Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/15/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/15/02


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Nikki: Thank God you're back. I was getting worried. I tried to call you in your car. Did you find Diego?

Victor: Yup.

Nikki: Where was he?

Victor: Tack room.

Nikki: Please don't tell that you -- it's nothing.

Nikki: Why don't you sit down.

Victor: I'm too furious to sit down. That no good SOB.

Nikki: You're scaring me. Just tell me exactly what happened.

Victor: I don't think you want to know.

Sharon: Thought you were sleeping upstairs.

Nicholas: Changed my mind. What are you doing?

Sharon: You seem a little tense. I thought this would help you relax.

Nicholas: I don't --

Sharon: What's the matter?

Nicholas: This isn't going to work.

Sharon: What? 3DAC9784.JPG

Nicholas: This. Us pretending like everything's fine when it's not.

Sharon: I know everything isn't fine, but --

Nicholas: It's time we talked to the kids.

Sharon: About what?

Nicholas: Us. I think we should separate.

Ricardo: Hello.

Paul: Ricardo?

Ricardo: Yes.

Paul: Mr. Braņa, my name is Paul Williams. I hope I'm not calling too late. But if you have a moment, I'd really like to talk to you.

Ricardo: If you're a telemarketer, I'm not interested.

Paul: No, no, I'm not. This is about your daughter Isabella.

Ricardo: Who is this?

Paul: I'm her husband.

3DAC97EB.JPGFrederick: Stop it, Anita.

Anita: I didn't say a word.

Frederick: Yeah, well, that expression on your face says plenty.

Anita: How can you be so certain Brittany and Raul are over?

Frederick: How can you be so certain they're not? I mean, come on, after everything's that's happened, why on earth would they stay together?

Anita: Obviously if you have to ask, you don't have a romantic bone in your body.

Frederick: You said yourself that this whole episode was about one thing.

Anita: Teenage rebellion.

3DAC981E.JPGFrederick: Right. Just Brittany trying to push our buttons and show us that she's all grown up and doesn't have to do what we tell her anymore.

Anita: In case you haven't noticed, Brittany has never done what we've told her.

Frederick: Well, sweetheart, I say it's safe to assume now that that phase is over, Brittany's made her point, she's ready to go on with her life. Without Raul Gutierrez.

Raul: Brittany, don't go.

Brittany: Why shouldn't I?

Raul: I want to talk to you.

Brittany: What's the point? You've already made it clear you're never going to forgive me. Not that I expected you to. I know you hate me. 3DAC9860.JPG

Raul: I don't hate --

Brittany: No, I understand, believe me. I hate myself, too. All I do lately is beat up on my myself. And who knows what the judge is going to do. She'll probably throw the book at me. I think that it would be better if I stay away from you, Raul. Even if I deserve it, I can't take this abuse.

Raul: So what if I say there won't be any more?

Brittany: What?

Raul: No more abuse. Starting right now. Would you stay?

3DAC9935.JPGRicardo: You're Isabella's husband?

Paul: Yes, before Braņa, we got married last June. Now, I know that you haven't spoken to your daughter in years.

Ricardo: Do you know why?

Paul: She told me.

Ricardo: Did she tell you before or after you were married?

Paul: I thought you might like to know, Mr. Braņa, Isabella and I have a baby, you have a grandson. Mr. Braņa?

Ricardo: Is that why you married her?

Paul: No, sir, that's not why.

Ricardo: Is my daughter aware you're calling me? I'll take that as a no. Where are you and Isabella living?

Paul: We're in Genoa City, Wisconsin. 3DAC9966.JPG

Ricardo: I've heard of that. Tell me, Mr. Williams, what line of work are you in?

Paul: I'm a detective.

Ricardo: You're a cop?

Paul: Private investigator.

Lynne: Hi, Mrs. Williams. Paul's gone for the day.

Mary: That's good because I really need to talk to you, Lynne.

3DAC999C.JPGLynne: Something on your mind?

