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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/4/02 -- Canada; Thursday 12/5/02 -- USA


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Olivia: Are you absolutely sure?

Ashley: Drucilla told me herself.

Olivia: She told you she watched the tape?

Ashley: Yes.

Olivia: She knows?

Ashley: Drucilla knows Abby's Father, yes. I hope you're satisfied.

Olivia: I didn't want this to happen?

Ashley: I told her she has a lot of power to destroy people's lives.

Drucilla: You told my our conversations are confidential. 3DEE9051.JPG

Wesley: I didn't tell Ashley you knew anything.

Drucilla: Something must have made her suspicious or someone.

Wesley: She figured out I knew what was on the tape.

Drucilla: What did you tell her?

Wesley: Nothing. I danced around it.

Drucilla: I can't believe I was so stupid.

Wesley: I don't get it. Ashley knows, so what. Why does that make you so upset? Maybe I can guess. You wanted to keep this piece of information. Your own little bomb you could drop whenever you got the notion.

Colleen: You don't mean that.

J.T.: Yes, I do. It's over. You will get on the phone and call your mom and get her to pick you up. I have to get you out of this hole. I can't stand the thought of you being here. 3DEE908B.JPG

Colleen: So you're breaking up with me?

J.T.: The only thing that matters is you getting out of here.

Colleen: Even if I have to go to New York.

J.T.: It's better than this.

Colleen: Us not seeing each other again? That's not better.

J.T.: We don't have a chance. If we fight we lose. There's too much against us, your mom, the dad, the police, even our friends.

Colleen: I don't care if the whole world is against us. We have to stay together. We love each other.

Frederick: You think they'll feel comfortable meeting us at the cabin? 3DEE90DE.JPG

Anita: We're not bumpkins. Their son is a bad influence on our daughter. We have to talk to them about that. Would you please make the phone call.

Frederick: Yeah, you're right. This has to be done. Eleanor, would you get me information please?

Olivia: I can't argue with that.

Ashley: She thinks the best situation. She believes if she destroys my marriage Brad will make a beeline to you.

Olivia: But you don't think so. I don't want to argue with you.

Ashley: I don't want to argue with you either. I thought about what you said and it's possible you're right. 3DEE910E.JPG

Olivia: Meaning you should have told Brad in the first place.

Ashley: The point is I didn't. Can you stop your sister?

Olivia: I don't know.

Ashley: That's not good enough. Do you understand how angry this makes me how and if Brad knew this information is my call.

Olivia: You want me to promise --

Ashley: Now I have to tell him everything and I'll have to do it tonight.

3DEE91F7.JPGJohn: Hello, sweetheart.

Traci: Hi, Daddy. How was your day?

John: Interesting to say the least. Did you see Colleen?

Traci: Brad saw her earlier.

John: How did it go?

Traci: She's still refusing to come to New York with me. I'm through letting that girl call the shots. I made a decision.

John: What are you talking about?

Traci: I'm going to talk to my attorney. I'm sure they can force the police to hand Colleen over to me. Colleen is out of control. She needs to be put some place where she can be monitored around the clock, a place with strict rules and supervision.

John: How does Bradley feel about that? 3DEE922C.JPG

Traci: He disagrees. He feels it's a bad idea to uproot Colleen. He promises to keep a close eye on her if I leave her here.

John: You don't believe her?

Traci: We tried leaving her here. Look what happened.

John: You're referring to J.T.

Traci: That young man is very bad news. I don't want him hanging around my daughter. I know you agree.

John: Actually, I'm not sure I do.

J.T.: Have I ever said that to you?

Colleen: What?

J.T.: That I love you? Have I ever said that to you?

Colleen: You didn't have to. I can feel it. The way you look at me and when you smile. I didn't fall in love on my own. This isn't some high school crush. We fell in love together and I am as certain about that -- 3DEE9267.JPG

J.T.: No, no.

Colleen: You don't feel the same way? I don't believe you.

J.T.: You're going to New York.

Colleen: Not without you.

J.T.: You're getting as far away from me as possible. I'm poison to you, Colleen. I messed you up so bad. Look what's happened to you. You still have a chance for a life. You're in high school. Get on the damn phone and call your mom.

