Y&R Transcript Friday 10/11/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/11/02


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Sharon: Couldn't sleep? Me either. You want a glass of wine or something?

Nicholas: No, I'm good.

Sharon: Okay. Such a beautiful night. I think I'll go for a swim. You want to come?

Nicholas: No. You go ahead.

Sharon: Well, if you change your mind, you could always join me.

Victor: Nick inside?

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah.

Victor: Hey, son.

Nicholas: Dad.

Victor: Looking for your sister. Any idea where she is?

Diego: I can't believe you found me. 3DA7517D.JPG

Victoria: Well, I checked all the places that you normally hang out, and when you weren't there, I figured I'd try and catch you on your way out of town.

Diego: How did you know I'd be hitchhiking?

Victoria: I didn't.

Diego: There's more than one road out of Genoa City.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I guess I got lucky. If I had missed a different road, I would have missed you.

Diego: I would have been long gone by now.

Victoria: What were you doing?

Diego: I was leaving.

Victoria: For good?

Diego: I hadn't thought that far ahead.

Victoria: I guess it shouldn't surprise me.

Diego: Why do you say that? 3DA751A4.JPG

Victoria: That's what you do, you run.

Diego: What's there to stay for? You're blowing me off.

Victoria: I guess I just thought if you really cared about me, you wouldn't have given up so easily.

Diego: Hey, the last thing I wanted to do was walk away. I was the guy yelling outside your door, remember? Begging you to come out, but you didn't.

Victoria: I did come out. You were already gone.

Diego: Really?

Victoria: So you were just going to leave without saying good-bye?

Diego: Don't you get it? The only reason I was leaving, I was doing it for you.

Jill: Gina: Thanks for coming. I hope you enjoyed yourself. 3DA751D3.JPG

See you soon.

Gina: Bye-bye. Mrs. Hodges, so nice to see you again.

Anita: Gina, isn't it?

Gina: That's right.

Anita: I'm here to meet my daughter.

Gina: She told me to expect you. She's sitting right over there. Do you want me to take you?

Anita: No thank you.

Brittany: Hello, Mother.

Anita: Hello, Brittany. Traffic was horrendous.

Brittany: Well, thank you for coming.

Anita: So why on earth did you pick this God awful place, couldn't we have spoken at home?

Brittany: I thought we'd have dinner.

Anita: Oh. Well, I'm sure I can find something. 3DA751F9.JPG

Brittany: On the phone you said there was a message for me from my lawyer.

Anita: Yes, Harlan called this afternoon.

Brittany: About the case?

Anita: Obviously.

Brittany: Well, what is it, Mother? Is it good or bad?

Michael: Isabella, I don't think you're taking this seriously enough.

Isabella: Michael, everybody has secrets.

Michael: That's a simplistic answer, don't you think?

Isabella: Some people have loose lips, let them out, others are careful and keep them in.

Michael: Your point?

Isabella: My point is there's no reason to spend the rest of my chewing my nails because we have something to hide. 3DA75240.JPG

Michael: Are you being careful, inviting Christine to your son's baptism?

Isabella: What about that?

Michael: That's as careful as swimming with sharks.

Isabella: Give me a break. How many years have I done? I think I've done a damn good job of keeping our former association a secret.

Michael: I think you're overplaying your hand. I think you're pushing your luck, Isabella, and that concerns me. It concerns me a great deal.

Christine: Excuse me?

Paul: You heard me. Are you sleeping with Michael Baldwin?

Christine: I can't believe you're asking me that.

Paul: Oh, come on, Chris, it's a simple yes or no answer. 3DA7526D.JPG

Christine: It's always totally inappropriate.

Paul: Don't give me that inappropriate stuff. You and I used to be married. The truth is, I know you better than any person on this planet.

Christine: That entitles you to grill me about my sex life.

Paul: Is there a sex life?

Christine: None of yourself business.

Paul: You are sleeping with that idiot or you wouldn't be so damn defensive.

Christine: If I'm being defensive it's because I can't believe your nerve. What difference does it make? We're divorced.

Paul: So just because we're no longer together, I'm not supposed to care?

Christine: Do what you want, just leave me out of it. 3DA7528D.JPG

Paul: What am I supposed to say when you dump Baldwin for some ax murderer? Oh, yeah, that Christine, she sometimes has horrible taste in men. Is that what I'm supposed to say?