Mary: Do you remember at breakfast the other day?

Lynne: Sure, I do. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what we discussed.

Mary: I've been trying so hard to get it off my mind.

Lynne: I know. You're trying to maintain a positive attitude where your daughter-in-law is concerned.

Mary: But Isabella is making it very difficult for me, the way that woman has taken over.

Lynne: Let it go, Mrs. Williams. The baptism is going to be a beautiful event. Don't spoil it for yourself.

Mary: Lynne, I thought you were just as upset about this woman as I am.

Lynne: In a different way. I'm not worried about the presence as much as I'm curious about Isabella's past.

Raul: So, what have you been doing with your time? 3DAC99DE.JPG

Brittany: There's not much I can do except wait for the hearing.

Raul: You're stuck here?

Brittany: That's not why I stayed in Genoa City. I mean, yes, I had to. But I wanted to stick around until I knew you were better.

Raul: Well, I'm doing okay.

Brittany: I mean all better. The only reason I was going to leave is because you told me to go. And because I knew --

Raul: What? Come on, Brittany, don't make me pull teeth here.

Brittany: Because I knew you would never forgive me -- look at me the way you used to.

Brittany: And I also realized that you were never going to forgive me.

Raul: That really matters to you?

Brittany: Of course it matters. Did you think it wouldn't? Do you believe in God, Raul?

Raul: Sure. Don't you?

Brittany: Well, I never was really that much into religion or church or any of that stuff, but when I was at the hospital and we didn't know whether you were going to live or die, I prayed for you. I prayed so hard.

3DAC9A37.JPGRaul: Well, that must have done the trick.

Brittany: Do you think God heard me?

Raul: Definitely.

Brittany: Things won't be the same with us, you're going to be all right. And that's what's important.

Raul: What about you?

Brittany: Oh, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I'm just so glad that you came into my life, Raul. Last summer was the happiest time in my life. Because of you. You really taught me a lot, you know that?

Raul: Before when you told me that I would never be able to forget about this, it's true. You know, I won't. But I don't think I should. I have to learn from this, Brittany. We both do. 3DAC9A88.JPG

Brittany: I know.

Raul: But as far as can I forgive you, I already have.

Sharon: You want a separation?

Nicholas: Think it's the best thing for us.

Sharon: You think throwing away our marriage is the best thing? We can work this out. It's not too late. We can work through this. I know we can.

Nicholas: You really think that's possible?

Sharon: Yes. Look what just happened upstairs. We made love.

Nicholas: Sharon, we had sex. 3DAC9BC1.JPG

Sharon: It was more than just sex, Nicholas. I felt something. I know you did, too. I love you.

Nicholas: You know, sometimes love isn't enough.

Sharon: It is if you want it to be.

Nicholas: Look, Sharon, what happened upstairs was a physical thing. That's it. I mean, I saw what you were wearing and you turned me on. You always turn me on. But you turn any man on and you probably like that, don't you?

Sharon: No.

Nicholas: Not even Diego?

Sharon: How can you be so cruel?

Nicholas: It's the truth, Sharon. You're a beautiful woman. 3DAC9BF4.JPG

Sharon: I am your beautiful woman.

Nicholas: Only when things are good. When we hit a rough patch, first thing you do is you turn to another man. I mean, you know, I'm not doing this with you.

Sharon: You know what, fine. It's fine with me, especially when what you're saying cuts both ways. At least it does when Grace Turner's in town. Or is she not the only one you've slept with?

Paul: Mr. Braņa, I have tried a couple of times to get a hold of you.

Ricardo: I have been out of town.

Paul: Well, I wanted you to know that we're going to be baptizing our son, and I would really like his grandparents to be there.

3DAC9C22.JPGRicardo: You'd like it? How does Isabella feel?

Paul: Well, I'm not sure. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Ricardo: Oh, it will be a surprise, all right. Look, Mr.. Williams, I don't think you want me at this christening.

