Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/1/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/1/02


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Diego: Victoria! Victoria! Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!

Victoria: No, don't, don't. You have to go. I can't take this. You have to go.

Diego: Go? I'm not giving up. I canít.

Nikki: Sharon, what is it? Are you all right?

Sharon: I'm fine.

Nikki: No you're not. You have tears in your eyes.

Sharon: When I think of everything I have, my husband, my family--.

Nikki: I know. You can't help think how lucky you are. I know.

Sharon: Exactly.

Cassie: Nikki, you're back! We missed you so much.

Nikki: I missed you too.

Cassie: We missed you more.

Sharon: My, such enthusiasm.

Nikki: I'll give you three guesses why.

Noah: Did you bring us any presents?

Nikki: Now there's an honest man.

Colleen: Where do I pick them up? Fantastic, thank you so much! I got them, two tickets to see them tonight.

Caitlin: Where are they?

Colleen: Front row centre, can you believe?

Caitlin: I can't believe how much they cost.

Colleen: I worked all summer. This is totally worth it. J.T. and I will have the best time.

Caitlin: Yeah, if he goes.

Colleen: He'll go. He totally loves this band.

Caitlin: Remember, if he passes, I'm available.

Colleen: He'll be real available once he hears I have these tickets.

Caitlin: What's your plan?

Colleen: With J.T.?

Caitlin: No, your granddad.

Colleen: I'm not worried about him.

Caitlin: You should unless you want to be grounded for whole another year.

J.T.: Thanks for letting me buy you a cup of coffee.

Mackenzie: I don't have much time.

J.T.: I figure you guys are friends. Thought you would give him a big ole kiss.

Mackenzie: I stopped by the hospital. Speaking of kisses.

J.T.: Do you need cream or sugar?

Mackenzie: I don't want cream or sugar. I need answers.

J.T.: How long will you keep on me about this?

Mackenzie: Until you tell me what's going on between you and Billyís niece.

J.T.: Nothing. It was a peck on the cheek.

Mackenzie: Watch your step with her.

J.T.: Geez, Mac, you sound like a cop or something.

Mackenzie: I think you need one.

J.T.: I thought you were different. I haven't done anything wrong, Mac, not a damn thing!

Lauren: We should get back. I'm assuming you and Paul have booked the church and Mary is hosting the reception.

Isabella: She was supposed to.

Lauren: What happened?

Isabella: Somewhere along the way she got her nose out of joint. She seemed happy not taking over the way she was.

Lauren: Now she's dragging her heels?

Isabella: The thought has crossed my mind.

Lauren: You know our Mary.

Sharon: Noah, you're not being polite. See how Cassie is acting? She's not all over Nikki for presents.

Noah: She doesn't want to see them as much as I do.

Cassie: He may right.

Nikki: He may be right. They're right over there.

Cassie: Look at this book I got. It's all about tropical fish.

Nikki: We went by the Great Barrier Reef.

Cassie: Off the coast of Australia. Is that one of the places you went on your trip?

Nikki: It was just incredible. You should go there some time. Victor told me how much you loved diving when you went on your trip at Christmas time.

Cassie: Did you see any sharks?

Nikki: Fortunately, they stayed home that day.

Sharon: Fortunately, that's right.

Cassie: What did Nikki and Victor get you?

Noah: It's a bear.

Nikki: It's not any bear, it's a koala bear. They live in Australia.

Noah: Cool!

Sharon: What do you say?

Noah: Thank you.

Nikki: There's more in there. There's a gift for your mom. Go find it.

Nicholas: Hey, Mom. You look great. You must have had a good time.

Nikki: Victor outdid himself.

Sharon: That's saying something.

Nikki: Australia is beautiful. You should go there just the two of you alone. Very romantic.

Sharon: We'll think about it.

Cassie: Look at this, it's so cool. It's awesome.

Nicholas: Sounds like the gifts are a hit.

Nikki: Good. We had fun picking them out.

Nicholas: Where's Dad?

Nikki: Would you believe we got a call on the jet.

Nicholas: The situation in Winnipeg?

Nikki: Yeah. He promised not to be gone long.

Nicholas: What else is new?

Colleen: Will you relax? Granddad won't even know. He's out of town at a conference.

Caitlin: I swear that man has a radar when it comes to J.T.; if you go out with him again--.

Colleen: When he asks, if he asks, I'm telling him I went to the concert with you.

Caitlin: Great, when he asks me about it --

Colleen: You'll back me up. Come on, Caitlin, I would do it for you.

Caitlin: Maybe you can do this without getting busted. That leaves one tiny little problem.

Colleen: What?

Caitlin: Duh, J.T. You said he had plans tonight.

Colleen: He thinks he's going to a party.

Caitlin: A college party without you.

