Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/29/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/29/02


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Christine: Michael.

Michael: You know, I had this amazing dream. I got down on bended knee and I asked you to be my wife. And you said yes.

Christine: Well, I've got news for you. It wasn't a dream.

Michael: We are going to make such an amazing life together. Come here.

Christine: You know, you haven't seen me in the morning yet.

Michael: Oh, yes, I have, and you are beautiful. Oh, your hand.

Christine: What about it?

Michael: There's something missing.

Christine: Some sort of adornment perhaps?

Michael: Yeah, precisely.

Christine: What do you suggest? 3DBF1A61.JPG

Michael: Ring.

Christine: Really?

Michael: I just happen to have one.

Christine: You do?

Michael: I think you'll like it.

Christine: I know I'll love it.

Michael: You can try it on now.

Christine: You know, well, we could.

Michael: What, what, what?

Christine: At your office? I was thinking of something a little more romantic.

Michael: We can do something to fix that.

Christine: As tempting as that sounds, I may be otherwise occupied.

Michael: Appointment?

Christine: Ricky's baptism? If I'm going to go, I better leave soon.

Isabella: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Paul: Almost show time. 3DBF1AA2.JPG

Isabella: I'm letting Ricky sleep in.

Paul: That's a good idea. He has a big day ahead of him.

Isabella: Well, we all do. Paul, I don't want you to worry.

Paul: Well, I just can't help being concerned about my mom.

Isabella: I'm not going to say or do anything, I promise.

Paul: I know you'll be on your best behavior.

Isabella: But your mother is a different story.

Paul: She has been going through a lot lately.

Isabella: We can cross our fingers and hope she remembers this is a very special day.

Paul: Ricky's baptism.

Isabella: And a chance to celebrate this wonderful family we've made.

3DBF1B04.JPGJohn: Jill, you're late.

Jill: Don't you start in on me too, John.

John: I am just simply reminding you we have a very important meeting.

Jill: Point taken. Where's Mr. Hodges?

John: He's attending to a family matter. He'll be here shortly.

Jill: Then why are you getting on my case?

John: It is such a pleasure to start off the day with your wonderful disposition.

Jill: Well, excuse me for not being little Mary Sunshine.

John: Let me guess. You had a fight with Katherine?

Jill: The sight of that creature makes my blood boil.

John: If the situation is untenable, you can move. 3DBF1B2F.JPG

Jill: And let her win. That home is just as much mine as it is hers. Why should I care one iota what Katherine thinks anyway? Who I keep company with is none of her damn business.

John: Let's focus at the situation at hand please. We have to treat Mr. Hodges with kid gloves. Now will you please turn to page 2, additions and exclusions? Jill, are you with me?

Jill: Have you seen Larry this morning?

John: Cheney? He's in a marketing conference in San Francisco.

Jill: Larry Warton.

John: The janitor?

Jill: He's more than a janitor, John.

John: I realize living with you and Katherine. 3DBF1B63.JPG

Jill: He's living over the garage. Why do you have a problem with that?

John: No, but I get the impression that you do. All right. Come on, talk to me, talk to me.

Jill: I just said some things to Larry that I regret. We'll work it out.

John: For goodness’ sakes will you get off your high horse and stop treating people --

Jill: I know, I know. Let's stop talking about Larry Warton, okay?

Katherine: So your little secret is out.

Larry: Jill and me? It will probably be on the evening news.

Katherine: Well, that's quite an interesting liaison. 3DBF1B90.JPG

Larry: Whatever that means.

Katherine: Mr. Warton, relax. Please, sit down, sit down. So have the two of you been seeing each other long?

Larry: A while.

Katherine: Always behind closed doors?

Larry: Yeah, yeah. That's the only way Jill would have it.

Katherine: Why is that?

Larry: Why do you think?

Katherine: Oh, I'm so terribly sorry.

Larry: A woman like Ms. Abbott, a guy like me, it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway.

Katherine: Knowing Jill, I'm not at all surprised.