Paul: What happened between you and your daughter was a long, long time ago, Mr. Braņa.

Ricardo: Yes, it was very painful.

Paul: I realize that. But now there is a child involved. Isn't it time for healing?

Ricardo: It's not that simple.

Paul: Mr. Braņa, I want my son to know his family and you and your wife are his family. You're his grandparents.

Ricardo: Look, I'm sorry, I don't think this is a good--

Paul: Maybe it would make a difference if I told you what we named your grandson. His name is Ricardo. We named him after you. 3DAC9C4D.JPG

Ricardo: Look, I can't talk about this anymore.

Paul: Mr. Braņa, please.

Ricardo: No, I'm sorry, I have to go.

Paul: Please, don't hang up.

Michael: I realize how easy it would be for you to turn me down.

Christine: But if I did?

Michael: I can't say I wouldn't be a little crushed. I'd be a lot crushed. Look, look, this is how I see it. We come into this world making it alone. From that moment on, we spend the rest of our lives trying to make connections with people. Try to find that sense of community. Show that we belong to something. That's why we join little league teams and fraternities and the army. But inevitably, we realize that we want more. We want that one true connection. We want that one magical, special, emotional bond with another person. That's what we all want. I found that with you.

3DAC9C9B.JPGChristine: Have you been practicing this speech?

Michael: No. I wouldn't be rambling like an idiot.

Christine: Actually, I think you're doing a really good job.

Michael: Let's just say I'm offering you the opportunity to love like you've never been loved before, to be cherished and be protected, and to cherish and protect someone who appreciates you and everything you're capable of.

Christine: How long have you felt this way?

Michael: I've loved you from the first time I saw you. From the first time I heard your voice. From the first time I saw you smile. And, yeah, in the beginning, I couldn't handle it. I could not believe that someone like you could return my feelings. And I did some terrible things. And those --

Christine: Let's not get into that. 3DAC9CDE.JPG

Michael: Okay. Okay. We won't. I'm not that person anymore. I'm crawling to you on my hands and knees begging for your hand because I actually like myself. I'm offering you something because I feel I have something to offer.

Christine: Of course you do.

Michael: The question is, is it something you want?

Nikki: Victor, will you please just tell me what happened?

Victor: Well, when I found out Diego was in the tack room, I told him to get the hell out, to never show his face around this property again nor near any member of my family.

Nikki: And that's when Victoria showed up? 3DAC9DA1.JPG

Victor: How did you know that?

Nikki: When she left her, she was going to warn Diego that you were looking for him.

Victor: Did you know that she actually tried to defend that piece of trash?

Nikki: Well, you know how much she cares about him.

Victor: I certainly found out.

Nikki: Where are they now?

Victor: Back together. How could our daughter become involved with a low-life like that?

Nikki: I know. I know this whole situation with Victoria is horrible, but --

Victor: But what? 3DAC9DC4.JPG

Nikki: There are more important issues right now. Nicholas and Sharon's marriage is falling apart.

Victor: That's because of that Diego fellow.

Nikki: How it happened isn't important.

Victor: To hell, it isn't. If it weren't for that punk, Nick and Sharon would be all right.

Frederick: Look, let's not talk about this anymore. Honey, mark my words, Brittany and Raul are history.

Anita: You assume that means they're not going to see each other anymore.

Frederick: Not only that, I doubt that she'll ever try and pull anything like this again.

Anita: We can only hope, right.

Frederick: Listen, Brittany can't wait to get the hearing over. That way she can pay her debt to society and be merrily on her way to college. 3DAC9DEA.JPG

Anita: Meanwhile, how do we keep her away from Raul?

Frederick: She'll be busy working.

Anita: Oh, yes, you're going to get her that job at the bank, are you?

Frederick: I told you, it's not that easy.

Anita: Well, if you're the boss, if you say she's a teller, she's a teller.

Frederick: That's a stupid thing to say, sweetheart.

