Y&R Transcript Monday 10/14/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/14/02


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Diego: Hello, Mr. Newman. 3DAB52CC.JPG

Victor: What are you doing here, son?

Diego: I'm waiting for Victoria.

Victor: Why?

Diego: We were talking. She went up to the house to get some food. I can see you're upset. Is something the matter?

Victor: I think you know what's the matter. Sharon tells me what a conniving snake you are.

Diego: Excuse me?

Victor: I want you to get out of here, all right? I don't want to see you -- I don't want to see you near my daughter ever again, you got that? Now get out.

Diego: I can't do that. 3DAB4593.JPG

Victor: I said get out.

Diego: Mr. Newman, let me explain.

Victor: You won't explain. Have you had sex with my son's wife, you take advantage of my son.

Diego: I didn't take advantage.

Victor: I want you to get out of here now. If I find you near any member of my family, I will take you apart. You got that?

Victoria: Mom, I found Diego. I mean, I looked everywhere for him and I was just about to give up, and then I saw him hitchhiking. I mean, I didn't even know what road he was going to be on. I just took a chance and there he was. I mean, it was fate.

Nikki: I see. So, you've been with Diego?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I realize that we're going to have a lot to work out, but, Mom, it just feels right. I mean, we love each other. And I'm so happy that you encouraged me to go after him. Look, I realize that you're still worried about Nicholas and Sharon. And I pray that they're going to patch things up. But, Mom, I mean, at least you have one happy child, you know. I mean, it just feels good knowing that we're going to get past this. 3DAB45C2.JPG

Nikki: Victoria, a lot has happened since you left tonight.

Victoria: What's happened?

Nikki: I know what's wrong between Nicholas and Sharon. I know about Diego.

Victoria: Oh. 3DAB45F2.JPG

Nikki: I'm assume that's why you split up?

Victoria: Yeah, it was. But now --

Nikki: What's worse, your father knows, too.

Sharon: You don't have to do that.

Nicholas: Do what?

Sharon: Kids are at my momís. You can sleep downstairs.

Nicholas: I don't want to sleep downstairs.

Nicholas: What?

Sharon: Nothing.

Nicholas: Sharon, what?

Sharon: I hear Grace Turner's in town, Nick. What's up with that?

Isabella: Hi. I see the worker bees are at it late today. The hive is stirred up like you wouldn't believe.

Paul: What the hell is going on with these contracts? Would you get him on the phone, please? Oh, great.

Isabella: Problems, dear? 3DAB4684.JPG

Lynne: O'Malley's out of town until tomorrow.

Paul: Get him on the phone first thing tomorrow morning. I'm sick and tired of this waffling.

Paul: And, you, whatever it is, I'm really not in the mood.

Isabella: Well, that's too bad. Get in the mood.

Paul: Thanks.

Christine: Well, Isabella, I assume you're not here for legal advice?

Isabella: No, I was actually out shopping and decided to stop by. 3DAB46B3.JPG

Christine: Shopping, at this hour?

Isabella: I wanted to talk to you about the baptism.

Christine: What about it?

Isabella: Well, I thought I was making a nice gesture by inviting you, but I realize now that it might be a little awkward, so I want you to know I won't be offended if you don't come.

Christine: What are you really saying?

Isabella: I don't want to put you in an uncomfortable position.

Christine: Uncomfortable for whom?

Isabella: Isn't it obvious?

Christine: No. I'm totally at ease with the way things are these days. So, it's got to be you or Paul and I'm thinking it's Paul because he is not happy with the way I'm living my life. 3DAB46D8.JPG

Isabella: That's not true.

Christine: No, it is. He told me so himself in so many words.

Isabella: Christine, that may have been the case in the past but --

Christine: Not in the past, Isabella, I saw him earlier this evening. Oh, I'm sorry, or weren't you aware of that?

Brittany: So, you want to?

Raul: No. I have this big ball guy cheering carrying me around everywhere like a fancy chair.

Brittany: Cool.

Raul: Yeah, sure, his company hates it but I say the hell with it. 3DAB47E8.JPG

Brittany: Raul.

Raul: Look, okay, I'm walking. Damn back brace is a pain. But considering the alternative, I'll deal with it. At they tell me everything's going to be fine. I'll have a little arthritis when I get old. But by then they'll have a cure for it. So don't sweat it, all right?

Brittany: I'm not. I'm just glad, you know.

Raul: Yeah. Yeah, I know. What are you doing here anyway?

