Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/18/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/18/02


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Diego: You expect me to go to Nick and tell him?

Sharon: Yes, I do. It's the only way. Before you leave town, you're gonna tell my husband that you came after me.

Diego: You want me to take all the blame?!

Sharon: Yes, I do.

Diego: So exactly what lies am I supposed to tell Nick? That I stalked you, then jumped your bones? All right, fine. You win. It stinks, but that's what Iíll tell him.

Sharon: It's more than that. I'm not just talking about our one-time mistake. It's everything since then. It's the vibes between us.

Diego: Whoa, wait a minute. There were no vibes, and you know that.

Sharon: Excuse me?

Diego: We were afraid that someone might find out. But beyond that, whatever there was, it sure as hell wasn't comin' from me.

Victoria: You fired Diego?

Nick: Yeah, I want him out of here. You got a problem with that?

Victoria: No, no, I can certainly understand why you'd want him gone.

Nick: What, and you don't, after what he did to you?

Victoria: I'm just saying that maybe we should look at all the repercussions.

Nick: What repercussions?

Victoria: Well, you strong-armed Walt into coming back to work for us.

Nick: So?

Victoria: So, the man's married. He has a family. He has a life that doesn't necessarily include taking care of our horses. And you also have to think about Cassie. I mean, what about her riding lessons?

Nick: I can't believe Iím hearing this out of your mouth. We hired this guy. He comes and cashes our paychecks, befriends our family, and then seduces my wife.

Victoria: Yeah, "seduced." Listen, Sharon was the one who went down to see Diego that day.

Nick: Yeah, to talk.

Victoria: You weren't there. How do you know Sharon didn't come on to him?

Nick: Sis, where are you getting this garbage?

Victoria: I'm just saying that it takes two. Maybe Diego isn't the only villain here.

Neil: So you really want to leave, huh? You want to go back to Paris?

Lily: Yes. So will you help me convince Mom?

Neil: But sweetheart, you just got here. We haven't even seen each other.

Lily: Well, we can e-mail and talk on the phone like we used to, especially now that you're better. Dad, will you help me? Please? I really miss being home.

Neil: Things must be pretty good for you over there. You got a school you like, lots of friends.

Lily: Uh, yeah.

Neil: Who's your best friend?

Lily: Uh, Giselle.

Neil: Mmm, that's a pretty name. What's Giselle like?

Lily: She's cool.

Neil: Yeah? She's cool, huh? So what makes her so cool?

Lily: Well, she's -- whatever.

Neil: Well, Lily, I mean, do you two share the same interests or --?

Lily: She's just a friend, okay?

Neil: That's exactly why I'm asking you because I want to know your friends, Lily. I want to know who you are. I want to know the person that you've become. It's been so long since we've spent any time together.

Lily: Yeah, well, whose fault is that?

Paul: Damn it, Lauren, why are you so obsessed with Chris and me?

Lauren: Why can't you just admit that there's something going on?

Paul: You know what? Don't even start. I love you, you are a very dear friend, but this is really no one else's business.

Lauren: Well, why don't you tell that to Isabella, because, you know, honey, your wife isn't blind, and she's picking up something between you and your ex, and it's bugging her a lot.

Paul: I just wish this would end.

Lauren: I know. And I know a big part of the problem is the way that Michael has gone after Chris.

Paul: You know what's worse? That scum is making progress. It's come to the point where she's asking him out now.

Lauren: I heard -- the Newman wedding.

Paul: You think she would get a bellyful spending all that time in the office with him.

Lauren: I really understand that it disturbs you to no end, that she spends so much time with a man that you despise.

Paul: I have a wife. I have a child. You said to move on, so I am moving on. I have a family now. Okay?! So don't try and tear that down.

Chris: And what would I be tearing down? This little house of cards that you've built? Trust me, when it falls down, I won't be the one to blame.

Paul: Oh, I see. So is that it? You want me to be unhappy? Is that what you want?

Chris: No.

Paul: Well, it sure as hell sounds like it.

Chris: Well, that's not what I want.

Paul: What do you want?

Chris: You really want to know?

Paul: Yeah, I want to know! What do you want?!

Chris: Why am I thinking about that?

[Chris sighs]

Chris: Oh, I have to get out of here. Chantal, Iím gonna get out of the office for a little while. Hold down the fort, okay? Thanks.

Dru: I'm just saying, you're the last person I expected to find at my sister's door.

