Y&R Transcript Monday 10/7/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/7/02


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Phyllis: thought I'd close the door for you. You never know what might come.

Diane: What the hell are you doing here?

Phyllis: What's wrong, Diane, it seems like you're not happy to see me.

Diane: You can't just barge into my hotel room.

Phyllis: I would have called you but I had the feeling you might hang up on me.

Diane: Get out! I mean it, Phyllis, stay away for me or I'll call the police.

Phyllis: Give it a rest.

Diane: Why are you here?

Phyllis: Why do you think?

Diane: I know why -- you want to kill me.

Phyllis: I want to kill you? Where's Kyle?

Diane: Why do you want to know?

Phyllis: Because I want to eat him up alive.

Diane: Phyllis, my son isn't here. I mean it, just go away and leave me alone.

Phyllis: Do you really think that's why I've come to hurt you?

Diane: Isn't it?

Phyllis: Why don't you give me some credit, Diane. After everything that's happened, do you think I'd be stupid enough to lay one finger on that miserable, pathetic head of yours?

Diane: No, you wouldn't, if you were sane.

Nikki: Damn answering machine. Sharon, where are you?

Victor Hello? Is anyone here?

Victor: Are you the lady of the house?

Nikki: Oh, my God, you scared the life out of me.

Victor: Baby, you know I like to make a dramatic entrance.

Nikki: Yeah, you drama king.

Victor: You were about to kiss me, I know you would. Come here.

Nikki: Well, yeah.

Drucilla: You asked why I was worried about Olivia and now you know.

Wesley: What exactly do you think is going on between this woman and her husband?

Drucilla: Do I have to spell it out for you; she has deep feelings for this man, real deep feelings.

Wesley: And you're basing this on a vibe?

Drucilla: A strong vibe. Don't look at me. I think I know my sister and what in the devil is she thinking about.

Wesley: You told me, she and, what is it, Ashley, they've known each other a long time.

Drucilla: Sorority centers in college. How many times do I have to tell you, they are very good friends. Ashley has always been there for Olivia and how does my sister pay her back? Ashley gets sick and my sister chases down her husband.

Wesley: You're being a little harsh, aren't you?

Drucilla: We both know in the end my sister is going to get her heartbroken.

Wesley: All I'm saying, you're jumping to the conclusion based on very little evidence.

Drucilla: Women's intuition. For the record, my sister and I cut each other very little slack. That's just the way the relationship has always been.

Wesley: You do love each other.

Drucilla: How can I sit here and waste my breath if I don't love my sister. If I'm right, I'm going to have to put a stop to this madness.

Wes: Wait. Wait. We can't do this. We can’t.

Jack: Ash, what's going on? Talk to me. Medical thing?

Ashley: No.

Jack: Then what?

Ashley: It's about Brad.

Jack: What about him? What's he done now?

Ashley: Nothing. No.

Jack: Has he said something to hurt you? If he has --

Ashley: No, it wasn't Brad. It was me. I said something, I said something so sensitive, so hurtful, I've been kicking myself ever since.

Jack: What did you say?

Ashley: No arguing about how difficult things have been for us lately. Victor's name came up. I told him --

Jack: You told him what?

Ashley: Oh, my God. I told him that Victor's been more sensitive to me than he has.

Jack: Ouch.

Ashley: He's furious. I don't blame him.

Jack: What does all this have to do with Olivia? You said you were headed over there.

Ashley: I was hoping she would help me make sense of it. Why would I say something so hurtful to him?

Jack: Okay, so Brad has every reason to be ticked off. Honey, you've got to be easier on yourself. These last few months have been very stressful.

Ashley: No excuse.

Jack: Bradley's stung right now. He will get over it. You can always say I'm sorry, that certainly works with my life. Can I ask one more question, though?

Ashley: What?

Jack: You said that Victor's been more of a comfort to you than Brad. Is that really true?

Phyllis: Good job, bravo. Bravo, Diane. Excellent performance.

Diane: No idea what you're talking about.

Phyllis: Pretending to be afraid of me. Don't come near me. Oh, oh, you're going to kill me. I need to call the police. Good job, Diane.

Diane: Obviously, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Detective Weber has bought it hook, line and sinker. It's not an act.

Phyllis: Sure it's not.

Diane: It's not. Phyllis, I know you don't believe this, but I am not out to get you. I just want the police to catch the person who set that fire.

Phyllis: But, you see, the person who set the fire is not me. You set me up. You pointed the police in my direction. That was your plan.

Diane: I have answered their questions, truthfully. As I understand it, Phyllis, most of what they found out, they found out without my help. And another thing --

Phyllis: Oh, another thing. Oh, my goodness, I'm going to sit down. This is going to be good.

