Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/2/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/2/02


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[Knock on door]

Grace: Nicholas.

Nicholas: You going to let me in?

Grace: I don't know. Should I?

Nicholas: I wasn't sure if you'd still be around.

Grace: I tried getting a flight out tonight but everything is booked.

Nicholas: When are you going back to New York?

Grace: In the morning.

Nicholas: Must be nice to just hop on a plane and escape.

Grace: You're upset.

Nicholas: Gee, you think?

Grace: If you're here to give me a hard time--.

Nicholas: That's not why Iím here.

Grace: Well then why did you come?

Gina: Make sure the birthday boy gets a bottle of champagne on the house and a bottle of merlot to table two.

Sharon: Hi, Gina.

Gina: Hi, Sharon. How are you?

Sharon: Fine. Has Nicholas been in here? I tried everywhere I can think of. He's not at the office. He's not at the coffee house. I thought he stopped by here.

Gina: He hasn't. If he does, Iíll tell him you're looking for him.

Sharon: Thanks.

Gina: Okay. See you soon.

Diego: Now what?

Sharon: I want to talk to you.

Diego: Haven't you said enough already?

Sharon: Apparently not. What's it going to take, Diego? What's it going to take for you to do the right thing and you leave town?

Victoria: You know, Mother, no offense, but I don't have to answer your question.

Nikki: I don't mean to pry. When your father and I were gone we thought of you so often. It made me feel good you're finally moving on with your life. I almost called you to let you know how much I was thinking of you.

Victoria: That's sweet. You just got back from your honeymoon. Let's talk about you.

Nikki: Boy, you're just not going to tell me anything, are you?

Victoria: Not if I can help it.

[Phone ringing]

Jill: I'll get that.

Jill: Hi. Could I have a double espresso please to go? Excuse me? Caitlin, right?

Caitlin: Yeah.

Jill: Where's Colleen?

Caitlin: Um, she's --

Jill: You and Colleen were supposed to go that concert tonight together, correct? How come you're here and she's not? What is going on?

J.T.: What a killer concert. I can't believe fourth row centre.

Colleen: I'm glad you had a good time tonight.

J.T.: I had a great time. Thank you for asking me. You're pretty fun to hang out with.

Colleen: So are you.

J.T.: Maybe we should go.

Colleen: Hey look, right there, a shooting star.

J.T.: I don't see it.

Colleen: It's gone now. It was so bright. Too bad you missed it.

J.T.: You've seen one, you've seen them all. Shall we?

Colleen: Let's stay here, maybe we'll see another one.

Christine: You know something, Isabella; I don't know what we have to talk about.

Isabella: May I? I couldn't help but notice you and Michael earlier. You seem very relaxed with him and vice versa.

Christine: That surprises you? We're business partners.

Isabella: Let's not play games. We know there's more to your relationship than business. I think it's terrific. I'm happy for both of you.

Christine: I don't buy this routine of yours, all sweetness and light.

Isabella: I don't know what you're talking about. Christine, I came over here to make peace. We're both going through a rough transition, and I'm glad we're moving on.

Christine: You'll also be glad to know I got the message about the baptism.

Isabella: What message?

Christine: You obviously meant for me to overhear.

Isabella: I swear Christine, I didn't know you were sitting here.

Christine: I could have sworn you and Lauren were looking at us when Michael and I sat down.

Isabella: Let's not do this. Everything is fine for both of us. I don't want to create problems.

Grace: I missed you, Nick. I didn't mean to scare you.

Nicholas: I'm going to get out of here.

Grace: You want some food first? I was ordering room service. You're welcome to join me.

Nicholas: I already ate.

Grace: Take-out at the office.

Nicholas: Dinner at home.

Grace: Sharon make something special?

Nicholas: I don't want to talk about Sharon.

Grace: Look, they have turkey club. It's always one of your favorites.

Nicholas: Grace, I really --

Grace: I'll call. I'll have them send something up.

Diego: I'm tired of you constantly ordering me to leave town.

Sharon: Too bad.

Diego: I have minded my own business.

Sharon: By chasing after Victoria? When I walk into my in-lawís house and find you waiting for her. Did you leave? Did Nicholas see you?

Diego: No.

Sharon: Are you sure?

Diego: Yes, Iím sure. What's going on?

Sharon: Nothing.

Diego: What are you doing here anyway?

Sharon: I'm looking for my husband.

Diego: It's getting late. He isn't home yet?

Sharon: He was then he left. I thought he stopped by here. Now I'm glad he didnít.

Diego: What's the point of this?

Sharon: It's bad enough I'm in this mess because of you.

Diego: You're in this mess because of me? You're not the only one paying the price here. I may not be married and have kids but I had a life. Things were going well with Victoria.

