Y&R Transcript Monday 9/16/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/16/02


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Detective: Are these your gloves, Mrs. Abbott?

Phyllis: Well, those -- I don't -- no.

Jack: Honey, they look like yours.

Phyllis: Um, well, I mean, they're the same brand, and yeah, I mean, they look like mine. They could be mine.

Detective: So where do you usually keep these gloves?

Phyllis: In the gardening shed, outside. Yeah, you can check it to see if my gloves are missing, but even if they are, you know, really, so what? The person who started the fire could've gone there and taken the gloves and used them.

Detective: So you don't keep the shed locked?

Phyllis: No, I donít.

Diane: Can you check those gloves for fingerprints?

Detective: We'll try, but I doubt if we find anything.

Jack: What about a DNA sample?

Detective: That won't be easy, either.

Jack: Because of the paint-thinner?

Detective: The paint-thinner we found is the best lead we have right now.

Phyllis: Well, why do you say that?

Detective: It was made locally. It was only sold in a few stores in the area. We should be able to determine where and when it was purchased.

Jack: So what is your batting average in a situation like this? You have this much evidence -- do you usually catch the criminal?

Detective: It all depends on what we're dealing with. Pyromaniacs are seriously disturbed people, but sooner or later, they slip up, forget to cover their tracks.

Jack: And if this is an isolated incident directed specifically at us?

Detective: Then that would be trickier. Still, there's no such thing as a perfect crime. There are always more clues. It's just a matter of finding them.

Michael: That's your prescription to all our problems -- just take Christine to bed?

Isabella: Yes.

Michael: Just like that?

Isabella: Do you want to sleep with her or not?

Michael: You think it's as simple as what I want?

Isabella: I'm sure Christine is a challenge, but you've been at it awhile, wining and dining her. So this is the next logical step!

Michael: We're not baking a cake here! There's no recipe.

Isabella: Please.

Michael: What? Christine made it clear to me -- I'm a good friend. I'm a business partner. And if I push for something more, she will shut me down.

Isabella: "No" doesn't always mean "no."

Michael: When Christine says it, it does mean "no."

Isabella: Did she say that? She said, "No sex"?

Michael: Are you listening to me? I haven't pushed things to that point.

Isabella: Michael, are you telling me you haven't even tried to seduce her?

Michael: Look, nature has to take its course. This is an organic process. There's no timetable.

Isabella: "Organic process" -- give me a break! Sounds to me like you've lost your touch.

Michael: I've made some progress.

Isabella: How much?

Michael: I think she's becoming quite fond of me.

Isabella: "Fond"? Michael, you have to do better than that.

Michael: That is my hope.

Isabella: So you're taking things slow?

Michael: Yes.

Isabella: Fine. Take things as slow as you want. But if you don't mind, could you set Christine up with someone who's not so timid? Because I don't care who she gets involved with, as long as it's not my husband!

Chris: Paul, you haven't answered me. Where do we go from here?

Paul: Why are you doing this to me?

Chris: Doing what?

Paul: First you flaunt your relationship with Michael Baldwin in my face, then last night you grab me, you kiss the hell out of me.

Chris: Wait, you're the one that pulled me out of the wedding reception. You dragged me into that private room so we could close the door.

Paul: I just wanted to talk.

Chris: Come on. We could have done that anywhere.

Paul: No, we couldn't. Not with Michael Baldwin around. Come on, Chris. Every time I see you, it's like you either have this longing in your eyes, or you treat me like dirt.

Chris: Well, we're divorced now. Do you think it's ever gonna be easy for us to be around each other again? No, it's not, but that's normal.

Paul: No, it isn't normal. The way you're acting is not normal. I just get this feeling --

Chris: That what?

Paul: That you miss me. And you want what we had. Like you want it back again.

Victoria: You got an early start this morning.

Nick: I didn't want to run into Mom and Dad.

Victoria: Afraid you wouldn't be able to hold it together?

Nick: They're going on their honeymoon. You know, this time should be perfect for them. I don't want my problems bringing them down.

Victoria: Yeah, I felt the same way. That's why I got out of the house early, too. You don't think they know anything?

Nick: I don't know. But just to be safe, I told Sharon to take off as soon as the sitter gets there. I want her to avoid seeing Mom.