Colleen: I would never forget you. And you would never forget me.

J.T.: Watch me. Watch me. I'm going to walk o of here. You know what I'm going to do? 3DEE929D.JPG

Colleen: What?

J.T.: I didn't want to tell you this but I'm going to a party, so I can't be hanging around here.

Colleen: A party? Where?

J.T.: One of the sororities. You know that girl you saw me with at the coffee house? Well, we're sort of getting to know each other. I didn't want to lay this on you, but I'm done, Colleen. I'm through with this. Forget me, okay? You're already forgotten.

Wesley: Haven't you learned your lesson, Drucilla?

Drucilla: What lesson?

Wesley: That whole episode with the tape where you lost your mind and send a copy of it to Brad. With sheer luck we retrieved it before he watched the thing.

Drucilla: We're beating a dead horse.

Wesley: There is nothing with this that concerns you. 3DEE92D5.JPG

Drucilla: My sister concerns me.

Wesley: It's not your problem.

Drucilla: What if I you I won't.

Wesley: I told you how I feel about it. You want to let me down, fine. If you decide to stir u this hornets' nest, I hope you're ready because the person caught in the middle of it will be your sister. Do you even care about Olivia? Because if you do, you will drop this right now before a whole lot of lives get ruined.

Drucilla: I'm sorry, Wes, but there's a lot at stake here. If I have to, I will use this tape. I can promise you that.

Colleen: You're lying to me. 3DEE941C.JPG

J.T.: You're right, I am. I have been. What did you expect, kid? I'm J.T. You have to know what that means.

Colleen: Things were nice in the park and --

J.T.: Forget about that. You were nothing but an egotrip.

Colleen: An egotrip?

J.T.: You're going to find somebody too. Did you think this would last forever?

Colleen: Yes.

J.T.: Well, sorry, but it didn't. Cut your losses. Get on the damn phone and call your mom. Don't think I'm going to change my mind, 'cause I'm not. Good luck, kid. It's been fun. 3DEE9446.JPG

Colleen: J.T., don't leave. Don't leave me like this. Look at me. Look at me! You really don't love me? You don't even care.

J.T.: Sorry, Colleen. Have a good life.

Colleen: J.T.

Traci: What do you mean you're not sure?

John: Traci, please listen to me.

Traci: You think it's perfectly okay for Colleen to be infatuated with J.T.?

John: I am not thrilled with them seeing one another.

Traci: But?

John: I have to wonder, what if they're telling us the truth? What if their relationship is nothing more than friendship with a crush on Colleen's part? 3DEE9484.JPG

Traci: You have to trust me on this. Colleen would not run away from home over a crush. Daddy, she's in love with him.

John: She thinks she's in love with him. Pressing charges against the young man isn't the answer.

Traci: There's something I should tell you.

John: What?

Traci: I talked to J.T. earlier. I told him I would have the charges dropped on one condition, he convince Colleen to come to New York with me. Don't tell me I'm out of line.

John: You already alienated the man but to blackmail him like this?

Traci: I'm at the end of my rope. I'm going back to New York. Whether Colleen likes it orbit, Colleen is going back with me. It would be much easier if I didn't have to drag her kicking and screaming. 3DEE94BB.JPG

John: I will ask you again. What if we're wrong? What if the things between the two them are perfectly innocent? Your plan could backfire and Traci, severely damage your relationship with Colleen.

Traci: That's the risk I have to take. The most important thing is getting my daughter far away from J.T. Halstrom before she makes a mistake that will haunt her the rest of her life.

Anita: Hello.

Frederick: Glad you could join us.

Anita: It was Frederick's idea. It was good for the four of us to get together, get to know one another better.

Looking good, ladies.

J.T.: Whatever you're going to say, I'm not interested. 3DEE9543.JPG

Brittany: Heard you spent the night in jail.

J.T.: Word travels around fast.

Brittany: Thought you would strut around like a peacock.

J.T.: Why's that?

Brittany: It will help your tough guy image. I'm sure Colleen is impressed.

J.T.: Real impressed.

Brittany: I am so glad she's out of our apartment. It was getting way too odd.