Colleen: He will cancel so fast. He loves this band.

Caitlin: Like he loves you.

Colleen: How could he turn down tickets to Thrash House? We are going to have such a good time!

Nikki: Your father promised not to make it a habit to leave me alone. I will take him at his word.

Nicholas: Good for you, Mom.

Sharon: It's nice to see you so happy.

Sharon: Who's this for?

Nikki: This is for your mom.

Sharon: Thank you.

Cassie: Nikki, you're staying for dinner, right?

Nicholas: No reason to stay alone your first night back.

Sharon: There's plenty of food.

Nikki: I know your cooking is fabulous.

Noah: Oh, stay. We want to hear more about Australia.

Nikki: After twenty hours on the jet, I think you're looking forward to your family evening. Be a good boy. Have a great dinner.

Nicholas: All right.

Cassie: Bye.

Sharon: Dinner's all ready. Should I put it on the table?

Noah: Yeah, Iím hungry.

Nicholas: Me too.

Cassie: I'll help you, Mom.

Sharon: Thank you, sweetie.

Nicholas: What is that smile all about?

Noah: I think it's neat.

Nicholas: What's neat?

Noah: How I don't have to help.

Nicholas: That's pretty good.

Colleen: Jill, what are you doing here?

Jill: I'm dropping off a letter from Billy. I know John would like to see it.

Colleen: That's nice, Iíll tell him.

Jill: I wish you would tell me what had you girls jumping up and down.

Colleen: Caitlin and I are going to see a concert tonight.

Jill: What concert?

Colleen: Thrash House. They're totally cool.

Caitlin: They were sold out but Colleen got tickets.

Jill: You realize this is a school night, Colleen.

Colleen: Yes, I know.

Caitlin: We'll be home right after, Mrs. Abbott.

Colleen: Maybe not right after, but after going to the coffee house.

Jill: You do have a curfew. I don't know this band. How old are their fans?

Colleen: My age and older.

Jill: This is your grandfather's edition. You make sure you call him.

Colleen: I was about to when you walked in.

Jill: You girls have a good time.

Colleen: Thank you for being so cool.

Caitlin: Are you going to call your granddad?

Colleen: I just tried him on his cell and it was busy. I guess we'll have to leave a voice mail at work.

Mackenzie: I'm not saying you crossed any lines with Colleen but I know what you're saying.

J.T.: You need glasses.

Mackenzie: If any of the Abbotts think you're even slightly interested in Colleen, you will be on an airplane.

J.T.: You sound like my mother.

Mackenzie: It's because I care about you and Colleen. Whether or not you want to admit it, something is happening between you two. It's been going on for a while now. I thought once you started college you would be into college and sports and all the people.

J.T.: I am.

Mackenzie: The times I see you're with her.

J.T.: Because you see me here like she sees me here. When I come here, yeah, I like spending time with her. It's not a crime.

Mackenzie: Well --

J.T.: Stop making it into something that's a big deal. It isn't.

Mackenzie: If the Abbotts find out, they won't feel that way.

J.T.: That's my problem, isn't it. Secondly, there's nothing happening. Damn, Mac, listen to us, yelling at each other. I'm not going to see you. I don't want our last conversation to be like this.

Mackenzie: Fine. It's your funeral.

J.T.: Send me on the right track. I'm walking the straight and narrow now.

Mackenzie: Not without a personality transplant.

J.T.: Are you into comedy now?

Mackenzie: When I need material, I'll think of you.

J.T.: What are you doing wasting your time with that stiff in Louisiana? You'll come around. That's why you love me.

Mackenzie: I do, you know.

J.T.: Stop it. You're going to make me cry.

Mackenzie: Shut up and give me a hug. I'm going to miss you.

J.T.: For about five minutes and you're going to forget all about me.

Mackenzie: You're probably right.

J.T.: Let me help you with that. Take care of yourself.

Isabella: I could have the party at our house.

Lauren: Have it here.

Isabella: At Ginaís?

Lauren: It takes the pressure off of you and you run a pass around mother-in-law. I'll talk to Gina on the way out.

Isabella: That leaves only the guest list. There's two people that aren't going to be on it.

Lauren: What should I do, wait?

Isabella: Float your boat.

Lauren: You're very nonchalant.

Isabella: Do I have steam coming out of my ears?

Lauren: I'm surprised you don't run over and ask when is the wedding date.

Isabella: I'm curious what you two talked about.

Lauren: When you left the apartment?

Isabella: He said he was concerned about my being upset.

Lauren: He felt bad.

Isabella: Bad about feeling devoted to his ex-wife?

Lauren: He's very devoted to you and your son.

Isabella: He told me to tend to my own relationship. That's what I intend to do.

Lauren: I'm amazed.

Isabella: About what?