Larry: That she used me. You heard what she said. She wouldn't be caught dead with a loser like me.

3DBF1BD9.JPGRaul: There she is, Mother Teresa.

Brittany: What are you doing here. I thought you had physical therapy?

Raul: I wanted to see how my favorite social worker is doing.

Brittany: I feel a heck of lot more comfortable at the mall.

Raul: It could have been worse.

Brittany: Talking about yesterday, the hearing?

Raul: Community service isn't all that bad. If you're not careful, you might enjoy yourself, Brit.

Brittany: Still, the whole reason I'm here, I can't forget what happened.

Raul: Babe, we've been through this about a hundred times, okay?

Brittany: I almost killed you, Raul. 3DBF1C01.JPG

Raul: We dodged a bullet. You learned a lesson. End of subject.

Brittany: I swear, I will never drink and drive again.

Raul: Amen.

Brittany: You are so amazing, the way you have been able to forgive me.

Raul: Didn't have a choice. I love you, Brit. No one could have kicked you out of my life.

Katherine: Oh, you're not a loser, Mr. Warton.

Larry: Well, tell Jill that.

Katherine: You don't listen to a word that thing says.

Larry: I may not be Mr. Three piece suit and all, she could have done a heck of a lot worse.

Katherine: She has. I assure you she has.

Larry: There were no complaints when we were getting busy in the sack.

Katherine: I bet not.

Larry: The minute it stepped out of her bedroom, it's like I was invisible.

Katherine: That's because she's such a shallow, hypocritical swat.

Larry: Are you saying this is a joke? She never took me seriously?

Katherine: Afraid not. 3DBF1D11.JPG

Larry: What a fool I was, so blind. I didn't see that.

Katherine: Understand this, look at me. You're not the first man she's ever taken advantage of. And you will not be the last.

Larry: You think she's going to go after the garbage man next?

Katherine: You really grew fond of her, didn't you? You are so much better off without her.

Larry: Maybe you're right. You know what? I'm not letting her off the hook. Nobody takes a stab at Larry Warton and gets away with it. Not even her highness, Ms. Abbott.

Anita: Why do we have to keep coming back to this place? 3DBF1D4A.JPG

Frederick: It was Brittany’s idea.

Anita: Couldn't she have suggested something else?

Frederick: Like the Colonnade Room.

Anita: They do a lovely tea and brunch there.

Frederick: I wouldn't know. I work for a living. Where is that girl?

Anita: She's serving food to the less fortunate.

Frederick: Why did you suggest this meeting any way?

Anita: I'm trying to become more involved in our daughter's life.

Frederick: The real reason.

Anita: Margery called last night. She saw Brittany last night. She was with, and I quote, a sweet-looking, dark-haired boy.

Frederick: A Gutierrez kid. Why would he want anything to do with Brittany? She damn near killed him. 3DBF1D85.JPG

Anita: He must be a glutton for punishment.

Frederick: You're going to grill her as soon as she walks in?

Anita: I want some answers, yes.

Frederick: She's as headstrong as you are.

Anita: What you're really saying is don't count on you for support.

Frederick: What I'm really saying is I don't want her hanging around that kid here.

Anita: God forbid you lift a finger to discipline her. You might have to be a parent.

Frederick: Don't start, all right?

Anita: Don't want to get ruffled up before your big meeting? Leave, Frederick. Brittany probably won't notice you're not here. 3DBF1DBA.JPG

Frederick: When our daughter shows up, please reschedule the meeting, please.

Anita: Relax, Frederick, I can handle this myself.

Frederick: Remember, threats don't work with Brittany. They never have and they never will.

Anita: I don't need threats. I have something better. Something absolutely foolproof.

Ned: Look, I want to get one thing straight.

3DBF1DEC.JPGRaul: Sorry. I was wishing Brittany good luck.

Ned: Can I speak to you a moment?

Brittany: Great. Now he really hates me.

Raul: He does not hate you.

Brittany: You saw the look he gave you.

Raul: Maybe a little bit. Ned's cool. Don't sweat it.

