Y&R Transcript Friday 9/27/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/27/02


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Paul: Yeah, come on in, Lynne.

Diane: She wasn't at her desk. I hope you don't mind.

Paul: What the hell are you doing here, Diane?

Diane: Christine suggested that I see you. I need your help.

Paul: Well, you know what? You have come to the wrong place.

Diane: Please, Paul, I am desperate. I have nowhere else to turn. I'm in trouble.

Paul: What's the matter, you sleep with another woman's fiancť again?

Diane: My life could be at stake. Won't you at least listen? You know the fire at the Abbottsí? The pool house burned while I was in it.

Paul: You seem fine to me.

Diane: According to police Iím lucky to be alive.

Paul: What does this have to do with me?

Diane: Somebody tried to kill me, Paul. I'm terrified that the person won't give up. The suspect is the one person who despises me more than anyone else in the world.

Jack: I cannot believe we are here, John. But we are, so what comes next? They bring my wife in in leg irons?

John Silva: Let's not make it worse than it is.

Jack: Can it get worse than it is?

John Silva: The D.A. will ask the judge for permission to file a complaint.

Jack: When do I get to explain?

John Silva: It's imperative you sit here and not get involved.

Jack: You'll attack any evidence they bring in.

John Silva: I won't attack anyone or anything.

Jack: I want my wife out of here and in our home today. Can you promise me that?

Nicholas: What you doing, kiddo?

Cassie: Looking at the mail.

Nicholas: Bills?

Cassie: Don't worry, Dad, I'll take care of them.

Nicholas: Thanks. Where's your brother?

Cassie: Mom walked him up to the main house. Miguel is driving him to kindergarten.

Nicholas: Who's the postcard from?

Cassie: Victor and Nikki. They're having a great time in Australia.

Nicholas: Were having a great time. They're on their way back.

Cassie: Can we throw them a big party like we did when you and Mom came back from the Caribbean?

Nicholas: Sure.

Cassie: Maybe we can get Diego to get balloons. You and Mom are back together. Victor and Nikki are back together. Everything is perfect.

Nicholas: Okay, Iím going to work. Never forget how much I love you.

Cassie: Okay.

Nicholas: See you later.

Neil: Got a minute for a former colleague?

Victoria: Neil! Oh, my gosh, look at you!

Neil: You know, Vicki, I don't know, I probably -- I shouldn't even be here.

Victoria: Of course not, I should.

Neil: I was getting all these stares and people looking at me.

Victoria: You're just imagining things. Everyone is as happy to see you as I am. How you doing?

Neil: I'm doing a lot better, thanks.

Victoria: You look great.

Neil: I'm feeling a lot better too. All I know is I have a long way to go.

Victoria: Well, one day at a time.

Neil: So they tell me.

Victoria: You're obviously out of rehab.

Neil: I got released last night.

Victoria: Congratulations.

Neil: It's weird being here. I woke up this morning, I didn't know what to do with myself. It hit me I don't have a job. Coming here, working my tail off was my identity for all those years until I drank it all away.

Victoria: Those days are over.

Neil: Time to pick up the pieces.

Victoria: You know, I think we all need a fresh start now and then.

Diego: Dr. Walker asked me to stop by, draw my blood. Where did I put that pocket knife?

Raul: Very funny. You brought my laptop?

Diego: I thought you were going out of your mind.

Raul: The chat room is full of 18-year-old diabetics who are almost paralyzed.

Diego: You had a couple of hard knocks the last couple years. Anything new?

Raul: I finally started my physical therapy. I can't wait to get out of this bed.

Diego: Mom and I talked to your college and told them what happened. They sent forms and you'll be ready for spring.

Raul: I appreciate. That how are things with you and your princess? Any change?

Court Clerk: All rise. The honorable Brenda warren presiding.

Judge Warren: You may be seated. What do we have? All right. Thank you very much. Mr. Richards.

Mr. Richards: Your Honor, we move for leave to file this complaint for preliminary examination.

Judge Warren: Where's the defendant?

Mr. Richards:  In custody. She'll be here momentarily.

Judge Warren: What are the charges?

John Silva: We don't feel there was probable cause for the arrest.

