Wednesday Y&R Transcript 12/25/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/25/02
--Canada; Thursday 12/26/02

By Eric

Colleen: Some birthday.

All: Surprise!

Colleen: What is all this?

Traci: It's your birthday, silly, as if you didn't remember. And we're all here to help you celebrate. Happy sweet 16.

Colleen: Thanks, granddad.

John: Happy birthday, kiddo.

Colleen: Oh, thank you.

Ashley: Happy birthday.

Colleen: Thanks so much, ashley.

Phyllis: Happy birthday.

Traci: All right. Let's get you sitting down, so we can get this party started.

John: Everybody wants to eat their breakfast.

Ashley:Owow you know your dad wanted to be here, but he had an early appointment he couldn't change. 3E0A3FF3.JPG

Colleen: Yeah, I know. He called to wish me the best. He didn't say anything about this, though. The whole family being here for breakfast.

John: Well, that's because you happen to be a very important member of this family, and this is such an important day for you.

Mamie: It's hard to believe that you're really 16.

Phyllis: I bet it's not hard for you to believe, though, is it?

Jack: She's already too anxious to grow up. Don't encourage her.

Traci: Oh, um, we also have a surprise guest. Don't we, dad?

Diane: Are you here to kick me when I'm down?

Isabella: I feel betrayed, diane. And I keep reminding myself that people are innocent until proven guilty, but the accusations that john silva was throwing around in that courtroom... 3E0A4028.JPG

Diane: I didn't set fire to the pool house.

Isabella: You didn't?

Diane: No, and unless the next words out of your mouth are, "I believe you, diane," you might as well go, because I don't need any more grief.

Sharon: We had a few cookies left, some of those peanut butter ones you like so much. I thought you might want to take them with you.

Nick: Thanks.

Sharon: Wonder if cassie and noah are having fun with miguel.

Nick: I'm sure they are. It's a great day for ice-skating.

Sharon: You know, I could tell that you were tempted to go with them.

Nick: You got me there. I spent a lot of time skating on that pond when I was a kid. It's so much better than some indoor rink. 3E0A408A.JPG

Sharon: Well, you could go down there for a little while before you go.

Nick: I already said my good-byes. It'll be a lot easier if I'm not here when they get back.

Sharon: Yeah, you're probably right. It's still going to be tough on them, though. They really loved having you back. So did I.

Nick: The last few days have been nice.

Sharon: So did you sleep okay on the sofa in our room?

Nick: Yeah, it was fine.

Sharon: It wasn't easy on me.

Nick: What?

Sharon: Well, sleeping in our bed, having you so close by. I got the sense you felt the same way. Am I wrong? 3E0A40CD.JPG

Nick: No. You're not wrong.

Colleen: Another surprise guest? Who?

John: Uh, could you come in here, please? The birthday girl is here.

Colleen: Billy! I cannot believe it! I thought you weren't coming home at all for the holidays.

Billy: When dad reminded me that it was your 16th birthday, wild horses couldn't keep me away.

Colleen: You came for me? Oh, that's so neat.

Billy: Happy birthday, ceecee.

Colleen: Thank you. Now I know why you wanted me to spend the night last night. Thank you, guys. Everyone here on my account, thank you so much. 3E0A40FB.JPG

John: Happy birthday.

Phyllis: Happy birthday.

Jack: Happy birthday.

Ashley: Happy birthday.

Nikki: Well, it's a wonderful thought, that the holidays could lead nicholas and sharon into a reconciliation.

Victor: Do you think I'm being overly optimistic?

Nikki: Believe me, I would like nothing better. I just don't know if nicholas is ready to forgive.

Victor: I'm not fooling myself. I know that it will take quite some time for nicholas to get over what happened, but he cannot hold on to his anger forever, especially knowing what it does to our family.

Nikki: Oh... I wish I had a tape recorder right now. 3E0A41E7.JPG

Victor: Why do you say that?

