Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/17/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/17/02


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Brad: Feel free to toss me out of here if it's too late.

Olivia: No, no, it's fine.

Brad: Where's Nate?

Olivia: He's spending the night at a friend's. I get the impression you have something to tell me.

Brad: Ash and I talked.

Olivia: How did that go?

Brad: Pretty well. She apologized, and we're back on track.

Olivia: Good.

Brad: I wanted to tell you that in person, because you're so adamant about me going over, trying to work things out.

Olivia: I was, wasn't I? 3DAF3A3C.JPG

Brad: In a good way. Not that I wouldn't have gone on my own.

Olivia: Of course, you would have gone. I mean, you and Ash love each other.

Brad: Yes, we do. Very much, Liv.

Victor: You're obviously very upset.

Ashley: No, no, I'm fine.

Victor: Does this have to do with Bradley and the kind of husband he is? Hmm?

Ashley: See, all better.

Victor: Let you get away with this. Here you go.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: Have a great evening. Hope to see you again soon.

Ashley: Thank you. 3DAF3A70.JPG

Victor: I can read you like a book, you know.

Ashley: Why don't you pretend that it's written in Swahili.

Victor: Something's upsetting you. And I would very much like to know what it is.

Ashley: You're right. It's what you said about Brad. He's been amazing throughout this whole ordeal. Sometimes I just think that I don't appreciate him enough.

Victor: Why do you feel that way?

Ashley: None of your business.

Victor: Did he lay some kind of guilt trip on you?

Ashley: Can we please just drop this right now?

Victor: Do you want me to talk to him?

Ashley: No, I don't want you to talk to my husband.

Officer: Wait here.

Mary: Lynne, tell me this isn't happening. It can't be happening.

Lynne: Mrs. Williams, listen to me, don't freak out, okay, whatever you do, don't say anything. I'm going call Paul, you'll come and get us out. You need to stay strong for a little bit longer, a little bit longer. 3DAF3AA8.JPG

Lynne: Let me go. I know my rights. I'll punch your lights out, I swear, man.

Officer: Tell that to the judge.

Mary: We don't belong here.

Officer: All right. We'll book you now.

Lynne: Officer, breaking into that office was my idea. This lady had nothing to do with it. I'll confess to absolutely everything, you can do whatever you want with me, but, please, let her go.

Officer: That's real touching. You were both caught red-handed, afraid you're both equally under arrest. Come on.

Paul: Good?

Isabella: Heaven. You know, it was a great idea to have dessert up here.

Paul: You like it? It's taking all the control I have not to wrap you like a Christmas present.

Isabella: Who said you have to control yourself? Uh-oh. 3DAF3B17.JPG

Paul: What?

Isabella: Something's on your mind.

Paul: I don't want to break the rules.

Isabella: Let me guess. This has to do with your mother, doesn't it?

Lauren: Oh, I would love a refill, thank you.

Michael: Notice how I'm not laughing.

Lauren: You know, if you continue to frown, you'll get a wrinkle. It's your turn. You know, this is the point where you have a witty Rhett or I can -- retort. No? Okay.

Michael: How about a question instead? 3DAF3B77.JPG

Lauren: You're speaking to me. Well, go right ahead.

Michael: What was that little caper about tonight?

Lauren: What caper?

Michael: Lynne and Mary breaking into my office. Oh, please, Lauren, don't give me that innocent look. You expect me to believe you knew nothing about it?

John: I don't hear you telling me that I'm off base.

Colleen: Well, you are kind of speculating, Granddad.

John: The night of the concert, somebody did see you. You and J.T., didn't they?

Colleen: Yes. Jill saw us.

John: So you're calling me at the airport and getting me to rush over here was simply for you to make a confession. This had nothing to do with you clearing your conscience. You wanted to cover your fanny because you wanted to get to me before Jill did.

Colleen: You act like that's the only reason.

John: No, no, I have a sneaking suspicion you wouldn't have told me anything if it hadn't been necessary.

