Y&R Transcript Monday 11/11/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 11/11/02


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Jack: John, I don't want to hear this, not now.

3DD03D8A.JPGPhyllis: Hey, thanks for nothing. Hi, John. What do you think of my new orange outfit?

Jack: Phyllis, don't.

Phyllis: If my attorney --

Jack: How many times did I tell you to stay away from Diane?

Phyllis: Let me explain.

Jack: Explain what? Do you have any idea the damage you have done?

Phyllis: Can I talk, please? John, can I? Or do you think the light bulbs are bugged? Oh, you know, go ahead and sigh. Let me tell you something after you hear what I have on Diane Jenkins, not only will it get me out this hellhole, it will put that bitch away for years and years.

Isabella: Here to borrow a cup of sugar?

Diane: Very funny.

Isabella: What crisis has befallen you this time?

Diane: If you only kept your big mouth shut. Rambling about Phyllis and me.

Isabella: What do you mean?

Diane: She was in the closet, Isabella.

Isabella: What closet?

Diane: In my hotel room. She overheard our entire conversation.

Isabella: I have nothing to do with this.

Diane: To hell you don't. Do you know how close you came to --?

Isabella: What?

Diane: Do us both a favor. Stop acting like you got your hand caught in the cookie jar, okay?

Isabella: I would if you stopped yelling at me.

Diane: Just remember, Phyllis is the criminal. She's the one who burned down the Abbott pool house.

Isabella: Why are you selling so hard? It almost sounds like you're feeling guilty about something.

Jill: What are you doing here?

Larry: I was hoping we could talk, you and me.

Jill: I have nothing to say to you.

Larry: Well, I've got something to say to you.

Jill: I don't want to hear it. After what you did to me? My God, coming to my place of business and humiliating me and berating me not only in front of John, but in front of one of the most influential bankers in Genoa City?

Larry: I was reacting out of anger.

Jill: Do you have any idea how much one of those -- what that stunt could have cost Jabot? We're after a critical loan and you wave around our sex toys?

Larry: I screwed up. I'm sorry. I was hoping you would see clear to get my job back.

Jill: How could you imagine I would consider such a request?

Larry: We had some good times together. I was hoping you weren't so anxious to throw all of that away.

Victoria: These are amazing. 2500 square foot. A view of the city? I need some input here.

Diego: I better get a  job to help pay for this place.

Victoria: I told you.

Diego: I'm paying my own way.

Victoria: You're being chauvinistic. Highland Park Cliff. A high rise in one of the finest neighborhoods, urban living in a modern floor plan, overlooking the city skyline close to business and entertainment centers. Diego. Hello. Aw, poor baby, still hung up on the money? I understand.

Diego: You do?

Victoria: It's in the genes. It'll work out. I have to get to work. Do you have my cell phone?

Diego: You mean my extra special, high tech cell phone you got for me?

Victoria: I made an appointment to see that place on Highland Park Cliff. Let's meet at the coffee house and go from there.

Diego: Are you kidding?

Victoria: I won't let Nicholas and Sharon run my life. And I wish you wouldn't too.

Diego: Hello.

Victor: What the hell are you still doing in town?

 [Knock on door]

Sharon: Nikki, if you're here to blast me again.

Nikki: Where are the kids?

Sharon: They went to the stable and --

Nikki: That's what you told them.

Sharon: You want to see them?

Nikki: They're at the house.

Sharon: You are here to blast me again.

Nikki: How are the kids holding up?

Sharon: As well as can be expected.

Nikki: What's that mean?

Sharon: It's a tough time, Nikki. I'm keeping a close eye on them.

Nikki: That's why you're keeping a close eye on them?

Sharon: If you're worried they'll wander off somewhere --

Nikki: I am worried. You seem to think they're coping with this mess just fine.

Sharon: I'm helping them cope, we all are.

Nikki: Is that right?

Victor: You're supposed to be gone.

Diego: I don't have time for this.

Victor: You listen to me. I give you $100,000 to get the hell out of town. You can either be a selfish son of a bitch and spend it on yourself, or do something good for your family for a change.

Diego: I'll get back to you.

Victor: Don't get back to me. Just get out of town.

Victoria: Who was that?

Diego: My brother. We were supposed to meet my folks.

