Y&R Transcript Monday 11/25/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 11/25/02


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Where's -- bring Mrs. Abbott.

Phyllis: Better eat up before it gets cold. Oh, my God, it's ewe.

Hey, you don't sound happy to see me.

Phyllis: Where'd you get that idea?

I never thought we'd get stuck in a place like this. It's too disturbing. I thought you might need someone to talk to. 3DE2B32B.JPG

Phyllis: What are you staring at? I know what you're thinking. You should because it's me. I'm wondering if it's a good idea.

It was brilliant.

Phyllis: I'm not so sure.

Your husband is sleeping with another woman, Phyllis. Not just any woman, Diane Jenkins.

Phyllis: He's doing it to get me out of here.


Phyllis: I don't want to talk about this, okay? I want to put it out of my mind.

Whatever you say, Phyllis.

(Knock on door)

Neil: Yeah.

Wesley: Looking sharp, winters.

Neil: Thank you.

Wesley: What's the occasion?

Neil: I have a meeting with my old company, Newman Enterprises.

Wesley: For a job.

Neil: Yeah, for a job. 3DE2B392.JPG

Wesley: That's great, man. Good luck, really.

Neil: Thank you. Is there something I can help you with?

Wesley: Can I come in?

Neil: I'm running a little short on time right now.

Wesley: I promise, I won't take long.

Neil: Hurry up, then. I think I can guess what you're doing here.

Wesley: I'm sure you can.

Neil: You want to talk about what happened last night.

Wesley: I think we should.

Neil: You're a good guy. There's no reason we can't get along as long as you remember who's Lily's Daddy.

Wesley: Dru told me it was your idea to have her and Lily live here so your daughter can have her whole family under one roof again. I applaud that idea. 3DE2B3CA.JPG

Neil: You do?

Wesley: I can totally understand where you're coming from.

Neil: It's all about Lily, what she needs to get by.

Wesley: That's not exactly what I meant, Neil. When I said I understood where you're coming from, I was talking about school, the job. It all fits right in.

Neil: It all fits in with what?

Wesley: The real reason you want Dru and Lily to stay here. You're still in love with your ex-wife.

Drucilla: Yeah, okay. What about the job? You mean to tell me you didn't find me a gig in all this time, Sid? A car show in Chicago? What are you crazy?!

(Doorbell sounding)

Drucilla: I gotta go. You better find me a gig and a good one. Oh, hi, Aunt Mamie. 3DE2B428.JPG

Mamie: You don't seem happy to see me.

Drucilla: I am, I am.

Mamie: You all right?

Drucilla: I just talked to my agent. Did Lily get to school okay? You're going to spoil that girl rotten.

Mamie: That's my job, isn't it. Besides while you were in Europe, I missed her. I have a lot of time to make up for.

Drucilla: I was wondering, did Lily say anything to you about her new school? Okay. She can, -- she did, didn't she?

Victoria: Hey, Cody.

Cody: Hey, Victoria. What can I get for you?

Victoria: Nothing. Have you seen Diego? How about yesterday? 3DE2B46A.JPG

Cody: Nope. Have you been looking for him since a couple nights ago?

Victoria: Take a couple seconds and think. Has anybody said anything about him, a customer, anyone, maybe saw him some place?

Cody: No. Sorry.

Victoria: If you hear from him or you see him, I don't care what time it is just call me, okay?

Cody: You got it.

Nicholas: Hey.

Victoria: Hey.

Nicholas: You look like you need about 20 hours' sleep.

Victoria: I do.

Neil: You think I'm still in love with Drucilla.

Wesley: I think it's pretty obvious.

Neil: It's not the reason I asked to move in here. 3DE2B565.JPG

Wesley: I'm sure your daughter has something to do with it too. I have no doubt you want what's best for her. Hey, get your whole family back in the process, even better, right?

Neil: Funny. I don't sense any commitment to Dru on your part.

Wesley: I can assure you I'm very committed to Dru. In fact, I've asked her to marry me.

Neil: Really.

Wesley: No congratulations?

Neil: She didn't say yes, can she?-- Did she?

Wesley: She didn't say no either.

Neil: It seems to me the ultimate act of desperation.

Wesley: It's not. Don't worry. I'm not trying to replace you, Neil. That's why I didn't ask Dru to go back to Paris. I think it's a good idea for Lily to stay in Genoa City so you two can get to know each other better. 3DE2B5A5.JPG

Neil: Right. And you expect me to thank you?

Wesley: No. I'll say this. There's only room in Dru's heart for one man. That man is me.

Neil: That remains to be seen. Let the chips fall where they may. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment. Show yourself out.

Wesley: Oh, good luck with that job interview.

Diane: That shower felt incredible. Too bad you didn't join me.

Jack: Maybe next time.

