Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/20/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/20/02


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Wesley: What you've done, Drucilla, is set in motion a chain of events that could have disastrous results.

Drucilla: I didn't create the drama.

Wesley: You're playing God.

Drucilla: All right, maybe I jumped the gun a little bit.

Wesley: You have a flair for understatement.

Drucilla: Do you think Brad will blame my sister for confiding in me?

Wesley: I'll bet money on it. I doubt your sister will ever forgive you.

Drucilla: It's too late now.

Wesley: He said it would be there by noon, right? It's not noon yet so give him a call.

Drucilla: Drucilla Winters, you had a man coming to -- what do you mean it's too late? All right. Thank you. Too late.

Wesley: I heard.

Drucilla: You know what? It's never too late.

Wesley: Go where?

Susan: Thanks. Are you going back to your office?

Brad: I'm going to stay here and go through some of this paperwork.

Susan: By the way that envelope came for you by messenger.

Brad: Who's it from?

Susan: No return address.

Brad: Hand addressed. Maybe I should call security.

Susan: It feels like a videotape.

J.T.: What's going on, dude? You look like you just lost your best friend.

Raul: My brother. He's missing.

J.T.: Really? Maybe he just split town.

Raul: I hope not.

J.T.: If I see him, I'll let you know, man. I could use a favor.

Raul: What?

J.T.: For you and the princess taking in Colleen. Thanks a lot for helping me out.

Raul: Brittany and I thought she would have dropped the runaway bit. Our place is too damn small for three people. There's no way she can stay there.

Brittany: Mother, I'm eighteen. I can do what I want.

Anita: I suppose you like living here in squalor?

Brittany: I think it's cozy.

Anita: If you're a sardine.

Brittany: Forgive me for not affording something of your standard.

Anita: You got me back for cutting up your credit card.

Brittany: You did me a favor. This is about Raul, isn't it this burning desire to have me back home? You want to break us up.

Anita: This is not about Raul. I wouldn't want you living here with the president's son.

Brittany: The president doesn't have a son.

Anita: Don't be smart, young lady.

Brittany: Okay. How about I move back home? And Raul takes the guest room?

Anita: You won't give me an inch here, will you? I am not fighting with you for my health. I'm concerned about you, very concerned.

Traci: Daddy? Dad, are you here?

John: Traci, what in the world are you doing here?

Traci: Have you found Colleen yet?

John: No. Slow down a bit.

Traci: I have come here to find my daughter and take her back to New York with me. You must have some idea where she is.

John: If I did, she would be here. I just spoke to her a minute ago. She assured me she's fine. She's with friends.

Traci: And these friends, who are they?

John: Brad and I checked with everybody in the phone book.

Traci: Looks like I have to take this over. Dad, we're calling the police.

John: Traci.

[Knock on door]

Jill: I've come bearing gifts.

Frederick: By all means, come in.

Jill: These are Jabot gift sets. I brought them for all the ladies in the bank.

Frederick: It's too early for Christmas, what's the occasion?

Jill: We're working together, so I wanted them to feel part of Jabot.

Frederick: I was thinking how nice it was to meet with you the other day and chat over the glass of sherry, forget about work for a while.

Jill: You love your work. Admit it.

Frederick: I have been apologizing for that lately.

Jill: What on earth for?

Frederick: I have been accused of being a workaholic.

Jill: What's wrong with that? People with a good, strong work ethic made this country. You're a good role model for Brittany.

Frederick: I'm not a role model for Brittany right now.

Jill: You say that like there's something wrong.

Frederick: Let's just say Brittany and I aren't seeing eye to eye on too many things.

John: Colleen has only been gone one night.

Traci: That's one night too long, Dad.

John: I told you I talked to her earlier. Brad spoke to her last night. Bringing in the police is way too drastic.

Traci: Not for me.

John: This only happened because she doesn't want to go to New York.

Traci: I don't care what she wants. She's going!

John: Would you be reasonable?

Traci: Letting a fifteen-year-old girl run around and do what she wants to!

John: I have done my best. She saw this boy behind our back.

