know that abby's his child.

 Diane: I guess I came to the right place.

 Jack: Please, have a seat.

 Diane: Thank you. So jack tells me that, um, you've drawn up a custody agreement.

 Silva: Yes, it's already prepared. 3E16293E.JPG

 Diane: May I see it?

 Silva: Of course.

 Diane: What about visitation?

 Jack: John's working on a visitation schedule right now. I think you'll find it very generous and very flexible.

 Diane: Well, it better be if I'M...

 Silva: If you'd like to have your attorney look this over first--

 Diane: Nope. Nope. John, that's okay. I know what I need to do.

 Silva: Here.

 Diane: (Sighs)

 Diane: You'll be good to my little boy, won't you, phyllis? I... I know we've had our differences, but I'm really counting on you.

 Phyllis: I'll be good to him, diane. 3E16297C.JPG

 Jack: Diane, you will see it in his smile. Everything's gonna be just fine.

 Jack: Diane. What the hell are you doing?

 Diane: I'm tearing up this custody agreement. Are you blind?

 Jack: Diane--

 Diane: Too bad I don't have a cat. I could use some of this for kitty litter. Oh, well.

 Jack: You are tearing up an important opportunity.

 Diane: Am I?

 Jack: You said you wanted to protect kyle.

 Diane: Of course I do.

 Jack: This is a good offer. This protects kyle in case anything happens to you.

 Diane: Oh, please.

 Jack: I know you want to stick it to phyllisndnd me right now, but you are also sticking it to kyle. You are playing with his chances to have a safe, normal, sane life with us. 3E162A88.JPG

 Diane: With you, and this nut case?

 Phyllis: This is michael's doing. Oh, no, no, no. It was obvious this was a ploy, because once again you made the mistake of thinking that I'm an idiot. But just in case you're right, I have a very competent attorney in my rner. I will tell our mutual friend that you said hello, phyllis.

 Olivia: Okay, okay, are you telling me that brad has no idea that victor is unaware of abby's paternity?

 Ashley: That's exactly what I'm telling you.

O olivia: So he's just out there on his own, having just learned that his most-hated enemy is the man who fathered--

 Ashley: Yes. Yes. Yes! 3E162AB8.JPG

 Olivia: Oh, god. Are you sure? Are you positive?

 Ashley: No, I don't know. Many times I told brad the biological father didn't know.

 Olivia: Do you thin he's thinking that right now?

 Ashley: I doubt it, given the state of mind he was in.

 Olivia: What do you think's gonna happen, ashley? Oh, my god. This is a disaster.

 Ashley: Oh, I need to be reminded of that.

 Olivia: If he goes to victor, this whole thing is gonna blow up.

 Ashley: I know. That can't happen. That's the last thing I want to have happen.

 Olivia: Well, there's nothing we can do about it because--

 Ashley: There's gotta be something I can do. 3E162AD6.JPG

 Olivia: Well, there is one thing-- you've got to go and tell victor everything.

 Ashley: Are you out of your mind? That's the worst thing I could do, olivia.

 Olivia: Ashley, just listen to me. If you don't, and brad goes over there first, I don't even want to think about what could happen. I don't even want to think about it. So you just better cut your losses and go to victor now.

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