Anita: Oh, thank you so much. Trying to keep our daughter out of trouble and you're calling me stupid. Maybe you'd prefer her to flip burgers or work this a gas station or a department store.

Frederick: Department store could work. 3DAC9E0D.JPG

Anita: Is there a reason that you don't want Brittany around the office?

Frederick: Like what?

Anita: I don't know. Maybe you don't want her to see you at work. Maybe you don't want her to see what you really do all day long.

Brittany: You forgive me?

Raul: You don't believe me?

Brittany: How can I after what I did to you.

Raul: A couple months I'll be as good as new.

Brittany: But I can never make it up to you. 3DAC9E41.JPG

Raul: I'm not asking you to, Brittany.

Brittany: But --

Raul: Hey, forgiveness isn't like pay-back. There's a difference. Pay-back means that you owe someone a bet. I forgive you. It just happens. Wipe the slate clean.

Brittany: You must have had some brain damage, too.

Raul: Well, if I did, it was the good kind.

Brittany: I didn't know there was a good kind.

Raul: Sure there is. The kind that makes you realize you love someone. No matter what they do. Did you hear what I said? I lost sight of it for a moment. When I saw you walk through that door, I saw your face, I realized --

Brittany: Don't talk anymore.

Brittany: Raul.

Brittany: I love you, Raul. let me prove it to you.

Paul: How was your day? Were you a good boy for Mommy? 3DAC9FA8.JPG

Isabella: He was a perfect gentleman.

Paul: Were you?

Isabella: How was your day?

Paul: Oh, it was okay.

Isabella: Just okay?

Paul: Yeah. We don't have to talk about it now. I'd rather talk about toys and stuff.

Isabella: Well, I think there's something you should know.

Paul: Yeah, what's that?

Isabella: I saw Chris today.

Paul: Oh, you did? 3DAC9FCD.JPG

Isabella: Yeah. I thought about our talk, and decided you were right. I shouldn't have invited her to the baptism.

Paul: Did you tell her not to come?

Isabella: Well, it was more than that. I told her that she didn't need to feel obligated to show up just because I invited her. Tried to give her an easy way out.

Paul: And I'm sure she was relieved, right?

Isabella: The conversation wasn't good. And she said she saw you.

Paul: Yeah.

Isabella: I take it that's the reason your day didn't go well? You know, she never told me what you two talked about. Anything I should know?

3DACA006.JPGMary: Isabella's past, her present, it's all the same. The woman pops up out of nowhere and before you know it, she's married to my son. And making all the decisions.

Lynne but you have wondered, haven't you?

Mary: About Isabella's life before she came here? Well, yes. Look at it. Here's a woman who's pregnant, and she's got to pin it on someone. Not the real father, but someone else. So, why on earth would she pick Michael Baldwin?

Lynne: I've wondered that, too. Why Michael? Personally, I wouldn't want to try and fool that guy.

Mary: Maybe he was just in the right place at the wrong time.

Lynne: Or maybe it was someone else. Maybe Isabella has a past she doesn't want any of us to know about.

Nikki: Before she raced out of here, Victoria and I had a very interesting talk. She obviously doesn't believe that Diego is completely to blame. 3DACA039.JPG

Victor: That's because she's trying to make excuses for the man.

Nikki: You don't think that Sharon was some helpless damsel in distress.

Victor: The point is, he should never have made love to our son's wife. He took advantage of her.

Nikki: I know. Right now I'm more worried about Nicholas and Sharon.

Victor: I saw their cars down at the house.

Nikki: You did? That's a good sign.

Victor: I wish there was something we could do.

Nikki: You know, in the past, I have allowed myself to become totally overwhelmed by the kids' problems.

Victor: Now it's different?

Nikki: Yes. I want it to be. You know how much I care about their happiness. I will do anything I can to help them. But so much is just out of our control and I don't want us to get so wrapped up in those kids' problems that we lose sight of ourselves. So, they know that we are here if they need help, and we'll do anything that we can but, you know, I think about how many times they said, please mind your own business, maybe it's time that we do that. 3DACA075.JPG

Victor: Yeah. Maybe you're right.

