Y&R Transcript Friday 9/20/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/20/02


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Jack: Detective Weber, come on in.

Detective Weber: Mrs. Abbott.

Jack: I assume you're here to give us an update?

Detective Weber: Well, we're following up on the paint thinner. The can was clean. No fingerprints. However, we did match the contents to the residue found on the ground inside the pool house.

Jack: There was enough left in the can for you to be able to do that?

Detective Weber: Our lab's state of the art, sir. We checked in with the manufacturer, got lot numbers, which tells us where the stuff was distributed. I talked to your painter, it's not the brand that he uses. So now what we're doing, we're starting to canvas stores in the area that received shipments prior to the blaze.

Jack: And that way you can figure out who bought it?

Detective Weber: Yes, sir, that is our hope.

Jack: Have you contacted the Jabot human resources department? You were gonna put together a list of people who have been fired in the last couple of years.

Detective Weber: We've conducted our interviews. No red flags. No one with a record or a grudge against your family.

Phyllis: So you're going to keep on that angle aren't you? Somebody with a motive to destroy our property?

Detective Weber: That's the reason I came by. I need more information.

Jack: Well, good. I'm ready to help in any way I can.

Detective Weber: Well, actually, I have some questions for Mrs. Abbott.

Frederick: And? No, that's great. Mike, I can't thank you enough. I appreciate it. Problem, dear?

Anita: How much longer are we going to be here?

Frederick: I don't know. Brittany said to meet her here. Are you at all interested in what I just learned from the hospital?

Anita: You mean, you actually pried something out of them?

Frederick: Yeah. The Gutierrez kid -- he's getting better. He's moving his toes.

Anita: Thank God. So then he's not paralyzed?

Frederick: Well, the doctors won't confirm that yet. But, yeah, I think all in all, the news sounds pretty good.

Anita: Such a relief. Then we don't have to worry anymore.

Frederick: Yeah, maybe -- maybe not. You know, this doesn't mean we're home free, Anita.

Jill: You'd like a visitor?

Raul: Hey, Mrs. Abbott. Sure I do.

Jill: Oh, sweetie, look at your face. I brought you some magazines since I figured you'd be going out of your mind with boredom.

Raul: Yeah, you got that right. Thank you. That was great of you for bringing those.

Jill: So, I imagine my son's been calling you.

Raul: Yeah, he doesn't know. Look, Billyís 1,000 miles away. There's nothing he could do. Mac and I both agreed, why get him all freaked out?

Jill: Surely now that you're better, you can let him know.

Raul: Yeah, yeah, I probably will. Except --

Jill: Except what?

Raul: I just don't need to hear again what a huge mistake I made hooking up with Brittany Hodges.

Colleen: You really did it. You got an "A".

J.T.: Hey, we got the "A". I couldn't have done it without you.

Colleen: Come on, J.T. I didn't take the test. You were obviously listening while we were studying.

J.T.: Yeah, I guess I was. You're easy to listen to.

Colleen: Yeah?

J.T.: You make the stuff make sense.

Colleen: Because I was so mean, made you take all those notes.

J.T.: You wanna know the truth? I never looked at 'em.

Colleen: Well, then how did you --?

J.T.: During the test, it was like you were sitting on my shoulder, whispering the answers. It was weird.

Colleen: Well, I didn't know exactly when you'd be taking it, since I haven't heard from you for a while. I was hoping you did well, and I'm glad you did.

J.T.: Yeah, wouldn't look too good if your prize student would have been a total wipeout. So, what about this sweatshirt? Are you gonna try it on for me?

Ashley: As if the fire wasn't enough to be concerned about.

John: You think Iím overreacting?

Ashley: Well, Daddy, Colleen isn't the first teenage girl to have a crush on an older boy.

John: An older boy with a reputation.

Ashley: So you say that J.T. and Colleen are just friends at this point?

John: "At this point's" what Iím worried about.

Ashley: You think he might try something?

John: I don't know. But you'd better believe I will talk to Colleen and see how far this relationship has gone.

