Tuesday Y&R Transcript 12/17/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/17/02
--Canada; Wednesday 12/18/02--USA

By Eric


Victoria: Dad sent for you, too, I see.

Nick: Any idea what it's about? 3DFFB3C3.JPG

Victoria: No, but if it's not about business, I'm out of here.

Nick: Nice attitude.

Victoria: Yeah, whatever, nicholas.

Nick: So you going to thearty?

Victoria: Are you kidding? No.

Nick: Why? Because of diego?

Victoria: Look, don't start.

Nick: I'm sure he told you...

Victoria: Yeah, that you went to go see him in the hospital. You know, you're lucky I'm in the christmas spirit, or I'd knock your block off.

Nick: What do you expect? I walk in and see my daughter hugging the guy.

Victoria: That was all cassie's doing. He didn't invite her there.

Nick: I'm aware of that.

Victoria: Yeah. He didn't invite you there, either. I'm sure you were there to hassle him. 3DFFB3E9.JPG

Nick: Well, I had to make sure that he steers clear of cassie. I do not want my 12-year-old daughter finding out that he and her mother...

Victoria: All right. All right, fine. Point taken. You know, I went to go see her yesterday.

Nick: You went to see cassie?

Victoria: Yeah. She wasn't at home, and sharon and I had a rather surprising conversation.

Sharon: Diego... wow. They really got to you, huh?

Diego: You're about the last person I expected to see.

Sharon: When I heard cassie was here asking questions...

Diego: It freaked me out, too, though I was glad to see her.

Sharon: Yeah, well, there can't be any more visits. I don't mean to sound harsh, but... 3DFFB41C.JPG

Diego: You sound concerned.

Sharon: I am. Very. And I'm sure I don't have to spell out why.

Traci: You want colleen to live here?

Brad: It's the perfect solution.

Traci: Perfect? Have you even discussed this with ashley? No, of course you haven'T.

Brad: Look, traci...

Traci: How do you think she is going to feel, especially after the year she's just had, having this dropped on her out of the blue?

Brad: I think she's going to be fine with it, more than fine.

Traci: Really? All of a sudden being saddled with the responsibility of a teenager whose idea of fun is defying authority? 3DFFB460.JPG

Brad: Look, I would be surprised if she were against it. But in the unlikely event that she is, we're going to have to come up with another plan, because colleen is not leaving here, traci, and that's final.

Olivia: How can you ask me that?

Neil: What? Come on. It's for a good cause, a couple of good causes.

Olivia: Oh, I'll give you a couple of good answers. No and no.

Neil: No and no? What? Just like that?

Olivia: Yeah, just like that! My God, I admire the fact that you want to spend time with dru and lily, but...

Neil: Okay, then do your part. 3DFFB486.JPG

Olivia: Oh, by making a play for my sister's boyfriend?

Neil: No, no, no, no, no. No, that's not what I meant. All I'm saying is...

Olivia: I know exactly what you're saying. You want me to keep wes distracted over the holidays. There's not a lot of mystery to that suggestion.

Neil: Oh, olivia, I'm not proposing that you do anything underhanded. You know, just fill up his calendar. Distract him a little bit.

Olivia: Oh, neil.

Neil: What? Wesley's been a sympathetic ear to you lately. Well, let him listen a little bit more, say, over, you know, a few dinners.

Olivia: I don't think my sister will find it so sympathetic. Besides, I'm not interested in getting involved with anyone right now. 3DFFB4A7.JPG

Neil: Now there you go again. I'm not talking about some big, torrid love affair. I'm talking about, you know, helping a brother out.

Dru: Well, yes, me not wanting to go to paris for christmas has to do with neil. Haven't you been listening to me?

Wesley: I don't mean neil wanting to spend time with lily. I mean you.

Dru: What?

Wesley: You wanting to spend time with the man.

Dru: Where is all this coming from, really?

Wesley: It's the only thing that makes sense, dru. I am offering you a fun, romantic trip, and all you can talk about is how suddenly neil wants this, neil needs that. 3DFFB4CC.JPG

Dru: Okay, are you jealous?