Mr. Richards: Directive Weber has been handling this case. He has been handling this in a thorough and professional manner.

Judge Warren: You may proceed, Mr. Richards.

Mr. Richards: Your Honor, Mrs. Abbott made an unauthorized attempt to leave the police station when she was being booked earlier. I asked the bailiff be positioned at the door.

Judge Warren: Very well.

Mr. Richards: Thank you, Your Honor.

Judge Warren: All right, Mr. Richards, let's hear your evidence.

Phyllis: There isn't any justice.

Cassie: Mom, are you okay?

Sharon: Yeah, sweetie, why would you ask?

Cassie: Dad just left. You guys didn't say goodbye.

Sharon: Oh, well, you two were sharing such a special moment, I didn't want to interrupt.

[Doorbell sounding]

Cassie: That must be him now to kiss me goodbye.

Delivery man: Mrs. Newman?

Sharon: Yes.

Delivery man: We're contemporary furniture, here to drop off your sleeper sofa.

Sharon: You weren't supposed to be here until this afternoon.

Delivery man: We had a schedule change. We're going to run to the truck, grab your sofa. We'll be out of here

Cassie: You and Dad ordered another couch?

Sharon: We're redecorating the bedroom. We wanted a place to read. Shouldn't you be getting ready for school? Your bus is going to be here any moment.

Cassie: Yeah, okay.

Diego: That was real nice, little brother. You had to do that.

Raul: You have been giving me grief about Brittany for months.

Diego: Now I have my own princess. At least I did.

Raul: You haven't been able to get through to the lady?

Diego: Victoria hasn't returned my phone calls.

Raul: It's time for a more direct approach. You know where she works.

Diego: You think I should demand her to speak with me?

Raul: You might as well kiss the lady goodbye if you don't do something.

Neil: Look, Vicki, I realize I screwed up and I am in no position to ask for my old job back, not yet.

Victoria: My dad's on his honeymoon anyway.

Neil: God for him. A professional call isn't exactly yours to make. I want you to know I will do everything I can to prove to you and your dad Iím on the straight and narrow now.

Victoria: You know we want you to get better.

Neil: Victor offered his help and I walked out. I have so many regrets.

Victoria: As soon as I get a chance, I will talk to my father and I know we will work something out. I would love to have you back.

Neil: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Victoria: It's good seeing you like this.

Neil: Back to my old, sober self?

Victoria: Yeah. This is exactly what I needed. I needed some good news today.

Neil: Something going on?

Victoria: You have enough on your plate. You don't need to know my problems.

Neil: We go back a long ways. Is something going on?

Victoria: Do you wonder if it's all worth it?

Neil: What's that?

Victoria: Falling in love. All it's ever brought me is pain We get way more than we need.

Paul: So Phyllis is the prime suspect. Let the police do their job.

Diane: What if they're not able to. With the Abbotts' power and influence, they can pull a few strings.

Paul: I doubt that

Diane: Somebody tried to kill me. I have to be absolutely certain. You have a little boy. What if somebody set fire to your apartment. Wouldn't you do everything in your power to protect him? You know what? Even coming over here today I was paranoid.

Paul: Why?

Diane: What if Jack or John happened to drive by and saw me enter your building. You can understand why I wouldn't want them to know why I was reaching out to you for help. They would think I didn't trust the police and I was blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

Paul: Are you?

Diane: I woke up choking, with flames all around me. No, I'm not. I'm not blowing this out of proportion. I'm terrified, Paul, for my son and myself. Are you going to help me or not?

Mr. Richards: The result of the investigation determined this fire was intentionally started.

John: We are not disputing the findings of the police investigators in this case. We want to be shown the evidence that justifies the holding of this woman in custody.

Judge Warren: Mr. Richards.

Mr. Richards: There is no question about motivation, Your Honor. The relationship between this woman and the victim has been openly hostile.

John: It's a big leap from open hostility with arson with attempt to kill.

Mr. Richards: It was appropriate for Your Honor to consider. It will be appropriate for a jury to consider.

Judge Warren: Let's move on. I assume there is more substantitive evidence you have to offer?