Christine: Shut up. Shut the hell up. How dare you talk to me like that.

Sharon: Nikki, don't sneak up on me like that.

Nikki: What are you doing?

Sharon: I was just taking dip. 3DA7536B.JPG

Nikki: Trying to wash away your guilty conscience? Me, I don't think I could get as low as you, Sharon.

Sharon: Nikki, please don't do this. I've already talked to victor. I've heard it from him.

Nikki: Well, that's only because he got to you first.

Sharon: I already feel bad enough, all right? Don't hit me when I'm down.

Nikki: Oh, please, what is this, a cry for mercy? The misunderstood housewife needs a little sympathy? Sharon, how the hell could you have done this?

Sharon: Okay. I screwed up. I admit it.

Nikki: That is the understatement of the year.

Sharon: But I do love Nicholas and I'll do anything to get him back. 3DA75398.JPG

Nikki: You don't do what you love to -- you don't do what you did to someone you love.

Sharon: Tell that to your son. I was supposed to be the love of his life, he did the same thing to me, or have you conveniently forgotten that little incident of infidelity?

Victor: You have no idea where your sister is?

Nicholas: No. Why?

Victor: What about Diego?

Nicholas: What about him?

Victor: You know where I can find him?

Nicholas: Why would you want to?

Victor: I know everything, Son.

Nicholas: What are you talking about?

Victor: I know about your wife and Diego. 3DA753C0.JPG

Nicholas: God.

Victor: I'm very sorry, okay. I can only imagine what you must be feeling right now.

Nicholas: So Mom knows, too?

Victor: Yeah.

Nicholas: Who told you?

Victor: Sharon.

Nicholas: Why did she have to go shooting her mouth off to you?

Victor: I think because she wanted to explain what happened. I guess she was afraid that you were having an affair with Grace Turner behind her back?

Nicholas: She runs off to Diego for comfort.

Victor: He took advantage of her.

Nicholas: Dad, come on, we both know it takes two.

Victor: I'm going to tell you what I told Sharon. Unfortunately, these things happen in life. And they're very painful. But I want you to take a long look at what you have before you jump to any conclusions. Don't let this incident tear apart what you have built up. There's always a way to fix things. All right? 3DA75406.JPG

Nicholas: I don't think so, not this time.

Victor: Maybe I can help.

Nicholas: Look, if you're going to track down Diego, to confirm what happened with my wife, I don't need you fighting my battles for me.

Victor: You know better than that. You know I wouldn't fight your battles. I respect you too much for that. It's not about you, Son, right now. This is about your sister.

Nicholas: Don't tell me that she is back with that bastard.

Victoria: You were leaving because of me?

Diego: Yeah.

Victoria: And you really thought that was for the best?

Diego: I hated the position I was putting you in. 3DA75434.JPG

Victoria: What position?

Diego: Having to choose between your family and me. I didn't want to cause you any more pain. I just want you to understand.

Victoria: What?

Diego: Everything I said to you while we were still together is true. There's nothing I want more in this world than to be with you. But I also want you to be happy. And if you can't be happy with me, I can't stay.

Victoria: And you think I could be happy without you?

Diego: What? What are you saying?

Victoria: Just answer the question.

Diego: Does this answer your question?

Paul: Come on, Chris. Calm down. 3DA7556C.JPG

Christine: I don't appreciate being insulted.

Paul: You really can't understand why I would be upset?

Christine: Paul, I just came over here to tell you that I'm moving back into the apartment.

Paul: So you can entertain that slime there and share our bed with him. You can't see why that might get to me?

Christine: That's really rich coming from you.

Paul: I beg your pardon?

Christine: I walk in and I see you and Isabella going at it like rabbits, but I manage to get over it. How?

Paul: It's Baldwin.

Christine: He has paid for his mistakes. He is not the same man as he used to be. 3DA75591.JPG

Paul: I'm sure that's what he wants you to believe.

Christine: He's highly regarded in this community. What the hell is Isabella other than some gutter rat who's gorgeous enough and clever enough to snag another person's husband.

Paul: You don't even know her.