Wes: Oh, I can think of a whole lot less likely candidates.

Dru: Uh-huh?

Wes: Wesley Snipes --

Dru: Oh, don't be silly. I'm just surprised. That's all.

Wes: I got a call from Lily. She said you missed me.

Dru: She did?

Wes: And I was missing you, too. So I canceled a few appointments, hopped on the -- what? Was I just hearing what I wanted to hear or --? 

Dru: No, it's just that I never said anything to Lily. The fact of the matter is, ever since I stepped off the plane, I've been busy. There's been a lot going on here in Genoa City.

Wes: Your daughter is pretty anxious to get back to Paris.

Dru: Oh, she's made that perfectly clear to me. However, Iím not anxious to leave just yet.

Neil: Lily, no one meant for it to be this way. Your mom and I, we both wanted you with us very much. But, you see, the way it worked out, you were in Europe, and I've been here. I love you so much. Do you know I've kept every letter that you ever sent me? I saved them in the great big 'ol shoe box that you and Nate decorated together. You know the one with the little, pretty flowers? It's true. I'll show you. Darlin', I have every drawing that you sent me. I have every picture, every poem that you wrote about the places that you visited.

Lily: Okay. So you saved my letters. I guess that's nice.

Neil: Yeah, it was even nicer getting them. And even better than that was having you show up here out of the blue today. I have missed you, Lily. Did your mom tell you that I was hoping that you'd be able to stay until --?

Lily: Mom didn't say anything.

Neil: Well, they're gonna let me out of here soon, and I was really hoping that you'd be able to stay until then.

Lily: Why?

Neil: Well, I told you, because I want to make amends to you.

Lily: You mean for the way that creepy guy scared us to death in your apartment?

Neil: For all of it, yes. I'm sorry. I let you down. And I want to start making up for it right away, before you leave. I want us to spend a little bit of normal time together.

Lily: Just like that, huh? Normal time? You think it'll be that easy? Because I sure don't.

Isabella: Not here. Fine, I'll wait.

Chantal: May I help you? Ms. B.?

Isabella: Hi, Chantal. Actually, it's Mrs. Williams now.

Chantal: That's right. It was in the paper. Congratulations.

Isabella: Thank you. I was looking for Christine.

Chantal: She isn't here.

Isabella: So I've gathered. These blankets -- did she sleep here?

Chantal: I wouldn't really know.

Isabella: Well, well, well. The plot thickens.

Chantal: Excuse me?

Isabella: Am I way off base, Chantal, or have Christine and Michael gotten better acquainted?

Sharon: Please, Diego, you have to do this for me. I have a marriage. I have a family. I have so much more to lose. And you were the one telling me that, remember? You said you would do anything to save my family.

Diego: Anything within reason. I have to draw the line, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, you have to draw the line. Well, that's great, showing self-discipline. Too bad you didn't have that the night I threw myself at you.

Diego: That is a completely different story.

Sharon: Oh, really? I don't think so. Either way, it's about a guy who couldn't control himself.

Diego: Couldn't control you.

Sharon: Look -- I don't know if there's any hope for Nick and me. But if there is a chance, it'll be gone if he thinks I was chasing after you. Please, you have to do this for me.

Diego: I canít.

Sharon: Look, if you think Iím gonna beg, you are wrong. Besides, I shouldn't have to. You owe this to me.

Diego: Owe you?

Sharon: Yes, you owe me! The night I came here, I was so upset. I thought that Nick had just been with Grace. I thought my marriage was over. And I may have reached out to you, but you should've turned me away.

Diego: And you're claiming now that I took advantage of you?

Sharon: Well, you shouldn't have let it go as far as it did.

Diego: We were friends, Sharon -- close friends. We talked about our problems.

Sharon: So?

Diego: You and Nick were going through a rough time. It was dumb of me not to realize that --

Sharon: That what? What, that I may have been playing games?

Diego: No, that you had no idea what you were doing!

Sharon: Okay. So then, because you were totally clueless and acting presumptuous, I'm the one that has to pay the price? I'm the one that has to lose my family? I can't believe you're not gonna do this for me!

Diego: I said I would take the blame, didn't I? I said I would tell him that I made the first move.

Sharon: I told you, that's not enough.

Diego: Why not?!

Sharon: Because of Victoria. She's on my case now more than ever.

Diego: What exactly did Victoria tell you about me?