Brittany: Easy for you to say. You're not the one doing time.

Raul: Community service. There's a big difference, Brittany.

Brittany: I know what he's thinking. Spoiled rich girl gets in trouble. Mommy and Daddy can't bail her out. No one will take me seriously. 3DBF1E15.JPG

Raul: You help and you will be taken seriously.

Brittany: It isn't that I decided to feed the homeless.

Raul: Bottom line, they need you. I can't imagine it's going to make a difference.

Ned: Actually, Raul, it does.

Lynne: You've hardly said two words, Mrs. Williams.  

Mary: What is there to say, Lynne? My grandson is to be baptized. I waited years for this day.

Lynne: You should be overjoyed.

Mary: Yes, I should. Isabella made that impossible.

Lynne: If you go into this with the right attitude, you will have a wonderful time. Paul has a surprise.

Mary: What surprise?

Lynne: He didn't tell you? He invited Isabella’s father. Evidently, they haven't seen each other for years. 3DBF1F4E.JPG

Mary: See, Lynne? That's what I'm talking about. The woman is a total mystery. Nobody knows a thing about her. Where she comes from, what her past is like. What kind of woman cuts off all ties with her family?

Lynne: I don't know. That's about to change very soon.

Isabella: Is it time?

Paul: To leave for the church?

Isabella: No, silly, for your surprise.

Paul: Oh, that.

Isabella: You have me on pins and needles.

Paul: I'm afraid you have to wait a bit longer.

Isabella: The suspense is killing me.

Paul: Do you trust me?

Isabella: You know I do. So how did things go with Andy?

Paul: Oh, fine.

Isabella: The way you talk about him, it sounds like he's going to make a great godfather.

Paul: Yeah, he is.

[Doorbell sounding] 3DBF1F7E.JPG

Isabella: That's probably our other godparent, right on time.

Lauren: Ricky's fairy godmother has arrived.

Isabella: You look lovely.

Lauren: I'm sure I will say the same once you get dressed.

Isabella: Is that your cue for me to get ready?

Lauren: Cheer up, Paul. You're going to a baptism, not a funeral.

Michael: Oh, man. Let me get this straight. You would rather stand around a stuffy church spending time with Paul and Isabella than spend time getting re-acquainted with yours truly.

Christine: I haven't decided if I want to go yet.

Michael: Let me help you make that decision. Don't go. Mary Williams will be there. If you look at that dragon the wrong way, she will turn you to stone. 3DBF1FB4.JPG

Christine: You are bad.

Michael: You ought to stick around. I get worse. Look, if you do go, you promise me one thing. If any of those people start giving you a hard time --

Christine: I will run for the hills.

Michael: I have your word on that?

Christine: I have already given you my word, haven't I?

Michael: Indeed you did.

Christine: I can't imagine anyone making a scene.

Michael: I wouldn't count on it, especially Paul’s mother will be there.

Christine: She's one person I believe she'll be in my corner. Lynne approached me. She thinks it would be a very good idea for me to be there today. 3DBF1FDD.JPG

Michael: Why?

Christine: To support Mary.

Michael: Last time I checked you are an evil x-chromosome capturing her son.

Christine: That belongs to Paul’s new wife. I know what a tough sell Mary is. How Isabella managed to alienate her so completely is beyond me.

John: I understand you had a family matter.

Frederick: Yes.

Jill: I hope it's nothing serious.

Frederick: It's been a while since our paths have crossed.

John: The Black and White Ball about a year ago.

Frederick: Time flies.

Jill: We have seen a lot of your lovely daughter. 3DBF200A.JPG

John: Brittany was quite an asset to the Glow by Jabot house.

Frederick: It was a wonderful experience for Brittany as well.

Jill: Now it's our turn to do business together.

Frederick: I was hoping for the opportunity.

John: Let's continue, shall we?

Frederick: I'm surprised you wanted to handle this yourself?

John: Instead of through a CFO?

Frederick: Standard operating procedure.