Christine: And do you? I wonder about that. Look, you've moved on with you your life. If you regret some of the decisions you made, I'm sorry about that, but don't put this on me.

Paul: What the hell does that mean?

Christine: For someone who's married and who finally has a child he's always wanted, you don't seem very happy.

Paul: I'm happy. 3DA755BA.JPG

Christine: Are you? Then why are you so jealous about who I'm involved with?

Paul: I'm not jealous.

Christine: Aren't you? Look, as I said, I just want to move back into the apartment. If you're not going to use it, why shouldn't I? If you don't have any objections that I should take seriously --

Paul: My feelings don't count for anything.

Christine: Not if you're going to be a juvenile about it, no.

Paul: I see. So, what are you going to do?

Christine: I would like to go over there and drop off a few things and then later I'm leaving town on business.

Isabella: Michael, you should just relax. I have my reasons. 3DA755FC.JPG

Michael: Yeah, for inviting Christine to your baby's baptism. As far as I'm concerned, you're tempting fate.

Isabella: Look, we all live in the same city. I don't want to feel uncomfortable, nor do I want Paul to feel uncomfortable every time we go to our favorite restaurant and run into you and Christine or whatever stud she's with at the moment. Besides, the more alienated Paul feels, the more fascinated he may became. So I think that it's best if he sees her around, realizes I'm not afraid. Take away her power.

Michael: That sounds so very good in theory. But it's going to backfire.

Isabella: You could say that about a lot of things. 3DA7562A.JPG

Michael: You're overstating your people skills.

Isabella: How so?

Michael: If Christine really was curious about how you inserted yourself into Paul's life, you should be worried. She has -- she is a focused, intelligent woman. She doesn't have to sit around and wonder what makes the wind blow or why butterflies are yellow. If she's curious about something, she focuses in on it, and then she learns what she needs to learn.

3DA756E3.JPGIsabella: I already invited her.

Michael: Look at me. You uninvite her. And if you are so desperate for a new best friend, you get a cat. But you steer clear of Christine Williams.

Cody:  Raul? Good to see you, man. How's it going?

Raul: Good. Thanks for asking.

Cody: No problem. Can I get you anything?

Raul: Yeah, maybe in a minute.

Cody: Just let me know.

Raul: Thanks.

Larry: Look here, man. You've been sprung, huh?

Raul: Not too soon. I'm going stir crazy. 3DA7571B.JPG

Larry: I can dig it, man, no fun being cooped up.

Raul: How's it going?

Larry: Can't complain. I heard you're supposed to come out tomorrow.

Raul: Yeah. I talked them into letting me out tonight.

Larry: That's a good thing, right? Must mean you're on the mend?

Raul: Yeah, that's what they tell me.

Larry: You sure you okay, bro, you're moving kind of slow.

Raul: I'm wearing a back brace.

Larry: Well, that's better than being in a wheelchair, isn't it?

Raul: You can say that again.

Larry: Oh, saw your bro tonight. 3DA75740.JPG

Raul: Yeah, me, too.

Larry: Tell me he's heading out of town.

Raul: Yeah, I know. I wish he would have stuck around.

Larry: I guess he figured it was time for him to split.

Raul: Did he tell you why?

Larry: Yeah. Victoria Newman.

Raul: Long story. Poor guy. He was really in love.

Larry: I saw her come into Gina's looking for him. She seemed like she was really upset once she heard that he was splitting town.

Raul: Well, she should have thought of that before she dumped him.

Larry: Yeah. Well, look, let me buy you a cup of joe or something.

Raul: I can get it myself. 3DA75767.JPG

Larry: No, no, listen, you need to take a load off and relax. Trust me, you've learned it.

Raul: All right.

Larry: Get another coffee please. Java.

Anita: Harlan strongly suggests you start doing community service as soon as possible.

Brittany: Why?

Anita: Your father is afraid the judge is going to throw the book at you unless you start something --

Brittany: Like a good little girl, right?

Anita: This isn't funny, Brittany. Proving that you're remorseful and properly humbled by this awful tragedy will go a long way towards a more lenient sentence. 3DA7579C.JPG

Brittany: Is that what Mr. Whitney said?

Anita: Harlan thinks if you become involved in something right away, such as working with those less fortunate, for example, you might avoid picking up trash along the highway.