Sharon: She thinks that I was still interested in you. And that, yes, it may have been a one-time thing, but I wanted it to be more.

Diego: Did you?

Sharon: No.

Diego: So you were acting all strange, telling her not to get involved with me. Sharon, it's you and your mouth that caused all this trouble.

Sharon: Please, Diego, you have to say that that was because you were still hitting on me. You have to do this for me.

Diego: I can't, because that is not the truth.

Sharon: No, it's because it would hurt Victoria, and now that you've moved on to her, you don't care about helping me anymore. The only person you care about is yourself.

Chris: I can't believe I just ran into you.

Lynne: I know. I'm glad. I hate eating alone. I haven't ordered yet. Do you want to take a look at the menu?

Chris: Chinese chicken salad.

Lynne: That's easy.

Chris: So we didn't have as much time to catch up the other night as I would've liked.

Lynne: Yeah, I know. Weddings are tough unless it's a sit-down dinner.

Chris: Yeah, mingle, mingle.

Lynne: It was a beautiful ceremony, though.

Chris: Let's hope this time it takes.

Lynne: Well, I don't think Iíve ever seen two people look more in love.

Chris: Yeah, Nikki and Victor are meant to be together. There's no question about that. And what about you? Will you be looking for a bridesmaid anytime soon?

Lynne: Don't I wish.

Chris: Nobody special, huh?

Lynne: Oh, I'm just too picky. I don't want to settle for someone who isn't really --

Chris: Yeah, the one. I know what you mean.

Lynne: This is so weird.

Chris: What?

Lynne: Well, you and I are sitting here together as if nothing's changed, and everything has. Sometimes it just hits me, and I can't believe it.

Chris: Oh, Lynne.

Lynne: Oh, wait, Chris. I've had a really hard time accepting your divorce, because, in my heart, I know Paul isn't over you. I don't think he ever will be. I know he's not that happy with Isabella. And as far as I'm concerned, you two belong together. There, I said it.

Chantal: Ms. B -- Mrs. Williams, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Isabella: Oh, come on, don't give me that. Do I have to spell it out for you?

Chantal: Please don't.

Isabella: Your two bosses here in the office behind closed doors.

Chantal: I'm not at liberty to discuss anything.

Isabella: Never mind, you just answered my question.

Michael: Isabella?

Isabella: Hi, Michael.

Chantal: I was just about to leave for the day. Is that all right?

Michael: That's good. Fine, Chantal. I'll see you tomorrow.

Isabella: Did you lose something, tiger?

Dru: You know, Wes, it would have been nice if you called first to make sure Lily's story was accurate, you know?

Wes: Come on, you missed me a little. I know you did. I swear -- my memory must be going. You're more beautiful than I remember.

Dru: Thank you. It's good to see you, too, Wes, really. Are you hungry?

Wes: No. They actually fed us pretty decently on the plane.

Dru: Good.

Wes: But thank you.

Dru: Yeah. I'm thirsty. I'm gonna get something to drink. Do you want some ice tea?

Wes: Ice tea sounds good.

Dru: Okay. Listen, do you have any idea why Lily called you?

Wes: I mean, I could tell she felt frustrated, needed someone to talk to. From what I understand, you've been going through a lot lately.

Dru: It's complicated.

Wes: Yeah. Lily's father's been drinking.

Dru: Is there anything she didn't tell you?

Wes: Is there some reason you wouldn't want me to know?

Neil: You know, Lily, I never said any of this would be easy, but I think it's possible, because I remember the way things used to be, and Iím sure if you think about it, you remember, too. It wasn't that long ago. I mean, remember the last time that you were here? We had such a blast together. Don't you remember? I took you to that amusement park down in Gurnee and rode all those crazy rides together. Do you remember there was that one roller coaster where we were riding upside down? You grabbed my hand so tight and dug your nails in. We laughed all day about that, Lily.

Lily: I was just a kid then.

Neil: Yeah, me, too. Sure was fun, though. Bet you they don't have roller coasters like that in France.

Lily: Well, they have other things.

Neil: Well, Iím sure they do. France is a wonderful country. This here -- this is your home.

Lily: You're trying to talk me out of going back.

Neil: You caught me. You're right. That isn't fair. I'm just trying to make you remember that you have a life here in Genoa City -- a good one. The people who love you most in the world -- they're here. They're all right here.

Lily: That was a long time ago. You can't just shave off your beard and start talking normal and suddenly we're daddy and daughter like we used to be.

