Y&R Transcript Monday 11/4/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 11/4/02


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Christine: Who in the world could that be?

[Knock on door]

Paul: Chris, open up. I know you're in there. Talk to me. You alone?

Christine: Yeah, but I have nothing to say to you.

Paul: Would you just please give me a chance?

Christine: I don't want to talk to you.

Paul: I'm not leaving.

Christine: What is with you? Haven't you and your wife beaten up on Michael and me enough for one night? What, are you here to finish the job?

Lauren: Hope you're satisfied. 3DC7036C.JPG

Michael: Hello to you too.

Lauren: Lowest of low, you don't know when to quit, do you? You have to twist that knife one last time.

Michael: I guess you're upset?

Isabella: What the hell are you doing showing up at Ginaís?

Lauren: Even though you knew it would make Paul furious. It was his son's baptism and you turned the reception into a free-for-all. What the hell are you thinking announcing your engagement to Christine?

Michael: They would have found out anyway.

Lauren: Michael, wrong place, wrong time, okay? 3DC7039F.JPG

Michael: I don't see what you're so riled up about. You should be thanking me. That party was a complete snore. I livened things up.

Lauren: Big joke, isn't it. Let me tell you something. This will have consequences not just for Paul and Isabella but for you and Christine too.

Phyllis: What did John Silva say?

Jack: He will be here soon. Why, do you have somewhere else to be?

Phyllis: Waiting isn't my strong suit.

Jack: I figured as much.

Phyllis: Thank you for standing beside me.

Jack: I have always been beside you. 3DC703DB.JPG

Phyllis: You haven't, really. For a long time I was the only one who thought Diane was the one that burned the house down. Now you think so too.

John: Hello, Jack. Hi, Phyllis. Sorry I'm late, but my dinner meeting went long. I assume this is about the arson investigation?

Jack: Let me start by saying I want it on record I now believe Diane started the fire at the pool house, that she set Phyllis up to take the fall.

J.T.: I'm back.

Mackenzie: How did it go?

J.T.: Guess.

Mackenzie: She said yes?

J.T.: She's brushing her hair and we're going. She's a college girl. We can go out, have a good time. We don't have to look over our shoulders.

Mackenzie: Same old J.T. Only interested in one thing, having fun. What would happen if you had a genuine emotion?

J.T.: You're making me feel sorry I ever opened up to you, Mac. 3DC70430.JPG

Mackenzie: At least admit what you feel for Colleen is affection, real, honest affection. You care about her, right?

J.T.: Yeah, sure I do.

Mackenzie: So?

J.T.: I care about you too. Sorry, Mac.

John: Jack, that's a serious allegation.

Jack: It all adds up. Not only does she get herself out of the picture, she has me. It's two birds with one stone. I realize we won't get a confession. We may not even get the police to tell the truth. I want to get the noose out from around my wife's neck.

John: That's what I want too. 3DC70462.JPG

Jack: Our biggest hurdle will be this security videotape.

John: I agree. That's very incriminating. All the other evidence could have been planted. Phyllis says she didn't buy --

Phyllis: I didn't buy any paint thinner. That was not me. How many times do I have to tell you that?

John: That's the prosecution's smoking gun.

Jack: The rest of their tape could fall apart.

John: I have a forensic expert going over the tape to see if there's anything that has gaps, erase yours, over-dubs.

Jack: What can we do now?

John: For now nothing. 3DC7049C.JPG

Jack: There must be something we can do now. Are you telling me to back off? I canít. This is my wife we're talking about. I can't leave her to the mercy of the system.

John: Jack, listen.

Jack: I have listened to you. I will be involved in this case as much as I need to be. I won't quit until I get my wife's name cleared. 

3DC7056E.JPGMackenzie: J.T., be honest with me.

J.T.: I'm not in love with Colleen. If I were, I wouldn't tell you.

Mackenzie: Why not?

J.T.: Before you went off to school you were all over me telling me she was too young.

Mackenzie: Her family is really on your case, huh?

J.T.: You have no idea.

[Cell phone ringing]

J.T.: Oh, man, it's Colleen. She won't take a hint. Don't look at me like that, Mac.