Brittany: God forbid any of your friends see me doing that.

Anita: If you play your cards right, Brittany, you may be able to go off to school next semester.

Brittany: Lucky me.

Anita: You don want to stay here in limbo any longer than absolutely necessary, do you?


Anita: Are you listening to me, Brittany? This is very important.

Brittany: I know that, Mother. 3DA757C2.JPG

Anita: Then you need to take it seriously and listen to what our attorney says.

Brittany: Fine. Whatever.

Anita: Are you still thinking about Raul? Is that why you're acting so petulant?

Brittany: After the things Raul said to me? Please, I have my pride. I don't ever want to see him again. I can't tell you how badly I want to get out of this town.

Anita: Good. This may not be a good time to bring this up, but --

Brittany: What now?

Anita: I think you upset your father the other day with what you said.

Brittany: What did I say?

Anita: About a sure way to get hurt is to fall in love with someone. Was that a barb aimed at us? 3DA757F1.JPG

Brittany: Why would I ever question the quality of love you've shown me, Mother?

Anita: You have no idea what it's like being a parent. Maybe one day if you have an ungrateful child, you'll understand.

Brittany: I have no doubt about that. I know exactly what my life's going to be like. All I have to do is look at you. I had a chance at something different.

Anita: Something different, really, Brittany?

Brittany: It's true, Mother. I never met anyone like Raul.

Anita: You think you know what love is, Brittany. You are s young. Love is a stray book of fantasy. Very pretty in the movies, but not the way it is in real life. 3DA7582A.JPG

Brittany: Are you saying you don't love Dad?

Anita: I'm just saying that you don't understand the realities of life. And if you're unhappy about your situation right now, you know, you brought it on yourself and I refuse to feel guilty.

Brittany: I have no complaints, mother. You've always given me the finest love money could buy.

Anita: Obviously this conversation is over.

Brittan what about dinner?

Anita: I've lost my appetite.

Sharon: When Nicholas was unfaithful, everyone was all over me to be forgiving, to just get over it. Now you treat me like I'm something that crawled out from under a rock. Isn't that a bit of a double standard? 3DA75864.JPG

Nikki: As I recall, you were very hard on Nicholas.

Sharon: Yes, with good reason.

Nikki: And now you find yourself in the same position. You don't like it very much, do you?

Sharon: This didn't just happen out of the blue, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, here come the excuses.

Sharon: I turned to Diego, not long after I caught Nick making out with another woman.

Nikki: Who? Grace?

Sharon: No, some woman he met in a bar.

Nikki: Oh, I don't believe that.

Sharon: Well, go ask your son. Anyway, I was going to let that go. Then I learned Grace Turner was in town. That was what threw me into Diego's arms. 3DA75889.JPG

Nikki: Oh, I see. So you were just a helpless victim? Everyone else made you do what you did. That's classic.

Sharon: You're not even going to try to put yourself in my shoes, are you? Nicholas and I were separated. We weren't living together. He was coming by and visiting the kids. He was barely speaking to me, much less making love to me.

Nikki: So you found someone who would?

Sharon: No. This wasn't about sex. It was about me being afraid that my marriage was over. I felt so unattractive, unloved, tossed aside. Then when I saw Grace, I panicked. I convinced myself that Nicholas was betraying me all over again. 3DA758B5.JPG

Nikki: Without a shred of evidence.

Sharon: Well, I had every reason to believe it was possible.

Nikki: You should have trusted him.

Sharon: Why, he certainly was no angel in the past.

Nikki: You could have asked him some questions before you had done something so damaging.

Sharon: Did you do this to Nicholas? Did you scold him when he was the bad guy? No. You came to me and told me I was destroying my family over some infidelity.

Nikki: I'm not sure I remember it quite that way.

Sharon: Well, of course you don't.

Nikki: Okay. So you turned to Diego because you were worried that Nicholas was with Grace. 3DA758D8.JPG

Sharon: Yes. I saw her in the coffee house. She looked at me with that know-it-all smirk on her face and it was obvious she was on the prowl for my husband.

Nikki: And did he sleep with her again?

Sharon: No. But at the time --

Nikki: At the time you very much wanted to believe that he did, didn't you? And I'll tell you why. Because you already had your eye on Diego. And this made it a very convenient excuse.

