Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/17/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/17/02


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Lauren: So how can I help? What's up?

Paul: Well, the original date we planned for the baptism is not going to work.

Isabella: The church was booked solid that day.

Lauren: Hmm, I'm surprised Mary couldn't pull any strings.


Lauren: She's practically mother superior over there.

Isabella: She's been great. She just didn't want to interfere.

Paul: Yeah. Believe me, she is plenty involved in the reception afterward.

Lauren: All right. Well, when you get something set in stone, let me know. Oh, speaking of ceremonies, how was the Newman wedding?

Paul: You know what? I'm gonna check downstairs with Aaron to see if that courier package has arrived. I'll be right back.

Lauren: So what's going on with him?

Isabella: One word -- Christine.

Diego: Yeah, I kinda figured you had something more to say.

Nick: I got a lot to say.

Diego: What, you wanna step outside and say it or you want me to come in? Nick, if there's any way I can take back what I did --

Nick: Shut up! First, you're fired.

Diego: Yeah, I kind of figured.

Nick: Both jobs -- the ranch and the coffeehouse.

Diego: You know what? I told your mom I'd take care of the horses until she got back.

Nick: Yeah, I don't care. I already talked to Walt, the guy you replaced. He's gonna come back and look after things until I can find a permanent replacement.

Diego: You don't waste any time, do you?

Nick: After what you did? Man, you're lucky I don't break your neck.

Diego: Yeah, well, if that makes you feel better, go for it. 'Cause this time you're not gonna catch me by surprise. I've taken all the beating Iím gonna take, Nick.

Sharon: I was looking for Nick.

Victoria: He's not here.

Sharon: Yeah, I can see that.

Victoria: Wait. Since you're here, I have a question for you.

Sharon: About?

Victoria: Diego.

Sharon: Oh, big surprise.

Victoria: So after you two did the deed, there was something more going on, wasn't there?

Sharon: Vicki, I told you --

Victoria: Don't deny it. It was obvious.

Sharon: Look, I thought you wanted to ask me a question. If you're just going to stand here and harass me --

Victoria: All right, fine. Diego said that, after that one time, he backed totally away from you.

Sharon: Yeah. So?

Victoria: So was he telling me the truth? Were you the one who was having trouble letting go?

Sharon: Oh, my God. Have you been talking to Nick about this? Is that what he thinks?

Drucilla: Girl, get your feet off the couch. And what are you gonna do? Lie around all day like a bump on the log or go do something?

Lily: I'm bored.

Drucilla: Then read your book. Go for a walk.

Lily: I'd rather go back to Paris.

Drucilla: Don't start, okay? We've already been through that, Lily.

Lily: Yeah, yeah, I know. We have to stay. But you won't even tell me why or even when we're leaving.

Drucilla: When I say so, freshy.

Lily: Because of Dad, I suppose.

Drucilla: Because of a lot of things.

Lily: You know, I think you're more worried about him than you are about me.

Drucilla: This is not a contest, Lily. I am not picking sides. Did it ever occur to you that Iím on both of your sides?

Lily: Not really.

Drucilla: Okay, I know you're 14, and I know you think you're grown, but you're not. And there are a lot of things that you don't understand. And I am not going to explain them to you right now. Now, I gotta go.

Lily: Whatever.

Drucilla: Watch your mouth. There's food in the fridge if you get hungry, all right? See ya.

[Door closes]

Lily: God, where's Wesley? Why haven't I heard from him? Great, machine. Hey, Wes, it's me, Lily. Where are you? You can't just leave me here to rot.

[Knocking at the door]

Neil: Come in. Hey, Iíll be with you in a second. Just finishing up my journal entry, okay?

Serena: Thought Iíd hear from you by now.

Neil: Serena. Hey, lady.

Serena: Whoa. Look at you. Check out this face.

Neil: Yeah, Mr. Clean. What do you think?