Mackenzie: Don't hurt her, J.T.

J.T.: So you're right. See, I do have something for Colleen. The chick's grounded and that's just for going to a concert with me. Next time it's going to be something worse. She's better off with somebody else. We both are. 3DC705B6.JPG

Mackenzie: Which is where Brianna comes in.

J.T.: Exactly. That's just the first step, Mac. Starting tonight, the old J.T.'s back. All the chicks better watch out.

Mackenzie: I wish you luck. Will you do me a favor? Remember what it felt like to be with Colleen. Even though she's the wrong girl, I hope you find that again. It's worth it.

J.T.: I don't know, Mac. Settling down with somebody, getting all serious. It may work for you and Billy. I don't need the hassle. I still have a lot of wild oats to sow. This is Mac. We went to high school together. 3DC705E8.JPG

Brianna: Hi. I'm Brianna.

Mackenzie: Hi.

J.T.: Shall we? Let's go.

Lynne: Can I help you get the gifts to the car?

Isabella: I can manage.

Lynne: Isabella.

Isabella: Stop. Whatever you're going to say, I don't want to hear it.

Lynne: I know you're upset.

Isabella: Upset? Damn right I'm upset. This was supposed to be a very special day for my family. Christine has to stop meddling in my life. Okay.

Lynne: It is not fair to blame Chris. She is not responsible for Michael. She didn't know he would be here.

3DC7062A.JPGIsabella: Why are you defending her? Don't you see, Lynne? If she wasn't here, Michael would have been here.

Lynne: You invited her.

Isabella: Don't remind me. What gets to me is how transparent Christine was. She wants everybody to think she's celebrating Rickyís baptism. She wants to break up my family.

Mary: Isn't that the same thing you did, Isabella?

Christine: Paul, I don't want you here. It's been a very traumatic day.

Paul: Whose fault is that?

Christine: You're a private investigator.

Paul: You shouldn't have shown up.

Christine: I was invited. 3DC7065F.JPG

Paul: I asked you not to come.

Christine: Why is my presence so threatening to you?

Paul: You knew Baldwin would show up.

Christine: I can't believe you would suggest that.

Paul: Michael said you got engaged today.

Christine: What's your point?

Paul: You accept that scum's proposal and you show up to my son's christening.

Christine: I knew how much it means to you to have a child. My God, I ought to. It's what tore us apart in the first place. You were so determined to have a baby when you it. Well, now you have your son. It's great to see how happy he made you. 3DC70687.JPG

Paul: That's why you brought Baldwin?

Christine: I didn't bring him. He came on his own. I was not happy about that.

Paul: Even if I do believe you, you should have gotten him out of there.

Christine: I tried to. Before I could, you lost it.

Paul: That bastard couldn't wait to announce your engagement. You stood there and let him because you know damn well how tough it would be on me to have you with him.

Christine: Why was it so tough? Because it hurts you? How fascinating is that? What do you think that means?

John: Mac, this is such a nice surprise. How long are you here? 3DC707B5.JPG

Mackenzie: Just for a few days.

John: Well, what brings you by on a rainy night?

Mackenzie: I came to say hi to Colleen. Is she here?

John: She's up in her room.

Mackenzie: How's she doing?

John: Not too well. She disobeyed me when I told her to stay away from J.T. Hellstrom. I had no choice. I had to ground her.

Mackenzie: How's she taking it?

John: She's moping around, staying in her room, not talking to anybody. I just hate it, Mac, I really do. I have to get through to her. I have to teach her to live with some rules.

Mackenzie: Is there any chance you can bend those rules a little? 3DC707E1.JPG

John: What did you have in mind?

Mackenzie: I thought maybe I could take Colleen out for a while.

John: I don't think I could allow that.

Mackenzie: We's just go to the coffee house. You could tell her you're making an exception because I'm only in town for a few days and you can lighten off on her grounding. How about it, Mr. Abbott?

John: Jack, could I talk to you alone?

Phyllis: You want me to leave?

John: Sweetie, it's all right. I'll meet you in my office. It's okay. Phyllis. Phyllis, honey.