Jill: We prefer a closer working relationship.

John: We know what we're looking for.

Jill: $5 million revolving market to expand.

Frederick: You're expanding your market share. 3DBF2036.JPG

John: Jill's idea.

Frederick: Quite the businesswoman.

Jill: Thank you. Before we dive into numbers I find a small item number that needs revising.

Frederick: By all means. Could I trouble you for a glass of water?

John: I think we can manage that.

Ned: You realize this is a place of business.

Raul: I'm sorry, I got carried away.

Ned: I take court appointed service very seriously.

Raul: She knows that, Ned.

Ned: I'm sure the lady can speak for herself.

Brittany: I understand.

Ned: I expect you to be on time. No unexcused absences. If you don't follow the order, I will notify the court. Any questions? 3DBF210A.JPG

Brittany: When can I start?

Ned: Tomorrow. I will have your schedule before you leave.

Raul: Hey, Ned?

Ned: Yeah.

Raul: We know this is serious stuff. I was hoping you would give Brittany a chance.

Ned: Perhaps I have been a bit tough.

Brittany: You don't like me?

Ned: I hardly know you, Brittany.

Brittany: I get it. It's because my folks have money.

Ned: It's because of the incredibly stupid thing, drinking and driving.

Brittany: No one knows that better than I do.

Ned: I hope so.

Brittany: I'm not the same person anymore. 3DBF2132.JPG

Ned: The one that put her boyfriend in the hospital.

Raul: Come on, Ned.

Brittany: It's okay. He's right. It changed me. It forced me to grow up. Like Raul said, if you give me a chance, I'll prove it.

Ned: We'll see.

Larry: Good, you're here.

Jill: Larry, what are you doing here?

Larry: You know, you are really something else. You know that, Jill? You think you can turn me into your own personal play thing and throw me out when you're done? Guess what, times have changed. And you're messing with the wrong dude.

Jill: This is not a good time. 3DBF2167.JPG

Larry: Like I could give a rat's rear. I'm tired of being used as your sex toy. Who do you think you are?

Jill: Your boss.

Larry: That gives you the treat to abuse me?

Jill: I was going to apologize to you. You can't waltz into my place of business and tell me what you will or will not. Who do you think you are?

Larry: I'm your big dog, the tattoo titanic. I can't remember the pet names you have for me.

John: That is enough. What the hell is going on here?

Jill: Get out.

Larry: I am not finished. Open it up, Jill. Let everyone know of the bizarre ways you have of amusing yourself.

Raul: Babe, you okay?

Brittany: Why wouldn't I be?

Raul: I have never seen Ned lay down the law like that.

Brittany: Hey, if I can win you over, he'll be a piece of cake. So what's on tap this evening?

Raul: I don't know. Another flick?

Brittany: That's all we've done since you got out of the hospital.

Raul: You have another one, wise one?

Brittany: I don’t have a problem with a movie. Let's make it more interesting.

Raul: How?

Brittany: My parents are going out tonight. We can rent something and watch it at my place.

Raul: I don't know, Brit.

Brittany: They have a stupid dinner party to go to. They won't be home until late. 3DBF22D5.JPG

Raul: So I won't run into them.

Brittany: That's not all, oh, not-so-wise one. If we pick something we've already seen before, we would be forced to come up with more creative ways to entertain ourselves. This is the part where you say "I can't wait, sweetheart. All I want to do is be with you."

Raul: You know that's true. I can't help but think about your folks.

Brittany: It won't be a problem.

Raul: When if they get home early?

Brittany: They won’t. 3DBF22FF.JPG

Raul: Maybe they figured out it's time to live your own life.

Brittany: That would be a miracle.

Raul: Hey, don't you knock miracles. The way things turned out for us, I'm a believer.

Larry: Jill, you want to open this up or shall I?

Jill: For the love of God.

Larry: Let's see what we have in here. First up is, woo, these sexy little numbers you like to parade around.

John: For God's sakes.