Serena: You look good. They must be doing something right in this place.

Neil: Come on, now, anyone can get a shave and a haircut.

Serena: You mean underneath that fine lookin' man, nothing's changed?

Neil: On the contrary, Serena. A lot has changed. For one thing, my hands aren't shaking anymore, you know? And I can go for hours -- no, make that half hours, sometime minutes, without thinking about a drink. And if I do think about a drink, I just pray.

Serena: Good for you. What's this about a journal?

Neil: This -- it's part of my rehab. You know, I'm putting my thoughts down on paper, my feelings. Enough about me. How are things going with you?

Serena: What're you asking? If Iím drinking again?

Neil: Are you?

Victoria: Nicholas and I have talked about a lot of things. And frankly, I don't really care what he believes. I just want the truth.

Sharon: What did Diego tell you? That I was panting after him?

Victoria: He didn't exactly put it that way.

Sharon: Well, obviously, that's the message he put out or you wouldn't be in my face like this.

Victoria: You haven't answered my question, Sharon.

Sharon: The truth is -- I realized right away what a terrible mistake I made and I wanted to put it behind me.

Victoria: What about your attitude toward me?

Sharon: If I was acting strangely, it had nothing to do with you.

Victoria: What, then?

Sharon: I couldn't stand keeping this horrible secret inside of me. In fact, I wanted to tell Nick right after it happened.

Victoria: Why didn't you?

Sharon: Because Diego convinced me that if we both just keep our mouths shut, nobody would have to know. I mean, it wasn't going to happen again, certainly.

Victoria: So you just went along with him?

Sharon: I tried to keep it from Nick. I tried to save him a lot of pain, but it was tearing me up inside.

Victoria: I'm just having a hard time believing all this.

Sharon: Victoria, why can't you understand the kind of strain I was under trying to keep this a secret?

Victoria: If you say so.

Sharon: Look, whatever you believe, I wasn't trying to seduce Diego.

Victoria: What about the first time around? Did you seduce him then?

Sharon: I moved on with my marriage. Diego moved on with you.

Victoria: Something just doesn't make sense here.

Sharon: What?

Victoria: Your guilt about keeping this from Nicholas is one thing. But your attitude toward me is something else. Not anyone else in the family -- just me. I mean, why were you behaving like that? What was that all about? And don't say nothing, because I'm not buying it.

Nick: I gave you a job and a place to live. And how do you pay me back? You sleep with my wife. And then you move on to my sister. What the hell's the matter with you? Man, I would have tossed you out the minute I learned the truth if it wasn't for my parent's wedding. But now I want you out!

Diego: All right, fine, I will pack today. But I've got something to say before I go.

Chris: Hi.

Michael: Hi, sleepyhead.

Chris: Nice nap.

Michael: I brought you some coffee.

Chris: So I see. Thank you.

Michael: Yeah, my pleasure.

Chris: Well, judging by your outfit, I assume that Chantal is still out?

Michael: Oh, yeah. She's out on a lot of appointments.

Chris: How convenient for us.

Michael: Yeah, but if a client should walk in --

Chris: Oh, they'd realize that lawyers are flesh and blood people.

Michael: Yeah. Some more than others.

Chris: Who enjoy the same activities as the rest of the human race.

Michael: You're certainly chipper.

Chris: Any reason I shouldn't be?

Michael: No. No. If you're hungry, we can order in or we can get dressed and go out. What?

Chris: You don't want to talk about what just happened?

Michael: I hadn't planned to.

Chris: Not at all?

Michael: It was wonderful. It was beautiful. You're beautiful. That's all I have to say.

Chris: Okay.

Lauren: So Christine was at the wedding? Well, you know, that makes sense. She's tight with the Newmans. Paul had to expect that he was gonna run into her there.

Isabella: What he didn't expect was to see her on the arm of his worst enemy.

Lauren: She brought Michael Baldwin?

Isabella: Mmm-hmm.

