Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/31/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/31/02


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Gina: There is that precious angel.

Isabella: He was a good boy.

Paul: He hardly made a noise all service.

Gina: Mary, you must be so proud of your grandson.

Mary: Oh, yes.

Paul: Why don't you take a family picture while we're all here. Marissa is our official photographer.

Marissa: Smile. One, two, three.

Mary: Now how about me and my son and Ricky.

Isabella: He's sleeping.

Paul: I know. I know.

Marissa: Ready? One, two, three.

Ashley: That has to be a first for you.

Brad: What? 3DC1BD6A.JPG

Ashley: Making love to a bald lady.

Brad: Is that what just happened? All I remember is making love to my wife. Whom I cherish by the way.

Ashley: What would I do without you?

Brad: I don't intend for you to ever find out.

Ashley: Come on, tell me the truth. It had to be a little weird. Wasn't it?

Brad: No. It's different. Maybe I don't -- baby, I don't make love to your hair.

Ashley: My hair. It's weird how much time and money we spend on something so frivolous. It doesn't seem so frivolous when you don't have any.

Brad: You just have to remember that with or without the hair, you're still you. 3DC1BDBA.JPG

Ashley: We're still us. We are, aren't we?

Brad: Yeah, for the first time in a long time I feel that way too. We're still us.

Olivia: Please don't look at me like that.

Drucilla: Liv, how could you let this happen?

Olivia: I don't know.

Drucilla: But a married man? Liv, you're better than that.

Olivia: I know. It was stupid.

Drucilla: At least now I know why you were defensive every time Brad's name came up.

Olivia: I'm glad I confided in someone.

Drucilla: I'm worried about you, girl.

Olivia: It's over.

Drucilla: He needed you. You were his only source of support during Ashley’s illness and he confided in you. 3DC1BE01.JPG

Olivia: We were friends before. Before we realized we just got much too close.

Drucilla: And you got your heart broken.

Olivia: It's my fault. I should have fought to keep distance between us.

Drucilla: That's easier said than done. Liv, I have to ask, how far did you and Brad go?

Thanks, Cody. I hope you brought your umbrella. Looks like a big storm is headed our way.

Cody: Hey, we're all stocked up. Don't worry about us. Excuse me. I think one of our regulars needs a refill.

Brittany: Thanks, Cody.

3DC1BE57.JPGCody: Sure, babe. You okay?

Brittany: Yeah, why?

Cody: I saw that scene with your parents earlier. It seemed pretty intense.

Brittany: No biggie.

Cody: What's with the suitcase? I thought you postponed college.

Brittany: I did.

Cody: You're heading to New York mid-semester?

Brittany: No. I'm moving out of my parents' house. I couldn't stand being there another minute.

J.T.: Couldn't stand being where?

Cody: Her parents' house.

J.T.: You're moving out? No way.

Brittany: J.T., Not now. I don't want your bull.

J.T.: You have been there since you were 12. What pushed you to move out?

3DC1BE8A.JPGDiego: Déjà vu all over again.

Raul: Thanks for coming over.

Diego: I'm curious why you wanted me to meet you over here of all places.

Raul: I'm checking this out for a friend. I realized this is the place where you stayed.

Diego: I got my face busted. Same place.

Raul: You wouldn't recommend it?

Diego: I talked to the landlord. He said the guys that jumped me have been gone a long time.

3DC1BEBA.JPGRaul: Other than it's a little shabby, it's an okay place to stay?

Diego: I guess. This friend of yours, is it someone I know?

Raul: Does it matter?

Diego: Come on, bro. Something's up. What's going on here?

Raul: I needed some straight answers before I could explain.

Diego: Explain what?

Raul: I'm moving in here, with Brittany.

Andy: You don't look a day older, Mrs. Williams.

Mary: And you're a liar, Andy Richards, but you're a sweet one.

Andy: Let m hold the baby.

Mary: Good idea.

Paul: Riccardo and Riccardo.

Marissa: Ready?

Lauren: Delicious food.

Christine: Chris looks like Gina outdid herself again.

Lauren: Surprised you came here.