Brittany: Don't sweat it. It's not because of you. Judge won't let me leave town. Or else I'd be so out of here.

Raul: Bet your folks aren't too happy that you're missing school.

Brittany: Who cares. Hardly gave me a thought until I crashed the car. Now all of a sudden I'm the center of attention. What about your parents? They probably think I belong on a chain gang somewhere.

Raul: Close. 3DAB481A.JPG

Brittany: You, too, I'm sure.

Raul: Yeah. Yeah, I could just see you in jail. Do these stripes make me look too fat?

Brittany: Oh, wow. I get it. It's like a joke, only not funny.

Raul: So, are you going to get your car fixed?

Brittany: It was totaled.

Raul: Easy come, easy go, right? I'm sure Frederick and Anita ran right out and bought you a new one.

3DAB4849.JPGBrittany: The insurance did.

Raul: Hey, look, if you're waiting for me to go and buy you a coffee --

Brittany: I wasnít.

Raul: Because they don't serve booze here. I guess you'd be out of luck.


Anita: I cannot believe our daughter.

Frederick: Hi. So the dinner didn't go too well, huh?

Anita: No, it didn't go at all. I walked out. The things she was saying to me, I'm just glad you could get away from work to meet me here. I feel like I'm going to explode. 3DAB487F.JPG

Frederick: Yeah, well, I haven't seen Brittany around here, so apparently she left, too.

Anita: Just as well. She was being so cruel. You wouldn't believe the things she was saying to me, Frederick. I was pointing out to her that we've done everything for her that we can. Do you know what she said? That we've given her the best love money can buy. What sort of thing is that to say to your mother?

Frederick: I'm sorry, darling. Maybe a glass of wine would help.

Anita: No. I've got tennis in the morning. What are we going to do with her?

Frederick: Sweetheart, it's little late to start doing things, isn't it?

Anita: What are you saying, that you're not going to help?

Isabella: No, I didn't realize that you and Paul had talked. 3DAB48A8.JPG

Christine: He was very upset.

Isabella: Yes, about you and Michael.

Christine: Partly.

Isabella: Oh, you talked about other things?

Christine: Yeah. Personal things that really don't involve you. Isabella, you seem threatened by me.

Isabella: That's ridiculous.

Christine: Is it?

Isabella: Okay, you're right, Christine. I am a newlywed, you're Paulís ex-wife, you're beautiful and talented and he was very much in love with you. That wasn't an issue when you were far away, but now we're running into each other and you're having private meetings with Paul. As a woman, I think you have to admit, if you were in my shoes, you would feel a little threatened, too.

Christine: But you have his child, the son he's always wanted. 3DAB48D4.JPG

Isabella: Which makes it all the more critical for nothing to happen to our marriage.

Christine: Okay. So let me reassure you. I'm not trying to break up your little family. I haven't sought out Paulís opinion about my personal life or anything else. So, if you have a problem with me, perhaps you should bring it up with him.

Isabella: You claim to want to reassure me, but yet your attitude says otherwise.

Christine: What does that mean?

Isabella: You're deliberately being vague trying to provoke me, because I know you feel like you took your husband away from you and I didnít. I didn't have to. You flew halfway around the world and let your marriage die on the vine. But that's your choice but yet you can't seem to let go. You have no child with Paul. So why are you doing this? Why are you having private meeting with Paul? 3DAB4905.JPG

Christine: I flew halfway around the world and what did I find. You and Paul on the couch together. We were still married. That isn't Paul. I've known him a long time and that isn't Paul.

Isabella: Are you saying he would have waited for you?

Christine: I wonder why he couldnít.

Isabella: You honestly think you can be gone for a better part of the year, come back on your own sweet time and find everything the way it was. 3DAB4929.JPG

Christine: I wouldn't understand for the first time ever, he would move a client into our apartment, for protection, my God, he's been protecting people his entire career. What's so different about this one?

Isabella: I don't know what you're getting at.

Christine: I'm just wondering if you're so worried about me undermining your marriage.

Nicholas: So, Grace is in town. It's a free country.

Sharon: Right. And people who live in Manhattan are just lining up here in Southern Wisconsin to see the sights.

Nicholas: Hey, what's happening between us has nothing to do with Grace.

Sharon: You sure about that?

Nicholas: Yeah, I'm sure about that.

Sharon: I don't believe you. 3DAB4A44.JPG

Nicholas: Like I said, Sharon, it's a free country.

