Y&R Transcript Monday 9/30/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/30/02


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Nikki: Hey. How long was I sleeping?

Victor: You were sleeping for about an hour.

Nikki: Are we almost home?

Victor: We will be landing in about half an hour.

Nikki: God, I look awful.

Victor: Are you kidding? You look like a new bride should look.

Nikki: Very good answer. In case I haven't said it, it was a wonderful honeymoon.

Victor: Ready to go back to our humdrum lives?

Nikki: I will say life is many things with you, but it's never hum drum.

Victor: Is being married all you thought it would be?

Nikki: And more. For the first time I feel peace. All's right in my world.

[Phone ringing]

Nikki: Uh-oh.

Victor: Yeah. Speaking. Now? Um, all right. I'll deal with it as soon as we land, okay? Yep, thank you.

Nikki: Oh, no. Don't tell me I spoke too soon.

Victor: I'm afraid you did.

Sharon: Diego, what are you doing here?

Grace: She still doesn't trust you, does she? She's still --

Nicholas: Damn it, Grace.

Grace: What has she done to you, Nick? I can tell you're in pain. Talk to me. I want to help. Any way I can.

Victoria: Oh, my God! What the hell is going on here?!

Grace: Hello, Victoria.

Victoria: I think you better leave right now. I need to talk to my brother right now.

Grace: I'll leave when your brother says I have to leave.

Nicholas: Vicki, you should leave. I don't feel like getting a lecture from you right now.

Victoria: Too bad. You're gonna get one.

Jill: What's the matter now, Esther? Why are you so emotional? Okay. I understand.

Mackenzie: Jill, what have you done now? Why is Esther crying? Did you say something mean to her?

Jill: I believe that's your doing, my dear.

Mackenzie: My doing? What are you talking about?

Jill: Your departure. Esther is taking it rather hard.

Mackenzie: Unlike you, I'm sure.

Caitlin: Have you given up on J.T. yet?

Colleen: Why would I?

Caitlin: He's a college boy now, Colleen.

Colleen: So what. I went to that poetry reading with him last night. And then afterwards we danced. So close too. He held me in his arms.

Caitlin: Whoa, sexy.

Colleen: No, it was romantic.

Caitlin: So you danced with him. That's cool. Is that it?

Colleen: Is there anything else?

Caitlin: I don't know what you mean. Has he called you?

Colleen: Like J.T. is going to call me at home.

Caitlin: Has he asked for your cell?

Colleen: Not yet. Listen, about my granddad, has he been asking you any more of those questions?

Caitlin: No.

Colleen: If he does, you'll tell me, right? You will tell me.

Nikki: Please don't tell me that was business.

Victor: Problem in one of our offices in Winnipeg, yeah.

Nikki: Didn't you get someone else to handle it?

Victor: It will take much longer to bring someone else up to speed.

Nikki: What happened to stopping your ways.

Victor: I know, I know, I know. This is the exception, not the rule. I just have to take care of business. And before you have a chance to miss me, I'll be back.

Nikki: I already miss you.

Victor: Me too. I promise you I won't be long. I promise.

Nikki: I guess I'll let it slide this time. I'm putting you on notice. I'm going to keep you on a much shorter leash this time around.

Victor: I might enjoy that, you know. But if you tell me I said so, I will deny it.

Jill: Believe it or not, Mackenzie, I'm rather sorry to see you go off to college.

Mackenzie: You've hated me since I walked in this house.

Jill: Hate is a strong word.

Mackenzie: What would you call it?

Jill: I may have said some nasty things.

Mackenzie: So what's changed?

Jill: I was wrong about you.

Mackenzie: Because you thought I was wrong for your son.

Jill: I admit that.

Mackenzie: Now that he's in Louisiana and I'm here, you can relax.

Jill: No hard feelings.

Mackenzie: I suppose I should cut you a little slack. After all, you are Billy’s mother.

Jill: I heard from him last night.

Mackenzie: He called me too. Sounds like he's having an incredible time in Louisiana.

Jill: Yes, it does. Isn't it funny the curves life throws you?

Mackenzie: What do you mean?