Traci: I'm sorry, through all of this where has her father been? Where is Brad?

John: Traci, he has had a bit on his mind.

Traci: I am sure he has. That's no excuse to let him let his daughter run wild. What about this boy, is he into drugs?

John: I don't think so. But he's eighteen.

John: She sounded fine when she called.

Traci: I am scared to death for my child. She has run off before. Who says she's not going to disappear again? We have no alternative but to call the authorities and that's what I'm going to do. Hello, yes. It is. I'm trying to report a missing teenager please. Thank you. Yes, I will.

Anita: Honey, I am not here to argue with you.

Brittany: Why not? That's what we do best, isn't it?

Anita: Why must you be so stubbor?. Is it impossible for you to think I have your best interest at heart?

Brittany: You're wondering what your society friends think about your daughter living in sin?

Anita: God knows what type of people live here and you and Raul baby-sitting this runaway.

Brittany: I told you, that's only temporary.

Anita: Honey, listen. The holidays are coming up soon. I thought maybe you and I could do some mother-daughter things together.

Brittany: Like what, have lunch at the club with your snooty friends?

Anita: We could go shopping together. That would be fun.

Brittany: Come on. You don't really want to go shopping with me. You just can't stand the thought that I might be happy.

Anita: Because of that boy.

Brittany: That boy happens to be the man I love.

Anita: Honey, I know all of this must seem terribly romantic right now. Trust me, the novelty will wear off.

Brittany: Mother, accept it, this is where I'm going to be living until I go to college, if I go. I am not coming home. And I will survive just fine. I'm sure you and Dad will without me.

J.T.: Raul, I know your place is small but where is Colleen supposed to go?

Raul: Home. She can't just drop out of school.

J.T.: We're trying to buy a little time.

Raul: For what?

J.T.: Going home with her old lady isn't the answer.

Raul: You think the Abbotts are serious about that.

J.T.: I know they are.

Raul: I hope you realize what you're getting yourself into? Colleen's a minor.

J.T.: We haven't done anything.

Raul: I sure as hell hope not.

J.T.: Just chill out for a few more days. I'll figure something out.

Raul: Two days. No more.

[Cell phone ringing]

J.T.: Hello.

Colleen: J.T., It's me. Can you meet me?

J.T.: Where are you?

Colleen: I'm in the park.

J.T.: Hang tight. I'll be right there. Look, I've got to go. I'll keep an eye out for your brother.

Drucilla: They did some renovating up through here. I'm getting my bearings.

Wesley: It's not like you can take the mail out of his hands.

Drucilla: Because I sent the tape doesn't mean he got it.

Wesley: Do you think his secretary opened it?

Drucilla: It's marked  "Personal and Confidential".

Wesley: You have proof it's from you.

Drucilla: They'll simply call the messenger service.

Wesley: Dru. Dru. Can we talk about this?

Jill: Frederick, what parent sees eye to eye with teenagers? They're horrible creatures.

Frederick: I gather you speak from experience.

Jill: Lord, yes. I love my son Billy to death but we have been butting heads since he reached puberty.

Frederick: Too bad they don't come with an owner's manual.

Jill: So what's Brittany done, if I'm not being too personal.

Frederick: She moved out of the house and in with her boyfriend.

Jill: You don't mean Raul Guittierez, do you?

Frederick: You know him?

Jill: He's my son's best friend and one of the Glow by Jabot kids. I thought they had broken up.

Frederick: They got back together. Brittany claims to love him.

Jill: And you don't approve.

Frederick: What does a girl that age know about love?

Jill: Kids that age think they know everything about everything.

Frederick: I can't help but wonder where I might have gone wrong.

Jill: Don't do that. Don't be so hard on yourself. Frederick, this happens in every family. Colleen, my ex-husband's granddaughter, is infatuated with this much older boy and ran off with him. Poor John is tearing his hair out with worry.

Frederick: I can sympathize with him. I guess that's all we can do as parents is just worry and hope for the best.