Christine: I couldn't turn down an invitation from Isabella. 3DC1BEF6.JPG

Lauren: I guess not. Must be strange.

Christine: That's one way to put it.

Lauren: I'm talking about more than just the party.

Christine: Excuse me. I'm going to get some champagne.

Andy: The christening went well, don't you think?

Paul: Yeah, it went very well.

Andy: Chris seems like a fish out of water.

Paul: I'm still not sure why she came.

Andy: Are you sorry she did?

Paul: As long as I don't have to deal with Baldwin, I'm fine with her being here. 

3DC1BFF3.JPGAshley: It's wonderful to be back in your arms like this.

Brad: That's what I hoped for.

Ashley: That's what we were missing. I prayed we would get it back.

Brad: Sometimes prayers are answered, aren't they?

Ashley: I'm so sorry.

Brad: No, no, no apologies.

Ashley: I want to explain.

Brad: No. Baby, you don't need to. Fighting cancer just takes all of your energy. Sometimes there's just no room for anything else.

Ashley: I don't know why I would shut you out like that, Brad. I don't know why I would do such a thing.

Brad: Honey, stop doing this to yourself. The worst is over. You're finished with the chemo. You're on your way back. And look at just what happened with us?

Ashley: Kind of like old times, love in the afternoon.

Brad: No.

Ashley: No?

Brad: Better than old times.

Ashley: Really?

Brad: Yeah. Because we know so much more. We know we're vulnerable. And we know what we have to protect.

Ashley: I wish I could just spend the rest of the day like this in your arms.

Brad: Why don't you? We could call Frances.

Ashley: I have an appointment with my oncologist. I really can't miss it.

Brad: Maybe Frances could still keep Abby.

Ashley: Would you mind, honey, tonight just the three of us, you, me and Abby, our family, our perfect little family?

Brad: Well, when you put it like that, Mrs. Carlton, I love you.

Ashley: I love you too.

Paul: Come on, honey. Cut the cake already.

Isabella: I'm waiting for someone to take a picture.

Paul: It's a christening, not a wedding.

Marissa: One, two, three.

Gina: I'll take over from here.

Isabella: I want to thank you for my surprise.

Paul: I didn't know if it would go well.

Isabella: It's the first step to healing my relationship with my father. I can't thank you enough.

Paul: Wow.

Isabella: There's our little angel right now.

Paul: Hey, Lauren, he's not too heavy for you, is he? 3DC1C0BB.JPG

Lauren: No, not at all.

Isabella: I should put him somewhere where he's more comfortable.

Paul: Like the buffet table?

Isabella: No, silly. There's a bassinet set up in Gina’s office. One of the waitresses offered to baby sit him.

Paul: You going to have some cake?

Christine: Maybe later.

Paul: Suit yourself.

Christine: It was a lovely service.

Paul: Yes, it was.

Christine: That little performance your wife put on, I suspect that's why she invited me.

Paul: That wasn't a performance.

Christine: For your sake, I hope not. 3DC1C0F8.JPG

Paul: Maybe she was rubbing it in a little bit.

Christine: Oh, maybe?

Paul: If it bothers you so much, why did you come?

Christine: I said I would leave if you wanted me to.

Paul: You're dodging my question.

Christine: You've come to despise me.

Paul: I don't despise you. I despise what Baldwin has done to you.

Christine: You don't know him like I do.

Paul: Thank God for that.

Christine: There's something you're going to eventually find out.

Paul: If this is about your boyfriend, save it. I couldn't care less.

Olivia: I told you, I didn't sleep with him. 3DC1C22A.JPG

Drucilla: You must have been tempted.

Olivia: Yes, I was tempted.

Drucilla: You know, it's hard finding a good guy these days, Liv.

Olivia: I'm a grown woman. I should know better.

Drucilla: Does Ash know?

Olivia: That I have feelings for her husband? No.

Drucilla: It must be weird being around her.

Olivia: You have no idea.

Drucilla: She is your best friend and everything.

Olivia: I didn't throw myself at the guy. Things like this, they don't happen in a vacuum. Brad and Ash were having problems in their marriage and her cancer was creating this distance.