Ashley: If you're asking for my advice, I think you should go easy on her. She's gonna be a sophomore in high school this fall, and J.T. is starting out at GCU. And if he's the babe magnet everyone says he is --

John: So you think whatever's going on, they would drift apart.

Ashley: It's inevitable. He's gonna be a college kid. I doubt they're gonna cross paths much anymore.

John: Well, I know the feeling. Lately, it feels like my granddaughter's trying to avoid crossing paths with me.

Phyllis: You want to ask me some questions? All right, fire away, Detective.

Detective Weber: We looked into the call you received during the wedding reception.

Phyllis: Yeah, on my cell phone. What about it?

Detective Weber: Apparently, the call came from a pay phone, not Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis: You're kidding me?

Detective Weber: You said someone called you and told you about an emergency with the website?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. The website crashed. And when I got to my -- you know, this is making sense now.

Jack: What is?

Phyllis: Well, I didn't tell you this. But I got to the office and everything was fine. The website was up and running. And now you're telling me that the call came from the outside. So, I mean, I have to think it's a prank.

Detective Weber: A prank?

Phyllis: Well, yeah. What else could it be? Listen, Detective, I work with computer geeks. I mean, they're really odd guys.

Detective Weber: I see. So, you didn't know who you were talking to?

Phyllis: No. When you run a website 24/7 for a company like Newman Enterprises, I mean, you really don't have time to ask any questions. So, no, I didn't ask who it was who was calling me. I knew if they could have fixed the server, they would have, they wouldn't have called me. So I just hung up and I got over there.

Detective Weber: But then the problem didn't exist?

Phyllis: No, obviously not.

Detective Weber: And you never tried to find out who called you?

Phyllis: No, there was a lot going on that evening. But I guess I should now.

Jack: If this call had been made from a pay phone, it would be harder to trace who the call came from, right?

Detective Weber: Yes, sir. Definitely. So you stated that you came home to change clothes and then you went back to the reception.

Phyllis: Right. I sat on some lipstick in my car. You know, I already showed the dress and the car seat to your crime scene guy.

Detective Weber: Could you tell me what time it was when you were here changing?

Phyllis: I have no idea. I didn't look at my watch.

Detective Weber: So, we know what time you received the call. You then drove to Newmanís. And you were there how long?

Phyllis: I don't know. Long enough to make sure that everything was okay. About five or ten minutes.

Detective Weber: Okay. Was the caller a man or a woman?

Phyllis: A man.

Detective Weber: You're sure?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Detective Weber: Okay. So you left Newman Enterprises, and you came home to change. How long were you here?

Phyllis: Well, not long. I wanted to get back to the reception.

Detective Weber: So say another five, ten minutes?

Phyllis: Yeah, something like that, sure.

Detective Weber: Approximately, what time was it when you left here?

Phyllis: Like I said before, I don't know.

Detective Weber: If you had to guess?

Phyllis: Well, if I had to guess, I would think 10:00 or 10:30. But definitely before a fire started. Can I ask you a question? Why are you focusing in on me?

Jack: I'd like to ask the same question. I think my wife has been very clear about what happened that evening.

Detective Weber: I realize that, sir. I'm just trying to put the pieces together.

Phyllis: Well, all of the sudden, the pieces are revolving around me.

Ashley: How is Colleen avoiding you?

John: Well, lately, she's out of the house before I even come down for breakfast. The times I do, I merely get a glimpse of her.

Ashley: And she barely has three words to say to you, I bet.

John: I know, just being a teenager.

Ashley: It doesn't make it any easier to deal with, Dad.

John: You know, I thought about calling Tracy. But I don't want to worry her until I know the full extent of this problem.

Ashley: Assuming there is a problem. You haven't even spoken to Colleen yet, Dad. I think we should keep our eyes open for any warning signs. But don't start prying into her love life, because girls her age hate that.

John: Ash, I know that you're giving me good advice. I certainly don't want to alienate Colleen. But at the same time --

Ashley: You're walking a fine line.

John: I mean, I have to stay involved and yet not too involved. And I know that she's come a long way since her troubles in New York.