Larry: We have these fruity scented oils that really get you revved up. Oh, yeah. And the infamous blindfold and handcuffs. This is definitely your deal. You know what? It hits a little too close to home. 3DBF2346.JPG

Jill: You are fired. Get out. I never want to see you in this building again.

Larry: Can me. I'll make sure I'll let the rest of the guys in maintenance know you're looking for a new boy toy. Gentlemen.

Lauren: While Isabella is getting herself dressed, talk to me.

Paul: There's nothing to talk about.

Lauren: Oh, really? I mean, here we are on a joyous occasion. Your son is being baptized and you're acting like you lost your best friend. Please tell me this has nothing to do with Christine.

Paul: I was at the coffee house earlier.

Lauren: What, you saw her having a cup of coffee with your arch nemesis, Michael Baldwin?

Paul: Why is it every time I turn around he's there flaunting his so-called relationship with her? 3DBF238E.JPG

Lauren: Did he come up to you? Did he hurl insults at you?

Paul: He didn't even know I was there. Don't you dare tell me I'm overreacting?

Lauren: This is a very important day for you and Isabella and your son. Please don't let Michael and Christine ruin it.

Paul: How am I supposed to wipe that out of my mind?

Lauren: What out of your mind?

Paul: They were kissing. I cannot believe Chris would let that slime ball touch her. It made me physically ill.

Brittany: Excuse me, I was talking to Ned.

Anita: Who's Ned?

Brittany: The guy that runs the shelter.

Anita: How'd it go?

Brittany: A barrel of laughs. 3DBF24B9.JPG

Anita: Seriously, Brittany.

Brittany: You're always serious, Mom.

Anita: So how are the hours?

Brittany: Not bad.

Anita: What does that mean?

Brittany: They will be finished by the end of the year.

Anita: College is waiting.

Brittany: So you keep telling me. What else are you grilling me about? What my duties will be? If I have to scrub the toilets? I can't tell you that until tomorrow.

Anita: Actually, I want to talk about how you spend your time outside of the shelter or rather how you won't be spending it. 3DBF24E3.JPG

Brittany: Save your breath, mother. We're not discussing Raul.

Anita: Yes, we are, Brittany. This time you had better listen.

John: Forgive me. I assure you this display is not indicative of Jabot.

[Phone ringing]

John: What is it? I told you not to disturb me. What? All right. Tell him I'll be there in a moment. Please forgive me a moment. I'll be back.

Frederick: Well, I have had countless meetings over the years but nothing quite this colorful.

Jill: Oh, Mr. Hodges, I am so sorry.

Frederick: Call me Frederick.

Jill: Frederick. What can I say? I am completely mortified. 3DBF251C.JPG

Frederick: Don't be. Don't be. It was actually quite entertaining.

Jill: Well, I'm so glad I could amuse you.

Frederick: That's not what I meant. So you have a healthy, active social life. Nothing to be mortified about.

Jill: You weren't disgusted hearing about my dirty linen that way?

Frederick: No, hardly. Intrigued, perhaps. Jill, relax, huh? Nothing to be embarrassed about. Things happen.

Jill: These things don't happen in the board room. I trust word of this won't leak out into the banking community?

Frederick: My lips are sealed. About those loan documents. 3DBF2556.JPG

Jill: We'll go elsewhere.

Frederick: Why would we do that?

Jill: I assume because of what happened.

Frederick: We lend on the basis of credentials and obviously you have plenty of them.

Jill: You're still interested in doing business with us?

Frederick: My pleasure. We have those papers to look at. It's probably not the best time right now. Why don't we get together next week one night, dinner perhaps?

Jill: That would be fine.

Frederick: Great. I look forward to it.

Anita: Before you start with your version, you should know. Your father and I know about the Gutierrez boy. 3DBF266B.JPG

Brittany: His name is Raul. Why would I lie to you? I don't care what you think.

Anita: Obviously, you don’t.

Brittany: You are such a bigot. You cringe every time Raul's name comes up.

Anita: It's obvious.

Brittany: What?

Anita: You only got involved with him to get back at your father and me.