J.T.: I'm glad I could make your life easier, Brittany.

Drucilla: Aren't you going to say anything? Why are you looking at me like that? 3DEE961F.JPG

Olivia: When did you watch that tape?

Drucilla: So you know.

Olivia: Yes, I know and I'm furious with you! Where do you get off? Ashley gave me that tape. Did you snoop through my things until you found it and watched it? What were you thinking?

Drucilla: I was thinking of you. I knew something was troubling you.

Olivia: You thought you would find some answers on that tape.

Drucilla: Victor Newman --

Olivia: Don't mention that name. You breathe one -- and I mean one word of this to Brad and I swear to God I will never forgive you.

Drucilla: She treats you like dirt. 3DEE9651.JPG

Olivia: That's not the point.

Drucilla: You love Brad Carlton.

Olivia: He's married!

Drucilla: To a liar, it makes me sick. Do you think what she did was right? Do you, Liv?

Olivia: No.

Drucilla: How can you stand by and do nothing?

Olivia: I told her how I felt. Crew drew --

Drucilla: A lot of good that did.

Olivia: She will tell him the truth.

Drucilla: When did she decide to come clean?

Olivia: Because of you. She doesn't trust you. She wants to get it out in the open before you open your big mouth. 3DEE967C.JPG

Drucilla: Do you think she will follow through.

Olivia: According to Ashley you left her no choice so please let her tell him! And after that --

Drucilla: After that what? You were getting ready to tell me something. Then Brad will be able to make his own decision. Is that what you were thinking?

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Hey, hi, honey. You're late.

Ashley: I stopped by to see Olivia on my way home.

Brad: How'd that go?

Ashley: She wasn't there. I stopped to see Drucilla.

Brad: Why? What's wrong?

Ashley: Something I need to tell you. Something I should have told you a long time ago. 3DEE96E2.JPG

Brad: What is it?

Ashley: It's about Abby.

Brad: She's okay, isn't she?

Ashley: She's not sick. It's about her biological Father.

Brad: What about him?

Ashley: I told you he would never be a factor in our lives and as far as Abby is concerned he won't. I promise you that.

Brad: Okay. Ash, I'm not following you. Did he find out Abby is his daughter?

Ashley: I think the time has come. Brad, this is so hard for me.

Brad: Honey, whatever it is, you can tell me.

Ashley: It's Victor.

Brad: I don't think I heard you right.

Ashley: Abby's natural Father is Victor. 3DEE9727.JPG

Brad: Victor Newman? How could you not tell me this?

Ashley: I didn't think it mattered.

Brad: You didn't think -- how could you not think that it would matter? For God's sake, Victor? Of all people in the world? You didn't think that would make a difference?

Ashley: I understand you're angry. It doesn't change anything. Not really. It doesn't change the way you feel about that baby girl. It doesn't change the way she feels about her. She's --

Brad: Don't tell me it doesn't make a difference and doesn't change anything! It changes everything! Do you hear me?! It changes absolutely everything! Everything! 3DEE9769.JPG

[Ashley comes out of a day dream]

Ashley: I have to do it. Oh, please help me, God. I have to tell him.

Anita: What is everyone having?

I'm still deciding.

Anita: They have a peppercorn steak. It's wonderful.

Frederick: Anita, I think our friends can navigate the menu themselves.

Anita: Just trying to help. How is Raul doing?

He's finished with his physical therapy and the doctors are optimistic there won't be any permanent damage from the accident.

Anita: What a scare the two of you must have had.

Frederick: We still feel terrible about it. If there was any way we could spare you that nightmare.

It's all behind us now. 3DEE97A6.JPG

Frederick: We're grateful to you.


Frederick: You both were very angry. We understand that. Things were said. In the end you were very reasonable and didn't make matters worse than they already were.

You mean by suing you.

Anita: I think what Frederick was trying to say, we're glad you allowed us to pay Raul's medical bills.

And if he has problems in the future?

Anita: What kind of problems?

Problems with his back. Will you still pay his medical bills?

Frederick: Mrs. Gutiurrez --

Please call me Adelea.