Ashley: Yeah, I think we should focus on that. She's a good kid. She's got a good head on her shoulders. I think she's gonna know where to draw the line.

John: As long as I don't give her any reason to defy me.

Ashley: I think you've got a pretty good track record. Hang in there. I gotta go to a meeting.

John: Don't overdo.

Ashley: Daddy --

John: Oh, I know. I know girls your age just hate that.

Ashley: Yes, we do.

J.T.: So, what's the problem? Wrong size?

Colleen: No. I just feel like you're paying me back.

J.T.: I said I was, didn't I? Are we back on this again?

Colleen: Well, I don't want it to be like that.

J.T.: Why is this bugging you so much? You do something for me, I do something for you. That's the way it works, doesn't it?

Colleen: No, not always. Sometimes I do things for you just because I like you.

J.T.: Okay, all right. I got you this shirt because I like you, too. Are you happy? And, anyway, you worked a lot harder for my "A" than I did for that sweatshirt. It was just a thought. You know, I saw it, and I said to myself, "I bet you Colleen would get a kick out of wearing a GCU sweatshirt. She's smarter than half the kids who go there anyway." I thought it would look cute on you, that's why I got it.

Colleen: Good. Then I love it.

J.T.: You may be a kid, but you are definitely a woman.

Colleen: Oh, you noticed?

J.T.: You know how? Because you always make everything so damn complicated.

Detective Weber: Mrs. Abbott, Iím talking to everyone that might have pertinent information.

Phyllis: Right, but especially me. You're especially talking to me. Wait a second. This is Diane, isn't it?

Jack: Wait, honey --

Phyllis: You've been talking to Diane. No, no, why should I be shocked?! This is par for the course. She's always doing things to set -- here we go.

Jack: What is it, Diane?

Diane: Sorry to interrupt. I obviously walked in on something.

Detective Weber: Are you leaving, Ms. Jenkins?

Diane: Yes, it's best that Kyle and I move out. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but my being here is obviously upsetting Mrs. Abbott.

Detective Weber: I see.

Jack: You do know you don't have to move out right away.

Diane: Oh, that's okay. I already called the hotel, and they have my suite ready.

Jack: Okay. Good.

Diane: Wasn't much to pack. I borrowed a couple bags from that upstairs closet in the hallway. I hope you don't mind --

Jack: No, no, no. You take whatever you need.

Diane: I'm sorry, Jack, that this couldn't have somehow worked out better than it did. And thank you for trying. Well, Kyleís in with Mrs. Martinez. I'll just get him, and I'll be on my way.

Detective Weber: Mrs. Abbott, I have a few more questions.

Jack: You know what? I think Mrs. Abbott has answered just enough questions for today. You said you had other lines of inquiry, right?

Detective Weber: That's right, Mr. Abbott. You know, thank you both for your time. Thank you.

Jill: You know, I have to say, it surprised me, too. I mean, the girl's attractive. But after everything my son went through with her --

Raul: That was years ago. And Billy was no angel back then either.

Jill: I know that. And I'm not just talking about that party where Brittany got drunk and my son almost died. Although, when you think about it, there's a certain parallel here.

Raul: No offense, Mrs. Abbott -- but this is a real downer.

Jill: You really cared a lot about her, didn't you?

Raul: Why does that shock everybody so much? Okay, yeah, you know, we were different. But we were so in sync with each other. At least I thought we were. I thought she had changed. But I was wrong. It's over. It's over. It has to be.

Jill: You know, I hear what you're saying. But from the look in your eyes, I'm not sure you mean it.

Raul: You know, Brittany could be so shallow sometimes. "Let's go have a good time. Let's whoop it up, make a lot of noise that just doesn't mean anything." Just -- empty, you know? It's dumb.

Jill: I know what you mean. I've known people like that. And it's fun for a while. But then you just keep wishing there was something more.

Raul: Well, I honestly thought there was. You know, like maybe under all that makeup and drinking and partying, there was someone real that I could connect with. I was just kidding myself. That person doesn't exist. With Brittany, what you see is what you get.

Anita: Well, I don't understand why you're still so concerned. You said the boy was going to be okay.