Lauren: Hmm. He's been chasing her forever. I'm a little surprised she let herself get caught.

Isabella: Why is everyone so against it? I think they're perfect together.

Lauren: You would think that anyone was perfect for her as long as it wasn't your husband.

Isabella: You probably think like Paul does -- that Christine is too good for Michael.

Lauren: Frankly, I don't care who Blondie hooks up with. If she chooses her law partner, well, so be it. I just wish for your sake --

Isabella: What?

Lauren: That she would find someone to sweep her off her feet and keep her in a lasting relationship.

Serena: You'll be happy to know that I am holding the line.

Neil: Dry?

Serena: As the Arizona desert.

Neil: No meetings, no lectures, no shrinks?

Serena: So far, so good. How are they treating you?

Neil: It's been kind of rough here, you know? Not exactly my idea of having fun, hanging out with a bunch of screwed up people, trading horror stories.

Serena: The big question -- is it working?

Neil: I feel like it's working, you know? Hey, rumor has it that they might be springing me pretty soon.

Serena: That means we can spend more time together.

Neil: Yeah, Serena, my priority is getting well. You know, I'm not sure what it means for us.

Serena: This is about your ex, right?

Neil: Drucilla?

Serena: I know she's been here.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, you're right. She was here, just once. I asked her not to leave town. I told her that I wanted to make amends with my daughter.

Serena: Have you?

Neil: No, not yet. For all I know, Dru and Lily hopped a plane back to Europe, you know?

Serena: You still have a thing for her, don't you?

Neil: Serena, where are you gettin' that? Drucilla hasn't been part of my life for years.

Serena: But now she's here.

Neil: Yeah, which came totally out of the blue. I had no idea she was gonna show up. Serena, need I remind you what kind of shape I was in?

Serena: Which your daughter didn't know anything about.

Neil: Right. So imagine how Lily felt when she saw her old man looking and acting like he just crawled out of the gutter. I love this girl. I am her father. She deserves better.

Serena: You know, I get your feelings for your daughter. What Iím wondering about are your feelings for her mother.

Neil: I was married to her once. Why this cross-examination? Serena, I don't really want to talk about this anymore, if you don't mind. This really isn't helping me, you know?

Serena: Fine. You don't have to tell me anything. I understand. I'll leave.

Neil: Well, no, don't leave now. Serena, come on, don't be that way.

[Door slams]

Olivia: Hey.

Drucilla: Hey yourself.

Olivia: So, problems?

Drucilla: Mmm-hmm. Another fun-filled conversation with my daughter.

Olivia: Is she giving you a bad time?

Drucilla: Like a broken record. "When are we going back to Paris? When we leaving Genoa City?" When, when, when, when, when, when, when?

Olivia: Actually, I was wondering that myself.

Drucilla: Really? How come?

Olivia: I'm just curious as to what your plans are.

Drucilla: What if I told you I don't have any yet?

Olivia: Have you seen Neil again?

Drucilla: Nope.

Olivia: How come?

Drucilla: Have you?

Olivia: Not yet. He's going through a very intense time right now -- group therapy. You know, rehab is a 24-hour-a-day process.

Drucilla: So if you haven't gone to see him, why are you climbing all over me for not going?

Olivia: I'm not climbing all over you. I just wondered if you'd seen him again, and explaining why I havenít. You do understand that when he's out of rehab it's not finished. It's just the beginning.

Drucilla: I know that part, Olivia.

Olivia: You do?

Drucilla: Mmm-hmm.

Olivia: Does that mean you plan on sticking around, being part of the support system?

Chris: Oh, I mean it. If you ever get the chance to go to Australia, do it. You'll love it.

Michael: It sounds like you had a very enjoyable time.

Chris: I'm telling you, you haven't lived until you've seen the kangaroos.

Michael: I've seen a kangaroo.