Nikki: Well, the way you're going on about nicholas. Extolling the power of forgiveness and not hanging on to anger when it affects your loved ones.

Victor: If you're talking about my attitude toward victoria and that diego guittierez fellow, that's an entirely different situation.

Nikki: They both affect the happiness of our family.

Traci: Wow.

Jn: Wow!

Colleen: Oh, my gosh, a birthday cake!

Phyllis: That is incredible.

Mamie: I know this isn't the best thing to serve at breakfast, but a girl only turns 16 once, and I wanted to bake this for you so you could share it with your family. 3E0A421B.JPG

Colleen: You made this? It's so beautiful!

Billy: Better blow out those candles, ceecee.

Colleen: Okay.

Phyllis: Hey, you better make a wish.

Traci: Happy birthday, my darling.

Jack: Hey, forget about the eggs. Let's have some cake.

Phyllis: Whoo-hoo!

John: Shocking, isn't it?

Mac: Someone here to celebrate... oh, my God. Billy.

Billy: Hey, mac.

Mac: Oh, my God. You're here!

Phyllis: Why don't you cut the cake, sweetie?

Isabella: I assume your love for jack is a thing of the past?

Diane: To be perfectly honest, I don't know how I feel about jack. Right now I am so furious that my primary concern is getting payback. 3E0A425E.JPG

Isabella: Diane, I'd spend less time worrying about revenge and more time worrying about your own situation.

Diane: Meaning?

Isabella: Meaning the police and the D.A. Have a strong case against you. If I were you, I'd get an attorney, a real good one. Diane: I don't need an attorney. I'm innocent. The police can't prove a thing. Writyoyouse ais chk tce be hear bells.Board! Com tthe wo it. I'd like another piece of cake.

John: Oh, jacky, you've already had two pieces.

Jack: How often do I get a chance to have a home-ked cake by mamie herself?

John: The man has a point. 3E0A437D.JPG

Mamie: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Oh, I'm fine.

Colleen: Hello?

J.T.: Hey, blue eyes. It's me.

Colleen: Hey, you called!

J.T.: You didn't think I'd let your birthday go by without saying hello, did you?

Colleen: Well, I hoped you wouldn't do that. I mean, I knew you wouldn't want to, but...

J.T.: Where are you?

Colleen: At my granddad'S. They had a surprise breakfast for me with a cake and everything.

J.T.: For breakfast?

Colleen: Yeah.

J.T.: Wow, the consvavative abbotts are really going out on a limb, aren't they?

Colleen: I guess so. I wish you could be here with me. 3E0A43A4.JPG

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, that would have gone over really great.

Colleen: I miss you.

J.T.: I miss you, too.

Colleen: You really do?

J.T.: Yeah. Hey, look, you better get going. I don't want anybody to catch you talking to me.

Colleen: Okay. Bye. I love you.

J.T.: Happy birthday, colleen. Have a great day, okay?

Colleen: You know, I just wish...

John: Oh, there you are, honey. Hey, you all right?

Colleen: Yeah, I'm fine. This was such a wonderful breakfast. Thank you so much.

John: Oh, we love you so, little girl. 3E0A43DA.JPG

Billy: Excuse me, brother.

Jack: Oh, pardon us.

Jack: Hey, sis! You seem awfully quiet. You were pretty quiet yesterday morning during the christmas festivities.

Ashley: How did you manage to notice that with your little boy running around? And your wife who's thankfully out of jail? You should not be paying attention to me, please. Excuse me, you guys.

Jack: I don't kw.W. Something's going on with her.

Phyllis: Yeah, she's not acting herself. Do you think it has something to do with her health?

Jack: Oh, God. I hope not, but I gotta talk to her.

Phyllis: Yeah, you should talk to her. 3E0A440B.JPG

Jack: But not right now.

Phyllis: No, not right now, because we're going to go sleing with your son. We're going to make a snowman. Can we have snowball fights?