Drucilla: You couldn't help but comfort him. 3DC1C25C.JPG

Olivia: Ashley was pushing him away. I'm not saying what Brad and I did was right. It wasn't right but it wasn't completely unmotivated.

Drucilla: Now that Ashley is better, are the things working out better between the two of them?

Olivia: On the surface.

Drucilla: What does that mean?

Olivia: It doesn't mean anything, okay?

Drucilla: You know, Liv, you were never good at lying. And I think there's something you're not telling me.

Brad: How long do you think you'll be at the doctor's office?

Ashley: Oh, not that long.

Brad: Good. You'll be home before I know it. 3DC1C288.JPG

Ashley: Yeah. I'm going to do my best.

Brad: You always do your best.

Ashley: I only wish that were true.

Brad: Hey, I don't want to hear that. We're starting fresh. Clean slate, right? What's wrong?

Ashley: I just hope we can.

Brad: Honey, the future's ours if we make it ours. It's in our hands.

Ashley: You're right. It's in our hands, isn't it?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: I didn’t believe it when I heard you were coming.

Andy: I was due a vacation. When Paul called and told me he had a baby, got married and wanted me to be godfather, it was the perfect excuse. 3DC1C2CB.JPG

Lauren: About what?

Andy: You are still one hot babe.

Lauren: Paul said that?

Andy: His very words.

Lauren: I don't know how much he told you about what's going on.

Andy: Yeah, enough.

Lauren: He's holding out pretty well.

Andy: It doesn't help having an ex-wife lurking around.

Lauren: The other one, you mean. Yes, Chris is a glutton for punishment, isn't she?

Andy: I'll be damned. He came.

Lauren: Who?

Andy: Last guy Paul wanted to see.

Lauren: Oh, my God. Michael Baldwin.

Christine: What are you doing here? 3DC1C2FD.JPG

Michael: Hey, just wanted to spend some time with my fiancée.

Michael: It looked like Paul was giving you a hard time.

Christine: It doesn't matter. Michael, please.

Michael: I will be damned if I let that man walk all over you. You don't deserve that from him or any man.

Christine: You shouldn't have come here.

Michael: What is the problem? Isabella invited you. I'm your fiancé. There's no reason I shouldn't be here with you, that is unless you'd rather have no one know about our engagement.

Paul: What is it?

Andy: Listen, there's something you ought to know. I just need you to get a grip, okay? 3DC1C32D.JPG

Paul: What are you talking about?

Andy: Over there.

Paul: Son of a --

Andy: Don't, don’t. Stop, okay? Get a grip. Let me handle it, okay?

Diego: You and your princess are moving in here. Why?

Raul: It's a long story.

Diego: I've got time.

Raul: Because of me. She is on the outs with her parents.

Diego: So she split.

Raul: We couldn't move in with Mom and Dad, so we decided this is the better option.

Diego: Folks wouldn't even like the idea of you and Brittany seeing each other much less living together. 3DC1C409.JPG

Raul: We want to be together.

Diego: I didn't know the two of you made up. What's up with that?

Raul: She's sorry for what happened. I accepted her apology. End of story.

Diego: I don't know.

Raul: If I'm cool with what happened then everyone else should be too. I don't want to fight with you, all right? Maybe it's best you take off.

Diego: I don't want to fight with you either.

Raul: What's with the look?

Diego: I thought it was weird we're both on the same trip at the same time.

Raul: What do you mean?

Diego: Me and Victoria. We got back together.

Raul: I bet the Newmans aren't too happy about that. 3DC1C436.JPG

Diego: That's putting it mildly. Victoria's old man found out, he tossed my butt out of the tack house.

Raul: You could be in serious trouble.

Diego: I love her.

Raul: How  is she dealing with all of this?

Diego: It's killing her. She's been so close with her family. I'm not giving up though, no way.

Raul: It's going to get rough.

Diego: So be it.

Raul: All right. Listen, suppose we make a deal. You give my relationship with Brittany the benefit of the doubt and I will do the same for you and Vicki.

Diego: Okay. Deal. 3DC1C46C.JPG

Raul: Have you told the folks about Victoria?