Jill: I was looking forward to him going off to college. I knew I would miss him but I'd resigned myself to the fact that it's time he flew the nest. Who would have guessed he would be off building houses for the homeless with your father?

Mackenzie: He's getting good life experience. Before you know it he will be going off to college.

Jill: This is kind of late for college, isn't it?

Mackenzie: I wanted to wait, make sure Raul is okay.

Jill: He told me he's on the mend.

Mackenzie: You saw him?

Jill: I stopped by.

Mackenzie: That's nice of you.

Jill: I know how much he means to my son. He asked about Colleen and J.T.

Mackenzie: It's a school crush. It will blow over.

Katherine: Harassing my granddaughter again, Jill?

Jill: We were having a perfectly civil conversation.

Mackenzie: Jill is actually being nice to me.

Katherine: I may faint.

Jill: I will leave you alone with your grandma to say your goodbyes. You take care and enjoy the college experience.

Mackenzie: I will. Thanks, Jill.

Jill: Mackenzie, try and forgive me, my behavior at times. I finally realize how much you mean to my son.

Katherine: Has she been drinking?

Nikki: What are you smiling about?

Victor: I think you're beautiful when you're angry.

Nikki: I'm not angry. Just irritated.

Victor: Baby, if I ask your forgiveness --

Nikki: I don't know what I'll do with you.

Victor: I'll make it up to you when I come back.

Nikki: You better.

Victor: You better keep the bed warm.

Nikki: You have to promise that you will never get so busy we won't have private time together.

Victor: I will never let this happen again.

Nikki: Soon we'll be home with the family.

Victor: I miss them all very, very much. I guess if something had gone wrong, we would have heard by now, don't you?

Nikki: What could go wrong? I'm sure everything is fine. You know, before we left on the honeymoon you said you picked up a vibe after seeing Sharon and the kids.

Victor: I could never put my finger on it.

Nikki: I felt something too. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Victor: Let's hope and pray they're as happy as they seem.

Nikki: Yes. I think we should count our blessings. As far as I can see, not a cloud on the horizon.

Victoria: How do you do it, Grace?

Grace: I beg your pardon?

Victoria: Are you part vulture? Can you smell a marriage in trouble from New York City?

Grace: I hate to break it to you, Victoria, but Nicholas called me. Not the other way around.

Victoria: Is that true?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Victoria: Are you out of your mind? Maybe you're trying to hurt Sharon the same way she hurt you. This tramp almost ruined your marriage one time and she will do it again.

Nicholas: Are you finished?

Victoria: Have you heard a word I said to you?

Nicholas: Yeah, I heard. Now I want you to get out.

Victoria: Fine. Fine, I'm going. Go ahead, throw it away. Don't come crying to me when you're even more miserable than you already are.

[Clock counting down]

Sharon: If you're here for your last paycheck, we can send it to you.

Diego: I'm waiting for Victoria.

Sharon: Here? Is anybody else home?

Diego: Not that I know of.

Sharon: You let yourself in.

Diego: Miguel was on his way out. He said I could wait inside.

Sharon: I came to get something from the kitchen. I'm making diner for my family tonight.

Diego: That means things between you and Nick are getting better.

Sharon: Nick is still staying at the house. We're going to get through this.

Diego: That's good.

Sharon: He's still there because he loves me and I love him, and I'm doing everything humanly possible to get back to what we had.

Diego: I wish you well, Sharon. I mean that.

Sharon: Do you?

Diego: Of course I do.

Sharon: You keep saying you're my friend and you care. You've never shown that.

Diego: I won't do that.

Sharon: It doesn't matter anymore. If you helped me when I asked you to it would have made things much simpler.

Diego: You are asking too much, Sharon.

Sharon: Here you are hanging around, huh? Do you have any idea how hurtful that is to Nicholas and me?

Diego: I have people I care about too.

Sharon: Your being here is a terrible reminder. I want you to go. Will you please think about somebody besides yourself? As soon as you're out of sight, out of mind, the better off this family is.

Mackenzie: I think maybe Jill’s mellowing out a little.

Katherine: Getting an apology out of her is a very rare occasion.