Jack: Hon, it's our son, and, actually, that's not what's next on the agenda.

Phyllis: It's not?

Jack: No, this is.

Sharon: It's good to know I can still read you so well.

Nick: Yeah, I have to admit, I'm amazed.

Sharon: Why?

Nick: The holidays really do cast a spell over people. I mean, all the family closeness and the goodwill.

Sharon: It makes you grateful for what you have. And that's exactly what I've been feeling. I am so grateful for everything I have, for what's right here in front of me. You know, the kids won't be back for a while. We have the whole house to ourselves. If you wanted, we could go upstairs, and... 3E0A4452.JPG

Nick: And what?

Sharon: You said you felt something last night. So did I. We were both afraid to act on those feelings, but maybe we should.

Nick: I don't think that is...

Sharon: Nick, you know what? That's exactly our problem. We've been thinking about this too much. We've been so afraid that we're going to say the wrong thing, but we don't even have to talk. We can just be together.

Nick: That's not a good idea.

Sharon: You're not attracted to me anymore?

Nick: No, it's not that.

Sharon: Well, what then?

Nick: Look, I meant it when I said that the last few days have been nice, but let's not push it, all right? 3E0A448A.JPG

Sharon: And wanting to make love to my husband, that's pushing?

Nick: The way things are right now, yes, it would be.

Sharon: Nick, this is about more than just sex. It's about giving us a chance to reconnect as husband and wife. I'm so afraid that if we don't take advantage of this moment, if we don't build on the progress we've made, that it's just all going to evaporate, you know? And we're going to be back where we were before. Is that what you want? O everybody sucks at golf. That's the bea some day I'm going to kick his butt.

Christina: Don't you care about winning? 3E0A4544.JPG

Al: Sweetheart, it's not whether you win or lose in life, it's how you pass the blame. I learned that when I worked for the city. So, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise director, ron

Billy: Finally, we get a few minutes alone together.

Mac: Careful, your brother's in the living room.

Billy: Well, if he knows what's good for him, he'll stay there.

Mac: I am so glad to see you, billy.

Billy: Not half as glad as I am to see you. Four whole months away from my girl--it's been torture.

Mac: Yeah, I bet you met a lot of girls down in louisiana. 3E0A457B.JPG

Billy: None who could hold a candle to you. How'd your finals go?

Mac: Fine, I think. Yeah, they're kind of a blur. I didn't sleep for a couple days, so... but my last exam--never mind.

Billy: I want to hear.

Mac: No, you don'T. Anyway, they're over. No sense in worrying about how I did, right? So what's up with you? How's work going with my dad?

Billy: Brock's keeping me busy.

Mac: What else is new? He even called me last night, said he was heading up renovation of an old church.

Billy: Yeah, near shreveport.

Mac: I wish I could have seen him over the l lidays.

Billy: He really misses you, mac. Talks about you almost as much as I do. 3E0A45A3.JPG

Mac: Well, what kind of stuff does he have you doing?

Billy: Construction.

Mac: Care to be more specific?

Billy: Can t talk about it later? I'm so happy to be home. All I want to do is focus on you.

Diane: Hello?

Jack: Hi, it's me.

Diane: Why are you calling, jack?

Jack: I want to let you know I'm on my way over to pick up kyle.

Diane: Well, kyle and i have plans for the day.

Jack: We talked about this yesterday when you got kyle. Phyllis and I are going to spend the day with him today.

Diane: Well, I'm afraid that doesn't work for me.

Jack: You said that would be all right. 3E0A45E7.JPG

Diane: And as it turns out, kyle and I have a very busy schedule.

Jack: When can I see my son?

Diane: I don't know. I'll have to get back to you. Good-bye.

Jack: Diane, wait, you can't-- (knock on door)

Diane: Detective weber.

Weber: Hello, ms. Jennsns. Do you have a moment?