Jill: You know what the good news is, though? Most of them survive and turn out to be really responsible adults. And then they have kids and that's our payback because what goes around comes around.

J.T.: Hey, how's it going?

Colleen: Okay. Thanks for meeting me.

J.T.: Yeah, sure.

Colleen: I knew you only had a couple classes today or I wouldn't have bothered you.

J.T.: What's on your mind, blue eyes?

Colleen: I missed you.

J.T.: Same here.

Colleen: Really?

J.T.: Yeah. I kind of got used to you being around. What's in the bag?

Colleen: I have some sandwiches and chips. I thought we could grab some sodas and go to the lake for a picnic.

J.T.: All right, but we have to talk about something.

Colleen: About what?

J.T.: You crashing at Raul and Brittany's. I think you should move out.

Drucilla: If you want to go down to the lobby, go.

Susan: May I help you?

Drucilla: Yes.

Susan: Drucilla?

Drucilla: You remember?

Susan: Yes. You're practically famous.

Drucilla: I was looking for Mr. Carlton's office.

Susan: He's in the boardroom.

Drucilla: Lucky guess, thanks.

Susan: It's nice to see you again.

Drucilla: Mm-hmm. Where the hell has she been? Practically famous.

Wesley: Never mind that. What next?

Drucilla: The tape is probably in his office.

Wesley: Or it could be in there with him.

Drucilla: Right, right. Only one way to find out. I'm going to go in there distract Brad so you can snag the tape.

Wesley: If it's in there.

Drucilla: It's somewhere, man.

Drucilla: Brad, I'm so glad I found you.

Detective: Colleen has been missing over twenty-four hours, correct?

Traci: Yes.

Detective: You're her mother?

Traci: I live in New York. As soon as I found out she was missing I flew straight here.

Detective : Have you had any contact with your granddaughter? John Abbott said she's all right.

John: I don't see a serious problem.

Traci: My fifteen-year-old daughter is off with a college student. This boy is way too old for her. She's very involved with him. So much so she's willing to defy authority.

Detective: She's just not home where you want her to be.

John: Detective, we do not know where she is. From a parent's point of view that's missing.

Detective: A legal point of view, it's not.

Traci: My underage daughter is with an eighteen-year-old boy.

Detective: You think she's held against her will?

Traci: I believe having sex with a minor is a criminal offense in the state.

Detective: You believe your daughter and this J.T. Hellstrom could be having sexual relations?

Traci: They could be.

John: The boy has a bit of a reputation. I do not want him taking advantage of my granddaughter.

Detective: Do you have any idea where they may be?

Traci: If we knew where they were --

John: Honey, calm down.

Detective Can I use your phone and I need descriptions.

John: She's five-four, blue eyes, brown hair. Here's a picture of her.

Colleen: Answer one question. Is this your idea's or Raul's?

J.T.: It sounds cramped.

Colleen: I was thinking of leaving anyway especially after this morning. Brittany's mom showed up.

J.T.: What did you tell her?

Colleen: As little as possible, but I doubt she believed anything I said.

J.T.: As much as I hate to say this, I think you ought to go back home.

Colleen: I wish I could. You know what will happen. They'll send me to New York.

J.T.: Your granddad must be going crazy.

Colleen: I called this morning and said I was staying at a friend's.

J.T.: They're probably looking for you right now.

Colleen: They're not going to find me.

J.T.: Let me talk to your granddad, your dad too. We haven't done anything wrong. We're just friends, right?

Colleen: What if they don't let me see you anymore?

J.T.: Come on. That never stopped us before. I'll just agree to whatever they say.

Colleen: And we'll find a way to see each other anyway.

J.T.: We'll, we're pretty good at that. What's the worst that can happen?

Colleen: I don't want to know.

J.T.: I will handle your dad and granddad. By the time I'm done with them, they'll think I'm an angel.

Brad: Something you wanted to see me about, Dru?

Drucilla: I know I should have made an appointment. I came up with this brilliant idea and I wanted to run it by you.

Brad: This concern Olivia?

Drucilla: No, me. I'm looking for a job.

Brad: A modeling job?

