Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/19/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/19/02


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Sharon: Nick, you were waiting for me? Why?

Nick: What, you don't think Iíd be anxious to see my wife?

Sharon: I just meant --

Nick: I came out to the ranch to say good-bye to my mom.

Sharon: Is there something else?

Nick: Why do you ask?

Sharon: The way you're looking at me. Did something happen?

Nick: What, you mean other than you sleeping with Diego?

Sharon: Nick, what's going on?

Nick: So after the two of you slept together, you said you couldn't live with the guilt, so you had to come clean.

Sharon: Yes.

Nick: All right, well, then you want to finish the job?

Sharon: I don't --

Nick: Do you have anything left to say to me?

Sharon: Nothing.

Nick: So you've told me the whole truth?

Sharon: What more do you want, Nick? You want the details?

Nick: No, no, I think I can imagine those just fine on my own.

Sharon: Then what?

Nick: Don't play stupid with me. Do you really think I wouldn't figure all this out? Well, I have, so you can drop the act.

Brad: How you doin'?

Trevor: Good.

Brad: Can I get a double espresso, please?

Trevor: Sure.

Brad: Thanks. Victoria.

Victoria: Hey.

Brad: Hi.

Victoria: Brad, um, how's Ashley?

Brad: Thanks for asking. She's not exactly having the time of her life.

Victoria: Yeah, I don't remember seeing her at the wedding.

Brad: She wasn't feeling well.

Victoria: Listen, I know we've all had our differences, but what she's going through is not fair. I really am sorry.

Brad: I appreciate that. So how are things with you?

Victoria: Compared to what Ashleyís going through, how can I complain?

Brad: Victoria, listen, you just can't do that. This is what drives me crazy. People think that because Ash has cancer, everything else in the world becomes insignificant, and that's just not fair. People still have their lives and their problems they have to deal with. So how have you been?

Victoria: You don't really want to know.

Brad: I asked, didn't I?

Victoria: Might be sorry you did.

Diego: How you doing?

Raul: Better. Can't wait to get out of here.

Diego: Going a little stir-crazy, huh?

Raul: There's nothing to do but lie here, think about Brittany.

Diego: Oh, man. You're still hung up on that chick. What's it gonna take for you to get over her?

Raul: Is that why you came here, to give me a hard time about Brittany? 'Cause if it is, man, you can just leave right now. I don't want to hear it.

Diego: Fine. You know what? We don't have to talk about her.

Raul: What's going on with you?

Diego: Actually, I do have some news. If you need to reach me, call me at Mom and Dad's. I'll be crashing there for at least a few days.

Raul: Why?

Diego: I got fired from my job.

Raul: At the ranch?

Diego: And the coffee house.

Raul: What happened?

Diego: Let's just say it's a long story. I had a falling out with the Newmans.

Raul: Hey, I've got nothing but time. Come on, man, you can talk to me.

Diego: It has something to do with Victoria.

Raul: What about her?

Diego: She and I have been seeing each other.

Neil: One day at a time. One day at a time.

[Knock at door]

Neil: Come in.

Olivia: Well, well, look at you.

Neil: Olivia. Hi.

Olivia: Hi. I hope Iím not interrupting.

Neil: No, no, no, of course not. I'm just working out a little bit.

Olivia: You look so good. You look like your old self again.

Neil: Yeah, I am starting to feel like my old self.

Olivia: I'm sorry I haven't come by before.

Neil: That's all right.

Olivia: But Iím thinking about you. Someone else has been thinking about you, too.

Neil: Really? Who's that?

Nate: Hi, Uncle Neil.

Neil: Hey, Nate. Pal, come here, man.

Nate: I missed you.

Neil: I've missed you, too, man. How have you been?

Nate: Good.

Neil: How's the new school year going?

Nate: Well, I got a 98 on my first science quiz.

Neil: 98. Now, see that's what I like to hear.

Nate: Hey, you shaved your beard off.

Neil: I did? I shaved my beard? Oh no, yeah, I did. I figured it was time to clean up.

Nate: You look a lot happier than you did the last time I saw you.

Neil: Nate, your being here has a lot to do with that. Thanks for coming, both of you.

Nate: I can't wait until you come home.