Diego: Not yet.

Raul: We can break the news to them together at their anniversary tomorrow.

Diego: That would be one hell of a gift.

Raul: We should keep it under wraps.

Diego: How are they doing?

Raul: Mom and Dad?

Diego: Yeah. Is everything okay with their finances?

Raul: About the same, as far as I know. Things have always been tight around the house. Why are you asking?

Diego: No reason. Hey, I've got to go but good luck. Keep your head on straight, okay?

3DC1C4A1.JPGCody: All right, I need to go back to work unless you two need me to referee.

J.T.: No, man. We're cool.

Cody: All right.

Brittany: What?

J.T.: I bet I know why you're moving out. It has to be connected with you being back with Raul.

Brittany: Don't you have something better to do?

J.T.: No, sweetheart. This is so entertaining. You're really moving out of the homestead, right? Don't tell me you're moving in with the Gutierrez family. Brittany Hodges with a nice, religious 3DC1C4D4.JPGfamily, grace before dinner and all that stuff?

Brittany: You amaze me, J.T. You hassle me for my love life when you hang out with a teenybopper?

J.T.: On second thought there's no way they would let you move in. You must be planning on a love nest.

Brittany: The only way I can get you to shut up is to tell you. Yes, we're moving in together.

J.T.: Where?

Brittany: What's it to you? We will have you and Lolita for dinner soon. Didn't I hear a rumor she was grounded?

J.T.: Give it a rest, Brit.

Brittany: Probably for the best. I hope she wises up and realizes you're way too old and jaded for her?

J.T.: Why don't people realize we're just friends?

3DC1C504.JPGBrittany: You're a bad influence on our junior miss.

J.T.: Like you're a good influence on Raul?

Brittany: At least I'm not robbing the cradle.

J.T.: You're just really moving in together.

Brittany: Yeah, why?

J.T.: I hope where you move there's maid service. You don't know which end to use.

3DC1C628.JPGChristine: I'm serious. We should go.

Michael: It'll be fine.

Christine: What?

Lauren: You have no business here.

Michael: I'm with Christine.

Isabella: She has no business here.

Andy: What's going on, guys?

Christine: Michael, this is Andy Richards, Paul’s best friend.

Michael: Nice to meet you, Andy.

Andy: This is a family event. Trouble might be unavoidable.

Michael: I don't understand what the fuss is about. I am this lady's escort.

Isabella: Ricky is fast asleep. What's wrong? 3DC1C657.JPG

Paul: Baldwin's here. Andy's at the bar getting rid of him.

Isabella: Okay. You stay here and entertain the guests. I will handle this quietly.

Michael: I would like to give our regards to -- Isabella, hi. Congratulations to you and Paul.

Isabella: Thank you.

Michael: Where's the little guest of honor?

Isabella: He's asleep upstairs. Would you mind if I talk to Michael alone for a moment?

Lauren: He's all yours.

Michael: It was a pleasure.

Isabella: My father is here.

Michael: You're kidding.

Isabella: Paul surprised me by inviting me. 3DC1C683.JPG

Michael: Maybe he won't remember.

Isabella: He's not senile. Of course, he will remember.

Michael: Don't panic. I will take care of this.

Paul: Did you get rid of that dirt bag?

Andy: Your wife wanted to talk to him alone. I assume she's getting him out of here.

Paul: Good because if he's not out of here soon, I will throw him out.

Ashley: I will get home as soon as I can, all right, baby?

Brad: I am counting on that. Anything special you want for dinner?

Ashley: You can surprise me. Although you already surprised me by getting us back on track.

Brad: We have to make sure nothing derails us. 3DC1C6B9.JPG

Ashley: I don't know when I ever felt so close to you.

Brad: You hold on to that feeling. That's how it's going to stay.

Ashley: Today and always. You with me?

Brad: I'm with you today and always.

Ashley: Okay.

Olivia: I think we have talked about this enough for one day.

Drucilla: You're not realizing something and I think it's time you did.

Olivia: Just drop it. The important thing is Brad went back to Ashley and he is going to make his marriage work.

Drucilla: You're okay with that.