Dru: Yeah. Well, you know, they were crazy about me, right? Plus I was slamming in their clothes. Remember? You look at the clothes, too. So why didn't you tell me she was booked? You got me spinning my wheels. It's a done deal, it's a done deal. Okay, okay, all right. What about Germane? No. Remember when I was in Munich? You know that account? Right. What about that? Oh, yeah? Really? You're kidding me? All right. What else do you have on your plate? Um-hum. Hold on now. No. I do mind if you take that call. I know you're not trying to put me on hold, Sid. Sid. Okay. Later. Bye-bye. Yeah. 3DAF3CA2.JPG

Wesley: Hey. Let me guess, that was Sid, and you're heading back to Paris.

Dru: Yes, that was Sid and, no, I'm staying right here, sweetheart. They tried to get me to come back to Paris. I said, nothing doing because my life here is completely absorbed in Genoa City with family.

Wesley: Well, I am starved. How about you?

Dru: I can work up an appetite. So, I guess I'm going to have to ask. How did it go?

Wesley: How did what go?

Dru: You went to see Liv, right?

Wesley: Oh, yeah, yeah, I did. 3DAF3CC8.JPG

Dru: And?

Wesley: And then I went back to my hotel and took a shower and I came to see you. So what are you having?

Dru: Your head, if you don't tell me what happened.

Olivia: I'm glad you're making the effort.

Brad: Ash and I both are. 3DAF3CFA.JPG

Olivia: For your sake, --

Brad: I just want to have faith it's all going to work out.

Olivia: You deserve to be happy, Brad.

Brad: I'm not the only one.

Olivia: I'm fine. Promise.

Brad: About what happened between us --

Olivia: Maybe we shouldn't talk about that.

Brad: Yeah, I need to say this. I want you to know how sorry I am that I let things get to that point. I was in bad shape, but I never should have dragged you into it.

Olivia: I take responsibility, too. I know right from wrong, just like anyone else.

Brad: Well, the problem is, it felt right at the time.

Olivia: Well, thank God that we both realized that our crossing the line, it would have made things worse.

Brad: True.

Olivia: And so will talking it to death, right? I mean, as far as I'm concerned, if what almost happened was a wake-up call, then it was worth it. And we need to pretend that we both didn't have a moment of weakness. And forget about it. 3DAF3D33.JPG

Brad: Agreed.

Olivia: I mean, after all, what's important is that you and Ashley have a second chance, if I'm reading you right.

Brad: That's our intention, Liv. To make what we have work.

Olivia: You think you can?

Brad: I want it to.

Olivia: Despite all the hurtful things she said, to you about Victor, the comparison?

Brad: She apologized for all of those things. More than once.

Olivia: And you felt her apology was sincere?

Brad: Yes, I did. Why?

Olivia: Well, before when she backed off, you weren't satisfied, but you were this time? 3DAF3D61.JPG

Brad: Liv, I didn't even want an apology from Ash. After talking to you, I just wanted to wipe the slate clean. But Ash insisted on talking. She wanted to let me know how very sorry she was.

Olivia: And you believe her?

Brad: I said I did.

Olivia: So, you really think this issue is resolved?

Brad: What are you saying, Liv? You have reason to doubt it?

Colleen: You're saying I'm sitting here telling you the truth because I'm basically a liar? Yeah, that makes sense.

John: You know, if I were you, I would not compound the problem by smarting off. 3DAF3E90.JPG

Colleen: I'm not smarting off. I am trying to get you to see --

John: Now, Colleen, stop. I'm really disappointed in you.

Colleen: So, you would rather I hadn't said anything? What if I lucked out and Jill forgot or decided that it was no big deal, which it wasn't, would that have been more honest? I don't know what you want from me.

John: You know, what's sad, you were really making progress until this young man came along. Now you disobey me, you lie to me. If I ever needed proof that he was a bad influence --

Colleen: No, to, this is not his fault and I don't know why everyone keeps badmouthing him. It's not fair.

John: The only reason you were telling me about this is because you knew you were caught. I have to wonder how many other things have you done behind my back that you haven't told me about. 3DAF3EBA.JPG

Colleen: Oh, tons, Granddad, I sneak out every night and hit the streets.