Neil: You and me both.

Nate: Are you still sick?

Neil: Uh, let's just put it this way. I am working on getting better every day of my life. And can I tell you something?

Nate: What?

Neil: Now, while I've been here, I've been talking to quite a few people, people who are a lot worse off than I was when I first got here. And you know what? They told me, that with a little strength, a lot of determination and some love and help from the people who love me, it's possible to beat this alcohol thing once and for all.

Nate: Is there anything I can do to help you?

Neil: Yeah, there is. You just be you, man, okay? You just be my main little man, Nate, and that's helped me out a whole lot. Is that a deal?

Nate: Deal.

Neil: Cool. Come here.

Lily: Wesley, you're here!

Wes: Come here, girl.

Lily: Oh, my God, I'm so glad to see you! I was praying you'd come and now you have!

Wes: You did more than pray.

Lily: What do you mean?

Wes: I think you know what I mean. You took matters into your own hands.

Lily: I did both.

Wes: Well, it's good to see you, kid.

Lily: We should go back home together.

Dru: Excuse me, young lady. Who said you're going anywhere?

♫ I'm not a girl you think I am

Iíll rock your world I am a woman

Iím on fire whoa, whoa, whoa

And somehow I expect to tell you ♫

Caitlin: Take a picture. It'll last longer.

Colleen: Hmm?

Caitlin: Never seen two people kissing?

Colleen: Actually, I was remembering a kiss of my own.

Caitlin: When? In grade school?

Colleen: No, a couple of weeks ago.

Caitlin: Get out! Who's the lucky guy?

Colleen: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Caitlin: Well, sure I would, unless you said it was J.T.

Colleen: Well, as a matter of fact --

Caitlin: What? Are you serious?

Colleen: It happened in the boutique.

Caitlin: Why didn't you tell me? I want all the details.

Brad: Things at work got you down?

Victoria: No, amazingly enough, Newman Enterprises has nothing to do with my mood.

Brad: A romance thing?

Victoria: More like lack of romance.

Brad: I don't follow.

Victoria: I was dating someone.

Brad: Was it serious?

Victoria: I thought it might be, but I don't know. I kind of threw my heart out there after a long dry spell.

Brad: And it got stomped on?

Victoria: Yeah.

Brad: Well, at least you were out there trying.

Victoria: Hmm, easy for you to say. Oh, I'm sorry. That didn't come out right.

Brad: No, Victoria, that's what I mean. People feel like they can't talk to me about anything because I have this dark cloud hanging over me.

Victoria: That must make talking to Ashley kind of hard.

Brad: Yeah, it does.

Victoria: You two having trouble communicating?

Brad: Mmm-hmm. It's like the 800-pound gorilla in the room. You can't ask what time it is without bringing up the issue. No matter what we say -- "pass the salt, nice weather we're having" -- it's tinged with this feeling of dread.

Victoria: So, I guess you guys just don't talk a lot.

Brad: Yeah. And I can't help thinking that if the worst does happen, shouldn't my wife and I be having as much fun together as we possibly can?

Victoria: I don't know, Brad. I mean, I don't know what I would do if I was in Ashleyís position.

Brad: Victoria, life is short. I mean, sometimes a lot shorter than we expected. But in any case, we're just not here for that long.

Victoria: Seize the day.

Brad: Yes, every day. Listen, I don't know what's going on with you and this guy, but take it from someone who's in the trenches -- when you got something as precious as love, you want to do whatever it takes to hang onto it. Of course, why am I being an idiot and saying this to you? I mean, you understand this better than anyone, given the way you lost Ryan.

Victoria: Yeah, but the other side of the coin is you just don't get involved because it always ends up hurting, no matter what.

Brad: You don't want to live your life that way, do you?

Victoria: I guess it kind of goes against human nature, huh?

Brad: That's how I feel.

Trevor: Here you go. It's going to be $3.50.

Brad: Thanks. Keep it.

Trevor: Thanks.

Brad: Well, Iíve gotta get going.

Victoria: Thanks for listening. And tell Ashley that Iím thinking of her, and that I'm praying for her.

Brad: And that helps. Thanks. Victoria, don't give up on love. Win or lose, bottom line, it's the only thing that makes all the craziness worth going through. You take care.