Drucilla: I never turn down a gig. I have fond memories. I was thinking of something when I get too mature to be in front of a camera.

Brad: What would that be?

Drucilla: In house photographer for Jabot.

Brad: Do you have a portfolio?

Drucilla: I am a very quick study.

Brad: I doubt you're that quick. If you want to drop by with a couple of snapshots --

Drucilla: I could go to Malcolm's old studio, tell me what I want.

Brad: I'm busy.

Drucilla: I have all this momentum. Let's go with it.

Brad: Use that momentum and see my secretary, and set up an appointment for the next month.

Drucilla: The next month?

Brad: That's the best I can do, Dru.

Drucilla: Okay. Thank you.

Anita: Frederick, we need to talk.

Frederick: It better be important. I'm up to my eyeballs.

Anita: It's about our daughter. Is that important enough for you?

Frederick: I take it you saw her.

Anita: Yes. And it didn't go at all like I planned.

Frederick: Surprise, surprise.

Anita: This isn't funny, Frederick.

Frederick: Sounds like you two got into it.

Anita: That girl is so stubborn I could scream.

Frederick: What happened to trying to communicate with her? You were sure you could communicate with her and persuade her to come home.

Anita: Say I told you so. If you could see where Brittany is living, it is a hovel.

Frederick: What did you expect, Anita? Did you think this boyfriend of hers would support her in the manner she's accustomed to? What she sees in him, I will never know.

Anita: She's trying to get us back.

Frederick: We have given her everything a girl could want.

Anita: She's spoiled rotten.

Frederick: She's punishing us?

Anita: Obviously, Raul is a bad influence on her. She's shacking up with a boy she knows nothing about. Now they have some high school girl living there.

J.T.: You want to head down to the lake?

Colleen: I like it right here.

J.T.: What about my picnic?

Colleen: It's still early.

J.T.: You're pretty cool with all this stuff going on.

Colleen: I'm trying to be.

J.T.: Most girls would be freaking out right about now.

Colleen: Well, I'm not most girls.

J.T.: No. No, you're not, are you. You're --

Colleen: I'm what?

J.T.: Different.

Colleen: Different good or bad?

J.T.: Good, I guess.

Colleen: You guess.

J.T.: You really mess up my head, girl, you know that? One minute I want to protect you like a kid sister. And then the next --

Colleen: The next what?

Detective: Hold it right there.

J.T.: The cops. Run. What's going on?

Detective:  J.T. Hellstrom?

J.T.: Yeah.

Detective: You're under arrest for statutory rape of a minor. You have a right to be silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Brittany: Hey, sweetie. What did you get?

Raul: Two coffees. One for you, one for me.

Brittany: What a thoughtful man.

Raul: What have you been up to?

Brittany: Don't ask.

Raul: Your mom, right?

Brittany: Didn't get back in time. She had already met Colleen.

Raul: How'd it go?

Brittany: Terribly.

Raul: I suppose she wants you to move back home.

Brittany: Naturally. I set her straight though. We still have to do something about Colleen.

Raul: I know. I talked to J.T. about that.  

Brittany: He has a solution?

Raul: I told him no more than two more days. Colleen's his problem, not ours. If J.T. doesn't come up with something by then, I'll talk to her myself. Worse comes to worst, she can move back home.

Brittany: And we'll finally have a place all to ourselves.

Raul: I can hardly wait.

Brittany: It's kind of hard being romantic with our little guest sleeping here.

Raul: She's not here now.

Brittany: What have you got in mind? Are you sure you're up for it?

Raul: If we take it a little easy.

Brittany: Your back?

Raul: Yeah. It's kind of sore.

Brittany: Don't worry. I'll be gentle.

Raul: That should be my line.

Brittany: We're reversing roles. You're still a patient.

Raul: What are you, my nurse?

Brittany: You betcha. And I have the right medicine for what ails you.

Raul: Oh, yeah? 

Frederick: You're telling me those two have a high school kid living with them?

Anita: She's a child.

Frederick: Where are her parents, for God's sake?