Wesley: You think I got a reason? I asked you to marry me, and you keep hemming and hawing because your ex wants you to move in with him. I swear, sometimes I just want to deck the guy.

Dru: That's not very therapeutic, doctor.

Wesley: I am human, dru, in case you ven't noticed.

Dru: Honey, I have noticed, but please don't go cave man on me, all right? I mean, first of all, neil... well, he's been through a lot lately, and, secondly, he's still in good shape.

Traci: Why can't you work with me? Why are you always fighting me?

Brad: Traci, I have given you every reason I could think of to convince you why colleen is better off staying here, but you won't budge. Now why don't you tell me the real reason so I know what the hell is going on in your head?

Traci: J.T. Hellstrom isn't reason enough?

Brad: I think he's becoming an excuse.

Traci: Oh, really? Well, gee, why keep them apart? You know, I think J.T. Should move in here, too!

Brad: Oh, traci, come on... (knock on door) 3DFFB5CD.JPG

Ashley: Honey, it's me.

Brad: Come in. Hi.

Ashley: Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have to pick the baby up from the sitter, and I was going to get some takeout on the way.

Brad: Okay, great.

Ashley: What should I tell the kids?

Brad: You tell them they better not even think about going anywhere.

Ashley: Okay.

Brad: Look, traci, I think J.T. Is a symptom, the same as the pot smoking. The challenge for us is to figure out what's missing from colleen's life, because something obviously is, or she wouldn't be acting out this way. She wouldn't be chasing after some guy that is totally inappropriate. 3DFFB608.JPG

Traci: What's missing from colleen's life, brad, is me. Her mother. I have obviously failed her.

Brad: Oh, traci, for God's sake, I would never say that.

Traci: I know you wouldn't say it, but it's the truth.

J.T.: Your folks have been up there a long time.

Colleen: Yeah, well, at least they're talking. That's a good sign, right?

Ashley: So four salads with bleu cheese. Yeah, the last one with ranch. Okay, perfect. I'll be right there. I gotta go out. Be rig b back.

Colleen: Um, do you know what my mom and dad are saying?

Ashley: All I can tell you is your dad said to stay put.

J.T.: Not because the cops are on their way, right? 3DFFB639.JPG

Ashley: Just stay here. Don't make things worse.

Nick: You and sharon talked without killing each other?

Victoria: Yeah. Wonders will never cease.

Nick: I'm surprised she didn't mention that.

Victoria: Well, I'm not surprised, considering you guys don't really talk these days.

Nick: Hey, we're communicating.

Victoria: Yeah, right. What time are you dropping off the kids?

Nick: Hey, for your in-- you know what? Forget it.

Victoria: I'm not looking for a fight, nicholas.

Nick: Neither am I.

Victoria: Can I give you a little advice?

Nick: Depends.

Victoria: Try to putyour differences aside, at least for the holidays for the kids' sake. You know, I mean, take a sleigh ride or something to bring the family together. 3DFFB676.JPG

Brad: You think that hasn't occurred to me already?

Victoria: I don't know. Has it?

Brad: Look, I went over there with every intention of moving back home, at least until new year's, but sharon shot me down. And you know what? She's right.

Victoria: Why?

Brad: Because I'm not ready to commit to anything permanent. She doesn't want to risk devastating the kids all over again.

Victoria: Wow. Well, that's mature of her. I mean, especially considering how much she wants you back.

Diego: How are things these days?

Sharon: Didn't you get an earful already from cassie?

Diego: You know, I hope things work out between you and nick. 3DFFB69E.JPG

Sharon: Thanks. Me too.

Sharon: Well, I guess I said everything I came to say.

Diego: Sharon.

Diego: Listen, I... have a good holiday, okay? I mean that. Me styles don't last 20minutes.

Olivia: Well, my brotha, you better go to plan B.

Neil:Lilivia, are you se-- are you really turning me down here?

Olivia: Neil, get real! Oh, my God! Besides, drucilla would have my hide.

Neil: Not to mention, you're a fine, upstanding woman who doesn't play these kind of games.

Olivia: And if you know that, why ask?

Neil: Aw, I told you why.