Nikki: Victor, I just pray that we'll survive this.

Victor: So do I.

Nicholas: I can't do this.

Sharon: What? I know we have a lot to work out. And it won't be easy. But can't we at least agree that we're working towards something?

Nicholas: Yeah. Nice clean separation.

Sharon: Oh, Nicholas. 3DACA0A5.JPG

Nicholas: Don't oh, Nicholas me, I didn't start this.

Sharon: Yes, you did. You started it with Grace.

Nicholas: She didn't come back to town --

Sharon: I'm talking about what happened years ago. Don't you see? It's like this vicious cycle, we keep hurting each other even though we love each other so much.

Nicholas: I can't listen to this.

Sharon: Nicholas, don't do this. Don't throw away everything that we've shared together, everything that we've meant to one another. Please, let's just find a way to stop all the hurting.

Nicholas: Well, that was good. You know, you should be a songwriter. See, Sharon, that's all it is, words. Yes, we're attracted to each other, we always have been.

Sharon: And that's all it is?

Nicholas: No, of course not. I love you. We're just not good for each other.

Sharon: Do you really believe that? The one thing that I've been able to hang on to through all this is hope because you stayed, I've been able to cling to that, but if you leave, if you leave, I'm so afraid that you'll never come back. So, please don't go. If you have any faith left in our relationship, -- 3DACA0E9.JPG

Nicholas: When are we going to talk to the kids?

Sharon: Nicholas, not yet. Okay?

Nicholas: This is all a charade, we can't keep doing this.

Sharon: It's not a charade, not for me.

Nicholas: That's the saddest part about it. You can't admit it.

Sharon: That's not true.

Nicholas: Look, I'll come by and we'll sit down with the kids.

Sharon: Where are you going?

Nicholas: I'm going to get dressed. I changed my mind. I can't stay here tonight.

Sharon: Nick, don't go. 3DACA105.JPG

Nicholas: Sharon, let go of me.

Sharon: Don't go.

Nicholas: Look, it's not going to work this time, okay? I'm not going to take you upstairs and have sex with you. It's not gonna work.

Sharon: Where will you go?

Nicholas: It doesn't concern you.

Sharon: You're going to go to her, aren't you? You're going to go and be with Grace.

Nicholas: No.

Sharon: Yes, you are.

Nicholas: No, I'm not. She's gone. I sent her back to New York. So don't blame Grace. This time it's not her fault.

Paul: So, Chris didn't tell you what we talked about?

Isabella: She said it was a personal matter.

Paul: Right. And from that you assumed that it was about her relationship?

Isabella: Wasn't it? 3DACA225.JPG

Paul: No. As a matter of fact, it wasn't. She came to talk to me because she wants to move in. Oh. Oh. To our old place.

Isabella: Well, she could have told me that.

Paul: Well, I wouldn't read anything into it.

Isabella: Well, I would, she wanted to irritate me.

Paul: Just let it go.

Isabella: Well, you have to understand that every time you talk to that woman it makes her wonder if things are really over between you two.

Paul: Does it make you wonder?

Isabella: A little.

Paul: Well, then, let's talk about something else. Guess who else stopped by today?

Isabella: Do I want to know?

Paul: It was your son's godmother. 3DACA251.JPG

Isabella: Lauren?

Paul: Yeah. And she could see that I was upset by something, and she reminded me how lucky I was and how many things I have to be happy about.

Isabella: Well, remind me to thank her next time I see her.

Paul: Okay. You know, we could be busy doing something right now.

Isabella: There's a child present.

Paul: I could have a babysitter here in 30 minutes flat.

Isabella: Are you saying we should go out?