Brittany: Of course. The fact that Raul is brilliant, sweet, kind, sexy, that couldn't have had anything to do with it. It had to be you. The world revolves around you, mother.

Anita: That's the story you're sticking to, Brittany? Cast yourself as Juliet, act your little heart out. Only I'm not buying it. 3DBF2698.JPG

Brittany: I knew it would be pointless talking about it.

Anita: You won't live by our rules?

Brittany: You got it.

Anita: Talking is pointless.

Brittany: What are you doing?

Anita: I am getting my message across. The only way you'll understand.

Brittany: You can't do that. What are you cutting up my credit cards for? Stop it.

Mary: Oh, Lynne, I was so wrong about Christine and Paul. Now he's draped in a marriage that --

Lynne: Don't do this. Not now, not today.

Mary: It's the truth. We both know it. The biggest mistake of my life and now my son has to pay the price. 3DBF26CA.JPG

Lynne: Concentrate on little Ricky and this special day.

Mary: I just pray Christine is there. That would mean so much.

Lynne: Why would you want that?

Mary: Frankly, Lynne, I can use all the support I can get.

Lynne: Are you sure that's the only reason?

Mary: What other reason could there be? We better go now. We're going to be late.

Michael: Look, Christine, if the only reason you're going to the baptism is for the benefit of your ex-mother-in-law.

Christine: I don't feel any particular loyalty to Mary but it's going to be a particularly rough day for her. 3DBF26F4.JPG

Michael: I can't tell you how happy I will be when these people are out of our lives.

Christine: Trust me, I don't intend to put them on our social calendar.

Michael: But you plan to make an experience at the baptism.

Christine: Are you trying to talk me into it?

Michael: No, no. Let's be honest. Mary isn't the only reason you're thinking of going to this. It's hard to miss the opportunity to stick it to Isabella.

Christine: I wouldn't mind knocking her down a peg or two.

Michael: Don't go. Send a baby blanket or something. Don't go. 3DBF271D.JPG

Christine: I can't explain it but there's a part of me that needs to be there.

Michael: No matter how hard I try to convince you otherwise. You know, just promise me that if the slightest thing goes weird --

Christine: Okay. Don't worry. I'm going to be fine.

Michael: Then good luck.

Christine: Thanks. I might need it.

Michael: I'm afraid you will.

Christine: I'll see you.

Michael: Okay.

Lauren: Paul, you have got to get a grip.

Paul: I would like to get a grip on Baldwin’s slimy little neck.

Lauren: Would you listen to yourself? Isabella is getting your son ready for his baptism and you are obsessing about your ex-wife's boyfriend. 3DBF275B.JPG

Paul: I am not obsessing.

Lauren: What would you call it?

Paul: Fine. I won't let him ruin the entire day.

Lauren: Good. You know, I wanted to ask a question. Whatever happened with your mother and Lynne?

Paul: Oh, you're talking about their little trip to the police station courtesy of Michael Baldwin?

Lauren: Yeah. Do they have a court date?

Paul: There's not going to be a court date.

Lauren: Why not?

Paul: Baldwin isn't pressing charges.

Lauren: Really. You mean, he's not completely inhuman after all?

Paul: He did it for one reason and one reason alone. 3DBF2786.JPG

Lauren: To prove what a great guy he is.

Paul: He wouldn't come off as the new and improved Baldwin if he went through with it. That wouldn't sit well with Chris, would it?

Lauren: Whatever. I'm glad it's over. Now you can get on to better things.

Paul: My son's baptism.

Lauren: About Chris, is she coming today?

Paul: I hope not. I mean, I can't even imagine why she would want to.

Lauren: She didn't exactly turn down Isabella’s invitation. 3DBF27B7.JPG

Paul: What are you trying to do, Lauren? Don't you think I have enough to worry about?

Lauren: Shh, Look who's here. My godson.

Paul: Wow. You guys look great.

Lauren: We should take a picture. I have a camera. You ready? One, two, three. That's so sweet.

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