Olivia: So that you can have an unfair advantage where dru is concerned. 3DFFB7E0.JPG

Neil: I already have one.

Olivia: Oh, you think?

Neil: There's no competition. Not really. Dru and wesley-- if you ask me, it's pretty one-sided.

Olivia: So you think he's more involved that she is?

Neil: Hell, he proposed to her. She didn't accept it.

Olivia: She didn't turn him down.

Neil: You really think she's all that attached to him? I don't, and if wes is as smart as he appears to be, he has a clue. Any man would. Think about it. You stick your neck out, pop the question. All you get is a yawn in return? It's time to step back, weigh your options.

Olivia: Oh, so now I'm an option. Well, gee, that's flattering. 3DFFB803.JPG

Neil: No, no, no, no, no. We're getting off track here. I'm not saying tt you and the shrink should get romantic together, unless, of course, you feel inspired.

Olivia: Neil...

Neil: What? It's perfect. You're both doctors. You have a lot in common, plus, you could use a new dinner companion. Meanwhile, it would buy me some time to get close to lily and dru.

Olivia: You are not going to give the two of them a moment's peace, are you?

Neil: Let me te you something, by the time I'm done, it'll be "wes who?"

Olivia: (Laughs) if nothing else, I have to admire your tenacity.

Neil: You know, liv, I'm not saying all this because I'm on a mission. As I said earlier, I don't really feel like being alone right now. 3DFFB828.JPG

Olivia: I understand.

Neil: Do you? I'd be stupid to tempt myself, you know, especially around the holidays--christmas, new year'S. It's a big booze fest. I'm not saying all this to you to make you feel guilty.

Olivia: I wouldn't have the time to help anyway.

Neil: Oh?

Olivia: Yeah, well, I have a feeling that a friend of mine is gonna need me.

Neil: Oh, you're not talking about brad carlton, are you?

Olivia: I'm talking about a friend, a friend of mine. I don't have time to baby-sit wes even if I wanted to, which I don'T.

Neil: At least think about it, okay?

Olivia: Don't you have a party to go to? 3DFFB850.JPG

Neil: Oh, my goodness-- the mind of a steel trap.

Olivia: Where is it? At the office?

Neil: No, it's at the lodge this year. Victor's going all out for it. In fact, I have to start getting ready for it right about now.

Olivia: Have fun.

Nl:L: Yeah, thanks in advance.

Olivia: Don't push your luck, neil.

Neil: So I'll take that as, like, a, you know, a definite maybe.

Neil: Or maybe not.

Dru: What?

Wes: I cannot believe you don't want to go to paris with me.

Dru: It's not about you.

Wes: How else am I supposed to take it? I know you love paris. 3DFFB87B.JPG

Dru: I do-- been there, done that.

Wes: Oh, please. I'm not buying that.

Dru: Okay, look, I'll reiterate. I don't think it's a good idea for lily to go to paris at this time. Now you gave me your opinion. I respect it, but I am a mother, and I don't think it's a good idea.

Wes: Okay. Fine, how about lily stays here with neil, and you and i can go alone?

Dru: You know that's not gonna fly.

Wes: Why? What? Neil wouldn't like it?

Dru: Lily will pitch a fit, and I have to deal with her, and you don't want to deal with that.

Wes: I don't understand why this has anything to do with neil or lily, baby. It's just you and me. Come on! We'll go. We'll get married in notre dame. 3DFFB89D.JPG

Dru: Okay, and I will go call pope john paul and get him to preside over the service. Would you like that?

Wes: Ha ha. Okay, fine. What we'll do is find a nice little chapel with a view of the seine. Why are you making this so difficult?

Dru: Look. Did I ever tell you you're really sexy when you get mad?

Wes: No, don't change the subject.

Wes: All right, look, here's a compromise.

Dru: Okay.

Weswewe will go, and we will be back before january 1st. That way, mr. I-want-to-be- the-daddy-again can ring in the new year with lily. Come on. That's something for everybody. 3DFFB8CD.JPG

Wes: Do you remember that little place?

Dru: Oh, yes.

Wes: That was our first date.

Dru: Not quite, honey, but I know what you remember. Mmm!