Frederick: Adelea, we will always feel a responsibility. Those kids of ours they keep things interesting. This new arrangement of theirs. 3DEE97E8.JPG

What arrangement?

Anita: You mean, you don't know? 

Brittany: Your sweetie is in pretty big trouble. I warned you getting involved in a kid that young. 3DEE9912.JPG

J.T.: Don't talk to me about Colleen. You have no clue about us.

Brittany: I'm sorry, J.T.

J.T.: I have to go.

Brittany: Please, just at this time down. Tell me what's going on. Is this about the arrest? Did it really shake you up?

J.T.: A little bit.

Brittany: Was Colleen arrested too?

J.T.: No.

Brittany: Whatever it is it has to do with her.

J.T.: I blew her off.

Brittany: Colleen?

J.T.: Yes, Colleen.

Brittany: If you ask me, you should have done that a long time ago.

J.T.: I'm not asking you so shut up.

Brittany: Whoa, J.T.

J.T.: Leave me alone. 3DEE994A.JPG

Brittany: You're really hurting.

J.T.: I don't need your sympathy!

Brittany: You're going to start crying.

J.T.: The Hell I am.

Brittany: I take it didn't go so well will Colleen.

J.T.: It went great. The part where her heart was breaking. That was definitely the best part.

(Phone ringing)

Traci: Hello. Hello, is anyone there?

Colleen: Hi, Mom.

Traci: How are you?

Colleen: Not so good. Do you still want me to go back to New York?

Traci: Yes, I do. I want that very much.

Colleen: Then you can come get me. I'm ready.


Brad: Hey, you're home.

Ashley: Hey. What's all this?

Brad: You like it?

Ashley: It's beautiful.

Brad: Don't give me too much credit. It's a little self-serving.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Brad: I talked to Traci today. And she's adamant about taking Colleen back to New York with her. I told her I didn't think it was wise, but she wouldn't budge.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Brad: Thanks, hon. All I wanted to do was see my gorgeous wife. I knew when you walked through that door I would feel better and I do.

Ashley: Tell me why you've done all this. 3DEE99DC.JPG

Brad: I just felt the need to show you how much you mean to me.

Ashley: Brad.

Brad: Every time we hit a bump in the road with Colleen, it makes me realize how lucky I am to have Abby in my life. The opportunity to raise that little girl. Mould and nurture her, help her become the woman she's going to be. It's a wonderful and terrifying thing.

Ashley: She couldn't hope for a more wonderful Father than you.

Brad: That's true all because of you.

Ashley: Why because of me?

Brad: Because you're my partner, the person I am in sync with every day. When I think of what the future holds for us, watching Abby grow and become a beautiful woman like her mom, I can't tell you what that means to me. You mean everything to me, Ash. You and Abby, you're my world.

3DEE9B19.JPGBrittany: You don't have to play macho with me.

J.T.: Give it a rest, Brittany.

Brittany: I never thought this day would come, you and me talking about love. It's funny, isn't it.

J.T.: Speak for yourself.

Brittany: Can you not be so sensitive for a minute?

J.T.: Things with Colleen got a little out of hand.

Brittany: What happened? J.T., her mom came back in town. She wanted to take Colleen back to New York, okay?

J.T.: She say she'd get the police to drop the charges if I could get Colleen to go back with her.

Brittany: That's why you broke up with her.

J.T.: Yeah. 3DEE9B4B.JPG

Brittany: You didn't tell Colleen that, did you?

J.T.: No, although it would have been a Hell of a lot easier.

Brittany: What did you say to her?

J.T.: I convinced her I was all wrong for her. She was talking this garbage of sticking it out in thick and thin. I had to get rough with her. I told her I moved on to greener past yours and so should -- parents and so should she.

Brittany: Just like that?

J.T.: Yeah.

Brittany: Admit it already. You have feelings for her, maybe for the first time in your life.

J.T.: Yeah, right.

Brittany: You have been out with a lot of girls and you have broken up with a lot of girls. When has it ever affected you like this? 3DEE9B83.JPG

Raul: Hey, guys.

Brittany: Hi.

Raul: What's going on?

Brittany: We were just chatting. About stuff.

J.T.: Look, I've got to go.