John: And I am getting tired of that mouth. I really thought that that experience in New York would have taught you something, but I was wrong. You broke your parents' trust. When that happens, it takes a very long time to get it back. And now you've thrown it away again.

Colleen: So what now, am I going to be punished?

John: I have to make a stop at the office. First I'm going take you home. You go get your things.

Paul: So, how did you know I was thinking about my mom?

Isabella: Well, there's the mom look, the Christine look, the Michael Baldwin look, and I've just gotten pretty good at telling them apart. 3DAF3EF3.JPG

Paul: Oh, well, that's great. So that means I'm a drag most of the time, doesn't it?

Isabella: Paul, please don't spoil our evening.

Paul: You know what? I don't want to. It's just when things are so great in most of my life, I want everything to be great. I don't want to bring any tension to this, but I do want to talk about it.

Isabella: Any issue in particular?

Paul: Yup. This whole tussle with Ricky's baptism party.

Isabella: There wouldn't be a tussle if your mom had said what she said -- had done what she said she was going to do.

Paul: I know, but she still got her feathers ruffled. 3DAF3F1D.JPG

Isabella: Then our feathers got ruffled because we had to deal with it.

Paul: Yeah, what do you want me to say, my mom's a nightmare. I mean, I am constantly exasperated by her. But, you know what? She is also the one person, no matter what, who's also been right in my corner. She's always wanted the best for me.

Isabella: By golly, you expect us to get along.

Paul: Well, it would help.

Isabella: I know it would, Paul, but more and more I think the only way it will work is if I make all the sacrifices. All the compromises, all the overtures.

Paul: You know what? I think you're absolutely right.

John: So, when were you planning to tell me? 3DAF3FDA.JPG

Jill: Tell you what. Oh, welcome back, by the way.

John: I just got off the plane and found out that my granddaughter's been smooth sneaking around with J.T. Apparently, you knew all about it.

Jill: Yeah. They went to a concert. One concert.

John: Concert, Jill, I thought she was going to with a girlfriend.

Jill: Yes, I know that your granddaughter fibbed to you. But I was going to tell you.

John: When, a month from now?

Jill: No, I was planning to tell you the moment I saw you. 3DAF3FFF.JPG

John: Well, guess what? Colleen beat you to it, because she knew I'd find out the moment we talked.

Jill: Okay. You know. So now what?

John: Tell me something, is it my imagination or are you completely unperturbed about this situation?

J.T.: Hey, Colleen, Colleen, hey, you here? Hey, it's about time.

Colleen: Thank you for meeting me. I have to get back soon. They think I'm in bed.

J.T.: What's going on?

Colleen: I told my Granddad.

J.T.: About the concert.

Colleen: He was going to find out anyway from Jill, I wanted him to hear my side of it first.

J.T.: Yeah, while you were doing that, I went to see her.

Colleen: Jill?

J.T.: I was trying to persuade her not to say anything.

Colleen: Are you telling me I should have kept quiet? 3DAF4034.JPG

J.T.: I wish.

Colleen: Meaning you didn't have any more luck than I did.

J.T.: She's going to your grandpa with the whole thing.

Colleen: Damn.

J.T.: Listen, Colleen, it's not all that bad, honestly. The way I explained things to her, I'm pretty sure Mrs. Abbott understands there's nothing going on.

Colleen: Pretty sure? Great, then I won't hold my breath about her convincing Granddad.

Wesley: Yeah, I spoke with Olivia, but there's really nothing for you and me to discuss. So, how was your day?

Dru: My day was fine, thank you, and don't try to snake out of this. Wes, I want to know if there's something going on with my sister and Brad Carlton.

Wesley: Dru, we have been down this road before. 3DAF4068.JPG

Dru: So now she's a patient of yours?

Wesley: Not really, but we do have the same arrangement.

Dru: Would that be the arrangement that excludes me from that part of your life?

Wesley: It's just a little tiny part.

Dru: The work part.