John: You want to tell me what's going on? 3DC7081A.JPG

Jack: How do you mean?

John: Jack, you know I'm not unsympathetic. You and Phyllis dreaming if you think you can prove she was set up by Diane or anyone is.

Jack: I believe Diane is capable of this.

John: Maybe she is and maybe we can demonstrate that beyond a reasonable doubt.

Jack: What do you suggest going back to plea bargaining?

John: We have a better chance of keeping her out of l jail.

Jack: I don't want my wife to spend another hour in jail, not another minute.

John: I can't guarantee that. 3DC70848.JPG

Jack: Then what the hell good are you? I'm sorry. That was way out of line. I'm sorry.

John: Jack, have to know if you're going to work with me.

Jack: Yes, I will work with you. It doesn't mean I'm going to turn my back on Diane. Help us get something to use against her or I will.

Diane: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: This is my husband's office. What are you doing here?

Diane: I came to see Jack.

Phyllis: Why?

Diane: I know he's going through hell right now. I thought it would cheer him up if he spent time with our son.

Phyllis: Where is your son?

Diane: I wanted to talk to Jack.  

John: Well, Mac, maybe you're right. Sure it would do Colleen some good to get out. But what if J.T.'s at the coffee house? 3DC7091C.JPG

Mackenzie: He won't be. I can promise you that. If I thought he was going to be there, I would tell you.

John: I take it you're not a fan of their relationship.

Mackenzie: J.T.'s a friend, but no.

John: You persuaded me. Colleen can go.

Colleen: Go where?

John: Hi, sweetheart, look who's here.

Colleen: Hi, Mac.

John: Honey, Mackenzie asked to take you to the coffee house tonight and I said it would be fine. You two have fun and it was nice seeing you.

Mackenzie: Nice seeing you, Mr. Abbott.

John: And thank you.

Colleen: Can we go?

Mackenzie: Why are you excited all of a sudden? 3DC70951.JPG

Colleen: In case J.T. will be there.

Mackenzie: He wonít.

Colleen: How do you know?

Mackenzie: Because, Colleen, he's on a date.

Colleen: A date?

Mackenzie: Still want to go?

Colleen: Sure.

Michael: I'm not worried about Christine and me.

Lauren: You should be. Paul and Christine share a history together and they always will. Do you honestly think you can erase every memory of Paul from Christineís heart?

Michael: Don't be ridiculous. I still don't see what I did that was so terrible. I wanted to be with the woman I loved. I wanted to announce our engagement to the world. 3DC70988.JPG

Lauren: You knew it would set Paul off.

Michael: Why? He and Christine a have been divorced over a year. He has a new wife. He has a new child. Don't you think it's time he accept his ex has moved on?

Lauren: The problem isn't that Christine has moved on.

Michael: I know.

Lauren: If you want this thing with Christine to work, could you concentrate on that and leave Paul out of it?

Michael: I'm sure there's something around here I need to file. Thank you very much.

Lauren: I'm sure. You're playing a dangerous game, Michael. Don't be surprised if it blows up in your face.

Paul: You know, Chris, the thought of you and Baldwin together 3DC709C2.JPGdoesn't hurt me. It disgusts me.

Christine: You better learn to live with it.

Paul: Have you forgotten --?

Christine: I have forgotten nothing.

Paul: How could you be with this guy?

Christine: I happen to believe some people change.

Paul: You're the one with a blind spot. You have turned your back on the horror he brought into your life like it never happened.

Christine: I haven't forgotten what happened. That's why I believe what happened between Michael and I.

Paul: The guy's a nightmare and you're together? 3DC709EC.JPG

Christine: We're talking about change and growth and moving on with your life something I thought you had done. Now you're so concerned with me and what I'm doing with mine, this conversation is over. Why don't you go home to your wife?

Christine: I told you to leave.

Paul: I know what you told me. You know something, Chris I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving here until you understand what I'm talking about.

If I could I'd turn the tide sometimes love can be unkind3DC70B37.JPG

Mackenzie: You okay?

Colleen: I'm not sure this is a good idea. As much as I hate being stuck at home, this might be worse. All these guys and girls having such a good time?