Sharon: I couldn't keep quiet. I had to tell my husband.

Diego: And to hell with what happens to me, right?

Victoria: Just tell him to fax it to the office. I'll take a look at it tomorrow. All right. Thanks. Bye. I still haven't heard about the honeymoon. I want all the details.

Nikki: Well, as usual your father outdid himself. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Victoria: I'm sure that wasn't a surprise.

Nikki: No, no. He did manage to surprise me with something. My wedding gift.

Victoria: I can't imagine there's anything he could buy that would sweep you off your feet.

Nikki: That's true. He didn't buy it. Let me show you.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh. Wow. For Nikki on our wedding day, celebration of our lifetime of love. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Mom, I have never seen these photos before.

Nikki: He spent too much time on these pictures.

Victoria: Wow. He's had these pictures all this time?

Nikki: Apparently.

Victoria: Oh, Mother.

Nikki: Yeah. You were just the sweetest, prettiest baby in the whole world. My angel. Honey? What's the matter?

Victoria: Nothing. You were right. This is the best gift he ever could have given you. I mean, you guys have an amazing love story.

Nikki: It's more than that. Something's wrong. Tell me what's going on. Sweetheart, does this have to do with Diego?

Victoria: It's over, Mom. It's over.

Jill: Caitlin, I asked you a question. Where is Colleen?

Caitlin: Um, she's not here.

Jill: No, I can see that. Did she go to the concert?

Caitlin: Yeah.

Jill: And why aren't you with her?

Caitlin: I was going to go, honest. But then --

Jill: But then what?

Caitlin: Well, Colleen ran into another friend that likes the band even more than I do. Since I have a quiz tomorrow, I said he could go with her.

Jill: "He". Who is he?

Caitlin: His name is Jeffrey.

Jill: Are we talking about J.T.?

Caitlin: He's really into Thrash House.

Jill: Colleen went to a rock concert with J.T. Halstrom. When will the concert be over?

Caitlin: I don't know.

Jill: Where are they going afterwards?

Caitlin: I guess they're coming back here. Mrs. Abbott --

Jill: Thank you, Caitlin. I will let you get back to your studying.  

Colleen: Well, there's no more shooting stars.

J.T.: It's a little chilly.

Colleen: I don't mind.

J.T.: Here, take this. You're shivering.

Colleen: Then you'll be cold.

J.T.: Aren't you supposed to meet what's-her-name at the coffee house?

Colleen: She won't mind if Iím a little late.

J.T.: What about your grandfather?

Colleen: Don't worry about him, he's out of town. You're the lucky one. You don't have to ask permission.

J.T.: You just do it.

Colleen: It's like Iím committing a crime. Life will be a lot easier when Iím your age.

Isabella: Believe me, I didn't want you to find out about Rickyís baptism this way. Now that you know.

Christine: What?

Isabella: I'm not sure I should do this. I'm assuming you don't want to be there. If you would like to join us --

Christine: You're actually inviting me.

Isabella: I want you to know you're welcome.

Christine: Why would you even want me there?

Isabella: I guess I feel I owe you in some way.

Christine: For what?

Isabella: I wouldn't be with Paul if it wasn't for you. That night right after the baby was born, you told him to come back to me. And I'll always be grateful for that.

Christine: Believe me, I wasn't doing you a favor.

Isabella: I realize that. Maybe grateful isn't the right word. The point is Iím sorry if my happiness came at your expense. What you did was selfless and I won't forget it.

Christine: Well, you're good. I'll give you that. You're very, very good. You're saying the right things. It's just I know better. You may have convinced Paul, maybe even this entire town. I know what's going on.

Isabella: I don't know what you're talking about.

Christine: This wonderful life you have created. Underneath that smile I think you're terrified.

Isabella: Of what?

Christine: That one day you'll wake up and it will all be gone. This little house of cards will have tumbled right down.

Michael: Are you ready to go?

Christine: More than ready.

Caitlin: Yeah, she's not picking up.

Jill: Can you page her?

Victoria: I didn't want to get into this right away.

Nikki: What happened? Everything was so positive.

Victoria: I really, really don't want to talk about it.

Nikki: I can see. But whatever happened made you very upset.

Victoria: Yeah, I can't deny that.

Nikki: For you to be hurting so badly, obviously you care a great deal for him.

Victoria: I thought we had something special.

Nikki: You had fallen in love with him.

Victoria: That was my stupid mistake.

Nikki: Falling in love is not a stupid mistake. You of all people know how precious it is. Before you say --

Victoria: Mother, it's not that simple. This is just a mess. This is such a complicated mess.

Grace: Are you sure you don't want some of this? It's really delicious and especially for room service. You don't like it?