Raul: You and Victoria Newman?

Diego: That's what I said.

Raul: Right, yeah, that's a good one.

Diego: No, it's true.

Raul: You rag on me because of Brittany, but Victoria Newman? You want to talk about being from a different planet. That chick's from a totally different solar system.

Diego: Easy, little brother.

Raul: No. No, you had it coming to you, after all the grief that you have given me.

Diego: How about we just call a truce?

Raul: First, repeat after me: "I am a hypocrite."

Diego: I'm in love, is what I am.

Raul: You don't look very happy for a guy who's in love. Let me guess. The Newmans found out that you were dating their daughter, and they went ballistic.

Diego: No. You were right the first time.

Raul: So whatever happened was your fault.

Diego: I blew it, Raul. I blew it big time.

Neil: So, big Darryl, you're out of here, huh?

Darryl: Yeah, I really think Iím going to make it this time, man.

Neil: I think you will, too, man. Some of the stuff that you said in the meetings really helped me a lot. I just hope you were listening to yourself.

Darryl: Yeah, well, you helped me, too, man. It's a two-way street.

Neil: Yeah, that's what this is all about.

Olivia: Oh, excuse me.

Neil: Hey, Olivia. Come on in. It's okay. I'm just visiting with my friend. This is Darryl. Darryl, this is Olivia.

Darryl: Nice to meet you.

Olivia: You, too.

Darryl: Well, wish me luck, man.

Neil: Oh, you know I do. Come here.

Darryl: It's one day at a time, right?

Neil: Yeah, man. Sometimes it's just one hour at a time.

Darryl: You got that. Nice meeting you.

Olivia: You, too.

Neil: Bye. Take it easy, Darryl.

[Door closes]

Olivia: I hope I didn't interrupt.

Neil: No, not at all. No, Darryl had to go back to his room and pack. He's going home today.

Olivia: Big step.

Neil: Liv, I'll tell ya, I thought I had it bad. Some of the people in here, they make me look like a real amateur. That guy, Darryl -- trip number four.

Olivia: And this is gonna be your first and only.

Neil: God willing.

Lily: Mom, why can't we go home?

Dru: We've already discussed that.

Lily: Well, can't I go back to Paris with was? You stay here?

Dru: That's out of the question, okay? And you're in no position to ask for anything right now.

Lily: Why not? It's not like I'm doing any good being here.

Dru: You know, first of all, you never should have gone behind my back to call, okay? He flew out here, dropped everything, because he was under the -- you know what? It's the wrong story you gave him.

Lily: Wes, can't you make her understand? There's no reason for us to be here.

Wes: Honey, the situation's a lot more complex than I realized.

Lily: Well, that's exactly why we should go.

Wes: Who says?

Lily: Me.

Wes: Who made you the boss?

Lily: I did.

Dru: You know, I would watch my mouth.

Wes: I have some bad news for you. You're 14.

Lily: And being 14 is a crime?

Wes: Not a crime. It just means you have to do what your mom says.

Lily: Damn it, Wesley!

Wes: Watch your mouth!

Sharon: Nicholas, I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Nick: All right, well, let's see if this sounds like the girl you know. She sleeps with a guy behind her husband's back. Tells him it only happens once, but she can't stop thinking about him because he's always around, and he always looks good to her. Even though she is married to a man who loves her and only her, but she just can't stop thinking about this guy. She can't shake the image of the two of them having sex together --

Sharon: Stop, stop, it wasn't like that.

Nick: No, I think it was exactly like that.

Sharon: Why are you doing this? Don't you think we have enough to deal with? Why are you making things worse?

Nick: Are you saying Iím wrong? Because I want you to think about it before you go down that line, 'cause I am giving you a chance to tell the truth -- one chance. You will not get another one from me.

Sharon: Who have you been talking to? You seem like you've learned some truth that you want me to confirm. What's going on?

Nick: Doesn't matter.

Sharon: Who, Diego? Victoria?

Nick: Both.

Sharon: Well, you see, there you go. What do you expect them to say? Don't you realize they want me to take the blame for all of this?

Nick: Don't you realize how much I want to blame Diego for all of this? How much I want to believe that he somehow took advantage of you? Do you know how much easier that would be for me to live with compared to --?