Victoria: That's right. It's their anniversary. You're lucky. At least they don't try to run your life like mine. Like my dad.

Diego: He's pretty intense.

Victoria: That's one way of putting it. If he wants something, nothing will stop him. I have to go. I'm late. I love you.

Diego: Have a good day.

Phyllis: I went to see Isabella and told her if she had anything to do with the mix-up, she would be going down too.

Jack: That's when you went to Diane's room.

Phyllis: The door was ajar and the maid was vacuuming. I walked right in and hid in the closet.

Jack: What possessed you? 

Phyllis: This paid off big.

John: How big?

Phyllis: She came home and yapping to Kyle how he'll be spending lots of time with Daddy once I'm out of the picture. Guess who came knocking on the door? Guess. Guess. Isabella.

Jack: To tell Diane about her run-in with you.

Phyllis: Long story short, they spilled the beans.

John: What beans?

Phyllis: Isabella said that Diane staged the hit-and-run accident last summer.

Jack: Did Diane deny that?

Phyllis: She nearly confessed, Jack. They started going off how she's trying to break up our marriage. It was so obvious. This broad has been scheming all along. So what do you think of that, counselor?

John: And this information means what, exactly?

Phyllis: Okay. Let me explain it to you. First, Diane makes it look like I ran her over on purpose. When that doesn't work, she has to up the ante. She practically torches herself and it's all for Jack. This woman is just diabolical. But listen, listen, we have her right where we want her. Come on. You guys, this is perfect.

John: It is?

Phyllis: Yes, it is. Isabella is a basket case.

John: Did Isabella say Diane set that fire?

Phyllis: No.

John: Did Diane imply --?

Phyllis: No, she didn't.

John: You want to know what you have on Diane right now? You want to know what you have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Diane: Isabella, you don't get it.

Isabella: No, I don't.

Diane: This paranoid attitude of yours?

Isabella: Phyllis tried to kill me, don't forget. For the last time I'm not guilty. 

Diane: You're not guilty. Why are you so upset?

Isabella: Phyllis is desperate. The last thing I need is you giving her more ammunition.

Victoria: Where's Dad?

Nicholas: Beats me. Called and said he wanted to see me. You too?

Victoria: No, I wanted to run something by him. I'll do it later.

Nicholas: Don't leave on my account. You know, I made a change in the proposed budget for Brash & Sassy.

Victoria: Really, you did.

Nicholas: The product development money. It's too much. We just put new product on the shelves.

Victoria: So?

Nicholas: Until we see what's hot and what's not, it's pointless to spend this much money on development.

Victoria: This is my baby. You can butt out.

Nicholas: That's mature.

Victoria: You want to talk mature? This isn't about business. You're taking pot shots at my budget.

Jill: The reason you're here is to beg me to reinstate you at Jabot.

Larry: Look, Jill, all I'm asking for is a second chance. I want to stay working at Jabot. It's the best job that I've ever had. It means a lot to me.

Jill: You should have thought of that before you made a mockery of me in front of my colleagues.

Larry: You want me to get down on my knees and beg you? Please, Jill, I will never cause you another problem again. I give you my word on that if you'll just give me one little chance. What do you say?

Jill: My car needs an oil change, and my left front tire is a little soft. I'm surprised you didn't catch that yourself. You think you can take care of that for me?

Larry: I take care of Mrs. Chancellor's vehicles, okay? Not yours.

Katherine: Bravo, Jill, you have outdone yourself, disgraceful, heartless performance.

Jill: Oh, shut up.

Phyllis: Jack, come on, talk to this guy.

John: All right, Phyllis, let's take a minute and review this evidence of yours. First of all, it's highly unlikely this information about the car will be admissible in court.

Phyllis: We will get the judge to believe us.

John: When Diane --?

Phyllis: That was so she would look good in Jack's eyes.

John: Your information does us no good.

Phyllis: Not if you sit on it. It does no good if you sit on it. Go to Isabella and make her talk to you.

John: We don't know if she knows anything about this.

Phyllis: You're a lawyer. It's your job to get information out of somebody.

John: Jack, Jack, talk to your wife. I will call you later. Would you give them a few minutes, please?

Phyllis: We don't need him. We can do this on our own. You know this information is golden, don't you?

Jack: I wish you didn't go to Diane's.