Neil: Just give me some time, Lily. Please?

Lily: Look, all I can tell you is how Iím feeling, and, right now, I want to go home -- to Paris!

[Door closes]

Paul: Hell, yes, it disturbs me because I know Baldwin. I know what he's capable of, and when I think of him and Chris together, I just want to wring his miserable little neck. You know, and maybe I'll do it one day just for the pure satisfaction.

Lauren: My, such passion.

Paul: So what's your point?

Lauren: Isabella told me that if I talked to you about this that you would just hook everything onto your hostility for Michael, but judging from your reaction, don't you think you're being just a bit overprotective over who Chris decides to date? I mean, no wonder your wife is picking up vibes.

Paul: I just don't want to see her falling into that dirt bagís trap. That is all.

Lauren: But she is history. Forget about her.

Paul: I would like to.

Lauren: Well, you're not exactly trying very hard.

Paul: Well, hey, I'm not the one perpetuating it, either.

Lauren: Oh, really?

Paul: Really.

Lauren: What, is she stalking you, calling you on the sly?

Paul: No.

Lauren: But you're trying to get me to believe that she's the aggressor?

Paul: Damn it, Lauren, she kissed me at the wedding!

Lauren: Just, what, a peck on the --?

Paul: No, it wasn't like that. We were alone. She grabbed me. It was the real deal, believe me.

Lauren: What the hell is up with that?

Paul: She's all over the place. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing. She's dating Baldwin and kissing me. I mean, if we had really been alone, and not at some function, who knows where she would have liked it to have gone.

Lauren: What about you? How far would you have gone?

Paul: Well, Iím glad it didn't get to that point. I am married to Isabella.

Lauren: I'm sure whatever is going on there is -- it's not serious.

Paul: Oh. So the fact that she's only playing patty-cake with the most morally corrupt person I know, that should make me feel better? Why don't I find that comforting?

Nick: Victoria, this guy's been after my wife for months. He's been messing with her head, just waiting for another crack at her.

Victoria: Really? When? When would he have the time? He's spent every spare moment with me, Nicholas, and believe me, he wasn't thinking of another woman.

Nick: Okay, like I need to hear this on top of everything else.

Victoria: You know what? I think you do need to hear it because you have this delusional perception that Sharon is some innocent bystander in all this.

Nick: Okay, so what's your theory? That she went down there and raped this guy? I don't think so. It doesn't work that way.

Victoria: What do I have to do to get you to open your eyes? You can't heap all the blame on one person.

Nick: He deserves all the blame, every bit of it.

Victoria: That's absurd.

Nick: That's the truth.

Victoria: No, the truth is, Diego has been pursuing me, Nicholas. And you know what? I know when a guy is interested in me. I mean, when you spend days in bed --

Nick: All right, that is enough!

Victoria: You need to hear this. You need to face reality. What happened between Diego and me, yeah, it was unexpected. But you know what it was? It was normal. It was totally and completely normal. What wasn't normal is the way Sharon reacted every time she saw Diego and me together, how fired up she got about how I wasn't right for him and how I was a man-eater that was gonna break his heart. And even if she did believe that, why make such a big deal out of it? I'll tell you why. Because she couldn't stand to see her lover with another woman, especially me.

Nick: You are out of your mind. You've got the hots for this guy, and now you're defending him!

Victoria: I think you're the one with blinders on, Nicholas. You said that Sharon was acting out of jealousy. And now you're in denial. And you know what? I understand why. I really do. It hurts less to believe that she was a victim.

Nick: That's not --

Victoria: No, you have to make him into this predatory monster, because if you can make it all his fault, if you can blame him for everything, then maybe, just maybe, you can salvage something of your marriage, but you're deluding yourself. Sharon is screwed up big time, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you're gonna save yourself a lot of hurt and heartache.

Diego: Look, Sharon, whatever problems you have, you brought 'em upon yourself. How many times did I warn you to chill out and get your act together? It's not my fault you couldn't do that.

Sharon: That's not fair.

Diego: I told you to protect yourself and your family. And what did you do? You obsessed over what happened between us, worked yourself into a state, and get all weird all summer with everyone involved until you had no choice but to spill your guts. And now you expect me to cover for you?

Sharon: I acted that way because you were asking me to do the impossible. It wasn't because I was in love with you. It was just the stress of the situation.