Diego: So what are you thinking about?

Victoria: What a close call we had.

Diego: You know I can be in the back of a truck on my way to Canada.

Victoria: I can't believe how close I came to losing you.

Diego: But you didn't. That's all that matters.

Victoria: Oh, I don't want to leave this bed. Find a deserted island somewhere.

Diego: Now we're talking.

Victoria: Speaking of talking, it's going to work out.

Diego: I know. Here it comes. Reality check.

3DA75A6A.JPGWould you be the wind blow me home would you be a dream on the wings of a poem and if we are walking through a crowd will you know I'd be proud if you'd call my name out loud if you'd call my name out loud I would come running do you suppose I'd come at all you know I would you know I would you know I would you know I would I'd come running snowed I'd come running if you call my name out loud

Brittany: Stop it, Brittany. Get a grip.

Sharon: I did not have my eye on Diego. The two of us were just friends.

Nikki: God, you really expect me to believe that?

Sharon: Yes, I do, because it's the truth. 3DA75AC2.JPG

Nikki: So you two friends just got swept away by passion?

Sharon: Stop it, Nikki, all right. You make me sound like I'm some oversexed housewife.

Nikki: Your words, not mine.

Sharon: Do you have any idea how the name Grace Turner terrifies me? I see a tall, thin blonde walking down the street and to this day my blood runs cold.

Nikki: I don't know what that has to do with anything.

Sharon: When I saw Grace in the coffee house, I knew that Nick was feeling vulnerable and he was looking for someone to comfort him.

Nikki: Even though as it turns out he wasn't.

Sharon: Damn it, Nikki, you know what, it's so easy for you to judge me. You weren't there. 3DA75AF2.JPG

Nikki: Okay. So, it seems that just the mere sight of Grace Turner is enough to make you rush off and find somebody to have --

Sharon: No. I made a mistake, all right? Can't you understand that? I got in over my head. I'm going to be sorry for that for the rest of my life.

Nikki: I'm afraid you're going to be even more sorry when you hear that Grace is back in town.

Sharon: What?

Nikki: Yeah. So you better get your act together. She hasn't just arrived. From what I understand, she's been lurking around here for quite some time.

Nikki: So Vicki told Mom that she would take him back? 3DA75C0F.JPG

Victor: That's the impression your mother had.

Nicholas: I just can't believe that he can even stomach the sight of the guy after what he did.

Victor: That's why it's imperative for me to find your sister, talk some sense into her.

Nicholas: Right now she's out combing the streets looking for this guy?

Victor: When she found out he had left town, she followed him.

Nicholas: Have can't she just let it go?

Victor: I guess she's in love with him.

Nicholas: How about some self-respect? That doesn't sound like Vic. Feel like I don't even know her anymore. Just be better for everyone if Diego's off in some other state. You know, if I see him, Dad, I swear -- 3DA75C36.JPG

Victor: I understand exactly how you feel. Don't do anything you'll regret. All right?

Nicholas: This is one of the toughest things I've ever had to deal with.

Victor: I can only imagine. Let me ask you something. What's the story with you and Grace Turner?

Nicholas: Sent her back to New York.

Victor: Thank the Lord for that. You do not need to add her to the mix.

Nicholas: Yeah, I know.

Victor: All right, son, I'm sure things will work out.

Nicholas: Well, they can't get any worse, right?

Victor: No. Thanks for the beer. I need to go. 3DA75C62.JPG

Nicholas: Where are you going? Remember what you just told me. Don't do anything you'll regret.

Victor: Try to find your sister, talk some sense into her.

Nicholas: She won't listen to you.

Victor: If she doesn't, Diego will.

Larry: Thank you, bro. Here you go, dude.

Raul: Thanks, man.

Larry: Yeah. So, how you really feeling, man?

Raul: Pretty good. I still have a lot of physical therapy I got to go through, but I'm just glad to be out of that damn hospital bed.

Larry: I hear what you're saying, man. From what I gathered, you're lucky to be alive. 3DA75C93.JPG

Raul: Yeah, that's what they keep telling me.

Larry: And your girlfriend was driving, huh?

Raul: Ex-girlfriend. That boat has sailed.