Frederick: Yeah, that doesn't mean that his parents won't sue us.

Anita: We're paying their hospital bills. How greedy are these people?

Frederick: I mean, I'm not saying we have to lose a lot of sleep over this, Anita. I'm just saying that it may not be over yet. That's all.

Anita: Well, let's look at the bright side. Brittany's going off to college in a couple of days. She can get a fresh start, put all this unpleasantness behind us. That is assuming the lawyer you hired is as good as you say he is.

Frederick: He is. But you know what I'm glad of?

Anita: Hmm?

Frederick: There'll finally be an end to this ridiculous romance.

Anita: Thank you.

Frederick: I mean, good Lord, you'd think with her upbringing, Brittany would have chosen somebody just a bit more appropriate.

Anita: Oh, please, Frederick, don't be so dense. Can't you see the girl's rebelling?

Frederick: Against what?

Anita: Well, against us, of course. That's why she brought the Gutierrez boy to the lodge that night -- to get us to react and then scoff at us.

Frederick: That was the night of the accident.

Anita: Exactly my point. We were perfectly civil to him. We didn't give her enough of a reaction to suit her. She probably would have preferred if we acted like bigots.

Frederick: So what are you saying? That our daughter drank herself silly, then ran her car into a tree just so she could be sure that we knew that she disapproves of us? I mean, isn't that a bit far-fetched?

Anita: Yeah. Well, everything is far-fetched when you're talking about teenagers. The good news is she will be in school soon. She'll be with the right people again, the right young men.

Frederick: Yeah. Pretty steep tuition to be paying for a husband.

Anita: Frederick, please stop complaining.

Frederick: I'm not complaining, Iím just talking a little bit about --

Anita: Brittany, honey! Over here!

Frederick: Hi, sweetheart. Sit down. How about something to drink?

Brittany: No, thanks. I'm glad you're both here. There's something I need to talk to you about.

Anita: Well, honey, before you say anything, your father just had the most wonderful news.

Frederick: Your friend -- the Gutierrez kid --

Brittany: His name is Raul, Dad.

Frederick: All right. Well, we understand he's on the mend.

Brittany: You're just now finding this out?

Anita: Honey, the point is it was a positive outcome. Now you can leave for school knowing everything's okay.

Frederick: You're supposed to leave any time, isn't that right?

Brittany: You two are priceless, you know that?

Anita: What's that supposed to mean?

Brittany: Look, Iím not going anywhere, all right? Not until Raul is totally okay again.

Raul: I don't even know why I talked myself into it.

Jill: Talked yourself into what? Falling in love with her? That's easy, sweetie. Brittany Hodges is sexy and beautiful and looks like she doesn't have a care in the world.

Raul: Oh, she has cares, all right. Do you know her parents?

Jill: Frederick and Anita? Yes.

Raul: Talk about superficial.

Jill: Oh, Raul, that's not fair. I mean, Frederick is a self-made man. And Anita -- well, I don't want to tell tales out of school.

Raul: They are total snobs.

Jill: You may find that people who came from nothing are the worst offenders in that area.

Raul: Well, I think that they've totally wrecked their daughter. I really believe that Brittany is who she is because they're more worried about who's in their country club than they are about her.

Jill: Well, you could be right. But you can't fix that. You can't judge somebody by the person they would have been if their life had been different. I mean, at a certain point, we all have to take responsibility for who we are. And that includes Brittany Hodges.

[Knock on door]

Diane: Detective Weber? This is a surprise.

Detective Weber: Ms. Jenkins, Iím sorry to bother you, but we didn't have a chance to speak before at the Abbotts'.

Diane: Oh, you're not bothering me at all. Come on in.

Detective Weber: Thank you. I'd like to ask you a few more questions about the night of the fire.

Diane: Of course.

Detective Weber: So you were the only one home that evening?

Diane: To my knowledge, yes.

Detective Weber: And right before it started, you didn't see anyone around the pool house, heard any noises or voices?

Diane: No, no, I had already fallen asleep.

Detective Weber: And what time do you think that was?