Mackenzie: I am not taking you home so you can sit in your room and close yourself off to the world. That isn't the answer. Look, I know you probably don't want to hear this, what you're going through. It's part of growing up and it's completely normal.

Colleen: This isn't normal at all. I don't know any girls in school. If it's just about some clueless guy their own age and they sit there and giggle. J.T. and I have something different, something special. 3DC70B70.JPG

Mackenzie: I know it's different and feels special. Not because it's J.T. but because it's something you never felt before.

Colleen: I never will again.

Colleen: That's where you're wrong. This isn't the only time you will feel this way about a guy. It will happen again. When it does, I'm sure it will be somebody more appropriate and it will be just as wonderful as it is with J.T. 3DC70BAA.JPG

Colleen: That's a load of bull. Nobody could understand we can have something wonderful because they can't get past the fact that I have something wonderful. Could a girl change J.T. like I have? He's not like he is with other girls. No one can give him that chance. It's stupid and completely unfair.

Mackenzie: You really feel strongly about this guy.

Colleen: I love him, Mac. I know you don't believe it know what that means, but I do. I love him. And deep down, I know that he does.

Diane: You still haven't said what you're doing here.

Phyllis: Jack and I had a meeting with John Silva.

Diane: About the arson investigation.

Phyllis: No, actually. Jack and I have filed for legal separation.

Diane: Really.

Phyllis: Yes, really. That must make you deliriously happy, Diane.

Diane: I didn't say that.

Phyllis: You didn't have to say that. This is your plan. This is what you wanted all along, Jack. 3DC70BF1.JPG

Diane: Last time we spoke you said something to the effect of "You win. Take him. He's yours."

Phyllis: You robe me of my freedom. This is the last time we will be alone together.

Diane: You better get in here. Mrs. Abbott is about to get violent.

Phyllis: You have a body guard now? Give me a break.

Diane: Let go of me!

Guard: I've got her. I've got her.

Jack: Who the hell started this?

Phyllis: She did. She did.

Isabella: I am not the reason Paul and Chris' marriage fell apart. 3DC70C1F.JPG

Mary: You were conveniently there to help my son pick up the pieces.

Isabella: Some call it fate.

Mary: Some might.

Isabella: I have done my best to reach out to you. Where has it gotten me? The same place it got Christine. I bet she did the same thing when she was married to Paul. Where's Christine now?

Mary: Unfortunately, she's out of Paulís life. Sadly, I may be responsible.

Isabella: That may be. Don't think you will accomplish that a second time. I know you like me less than Christine. But your son loves me. And I'd remember that if I were you. 3DC70C49.JPG

Mary: Don't you get overconfident, Isabella. I'm a force to be reckoned with where my son is concerned. Never doubt that.

Isabella: You don't doubt this: Paul and I are together. We have a child. We will have another and we will have another. If you want to be part of our lives, you better start to be supportive. It goes for both of you.

Christine: How dare you? Get out of my he bedroom.

Paul: Our bedroom, Chris. This is our bedroom.

Christine: Not for over a year.

Paul: I don't want you sharing this with Baldwin. You want to sleep with that scum, not in this place. 3DC70C79.JPG

Christine: You have a life. I'm trying to make one.

Paul: Are only doing this to get to me? That's the only way you're with this guy.

Christine: My life doesn't revolve around you because we are finished.

Paul: You told me --

Christine: Stop it. I don't know why I did what I did that day.

Paul: Because you can't forget it either. I asked you what you wanted and your answer told me everything. You know what you want.

Christine: Wait, wait, wait. This is wrong. I want to you leave.

Paul: No, you donít.

Phyllis: Okay. I don't need to calm down.

Diane: Jack, I swear, Phyllis started this.

Jack: Is she telling the truth?

Phyllis: She provoked me. 3DC70DBF.JPG

Jack: What are you doing? Would you just calm down! My God, you keep asking me to be on your team? You make it so damn difficult! You tell me you're innocent. You only act guilty.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, how can you say that?

Jack: It's time to leave. Get out of here.

Phyllis: What about her?!