Diane: Of course. Please, come in.

Weber: Thank you.

Diane: What can I do for you?

Weber: Look, before we begin, you may want to have an attorney present.

Diane: I'm sure that isn't necessary.

Weber: Suit yourself.

Diane: Now that we have that out of the way, what is it that you'd like to know? 3E0A4628.JPG

Weber: Well, I wanted to give you a chance to tell me the truth about the fire.

Diane: Oh, no. No. You're not interested in the truth, detective. If you were, phyllis abbott would still be in jail.

Weber: So you still maintain that she is the arsonist?

Diane: That is what your evidence showed.

Weber: No, ma'am. Our evidence was flawed.

Diane: And that's my fault? You saw some video that led you to believe that she didn't buy the paint thinner. What does that have to do with me?

Weber: I believe you purchased the paint thinner.

Diane: Is that so?

Weber: Yes, ma'am. And I think that you started that fire. 3E0A464D.JPG

Diane: And whdo you think that?

Weber: You had the motive, means and opportunity.

Nick: You're assuming if I leave, then things will get worse.

Sharon: Won't they?

Nick: Maybe not. You know, maybe some time apart will do us good. It'll give us a chance to process everything.

Sharon: In other words, that's a risk you're willing to take.

Nick: I didn't say that.

Sharon: So our relationship isn't that important to you?

Nick: Sharon, now you're just putting words in my mouth.

Sharon: Oh, please. I just put my pride out there on the line, and you turned around and slapped me in the face. What was this little game you were playing with me, anyway? 3E0A4792.JPG

Nick: Game?

Sharon: Yeah, pretending to be turned on last night. What were you doing, just stringing me along so that you could turn me down now and humiliate me?

Nick: Sharon, that's not what I was doing.

Sharon: Oh, really? Why don't you take me upstairs now? Show me how much you want me.

Nick: Making love is not going to make everything all right.

Sharon: Well, it's a start. You know, maybe if we made some love, we would start feeling love. Don't you think that's possible? I mean, I have desires, nick. I have needs. I need to be with my husband. But you don't care about that, do you? No, of course not. Why should you? You don't give a damn about me. You don't give a damn about what I want. You don't give a damn, do you? You don't give a damn. 3E0A47CB.JPG

Nic y you stop it.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I just want you so much, nick.

Nick: Do you? Do you want me, or will any guy do?

Sharon: Get out of here.

Nikki: Look, I know you would prefer to see victoria with somebody else. So would I, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

Victor: Well, are you suggesting we just sit back and accept this?

Nikki: No, I'm suggesting that we get proactive.

Victor: How?

Nikki: Look, right now diego is not the kind of guy that we approve of, but maybe we can change that. Maybe we can mold him into something else.

Victor: You must be kidding. How do you suggest we do that? 3E0A4825.JPG

Nikki: Well, I don't think it will be very difficult considering he has no direction whatsoever right now. Maybe we can put him on the right track.

Victor: I see. In other words, you want him to come back to work here.

Nikki: No. No, I was thinking of something like the lower management position.

Victor: What do you mean, lower management position?

Nikki: At newman teterprises.

Victor: You can't be serious.

Nikki: Victor, I've spent enough time with this guy to see that he does have some promise.

Victor: After what this guy has done, you're asking me to hire him back for my company?

Nikki: Look, if he can't hack it, you fire him. But in the meantime, we're showing victoria what this guy is made out of. 3E0A484D.JPG

Victor: Nikki, you're talking about a lying, disloyal manipulator who not only ruined our son's family, but he now ensnared our daughter! How the hell can you suggest that I give him a job in my company? (Slams mug down on table)

Nikki: I just wish you would consider the idea--

Victor: It is galling that you would even think about that, for heaven's sake! You can't be serious!

Nikki: Can you please not leave? Let's talk--

Victor: I'm going for a ride. (Door slams)

Jack: Yeah, okay. Thanks, john. I'm on my way.