Diego: That's what all this is? Stress and guilt about a secret that deserved to be kept, that should have been kept? That's all what led to this?

Sharon: Are you gonna help me or not?

Diego: No, Sharon, not the way you want it. You know what? It doesn't have to be over between you and Nick. You still have a chance. You're just gonna have to face the truth and deal with it and be honest. You know what? You're in a real mess, and Iím sorry, but it's not my fault, so stop pretending that it is.

Michael: Give me that.

Isabella: You know, being married to a detective, one learns to pick up on certain clues -- blankets in a heap, clothes strewn across the floor.

Michael: It's just a tie, Isabella. It's one tie.

Isabella: No lacy unmentionables stuffed between the sofa cushions?

Michael: You have a dirty mind.

Isabella: And you -- my sexy former whatever you were -- you have a certain gleam in your eye, which can only mean one thing. You took my advice, didn't you? You found a way to bed the lovely Christine.

Michael: Think what you like.

Isabella: Then it is true. Hallelujah. Now maybe she can turn her baby blues in a different direction, away from my husband.

Michael: That's what your hope is.

Isabella: Yes, and it's yours, too. Don't deny it. I didn't give you enough credit, Michael. I said if you tried hard and didn't give up, you would probably have your way with her. I had no idea a few hours later you'd be romping around in her office. So how did you manage to do it so quickly?

Michael: You know I can't discuss this.

Isabella: Because you're a perfect gentleman? Please. Come on. How did you handle it? Unless, of course, you're toying with me. This did happen, right?

Michael: Is discretion a word that means anything to you?

Isabella: Yes. Oh, congratulations. Just when I thought everything was falling apart, you have managed to pull it all back together.

Michael: Isabella, why did you come here in the first place? You never did say.

Isabella: I actually came here to give Christine a piece of my mind, to tell her to say away from Paul. But that's not necessary now. I could just kiss you.

Michael: That's okay.

Isabella: I'll leave you here in your bliss. I don't want anyone walking in and finding us talking to each other. Now that we're both where we want to be, it's more important now than ever to keep our secret safe.

Michael: What?

Isabella: I just can't believe it. For the first time since her highness came back into town, I can finally relax a little. But don't you. You keep her busy -- very busy -- too busy to even think about Paul. Comprende?

Lynne: My fault?

Chris: What?

Lynne: You got so quiet. I know I probably shouldn't have said what I did before.

Chris: No, you shouldnít.

Lynne: I'm not taking it back.

Chris: Well, Lynne, I don't need to hear you say it again that Paul and I should be together.

Lynne: You don't agree?

Chris: I know you're just saying how you wish it could be, but whatever you think our feelings are, it's not gonna happen, and hearing you say it again doesn't make me feel any better.

Lynne: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. But, you know, it makes me wonder the fact that you are so upset --

Chris: Can we just drop it?

Lynne: One more thing. Can you really move beyond Paul?

Chris: I already have moved beyond Paul.

Lynne: Do you mean Michael? Oh, my God. Are you telling me that that thing you have going with Michael is for real?

Chris: I don't know what it is, but, yes, it's for real. Try not to look so pleased.

Lynne: I'm sorry. I just can't picture you and Michael Baldwin.

Chris: Yeah, I know you're shocked, and I understand why. Six months ago, I would've been, too.

Lynne: And now you're involved and loving every minute?

Chris: Would I be rubbing your nose in it if I said you're right?

Lynne: Would I put yours out of joint by reminding you --?

Chris: Yeah, I know -- about the man he used to be.

Lynne: You honestly believe people can change that much?

Lauren: Are you being hypocritical, or is your head just in the sand?

Paul: What, you don't think I have anything to be concerned about?

Lauren: It's not your problem. It can't be your problem, not if you give a damn about Isabellaís feelings.

Paul: You know, the last thing I want to do is hurt my wife. But I don't get it. Why can't Chris just let go?

Lauren: And why can't you? I mean, the two of you are unbelievable. You go back and forth, and you torment each other. Quite frankly, what the two of you need is a good shrink.

Paul: You know, this whole thing started when she took that job in Hong Kong. None of this would've happened if she hadn't have gone. And then she ends up staying overseas, in Australia, for crying out loud.

Lauren: You do realize how lame that sounds, right? I mean, you could have gone after her. In fact, why didn't you?

Paul: Because I was pretty teed off at the time.

Lauren: Well, Paul, what happened after that?