Chris: No, not in a zoo. I'm talking about being out on a country road, and suddenly there they are hopping along. It's like nothing you can imagine. And the cockatoos -- yeah, you've probably seen one on a perch in someone's house, but when the trees are filled with them --

Michael: Sounds like an adventure.

Chris: Yeah. And the people -- they're so nice and friendly. There's nothing phony about an Aussie. What you see is what you get.

Michael: Oh, I hope you're not thinking about going back there too soon.

Chris: Ah, not at the moment, no.

Michael: Good, because I need some major help on the Flanagan case.

Chris: Oh, no business talk, okay?

Michael: Why? We're naked in your office.

Chris: Yeah, but we're on a break.

Michael: Okay. I'll say. More coffee?

Chris: No, thanks. I am definitely awake.

Michael: How awake?

Chris: Enough.

Chantal: Oh gosh, I didn't realize anyone was here.

Michael: Yeah, we're here.  

Chantal: I have this file for Christine, so I'm just gonna -- Iíll leave it right there. Okay.

Michael: I think we have ruined Chantal for the rest of her life.

Chris: Oh, God. Well, we're all adults here, aren't we?

Michael: Yeah, well, maybe Chantalís entrance is a signal that we should get back to business.

Chris: The Flanagan case.

Michael: Yes, the Flanagan case. I mean, it's not complicated, legally, but it's the personalities involved that make it challenging.

Chris: Well, between us, we'll sort it out.

Michael: Yeah, because we're a team, right?

Chris: Yeah. Why don't you hand me my clothes, teammate?

Michael: Okay, teammate. I will hand you your clothes. Let's see, here you go.

Chris: Thank you.

Michael: This is mine.

Sharon: You were keeping such a close eye on me during that time. That's the only reason I acted differently toward you.

Victoria: And the fact that I was going out with Diego, that had nothing to do with it?

Sharon: I was afraid that he might let his guard down and blurt out what happened.

Victoria: Oh, come on. Diego doesn't just blurt things out.

Sharon: And besides, I didn't think Diego was right for you, and I hated to think that you might get hurt again after everything you'd been through.

Victoria: Oh, please! You were worried about Diego! You told Nicholas I was a man-eater!

Sharon: Well, I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry.

Victoria: Hey, if that's what you really think about me --

Sharon: No, it isnít. I didn't mean it.

Victoria: I don't think you know what you mean. Let me clarify things for you, Sharon. You didn't want me going out with Diego because you were jealous.

Sharon: No, I --

Victoria: You are a real piece of work, you know that?

Sharon: What is that supposed to mean?

Victoria: You go on this romantic trip with my brother. You come back, you tell him how in love you are with him, you say you want to have another baby with him, and all the while, you've got this other guy on the side.

Sharon: You are twisting everything. That's not how it was.

Victoria: You couldn't stand the idea that Diego might be interested in someone else.

Sharon: No, you are wrong. Nick and I were committed. We were ready to rebuild our relationship, and we were happy -- both of us. I couldn't hold onto the guilt any longer. Why can't you believe me, Victoria? Why are you trying to create more trouble?

Victoria: I'm not. But it matters to me whether Diego was being straight with me or not. And now I guess I have my answer.

Sharon: Victoria, please. I am begging you -- don't create more trouble for Nick and me.

Diego: What happened with Sharon and me never should have happened. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nick: So that's your excuse?

Diego: It's not like I was going after your wife. It's not like that at all.

Nick: Okay, then what happened?

Diego: Sharon believed you had something going on with that Grace person. It brought up a lot of bad memories. She was feeling sick inside -- feeling hurt and rejected. That is the woman that walked through my door.

Nick: And then you took advantage of her.

Diego: Not really.

Nick: Okay, then what? She came after you?

Diego: It takes two, okay? I was weak and stupid. Yeah, and I betrayed you. But I was not the only one.

Nick: You know, it's a pretty slime ball move to go after a woman in the state Sharon was in.