Diane: What do you want to do for breakfast? We could order room service or I can pick up Kyle and go out just the three of us. Jack? Come on, hand some. Let's get the show on the road. 3DE2B609.JPG

Jack: Don't you want to put your cast on?

Diane: I will later. What are you doing? Jack, what's gotten in to you?

Jack: You know what I think we need to start this day?

Diane: What?

Jack: A little dance.

Phyllis: Okay, listen. There's no point dwelling on what Jack did or didn't do with Diane.

Kind of hard not to, isn't it.

Phyllis: You're not being a help.

Come on, Phyllis. You think Diane is going to tell Jack something useful?

Phyllis: It's our ohm hope.

Okay. Well, if you ask me, you're taking one huge risk, Phyllis. I mean some might say Diane Jenkins is a beautiful, beautiful woman and Jack is a hot-blooded man. 3DE2B668.JPG

Phyllis: He's playing a role.

Okay. So you don't think when he's feeling his way over Diane's perfect skin, running his hair over Diane's curves that he's not going to feel something? All that loving and stroking and caressing?

Phyllis: Stop it! He hates her.

They have a bond, Phyllis. They share a child. And look at you. You're going to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Phyllis: That's what we're trying to prevent, don't you understand?

Okay. I understand. If this doesn't work, you will go to plan "B". Oh, I forgot. You don't have a plan "b".

3DE2B7A3.JPGNicholas: I guess I really shouldn't be surprised.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Nicholas: Any time you have a problem it's someone’s fault. I'm glad Dad's your latest target and not me.

Victoria: You know, Nicholas, you may not have done the dirty work but you were definitely part of this.

Nicholas: I'm sick and tired of this. You made your choices. You don't like how your family is reacting? Tough. It was your decision to stay with Diego. I'm tired of it.

Victoria: I don't know what you're talking about.

Nicholas: You're blowing off everything and everyone for this jerk. You didn't show up for work. Diego has no job, no money. All he does is lie around in bed with his rich girlfriend. 3DE2B7D5.JPG

Victoria: Shut up.

Nicholas: That's a sweet deal.

Victoria: Shut the Hell up. Diego's gone, Nicholas. Are you happy now? He's gone!

Mamie: Walnut grove academy is an excellent school but Lily is having difficulty adjusting there. There are other options. I hear the public high school is very good.

Drucilla: It ain't gonna happen, Aunt Mamie?

Mamie: Why are you so adamant about it?

Drucilla: It's Neil that's adamant.

Mamie: Neil?

Drucilla: He wants to play a bigger role in Lily's wife. He wants her to stay put.

Mamie: I'm all for Neil being more involved with his daughter. It sounds like he's more interested in making an impression than doing what's best for Lily. 3DE2B812.JPG

Drucilla: Aunt Mamie, please, it is handled. Please.

Mamie: You will let Neil call all the shots.

Drucilla: I think he's right. He's encouraging Lily to make friends.

Mamie: As long as he's not too rough on her.

Drucilla: He's not.

Mamie: Since we're talking about Neil, how does he feel about that new friend of yours?

Drucilla: I think you're talking about Wesley.

Mamie: That man is a little sweet on you.

Drucilla: Oh, he's more than a little sweet on me.

Mamie: Oh?

Drucilla: Yeah. He asked me to marry him.

Victor: Yes. Send him in. 3DE2B854.JPG

Neil: Victor.

Victor: Neil. Nice to see you.

Neil: It's good to see you too.

Victor: How you doing?

Neil: I'm doing great. Pulling my life together.

Victor: Glad to hear that. I often wondered how you were doing.

Neil: Thanks, Victor, that means a lot to me.

Victor: You said you had something important to discuss?

Neil: Yes, I do.

Victor: What is it about?

Neil: I'm ready to start working again. I'm here.

3DE2B903.JPGNicholas: What do you mean Diego's gone?

Victoria: He left.

Nicholas: Where'd he go?

Victoria: I don't know.

Nicholas: This doesn't make sense. Diego won’t just leave.

Victoria: He would if Dad paid him. Dad gave him $100,000 if he didn't show his face in Genoa City again.

Nicholas: I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Victoria: You know, save it. I know you wanted him gone for months.

Nicholas: Well, yeah but I never wanted --

Victoria: What? Just don't pretend that you're not thrilled that Dad pulled this stunt. 3DE2B936.JPG

Nicholas: The way I feel about Diego hasn't changed. Yes, I want that punk out of your life. I never wanted you to get hurt. The guy should have had the decency to say something before he left.

Victoria: Well, I don't know that he left.

Nicholas: You just said --

Victoria: I know what I said. I can't believe he would walk out on me. Money or no money, I can't believe he would do that.

3DE2B96A.JPGNicholas: When's the last time you talked to him?