Wesley: No, now, listen, I'm happy to talk with you about psychiatry all night long. You know that turns me on. But I won't discuss my patients. Come on. Let's just have a nice dinner. We can talk about romantic things like our future together. Candle lit baths and rose petals --3DAF4094.JPG

Dru: No, no, I'm not falling for all that French sweet talk, Wesley.

Wesley: Why not? That's what I do best. You know I always followed up with action.

Dru: I'm not going there with you. Wait a minute. I'm worried about my sister. Now, did you forget I asked you to talk to my sister. I simply want to know if it helped.

Wesley: Yes. It always helps to talk things out.

Dru: See, why do you have to be so damn slippery? Would you come with it? Tell me, did Olivia admit that she's interested in Ashley's husband?

Ashley: I'm sorry I snapped at you.

Victor: It's all right. I wasn't suggesting that I go see your husband -- 3DAF40C3.JPG

Ashley: Victor, my husband has no interest in you.

Victor: I thought I could smooth the waters a little. I know he and I have had a few contentious moments, I thought this might be a chance now to clear the air.

Ashley: You can't. Take my word and please just drop this. You're not going to go see Brad.

Victor: I'm not going to drop this. I know that he's upset that you and I still have a relationship. And that we see each other from time to time. Something else is going on, something you're not telling me.

Olivia: I'm not doubting your wife's sincerity, I just know how important it is for you to make a fresh start. 3DAF40FD.JPG

Brad: It is. Very important.

Olivia: Well, as long as you're satisfied, then that's fine. I mean, that's all that really matters.

Brad: Liv, I want to thank you. That's really why I came by.

Olivia: Thank me? For what?

Brad: You put me back on the right road. And I know it wasn't easy. And I am so sorry you got pulled into this to the extent that you did.

Olivia: No more apologies, Brad, please. I mean, you're the last one that ought to be making them.

Brad: I just don't want you to have regrets about any of it. You have been a phenomenal friend to Ash and me. And now that the chemo's over, I know there are going to be better times ahead for all of us. 3DAF4138.JPG

Olivia: Amen.

Brad: It's getting late. I better go.

Brad: I'm glad that Ash and I put all this behind us. It was not just about us. We have a family. We have a beautiful daughter. And we can't lose sight of what's best for Abby.

Olivia: No, you can't. I couldn't agree with you more.

Lauren: So you're really not kidding about this?

Michael: No, Lauren, I'm not kidding. 3DAF4289.JPG

Lauren: So, in you walked, they were there, Mary and Lynne, with their hands caught in the cookie jar?

Michael: In my confidential files to be exact.

Lauren: Ah, now the plot thickens.

Michael: Doesn't it, though?

Lauren: Oh, no, do not look at me for this.

Michael: You're absolutely certain that you had no idea about this little plan because I know how you feel about Paul. Somehow you've managed to stay friends with this freak show.

Lauren: Well, I assure you, nobody confided in me on this but I must get a visual here. Mary, as a Watergate burglar, trusty side kick, that is definitely a new one. 3DAF42BC.JPG

Michael: Maybe you won't find it so amusing where you learn where they are at the moment.

Lauren: Where?

Michael: Police station. I had them arrested.

Lauren: You what?

Jill: Look, I know it concerns you, J.T. and Colleen having any contact at all.

John: You know, I thought you shared that concern.

Jill: Well, I did, I told you that the last time that I talked to you.

John: Jill, the point is, you know how I feel. There isn't anything about this relationship that I can condone.

Jill: You know what? I totally understand why you feel that way. But the truth is, I had a little talk with J.T. I kind of heard his version of things. And I'm not ready to give that kid a medal right now, but I don't think he's quite the ogre that we thought he was. I think he's matured a little bit.

John: Are you telling me that you're supportive of this? 3DAF42EE.JPG

Jill: No, I'm just saying I don't think the situation's as bad as we think it is.

John: Jill, I don't want any situation at all. You know, if you'd come to me when this happened --

Jill: Would you stop haranguing me, please. You asked me to help you, you asked me to keep an eye on Colleen, that's what I did. You wouldn't even know about any of this if it hadn't been for me.