Victoria: Do you think she did what you asked?

Nick: I'm not worried about it. Sharon doesn't want the family getting wind of her dirty laundry, although it's just delaying the inevitable.

Victoria: God, I can't believe how messed up things are.

Nick: Tell me about it.

Victoria: Have you given any more thought as to what you're going to do?

Nick: No. How are you doing?

Victoria: Don't worry about me.

Nick: Vicki, come on.

Victoria: No, Nicholas, it's your family that's falling apart.

Nick: Hey, you're dealing with a pretty big shock yourself. I mean, you and Diego had gotten closer than anyone thought. It's all thanks to me. I mean, I'm the one that pushed you into that relationship in the first place.

Nikki: Thank you for coming right up, Diego.

Diego: Yeah, I was surprised when you called. I thought you and Mr. Newman already left on your honeymoon.

Nikki: Well, I'm gonna meet him at the airport in a little while. I just wanted to touch base with you on a few things before I left. Do you have time?

Diego: Sure.

Nikki: Have a seat. Oh, my God. What happened to you?

Diego: What?

Nikki: "What?" Your eye.

Diego: Oh, it's nothing. It's no big deal. So why did you want to see me?

Nikki: Well, before we get into anything else, how is your brother?

Diego: You heard about the car accident?

Nikki: Yes, of course. So how is he doing?

Diego: He's much better. He's getting a little feeling in his toes.

Nikki: So he may not be paralyzed. That's wonderful news.

Diego: Yeah, it is. The family's relieved. You know, I'm sorry I missed your wedding.

Nikki: Oh, please, don't worry about that. We certainly understood. You were missed, though. I know Victoria was planning on being there on your arm. You're very good for her. She enjoys your company. I have to say, after Ryan died, I worried that she would ever find happiness again, but you came along and seemed to be exactly what she needs.

Ashley: What are you doing with that?

Olivia: It fell out of your tote.

Ashley: Yeah. Thanks.

Olivia: You're making a tape for Abby to watch on her 16th birthday?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Olivia: Honey, I'm concerned with you thinking like this.

Ashley: Like what?

Olivia: Like you need to be making these preparations.

Ashley: Oh, now you sound like Brad.

Olivia: I know you're scared. I mean, you're battling breast cancer. You're facing your mortality. Anyone in your shoes would be terrified. But Ash, listen to me -- it's been proven time and time again that a positive attitude makes all the difference in a patient's recovery.

Ashley: I know that, Olivia.

Olivia: Do you?

Ashley: Yes. And I'm not giving up. I'm being as positive as I know how to be.

Olivia: How? By making these messages for your daughter with the intent that she'll see them long after you're gone?

Jack: Well, Detective, if there's nothing else you need to discuss with us --

Detective: That should do it for now.

Jack: Okay, well, I need to get my things upstairs and get to the office. Thank you, Detective. I will arrange your hotel room for tomorrow.

Diane: Thank you. Detective, is it possible for me to go through what's left of the pool house and see if any of my things are salvageable?

Detective: I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Ms. Jenkins. It's still a crime scene. Excuse me.

Phyllis: So you're leaving tomorrow.

Diane: Is that not soon enough for you, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Just a question. Just making an observation.

Diane: Well, do me a favor and keep your "observations" to yourself.

Nick: Have you talked to Diego?

Victoria: Yeah, I saw him this morning.

Nick: Don't tell me you went down to the tack room.

Victoria: No, Nicholas, I went for a ride, and he cornered me. He wanted to tell me his side of the story.

Nick: I'll bet that was a fine piece of fiction.

Victoria: Well, he says it only happened once, which is what Sharon says.

Nick: That means nothing in my book.

Victoria: I know. I just thought Iíd mention it.

Nick: Look, he had no right confronting you.

Victoria: Well, it didn't do him any good.

Nick: Are you sure? Vicki?

Victoria: Yes, I'm sure. He broke my trust.

Nick: He did a lot more than just break your trust. He's a lying scumbag, and you shouldn't have anything to do with him ever again. None of us should.

Victoria: That goes for you, too, right? Nicholas, look at me! There's been enough violence.

Nick: You are not protecting him.