Anita: Getting anything out of Brittany is like pulling teeth.

Frederick: Is she a street kid? She ran away from home.

Anita: What are we going to do about it?

Frederick: We're putting a stop to this nonsense right now.

Brittany: You will only get her to come home pulling her out of this place kicking and screaming.

Frederick: If they think they can run a haven for runaways.

Anita: They're just helping her out.

Frederick: It's illegal.

Anita: All I know is her name is Colleen.

Frederick: John Abbott's granddaughter is named Colleen.

Anita: So?

Frederick: I just heard today she ran away from home which means our daughter could be harboring one of the Abbotts. This is worse than I expected. Let's get over there.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Carlton.

John: It's John. Come over to the house right away. Traci's flown in from New York and has the police involved in finding Colleen.

Brad: Thanks for the call, John. I'm on my way.

Ashley: Hi, sweetie. It's time for another one of our mother-daughter chats. This one's important, so very important because it's something that you're going to want to know.

Drucilla: Let's go.

Colleen: This can't be happening. J.T. and I were in the park and the cops came. We were kissing and he told me to run.

Brittany: You came here? What were you thinking?

Colleen: I was scared, Brittany. I don't know what happened to J.T.

Raul: Why did you run away from the park?

Colleen: The police were after us, I don't know why.

Brittany: Were you followed?

Colleen: I don't think so.

[Knock on door]

Raul: Who is it?

Frederick: Frederick Hodges. Open the damn door. Is this the girl?

Anita: Yes.

Brittany: Daddy.

Frederick: Quiet. Are you Colleen Abbott?

Colleen: No.

Frederick: Your grandfather isn't John Abbott?

Brittany: Her grandfather is John Abbott but her last name is Carlton.

Frederick: Whose idea was it to let her stay here?

Raul: Mine.

Frederick: Gee, that doesn't surprise me. You are on probation for DUI. Do you have any idea what would happen if they found you harboring a minor? Have you given that one single thought?

Brad: Hey, Trace. I came as soon as I heard. Where's your dad?

Traci: Upstairs with the detectives. She called my dad this morning and said she's staying with friends.

Brad: At least we know she's safe.

Traci: Not necessarily. The boy she was with has been arrested and Colleen took off.

Brad: I am so sorry.

Traci: It is incredible to me you and my father let this it get out of hand so quickly. I can't believe I let you and my father talk me out of putting her in boarding school. This is all my fault.

Brad: Trace, come on. Listen to me. She's a teenager. She's gotten a little out of control. We're going to rein her in.

Traci: She is going back to New York with me. She is going to boarding school where they have very high fences and very strict discipline. She's going to straighten up and obey the rules or she is going to face the consequences.

Drucilla: That was a close call.

Wesley: Yeah, way too close.

Drucilla: Thanks for helping me.

Wesley: I'm amazed you sent that tape in the first place.

Drucilla: Man, please don't lecture me. I learned my lesson. Nobody was hurt. Can we drop it?

Wesley: You have one more thing to do.

Drucilla: What?

Wesley: The tape. You might be tempted to use it again and next time I might not be here to talk you out of it. I want you to destroy it.

Drucilla: No, no, I bought into this reasoning thing how I shouldn't drop the bomb if I didn't know what the consequences would be.

Wesley: You need to get rid of the tape for a litany of reasons. It's a very private matter. My God, woman, have you listened to anything I have said?

Drucilla: I am dog tired. I will throw the damn tape away.

Wesley: I said destroy it.

Drucilla: I'm fresh out of explosives.

Wesley: I'm sure there is a hammer in there somewhere. I will be right back.

Wesley: Got one. You do the honors.

Drucilla: Thanks.

Wesley: Come on, put your back into it.

Drucilla: You happy? Wow, look at that. Gone. Happy? Good, good.

Wesley: Much better, isn't it?

Drucilla: Very good.

Wesley: You did the right thing, baby.

Drucilla: If you say so.

Wesley: You'll realize it. I'll throw this away outside.

Drucilla: I sure hope there wasn't anything important on that tape.

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