Diane: Fine. Fine. When Detective Weber questioned me about the incident in the driveway, I could read what was really going on in his mind. He wanted ammunition, proof that you ran over me on purpose. You know what, Phyllis? I had to tell him that I didn't have any new information. So if I really wanted to stick it to you, that would have been my opportunity but I didn’t.

Phyllis: Oh, so sweet. But I'm unimpressed.

Diane: I am not trying to impress you.

Phyllis: See, everything you said, you said in Jack's presence. So, if you were suddenly to remember something that implied what happened that day wasn't an accident; Jack would hit the roof, wouldn't he? And he would know you were sandbagging me. So maybe you didn't lie to the cops, but you're not going to score brownie points with me, sweetie.

Diane: You still haven't told me what it is that you want.

Phyllis: Well, I'm here to congratulate you.

Diane: Congratulate me?

Phyllis: Yeah, congratulate you. On your first chapter of who-done-it. But, you see, the rest of your chapters aren't going to work out as you planned.

Diane: You're certifiable.

Phyllis: Am I, really?

Diane: Yes, Phyllis, you're mentally ill. You're imagining all these plots around you, it's right out of a nut case play book.

Phyllis: Really, you think I'm making it up?

Diane: You said it.

Phyllis: I didn't make up me not in jail, Diane.

Diane: Obviously not, but blaming me for putting you there is pure paranoia. That is why I'm getting a restraining order against you.

Phyllis: You're still on that, are you?

Diane: Yeah. It's in the works as we speak. You will be kept away from me and my child and then I won't have to worry about you ever again.

Phyllis: You know what a restraining order means, don't you? It means this is our last time alone together. This is my last chance to give you what you deserve. So we better make the most out of it. Don't you agree?

Victor: If I handed this over to the local manager, it wouldn't have had the same impact.

Nikki: Yes, I know, I know, that's always your reason for jetting off here and there. You can handle things better than people who work for you.

Victor: It's true, you know. But I promise there will be less of it in the future.

Nikki: I'm going to hold you to that, you know.

Victor: I want you to. I need your help because old habits are very hard to break.

Nikki: I will help you with a pair of handcuffs or leg irons, if necessary.

Victor: Oh, how nice of you. Talking about that, I'll be right back.

Nikki: What?

Victor: I have a surprise for you. You just wait.

Nikki: Nicholas, what did you mean when you said that Sharon brought it all on herself? What is going on with the two of you?

Victor: What?

Wesley: You said Ashley’s been going through chemo?

Drucilla: Um-hum.

Wesley: Tell me more about the situation.

Drucilla: It sounds pretty nasty. Apparently, Ashley’s been very depressed. But personally I think it's more emotional than anything else. And Liv told me she's been making videos.

Wesley: Videos?

Drucilla: Um-hum. Been making the tapes for her daughter in case she doesn't pull through. She turned one over to Olivia for safekeeping. To hear Olivia talk about it, it sounds very serious.

Wesley: I'm surprised your sister would confide something like that in you.

Drucilla: Yeah. Trying to tell me I have a big mouth?

Wesley: Sounds like a very personal, very private matter.

Drucilla: Okay. You're the expert. Have you ever had clients that have dealt with this situation before?

Wesley: A few. I know a lot of times in circumstances like this there are abandonment issues for the healthy spouse.

Drucilla: Abandonment? You mean like how dare you die on me?

Wesley: It sounds pretty messed up when you say it like that, but on some level, yes, especially when there are children involved. I mean, think about it. If Ashley dies, Brad will have to raise their daughter all by himself. I mean, facing that reality can lead to subconscious feelings of resentment.

Drucilla: For crying out loud, it's not like the woman was looking to get cancer.

Wesley: True. You know as well as I do, people in pain are not always rational.

Drucilla: You got that right.

Wesley: Baby, look, maybe Brad and Olivia are being drawn together because of the stress, but that doesn't mean he's turning his back on his wife. Maybe he and Olivia just need a friend right now. And that's all they are to each other. And you're reading way too much into this.

Brad: We can't do this.

Olivia: You don't want to?

Brad: No, part of me wants to so badly. Kissing you, holding you in my arms, feeling your skin against mine, so long since I felt this way.

Olivia: Yeah, it's been a long time for me, too.

Brad: I know. I know. I know you've been lonely, too. Liv, if we do this, it won't make us feel better, only worse. We'll be hurting Ashley.

Olivia: Oh, my God, Ashley. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Do you realize what almost happened? We almost --

Brad: But we didn’t.

Olivia: But we could have. Brad, we came this close to it.