Phyllis: Hey, look at me. Am I dressed for a day of fun in the snow? What's going on? 3E0A487D.JPG

Jack: I just got off the phone with john silva.

Phyllis: What's going on--

Jack: Diane isn't going to let us take kyle for the day.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: She claims they have other plans.

Phyllis: Oh, that's bull. We just talked to her yesterday.

Jack: I know that. She's playing hardball.

Phyllis: Well, stop her from doing that.

Jack: Believe me, I'm going to. Silva's gonna look at my options and I'm headed over there right now to meet with him.

Phyllis: Amazing. You're gonna call me and tell me what happens, right?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: All right.

Jack: You look adorable. Sorry for the change of plans. 3E0A489E.JPG

Phyllis: Don't worry about it. It'll be fine.

Phyllis: Diane, I should have known you'd do something like this. You're not going to get away with it, sweetie.

Diane: Well, detective, that's very thin soup.

Fact, it isn't even hot water.

Weber: You said you took a sleeping pill the night of the fire. You didn'T. You led people to believe that you need that cast. You don'T.

Diane: There are two sides to every story.

Weber: Yeah, and trials have a wayf f bringing the truth to light.

Diane: Are you saying this case is headed to trial? 3E0A48D0.JPG

Weber: Look, we know that you set that fire. And we know that you tried to frame mrs. Abbott.

Diane: Be careful what you say you know, detective. Not long ago you knew that phyllis was the arsonist.

Weber: Let me put it to you this way-- we strongly suspect you're the arsonist. And we're pursuing that matter to the fullest extent of the law.

Diane: If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to intimidate me.

Weber: I encourage you to cooperate with us, mrs. Jenkins. At this point, it may be your only hope for reducing your sentence if you're convicted.

Diane: That's a pretty big if. 3E0A48F2.JPG

Weber: If it were me, I'd cut my losses. Because let me tell you, we will find the person who set that fire. If you were behind it, I guarantee you'll get the maximum sentence permitted by law. That is, unless you cut a deal. And we've already wasted a lot of time, ms. Jenkins.

Diane: Well, you're wasting more now. 'Cause I didn't set that fire.

Weber: Okay, if that's the way you want to play it. We'll be in touch. Good day, ma'am.

Billy: It was great being here for colleen's birthday breakfast, seeing the whole family together.

Mac: Imagine my surprise when I walked in and there you were. I had no idea. 3E0A49FF.JPG

Billy: Pretty neat surprise of my old man, wasn't it?

Mac: Mm-hmm. Hey, we should do something special for colleen today.

Billy: I think so, too. Make sure we keep her away from J.T.

Billy: I see gogood news travels fast. Who told you?

Billy: My dad told me. I wish ceecee wouldn't waste another minute thinking about the guy. The jerk loves making trouble. I'm sure that's why he's been stringing colleen along.

Mac: Yeah. You don't know all the details, billy.

Billy: Look, the only person J.T. Cares about is J.T. Someday colleen's gonna figure that out. I just hope it's soon. 3E0A4A22.JPG

Colleen: No, thanks, I don't want anything. Hey, guys.

Mac: Hey.

Colleen: So what's going on today?

Mac: I was just about to ask billy the same thing. What do you think? Should we stay here and hang out with your family?

Nick: I'd rather go out and try to connect up with raul.

Mac: Oh, I spoke to him earlier this morning. He and britt are at the coffeehouse.

Billy: Let's see if we can catch them there.

Colleen: Hey, do you guys think I could come with you?

Billy: Why?

Colleen: I just wan to get out of here for a wle.

Billy: Sure you're not hoping to run into J.T.? 3E0A4A3F.JPG

Colleen: Look, all I want to do is go out on my birthday. Is that so wrong?

Billy: No. It's not wrong. Go check with your mom. If it's okay with her, you can come with us.