Phyllis: I couldn't help it. I'm not waiting for the judge to throw the book at me.

Jack: We're back at square one.

Phyllis: We are not. What do you mean by that?

Jack: I think we both know what that means. Is it starting to dawn on you the damage you've done? You're not leaving here, Phyllis. Not any time soon.

Victoria: Admit it you're trying to nix my budget because of Diego.

Nicholas: I am questioning your judgment. The whole family is.

Victoria: It's not my fault your life is in shambles.

Nicholas: It's because of Diego.

Victoria: It takes two. Sharon is just as much to blame if not more. Diego will do anything for me.

Nicholas: For a price. Victoria, he is using you. Some day soon you will realize that you're a means to an end, just like Sharon was.

Victor: Hi. Everything all right?

Victoria: Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't it be all right? Excuse me.

Victor: What was that all about?

Nicholas: Difference of opinion.

Victor: Oh, concerning?

Nicholas: Brash & Sassy.

Victor: That's all?

Nicholas: Also the fact that Victoria is making bad decisions.

Victor: You're talking about Diego.

Nicholas: How could she be so blind?

Victor: Don't concern yourself with that. It's being handled, being taken care of. I want to make sure that you and Victoria bury your differences and work as a team.

Nicholas: I don't think I can do that.

Victor: It's not a request, son. It's an order.

Nicholas: All right.

Victor: The reason I asked to see you is I wanted to discuss the situation between you and Sharon.

[Phone ringing]

Sharon: Cassie and Noah said they want to move in with you and Victor?

Nikki: Does it still seem to you that they're coping well?

Sharon: Do me a favor, Nikki, stop focusing on me and concentrate on the children.

Nikki: Don't talk to me that way.

Sharon: I'm the evil daughter-in-law.

Nikki: You cheated on your husband, you betrayed your family. These kids are hurting. They are reaching out. Who are they going to? Not their mother.

Sharon: Maybe they were having a bad moment.

Nikki: We are talking about how those kids feel 24 hours a day.

Sharon: You think I like seeing my children suffer like this? Before you hurl another guilt trip at me about Diego --

Nikki: You have managed to alienate your entire family. Are you satisfied?

Sharon: What did you tell them, Nikki? Surely you did not suggest they could move in with you and Victor.

Nikki: I'm not done yet. I learned something else when we had our little chat. The kids are under the impression that their father is responsible for what has happened. Why do you think that is? Where on earth would they get that idea, Sharon?

Raul: Diego, I'm glad we have a moment alone. I want to make sure we're on the same page here.

Diego: About what?

Raul: No reason to tell them about me and Brittany.

Diego: Where do they think you're sleeping, under a bridge?

Raul: At a friend's.

Diego: I have my headaches.

Raul: What's going on?

Diego: You don't want to know. There they are.

Raul: Hey, happy anniversary, guys.

Diego: Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad.

Mr. Gutierrez: Your mother and I are very glad you could join us.

Diego: Are you kidding, Pop? It's the least we could do.

Mr. Gutierrez: How are you two doing?

Raul: Fine, Mom, just fine.

Mrs. Gutierrez: You're still at the house.

Mr. Gutierrez: How about you, Diego? How are things with the Newmans?

Mr. Gutierrez: What is it, son? Is there some kind of problem?

Raul: I'm going to go grab the waitress.

Mrs. Gutierrez: Diego, what's wrong?

Mr. Gutierrez: Talk to us, son.

Phyllis: Don't look at me like that. I took a chance.

Jack: And you lost big time.

Phyllis: What else could I do? My life is on the line.

Jack: And we haven't given up. Not by a long shot. We're still going to fight this.

Phyllis: You haven't lost faith in me, have you?

Jack: Do you have any idea at all how much I love you?

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I want to go home. I want to go home.

Jack: That's not possible right now. It's just not possible.

Phyllis: I didn't do this. I didn't do this, Jack. I didn't try to kill Diane.

Jack: I know that. We're going to prove that. We're going to prove that to everyone.

Phyllis: How?

Jack: I don't know but Diane is not going to get away with this.

Phyllis: I'm scared. I'm so scared.

Police: Time's up.

Jack: Don't lose faith. You hang in there. You did not do this. You're innocent. You remember that.

Diane: Wild guess. Where do you suppose Phyllis is right now? With Jack dishing all the dirt she can about yours truly.