Lauren: That you are so unthreatened by Christine Bell.

Isabella: I am, aren't I.

Lauren: You know something I don't know.

Isabella: I discovered Christine has been a busy little girl, much too busy to be thinking about Paul.

Lauren: Busy how?

Isabella: Michael, of course. They're sleeping together.

Lauren: No.

Isabella: Yeah.

Lauren: How did you find out?

Isabella: I have my sources in that office.

Lauren: Chantal?

Isabella: Please don't say anything. I'm not supposed to know and I could get in a lot of trouble. It could solve a lot of problems, don't you think?

Lauren: Or create them; if Paul finds out.

Isabella: He idolizes her. Once he finds out Miss Perfect is getting it on with Michael, that's a bucket of reality.

Katherine: That's wonderful, Mackenzie. Thank you, darling, for letting me know you got to campus safely. I love you too. Bye.

Jill: Hello.

Katherine: Jill, you're like a bad penny.

Jill: You mean I keep turning up?

Katherine: If you came to hold my hand--.

Jill: No, no, I came to put together a care package for Billy.

Katherine: What motivated this sudden maternal outpouring?

Jill: Since you asked I will tell you despite your snide tone. I brought Billyís letter to John. I ran into Colleen and her girlfriend and it got me thinking of Billy.

Katherine: It's two young teenaged girls.

Jill: It wasn't long ago Billy was that young. Look where life has taken him. Look how quickly things change, Katherine. It just me thinking I wish I did things differently. How my relationship with him would have turned out.

Katherine: The boy had two parents. You both had a hand in raising him. He turned out to be a fine, young man.

Jill: He did, didn't he.

Katherine: Yes, he did.

Jill: I wish I could be closer to him. I wish we had that bond, that special bond that families have. John has it with Colleen. It's something that money can't buy. It's based on faith and trust.

Colleen: You still here?

J.T.: This is a bear.

Colleen: So you're still at it.

J.T.: Last minute cramming. You proud of me?

Colleen: So much for that easy, breezy schedule.

J.T.: I have my priorities straight.

Colleen: I thought you had a party. Eat your heart out because Iíll be at a Thrash House concert.

J.T.: Those babies were gone the day they went on sale.

Colleen: You're not the only one with connections. Too bad you have plans. I asked Caitlin.

J.T.: I can't believe you have tickets.

Colleen: Picked them up a few minutes ago.

J.T.: Guess they're nose bleed section.

Colleen: Guess again.

J.T.: Front row centre?

Colleen: I'm sure you're going to have fun tonight too. It sounds like you're into this party.

J.T.: Yeah, but Thrash House. God, come on.

Colleen: Who's having it anyway?

J.T.: What?

Colleen: The party?

J.T.: This guy in my English class.

Colleen: Friend of yours?

J.T.: Nobody knows him.

Colleen: For all you know, it could be bust.

J.T.: Don't, kid.

Colleen: Don't call me kid or I won't invite you.

J.T.: Invite me?

[Victoria thinks back to happier times in flashbacks with Diego]

Too many thoughts in my mind, too little mercy for angels, too little justice, too little time. I wanna hear you laughing. I want forever again. Can I be strong enough without you? Can I be man enough alone? How will I find my way through another day when I lost my heart and my soul. If I could hold you here beside me, maybe the end would never come. Can I be strong enough? Can I hold on enough when you're gone? Can I be strong --

Victoria: Mom. What are you doing here?

Nikki: Surprise.

Cassie: Yum.

Sharon: You like it, sweetie?

Cassie: I don't remember you making this before. It's really good. What's in it?

Sharon: Chicken, mushrooms. Nothing complicated.

Cassie: It's good, awesome.

Sharon: I used to make it for your dad when we were first married. I guess I forgot about it.

Cassie: Well, don't forget again. That's an order.

Sharon: Yes, ma'am.

Cassie: You like it too, right, Dad?

Nicholas: Oh, yeah, it's one of my favorites.

Sharon: How's school?

Nicholas: Yeah, what's shaking in the seventh grade?

Cassie: I like it so far, especially algebra.

Sharon: You like math?

Cassie: I see you and Dad use it all the time at the coffee house.

Nicholas: Chip off the old block, huh?

Cassie: You like math, too?

Nicholas: Not trig. It still gives me creeps.

Cassie: How about algebra?

Nicholas: I can hold my own.

Cassie: You can help me with my homework.

Nicholas: It doesn't sound like you need any.

Noah: What's for dessert?

Sharon: Nothing special.

Noah: Daddy and I love dessert.

Sharon: Noah, if you could pick any dessert what would you pick?

Noah: Chocolate cake.

Sharon: I lucked out on that one because that's exactly what I made.

Nicholas: Give me five. Chocolate cake with frosting.