Wes: Yeah, that was some night, wasn't it?

Dru: Baby, you were on point. Uh-huh.

Wes: I was inspired. Let's do that again, baby.

Dru: We can do it right here in genoa city.

Wes: Genoa city is a nice town, but, dru, where's the romance?

Dru: You're looking at it. Look, baby, we have a lot of fun in paris, but there's no reason why we can't duplicate right...

Wes: No, no, look. I am not trying to recapture our past, not for you or for lily. I just want to go someplace that we all love. 3DFFB8FF.JPG

Dru: Mmm. Okay.

Wes: Where we can spend some time enjoying each other.

Dru: Okay. You know what? All right, all right, all right, we will go. We will go, but we have to be back by new year'S.

Wes: And we get married.

Dru: Now see? Now why you gotta ruin the moment? Now I said we would go to paris, but we're not getting married there.

Wes: Ooh, what is that? What is that I'm smelling?

Dru: It's that perfume you bought me in saint louis.

Wes: Oh. That perfume for my little troublemaker.

Dru: Oh, please, stop it.

Wes: All right, how 'bout this? 3DFFB92F.JPG

Nick: I was pretty blown away when sharon turned me down. You know, the more I thought about it, the more I realized she's right. It would be pretty irresponsible to go home and get everybody's hopes up if I'm still on the fence about my marriage.

Victoria: You know, nicholas, as hard as it is for me to deal with the woman, I know you love her very much. I know you never stopped loving her. So if diego is the only obstacle between you two, I mean, don't let it be. Those two are over. Trust me. They haven't seen each other in weeks. (Door opens)

Nick: Yeah, well...

Victor: Hello.

Nick: Hey, dad. 3DFFB957.JPG

Victoria: I have a meeting. So if this is about business, let's make it brief so I can be on my way.

J.T.: Whatever they're talking about, I wish they'd hurry up and tell us.

Colleen: I bet it's not that bad.

J.T.: How can you say that?

Colleen: Well, if they really wanted you in jail and I in boarding school, it would have happened by now, and we wouldn't be standing here.

J.T.: Pretty insane day, huh?

Colleen: Oh.Worst day of my life, until I looked up and saw you in the crowd. I cannot believe you actually came to the airport. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

J.T.: No, blue eyes, it was just me. 3DFFBA16.JPG

Colleen: There you were, right in front of me. You're so amazing.

J.T.: No, not really. I just realized I've been acting like an idiot. I couldn't let you go, knowing I lied to you, that I hurt you.

Colleen: I didn't really believe what you said to me-- you're not having feelings for me.

J.T.: Yeah, right, you didn't believe me. That's why you're heading to new york with your mom.

Colleen: Okay, maybe I believed you a little bit. Those were the worst words I've ever heard in my life.

J.T.: Colleen, you're never gonna know how sorry I am about that.

Colleen: No, it's okay. I understand now. You did it for me. 3DFFBA3F.JPG

J.T.: I just couldn't stand you being in all that trouble.

Colleen: Hey, it's not your fault. Look, I made my own decisions, and my family just can't accept that. They just don't wanna believe that you have feelings for me.

J.T.: Yeah, well, what do they know, huh?

Colleen: Exactly. I mean, if it wasn't important to you, you wouldn't have rescued me from the airport. You would have just told me the truth and let me go, but you didn'T.

J.T.: I thought I could let you go.

J.T.: Oh, damn.

Brad: Traci, I don't want to hear you say that you failed colleen. If anything, I failed her. At least you were there for her. 3DFFBA81.JPG

Traci: I shut you out of her life, brad.

Brad: I agreed to step back.

Traci: I should never have asked you to.

Brad: I was just going to help.

Traci: I think part of the reason that I wanted so desperately for her to go back with me is so that she would be closer, so that I could reach out to her and find a way to rebuild our relationship. I was so full of hope, and then when she disappeared like that at the airport, my hope went with her. It just kills me, brad, that my... sweet, beautiful child, whom I love more than anything else in the world, can't and won't talk to me. She couldn't give me two more minutes at that airport, to tell me face-to-face that she wasn't gonna get on that plane. Instead, she went running straight to you. 3DFFBAC3.JPG

Brad: Traci, she panicked. She wasn't thinking.