Sharon: Tell me something, Nicholas. Do you agree that Grace is a slut?

Nicholas: She is a person. I don't judge her.

Sharon: Oh, really?

Nicholas: Yes, really. Now, I'm tired.

Sharon: Did you take her to bed?

Nicholas: What difference does it make if I did?

Sharon: You did.

Nicholas: I didn't say that. I asked you a question.

Sharon: It makes a lot of difference to me.

Nicholas: Yeah, well, I don't get that. Besides, Sharon, it doesn't matter. We've got bigger problems than Grace.

Sharon: So, did you call her? Or did she just sniff the air and sense that you were vulnerable?

Nicholas: I wasn't vulnerable. I've been betrayed. 3DAB4A67.JPG

Sharon: You did call her, didn't you?

Nicholas: Yeah, so what? What if I did? What are you getting so upset about?

Sharon: What the hell do you think, Nicholas?

Victoria: How did this happen?

Nikki: Sharon told your father.

Victoria: For God's sake. That woman is out of control. She has no concept of there being any consequences to her actions. She just keeps flapping her big mouth, making the destruction worse and worse. How did he react?

Nikki: About how you would expect. 3DAB4A93.JPG

Victoria: You understand how I feel about Diego?

Nikki: I do, but --

Victoria: Mother, you told me to go after him. You told me to find him.

Nikki: I didn't know the whole story then.

Victoria: So now you think I should forget him?

Nikki: I just find it difficult to believe that you would take him back, that you would go looking for him.

Victoria: I love him.

Nikki: In spite of the fact that he slept with your brother's wife?

Victoria: Look, all right, fine, that's a really big mistake but he was not the aggressor. And I know that it looks like Sharon was this innocent victim that was taken advantage of, but that's not the whole story, not by a long shot.

Victor: Are you hard of hearing, son? I told you to get out. 3DAB4ABF.JPG

Diego: Look, if you're going to tear me apart, do it. But you've got to hear me out. You've only heard one side.

Victor: Are you denying that you had sex with my son's wife?

Diego: No.

Victor: Or that you're taking advantage of my daughter?

Diego: I didn't say that.

Victor: I don't give a damn what your explanation is or what your motivation is. Nicholas trusted you. You betrayed his trust. You defiled his marriage.

Diego: Believe me. I had help. I'm not the only one.

3DAB4B79.JPGLauren: So, bad day?

Paul: Watch me break this desk in two and then I'll answer your question.

Lauren: What set you off?

Paul: You know, Lauren, I am just about at the end of my rope with Chris. Would you believe she is coming to my son's christening?

Lauren: How did that happen?

Paul: Isabella. She claims she was trying to make peace.

Lauren: Isabella invited her?

Paul: I gave her hell for it, believe me. But now it looks as though Chris is coming to this thing, just to spite me. And she will probably bring her new bed partner on her arm with her, Michael Baldwin..

Lauren: Say that again? 3DAB4BA0.JPG

Paul: You heard me. She is sleeping with that scum.

Lauren: And how do you know that?

Paul: Isabella told me. And I confronted Chris.

Lauren: And what did she say?

Paul: She didn't deny it.

Lauren: Well, you know what I say? Bravo. It's about bloody time they got off the dime.

Paul: You know, Lauren, I'm going to count to ten, if you're not out of here --

Lauren: What, are you going to break me in two like the desk?

Paul: Maybe.

Lauren: I'm not afraid of you. You're roaring like a love-sick lion.

3DAB4BC3.JPGPaul: I am not.

Lauren: Yes, you are. What other kind of animal would you like me to call, a jackass?

Paul: You have no idea at all why that would bother me?

Lauren: Yes, I have every idea. I'm trying to show you how absurd it is.

Paul: It's not absurd.

Lauren: Yes, it is. You know, you are ready to do violence to a piece of furniture because a woman, who you keep insisting is a thing of the past, is finally moving on. At your insistence, I might add.

Paul: I did not tell her to do that.

Lauren: I don't believe you're in any position to tell her anything. Unless, of course, you want to be confused with, now, what did Isabella call you, a male chauvinist pig, that's the animal I'm looking for. 3DAB4BED.JPG

Paul: Well, cute. You know what you can do with your animal analogies.

Lauren: Yes, do I. But maybe you'd like to listen to me first. You know, while you're gnashing your teeth about the one who got away, there is a woman who is desperately in love with you and who desperately wants to give you everything. And she has. She's given you a son and made you a home and, furthermore, has dealt with your habit of leaving your dirty socks on the bathroom floor right next to the hamper.