Mackenzie: I'm pretty sure she's happy I'm leaving.

Katherine: Now she only has me and dear old Esther to kick around.

Mackenzie: You give as good as you get, Grandma.

Katherine: I can't believe how much I dreaded this.

Mackenzie: I love this luggage you bought me.

Katherine: I couldn't have my only grandchild going away with the same old knapsack.

Mackenzie: Like the way I came into town?

Katherine: My God, that just seems a lifetime ago.

Mackenzie: Luckiest day of my life finding you.

Katherine: Yeah, me too. My whole life just turned around for the better when you walked into this home. You brought me such joy.

Mackenzie: Grandma, I'm not leaving forever. I'll be home for thanksgiving.

Katherine: I will be counting the days too.

Mackenzie: I will call every chance I get.

Katherine: Concentrate on your studies. I will understand if I don't hear from you, if you're too busy.

Mackenzie: I will never be too busy.

Katherine: Are you sure you still want Robert to drive you to the airport?

Mackenzie: It's better that way. I don't want another long, sad goodbye at the airport.

Esther: Mac, I fixed you a bag of snacks. It's healthier than that junk they give you on the plane.

Mackenzie: Thank you, Esther.

Esther: You be good.

Mackenzie: I'm going to miss you.

Esther: I will miss you too something awful.

Mackenzie: You pick a big turkey for thanksgiving because I'll be hungry.

Esther: That's a promise. I'll help you with the bags, okay?

Katherine: Esther, here. Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Mackenzie: I'll be home before we know it anyway.

Katherine: Godspeed. Godspeed, my baby, Godspeed.

Mackenzie: I love you, Grandma.

Katherine: I love you too.

Caitlin: Come on, Colleen. I'm not your grandpa's spy.

Colleen: You better not be.

Caitlin: You're going to get caught sooner or later.

Colleen: I need for you to do something for me.

Caitlin: Is it legal?

Colleen: If my grandfather asks again, I want you to tell him J.T. and I never see each other.

Caitlin: You want me to lie?

Colleen: You have never told a lie? And if you see J.T. and I'm not around, tell me what he's doing.

Caitlin: I know what I'll see, J.T. If you two are so close, won't you know what he's doing?

Colleen: Not always.

Caitlin: When did you see him last?

Colleen: The poetry reading.

Caitlin: I don't know what's cooler, the poetry reading or the time he kissed you. It's like a romance novel except in the books the woman gets ravished. J.T. hasn't ravished you, has he?

Colleen: Shut up.

Caitlin: I'm teasing you. Actually I'm green with envy. J.T. is a real cutey. I worry you're expecting too much from him.

Colleen: I'm busy at high school. You don't want to help me keep in contact with him, fine. Next time you need a favor--

Caitlin: Don't have a cow. I'm in.

Colleen: Thanks, I owe you.

College Student: J.T., what's happening? Settling in the college routine?

J.T.: They make you have fun on purpose, the freedom stuff. You realize you don't want to blow it. You have to balance these books and parties.

College Student: So you don't flunk out.

J.T.: Or they kick you out of the house.

College Student: Or they cut off the money supply. Next question: Women.

J.T.: Picture this place on the best night ever.

College Student: Got your eye on anybody?

J.T.: It's a smorgasbord, man. Haven't you noticed?

College Student: Between my classes and this job, I don't have time.

J.T.: There will be this outrageous hottie, Julie Morgan.

College Student: I've seen her around campus. She's hot.

J.T.: I think she's ready for a little of J.T.'s magic. Know what I mean?

Jill: Katherine? Mackenzie's gone?

Katherine: Yes. We said our goodbyes. What are you doing back here?

Jill: I just thought that, you know, maybe you wouldn't want to be alone.

Victoria: Diego.

Diego: Victoria, these are for you.

Victoria: Are you kidding me? You think flowers and a new hair cut are going to make everything all right?

Diego: No. Maybe I could if you let me.

Victoria: You can't do anything. Everything is more messed up than it ever has been.

Diego: Has something happened?

Victoria: Besides you sleeping with my brother's wife and ruining his marriage? You created this horrible situation and it's getting worse.