Diane: Well, it couldn't have been more than a few minutes before the fire started. I had taken a sleeping pill, but thank God I wasn't that far under when the alarm went off.

Detective Weber: So you think you fell asleep around 10:20 or so?

Diane: That's probably -- Detective, I just realized something. I -- I haven't been totally accurate. I did see someone right around that time.

J.T.: So what do you really think about the shirt?

Colleen: It's a little big.

J.T.: No, it's not. You're just a shrimp.

Colleen: I am not.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, you're a big shrimp.

Colleen: That would be a prawn.

J.T.: Okay, can you stop being so educated for one minute?

Colleen: Sorry. So besides getting an "A," what else has been going on?

J.T.: What do you mean?

Colleen: You know, college. How was your first week?

J.T.: It was all right.

Colleen: Do you know a lot of people in your classes?

J.T.: No.

Colleen: So you're making a lot of new friends, I bet.

J.T.: Yeah, I will be. It's a lot different than high school.

Colleen: How?

J.T.: One word for you, kid -- "freedom." They treat you like you actually have a brain. It's really freaky.

Colleen: Really?

J.T.: Yeah, it's a lot of little stuff. You know, like going to class. Or guess what? You don't have to. You can blow it off and just read the book, or, you know, skip the lecture, just take the tests. No one's hovering over you. That's another thing -- there's no parents. It's really cool.

Colleen: You're still living at home, though, right?

J.T.: Well, yeah, for now. But a lot of guys my age, they have their own apartments. You know, they just party on the weekends, call their own shots. It's really sweet.

Colleen: So are you gonna get your own place?

J.T.: Yeah, maybe. I mean, it would definitely rock. I mean, it's just like -- it's this whole new universe. You know, you go to classes, and you study for like an hour, then you can go play ping-pong down at the union or go hang out at the quad or go shoot some hoops. You know, clear all that junk you learned out of your head. And then at night, there's tons of stuff to do. I haven't even waded through them all yet.

Colleen: Wow. Sounds like you're gonna be pretty busy with school and partying and whatever.

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I will be. But, you know, there is this thing going on tonight. I mean, it's kind of -- no, never mind.

Colleen: What?

J.T.: Well, it's kind of an English assignment. It's something I have to do.

Colleen: Outside of class?

J.T.: Yeah, it's actually -- its right here, you know, later. It's a poetry reading.

Colleen: At the coffee house?

J.T.: I don't suppose you'd want to go? I mean, it could be kind of boring.

Colleen: Well, I don't think so.

J.T.: Yeah? You into that kind of stuff?

Colleen: What time?

J.T.: At 8:00.

Colleen: I will totally be here. Thank you for inviting me.

J.T.: Sure thing.

[Cell phone rings]

Colleen: It's my granddad.

J.T.: You're not gonna pick up?

Colleen: Nah. I'll go to the office, see what he wants. I'll see you later?

J.T.: What do you think?

Jack: What have you got there?

Phyllis: I have a big glob of fat here. You see this? This is cheese. I'm eating out of stress.

Jack: God, I hope that detective is satisfied.

Phyllis: He won't be as long as Diane can keep him barking up my tree.

Jack: Sweetheart --

Phyllis: That bitch must have gotten to him. I'm telling you. Of course she didn't say anything right now when she was coming down the stairs. Why? Because she wanted to save face in front of you. But she never passes up a chance to stick it to me.

Jack: Honey, even if Diane was taking advantage of the situation to cause you grief --

Phyllis: If?

Jack: -- It wouldn't matter. The police are professionals. They're not gonna be swayed by Diane.

Phyllis: They already have, Jack.

Jack: You honestly think they haven't seen somebody like Diane before?

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Did you see the way the detective was treating me just now, looking at me like that? You practically had to kick him out of here. I mean, she's gonna make sure that they keep on hassling -- I can't -- Iím serious. I thought our life would go back to normal the minute that she left. I was wrong. Diane's not gonna give up. My God, she's never gonna give up.

Detective Weber: So, Ms. Jenkins, you saw this person when? Right before the fire started?

Diane: Isabella BraŮa. She stopped by to check up on me.