Traci: She can't trust her own mother. That's what she was thinking.

Brad: Trace, we did the best we could, both of us. I'm not going to let you blame yourself for everything that's going wrong in colleen's life.

Traci: This will not be easy, getting through to her, brad. Take it from me. I've tried everything.

Brad: I'm gonna give it my all--everything I've got. You have my word.

Brad: So do we have a plan? ("Hark! The herald angels sing" playing on jazz piano)

Olivia: Hi, gina.

Gina: Oh, hi, olivia. Merry christmas, almost.

Olivia: Merry christmas to you, too. 3DFFBB17.JPG

Gina: Your order should be out any minute.

Olivia: Great.

Gina: Cozy dinner for two. Who's the lucky person?

Olivia: Lily, my niece.

Gina: Oh, that's right. She's back in town with her mom.

Olivia: Yeah.

Gina: How is dru?

Olivia: Okay.

Gina: How are you?

Olivia: I'm fine.

Gina: Anyone new in your life?

Olivia: Not yet. I mean, no, not really, no.

Gina: Well, at least you've got a positive attitude. That's important.

Olivia: Well, I try.

Gina: It's half the battle when you're single, isn't it? Oh, excuse me. Busy night for takeout. Hi, how are you? 3DFFBB43.JPG

Ashley: I'm great, gina. How are you?

Gina: I'm good. I can't complain.

Ashley: This place looks absolutely beautiful.

Gina: Oh, thanks, honey. It's my yearly labor of love.

Ashley: It really shows.

Gina: If you'll excuse me, I'll go and get your orders. I'll be right back.

Olivia: Did I hear you right, that you're fine? I guess you haven't talked to your husband yet.  3DFFBC71.JPG

Victor: I asked you to come by because I wanted to discuss the company christmas party. I'd like you to both be there. And I would like it if sharon and the ilildren were there as well.

Nick: Look, dad...

Victor: Son, I can hopefully rely on you to set aside your differences long enough to make this happen, okay? It's very important that we show up there as a family. This only happens once a year.

Nick:Llll right, well, I'll get the kids, and I'll bring 'em by.

Victor: What about sharon?

Nick: I'll ask her. I'm just not making any guarantees.

Victor: I expect you to see to it that she's there as well.

Victoria: You don't think you're being a little unreasonable? 3DFFBC97.JPG

Nick: Look, we can debate this all day.

Victor: It's not open to debate. I want her to be there as well, all right?

Nick: Why are you so concerned whether sharon's there or not?

Victor: Because this is a newman enterprises party. We have to present a united front.

Victoria: Yeah, you know, nicholas, this is about appearances. To hell with everyone's feelings.

Nick: I'm not saying I won't try. I'm just not making any promises.

Victor: Don't you think this would be good for sharon as well, to get out of the house for a while? Think about the effect this will have on the children to see both their parents at the party. It would be nice. 3DFFBCB8.JPG

Nick: I don't disagree with you, but like I said, all I can do is ask her. If she doesn't want to go, I can't make her.

Victor: What about you, victoria? Can I rely on you being there?

Victoria: No. No, I won't be able to make it for reasons I'm sure you understand perfectly.

Olivia: Mmm. Silence. Apparently, I'm right.

Ashley: Think whatever you like.

Olivia: Well, if you told brad...

Ashley: I'm gonna wait by the door.

Olivia: No, don't leave on my account.

Ashley: I don't find the conversation very pleasant.

Olivia: I'm sure you're finding it as uncomfortable as hell. 3DFFBCDF.JPG

Ashley: You don't intimidate me.

Olivia: I'm not trying to.

Ashley: What you're trying to do is pry into my personal life, which isn't so personal anymore, thanks to you.

Olivia: So what's the harm in confirming what we both already know? Or you wouldn't be standing here ordering dinner like it was the most normal thing on the planet.

Ashley: If I'd blown my marriage apart, is that what you're hoping for? Of course it is.

Olivia: Think what you like.