Diego: It's my fault Nick and Sharon can't deal with it.

Victoria: They wouldn't have dealt with anything if you stayed away from her.

Diego: I admitted I was wrong. Haven't you done anything you wish you could take back but you can't?

Victoria: This isn't about me.

Diego: I am here for one reason.

Victoria: Which is?

Diego: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Victoria: I'm supposed to wave my magic wand and all is forgiven? You just don't get it, do you?

Diego: Get what?

Victoria: This is a lot more complicated than you bringing me flowers and saying I'm sorry.

Colleen: I can't help you with that one. I have never taken economics before.

J.T.: How you doing, kid?

Colleen: Call me that and you will have a bigger headache.

J.T.: Hey, big lady, woman person, how you doing?

Colleen: I'm good. Where the heck have you been?

J.T.: Here and there. Nose in the books mostly studying.

Colleen: That's a switch.

J.T.: Tell me about it. Sure cuts into my leisure time. I am what I am, you know? Damn, it's good to see you.

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Greetings.

Sharon: Nikki, you're back.

Nikki: Can a newlywed come in for a minute?

Sharon: Of course.

Nikki: It's so good to be here.

Sharon: You look great.

Nikki: I feel great. It was just the best trip.

Sharon: Have you been up to the main house?

Nikki: I wanted to see you first.

Sharon: Where's Victor?

Nikki: Can you believe he's in Canada? He had a business emergency.

Sharon: Sounds like Victor.

Nikki: He promised it wouldn't be happening that often. Where is everybody?

Sharon: Nick's not home from the office and the sitter should be bringing by the kids any minute.

Nikki: I brought them presents.

Sharon: They'll be thrilled.

Nikki: Tell me. Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Nicholas: That's it. That's the whole story..

Grace: So Sharon slept with someone else.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Grace: It sure doesn't sound like the Sharon I know.

Nicholas: I feel like a bigger idiot because I didn't know what was going on sooner.

Grace: You trusted her.

Nicholas: You can bet I won't be so gullible next time.

Grace: Is there going to be a next time?

Nicholas: I don't know. Right now I don't know much of anything.

Grace: I am so sorry.

Nicholas: Grace, you're not sorry, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Grace: That is not fair. If you hadn't called me --

Nicholas: I still don't know why I did that.

Grace: You were reaching out. I came to see if you needed help or comforting.

Nicholas: It was a mistake. It was a stupid thing to do.

Grace: What are you saying? Do you want me to leave?

Diego: Victoria, I don't understand why this is so complicated. I screwed up big-time. I admitted it. I apologized. What else can I do?

Victoria: There are other people involved. You're the heavy.

Diego: Nick and Sharon.

Victoria: I mean my father, my mother, Noah and Cassie. Can you imagine how upset they will be you're the reason their family is falling apart?

Diego: It's what others think that matters to you.

Victoria: You're twisting my words around.

Diego: Am I?

Victoria: What makes you think I can get over this so easily? What makes you think that I don't have the same opinion of you than everybody else?

Diego: If it weren't for your --

Victoria: I would be rushing back into your arms? Don't flatter yourself.

Colleen: Is there anything going on tonight?

J.T.: Just stuff at school.

Colleen: Anything I would be interested in?

J.T.: I doubt it.

Kathy: Hey, J.T.

J.T.: Hey, Kathy, how are you?

Kathy: You read Chapter 6 of economics?

J.T.: No.

Kathy: Are you going to introduce me to your friend? You go to GCU?

J.T.: No. She goes to another school.

Kathy: Cool. See ya.

Colleen: Another school, huh? You're not ashamed, are you? Tell me about this stuff going on tonight.

J.T.: It's no big deal.

Colleen: Let me be the judge of that.

J.T.: I'm going to a party.

Colleen: Take me.

J.T.: That won't fly.

Colleen: Because I'm not a college girl?

J.T.: It's a different world. You will be uncomfortable.

Colleen: I promise I won't embarrass you.

J.T.: Don't push it, okay? I have to study.

Jill: I bet I'm right, about your state of mind.

Katherine: How do you expect me to feel, Jill?

Jill: Exactly how you're feeling. It wasn't a criticism.  