Sharon: That is what happened.

Nick: Don't lie to me!

Sharon: I don't believe this.

Nick: Diego shouldn't have done what he did. Now, I don't care how upset you were or how much you needed him to comfort you. It didn't end there. We both know it. You were going crazy because of how close Diego and Victoria were getting.

Sharon: Nick, listen to me. I love you. I have always loved you. And I truly want to be with you, to build my life with you, to build my family with you. That has always meant everything to me, and that has not changed.

Nick: It has changed. You slept with another man. And I strongly suspect that if Diego hadn't kept you at arm's length, this would be a totally different story.

Sharon: No.

Nick: Don't deny it, Sharon. All summer long, you've been saying how much you loved me and the kids, and you wanted to have another baby. But if Diego had responded to you at any time, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. You'd be off with him somewhere.

Sharon: That is not true. Don't say that. I didn't go after him. I admit, I had a hard time getting him off my mind. I just didn't want to be with him. I didn't want to sleep with him again.

Nick: You want a medal for that?! Look, the only reason you didn't sleep with him more is because he wouldn't sleep with you!

Raul: What the heck did you do?

Diego: I was stupid. That's all you need to know.

Raul: You're not just giving up on Victoria, are you?

Diego: It's not my decision.

Raul: So what are you going to do? Hit the road again?

Diego: Not this time. I'm not leaving until I'm sure there's no hope with Victoria. You know what? I need to head out. You keep listening to those doctors and nurses. And do what they tell you.

Raul: Do I have a choice?

Caitlin: So when did this kiss happen?

Colleen: A couple of weeks ago.

Caitlin: Have you seen J.T. since?

Colleen: No.

Caitlin: Has he called you?

Colleen: No. Not even an e-mail.

Caitlin: Well, I hate to say it, what did you expect? J.T.'s in college now, and he's probably making a whole bunch of new friends. He wouldn't be caught dead talking to a high school sophomore.

Colleen: Maybe you're right. Who am I kidding? J.T. isn't interested in me. I was his "study buddy." Now that Iíve served my purpose, he's moved on. Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted.

Caitlin: Look at it this way. You would have gotten in trouble sooner or later.

Colleen: What a thing to say. What kind a person do you think I am?

Caitlin: I'm talking about your grandfather.

Colleen: What about him?

Caitlin: He saw you and J.T. here.

Colleen: How do you know that? Caitlin?

Caitlin: He asked me if you two were hanging out a lot together.

Colleen: And you told him?

Caitlin: I played dumb, Coll. Me know nothing.

Colleen: I cannot believe this. What is he doing, spying on me?

Caitlin: Look, I've gotta go, but remember what I said. There are cool boys at school. So find the one who's perfect.

Colleen: Great.

Nick: See, it all makes sense now. The night before the wedding, you knew that Victoria and Diego were down in the tack room. And that freaked you out so bad that you couldn't make love to me. I mean, one minute you wanted to hop into bed, and the next, you couldn't touch me. Why? Because you were thinking about him.

Sharon: It's not because I was thinking of Diego.

Nick: Then why?

Sharon: I was feeling guilty about what I had done.

Nick: At that point, I didn't know what you'd done. I mean, I thought everything was perfect. I was totally happy.

Sharon: I was afraid that if you found out --

Nick: Look, Iím not buying it, Sharon. I don't think you were too concerned about sparing my feelings. Otherwise, you would have found the strength to keep your dirty, little secret.

Sharon: So you're saying I should have lied?

Nick: Saying nothing isn't the same as lying.

Sharon: Okay, you know, you're not making any sense.

Nick: I don't think you were acting weird because of remorse.

Sharon: What do you think it was then?

Nick: Jealousy. You were jealous of Diego and Victoria. You wanted him. You still do. And me and the kids, we don't mean anything to you. It's all garbage.

Sharon: No. No, it isn't.

Nick: You know, you want him so bad; you want to throw away everything we have for him? Go get him. He's all yours.

[Door slams]

Diego: Do you mind if I join you for a minute?

Victoria: Go away.

Diego: No.

Victoria: Fine, then Iíll leave. What the hell are you doing here anyway? You know you're not welcome.