Nicholas: I'm just not that hungry. How did things get so screwed up, Grace? One minute I am just cruising. Life is perfect. Then --,

Grace: You find out your wife has been unfaithful.

Nicholas: I still can't believe it's happened. Nothing will make it any better. Certainly not --

Grace: What? Sleeping with me? Were you expecting this to solve everything? It's not what this is about, Nicholas. You made it perfectly clear in the office.

Nicholas: Why'd you let me in?

Grace: You said this was about striking back at Sharon.

Nicholas: It was.

Grace: Well, Nick, that's what you believed but I didn't.

Nicholas: What do I do now? Where do I go from here?

Grace: Shh, shh. Let's not talk anymore. It's not what you need. I know what you need. I'm going to give it to you.

J.T.: You shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up.

Colleen: Why, because Iím only a kid once?

J.T.: I know it sounds stupid, but yeah.

Colleen: You're still a kid too, you know. You're not serious about stuff.

J.T.: I bug people. Even I have to get serious. I have to figure out what Iím going to do with my life.

Colleen: Have you thought about what career you'd like?

J.T.: President would be sweet.

Colleen: I'd vote for you.

J.T.: That's one down. I don't know what Iím going to do. I have to put some serious thought into it.

Colleen: Sorry I brought it up.

J.T.: Chicks, always trying to change a guy.

Colleen: Why would I do that? I like you just the way you are.

J.T.: You know what? I like you too.

Jill: Excuse me. What is going on here?

Sharon: This conversation is over.

Diego: How long are we going to go on like this?

Sharon: Like what?

Diego: I blamed you for what happened and you blame me.

Sharon: Are you suggesting we call a truce?

Diego: We both have a lot at stake here. Instead of fighting, we should help each other.

Sharon: That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. I don't trust you, Diego. I learned my lesson. If you think Iím going to talk to you about my personal life, think again.

Michael: You didn't say much in the car.

Christine: Consider yourself lucky.

Michael: Thank you, Isabella.

Christine: Don't even mention her name.

Michael: I take it whatever you two were talking about wasn't very pleasant.

Christine: I shouldn't let her get to me but I can't help it. The woman brings out the worst in me.

Michael: Give it time.

Christine: I have given it time. It hasn't gotten any easier.

Michael: It will.

Christine: Okay, when?

Michael: How long were you and Paul married?

Christine: You know how long we were married.

Michael: Humor me.

Christine: Five years.

Michael: You expect five years of feelings to be turned on and off like a switch? You may not notice it but I have noticed the progress you have made in the last few months. Keep up that momentum you will continue to move forward with your life. You have a setback every now and then. So what. At least you're on the right road. You have to keep going.

Christine: Thank you.

Michael: You'll get my bill in the mail.

Christine: So what's with the bag?

Michael: In case I might need some things. It's an overnight bag.

Christine: For what?

Michael: Well, I thought I should be prepared in case I might need an extra change of clothes for whatever reason.

Christine: Michael, would you like to keep that bag here?

Michael: Would that be a problem?

Christine: No, it wouldn't be a problem. I have some space in my closet and Iím sure I can make some room in my medicine closet.

Michael: I don't want to be a nuisance. I'll go put my stuff away.

Christine: Upstairs, second door on the right.

Michael: Thank you.

Lynne: Here are the estimates you wanted.

Paul: Perfect, Lynne, that's exactly what I need.

Lynne: Your mother called and she would like you to call back.

Paul: She wants to touch base about the baptism, I guess.

Lynne: How are things coming along?

Paul: Slowly. At this rate, Ricky will be shaving on his baptism day.

Lynne: I'm sure it will work out.

Paul: I just happen to have a surprise up my sleeve.

Lynne: Oh? What?

Paul: If I told you, it wouldn't and surprise now would it?

Lynne: Paul, there's something I have been going back and forth about telling you.

Paul: It sounds serious.

Lynne: I don't know if it's my place to say anything but I would rather you hear it from me than find out some other way.

Paul: What is it?

Lynne: I talked to Chris. She and Michael are getting pretty close. In fact, I think they're seeing quite a lot of each other. How does that make you feel?

Paul: Sweetheart, hi.

Isabella: Hi. Am I interrupting?

Paul: No, not at all. How was your dinner with Lauren?

Isabella: We got a lot accomplished, plans for the christening.

Paul: Did she say something to upset you?

Isabella: No, why do you ask?

Paul: You look shaken up.

Isabella: I'm just happy to see you.

Lynne: If there's nothing else, Iím going to go home.

Paul: Good night. What did you and Lauren come up with?

Isabella: She suggested having the reception at Ginaís.

Paul: Now we have to brave my mother. After all, she thinks she's giving the reception.

Isabella: Mary is all for Ricky being baptized. More and more I get the feeling she's less enthused about the reception. I think this is the best way to handle it.