Diego: That is the last thing that was on my mind that day.

Nick: Yeah, but it happened, didn't it? And then you didn't have the guts to admit it happened.

Diego: And telling you would have blown your marriage to hell. I think your reaction proves that, don't you?

Nick: Oh, that's convenient logic.

Diego: For what it's worth, Sharon wanted to tell you right away.

Nick: Oh, Iíll bet.

Diego: Seriously! I was the one that told her not to. It was a one-time mistake, and telling you would have only added to the damage.

Nick: Yet you still played the role of my buddy, so concerned about my marriage and trying to help --

Diego: You know what? I was wrong. I admit that. I knew I should have left town.

Nick: Why the hell didn't you?

Diego: If I had -- with your family practically begging me to stay -- it would have only looked weird.

Nick: That is such a crock and you know it. Why didn't you leave town when you had the chance?!

Isabella: Look, Christine knows Michael as well as she knows anyone. They run a law practice together, don't forget.

Lauren: No, and I also remember their very bizarre history before that.

Isabella: What does that mean?

Lauren: It's not important now. So tell me about Paulís reaction. I mean, was it more from seeing Christine or from seeing Christine with Michael?

Isabella: Paul hates that Christine is with a man who he considers the scum of the earth. At least, that's the reason he gave me.

Lauren: But you think there's more to it?

Isabella: All I know is that I was starting to feel like Paul and I were on solid ground -- creating a life together as a family. But Christine isn't out of the picture. And little did I know, she and my husband were having clandestine meetings.

Lauren: What makes you think that?

Isabella: I just know, okay? A little birdie told me.

Lauren: And you believe this little birdie?

Isabella: You know, you've known Christine longer than I have, and you're close to Paul. Has he confided in you?

Lauren: About Christine?

Isabella: Has he told you anything that makes you think he's not over her?

Lauren: Isabella --

Isabella: Because if he has, I wish you would tell me. I know she's not over him.

Lauren: You think she's pursuing him?

Isabella: That's probably why she's showing up all over town with Michael, trying to drive him crazy.

Lauren: Okay, you need to take my advice here. You have got to forget about Christine and focus on your marriage.

Isabella: I am. But why are you telling me that? Do you know something I don't?

Drucilla: Girl, you know I care about Neil, but I am still blown away that he is even in this situation. We're talking about a man who's always been on top of his game, always.

Olivia: I know. I know. It was shock to all of us.

Drucilla: Well, it sure shocked the hell out of me. Didn't you see it coming?

Olivia: I noticed some signs. But the man wasn't in any frame of mind to take advice from anyone.

Drucilla: When did the drinking get started, Olivia?

Olivia: What I think beneath that button-down exterior, he wasn't dealing with a lot of issues.

Drucilla: Yeah, you're talking about Malcolm, right?

Olivia: During the time surrounding Malcolmís death, there were complications. And he felt responsible, whether he had reason to or not.

Drucilla: Whatever. I should have known about Neilís drinking.

Olivia: You're right. You should have known. And you should have checked in more frequently, too.

Drucilla: Oh, here we go. Maybe I shouldn't have come home.

Olivia: Well, we all know why you did. 'Cause you needed help with Lily. 'Cause whenever you need help, whenever you need something, all of a sudden it's "I need the family. I want the family." Well, you know what? It's a two-way street.

Drucilla: You're right. I needed the family, and it looks like the family needs me. Bottom line, Iím still here, right?

Olivia: And now that you mention it, why are you? I mean, Lily wants to go back to Paris and school's starting soon.

Drucilla: Boy, you're all up in my business. I want Neil to get well just like you do.

Olivia: And you really think your being here is gonna help that?

Drucilla: Oh, wow. You know, Neil wants me to stay here until he finishes rehab. He wants to make amends with his daughter, if that's okay with you.

Olivia: You know what I think?

Drucilla: Well, you're gonna tell me.