Diego: I had just come to pick up my last paycheck.

Victoria: And I suppose you're going to cash it and then take off, right?

Diego: Normally, yeah, I'd probably do that. But I don't have any plans. Look, are you just going to make me stand here, or now that you've had some time, have you gotten some perspective?

Victoria: What "perspective" would that be? My morals are gonna suddenly change? Suddenly, it's okay for you to have slept with my brother's wife?

Diego: You know what? I've apologized all I'm going to. There's no point. There's only so many ways I can say I'm sorry, at least in words.

Neil: Olivia, what are you doing back here?

Olivia: I wanted us to spend some time alone. I dropped off Nate at a friend's nearby.

Neil: Can I take this moment to tell you how happy I am that you did that, and I want to thank you so much for bringing him.

Olivia: Hey, I want you to be a part of Nateís life, and vice versa.

Neil: Thanks. I gotta tell ya, it means the world to me to know that kid doesn't hold what happened against me.

Olivia: He wouldn't. That boy loves you, Neil. Have you talked to your daughter?

Neil: Yeah, she came here earlier.

Olivia: How'd that go?

Neil: I think she was in a state of shock, probably because she arrived in town right in the middle of my so-called whatever -- crisis?

Olivia: So I take it you're saying it didn't go very well.

Neil: No, not very. I guess it could have been worse, you know? I mean, the fact is that Lily has got a life somewhere else. She comes to see me, and Iím all messed up. I mean, all she can think about is getting back to Paris where everything felt safe for her.

Olivia: What did she say?

Neil: She wanted me to convince her mom to take her back to Paris as soon as possible. Other than that, she didn't say too much. I don't know. I guess I can't blame her for having such an attitude, Olivia.

Olivia: Well, first of all, I don't want you blaming yourself for that attitude. The main reason that Dru came back is that she's having trouble with Lily.

Neil: What kind of trouble?

Wes: Lily, I know you have some reasons for wanting to go home, but you're only one voice. There are reasons your mother feels you should stay, and if those reasons are important to her, you have to give them some consideration.

Lily: Oh, God, you're being Mr. Shrink again. Look, this is about my dad, okay? And Mom thinks she can help to straighten him out, and he's already doing better. But I just don't feel like I can trust him.

Wes: This is exactly the type of complicated issue that I was talking about.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Yeah, yeah, I know. "Adult" stuff.

Wes: Mmm-hmm.

Lily: I'm not stupid, you know. People are who they are. And you can't change that by saying, "oh, it's complicated."

Wes: Lily, your father has some real problems.

Lily: And Iím sorry about that. I am. But I'm not supposed to be the one that's helping him out. I'm a teenager. It's hard enough figuring out my own life. I don't need his issues, too.

Wes: Well, sometimes people can help just by being there.

Lily: How am I supposed to help him when Iím miserable?

Wes: Is it really so bad here?

Lily: Are you kidding? This town is a hole!

[In whiny voice]

Wes: Oh, you poor baby. She's not happy.

Lily: Why do I even bother with you?

Wes: Now get out of here. I want to talk to your mom.

Lily: Talk to the airline. Buy some tickets.

Wes: Ooh!

Lily: Nonstop to Paris.

Wes: Would you get? Ooh, just like old times.

Dru: Mmm-hmm.

Wes: I hate it when she calls me shrink. I guess like mother, like daughter.

J.T.: Do you ever do anything but study? What's the matter? Swallow your tongue or something?

Colleen: Hi.

J.T.: I've been looking for you.

Colleen: You have?

J.T.: Yeah, I got you this.

Colleen: My gosh, a GCU sweatshirt!

J.T.: Yeah, I was in the campus bookstore, and I thought you'd like it.

Colleen: I do. Thank you.

J.T.: Well, I should be thanking you.

Colleen: What for?

J.T.: I got an "A" on my summer reading test all because of your help.

Colleen: That's why you got me this? As a thank you?

J.T.: Well, yeah. I mean, why else?

Neil: Olivia, what kind of trouble is Lily in?

Olivia: Dru didn't get into it. But I guess it's, you know, typical teenage problems, aggravated by Dru's lifestyle.