Paul: Old habits die hard.

Lauren: Yeah. The point is --

Paul: I know what the point is. You don't have to say it.

Lauren: Just do me one favor. Please don't strangle Michael. I really don't want to bring my godson to visit his dad.

3DAB4C2B.JPGPaul: Okay.

Lauren: And do me a favor. Go home. Be nice to your wife. I know you don't feel it right now, but you have a lot, Paul. You have it all. Don't screw it up.

Paul: I hear you.

Lauren: When was the last time you shaved? You feel like a prickly old porcupine.

Isabella: Look, I came and I said what I had to say.

Christine: Wait a minute. Since you're being so forthright with me. Why don't you tell me a little bit more about you and Paul. How did you worm your way into his life? 3DAB4C73.JPG

Isabella: He fell in love with me, Christine. He married me. You say you're content with your life. But if Michael Baldwin is the best you can do, then what can I say? You've made your bed. I gave Paul the child you wouldn't give him. And we're happy. So I think it's wrong of you to try and insinuate your way back into his life.

Christine: I'm not insinuating myself. You invited me to the baptism.

Isabella: It was a bad idea. Okay? I thought we could have some sort of friendly arrangement but obviously I didn't know what I was thinking.

Christine: It's simple. You're trying to neutralize me.

Isabella: I shouldn't have to. Stay out of our lives, Christine. Stay the hell away from us.

Frederick: Are you going to sit there all night or are you going to talk to me?

Anita: Which do you think would be more product I have?

Frederick: Look, sweetheart, I know you're frustrated about Brittany. She's an adult now and she drinks and she has sex.

Anita: Don't remind me. 3DAB4CA1.JPG

Frederick: We can't control what she says or does. What do you want me to do, spank her or something?

Anita: No, Frederick, I don't want you to do anything.

Frederick: You're suggesting I've been an absentee father?

Anita: You've been busy.

Frederick: Yeah, I have been busy. And raising Brittany was supposed to be your job. Not alone but largely your job.

Anita: This is so trite. She's doing wonderful, she's our daughter. She starts messing up and she's mine.

Frederick: Honey, you're missing the point. 3DAB4CC0.JPG

Anita: You mean there is one?

Frederick: Yeah. Yeah, there is. We've got to find a way to reach the child somehow, even though she's not a child any longer. We, Anita. Both of us.

Brittany: That was a low blow.

Raul: You're not the one wearing a brace on his spine, I am. So excuse the hell out of me.

Brittany: How is that going? You in physical therapy?

Raul: Yeah. I will be for a while. I got to be careful. No quick moves or anything. I can walk pretty well. I'll be limbo dancing again in no time. 3DAB4CF5.JPG

Brittany: So what about school?

Raul: What about it? I'm obviously not there.

Brittany: Are you going next semester?

Raul: Listen, when you come as close to dying as I have, you really don't concern yourself with things like college.

Brittany: You have to go.

Raul: Do I?

Brittany: Yes. That's your future.

Raul: I don't have to do anything that I don't want to do. But thanks for your interest.

3DAB4E22.JPGSharon: Damn it, why would you do this to me unless it was to hurt me? You know that just the thought of you and that woman makes my blood run cold. So, what is this? Some kind of sick revenge?

Nicholas: Sharon, if you're going to point fingers instead of dealing with the issues then be my guest.

Sharon: You okay? You ready to deal with the issues now?

Nicholas: It's real easy to blame other people for your own mistakes. Remember the last time Grace was in town? What did you do? Did you confront me about it? No. You hopped into bed with Diego. You were just looking for an excuse, Sharon. If it wasn't Grace, it would have been something else.

Sharon: Oh, that is so untrue and you know it. 3DAB4E42.JPG

Nicholas: Oh, is it? You know, there are a million ways you could have dealt with your feelings about that. But you had sex with another man. And you didn't even look for a real relationship, Sharon. You just took the nearest guy possible. And there are names for women like that.

Sharon: Yeah. I cannot believe that you're insulting me like this. You go and defend a woman like Grace? You call your own wife nasty names?

Nicholas: Stop talking about Grace. This has nothing to do with her.

Sharon: Oh, really? Are you sure about that? Because you have as much as admitted that you called her and invited her here. Why is that, Nick? Just to see her face? You slept with her, didn't you? You dirty son of a bitch.