Colleen: Well, thank you. Be right back.

J.T.: So what's up, guys? Besides the price of this lousy coffee?

Brittany: Hi, J.T.

Raul: I'm gonna get some refills.

J.T.: Something I said?

Brittany: So how was your christmas?

J.T.: Nothing special. How was yours?

Brittany: It was pretty good. Well, it started badly. Someone broke into our place on christmas eve. They didn't take that much stuff, though. Not that there's that much to take. J.T.? 3E0A4A7A.JPG

.T.T.: Yeah?

Brittany: You were looking for colleen, weren't you?

J.T.: Maybe.

Brittany: You promised her dad that you wouldn't go near her for two weeks. I wouldn't break that promise.

J.T.: Look, it's her birthday, okay? No one's gonna give me a hard time for saying hello.

Brittany: Except for anybody named abbott. Is it really worth getting them all up in arms just so you can give that girl a hug and a kiss on her sweet 16?

J.T.: Thanks for your support, brittany.

Brittany: I am being supportive. I'm telling you to use your brain. I know that's hard for you.

Cody: Crimson lights. Yeah, he's right here. Raul, hold on. It's for you. Billy. 3E0A4AA6.JPG

Raul: Billy? You gotta be kidding me. Hey, buddy. How's louisiana?

Billy: Great, but genoa city's better.

Raul: What?

Billy: I'm at home.

Raul: Since when?

Billy: First thing this morning.

Raul: No way. So what-- are you coming down, or what?

Billy: Yeah, we're about to leave. Is J.T. There?

Raul: Yeah. You want to talk to him?

Billy: Put him on.

Raul: Yeah, hold on, man. Oh, jeffrey todd, your buddy billy.

J.T.: Thanks, raul. What's up, abbott?

Billy: No welcome home?

J.T.: So what do you want, man? 3E0A4AD8.JPG

Billy: Coming over to the coffeehouse.

J.T.: Oh, thas s great. You want a medal or something?

Billy: I'm bringing colleen. When we get there, I want you to be gone.

J.T.: It's a free country last time I checked.

Billy: Can the attitude, J.T. You told colleen's dad you'd stay away from her. Unless you want to make things real hard on youelelf, you'll do what I ask. Got it?

J.T.: Yeah, whatever. I don't feel like dealing with you anyway. (Knock on door)

Victor: Hi, sharon.

Sharon: Victor.

Victor: Am I coming at a bad time?

Sharo u um, no. Come on in.

Victor: Where are cassie and noah? 3E0A4B12.JPG

Sharon: Miguel took them to the pond, skating.

Victor: Oh, that's too bad. I just wanted to take them for a sleigh ride.

Sharon: Oh, well, they should be back soon. You can wait if you want.

Victor: Um, well, if they're back soon... if you don't mind, I will sit here for awhile.

Sharon: Is anything wrong, victor?

Victor: Why would you say that?

Sharon: You just seem a little upset. You wanna talk about it?

Victor: How perceptive of you. A little... a little difference of opinion.

Sharon: Nikki?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: I'm sorry. You know, I don't mean to pry. 3E0A4B45.JPG

Victor: You're not prying. But if I were you, I wouldn't worry about nikki and me. I'd concentrate on your situation with nicholas. I can't tell you how happy I was to see both of you up at the house on christmas eve. It was so nice.

Sharon: Yeah, well, about that--

Victor: If you don't mind my saying so, I have a feeling thatouou will work things out. I mean, the new year's around the corner. Where is nicholas, by the way? Is he upstairs?

Sharon: No. He, um... he left again. Mes, you just wantyour home to smell fresh.

Victor: Nicholas left?

Sharon: A little while ago.

Victor: Why? The two of you seemed to be making progress. Why would he leave now? That's such a mistake. 3E0A4C3E.JPG

Sharon: Nick thinks staying would be the mistake.

Victor: Maybe you should talk to him.