Victoria: No, Iím not, but you can't go around beating people up. There are laws.

Nick: Look, Iím not gonna fight him again, all right? I'll get enough satisfaction just kicking him off the ranch.

Victoria: When are you going to do that?

Nick: As soon as possible. That's assuming I can bring myself to look at him. The very sight of him makes me sick.

Michael: You know, earlier, you were going on and on about how wonderful your life is with Paul.

Isabella: It is wonderful, and I want it to stay that way.

Michael: Well, then, what makes you so worried that it's not going to?

Isabella: You were the one who told me that my husband and his ex-wife are having private meetings. Why? They don't have any ties. So the only thing that they're talking about is each other, and I don't want that.

Michael: Oh, you think I do?

Isabella: Then put a stop to it.

Michael: Oh, oh, I just snap my fingers, and she'll fall right into bed.

Isabella: You never know until you try.

Michael: You know, Isabella, they are divorced. Don't you think we've done enough to pry these two apart?

Isabella: Don't remind me.

Michael: Well, I think it's clear that if either of them ever found out about our part in that -- that will never happen, huh? Right? Nobody's stupid enough to tell them. Please, Isabella, think how worried you are just because those two had a little chitchat at a wedding. Think how many more chitchats they'd be having if they knew --

Isabella: Okay, okay, you're probably right.

Michael: No, probably -- listen to me! If you ever tell them --

Isabella: I won't, I won't! Okay? But in the meantime, you should be focusing on getting Christine alone and force the situation.

Michael: Force? Force her? Are you out of your mind? Isabella, you wash your mouth out. Now, you listen to me -- the only way to keep Christine away from Paul is to get her involved in a serious long-term relationship.

Isabella: Oh, baloney. This doesn't have to be the love of a lifetime. It just needs to be enough to make Paul believe that she's moved on. It could be a one-night stand, as long as Paul finds out about it.

Michael: Did it ever occur to you that I respect the woman too much to ever let that happen?

Isabella: Please, Michael --

Michael: I do!

Isabella: You know, you need to knock her off that pedestal, because while you're worshiping her, she's going after my husband, and we're both gonna end up losing out.

Paul: It's obvious we still have feelings for one another. The past is in the past, though, Chris. If we're going to live in the same city, we've gotta put it out of our minds. And what you've been doing lately isn't making it any easier.

Chris: Well, I'm sorry, and you're right. In some ways, my behavior hasn't been very fair to you. Maybe it's the way things ended. It all happened so abruptly. And yes, I have been trying to put this out of mind for a long time, but I can't because of Isabella.

Paul: Okay, please, not this again.

Chris: Do you have any idea what it was like walking in on you two?

Paul: I had been alone for months, Chris. And yes, I think I do have a pretty good idea. I had a very similar experience when I walked in on you and Danny just before our wedding. But I got over it. We happened to work it out. But you gave up on us, that's the fact. You did not fight for our marriage.

Chris: And you did?

Paul: Oh, come on. I did the only thing I possibly could do. You wouldn't even answer my calls. So I did what you told me to do, and I moved on. And yes, I married Isabella.

Chris: Because of the baby.

Paul: Yeah, Ricky is a major part of it. But that's not the only reason. I care for her. I am not the kind of guy who can live with a woman and just pretend.

Chris: So what are you saying? Do you love her?

Paul: Isabella is a very decent woman, and she is a terrific mother to our son. And she loves me. And yes, you're right, I do have feelings for you. When you kissed me the other night -- I felt it through my whole body. But no, Chris, Iím not gonna tear my life apart. I'm not gonna break up my family. Not for you -- not for anybody.

Ashley: Liv, you know why Iím making these tapes. And it's not because Iím giving up, it's my way of being practical.

Olivia: Practical?

Ashley: Yeah. There's a chance I could get sicker, right? Which means I'm gonna look sicker, so what better time to make these tapes? Frankly, I wish I'd made them before I even found out I had cancer, 'cause you never know when something could happen to any of us.

Olivia: Well, that's true, life is uncertain.

Ashley: I wanted to leave something behind for my daughter, something other than just a stack of photos. I don't want her looking at a tape of a sick, shriveled woman and going, "that's my mom." Can't you understand that? Oh.

Brad: Look who's up.