Brad: You got to listen.

Olivia: No. What are we doing? What are we thinking? My best friend is fighting for her life. I almost made love to her husband. Oh, my God, what kind of person am I?

Ashley: Whether it's true or not doesn't matter, I shouldn't have said it.

Jack: You know what? You got to get things right with golden boy. He's been a good guy. What, are you surprised to hear me saying those words?

Ashley: Amazing.

Jack: Well, amazing or not, it's true. He's been there for you when you needed him. I think he want accept your apology and love you all the more for it.

Ashley: Thanks. I needed to hear that.

Jack: Does that mean you're feeling a little better?

Ashley: A little bit.

Jack: Good.

Ashley: Let's talk about you.

Jack: No, let's not.

Ashley: You haven't told me how you're holding up through all this.

Jack: I'm great.

Ashley: Come on. Don't brush it off.

Jack: I keep thinking this whole thing is all my fault.

Ashley: Why do you say that?

Jack: This whole mess with Phyllis and Diane. I got so caught up in the idea of having a son, somehow my love for them would keep the two of them for hating each other so much. Idealistic little family, me, Kyle, and his two mommies. I must have been hallucinating.

Ashley: I think your intentions were good. Something positive can come out of it.

Jack: I did get closer to Kyle.

Ashley: So did Phyllis.

Jack: That's about be shot to hell. Diane is talking about getting a restraining order, not just to keep Phyllis away from her but to make it impossible for Phyllis to have any time with Kyle, whether I'm with him or not.

Ashley: Even if Diane does take that step it will only be temporary.

Jack: When they find the arsonist and they will, if they don't, hell, I'll find them. And then I got to figure out some way to get back what I had. If that's even possible.

Phyllis: Oh, it is so fun to push your buttons.

Diane: I thought you said this was all an act.

Phyllis: It is. But you're so amusing, Diane. Let's see how good an actress you are. Let me see. What if I were to do this.

Diane: Oh, God.

Phyllis: Good job. Very good job. And how about if I were to do this?

Diane: Stay away from me.

Phyllis: Oh, look, props, very nice touch.

Diane: Don't make me use this.

Phyllis: I did not set that fire. You set me up, you know it. You told the police a pack of lies.

Diane: I did nothing of the kind. Get out! Leave me alone. Who is it?

Detective Weber: Detective Weber.

Phyllis: Detective Weber. Good.

Diane: Detective Weber, thank God you're here. Let's go Phyllis.

Victor: So how are things?

Nikki: Everything's fine. What do you have there?

Victor: Do you remember that wonderful instrument they were playing for us in Australia?

Nikki: Is that?

Victor: It is indeed. Open it up.

Nikki: I mean, you couldn't have got that, did you?

Victor: It's just a reproduction.

Nikki: It's beautiful. Thank you. It's perfect.

Victor: I can think of another perfect souvenir from our honeymoon.

Nikki: Oh?

Victor: Beautiful souvenir. Sweet somebody I would love to unwrap right now.

Brad: Olivia, don’t.

Olivia: I feel terrible.

Brad: Listen, I am certainly no expert, but I have to believe this is typical.

Olivia: Typical?

Brad: People in our situation, they reach out to each other.

Olivia: That's not an excuse.

Brad: No. No, it doesn’t. We're both hurting. We both needed comfort and then started to and it started to turn into something more. Maybe it would have gone further and maybe not. But it doesn't matter now, does it? It's not going to happen again.

Olivia: No. I don't know what --

Brad: Olivia, listen to me. There wasn't anything to it. It wasn't real. It was two people trying to make sense out of a very frightening situation. That's all it was. Do you hear me? That's all it was.

Phyllis: Just in time, detective.

Detective Weber: For what?

Diane: To save me from this violent woman.

Phyllis: I was trying to get --

Diane: I was trying to get Phyllis to leave. She was being very threatening to me.

Phyllis: That's a lie.

Detective Weber: Why are you here, Mrs. Abbott?

Phyllis: I wanted to talk to Diane. That's all.

Diane: But I made it perfectly clear that I didn't want to talk to you.

Phyllis: Look at this. See this? Look at her. I'm just trying to have a civil conversation, that's all

Diane: Civil?

Detective Weber: Mrs. Abbott, you probably ought to leave. I want to speak with Miss Jenkins in private.

Phyllis: Okay. But before I go, detective, someday you'll learn the truth. And when you do, I want you to remember this moment and remember how this woman pulled the rug over your eyes.

Diane: Thank God you got here when you did. I mean, I've never seen Phyllis like that. She was like some kind of crazed wild animal. Just -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, detective. What can I do for you?