Paul: I'm saying that maybe we should have a light supper at the lodge --

Isabella: Keep talking. 3DACA27E.JPG

Paul: Oh, you're not buying into it yet? Or we could do a little dancing maybe. Then perhaps we could book a room in the hotel upstairs.

Isabella: Wow, that sounds wonderful.

Paul: So let me call her. You know what I could do? I could call my mom and her if she'd take Ricky all night long.

Isabella: I really don't think we should involve her in this.

Paul: Okay. Considering the last conversation you two had, it is probably a very bad idea. So we'll go back to plan A.

Isabella: Thank you.

Paul: You're welcome.

Frederick: Honey, why don't you quit trying to be so difficult. 3DACA2B6.JPG

Anita: If you really wanted to get Brittany a job at the bank, you could do it. You know it, I know it. So stop making excuses.

Frederick: I'll see what I can do.

Anita: Now, was that so hard?

Frederick: I just think it's much ado about nothing. That's all.

Anita: I'm not saying you're wrong. I mean, even if Brittany still does have feelings for him, I don't know if the feelings are mutual. 3DACA2DF.JPG

Frederick: Exactly. Can you imagine the resentment Raul must be feeling? You know, honey, I may not be an expert on teen romance but I know wrapping a guy around a tree isn't the quickest way to his heart. So relax.

Brittany: Let me prove it to you

Raul: You want to know something?

Brittany: What?

Raul: Why you couldn't go to college.

Brittany: I wasn't going go anyway. My parents couldn't have dragged me.

Raul: Knowing Frederick and Anita --

Brittany: They would have tried. It means so much to me that you forgive me, Raul. I thought you didn't want me around.

Raul: I want you around. Always. 3DACA318.JPG

Brittany: Always. I like the sound of that. Does your back hurt?

Raul: A little. Doctors told me I shouldn't walk a lot.

Brittany: Well, why don't we go for a stroll in the park.

Raul: I should walk a lot. That sounds great.

Raul: I'm okay.

Brittany: Believe in me let me prove it to you.

3DACA412.JPGMary: Just listen to us. Speculating. It's a waste of time, Lynne. We know nothing.

Lynne: What if there was a connection between Michael and Isabella?

Mary: Well, what are the chances of that?

Lynne: Something I learned from your son. To look for the connection that isn't obvious. The sharp eye looks for the unexpected.

Mary: Oh, now, come on.

Lynne: I'm serious.

Mary: All right. Fine. Let's assume that you're right. That Isabella has wiped her past clean. There is nothing to look at.

Lynne: Maybe not. But Michael's a lawyer. Lawyers keep files on everything.

Mary: Even on personal relationship? 3DACA443.JPG

Lynne: Mrs. Williams, I've sat and watched your son dig up information on people from the most unlikely sources and I've learned quite a few things along the way about how it's done. Wouldn't you like to find out how Isabella came into our lives?

Mary: Well, yes, of course I would. But what you're suggesting, if I understand you correctly, --

Lynne: A little detective work, that's it. I mean, if nothing comes of it, so what? But we hit pay dirt --

Michael: Oh, man, now you're making me nervous.

Christine: I'm making myself nervous. But don't you think it's time we had some answers to those questions?

Michael: Christine, I don't want to pressure you, but take a chance --

Christine: I feel another speech coming on.

Michael: No more speeches. I promise you. Just one thing, isn't it true that we thrive, we achieve our greatest ambitions when we're loved? It feeds everything that's good and worthwhile in us.

Christine: Yeah, I can't dispute that.

Michael: No, you can't. How can you turn down an offer like this?

Christine: My flight. I'm sorry. I don't mean to -- don't return the ring.

Michael: Is that a yes? 3DACA46C.JPG

Christine: All I'm saying is don't return it. I'll give you an answer when I get back, I have about 20 hours.

Michael: You're cutting it close.

Christine: I promise I won't get you in trouble with your jeweler.

Michael: Okay. I will not return the ring.

Christine: Okay.

Christine: It's all just so amazing. I'll see you.

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