Detective Weber: Isabella BraŮa.

Diane: Actually, she's Isabella Williams now. Maybe you know her husband, Paul Williams. He's a private detective here in town.

Detective Weber: Why didn't you mention this visit before?

Diane: I forgot. I mean, I was half asleep when she stopped by. I wasn't expecting her, and she didn't stay very long.

Detective Weber: Why was she checking up on you?

Diane: Isabella knows how much stress I've been under lately. She's a good friend.

Raul: It just feels so bad. 'Cause there's so much about Brittany that's just so cool and great.

Jill: I'm sure there is. But you can do better.

Raul: I've never felt that way about anybody before.

Jill: Sweetheart, listen to me. You're young. You're gonna meet a lot of women. And as you get older and you learn more about life, you're gonna make healthier choices. There are gonna be so many opportunities for you to meet a new love, one that will be much healthier for you.

Raul: Thanks.

Jill: I know it's painful right now, darling. But you have to be realistic. You have to see Brittany for who she really is. Raul, you will get through this, and it's gonna be for the best. Trust me. Now Iíve got to go and leave you. But do you mind if I call Billy and have him phone you?

Raul: All right. Thank you for coming.

Jill: You take care.

Susan: Hey, J.T.

J.T.: Oh, hey, Susan.

Susan: So, what's going on?

J.T.: Nothing. What about you?

Susan: Oh, you know. So where's your little sidekick?

J.T.: My what?

Susan: You know, that girl I always see you with -- dark hair, blue eyes.

J.T.: Wait a minute, my little sidekick? What the hell is that?

Susan: Sorry. I just --

J.T.: No, what did you mean?

Susan: Well, she just seemed young, that's all. Like maybe she was your little sister or something. It's no big deal.

J.T.: Why don't you mind your own business, okay?

Susan: Geez, you don't have to get all touchy about it, J.T. I'll see you in class.

[J.T. Remembering]

Colleen: You really mean that? You don't think of me as a little kid anymore?

J.T.: Yeah, are you surprised?

Colleen: A little. Actually, a lot.

J.T.: Well, maybe it's because I've gotten to know you better.

Colleen: Found out I'm mature beyond my years?

J.T.: Mm-hmm, whatever. Anyway, you really come through for me, you know, helping me with all these books and stuff. I really owe you.

Colleen: No way, I enjoyed every minute, especially --

J.T.: What?

Colleen: I just feel like we've gotten a lot closer, which is a good thing, right?

J.T.: I don't know what you're asking.

Anita: Brittany, don't talk nonsense.

Brittany: I'm not, Mother. I'm telling you the way it's going to be.

Frederick: Kitten, come on now. Of course you're going to college.

Anita: The minute it starts.

Brittany: For your information, it started a week ago. Typical. Write a check and you're done. Let someone else worry about the details.

Frederick: The semester already started?

Anita: This is unacceptable.

Brittany: Look, all Iíve missed is orientation and sorority rush. Big whoop. What Iím trying to tell you, if you'd open your ears, I don't feel right about leaving Raul until I'm sure he's 100% again. I'll play catch-up later if I have to. It's more important for me to be there for Raul than sitting in some classroom, going out of my mind.

Anita: Brittany, listen to me. For you to sacrifice your college education for this boy --

Brittany: I'm not sacrificing anything. Only deferring.

Frederick: Sweetheart, your mother and I think --

Brittany: No, I don't care. This is my decision. So let's all stop talking about it, because my mind's made up.

Frederick: I don't believe what this relationship's doing to your life.

Anita: You never got in trouble before you were with him.

Brittany: Don't you dare blame Raul.

Anita: Brittany --

Brittany: This wasn't his fault. No, enough. I don't want to hear any more. And it doesn't matter what you say, because Iím staying until I'm sure Raul's all right.

Frederick: You know, there's someone we need to talk to.

J.T.: What was that all about?

Brittany: All of a sudden, my parents decided they give a damn. Only took them 18 years.

Colleen: Hey, Granddad. I saw you called.

John: Oh, hi. I was hoping we could talk for a moment.