Victoria: A couple of days. I'm sure he's just hiding out somewhere. He's thinking. I'm sure Dad scared the Hell out of him. Once he calms down he'll come back. I know he will.

Nicholas: Yeah, maybe.

Victoria: I've got to go.

Diane: This feels so goo

Jack: I wish this could go on forever. Unfortunately I have a phone call to make.

Diane: Where are you going?

Jack: I have to call the office to see what's going on this morning.

Diane: If I'm free, does that mean you get to play hooky with Kyle and me?

Jack: Abbott's office. Anything on deck?

You're all clear. Sleep for an extra hour.

Jack: There's no way I can get out of this?

Mr. Abbott, what are you talking about?

Jack: Okay. Okay. I'll be in.

Diane: You have to go? 3DE2B9BA.JPG

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: There will be plenty more in our future.

Jack: I hope so.

Diane: Call me.

Phyllis: You know, I don't need this. If you're going to pop up everywhere, at least be encouraging.

Being realistic is the best way to protect yourself, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Even if something happened between them, I can handle this, okay? I know what to do. I will just put this out of my mind like something unpleasant that you put behind you.

Unpleasant for you maybe. But what if it wasn't unpleasant for Jack?

Phyllis: Listen, we -- I don't even know if anything happened. 3DE2B9F2.JPG

Come on. Phyllis, wake up! Diane is far too manipulative and way too skilled, and we both know how badly she wants Jack.

Phyllis: Stop it! Shut up! Shut up!

Is there a problem?

Phyllis: Yes, I'm in jail.

Keep it down, okay?

Phyllis, Phyllis, listen to me. I'm only trying to help. If Jack made love to Diane, he may have already fallen into her trap.

Victor: So you're asking me to hire you back.

Neil: I notice you're not jumping up and down at the area. 3DE2BB59.JPG

Victor: Are you aware of the confusion you created when you left?

Neil: Victor, I can't apologize enough for the way I left you hanging.

Victor: Left me hanging is putting it mildly, Neil. You were my executive vice president. When you left, you created a void, one that was difficult to fill.

Neil: I'm aware of that.

Victor: Difficult but not impossible.

Neil: I realize my duties have been re-assigned. I want to make it clear that I'm not expecting or asking for my old job back, not right away.

Victor: What do you have in mind?

Neil: I've written down some thoughts about how I feel I can make a strong contribution to this company, if you care to take a look. You'll notice in looking at the pages that you'd be using me in a trouble-shooting capacity initially. 3DE2BBA7.JPG

Victor: So you obviously have given this a great deal of thought.

Neil: A great deal of thought.

Victor: What I can see from this outline, a position that you're suggesting could form a valuable part of the team.

Neil: I'm glad you agree.

Victor: However, to be honest with you, Neil, I do have reservations about hiring you back. 3DE2BBEB.JPG

Neil: I know that I let you down.

Victor: Not only once.

Neil: If it matters to you, I also let myself down. I can understand why you're so reluctant to give me another shot. Victor, I'm asking you to hear me out before you make your decision. If you don't, you might regret it.

Mamie: Wesley, asked you to marry him.

Drucilla: He proposed to me yesterday.

Mamie: My goodness. How do you feel about that?

Drucilla: How do you expect me to feel, Aunt Mamie? I'm tickled pink.

Mamie: I'm assuming you said yes.

Drucilla: It's not quite that simple.

Mamie: Why not?

Drucilla: Neil asked Lily and me to move in with him.

Mamie: He --

Drucilla: We'll have separate bedrooms. It's for Lily. Neil feels it's best if both parents live under the same roof.

Mamie: I bet Wesley has a thing or two to say about that. 3DE2BC1A.JPG

Drucilla: He's not particularly thrilled.

Mamie: Well, Dru, I have to say this. As much as I like Neil you love in your life. I don't mean staying across the hall from a man you used to be married with.

Drucilla: Okay, Aunt Mamie.

Mamie: Why are you waiting?

Drucilla: He proposed after I told him about Neil's pitch they're territorial. One man will chase the other man out --

Mamie: Does Wesley love you?

Drucilla: I know he fell in love with Drucilla Winters in Paris.

Mamie: The super-model.

Drucilla: The time we shared those first few months, it was so beautiful. You can't imagine. 3DE2BC4D.JPG

Mamie: Oh, I think I can.

Drucilla: I work hard but I play hard too. Paris and Japan. The people we met, it was heaven.

Mamie: You're worried those times are in the past?

Drucilla: Aunt Mamie, do you think I'm over the hill?

Mamie: Who told you that?

Drucilla: I need to hear that coming from you. You know, one thing's for certain. I think Neil's right. I wasn't the best Mother in Paris.

3DE2BC85.JPGMamie: Lily is a beautiful, smart girl.

Drucilla: I didn't do right by her all the time.