Paul: Well, believe it or not, I had a plane ticket in my hand, but I couldn't go because I had that job I couldn't turn down.

Lauren: What job?

Paul: Isabella's case.

Lauren: Wow. That's interesting timing.

Paul: Pretty ironic, isn't it?

Lauren: Yeah.

Paul: But life is strange. That's just how it ended up happening. You know, sometimes I wonder what would have happened with Chris and me if Isabella hadn't walked into my office that day. But you know what? You cannot look back. And I'm not gonna waste a lot of time wondering "what if?" So I just prefer to think it was fate stepping in.

Lauren: Maybe it was. I guess we'll never know.

Chris: Even I have to admit, I am surprised that I feel as good as I do with the man. But Michael is quite a guy. Look, I know you don't believe he's changed. Most people donít. But it's the truth, and he deserves a second chance. Paul would never, ever have agreed with that. But do you want to know something? I was right. And Michael proved I was right.

Lynne: So far, he's proven it.

Chris: So be skeptical, but the man has handled himself impeccably ever since the parole board gave him his life back. And, Lynne, he's been good to me. He's been kind and generous, and he has earned my trust and respect.

Lynne: Great. Then work with him. Help him run for mayor, but, Chris, to let it get personal --

Chris: All right, listen -- I don't know where things are headed, but wherever they go, I'm planning on enjoying it.

Dru: Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just that I wasn't expecting you to start talking about Neil, especially the drinking.

Wes: What, you didn't expect Lily to confide in me? We are pretty close.

Dru: No, I know, and I understand why she needed to reach out to somebody. It's just that this whole thing has been mind-blowing, but the good news is that Neilís getting better. He's in rehab.

Wes: Right. How's he doing?

Dru: So far, so good.

Wes: Wow. What an ordeal for you.

Dru: No. No, my family's been dealing with it a lot longer than I have.

Wes: Still, to walk in on it with no warning, so how's Lily handling all this?

Dru: You know she's from tough stock, but it's still difficult for her.

Wes: Well, she's such a great kid. Yeah, she's tough, like her mom.

Dru: You mean bullheaded?

Wes: I mean, this all has to be very hard for her, though, and very confusing. I'm just so glad she felt she could call me, lean on me a little, you know?

Dru: Wes, I know you really care for her.

Wes: That goes with the territory. The situation with Lily's father -- is that why you've extended your stay here?

Dru: You know, I don't recall sharing a timetable with you as to when I was going back to Paris.

Wes: Whoa, whoa. Easy, easy, Dru. All right, I just assumed --

Dru: Please don't assume. Don't assume, 'cause that really gets on my nerves.

Wes: What does, Dru? I mean, the situation, or my trying to get a handle on what's going on with you?

Victoria: Look, I don't like saying these things about Sharon, but you have to look at what is and not just this fantasy that you're wishing for.

Nick: Why? Victoria, I have given her everything. We have a good life. You know, our trip to the Caribbean -- it was perfect. I mean, everything was right. At least I thought it was. I mean, how could this have been going on under my nose?

Victoria: I have no answers for you. Frankly, I think Sharonís out of her mind. But maybe you can get her to open up, get the real story about what happened with her and Diego, and not this fiction that she's been selling about herself. And that way you can make some healthy decisions for you and the kids.

Nick: You know, when I think about the way Sharonís been acting -- it's been driving me crazy trying to figure it all out, but when I look at everything your way --

Victoria: I know you're suffering, and Iím not trying to cause more trouble. I'm really not. I mean, believe me, I feel betrayed, too. But you have to look reality in the eye. You have to understand who was pursuing whom. You have to make Sharon come clean with you. It's the only way of saving your marriage.

Dru: You know, Wes, I really don't want to discuss this right now.

Wes: All right.

Dru: I know that you mean well and that you want to help out, but I also know that you have a propensity to try to figure things out.

Wes: Right. But you don't want me to help out here?

Dru: I don't see how you could.

Wes: Why would you say that?

Dru: Because Neilís my husband, and I don't see how you could be objective.

Wes: Ex-husband, Dru. And my life's work is to be objective in situations like this. Don't do that.

Dru: Don't do what?

Wes: Just tell me what you're thinking, whatever it is you're feeling.

Dru: Please don't play shrink with me, okay?

Wes: I can leave if that's what you want.

Lily: Wesley! You're here!

Nick: I've been waiting for you.

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