Olivia: That's the way it's supposed to.

Drucilla: I want you to be happy. I will do everything in my power to make that happen. 3DC1C6F2.JPG

Olivia: I'm afraid to know what you mean by that. The last thing I need is you playing matchmaker.

Drucilla: It will take your mind off things.

Olivia: I don't want another relationship.

Drucilla: It's exactly what you need.

Olivia: It's the last thing I need. Please don't interfere.

Drucilla: I got it. I got it. You haven't given up all hope on Brad Carlton.

Michael: Mr. Braña?

Mr. Braña: Mr. Baldwin. Hello.

Mr. Braña: My, you remember me.

Mr. Braña: How could I forget you after all the things you did for us.

Michael: I'm surprised to see you here. 3DC1C809.JPG

Mr. Braña: My daughter's husband arranged for me to fly here.

Michael: For the christening of your grandson.

Mr. Braña: Beautiful service.

Michael: Sorry I missed it.

Mr. Braña: I'm so glad we ran into each other. I owe you an apology. That time you defended my daughter.

Michael: What about it?

Mr. Braña: You came to California to talk to my wife and me. It was a very sad time for us. I wasn't very friendly to you, I'm afraid.

Michael: It's all in the past. It's forgotten.

Mr. Braña: Not by me. I can't tell you how sorry I am.

Michael: It's a long time ago.

Mr. Braña: So you ended up in Genoa City, the same as Isabella. 3DC1C83A.JPG

Michael: It's quite the coincidence. Mr. Braña, I don't know if I would mention the court case or my involvement to anyone. I'm not sure Paul’s family knows much about that.

Mr. Braña: Of course. I won't say a word.

Michael: Good. Well, it is such a pleasure to see you again, sir.

Mr. Braña The pleasure is mine.

Christine: For the last time, I think we should get going.

Michael: That's fine with me.

Christine: We have to drive separately. I brought my own car.

Paul: Baldwin, you've had your fun. Either you get out of here now or I will remove you. What's it going to be?

3DC1C8AE.JPGBrittany: There you are.

Raul: Hey, beautiful.

Brittany: Hey, yourself.

Raul: You been here long?

Brittany: A few minutes.

Raul: Diego came by earlier. After you left I realized this is the same place he stayed a while back.

Brittany: What's wrong with that?

Raul: He got in a fight with some guys that lived here.

Brittany: We have to find another place to live?

Raul: No. Evidently, the guys were a bunch of jerks. They got kicked out.

Brittany: Good.

Raul: I got some more news.

Brittany: About Diego?

Raul: Yep. He's finally coming around about us. 3DC1C8E9.JPG

Brittany: That's great.

Raul: It's nice to have somebody that's not against us. What, did I forget something?

Brittany: I'm amazed you knew what to get.

Raul: Of course I knew what to get. I have been with my mom grocery shopping a million times. Haven't you?

Brittany: We had our groceries delivered to our house. I never stepped foot in a grocery store.

Raul: Some of these places it blows my behind how much stuff they have.

Brittany: We have to call this whole living together thing off.

Raul: Why?

Brittany: I don't know if I can spend that much time with somebody that gets so much joy out of it.

3DC1C9EE.JPGOlivia: Enough. You're making things worse.

Drucilla: Don't you wish things could be different with Brad?

Olivia: Yes, Brad is a man unlike I have ever known.

Drucilla: Brad is a man you cannot have. Liv, things will turn around. I know you can't see it now but it will.

Olivia: It will, I know. I know the drill. You know it's so ironic is one of the things that was attracting me to Brad was his loyalty. I mean, the fact he stood by Ashley through this whole thing.

Drucilla: That should tell you something about the man, shouldn't it.

Olivia: I'm not deluding myself. I know Brad loves Ashley. I know that. But it doesn't mean his feelings for me weren't real. 3DC1CA2A.JPG

Drucilla: It's been a long time since I've heard you talk about a man this way.

Olivia: You don't know Brad like I do. He has more sensitivity than any man I have known. He's genuinely a good person. He cares about people. How could I help falling in love with him?

Raul: Why don't I just go off on you hanging out in boutiques?

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