Larry: You miss her at all?

Raul: Trying not to. She's probably long gone by now anyway.

Larry: Gone where?

Raul: College. She wanted to stay and I told her to go.

Larry: Sounds like you're sorry you said that.

Raul: I was pretty upset. I think I might have just been a little too hard on her.

Larry: Look, dude, that chick put you in a hospital, man.

Raul: I know. I know.

Larry: You got a right to. You're wound up about that princess, weren't you? 3DA75CBF.JPG

Raul: Brittany, I've never known any other girl like her.

Larry: So why don't you give her a call up at school?

Raul: I'd rather see her face-to-face.

Larry: Not much chance of that happening now, is there?

Raul: Afraid not. Besides, she's probably already hooked up with somebody else.

Larry: That quick?

Raul: She's a party girl. Probably out there having a blast. Put old Raul out of her head already.

Larry: Maybe. But what if you're wrong?

Raul: Larry, you weren't there. You don't know what I told her.

Larry: That bad, huh?

Raul: Um-hum. Trust me. Best if I just chalk this up to experience. Forget about Brittany Hodges. 3DA75CEE.JPG

I'll wait for you I'll wait for you

Isabella: Hello, Christine. Hope this isn't a bad time.

Victoria: We have so much to talk about, I don't even know where to begin.

Diego: First thing's first. Are you sure you want to be with me?

Victoria: There are a million reasons why we shouldn't be together.

Diego: I might complicate your life more than you can believe.

Victoria: Yeah, well, you've already done that. I don't think that can get any worse.

Diego: Your folks. They could make it a lot worse.

Victoria: We'll just have to change their opinion of you. 3DA75DF6.JPG

Diego: What? With magic?

Victoria: No, with your devastating charm.

Diego: Well, in case you've forgotten, your brother, he thinks I'm scum of the earth.

Victoria: Yeah, well, the way he's been behaving, he's one to talk.

Diego: Why do you say that

Victoria: It's not important.

Diego: So, you up for this? I mean, when your folks find out, they're going to go ballistic.

Victoria: Maybe it won't be as bad as you think. My mom seemed pretty supportive.

Diego: You're dreaming.

Victoria: No, she was. I talked to her.

Diego: What did she say?

Victoria: She's the one who encouraged me to go after you. 3DA75E1F.JPG

Diego: Sure would be nice to have someone on our side.

Victoria: We'll work this out.

Diego: As long as you realize what we're laying ourselves in for.

Victoria: I can handle it if you can.

Diego: You know I never meant to hurt you.

Victoria: I know.

Diego: I'd give anything to take back that thing I did with Sharon.

Victoria: Let's just not talk about that, all right?

Diego: We can't pretend it never happened.

Victoria: I realize that. It's something we'll have to move past, we'll have to work it out.

Diego: I've been waiting for you to say that for a long time. 3DA75E3D.JPG

Victoria: And they say you should never pick up hitchhikers.

Diego: Are you sorry?

Victoria: No.

Diego: So what now?

Victoria: We forge ahead. You know what, whatever happens, it will blow over eventually.

Diego: Yeah, down the road maybe. But I can't stay here. I can't stay anywhere near the ranch.

Victoria: Where will you go?

Diego: Back to my parents' boarding house.

Victoria: You don't have to rush off, do you?

Diego: I should get a move on.

Victoria: Have you had anything to eat today? I mean, I know you went to dinner with your parents. 3DA75E67.JPG

Diego: I had a little but I'm okay.

Victoria: No. You stay here. I'll go up to the main house, get us something to eat. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.

Diego: Okay.

Nicholas: Dad, I doubt you're going to find Vicki or Diego tonight.

Victor: I'm going to try, son.

Nicholas: Go home, be with Mom, forget about this.

Victor: Get out of my way.

Sharon: Victor, what's wrong?

Victor: Do you have any idea where Victoria is?

Sharon: Probably down by -- I saw a light on down by the tack house, if that helps.

Victor: Uh-huh, thank you.

Nicholas: How was the pool? 3DA75EA0.JPG

Sharon: Fine.

Nicholas: You saw Dad?

Sharon: Yeah.

Nicholas: He's looking for Vic. He wants to talk to her.

Sharon: I know.

Nicholas: Sharon?

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