Colleen: No matter what they say, it's gonna be okay. You know, we'll find a way to get through it.

Brad: This hasn't exactly been a real fun day for any of us. And a lot of what we've been through could have been avoided had you both acted with a little more maturity. Running off on your mother, leaving her at the airport, that was totally out of line. 3DFFBD26.JPG

Colleen: I'm so sorry, mom.

Traci: Now's not the time for apologies, colleen. We've all made a lot of mistakes. Now we just have to find a way to live with the consequences.

Colleen: So what have you decided?

Brad: If you want to be treated like a responsible young lady, you have to start acting like one. Sneaking around, running off, lying--it will not be tolerated. This is not some drama where you get to be the star, colleen.

Traci: And if you think we're kidding about this, or if you decide to ignore us, the lowood academy has agreed to hold your place there.

Colleen: Does that mean I can stay?

Traci: We've dededed to give you another chance. Please, please don't blow this. 3DFFBD5F.JPG

Colleen: Oh, my God. This is the best.

Brad: Well, hang on. We're not finished. If ash agrees to it, you'll be living here under our roof with our rules.

Colleen: Thank you. Thank you.

Brad: Well, don't thank me yet, colleen. If ash goes along with it, you may end up wishing you were back in new york.

Colleen: No way. It's gonna be a lot different this time.

Traci: Actions, not words, colleen.

Colleen: You don't veve to worry, mom, honest.

Brad: All right, it's, uh... getting late here. Why don't you go with your mom, round up your stuff at the airport and your granddad's? 3DFFBD8B.JPG

Colleen: Wait. What about J.T.?

J.T.: I figured I'd just take off.

Brad: No, I don't think so. We're gonna have a little chat, J.T.

Colleen: No, dad, please.

Brad: Colleen, go with your mother right now.

J.T.: Look, I know you're not too happy with me right now. (Door closes)

Brad: That, J.T., Would be an understatement.

Ashley: I already think the worst, olivia.

Olivia: Well, that's really unfortunate.

Ashley: Isn't it, though?

Olivia: You haven't told brad the truth about abby.

Ashley: I haven't had a chance. Are you all right with that?

Olivia: You haven't had a chance?

Ashley: A family situation came up regarding his daughter colleen, okay?

Olivia: What did happen with colleen?

Ashley: What do you care? You don't even know her. 3DFFBE9F.JPG

Olivia: Well, the reason I'm asking is because...

Ashley: Is because you and brad are so close, right? Just get over it.

Olivia: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Ashley: Quite honestly, I don't care.

Olivia: Oh, I think you do.

Ashley: No, I don'T. Would you like to know why? Because whatever happened between you and brad while I was sick as a dog is over. In fact, it never began. Those were brad's words when I confronted him. He didn't tell me about it because it was meaningless.

Olivia: Meaningless?

Ashley: Uh-huh. Believe it, because I do. Even though your loudmouth sister would like to think that brad's gonna go running into your arms when I tell him the truth, I know better. 3DFFBEC5.JPG

Olivia: He's going to be devastated. Do you understand? When he finds out that the child that he adores has been fathered by the man...

Ashley: Shh!

Olivia: ...He despises, and that you've kept it from him for years, he's gonna need comfort and support, and that's what I know.

Ashley: Oh, that's where you come in? There's olivia waiting and waiting and waiting. Poor olivia. Nothing better to do thth her poor little life.

Olivia: You know what? I've got a news flash for you. Are you ready for it? I'm already comforting him and supporting him, and you don't even have a clue about it. 3DFFBEE1.JPG

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Olivia: Why do you think I'm asking about colleen? Because brad came over to my home earlier this morning and told me he had to say good-bye to her and how upset he'd be. That's right. I didn't invite him over there, but I welcomed him because I knew he needed me, and he knew I'd be there for him. Oh, well, I guess your husband didn't bother to tell you about thatbut then again, why would he? After all, I'm just so meaningless.

Victor: Son, will you try to make your family come?

Nick: I'll head out to the ranch. We'll see you at thearty.

Victor: I appreciate it. 3DFFBF1A.JPG

Victor: Sounds like you haven't made up your mind.