Nikki: You're obviously very upset with Sharon. 3DAB4E7B.JPG

Victoria: You such an idiot, the way she's handled this whole thing, starting from the time she went to Diego and practically threw herself at him. Look, I realize that he made a terrible mistake and he admits it. He admits that he should have pushed her away and he didnít. But that was way before he and I were ever involved. And the bottom line is, mother, we all make mistakes. And he makes me feel good about myself. He makes me feel alive and i thought that that part of my life was over.

Nikki: Sweetheart, you know how much I want that kind of happiness for you. I just don't know if Diego is the one to give it to you. And I'm sure the rest of the family will agree with me.

Victoria: Why? Because he's made one mistake?

Nikki: Victoria, it's a little hard to have sympathy for him. I'm sure your father doesn't. He's furious.

Victoria: God, why can't he stay out of it?

3DAB4EA5.JPGNikki: You know he can't you know he's not going to.

Victoria: So what? What? He's out looking for Diego? He wants to give him a good thrashing, is that it?

Nikki: Yes, I suspect that's exactly what he has in mind.

Victoria: Oh, my God. I've got to stop him.

Nikki: Victoria!

Diego: Mr. Newman, please, let me explain. I'm not the bad guy you think I am.

Victor: I'm not hearing this.

Diego: I came here to work, to take care of your horses, to live my life. I never asked to be a part of your family's problem.

Victor: I don't want your explanation, you got that? 3DAB4ECA.JPG

Diego: You think Sharon and Nick's marriage was perfect. She thought her husband was cheating on her, thought everything she had was over. I did not create that, Mr. Newman. I sure as hell am sorry for what I did. You know why? Because it hurt, Victor. I can't you may not want to hear this but I love your daughter.

Victoria: Dad!

Victor: What are you doing?

3DAB4FD5.JPGAnita: I suppose next you're going to tell me it's our fault our daughter spoke to me this way.

Frederick: Honey, you two do have a lot of practice pushing each other's buttons.

Anita: How am I supposed to treat her like an adult when she insists on acting like a spoiled child?

Frederick: Pretend like she's Penelope.

Anita: Don't sit there and insult my friends.

Frederick: All right. I've got an idea. Why not instead of sitting here bickering, let's focus on Brittany, huh? Will you say that she's angry and she has an attitude problem and communication isn't feasible, what do you suggest? Hum? How do we get her back on track, Anita?

Anita: Well, our lawyer did suggest that it would be good if she would get busy with some kind of activity, that the judge would look on her more favorably if she weren't just sitting around. How about giving her a job at the bank. 3DAB5006.JPG

Frederick: Doing what?

Anita: Well, there must be something.

Frederick: Anita, everybody that works in that bank has a great deal of expertise and it would take months to train a new teller. You know that.

Anita: It's brain surgery but everybody's got to start somewhere.

Frederick: Is that what you want? Brittany Hodges, bank teller.

Anita: I like it a lot better than Brittany Guittierez, married with five brats running around.

Frederick: Is that what you're worried about? 3DAB5028.JPG

Anita: Do I have to spell it out for you? Yes, I want to impress the judge but a big part of keeping her occupied is keeping her away from that boy.

Frederick: My dear, Brittanyís relationship with Raul Guittierez completely finished. Trust me. You have nothing to worry about.

Brittany: I do feel guilty, Raul. But if you think that I'm ever going to forget either you or what happened, you are so wrong.

Raul: Yeah, right. I know you, Brittany. Once you get your little slap on the wrist from that judge, you're going to have a very convenient memory. You'll go off to school, you'll start partying with your new college buds, the ones in your class, and I don't mean freshmen. People like us, dear, that's what your mom would say, right? Pretty soon it will be Raul who?

Brittany: God, you are so bitter. 3DAB505F.JPG

Raul: Me? What can I possibly have to be bitter about? Hum? You know, it could have been a lot worse. I mean, imagine if I would have ended up in a wheelchair. You're getting off easy, princess. You count your blessings.

Brittany: I'm sorry. I won't bother you anymore.

Raul: Brittany. Wait.

Christine: A really big mistake. I don't get it. What?

3DAB50DF.JPGPaul: Open it. Open it. For God sake, please open it.

Christine: Oh, my gosh. Is this --?

Michael: Yeah, the dress you saw in Fenmore's window.

Christine: I can't believe you did this.

Michael: Well, you're always saying you have nowhere to wear it, now you do.