Sharon: No. It would only add to my humiliation.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Sharon: Last night, I was sleeping in our bed and nick was on the sofa in our room. And I felt something. You know? This morning I brought it up to nick and he said he felt something, too, so I took that as a positive sign. I practically threw myself at him, and heururned me down flat.

Victor: Do you think you might have misunderstood him?

Sharon: No. No. Nick made it perfectly clear how he feels about the two of us being intimate. 3E0A4C7B.JPG

Victor: Are you sure you can come to that conclusion?

Sharon: Victor, I appreciate what you're trying to do. But it's a little too late for pep talks. Nick is gone, and I have no idea if he's coming back.

Victor: Sharon, you must not give up hope now.

Sharon: Well, that's what I used to tell myself. But I don't see any reason to go on clinging to any hope. The way I see it, I only have one option.

Victor: Which is?

Sharon: I think I want to file for divorce.

Victor: Oh, please.

Billy: Hey, stranger.

Raul: Hey, billy. What's up, buddy?

Billy: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Raul: What? Oh.

Billy: You remembered. 3E0A4CC2.JPG

Raul: How could I forget? You look good, man.

Billy: Thanks. So do you. Hi, britt.

Brittany: Hi, billy. Welcome back.

Billy: It's good to be back.

Raul: And how are you, birthday girl?

Colleen: I'm okay.

Raul: Just okay? Come on, this is a big day for you-- the big 1-6.

Mac: Yeah.

Colleen: If you'll excuse me, I have to go talk to cody.

Colleen: Hey, cody.

Cody: Hey, colleen. So it's your birthday, huh?

Colleen: Yes, it is.

Cody: Happy birthday. I hope it's a good one.

Colleen: Well, thank you. Um, has J.T. Been in?

Cody: Yeah, but he left a little while ago. 3E0A4CEA.JPG

Colleen: Oh. Did you talk to him at all?

Cody: No, not really. He was sitting with brittany.

Colleen: Okay. Well, thanks.

Cody: Sure. Hey, happy birthday again.

Colleen: Hey, britt.

Brittany: Hey.

Colleen: So cody said you were talking to J.T. Earlier.

Brittany: That's right.

Colleen: Um, do you know if he's gonna be back?

Brittany: I don't know. He said something about meeting up with some friends later. Something about a party, I guess.

Billy: So how was your christmas?

Raul: Actually, it was great.

Mac: Mmm, that coffee smells good. I'm gonna go get some. Do you want anything? 3E0A4D1D.JPG

Billy: No, thanks.

Raul: I'm good. So tell me all about louisiana.

Billy: Where do I begin? It's quite a place.

Raul: Yeah, I've heard. So did you wrestle any gators?

Billy: No. Not yet.

Raul: What about work how's that going?

Billy: It's okay.

Raul: It's gotta feel great working outdoors like that. Doing some real good in this world.

Billy: Actually, I want to talk to you about that.

Raul: What's up?

Billy: Not right now, okay?

Raul: We'll talk later. Is everything okay? (Footsteps approaching)

Brittany: Hey, you guys. What are you two so serious about?

Raul: Ah, it's nothing, baby, it's just, uh, guy talk. 3E0A4D47.JPG

Brittany: Mm-hmm.

Mac: Hey, you sure you don't want some coffee?

Billy: Positive.

Raul: Isn't this great, all of us hanging out like this again?

Billy: It's just like old times. There's the birthday girl. Please, allow me.

Colleen: Why, thank you.

Cody: Okay, this is the best I could do on short notice.

Colleen: Wow. Thanks so much, cody.

Cody: Sure. Happy birthday.

Billy: Go on, cee cee.

Raul: Yeah, make a wish and blow out the candle.

All: Happy birthday 3E0A4D88.JPG

to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday, dear colleen

happy birthday to you (knock on door)

Diane: What do you want?

Phyllis: M m here to get kyle.

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