Detective Weber: I just have one more question to ask you. You said you took a sleeping pill the night of the fire, correct?

Diane: Yes. Fortunately, it hadn't kicked in or I might not have made it out of the pool house in time.

Detective Weber: Do you know if you said anything about taking that sleeping pill in front of Mrs. Abbott?

Diane: You mean, did I mention it to her?

Detective Weber: Yes.

Diane: Well, let's see. I believe I did. Right. We were in the living room, and we were talking about the wedding and how Kyle was going to sleep over. And, yes, I mentioned that I desperately needed some rest.

Detective Weber: Okay. And you're sure Mrs. Abbott was there?

Diane: Definitely. She, Jack and I were talking.

Detective Weber: Thank you, Miss Jenkins.

Diane: That's all?

Detective Weber: For now, yes.

Drucilla: Hey. You know, I've been thinking about that tape Ashley gave Liv.

Wesley: Dru, why are you being so nosy?

Drucilla: I'm not being nosy, I just happen to believe there's a very important message on that tape from Ashley to her daughter if she doesn't survive.

Wesley: So?

Drucilla: More to the point about what you were talking about. Why doesn't she give the tape to Brad, why don't they keep it between the two of them?

Wesley: There could be a lot of reasons.

Drucilla: I think it's proof that Ashley and Brad have grown apart. I think it leaves a whole lot of room to speculate that there is something going down between Brad Carlton and my sister.

Wesley: I still think you're reaching, Dru.

Drucilla: I'm not saying that he's going to up and leave his wife for my sister. But I'm saying he does need someone to lean on maybe temporarily.

Wesley: As for your sister? You think it's more?

Drucilla: She is alone and Brad has a wife. God willing, she's going to get well. The two of them are going to walk off into the sunset. You do the math. Where does that leave Olivia?

Wesley: You're doing way too much speculating here.

Drucilla: What do you suggest I do? Go up to my sister and ask her what's going on.

Wesley: Yeah, why not?

Drucilla: You don't know my sister, okay. She would be defensive as hell, telling me to mind my business. That's if I'm right. If I'm wrong, I'll never hear the end of it.

Wesley: I have an idea. What if I talk to Olivia? I mean, I realize I don't know her. I haven't even met her. But that might be a plus.

Drucilla: You mean like an impartial third party kind of a thing? By someone who's an excellent listener?

Wesley: Um-hum. Something like that.

Drucilla: You think it would work?

Wesley: I'm not making any promises. But sometimes it helps to talk to a stranger. Hey, it's worth a shot, isn't it?

Drucilla: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Go for it. God knows, you'll have more luck with her than I will.

Brad: Would it help if I said I'm sorry, Liv?

Olivia: Sorry? What for?

Brad: For coming here. I thought it might not be such a good idea. And now I feel really stupid.

Olivia: I'm glad you came.

Brad: Yeah.

Olivia: You needed a friend.

Brad: You think I'm making too much out of what Ash said?

Olivia: I know how deeply her comment hurt you.

Brad: I just wish I knew where it was coming from. Was it out of anger or was there something more to it?

Olivia: Well, I can't believe that she meant any of that.

Brad: That's what I want to believe, too.

Olivia: You should go home and talk to Ashley.

Brad: You make that sound so easy.

Olivia: I know it's not going to be easy, but it's what has to be done. This situation, it's hard on both of you. But if you let communications break apart, where will you be then?

Brad: It's just that these days it's next to impossible. She shuts me out.

Olivia: Yeah, well, she doesn't mean to.

Brad: That's what I keep telling myself.

Olivia: Honey, she's frightened.

Brad: It's more than that. There's something more to it. There's something going on with her. Something big. I can see it in her eyes, Liv. I want to reach out to her. I want to help her through this, but she won't let me in. I'm her husband. I love her so much. She won't talk to me.

Olivia: She will.

Brad: When?

Olivia: When she's ready. And in the meantime, you've got to be there for her.

Brad: I just wish there were a way.

Olivia: What?

Brad: A way that I could know what's going on in her heart. It would make things so much easier. I wouldn't have to guess all the time. I would know what to do. I would know what to say. A husband is supposed to protect his wife. I want to help her deal with this pain that she's in. Instead, I just feel totally helpless.

Olivia: You two are going to get through this, Brad. I feel strongly about that. I mean, she's finished the chemo. She's going to be her old self again. A month from now, all this is going to be behind you.

Brad: If we make it that long. Listen, I don't mean to be Mr. Doom and gloom. I truly appreciate what you're trying to do.

Olivia: You got to hang in there. I know you can't see it right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep telling yourself that.