Colleen: Sure. What about?

John: Well, now, you have been pretty busy since you started school. I haven't seen you very much. How's it going?

Colleen: Good.

John: You know, I can't help noticing that sweatshirt you're wearing -- Genoa City University. I don't think I've ever seen it before.

Colleen: It's new. The fruit looks good.

John: Colleen, mind telling me where that came from?

Jack: Sweetheart --

Phyllis: You know, I have half a mind to screw Diane over the way she's been screwing me over. Yeah, I'm sure that I can come up with some story to make it look like she torched the pool house. And then the detective will be asking her little questions --

Jack: Don't --

Phyllis: -- That he can write in his little black book.

Jack: Don't even go there.

Phyllis: So I should just sit back and be the one that he's all over?

Jack: He's doing his job. He has to ask everyone questions.

Phyllis: Yeah, to solve this case, right? Solving this case is his job. And with Diane whispering in his ear about her little theory, he can just wrap it up, couldn't he?

Jack: The police aren't interested in theories. They want the facts. Diane can't influence those. She can't.

Phyllis: Yeah, she's gonna try. You watch her. You watch her.

Jack: Listen to me. Listen to me. Let them do their work. Let them gather the evidence. Let them find out who did it. You know you didn't do it. So answer their questions and stay cool. Honey, they will be out of your hair in no time. And then, yes, our lives will get back to normal. Okay?

Isabella: Well, thanks for letting me know, Aaron.

[Doorbell rings]

Isabella: Oh, that must be him. Okay, thanks.

Isabella: Detective Weber?

Detective Weber: Yes, ma'am. Genoa City Police Department. The doorman said come up. You're Mrs. Williams?

Isabella: Yes, I am. Please come in.

Detective Weber: Well, thank you.

Isabella: What is this about?

Detective Weber: I'm investigating the fire at the Abbott home.

Isabella: A fire? There was a fire?

Detective Weber: The pool house. It happened the other night. The place was completely gutted.

Isabella: Oh, my gosh, was anyone hurt?

Detective Weber: No. Fortunately, the only person inside at the time, Diane Jenkins, got out right before things really got rolling.

Isabella: Oh, I had no idea. When did you say this happened?

Detective Weber: The night of the Newman wedding.

Isabella: Oh, Kyle was with Jack, thank heaven. I was at the wedding with my husband. Please sit down.

Detective Weber: Thank you. So I understand that you and Ms. Jenkins are really good friends.

Isabella: Yes, we are. If I would have known, I would have called her. How is she?

Detective Weber: Anxious to find out who did this.

Isabella: I can imagine. Does this mean you don't think it was an accident?

Detective Weber: It's officially an arson investigation. I hope you don't mind answering a few questions.

Isabella: No, no, any way I can help.

Detective Weber: Great. I understand that you were at the pool house the night of the fire.

Isabella: Yes, I stopped by to see Diane.

Detective Weber: And how long were you there?

Isabella: Not very long. She was tired, so I left around 10:15.

Detective Weber: You're certain?

Isabella: I remember checking my watch.

Detective Weber: Okay, well, the blaze started ten minutes after that.

Isabella: Wow. Maybe if I would have stayed, this wouldn't have happened.

Detective Weber: Now, is there any particular reason why you stopped by that evening?

Isabella: I left to check on my baby and decided on my way back I would swing by Dianeís and see how she was doing.

Detective Weber: Okay, according to Ms. Jenkins, you were concerned about her.

Isabella: Yes, Dianeís been going through a very hard time. Last I heard, she was leaving town. And then I heard Jack Abbott mention she wasn't. So I wanted to talk to her about it, but she wasn't in the mood for conversation.

Detective Weber: One more question. While you were there, did you happen to see anyone else?

Isabella: Not at the pool house.

Detective Weber: In the main house?

Isabella: I didn't go that way. Oh, wait a minute.

Detective Weber: What is it?

Isabella: As I was leaving, I saw a car pull up.

Detective Weber: Who was it? Anyone you knew?

Isabella: Yes, Phyllis. Phyllis Abbott.  

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