Paul: I'll give her a call tonight.

Isabella: I'll do that. I promise not to ruffle any feathers.

Paul: I'm about through here. You want to go home?

Isabella: In a minute. I wanted to ask you something.

Paul: All right. Shoot.

Isabella: When I came in, I overheard what Lynne said.

Paul: About Chris and Michael?

Isabella: It's true and they are serious, how does that make you feel?

Colleen: Jill, J.T. And I were going to --

Jill: I bet you were. You lied to me, Colleen. Did you or did you not tell me you were going to the concert with Caitlin?

Colleen: If you would let me explain --

Jill: Yes or no?

Colleen: Yes.

Jill: Why are you with him?

J.T.: We weren't doing anything wrong.

Jill: I beg to differ. You know how your grandfather feels about you spending time with this boy.

Colleen: Yes.

Jill: And you're spending time with him and behind his back.

J.T.: We went to a concert. It's no big deal.

Jill: Stay out of this.

J.T.: We're not at the boutique right now. You can't tell me what to do.

Jill: J.T.

Colleen: Um, I think you should go, J.T.

Jill: What do you have to say for yourself?

Colleen: Like you would listen.

Jill: I am listening, Colleen.

Colleen: This isn't your business. You aren't related to me.

Jill: Your grandfather and I raised a child together. Just because your grandfather is out of town doesn't mean you can disregard his rules.

Colleen: Did he tell you to spy on me?

Jill: He's going to know.

Colleen: You can't tell him. You can't do that.

Jill: Watch me.

Paul: You know, Chris getting involved with Michael really doesn't upset me.

Isabella: It doesnít.

Paul: No. For one very simple reason.

Isabella: What?

Paul: I don't believe it.

Isabella: Is what Lynne said --?

Paul: Well, whatever, it doesn't mean its true, Isabella. Even if it is, so what. Chris is free to live her life how she sees fit and I have to live with it.

Isabella: I ran into her at Ginaís.

Paul: Who, Chris?

Isabella: Mm-hmm.

Paul: How did it go?

Isabella: Wonderful. I offered an olive branch and she spit in my face.

Paul: What do you mean?

Isabella: I invited her to the baptism.

Paul: You what? Why in the world would you do something like that?

Isabella: I felt it was the right thing to do.

Paul: You have to explain that one to me.

Isabella: I do believe in fate. Because of Chris and the decisions she made, things turned out the way they did for us. We're married, we have a family. For that reason, I feel good about her.

Paul: All right, fine.

Isabella: You think it was a bad idea.

Paul: But, really. There's no way she would show up.

Michael: I unpacked my stuff. I figured Iíd leave the medicine cabinet to you. You know how women can be about their products. Christine, hello.

Christine: What?

Michael: Where were you just now?

Christine: I was thinking of something Isabella said to me at Ginaís.

Michael: Do I want to know about this?

Christine: She invited me to her baby's baptism.

Michael: That was big of her.

Christine: I think we should go. Wouldn't it be great to call her bluff? Can you imagine the look on her face when we walk into that church? It would be priceless.

Colleen: Jill, please, wait. I am begging you, do not tell my grandfather about this.

Jill: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't?

Colleen: We're fine. J.T., and I went to a great concert. We were heading straight to the coffee house.

Jill: With a boy like J.T., consider yourself lucky.

Colleen: We're friends. Granddad doesn't think I can be friends with a guy. He thinks it's about sex. Maybe that's the way when you were kids. Guys and girls can be friends without all that other stuff. They do it all the time. That's just how things are now. Weren't you ever fifteen? Didn't you ever like a guy and know it wasn't going to turn into anything? I know J.T. is too old to be my boyfriend. But he can be my friend, can't he?

Jill: Are you aware that J.T. has a reputation?

Colleen: You can't judge people by what other people say. You don't even know him. Maybe he used to be like that, but he isn't anymore, certainly not with me. Can't people change?

Jill: Yeah, yeah, people can change. That is not the point, Colleen. You should be making friends with boys your own age. You shouldn't be spending time with J.T. Halstrom. Okay. But this isn't the end of this. I will be keeping my eye on you. Now come on, I'll drive you home.

[Flashbacks during song: Vicki coming downstairs and thinking of Victoria as Diego thinks of Victoria, then Sharon looking at the empty spot in her bed, thinking of Nick, then Nick in bed with Grace Turner, with Grace asleep Nick gets up and looks out the window as Sharon does the same]

Singer: Why do we dislike each other. All the walls we build between us make it so hard to be together. How can we tear at one another when the thing we have in common Is an uncommon love. Love can fall, tears can mend, so why can't we reach across the line and touch each other. Here on two sides of the truth. We have a middle ground in common. We have an uncommon love. Time can...

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