Brad: You're pretty wonderful, you know that?

Olivia: Go home. Talk to Ashley.

Jack: This whole thing is so unreal, I keep hoping I'll wake up and this thing will be a nightmare. Don't get me started on the so-called evidence the police think they have.

John Silva: Jack, do you think they have it in for your wife, that the authorities are out to get her?

Jack: No. I don't, would they?

John Silva: Exactly.

Jack: Okay. Point taken. Do you think maybe they're holding on to something, they have some piece of evidence they're keeping to themselves?

John Silva: That's possible.

Jack: I keep asking myself maybe there's something Phyllis hasn't told me but I can't accept where that takes me.

John Silva: Jack, I suggest that you just try to be patient. Phyllis is out of jail. She's going to remain out of jail while this goes to the grand jury. That's why we find out what's really going on.

Jack: What if the grand jury returns an indictment?

John Silva: Then people start laying their cards on the table.

Jack: Look, I have to ask you a question, and I need an honest answer.

John Silva: Absolutely.

Jack: Something you asked me when this whole thing started. I think I rejected it outright at the time.

John Silva: Go ahead. Ask.

Jack: You've done a lot of lawyering; you've seen a lot of trials, a lot of evidence over the years. I want your opinion. Do you think it's possible my wife actually did this, that Phyllis actually set this fire?

Nikki: The honeymoon continues.

Victor: And I love it.

Nikki: We're so lucky.

Victor: Yes, we are. We're very lucky. To have found our way back to each other. But you know why we did, don't you? I think it has more to do with my perseverance than anything.

Victor: Baby?

Nikki: Hum?

Victor: When I came in downstairs, you seemed to be thinking about something. Something bothering you?

Nikki: No, I don't want to get into it.

Victor: Come on. Why don't you talk to me about it. Don't you think we should talk about it, whatever it is? Hmm? Is there something really bothering you?

Jack: Ash, you got to get things right with golden guy. He's been a good guy. He's been there for you when you really needed him and I'm sure he would accept your apology and love you all the more for it.

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Hi.

Ashley: Were you at the office?

Brad: No. How are you feeling?

Ashley: Better.

Brad: Where's Abby?

Ashley: She went to the park with Francis. Jack came by.

Brad: Yeah? What did he have to say?

Ashley: This whole thing with Phyllis is just putting him through hell.

Brad: I bet.

Ashley: I don't think she started that fire. She's a little wacky but that's the work of a serious maniac, don't you think?

Brad: Yeah, I agree, it's pretty ridiculous. Ash --

Ashley: Brad -- you go ahead.

Brad: No, you go first.

Ashley: I owe you a huge apology.

Brad: I don't want to hear it, Ash.

Ashley: Well, I want to talk to you about --

Brad: No, please, I don't want to hear it. Not one word. I just wish there were a way.

Olivia: What?

Brad: I way that I could know what's going on in her heart. It would make things so much easier. I wouldn't have to guess all the time. I would know what to do. I would know what to say. A husband is supposed to protect his wife. I want to help her deal with this pain that she's in. Instead, I just feel totally helpless.

Olivia: Maybe there is a way. What's going on in that heart of yours, Ashley?

Ashley: Hi, sweetie. Are you happy? It's time for another one of our mother/daughter chats. This one is important, so very important. Because it's something that you're going to want to know, and I think you may need to know. Hi, sweetie. Sorry about that interruption earlier. What I wanted to say, I have something to tell you. And it's something I can't keep to myself any longer. I hope you can feel my arms around you, feel how much I love you because what I'm about to say to you is something very important, and it's something that nobody else knows, Abby. No one.

Hello. Hello.

Ashley: I've kept it a secret, but now I think the time has come for you to know, too.

John Silva: Jack, I don't know.

Jack: I know you don't know. I'm asking your opinion.

John Silva: And I'm giving it to you. I think what the police brought to this probable cause hearing was some pretty thin stuff. In fact, if we don't see some significant new evidence sometime in the next couple of days, I won't be surprised if they drop the charges.

Jack: So why the hell were the police in such a hurry to arrest her?

John Silva: Because they had probable cause. They did. And the judge agreed. Sometimes you arrest a person, suddenly they start to confess or maybe witnesses come out of the woodwork. It stirs things up. The technique they use --

Jack: Would you excuse me?

John Silva:: John Silva. Yeah. When? Yeah. Thank you.

Jack: What's wrong?

John Silva: That was my office. They just got a call from the prosecutor.

Jack: And?

John Silva: They've added a new charge.

Jack: Against Phyllis? What, for God sake?

John Silva: Attempted murder of Diane Jenkins.

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