Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/22/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/22/02


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Lorie: After seeing you again, all the old feelings that I have suppressed and ignored came flooding to the surface. I realize I have never forgotten you or gotten over you. Victor, is there any chance, any chance at all that you felt the same things? I just don't think these are feelings we should ignore.

Victor: Why don't you sit down? Maybe we should talk about this, okay?

Max: How is everything?

Nikki: You didn't lie. The salad is great.

Max: You are a stunningly beautiful woman, you know that?

Nikki: Thank you.

Max: I remember that first day at Eve's. I didn't know who you were. It was your beauty, your presence that attracted me.

Nikki: Look, I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Frankly, I'm glad you're leaving town. It would have made things more difficult for me if you stayed.

Caitlin: The Great Gatsby? So much for light summer reading.

Colleen: For your information, it's a classic.

Caitlin: And training your sweetheart for college, right? You're still helping J.T. study, huh?

Colleen: You have a problem with that?

Caitlin: Doesn't he make you a little nervous?

Colleen: Why would he?

Caitlin: Have a boyfriend before?

Colleen: Yeah, in New York.

Caitlin: This is way different.

Colleen: And you think I don't know that?

Caitlin: Just be careful, okay?

Colleen: I'm not a little kid.

Caitlin: Oh, my God, are you thinking about having sex with J.T.? !

Colleen: Not so loud.

Caitlin: You are, aren't you?

Colleen: You are so unromantic.

Caitlin: You are.

Colleen: J.T. isn't like that.

Caitlin: Colleen, don't let your first time be with a guy like J.T.

Colleen: You have a sick mind, Caitlin.

Caitlin: J.T. hasn't even kissed you yet.

Colleen: He will. And that's a bad thing?

Caitlin: I hope you're not getting in over your head.

Colleen: Not a chance. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Olivia: I'm so glad you changed your mind and decided to stay with Nate and me.

Drucilla: With everything that's gone down, I thought she should stay with family.

Olivia: I am not criticizing you. Anyway, Nate is certainly thrilled to get a chance to spend some time with his cousin.

Drucilla: They were having such a good time playing with those video games.

Olivia: You know what? We haven't had a chance to talk. How's life? How's modeling going? Still as busy as ever?

Drucilla: Why would you think it wouldn't be? What about you, working sunup to sundown?

Olivia: The practice is growing. It must be my witty bedside manner. So how's your personal life? Seeing anyone new?

[Knock on door]

Serena: Hey, you're looking like your old self. So how are you doing?

Neil: How do you think I'm doing, Serena? No booze for 48 hours. I still say I can do this on my own without being cooped up in this place and my arm hooked up to some stupid I.V.

Serena: So do it.

Neil: Do what?

Serena: It's not a prison. If you want to go out that door and do it all over again, be my guest.

Neil: I can control it.

Serena: Fine, I'll get the nurse to unhook that thing, get you dressed, head down to the Olive Tree.

Drucilla: Girl, you know I never kiss and tell. I thought you knew.

Olivia: There is something to tell.

Drucilla: Yeah, yeah. There is somebody. Satisfied?

Olivia: Does somebody have a name?

Drucilla: Mm-hmm. Wesley. Wes to me.

Olivia: What's he like?

Drucilla: He's not the pretty boy model type. Besides I can't stand a man that's prettier than me.

Olivia: What's he do?

Drucilla: He's a shrink.

Olivia: Really.

Drucilla: He's a good man. He loves what he does. He cares about people.

Olivia: Is this serious?

Drucilla: We're dating, Liv.

Olivia: You just don't want to tell me.

Drucilla: He has been in my life for a couple of years.

Olivia: That's a lot.

Drucilla: Are you going to blow everything I say out of proportion? Please.

Olivia: Okay, okay. I'm just curious. You are my sister.

Drucilla: He and Lily get along?

Drucilla: He can do no wrong in her eyes.

Olivia: He a father figure to her?

Drucilla: I think Wes is a fabulous man. I needed to take a little break from him.

Olivia: I see. So what are your plans now? You plan to stick around for a while?

Drucilla: It was going to be a quick trip. But damn, I have a lot of business back in Paris. I really don't know.

Olivia: So you still love living in Paris.

Drucilla: Why do you ask?

Olivia: Why are you so defensive?

Drucilla: I'm not being defensive.

Olivia: Okay. Guess I'm wrong. Must be quite a shock to see Neil in that condition. Must change a lot for you.

Drucilla: Girl, that is an understatement.