Ashley: Yeah. Did she have a nice nap? Did you have a good nap?

Brad: Yes, she did.

Ashley: Come here.

Brad: She's your mama.

Ashley: Let me see you. Good dreams? What'd you dream about? What?

[Brad laughing]

Brad: So what were you two talking about?

Olivia: Oh, just girl stuff.

Brad: Girl stuff, huh? In other words, "Brad, mind your own business"?

Olivia: Feeling outnumbered?

Brad: Oh, in this house? Never.

Olivia: Have you thought about getting a dog?

Ashley: Would you like that? Would you like a puppy?

[Ashley barking like a dog]

Brad: Hey, why don't I take her into the kitchen and get her a little snack?

Ashley: Oh, that's okay, honey. I'll hold onto her.

Brad: Okay. So what do you have on tap for today, Liv?

Olivia: Oh, me, you know what? I gotta be getting back to the hospital soon.

[Phone ringing]

Brad: Hello?

Ashley: That's the telephone.

Brad: Speaking. Really? Right now? Okay, I'll get right over there. I have to go over to the office.

Ashley: What's wrong?

Brad: Some sort of distribution problem. Something Nikki would normally handle, but she's on her honeymoon.

[Abby talking]

Brad: So I will be back as soon as I can, okay?

Ashley: Okay.

Brad: Love you both. Bye, Liv.

Nikki: So you'll keep a close eye on Sea Wind for me while Iím gone?

Diego: Yeah, I won't let anyone ride her until the vet checks her out.

Nikki: I really don't think the swelling is anything to worry about.

Diego: Well, you know, it's better to be safe than sorry. I understand.

Nikki: Hey, speaking of the horses, Cassie mentioned that you were thinking about putting her into a show?

Diego: Yeah, we talked about it. I mean, she seemed pretty interested in the idea of competing.

Nikki: Yeah, but do you think she's really ready for something like that?

Diego: She could be. I mean, she's working hard, gettin' better and better every day.

Nikki: Well, be careful with her. As much as she loves working with you, I don't want to push her into something that she's not ready for. Well, it just seems the happiness of all the young ladies around here is in your hands. Hope it's not too much for you to handle.

Diego: Is there anything else you need to discuss?

Nikki: No, no, I don't think so.

Diego: I better get going. Have a great time on your honeymoon.

Nikki: Thank you.

Nick: You know, I feel like such a fool. I thought Diego was my friend. The guy's just a disease. I mean, he hurts everyone he comes into contact with. But not for long. Pretty soon, he's gonna be out of our lives for good. You know, we should go out to the ranch and say good-bye to Mom.

Victoria: Yeah, you're right. Otherwise, it might be weird.

Nick: Can you break away for awhile?

Victoria: Sure. No. Damn it, no, I can't. I got a meeting. I can't go.

Nick: Okay, well, Iíll go.

Victoria: Okay. Well, give Mom a kiss for me.

Nick: Yeah, I will.

Victoria: Nicholas --

Nick: Don't worry. I got it covered.

Detective: Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Yeah?

Detective: Could I have a minute?

Jack: Oh, sure. What's up?

Detective: I'm trying to understand the relationship here. Exactly why was Ms. Jenkins staying in the pool house? Is she a friend of the family?

Jack: Diane is the mother of my son.

Detective: I see. And you're married to Phyllis?

Jack: That's correct.

Detective: That's complicated.

Jack: To say the least.

Detective: Well, thank you for your time.

Jack: Thank you, Detective.

Detective: Ms. Jenkins, could I ask you a few more questions?

Diane: Um, of course, Detective.

Detective: You know, we were talking earlier about people who might want to do you harm. I saw you hesitate and glance in Mrs. Abbott's direction. Is she one of the people you were referring to? I get the distinct impression that you don't like each other much.

Diane: Your instincts are right on target, Detective. Phyllis and I don't get along, and anyone who knows us could tell you that.

Detective: Would you say that it goes beyond the normal tension?

Diane: Do I have to answer that?

Detective: Well, is there a reason why you don't want to?

Ashley: You're gonna sit in here, and you're gonna play, and then Mommy's gonna take you for a walk in a little bit. Here's your bottle. Liv, can I get you some more iced tea?