Michael: You don't like the veal?

Christine: It's good.

Michael: You don't usually order meat.

Christine: What can I say? I feel more carnivorous these days.

Michael: Is that a miss carnivore, meat eater, lusty wench?

Christine: Now Iím blushing, thank you very much.

Michael: We haven't talked about later. Chris?

Christine: I'm sorry, what about later?

Michael: I rented that movie you were talking about.

Christine: Which one?

Michael: With Paul Newman. The courtroom drama.

Christine: "The Verdict".

Michael: That's it. We could plot together. The judge wouldn't say that. The lawyers are idiots.

Christine: Either that or throwing things at the TV.

Michael: Should we watch it at my place or your place? We don't have to watch it at all if you're uncomfortable. I don't know if --

Christine: Michael.

Michael: I don't have to return the film for a few days.

Christine: I'm saying yes. We'll watch it.

Michael: Really?

Christine: Yeah. It'll be a diversion.

Michael: You're really finished with that veal.

Christine: I find it hard to look at that woman. Every time I see her I want to scratch her scheming, little eyes out.

Michael: Don't look at her. Look at me.

Christine: All right. I'm done. I need some chocolate right now.

Michael: Oh, yeah. Okay. 911. Chocolate, right away.

Nikki: We had the most wonderful, incredible time. But we both realized that we missed the family. I was so anxious, I had the driver come to the main house with the bags and went to Nick and Sharonís to say hi.

Victoria: You went to Nicholas' and Sharonís? How were they?

Nikki: They were fine.

Victoria: Nicholas wasn't there though, was he?

Nikki: Yeah. Does that surprise you?

Victoria: He had a lot of work at the office.

Nikki: I guess he decided to go home and see who's there.

Victoria: That's good.

Nikki: Why do you say it like that?

Victoria: No reason, mother. Don't worry about that.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Is everything all right here?

Victoria: Yeah, why?

Nikki: Your father and I were discussing something on the plane.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: A vibe he picked up before we went on the honeymoon.

Victoria: What vibe?

Nikki: He didn't want to talk about it. I'm asking you, is there something L need to know?

Victoria: I can't think of anything.

Nikki: Nothing at all comes to mind.

Victoria: What are you thinking?

Nikki: This should and wonderful time for our family. We should be together and enjoy each other. It would be a shame if something stood in the way of that, that's all.

Victoria: Donít go looking for trouble.

Nikki: Honey, Iím not.

Victoria: When's Dad coming back?

Nikki: He said it wouldn't be too long.

Victoria: What does that mean?

Nikki: I hope he can fix whatever the problem is tonight and come home tomorrow.

Victoria: Good. Is he as happy as you are?

Nikki: I hope so. I think so. I don't know. It's hard to say.

Victoria: I'm sure he is. Look at you. You're glowing. It has to be because of him. Did you think you two will really happen?

Nikki: Let's say I never gave up hope.

Victoria: If you want something bad enough and wish for it long enough, it will happen.

Nikki: Enough about me. What's going on with you?

Victoria: Nothing.

Nikki: You don't want to discuss things with your mother?

Victoria: Well, a girl has to have a few secrets, right?

Nikki: Does that mean you and Diego are still an item.

Victoria: You know, it's getting really late.

Nikki: I'm not tired. I'm wide-awake.

Victoria: You're on Australian time.

Nikki: So what if I am. Come on. Tell me, what's going on with you two? Are things headed in the right direction or are they already there?

Sharon: Kids get off to bed?

Nicholas: Cassie's reading and Noahís falling asleep.

Sharon: They were both so cute tonight, weren't they?

Nicholas: Noah's turning out to be a real character.

Sharon: He takes after his father.

Nicholas: Yeah?

Sharon: And you're so good with her, Nick. She really dotes on you, you know. They're both growing up so fast. Before you know it, it'll be Noah asking for help with his algebra. Mind if I ask what you're thinking?

Nicholas: Why are you doing all this?

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: All of it, the dinner, the talk about the kids. It's like you're using them.

Sharon: Using them? Nick, I was just hoping that --

Nicholas: Hoping for what, that I would get all sentimental and forget what happened?

Sharon: No, there's so much I want to you remember about what we have.

Nicholas: Sharon --

Sharon: Nick, please. I want you.

Nicholas: You had me. But it wasn't good enough for you. None of this was. It was never good enough for you.

Sharon: It was. Just give me one more chance, please.

[Nick walks out on Sharon, doesn't say good-bye]

J.T.: And a chick to go with it?

Colleen: That's improvement from kid. I asked you.

J.T.: Out of all the guys you could have asked, you asked me.

Colleen: I owed you for the sweat shirt. If you go, we're even.

J.T.: You won't let me off the hook.

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