Mr. Richards: Indeed there is, Your Honor. Shortly after the fire, investigators found a pair of garden gloves and a can of paint hidden not far from the prime seen. These were the same brand, style and size as the arrestee, Mrs. Abbott, has been unable to produce her pair. She claims they were missing from her usual place.

Phyllis: I hate Diane Jenkins --

Court Clerk: Mrs. Abbott!

John Silva: Your Honor, hundreds of pairs have been sold in this area.

Mr. Richards: We ask she produce just her pair.

John Silva: Were any finger prints found on this can of paint thinner?

Mr. Richards: I assume that's why the gloves were used.

John Silva: There are a lot of assumptions being assumed.

Mr. Richards: That's the purpose of this hearing. Mrs. Abbott excused herself from a wedding reception. She was seen appearing unexpectedly at the Abbott home a time just a few minutes before this fire was started. This is a time when it was easy to assume that no one but the occupant of the structure in question would be present. Your Honor, this speaks loudly and clearly to the question of opportunity.

Jack: Your Honor. Anyone could do it. Why are we dragging my wife to jail instead of looking for the person that actually did this?

Judge Warren: Mr. Abbott, sit down! Sit down now!

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Who is it?

Christine: It's Chris.

Sharon: Christine, this is a surprise.

Christine: May I come in?

Sharon: As long as you're not going to lay into me again.

Christine: That's not why Iím here. We alone?

Sharon: Yes. Nick's at the office. Kids are at school.

Christine: Sharon, you can guess why Iíve come by.

Sharon: You want to apologize for the way you treated me?

Christine: I was having a really bad day and I took my frustration out on you.

Sharon: Now Iím paying the consequences.

Christine: Your words. I don't want to argue.

Sharon: Neither do I. I've had enough of that lately.

Christine: I gather things aren't any better with Nick.

Sharon: Nope. They're not any worse either. I take that as a positive sign.

Grace: Whoa, looks like someone is having a rough morning.

Nicholas: Grace, what the hell are you doing here?

Judge Warren: I really must ask you, Mr. Abbott, and your wife not to make any further comments unless asked to do so. Otherwise, I'll have you removed from this courtroom. Now sit down. Mr. Richards, is there more?

Mr. Richards: Your Honor, I will allow that the evidence presented up to this point is not in itself probable cause. However pursuant to a search warrant, officers examined the trunk of the car that Mrs. Abbott drove from the wedding reception to the Abbott home the night of the fire. Significant traces of paint thinner were found there which were subsequently identified as the same paint thinner used to start the fire and the paint thinner found in the cab.

John Silva: Again paint thinner that can be bought with anyone that has five dollars to spend.

Mr. Richards: It costs more than most and it cannot be bought everywhere. Now Your Honor, Mr. Abbott assured the investigating officer that at no time was this car used to his knowledge to transport materials of this nature. Our analysis shows that it has and quite recently, Your Honor. So it is logical to presume that this paint thinner was transported by Mrs. Abbott on the night of the fire.

Judge Warren: Do you have anything more, Mr. Richards?

Mr. Richards: This is an ongoing investigation, Your Honor.

John Silva: Your Honor, what we've seen so far are mere shreds of evidence to connect them into a picture that points at my client is an exercise in speculation.

Judge Warren: Counselor, frankly, there isn't enough evidence to determine that there was probable cause that your client in fact set this fire. However we're here for a preliminary hearing to determine the validity of the arrest. And for that purpose, I am finding there was enough evidence to sustain her arrest and for her to face a preliminary hearing. Therefore, I am ruling that there was sufficient evidence for her to be arrested in this matter.

John Silva: How much bond do you want to set?

Judge Warren: I can assume your client doesn't have a prior record?

John Silva: Absolutely none, Your Honor.

Mr. Richards: Please excuse the interruption. Before we proceed on how much bail to set, I submit that Mrs. Abbott is a danger to this community and certainly to her intended victim.

Jack: A danger to the community? We have gone too far. This is over the line, Your Honor.

Judge Warren: Sit down now!

Paul: Look, Diane, I'm not saying you don't have reason to be concerned.

Diane: But you're not interested in helping my son and me.

Paul: You and I have a very long and complicated history, none of it pleasant.