Olivia: I'm worried about you, Ash.

Ashley: Please, not this again.

Olivia: I can tell that there's something weighing on you more than this illness. I just wish you felt comfortable opening up to me. It might help you to talk about this.

Ashley: Why are you so sure there's something to talk about, Liv?

Olivia: Because I know you. You're like a sister to me, and I can see you're hurting. Honey, I want to help you, but you're gonna have to open up to me first.

Ashley: Maybe you're right. Maybe I would feel better if I talked about it. You're the only person I would even consider telling.

Chris: After all you've been through with Isabella, you trust her?

Paul: She has made some mistakes. You know, we both have. But yeah, I think we have a relationship that is based on honesty. You don't believe me?

Chris: Well, given her history, it's a little hard to believe that she's changed. When I look at her, all I see is this woman that wormed her way into our apartment. First, she managed to lure you in, and then she lied about the paternity of the baby.

Paul: I don't need a history lesson.

Chris: Well, it's what happened.

Paul: Well, I don't want to hear it.

Chris: Why? Because it makes you feel uncomfortable?

Paul: You know, it's not right for you to come down on Isabella just because you are upset with yourself. Because you can't have what you want. Last night shouldn't have happened, Chris, and it's not gonna happen again. So please, just stop messing with me. When are you gonna get it through your head? It is over between us. And the sooner you realize that, the better off everybody is gonna be!

Diane: You're right. There's no love lost between Phyllis and me. At the same time, there's a child involved.

Detective: I understand you're the mother of Jack's son.

Diane: That's right, which is why I'm trying to keep the peace. If I say anything inflammatory, it could get back to Jack, making a very complicated situation even more complicated.

Detective: It must be very difficult for you living under the same roof as Phyllis.

Diane: You have no idea.

Detective: I can imagine sometimes it gets very hostile between the two of you.

Diane: Oh, that's for sure.

Detective: How hostile would you say? Extremely?

Diane: Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that it might have been Phyllis that set that fire? Look, we have had our differences, and things have even gotten ugly, but what you're talking about -- no.

Detective: You mind telling me what these "differences" are?

Diane: Can't you use your imagination?

Detective: That's why we're talking, ma'am, so I don't have to.

Diane: You know what? I really don't feel comfortable with this conversation. I'd rather you discuss it with Jack. Excuse me.

Phyllis: Hey, have you seen Jack?

Detective: You just missed him.

Phyllis: Great. Great. I'll just talk to him tonight.

Detective: Mrs. Abbott, you have a moment?

Phyllis: Um, you know, I have to go to work.

Detective: It'll only take a few minutes.

Phyllis: Okay.

Detective: I appreciate it.

Phyllis: Sure. So, any breaks in the case since I was upstairs?

Detective: I'm learning more all the time.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure. Is the investigation going well?

Detective: As any other. You put the right foot in front of the left, and you do the routine, and you hope for breaks.

Phyllis: "Breaks" -- does that mean getting information from somebody?

Detective: Well, that's always helpful. Why, you have something you want to tell me?

Phyllis: No, you know everything I know. Honestly, I can't believe that just anyone would set the pool house on fire.

Detective: Your family's very lucky. Mrs. Abbott, do you mind telling me where you were last night?

Michael: You okay? I know Paul was just here. I take it things went badly. You want to talk about it?

Chris: I would if I thought there might be any point.

Olivia: What is it, Ash? What do you want to tell me?

Ashley: I don't know if I can do this.

Olivia: There's nothing wrong with Abby, is there? Ashley?

Ashley: No, she's fine.

Olivia: But this -- it has something to do with her and that tape you made.

Ashley: Olivia, as a mother, I had things that I needed to say to my child. Just imagine yourself in my position and the things you would say -- private things, personal things.

Olivia: I just don't want you to be pessimistic.

Ashley: I'm not being pessimistic. It's very painful to make these tapes, but I would be remiss as a mother if I didn't do it.

Olivia: I understand that, but --

Ashley: Compared to being hit by a truck, I'm so grateful that Iíve had this opportunity.

Olivia: If you put it that way.

Ashley: I want you to have this.

Olivia: What?

Ashley: I was gonna leave it in my safe deposit box, but I've changed my mind. You are my best friend in the world. And I want you to hold onto it if something should happen to me.