Christine: Michael, i don't know what to say. Except thank you. I love it.

Michael: Stay right where you are. I'd like to memorize this.

Christine: You're embarrassing me.

Michael: No. To hell, you're a goddess and you know it and there's not a man in this room who wouldn't want to trade places with me. 3DAB511C.JPG

Christine: I will admit, it's a beautiful dress.

Michael: Soon you'll be sitting, we'll be dancing, this might be my last chance to get the full effect.

Christine: I still can't believe you did this. It was totally unnecessary.

Michael: Yeah, but you like it, right?

Christine: Surprising me with a beautiful dress and bringing me to the Colonnade Room and showing me off. What's not to like? Come on in. It's open.

Michael: It's me.

Christine: Hi. What did you do, buy out the whole store?

Michael: Even sexy lady lawyers have to eat.

Christine: You said you were bringing over a few groceries.

Michael: Well, this place hasn't been lived in for months. Bet you don't even have ketchup.

Christine: I'm sure I do now. 3DAB5146.JPG

Michael: A little bit of everything to get you started.

Christine: That was very sweet. Thank you.

Michael: Well, it is a well-kept secret that I am fairly domesticated. I didn't get anything perishable because of your trip but when you get back, you'll have to let me cook for you. I make a mean crawfish.

Christine: Sounds good.

Michael: Ah. Not your favorite.

Christine: I'll just be glad when this day is over and I can sit on the plane with a drink in my hand.

Michael: Rough one? 3DAB5170.JPG

Christine: Paul gave me a hard time about moving in here. Then I had Isabella in my face.

Michael: What was all that about?

Christine: That woman -- don't even get me started. There's something that about her, it's bad karma or something.

Michael: Well, it doesn't have to rub off on you. Oh, come here. Tense, huh? Yeah.

Christine: Don't you dare stop.

Michael: No. Now, see? I'll massage you at night -- who will massage you at night if you're rattling around this apartment all by yourself?

Christine: You make a strong case right there.

Michael: Do I? Do i make a strong case, because you know, I'm very, very opposed to you being here all by yourself?

3DAB519F.JPGChristine: Michael, I have dealt with it, okay? It's just a nice, comfortable apartment.

Michael: Well, you could have a nice, comfortable --

Christine: Don't I wish?

Michael: You just have to ask.

Christine: So loving aren't we?

Michael: You don't know how to relax.

Christine: And how to irritate me.

Michael: We make incredible love. We do. We do. I relax you, I irritate you, I do it all. Sounds so much like a husband.

Christine: What? 3DAB51CF.JPG

Michael: Listen --

Christine: What the hell is that?

Michael: Now I know this is out of left field. Hell, it's out of the park. It's crazy. Some of the most wonderful things are a little crazy. Now I got this on 24-hour approval, and I'd really rather not have to take it back, hum? We're good together, Chris. We take care of each other in so many ways. Let's make it real. Let's make it something wonderful. Marry me.

Victoria: Dad, let him go! Please, let him go now.

Victor: Get out of here now. Listen to me. If I ever see your face here again, next time I will not be responsible. You have that?

Diego: Okay. Okay, I'm leaving.

Victor: Now get out. I said get out.

Diego: I'll see you later.

Victoria: No! If he's going, I'm going, too. You can't stop me. Don't you understand? I love him. I love him.

Nicholas: Go ahead, call me names if it makes you feel better.

Sharon: You're unbelievable. 3DAB52F7.JPG

Nicholas: See you shouldn't be getting on your high horse about what I do or don't do.

Sharon: So, is that where you were last night? When you didn't come home, out having some wild, sex with that piece of trash?

Nicholas: Imagine whatever you want, Sharon, because God knows I've been having pictures of and you Diego in my head.

Sharon: Are you happy? Did you enjoy your revenge? That's a pretty childish way to resolve things.

Nicholas: Resolving things hasn't been much of an issue for me.

Sharon: So, in other words, you're giving up?

Nicholas: I don't know what it is you expect me to do. 3DAB531F.JPG

Sharon: Is that all you have to say about our marriage, what do you expect me to do?

Nicholas: If you want to write the script for me, Sharon, then go ahead, do it.

Sharon: You know, last spring I was terrified, I thought I was losing you. In  a rash, stupid moment, I made a mistake. That's a hell of a lot different than calling your favorite tramp on the phone for a roll in the hey.

Nicholas: Or two?

Sharon: You bastard. Bastard! Bastard. Did you call her again, huh?

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