Diane: I thought you were a professional, capable of putting aside your personal feelings. That's what Christine said. Paul, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have any where else to go. This is my life we're talking about, mine and my son's. We need someone in our corner. Can't you just find it in your heart to put aside your personal feelings for me and do this for my little boy? Please, Paul, I am begging you. Please take the case. Please say you'll protect Kyle and me.

Paul: All right. I will see what I can find out. I will assign one of my men to protect you and your son.

Diane: Thank you. Thank you so much. I'd like to pay you a retainer to make it official.

Paul: Suit yourself. In the mean time Iím going to call one of my contacts at the police department and see what I can find out. Hey, Don, Paul Williams, hi. Fine, thanks. How are you? Hey, listen, I need a favor. Can you tell me what the latest is on the Abbott investigation? Oh, really? Already? No, no, that's fine. That's all I need to know. Thank you. Hey, I owe you one, okay? Bye-bye. You can tear up the check, Diane.

Diane: Why? What happened?

Paul: The police have a suspect in custody.

Diane: Who?

Paul: Phyllis.

Diane: Oh, my God. She's been arrested? Then it's true. She did it. She set that fire. She actually tried to kill me.

Christine: Sharon, you sound hopeful.

Sharon: You don't think I have reason to be?

Christine: I have no idea what's going on.

Sharon: Okay. Nick hasn't welcomed me back with open arms if that's what you're wondering. Things have been really tense, especially when the kids aren't around.

Christine: They still don't know.

Sharon: God, no. We are doing our best to make everything look fine. Nick was so furious, I thought he was going to walk out the door and leave me.

Christine: He didn't. That's encouraging.

Sharon: That's my lifeline knowing we're under the same roof.

Christine: Are you two --?

Sharon: What, sharing the same bed? No. He's on the sofa. He gets up and leaves before the kids wake up. They have no idea.

Christine: That might work for a little while, but eventually.

Sharon: I know. I ordered a sofa sleeper this morning.

Christine: So he can move back into the bedroom.

Sharon: But he can't touch me. Every time I look in Nick's eyes I see the pain.

Christine: You thought he had been with Grace.

Sharon: That woman brought nothing but misery in our lives. Even this last time she didn't do anything and look what happened.

Christine: I think Grace Turner is the least of your problems right now.

Sharon: I know. I know. I have made a terrible mistake. Nobody knows that better than I do. But I never stopped loving my husband, Chris, never.

Christine: I believe you.

Sharon: I only pray that Nick will before it's too late.

Grace: Don't look so surprised, Nick. You know why Iím here. You called me.

Nicholas: I told you then I don't know why I did that.

Grace: You were stressed. I needed a friend.

Nicholas: Grace, you are not my friend.

Grace: Well, then, why did you reach out to me?

Nicholas: A two-minute phone conversation makes you show up in my office? What's up with that?

Grace: You didn't say it that night but you were obviously upset.

Nicholas: I must have been for me to contact you.

Grace: You still see me as an evil temptress?

Nicholas: I wonder why.

Grace: It takes two.

Grace: Aren't you going to ask me about my life?

Nicholas: I'm not interested in your life.

Grace: Are you and Sharon having problems?

Nicholas: My marriage is none of your business.

Grace: If you want to go on how happy you two are, what a fulfilling relationship you two have, Iím all ears. Come on, Nick, it's me. We were close at one time, remember? I can tell something's troubling you.

Nicholas: You being in my office troubles me.

Grace: Come on. You were in a bad mood the moment I got here. Crisis at Newman Enterprises? I get the impression it's something more personal. Nothing's wrong with Cassie or Noah.

Nicholas: No. They're fine.

Grace: By process of elimination.

Nicholas: Grace, don't do this, not now.

Grace: I'm only trying to help. Despite everything that has happened, I still care about you.

Nicholas: You want to help? Then leave.

Grace: I'm not going anywhere. I'm taking a little time off, checking into the Genoa City hotel. I love Wisconsin this time of year. Besides, it will give us a chance to catch up. We never really had an opportunity last time.

Nicholas: Catch up? Don't you get it? Grace, you're a part of the problem. You're always part of the problem.

Announcer: Custodial staff, please report to the cafeteria. Custodial staff, please report to the cafeteria.