Isabella: Do you think he's going to believe her, Diane?

Diane: Better not. If this plants one seed of doubt in Jack's mind --

Isabella: You're still hoping he will fall in love with you again?

Diane: He is Kyle's father.

Isabella: Whatever. What do you want from me?

Diane: Keep your mouth shut. Don't talk to anyone about this.

Isabella: How am I supposed to do that?

Diane: Stay under everybody's radar.

Isabella: I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby boy and don't think I'm going to jeopardize that for you. Is that clear? Goodbye, Diane.

Katherine: Could you be any more callous or insensitive?

Jill: Could you be anymore irritating or annoying? He got off easy.

Katherine: Because he embarrassed you?

Jill: He interrupted an important meeting at Jabot.

Katherine: There is something about him, now isn't there?

Jill: What are you talking about?

Katherine: Mr. Warton is a very direct and visceral man who no doubt is very direct and visceral in his approach to the bedroom.

Jill: Oh, yuk! Are you talking dirty to me?

Katherine: Oh, yuk, I don't think talking sex is dirty at all. You found it filthy consorting with him.

Jill: I am not having this conversation with you. This whole thing could have been avoided if you kept your ugly, old beak out of this.

Katherine: You didn't shut your window, for God's sake. He was flogging you, although I suspect that would turn you on also.

Larry: Hey, Baldwin.

Michael: Lawrence, if you're here to offer more advice I'm not taking it.

Larry: Whoa, whoa, something's not right here.

Michael: Something's not right.

Larry: What happened to you?

Michael: Let's forget it. Weren't you saying earlier you lost a job or something?

Larry: You know that famous saying, never mix business with pleasure? That was good advice. Too bad I didn't follow it.

Michael: You got involved with your boss.

Larry: Not just any boss, the head honcho. It blew me away when she came on to me.

Michael: Head honcho at Jabot, huh? It's not Nikki. It's not Ashley. Jill? Jill Abbott. Is that who you're talking about?

Raul: Thanks. So what did I miss?

Diego: Nothing. What do you have planned for this evening?

Mr. Gutierrez: We're going to the movies.

Mrs. Gutierrez: Your father took the day off which I told him not to.

Mr. Gutierrez: Nonsense.

Mrs. Gutierrez: You know we can't afford it.

Mr. Gutierrez: Some things are more important than money.

Diego: Wait a minute. Things are tight?

Mr. Gutierrez: We'll be fine, Diego. Don't worry.

Diego: I do worry, Pop. How's the mortgage?

Mr. Gutierrez: The mortgage?

Diego: Yeah. Are you keeping up with the payments?

Mr. Gutierrez: We refinanced.

Raul: Why? Not because of my tuition. I have a full scholarship.

Mrs. Gutierrez: We are so proud of you, sweetheart.

Mr. Gutierrez: We need some money.

Diego: What for?

Mr. Gutierrez: We have lived in that house for years. We needed to make some repairs.

Diego: You refinanced the house? How much?

Diego: Pop.

Mr. Gutierrez: We'll get by.

Mrs. Gutierrez: I have a part-time job.

Diego: Doing what?

Mrs. Gutierrez: I'm a receptionist at a dentist's office.

Diego: I can't believe this.

Mr. Gutierrez: We're working, we have food on the table.

Diego: What a about retirement?

Mr. Gutierrez: Retirement? I don't think so, son.

Diego: I had no idea. If I knew things -- you know what you should have done? You should have sued Brittany's folks. God knows they have enough money.

Raul: Hold on.

Mr. Gutierrez: Raul is right. There is no need to sue anyone. The insurance covered all the hospital costs.

Mrs. Gutierrez: I don't want to see them or their reckless daughter ever again.

Mr. Gutierrez: Today is our anniversary, a happy time. Don't worry about your mother and me. Just pray the two of you get a chance to make better lives for yourselves. Well, if we're going to catch that movie.

Mrs. Gutierrez: Okay.

Raul: What the hell is your problem, man, hassling them about money today of all days?

Diego: Listen.

Victor: Well then send the offer -- no, send it overnight. I want a response in the morning, all right? Thank you.

Nicholas: Look, Dad, I'm busy. If you're going to lecture me about Sharon again --

Victor: Nicholas, I want you to know. I understand your problems. This is a difficult time for you.