Brittany: J.T., hang in there. If you after need to talk.

J.T.: Don't worry about me. I'll be cool.

Raul: What's up with him?

Brittany: Looks like Colleen is going back to New York.

Raul: That relationship will cause nothing but problems sooner or later.

Brittany: Enough about J.T. How's your brother doing?

Raul: Thank God Victoria called me when she did.

3DEE9BC5.JPGBrittany: Do your parents know?

Raul: I tried to get a hold of them all day. I don't know where they are. While we're on the subject of parents.

Brittany: What?

Raul: I was thinking about the threat your dad made about calling my folks. You don't think he will actually go through with it, do you?

If something is going on with our son that we should be aware of --

Please tell us.

Anita: Raul is not living at home, correct?

He's staying with his friend grant.

Anita: That's what he told you?

Frederick: Raul and Brittany moved in together.

That's not possible.

Anita: Sorry, it's true.

Our son would never do such a thing.

I can't believe this. Has Raul said anything to you?

Nothing. 3DEE9BFC.JPG

Frederick: We thought you knew.

What is Raul thinking? This is not how we raised him.

Anita: Brittany says they're still in love. We tried to get her to listen to reason, she's making a huge mistake.

Excuse me. You think your daughter is making a mistake?

Anita: Yes, of course.

3DEE9C43.JPGHow exactly --

Frederick: Wait a minute, don't take this the wrong way.

Please tell your wife to explain what she means.

Anita: Your son is a delightful young man and Brittany is a wonderful, young woman. I think the four of us agree they don't belong together.

You're saying our son doesn't belong with an irresponsible, selfish, undisciplined girl, I agree.

Brittany: Does it really matter if my dad calls your parents?

Raul: Yes, it does. I haven't told them we're living together.

Brittany: They still think you're living at grant's?

Raul: I'll hear "you're living with the girl that almost killed you? What were you thinking, Mijo." What's wrong?

Brittany: I wonder if there's a reason you didn't tell your parents.

Raul: Like what?

Brittany: Maybe you're ashamed or something.

Raul: I am not ashamed, Brit. Yeah, I have been trying to postpone the explosion, but I have no second thoughts. You? 3DEE9D07.JPG

Brittany: That little apartment takes some getting used to. Now Colleen's gone, it's just the two of us. I've never been happier.

Raul: Speaking of Colleen, do you think we could get off the hook for thing her? I thought maybe he would use it as an opportunity to teach us a lesson.

Brittany: Whether he sees it as a good lesson or not, he won't expose himself to any negative publicity. My dad was enough.

Raul: I wish they wouldn't give us so much flak. At if we talked to them, like all four of them together?

Brittany: Look, that's a nice thought. But your parents and my parents at the same table? I don't even want to imagine what that would be like.

3DEE9D4C.JPGAnita: Adelea, you have to backwards. I resent the fact this woman is suggesting Brittany isn't good enough for their son.

She's not.

Frederick: Adelea, please.

I will not be quiet. This is insulting. Why did you invite us to dinner so we would tell our son to keep his hands off your princessa? Your daughter almost killed hip.

Anita: Now they're living in a rat infested dump.

This isn't working.

They think it's better than us.

It's not that.

I think we should go.

Anita: I'm not going to stop them.

My son is a fine, young man that's never hurt anyone or done anything outside the law, unlike your daughter. 3DEE9D7E.JPG

Anita: Is that so. Perhaps you would be interested in knowing that your upstanding son provided shelter for a rub-away.

What are you talking about?

Anita: That's right. He has an under-age girl living there at their invitation. The police know a about it, and belief me, they're not happy.

Frederick: That went well.

Ashley: Honey, where's Abby?

Brad: I called Francis. I told her we would be over a little later than usual to pick up our little girl. I need to be alone with you, Ash. I need to be with my wife. I need to feel your arms around me. I need peace, comfort, the sanity you bring to my life. 3DEE9DC8.JPG

Ashley: I need that too. I need that too more than you know.

Brad: Honey, what is it?

Ashley: I'm okay.

Brad: No, you're not. You're upset.

Ashley: I just love you so much, honey. I wish we could share this for the rest of our lives. If only that were possible.

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