John: That's supposed to make me feel better?

Wesley: You want to know what Olivia had to say, ask her yourself.

Dru: You know that's not going to work. That's why I asked you to handle it, thank you.

Wesley: Okay. And I did. Now, what are you going to order?

Dru: I can't believe you're playing me like this. 3DAF4315.JPG

Wesley: My prescription for you is not to worry.

Dru: Is that because there's nothing to worry about or because you want me to stop asking you questions?

Wesley: Ooh, snapper looks good.

Dru: Wes, how long have you known me? Do you really think I'm going to drop this?

Wesley: How long have you known me? Do you really think you can get something out of me that I don't want to tell?

Dru: Touché. You know, I really love my sister very much and if there is something going on, I think I should know.

Wesley: Why? I mean, you gave it to me to handle. Now, please, let it go, because I can't talk. Dru, I'm bound by code to keep her confidence.

Dru: You break the be confidentiality oath. I am her sister. 3DAF4341.JPG

Wesley: Just drop it, okay?

Dru: So, she is involved with the man.

Ashley: Why all the questions? You know that your coming around causes some little problems, it always has. So, I just don't understand why it's such a big surprise.

Victor: I got the message. I'm not going to see Bradley, all right?

Ashley: Maybe it would be best if you and I just stayed away from each other. I hate to say it. It's not like I'm not grateful for all your support and it does seem like a pretty lousy way to say thank you. But you're married now, too, I'm sure Nikki would appreciate it if we weren't quite so chummy. 3DAF4390.JPG

Victor: Don't you realize that I want to help you? I really do. I know you're under stress. I just want to help you. I guess that's because you still mean a lot to me.

Ashley: Does that mean you'll do as I ask?

Victor: I'll do as you ask. Have a nice evening.

Isabella: Paul, it takes two. I don't think it's possible for one person to display all of the energy to make a good relationship.

Paul: Yeah, well, here's the deal, my mom is never going to change. So, if there's going to be a truce between you and my mom, it's got to come from you. And I know it's not going to be easy, but you know what, that's the truth.

Isabella: Your mother doesn't like anything I do. I breathe and it's wrong.

Paul: Yeah, I know. I know she can drive you crazy. And you wouldn't get an argument from any of the women that I've ever been involved with. 3DAF44BF.JPG

Isabella: You do understand what you're asking of me? You're asking me to completely change to be mother Theresa and Julie Andrews rolled up into one, and I can't flip the switch and make that happen.

Paul: I want you just the way you are. Outspoken and feisty, I mean, that's part of what I love about you. I'm not asking you to change. I'm asking you to be more patient, more understanding. You know, you don't have to be best buddies. I just was hoping that maybe things could be civil.

Isabella: I'm trying. I really am, but my tongue is sore from biting it.

Paul: It's just such a shame that things are in this state now. Just before we baptize our son. If you only knew how long my mom had dreamed of having a grandchild that she could take an active part in raising.

Isabella: I know this is an important event for her. 3DAF44F0.JPG

Paul: And she feels she's like on the outside looking in. It's a very frustrating situation.

Isabella: You know, listening to you reminds me of my own family. They meant a lot to me. My father couldn't forgive me for the mistakes I made. You know, sometimes I think that there's something that could bring us together. But, I don't know, years go by, I don't think it's in the cards.

Paul: How about a strawberry to cheer us up?

Isabella: You think chocolate's the answer?

Paul: I think it's very possible it could be. 3DAF4537.JPG

Isabella: You know, I agree with you, Paul. I think it would be wonderful to bring Mary around. So, I'm going to try. I give you my word.

Paul: You know what, that's all I'm asking. Thank you.

Isabella: You know, as much trouble as Mary is, you're very lucky to have her in your life. No one cares about you quite like a parent.

Paul: How about that strawberry, madam?

Isabella: I actually know something much more satisfying.

Lauren: You had them arrested? 3DAF4578.JPG

Michael: Not to fear, they weren't kept overnight. I'm sure they've called Paul and gotten out by now.