Olivia: Oh, God. Ashley --

Ashley: I'm just saying if. If something should happen to me, and Olivia -- not before. I want you to watch it. And then you decide when what's on it should be revealed.

Victor: I just spoke with Wally. Apparently, there's a little electrical storm just south of here. Once that passes, we'll take off.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: What's wrong?

Nikki: Nothing.

Victor: What do you mean, "nothing"? My beauty has tears in her eyes. What's going on?

Nikki: Do you have to know everything?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: They're happy tears. Thinking of the greatest moment of my life, that's all.

Victor: Our wedding.

Nikki: Yeah. So now you know, Mr. Nosy. So you didn't tell me how it went with Nicholas and Victoria.

Victor: Went all right. They seem fine. Although I must say, I think, I don't know -- picked up some vibe.

Nikki: Oh?

Victor: We're not gonna discuss that on our honeymoon. Okay?

Nikki: Well, speaking of our honeymoon, I've changed my mind.

Victor: You have changed your mind?

Nikki: I know I said I wanted to just sit back and be surprised.

Victor: But now you want to know.

Nikki: Well, surely you're not gonna keep me in the dark until we land, are you?

Victor: Well, I shouldn't, and I wonít.

Nikki: Good. Where are we going?

Victor: Australia.

[Nikki gasps]

Victor: More specifically, we're gonna go just outside the Great Barrier Reef.

Nikki: Oh!

Victor: We're gonna be on a private yacht and snorkel and dive to our hearts' content.

Nikki: Oh, that just sounds heavenly.

Victor: Mmm-hmm. That isn't all, though. Other things about Australia I wanna see.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Mmm-hmm.

Nikki: What? Where?

Victor: There's a beautiful cove just outside of Perth in Australia where we can swim with the dolphins. And if you feel really adventurous, we'll go camping in the outback.

Nikki: Camping?!

Victor: I knew you would have that reaction. First class.

Nikki: Yeah. I hope so. Listen, I have a question -- sounds like we're gonna be in pretty remote places. Are you okay with being that inaccessible?

Victor: I know what you're worried about, but I don't want you to worry about it. Because this trip is entirely devoted to my beautiful bride.

Nikki: Wow, you are a changed man.

Victor: Well, I promise you, I will not have a phone near me.

[Nikki laughs]

Nikki: Good.

Nick: Mom?

Miguel: Hey, Nicholas.

Nick: Hey, Miguel. Is Mom around?

Miguel: She left for the airport a little while ago.

Nick: I was afraid of that. Well, I'll call her on the plane.

Miguel: No, I believe your mother said she's gonna unplug that phone.

Nick: Okay, so they don't wanna be bothered. All right. Well, if they call and check in, tell 'me I stopped by.

Miguel: You got it.

Nick: Thanks, bro. What the hell are you doing here?

Diego: Well, I need to talk to your mom. I forgot to tell her something.

Nick: She's not here.

Diego: It wasn't that important.

Nick: Hey, hold on a second. There's something I wanna say to you, and you're gonna listen.

Phyllis: Detective, I told you I was at the wedding with everyone else.

Detective: So you were there the whole time?

Phyllis: Yeah. No.

Detective: No?

Phyllis: I had to rush off and stop at the office for awhile.

Detective: That was the plan?

Phyllis: No, no, it wasnít. I got a call on my cell phone. There was an emergency.

Detective: So you left the Colonnade Room?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Detective: When was that?

Phyllis: I -- I don't know. It was sometime during the reception.

Detective: So you went to Newman Enterprises. Then you went straight back to the reception?

Phyllis: Um no, I stopped here.

Detective: You did? Why?

Phyllis: Because I had a stain on my dress. Where are you going with this? What did Diane tell you?

Detective: Thank you very much for your time.

Phyllis: Are we finished here?

Detective: Uh, yes, for now.

Phyllis: Listen, Detective, if you need any more information, Iíll be at my office. Because let me tell you something -- until you find the person who did this, I'm sleeping with one eye open.

Detective: We'll do our best. Mrs. Abbott says she got the call at the wedding reception. Probably on her cell phone. Let's contact the wireless company, get the records from last night.

Chris: Michael.

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