Jack: Just go now. Go.

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: Go!

Phyllis: Oh, my God.

Diane: Gene, I'll be fine now. You can wait outside. Jack, I am glad you saw that. Phyllis is out of control. And if you didn't know that before, you certainly do now, don't you? Phyllis told me that you two are separating. And I really am sorry. I mean, despite everything, know it has to --3DC70DFF.JPG

Jack: I guess it was all inevitable. Our marriage couldn't take the strain of this thing. That's Phyllis these days. She keeps telling me innocent, yet everything I see, everything she says --

Diane: She started that fire, Jack. All the evidence points to her. But you're such a loyal, loving man. You want to defend her, make it all better but you canít. Phyllis is her own worst enemy. They're working so hard to destroy your happiness and their own, what can you do?

Jack: I've been asking myself that very same question.

Diane: You do realize Phyllis violated the restraining order. She was not supposed to come within a hundred feet of me. 3DC70E36.JPG

Jack: Now you're going to call the police?

Diane: Do I have a choice?

Jack: I hate to say it but I wish on some level, I wish you would.

Diane: You want me to turn her in?

Jack: No, no. I don't know why I said. That Diane, there's something wrong with Phyllis, something in her head. Prison isn't the answer. I'm going to be honest with you. I've already asked our lawyer to look into having her looked at by a psychiatrist.

Diane: Are you thinking of an insanity plea?

 Brianna: I think that's the first time I ever walked out of a movie.

J.T.: I hope that didn't bother you too much. 3DC70E71.JPG

Brianna: You're right. It was pretty bad. You've been pretty quiet all night.

J.T.: Yeah. I just got a lot of stuff on my mind, you know?

Brianna: Well, it's still early. Do you want to go do something else?

J.T.: That's cool. We can hang out here.

Brianna: Good. I'm going to get some more coffee. It's freezing.

J.T.: On second thought, why don't we go some place else?  

Brianna: Let me finish this first.

Mackenzie: Sorry, Colleen. I didn't think J.T. Would be here.

Colleen: That's okay. As a matter of fact this is probably a good thing. 3DC70EB9.JPG

Mackenzie: It is?

Colleen: You're right. It is time for me to get over J.T. I mean, whatever I felt for him was just some silly, teenage infatuation. It was silly for me to turn it into something more.

Mackenzie: You are not stupid.

Colleen: Whatever. It's time for me to forget about him. He's obviously forgotten about me.

Mackenzie: You're doing the right thing.

Colleen: Then why does it hurt so much?

Mackenzie: Colleen.

Colleen: I want to be alone.

Mackenzie: I'll take you home. 3DC70EE4.JPG

Colleen: I'm walk.

Mackenzie: It's dark and it's raining.

Colleen: It's lighted. I'll be fine.

Mackenzie: Be careful.

[Cell phone ringing]

Mackenzie: Hello.

Diane: If you really are thinking about an insanity plea.

Jack: We're considering our options now.

Diane: The fact you're considering it. You believe Phyllis set that fire.

Jack: I don't know. I'll probably never know. The scary part is that I could actually think that she could do something like that, that she could actually be that kind of person.

Diane: Is there anything that I can do? 3DC70FDD.JPG

Jack: Yeah, yeah, there is. Could you not turn her into the cops?

Diane: Jack.

Jack: Look, I don't want to see her suffer. She is still my wife. I don't want her in jail. I don't know what that would do to her.

Diane: Okay. As a courtesy to you, I won't notify the police.

Jack: Thank you. I mean it, thank you.

Diane: Look. Why don't we go back to my hotel room? You can put your feet up, relax, spend some time with your son. Jack, I am not coming on to you. I am just -- well, you look like you could use a friend. I know that Kyle misses his dad. 3DC7100E.JPG

Jack: Actually, that sounds awfully good right now.

Diane: Gene, you can have the rest of the night off. I'm in safe hands now.

Gene: Yes, ma'am.

Diane: Ready to go?

Jack: After you.

Phyllis: That's right, Jack. You go get her. Be careful.

[Colleen sobbing]

Paul: Chris. I'm so sorry. For everything.

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