Victoria: Yeah, I have.

Victor: Sweetheart, you're the division president. The entire staff of your division is coming. They're coming with their families. They'll all want to meet you. What impression would it make if you don't show up?

Victoria: Well, I guess you'll just have to make excuses for me, save face-- since that'shat I'm hearing is most important to you.

Victor: You're not hearing me at all.

Victoria: Now you know how it feels.

Brad: You're an adult, J.T., So I'm not gonna pull any punches. You're still in a hell of a lot of trouble. 3DFFBF4A.JPG

J.T.: I realize that.

Brad: I hope you do. You're not in jail tonight, but the charges are still pending.

J.T.: Are they gonna be dropped?

Brad: That's up to her mother. Whatever she decides, I'll support her. Do you understand?

J.T.: Yes, sir.

Brad: J.T., You so much as lay one finger on my daughter...

J.T.: Look, I haven'T. I swear to you, not once.

Brad: I want you to do what's right for colleen, J.T. You do wanna do what's right, don't you?

J.T.: Of course I do.

Brad: Then you'll stay away from her. She's 15 years old. She has a lot of life to experience before she gets serious with a boy-- any boy. Anks for let-ting dougie 3DFFC03D.JPG

J.T.: Look, mr. Carlton, I don't know what you're thinking, but never once have I done something with colleen that I'm ashamed of.

Brad: Given your reputation, J.T...

J.T.: That's why you won't give me a chance, isn't it?

Brad: I don't care if you're prince charming. You're 18.

J.T.: That makes us all wrong for each other.

Brad: Now you're getting it. If you're sincere about wanting what's best for colleen, then you'll give her some space, a lot of space. Let her get her life back on track. But you're not gonna do that, are you? Don't bother answering.

Brad: I want you to promise me something. 3DFFC06E.JPG

J.T.: What's that?

Brad: I want you to give me two weeks... two weeks to let colleen get settled back in here with my family and me. She needs that. My wife and I need it. That's what I want from you-- a 2-week break from this relationship. Can you handle that, J.T.?

J.T.: Sounds like you're telling me I have to.

Brad: Well, I'm glad we understand ea o other. I don't want to see you. I don't wanna hear from you. I don't care how much colleen begs. (Door closes)

Ashley: You know, you're right about one thing. Brad will be devastated, thanks to you and your sister.

Olivia: No, no, no. You made sure of that when you decided to lie to him. 3DFFC0B7.JPG

Ashley: Just save it, olivia. If anybody knows about lying and hiding the truth, it's you. And just for the record, if brad does have to come to you as a friend for support, I hope you can find the integrity to encourage him to stay with his wife and little girl.

Olivia: Oh, now I have integrity. How convenient.

Ashley: So what does that mean, that all bets e e off? Is that what that means?

Gina: Excuse me. Your orders are ready.

Olivia: No problem, gina.

Ashley: How much do I owe you?

Gina: This is on the house. Peace on earth, ladies.

Victor: I've heard you loud and clear.

Victoria: Why don't I feel that? Don't even answer it. I don't wanna get into some big argument with you. 3DFFC101.JPG

Victor: I would like you to be there tonight.

Victoria: Well, I'm sorry, but I can't do it, not unless...

Victor: Unless what?

Victoria: You don't want to hear it, so why are we even getting into this?

Victor: No, tell me. What is it?

Victoria: I can't go unless I bring diego with me.

Victor: You know I can't allow that.

Victoria: I know. So I'm sure the party will be just fine without me.

Victor: You're my daughter. You're one of the key executives of the company.

Victoria: Look, even if you were to change your mind and say it was okay for me to bring diego, I couldn't bring him because it wouldn't be fair to nicholas and sharon. 3DFFC137.JPG

Victor: I realize that.

Victoria: I wish you realized a few other things.

Victor: Sweetheart...

Victoria: No, I gotta go. I mean, diego's being released from the hospital today, and I need to be there for him.

Victor: I need you, too, you know.

Victoria: I'm sorry, dad.

Victoria: Look, we probably won't be seeing each other over the holidays, so, um... merry christmas.

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