Olivia: I think your staying here is not gonna help Neil.

Lily: Dad?

Neil: Well, look who's here.

Lily: You shaved.

Neil: Yeah, what do you think?

Lily: You look more like I remember.

Neil: Well, hey, I mean, this is so great, you coming by here to visit. Is your mom or your aunt Olivia outside?

Lily: No, I took the bus.

Neil: The bus?

Lily: Look, don't sweat it. I took the metro in Paris all the time, so I can handle it.

Neil: Lily, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you'd come all the way down here to see me on your own.

Lily: No big deal.

Neil: Oh, no, it is. It's a big deal to me. So your mom probably told you that I asked her to stay in town. I wasn't sure, though, what she decided. Lily, I missed you. I have missed you so much.

Lily: Well, I suppose I should've come sooner.

Neil: I'm just glad you're here at all. You know, I wouldn't blame you for being completely angry with me.

Lily: Angry with you?

Neil: Well, yeah, you know, for seeing your old man so wiped out. It must have been a real shock to you.

Lily: Yeah.

Neil: Lily, I want you to know something -- that I owe you a lot, maybe even my life.

Lily: What do you mean?

Neil: That horrible day -- when I saw your eyes, it made me realize how bad I'd gotten. If it wasn't for you, I don't think I'd be standing here today in rehab.

Lily: God, I bet it's awful in here, huh?

Neil: It's not so bad. You know, the most important thing is that I'm getting the help that I need. And Lily, I'm so sorry for what I put you through.

Lily: That's all right. I mean, I can handle it. I'm not a little kid.

Neil: No, you're certainly not. And I never ever want you to be ashamed of me like that again. I want so badly to make up for that.

Drucilla: I told you it wasn't my idea to stick around.

Olivia: So you've said.

Drucilla: Neil wants to set things right with Lily. He is not proud of the way he looked or the way he acted when Lily first saw him.

Olivia: So, it's a different type of guilt. That's not gonna make him feel any better.

Drucilla: So he's gonna feel less guilty if Lily and I go back to Paris? That means he's not gonna make amends with Lily. He's just gonna repress his feeling and drink over them all over again.

Olivia: What about that guy in Paris?

Drucilla: Wesley. What about him?

Olivia: Well, are you planning to go back to Paris, figure out if you have a relationship or not? I mean, how does he factor into any of this?

Drucilla: Wesley's a very nice man. He's a decent man. And we had some terrific times together.

Olivia: So he wants more of a commitment than you're willing to give. What does he say about all of this?

Drucilla: We haven't talked. I just told him I was coming to Genoa City to deal with some personal issues.

Olivia: You said he's like a father figure for Lily.

Drucilla: Yeah, they're close.

Olivia: So why doesn't he help you with her?

Drucilla: Because I don't want him to, Olivia! Okay?

Olivia: So you're staying?

Drucilla: I guess I am.

Lauren: Isabella, I am just giving you the same advice that I would give anyone else in your position who feels threatened by another woman. Deal with the things that you can control. Make your husband happy. Because if you don't, trust me, there will always be another Christine. 

Paul: Well, no package. They probably sent it to my office. So where were we?

Isabella: Sweetheart, I forgot, there's something I have to do. So can we finish this later?

Paul: Well, we're running out of time. You know, the baptism's --

Isabella: No, you and Lauren can finish the guest list. And just fill me later.

Paul: You sure?

Isabella: Yeah, I trust your judgment. Besides, it'll mostly be your family and friends. Okay? I won't be long.

Paul: So what happened just now?

Lauren: Happened?

Paul: Did you say something to her that set her off like this?

Lauren: It isn't what I said, honey. It's you.

Paul: Me?

Lauren: Okay, Paul, what's going on with you and Christine?

Chris: What?

Michael: I was just curious about what you thought.

Chris: About?

Michael: About the brief.