Lauren: I can't believe you, you had them hauled down to jail.

Michael: They broke the law, Lauren, they picked a lock to get into my office, they broke into my file cabinet and started rummaging through it. And when I asked them why, they wouldn't give me an answer. So I let the police teach them a lesson.

Lauren: You seem concerned, counsel. What do you think they were looking for? Do you have one certain secret that you're most concerned about? Or you just don't want to upset the apple cart?

Michael: What do you mean? 3DAF45A2.JPG

Lauren: You and Christine. You're sleeping together.

Michael: Where did you get that idea?

Lauren: Oh, come on, don't deny it.

Michael: It's not something I am inclined to discuss with you.

Lauren: Let me give you some advice. If you're interested in this going somewhere, having Paul's mother arrested is not going to help your cause. Rocks too many boats, sailor. Know what I mean?

Officer: Next. Mary Williams. Okay, Mary, here's what we're going to do, just give me your hand and relax, let it go limp, I'll take care of everything. There was a Williams on the force here years ago. I never met him but he's like this legend, Carl Williams. All the older guys remember him. He must have been something. The way they still talk about him. You're not related, are you? His daughter maybe? 3DAF45F1.JPG

Mary: Yeah. No, no, no, I don't know a Carl Williams.

Officer: Oh, well. There. We are done. We're all set, ready. Here, we're done over here.

Officer: Okay, ladies, let's go.

Mary: Go where?

Officer: To the cells. I'm afraid we're going to have to keep you overnight.

Mary: Overnight?

Officer: Yes, let's go.

Lynne: Mrs. Williams! We need some help.

Officer: I'll get a medic.

Lynne: Mrs. Williams, can you hear me?

Jill: John, could you just take a deep breath and try for one moment to look at this whole thing calmly? Come on. You got yourself all tied up in knots worrying and there may be no reason. 3DAF46EF.JPG

John: Oh, Jill, how in the blazes can you expect me not to worry? You have one talk with this kid and suddenly he's a --

Jill: I didn't say he was a paragon.

John: That's the way you're acting.

Jill: Excuse me, I'll just stay out of it, shall I? I just hope you don't make a mistake of backing him into a corner, because with that girl it could be counter-productive.

John: What do you expect me to do, just stand there and let it happen? Jill, the girl disobeyed me. She lied to me.

Jill: I know. I know, sweetie, your granddaughter disobeyed you. But I have to tell you the truth. I honestly believe that up till now it's all been perfectly innocent. But my God, if you come down on her too hard, she may feel there's nothing left to lose.

John: Well, so much for my feeling that I could count on you. 3DAF471C.JPG

Jill: John.

John: You know, Jill, I'm really disappointed in you this time. Really disappointed.

J.T.: Didn't go that well with your grandpa, huh?

Colleen: I didn't get much of a chance to explain myself.

J.T.: Was he really mad?

Colleen: He was upset. It could have been a lot worse, though.

J.T.: So how grounded are you?

Colleen: I'm not, so far at least. Maybe if Jill puts in a good word, he'll let it slide a little.

J.T.: You think? 3DAF474D.JPG

Colleen: Well, I would have expected him to lower the boom right then and there. But since he didn't, --

J.T.: Well, maybe there's hope, huh? That's a good thing. Because I don't want you getting in trouble.

Colleen: Why not?

J.T.: I just don't. Don't make such a big deal about it, okay?

Colleen: You know, it's really sweet of you to go to Jill, put in a good word. What did you say to make her kind of okay?

J.T.: I told her we were friends.

Colleen: Friends? Just friends?

J.T.: That's what I said.

[Phone ringing]

Ashley: Hello? 3DAF47A1.JPG

Olivia: Ashley, it's me.

Ashley: Hi. What's going on?

Olivia: I need to talk to you.

Ashley: Right now?

Olivia: Tomorrow is fine. Can you come to my place first thing in the morning?

Ashley: Sure. Is everything okay? You sound kind of funny.

Olivia: Talk to you then. Okay? Bye.

Ashley: Okay. Good night. That's weird. What's that about?

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