Katherine: God, I'm going to miss that child so much.

Jill: All of a sudden it's the two of us roaming around in this big old house.

Katherine: No young people pushing us telling us to get along.

Jill: It was so different then. When they were both close at hand. God, it was almost like --

Katherine: Like what? Go ahead and say it. Like family? Is that what you're saying?

Jill: It's such an inane conversation.

Katherine: It isn't at all. I swear to God, Jill, if you let yourself, you can almost pass yourself off as a human being.

Jill: Careful, Katherine. I have a reputation to protect. They'll be back before very long. They'll be home again.

Sharon: So, tell me about your trip.

Nikki: What can I say? It was wonderful. We loved Australia.

Sharon: So you said on the phone. Are you glad to be back?

Nikki: I missed you all so much. It's true what they say, there's no place but home. Now I see my family, it makes it all the more precious. Just think we could have another tiny Newman running around here soon. What is coming from that kitchen? It smells heavenly.

Sharon: I'm making something special for dinner.

Nikki: I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone.

Sharon: I'm just waiting for the troops to come home.

Nikki: I can stay a while longer. What's the occasion this special dinner?

Sharon: No occasion. I thought it would be nice, that's all.

Nikki: I hope Nicholas appreciates you. There aren't a lot of men that are lucky enough to have a loving wife. You can tell him I said so.

Grace: If you don’t want me here, just say so. Don't do me any favors.

Nicholas: I don't get why you want to be here.

Grace: I meant what I told Victoria. I care for you. I always have.

Nicholas: Well, you shouldn’t. I'm a mess right now. I don't know what I should do. I don't even know what I want to do.

Grace: This thing with Sharon really threw you for a loop.

Nicholas: You have no idea. Which is why if you're smart, you will go back to New York. Otherwise you might get hurt.

Caitlin: What took you so long?

Colleen: J.T.'s inside. We were just talking.

Caitlin: How'd it go?

Colleen: Good I guess. He's going to a party tonight.

Caitlin: Without you.

Colleen: I am not taking no for an answer. I'm going to find something that interests him more than missy. But what?

Caitlin: Beats me.

Colleen: I love this song.

Caitlin: Me too.

Colleen: So does J.T.

Caitlin: Oh, my God. I completely forgot I heard it on the radio this morning.

Colleen: What?

Caitlin: The band. They're playing in Genoa City tonight.

Colleen: They have been sold out for weeks.

Caitlin: We can find a way to get tickets. Come on, come on, come on.

Mackenzie: Hey, J.T. I saw you with Colleen earlier.

J.T.: Yeah, so?

Mackenzie: I want to know what the hell you're thinking.

Grace: What do you mean I could get hurt?

Nicholas: Vicki is right. This is all about me striking out at Sharon. That's all it would be, nothing more. I want to make sure you understand that.

Grace: Well, when you put it that way, how can I not?

Nicholas: If you want to leave, that's fine. If you stay, don't say I didn't warn you.

Sharon: Can I get you a soda or something?

Nikki: Oh, no thank you. I was thinking on the way home what an unusual year it's been for us.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Nikki: Everything we have been through. Who ever would have thought I would have remarried Victor? I had my hopes. You and Nicholas, all the problems you were having. Now your future couldn't be brighter. You have two beautiful kids and hopefully another one on the way. Even Victoria has finally perked up.

Sharon: Diego you mean.

Nikki: It's great to see her happy again. I think the entire Newman family is in terrific shape. When I think of how things were earlier in the year compared to now, it really is a miracle.

Diego: Victoria, I know how much your family means to you.

Victoria: No, you don't or you wouldn't be here.

Diego: I am not asking you to turn your back on your family.

Victoria: You are asking me to choose you over them.

Diego: This is about us.

Victoria: There is no us. There never should have been any us. Don't you get it?! Just get out! Take your damn flowers and get out of here! Get out! I want you out!

Diego: Victoria, please. Let me in. Victoria, unlock the door! Come back here! Victoria, don't leave me like this! Victoria! I'm not quitting! Come back! Victoria! Please, Victoria! Victoria! Victoria! Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!

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