Nicholas: Do me a favor and back off.

Victor: I can't do that. My grandkids are involved. Cassie and Noah are involved.

Nicholas: I see them every day. I spend as much time as possible with them.

Victor: Nicholas, the kids want you home again.

Nicholas: Sharon send you to talk to me?

Victor: You know better than that. Sharon didn't have me argue her case.

Nicholas: Because she doesn't have one. She's the one that doesn't get Diego out of her head.

Victor: So what are you going to do, let this ruin your family?

Nicholas: I can't forgive and forget.

Victor: Now you understand Sharon. Don't you think she's just as upset with your dalliance with Grace Turner?

Nicholas: This doesn't even compare.

Victor: You know who gets hurt the most? The kids.

Nicholas: Don't you think I know that?

Victor: Please don't let this ruin your family. Do it for Cassie and Noah. They need you.

Sharon: I can't believe this. You actually think I would turn Cassie and Noah against their father?

Nikki: It certainly seems like it.

Sharon: How could you even suggest that?

Nikki: Sharon, the way you've been acting lately --

Sharon: Fine, I will tell you the same thing I have told Nick. When speaking to the children, I have never once blamed Nick for any of this.

Nikki: That's magnanimous of you. Have you done anything to convince the kids it's not his fault?

Sharon: Do you suggest I sit them down and tell them the sordid details?

Nikki: God forbid.

Sharon: I'm sorry he's getting the brunt of this but he walked out.

Nikki: And you know why.

Sharon: The kids know he walked out on them.

Nikki: You and your selfish needs; if you haven't jumped in the sack with the damn stable boy.

Sharon: I'm sick and tired of you calling me a tramp.

Nikki: Your words. I am telling you, if you don't sit those kids down and tell them you are the primary reason for this situation, I will tell them myself.

Sharon: You wouldn't dare.

Nikki: Not the gory details, of course not. They will know you are the one that's responsible for tearing their lives apart. I don't care about protecting your precious image. There you have it. It's your choice, Sharon. You tell them or I'm going to tell them. Because I'm not going to stand by and watch these kids take it out on my son.

Katherine: You could do a lot worse, Jill.

Jill: For the hundred thousandth time, Jill, mind your own business.

Katherine: You're such a snob.

Jill: Sheesh, going to recite our history again.

Katherine: Putting your self as a big mucky muck. Oh, my God. You know it wasn't that many years ago --

Jill: That I was painting your alcohol, tobacco-stained fingers.

Katherine: You remember.

Jill: You leap on every opportunity to remind me.

Katherine: You and Mr. Warton are not that different.

Jill: I so don't want to hear this from you, especially now.

Katherine: Before you march off let me tell you something. For some reason, Mr. Warton cares a great deal for you. If I were you, and thank God I'm not, I would think long and hard before I dismiss this man totally from my life.

Michael: What happened with Jill? Why did things go sour?

Larry: She said some things to me that cut real deep and I got mad. I wanted to get even. Instead, I ended up getting fired.

Michael: Tell me a little more about that.

Larry: See, Katherine Chancellor found out about Jill and me. It's all weird how it went down. Once Jill found out what happened, she wanted to pretend nothing happened. I was standing there in the living room in nothing but my civvies.

Michael: You're kidding.

Larry: That's the way it went down. Jill proceeds to tell Mrs. C., no way in hell she would sleep with a grease monkey like me. It burned me so bad, I stormed over there in a pow wow she was having with some banker and John Abbott.

Michael: John Abbott. Smooth move.

Larry: I don't like being treated like a piece of meat.

Michael: During this confrontation, did you happen to mention you were having a sexual relationship with Jill?

Larry: I mentioned it. That's exactly when she canned me. Unreal. Now I'm here. I got no job. I'm out of luck.

Michael: No job maybe, but out of luck? I don't think so.

Larry: I get a feeling there's something in that lawyer's mind of yours that's spinning away.

Michael: Tell me something, Lawrence, does the term sexual harassment mean anything to you?

[Doorbell sounding]

Isabella: Who is it?

Jack: Jack Abbott.

Isabella: I'm not dressed.

Jack: Fine. I'll wait.

Isabella: What do you want?

Jack: I want to talk to you, Isabella. And I'm not leaving until I do.

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