Neil: Oh, no. After all this time, Dru finally reached out to me for help with my daughter, and look what kind of shape I was in.

Olivia: Okay, I don't want you beating yourself up about this.

Neil: Liv, I'm getting out of here tomorrow. When I get home, Iím gonna do everything in my power to prove myself to that little girl.

Olivia: Okay, I want you to take it easy. You're making a lot of progress here. I don't want you making demands on yourself. It's okay to be a little selfish, Neil.

Neil: No. No, it's not. I can't be selfish. You know something? This may be the only chance that I have with my daughter. If I let her get back on a plane bound for Paris thinking that her old man is some kind of drunk or an alcoholic, it could be years before I see her again.

Olivia: Okay, I just want you to keep one thing in mind.

Neil: What?

Olivia: That teenagers are hard on their parents, especially when they're angry.

Neil: Well, Iíll deal with that when I have to. But I'm not going to let her leave. I am going to rebuild this relationship.

Olivia: What about Dru?

Neil: She saw what kind of shape I was in. Didn't seem to faze her. I mean, that should prove that she's not completely turned off by the mistakes I've made.

Olivia: Have you talked to her?

Neil: Yeah, I talked to her that one time she came here.

Olivia: How do you feel about that?

Neil: I'd love it if the lines of communication weren't completely severed. I waited a long time to reconnect with Dru, especially about our daughter. Obviously, this isn't the way I wanted it to happen. But as long as she's here in town, the opportunity is there to make amends, you know? And I'm gonna make the best of it.

Olivia: Wow. You sound determined.

Neil: Olivia, I am. Things are getting better for me, better for all of us, one day at a time, starting tomorrow.

Wes: Lily loves you, Dru.

Dru: Mmm-hmm. On some level, but not with that mouth of hers.

Wes: Come on, you know kids. They're gonna say all kinds of things they don't mean.

Dru: Not in my house. Hmm-mm. Kids say things that they don't mean, and then they regret them later. Besides, she just wants to get out of here.

Wes: Yeah, right now, Paris is the golden city, where everything's perfect.

Dru: You and I both know that's not true.

Wes: Why is she so uncomfortable? Something happen?

Dru: Like what?

Wes: I don't know.

Dru: What did you mean by that?

Wes: Dru, don't get defensive. I'm not questioning your decision. If you feel you need to stay, I respect that. You know, I told you before, I can leave if you wanted me to. I'm not sure I should have said that without letting you know where I stand.

Dru: And where do you stand, Wes?

Wes: I realize I came here under false assumptions. I also realize you have a lot going on. I believe I can help you. I want to stay. Is that all right?

Dru: Yeah. Yeah. I think you should stay.

Wes: We are complicated.

Victoria: Diego, don't do this. Look, I will admit that you didn't do everything I accused you of.

Diego: I did one thing.

Victoria: Yeah. I opened myself up to you. I told you I was falling in love with you.

Diego: Now you're feeling I betrayed you and lost your trust. On some levels, you're right. But when I was with you, I was only thinking of you. Everything I said and felt was real.

Victoria: I started feeling things for you that I never thought I would be able to feel again. I have been through the worst experience of my life, and I thought that I found someone I could trust.

Diego: You're saying you can't get beyond it, can you?

Victoria: I don't know how I can.

Diego: But you want to.

Victoria: I wish more than anything that this had never happened, but it did, and you can't just erase it.

Diego: Victoria --

Victoria: No, I mean it.

Diego: Some way, somehow, Iím gonna fix this. However long it takes, Iím gonna get your trust. 'Cause Iím gonna make you believe in me again. In us again.

Victoria: I only wish that were possible.

Colleen: You didn't have to do this for me.

J.T.: It was pretty darn nice of me.

Colleen: I wasn't expecting a reward. I helped you because I wanted to.

J.T.: And I got you this shirt because I wanted to. Geez, kid, you don't have to accept it. I'll find somebody else who wants it.

Colleen: No, no, it's really neat.

J.T.: Well, good, 'cause I think it's gonna look good on you. It's about nine colors. It took me forever to figure out which one would look best with your -- you know, your eyes.

Grace: Grace Turner. Hello? Is anyone there?

Nick: It's me.

Grace: Nick?

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