Mamie: That's why you're considering staying there with Neil as Mother and Father for Lily's sake?

Drucilla: I have two men who are offering me a different way of life. And I have got to find a happy medium.

Mamie: No. What I think you need to do is make a choice.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Dad around?

Nikki: No. He's at the office.

Victoria: Good.

Nikki: How are you?

Victoria: You know, don't you.

Nikki: Your Father told me about the money he gave Diego.

Victoria: Did he tell you where I told him to shove it?

Nikki: He didn't really want to talk about it.

Victoria: I don't want to talk about it.

Nikki: Okay. Can I get you anything? 3DE2BCD4.JPG

Victoria: No. I don't -- I don't even know why I'm here. I thought I wanted to come home for a while.

Nikki: Still no word from Diego, huh?

Victoria: No, nothing. I keep telling myself that he's just confused. He's scared and he'll come back as soon as he sorts things out. He took all of his clothes. And I haven't heard from him in two days. Why hasn't he called me?

Victoria: I don't know. Tell me he's coming back.

Nikki: Sweetheart.

Victoria: Just say it. I want to hear he wouldn't leave me.

Nikki: I wish to God I could tell you where Diego is. I wish I could tell you what's going on in his head but I can’t.

Victoria: He said he loved me. Why would he say that and then leave? 3DE2BDFE.JPG

Nikki: I know how much he means to you. I pray that his feelings for you are sincere.

Victoria: I talked to his brother Raul last night and he reminded me Diego has a history of taking off when things get tough. It's possible he couldn't handle it anymore. Maybe he didn't have enough faith in me or us. Maybe he didn't think we were worth it. Maybe he didn't think I was worth it.

Nikki: Oh, honey, that's not true.

Victor: All right, let me hear what you have to say.

Neil: Victor, I took my time coming to see you, partly because I wanted to get my act together. Also because I wanted to assess my options. 3DE2BE39.JPG

Victor: Options as in?

Neil: Options as in looking for other possible employment.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You have been shopping your résumé around, have you?

Neil: I wasn't sure the response I would get from you. You know what they say, don't put your eggs one basket.

Victor: Any offers?

Neil: As a matter of fact I have.

Victor: Then, Neil, I will write you a nice recommendation, okay?

Neil: I'm a recovering alcoholic. My life is all about taking responsibility for the past. I'm clean; I'm focused, and I'm hungry. If it is your decision not to hire me, so be it. I understand. I can't convince you that I deserve another chance. But if you give it to me, I swear to God I won't let you down. You have my word as a man. 3DE2BE86.JPG

Victor: You would have to be on probation, Neil.

Neil: Of course.

Victor: And if you slip --

Neil: I'm out.

Victor: Welcome aboard.

Neil: Thank you very much. You have a nice day.

Victor: Same to you, Neil.

Nikki: You okay?

Victoria: I will be.

Nikki: I have an idea. Why don't you move back in here for a while?

Victoria: I can't, not with Dad here. Besides I don't want to leave the motel.

Nikki: In case Diego comes back --

Victoria: I love him and until I have solid proof he doesn't love me, I'm not giving up. 3DE2BF95.JPG

Nikki: You know, there's something we haven't considered.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: Maybe there's another explanation why we haven't heard from him. I hate to say this --

Victoria: What, Mother, say it.

Nikki: Maybe he's had an accident.

Victoria: An accident. No, no Mother that's it. Something's happened to him.

Guard: Miss Abbott.

Phyllis: I'm Mrs. Abbott.

Guard: You have a visitor.

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: Hey, come here. Honey, you're not going to believe this. I think I get it. I think I found a way to save your skin. Diane's leg, how long ago was it broken? 3DE2BFD2.JPG

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: How long does it take a broken bone to heal, even a badly broken bone.

Phyllis: Jack, tell me what happened.

Jack: I'm telling you. I've done the math, sweetheart.

Phyllis: I'm not talking about math.

Jack: If she broke her bone months ago --

Phyllis: I don't care about her bone. Did you sleep with her?

Jack: Stop doing this.

Phyllis: Tell me.

Jack: I have important information for you. You have to listen to me.

Phyllis: Jack, tell me. You have to tell me. It would be a lot better than what I'm thinking right now.

Jack: I did what I had to do. 3DE2C010.JPG

Phyllis: Is that a yes?

Jack: Phyllis, this was the only way to get this done.

(Phyllis throws up)

Jack: Phyllis, come here. Phyllis, come here. Please just look at me. Please just look at me. Phyllis, I love you. I love you.

Phyllis: Okay. That helps.

Jack: You have no idea how much I want to hold you and love you and kiss you and take care of you. Phyllis, we can have that now. Soon, soon. That's why I'm -- that's what I'm trying to tell you. It paid off. God help me, it actually paid off.

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