Diego: Everything cool?

Raul: Yeah, yeah. It's fine. So bro, have you given any more thought to my idea?

Diego: You're right about one thing. If I don't get to Victoria soon, I may never see her again.

Raul: I guess the real question is how do you make her listen.

Diego: By opening up, telling her how I feel.

Raul: Can you do that?

Diego: I don't have a choice. Victoria and I weren't together for very long. While we were, it was amazing.

Raul: You better hope she feels the same way.

Diego: Have you ever had a perfect moment where everything seems to fit? That's what was like with Victoria.

Raul: Then you don't want to let her go.

Diego: I can't. I want Victoria to realize how much she means to me.

Raul: It sounds to me you know exactly what you need to do.

Diego: I'm going to the ranch right now and Iím not leaving until Victoria listens to me.

Raul: Good luck.

Diego: Thanks, Raul.

Raul: Hey, what are brothers for?

Neil: You been seeing someone?

Victoria: If you can even call it that.

Neil: Is it serious?

Victoria: We really weren't together that long.

Neil: That wasn't my question.

Victoria: You know, Iím probably being ridiculous. There are lots of guys out there.

Neil: Sounds like he might have been special?

Victoria: I thought he might have been special.

Neil: What happened?

Victoria: For the first time since Ryan, I actually felt something. At first I thought I was an opportunistic jerk.

Neil: Now?

Victoria: Now I should feel the same way.

Neil: But you donít.

Victoria: I don't know what to feel.

Neil: He must have done something pretty heavy.

Victoria: Yeah, he did.

Neil: Did he cheat on you? Oh, Vic, Iím sorry.

Victoria: Not half as sorry as I am.

Neil: So is it over?

Victoria: Is there something wrong with me? Is that why this happens?

 Neil: No, no, God no. Vicki, you are a beautiful, talented, successful lady.

Victoria: Who always winds up alone.

Neil: If you want to talk any time day or night, give me a call.

Victoria: I'm going to go home. I'm not getting any work done. Thank you so much.

John: This is not helping your wife. Now take a seat.

John Silva: Your Honor, despite Mr. Abbott's regrettable intemperance, I couldn't agree with him more. On what basis is Mr. Richards making this claim?

Judge Warren: I'd like to know that myself. Counselor?

Mr. Richards: There is a history of violent attacks against Miss Jenkins.

Judge Warren: How violent?

Mr. Richards: Other than a forceful blow to Ms. Jenkinsí head I can think of only one occasion. Mrs. Abbott drove a car over Ms. Jenkins breaking her leg.

Jack: That was an accident.

Judge Warren: And the fire was the work of a mysterious stranger. Apparently Mrs. Abbott stopped and continued to run over Ms. Jenkins.

Jack: Phyllis didn't know Diane was there.

Mr. Richards: Or maybe she did.

Judge Warren: Can you provide evidence that this defendant intentionally ran over Ms. Jenkins.

Mr. Richards: Detective Weber is working on that.

Judge Warren: I expect that first thing in the morning 9 a.m.

John Silva: This is not a basis for keeping Mrs. Abbott in custody.

Grace: Look, Nick, obviously something serious is going on.

Nicholas: Forget I said anything.

Grace: You tell me Iím always part of the problem and you want me to forget it? What happened between us was years ago. And unless my last visit upset Sharon somehow. She accuse you of having another hot and heavy affair with me?

Nicholas: I don't want to talk about this.

Grace: Oh, my God, she did.

Nicholas: You know how she feels about you.

Grace: Naturally she accuses me of trying to break up your marriage. Talk about paranoid. Did she kick you out?

Nicholas: No.

Grace: She still doesn't trust you, does she? She's probably tormenting herself with X-rated images of you and I getting it on. Sharon always passing judgment.

Nicholas: Damn it, Grace --

Grace: What has she done to you, Nick? I can tell you're in pain. Talk to me. I want to help. Any way I can.

Judge Warren: Counselor, the issue has been raised and I have a responsibility to hear it. If, indeed, there is a risk in releasing Mrs. Abbott --

Jack: This is ridiculous.

John Silva: Jack, that is enough! Your Honor, the prosecutor is over-reaching. This is bordering on punitive.

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