Chris: Oh. Well, I think Judge Hernandez will allow the approach. But if we get Carpenter, we'll probably have to tiptoe around the statute.

Michael: Yeah, right.

Chris: Just emphasize counsel's failure to clarify the plaintiff's financial status on the appeal. Carpenter's a stickler for dates. Does that make sense?

Michael: I'm sorry.

Chris: You're not quite ready for business talk, are you?

Michael: No.

Chris: Me either. Christine Williams. Yeah. Could you just hold on a sec? Thanks. I have to take it.

Michael: Okay.

Chris: Michael?

Michael: Yeah?

Chris: I know you didn't ask, but just so you know, what happened, it meant a lot to me, too.

Michael: Okay.

Chris: I'm back.

Diego: Nick, believe me, I wish I would have taken off! Maybe then you would have never known about this! But, honestly, I think that you and Sharon have something really special. You have a great marriage, a great life.

Nick: Hey, shut up! Don't you talk to me about my family! You don't give a damn about my life or me!

Diego: That is not true!

Nick: And all this stuff about it was a one-time thing -- the real reason you stayed was so you could get another shot at my wife.

Diego: That's ridiculous.

Nick: So how was it, Diego, huh? You like that?

Diego: No! Don't go there!

Victoria: Hey! Hey! Stop it! All right? Enough! You should go.

Nick: Yeah, you should go.

Victoria: You can't keep doing this. You're gonna drive yourself crazy.

Nick: Yeah, well, we're not gonna have this problem anymore, 'cause I just fired him.

Victoria: You fired him?

Nick: Yeah, I want him out of town tomorrow. You've got a problem with that?

Lily: Look, I mean, I know you've done a lot, you know? And I know that coming to rehab wasn't easy. But you're gonna be okay now. And that's what's important, right?

Neil: One day at a time, at least that's what they tell me.

Lily: So you're not gonna drink anymore? You're not gonna get all messed up again?

Neil: It's certainly my plan.

Lily: What's that mean? You're not sure?

Neil: Lily, what it means is, booze is very powerful stuff. I hope and pray that when you get older, you don't drink.

Lily: Well, I mean, it's different in France. Kids, they drink wine with dinner.

Neil: Do you?

Lily: Mom won't let me.

Neil: That's good.

Lily: Well, I mean, it's mixed with water.

Neil: It doesn't matter. There's no way that you should be drinking anything with alcohol in it.

Lily: Okay, fine.

Neil: Oh, Lily, you've grown up so much.

Lily: I'm trying to.

Neil: Don't be in a rush, though, okay, sweetheart? You know, you listen to your mom. She knows what's best for you.

Lily: Sure.

Neil: When I get out of here, I promise that we're gonna spend a lot of quality time together. We have got so much catching up to do.

Lily: Dad, I mean, you don't understand.

Neil: Understand what?

Lily: I don't want to hurt your feelings, but the reason Iím here, I'd really like you to talk to Mom. I mean, tell her it's okay for us to go back to Paris. If you really want to do something for me, do that.

Drucilla: Wesley!

Wesley: I've been waiting for you, Dru. It's so good to see you.

Drucilla: But what --?

Diego: Sharon, what are you doing down here?

Sharon: I had to see you.

Diego: That's a bad idea. Your husband's on a rampage.

Sharon: You talked to him?

Diego: Yeah, I did, just now up at the main house. He just fired me.

Sharon: Diego, stop packing. You're not going, not yet.

Diego: Come on, Sharon, get real!

Sharon: I mean it!

Diego: You know what? Every time your husband sees me, it's gonna remind him. Is that what you want?

Sharon: No. And make no mistake, I want you to go. But before you do, you're gonna do something for me.

Diego: What?

Sharon: You are going to make it clear to Nick that whatever happened between us, you were the aggressor, not me.

Diego: You are not serious.

Sharon: I am very serious. You are going to take responsibility for what happened, for everything.

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