Olivia: I called first thing this morning to make sure he didn't leave.

Drucilla: Maybe he's going to hang.

Olivia: No matter how determined Neil is, he's got a long way to go.

John: Hello, Caitlin, how are you?

Caitlin: Mr. Abbott.

John: Mind if I join you for a moment?

Caitlin: Ah, so, you stopped by for some coffee?

John: I was hoping my granddaughter was still here.

Caitlin: You're looking for Colleen.

John: You've seen her?

Caitlin: A while ago. Why?

John: Caitlin, I know you are Colleen's best friend, and Iím sure there are certain things she confides in you about.

Caitlin: Look, Mr. Abbott, I don't know what this is about, but --

John: The other day I got the impression there's a boy she's smitten with. That doesn't bother me. Earlier today I saw her sitting with J.T. Halstrom. I got the distinct impression he could very well be that boy. So can you tell me, is there something going on between them?

Mac: All by your lonesome?

J.T.: Erica is off with her parents and Brittany is in deep trouble and Raul--.

Mackenzie: Have you heard anything at all?

J.T.: No.

Colleen: I have cream-filled doughnuts guaranteed to keep your mind off your troubles.

J.T.: Those are for me?

Colleen: Sugar, no cream. That's the way you like it, right?

J.T.: How'd you know?

Colleen: Thought we'd grab a doughnut and Don Quixote.

J.T.: Centre for the Chicago Bears. What happened to The Great Gatsby?

Colleen: That's heavy. We can deal with that later.

Drucilla: I could wring Neilís neck for letting this happen.

Olivia: He was in a lot of pain.

Drucilla: He grabs a bottle and is drunk 24/7? Pitiful. This is a man I was married to. He was strong and together. Never in a million years would he fall apart like this.

Olivia: Do you doubt he can do this?

Drucilla: Who is this Serena chick?

Olivia: He's a waitress of this bar he has been going to. The Olive Tree.

Drucilla: A waitress?

Olivia: They have been living together.

Drucilla: In his penthouse, no doubt. What's he see in her? The only thing he's involved in is a bottle.

Olivia: Serena did help last night. I think she's more part of the problem than part of the solution.

Drucilla: The timing is off. Story of my life. I came back because Lily is having problems.

Olivia: And you wanted Neil to straighten her out.

Drucilla: What happened here? Couldn't you see what was happening?

Olivia: You're in no position to point your finger around here. You pass judgment without giving a thought as to what Neil went through after Malcolmís death? Maybe we weren't able to stop him from falling apart. I can't recall you calling up asking if you could help us. You're upset because the man can't help you out?

Drucilla: Maybe I am being a little selfish.

Olivia: I don't want to lay guilt on you. We all do what we can. I was hoping I could do more to help Neil myself. But it's in his hands now. It's always been.

Neil: Serena, I didn't say I want a drink. I said I wanted to get out of this place.

Serena: You want to buy a cot in a thrift shop and set up a permanent residence at the bar.

Neil: That's not true, and you know it.

Serena: You keep telling yourself that. I'm not buying it, not for one minute.

Max: So you're actually anxious to see me go.

Nikki: I said I thought it would be best for everybody concerned.

Max: Well, not quite everybody.

Nikki: Look, you're a very lovely man. You have a lot to offer the right woman.

Max: The right woman isn't interested.

Nikki: That means she's not the right woman.

Max: If you need me for anything, anything at all, I want to make sure you know where to find me.

Nikki: I don't want that. You agreed this would be our last meeting. You and I are not seeing each other again. In fact, I really need to be going.

Victor: You're a very beautiful woman.

Lorie: I'm glad you think so.

Victor: I'm not just saying that.

Lorie: A woman gets to my age, it's more important that men still find her attractive, especially you.

Victor: You're not trying to tell me men don't find you attractive, are you?

Lorie: You know how youth-oriented our culture is. It's tough for a woman getting older.

Victor: I never thought I would hear someone like you say that.

Lorie: A lot changes in 20 years.

Victor: It does, doesn't it.

Lorie: Some things donít. After all these years, I still want you. I have so many great memories.

Caitlin: Sorry, Mr. Abbott, I don't think I can help you.

John: Are you saying my granddaughter hasn't mentioned anything about J.T. Halstrom?

Caitlin: I know she's helping him with his reading list for college.

John: She can't read for him.

Caitlin: She is in a way. She tells him what the books are about.

John: Why?

Caitlin: J.T. has a bunch of books he has to wade through if he goes to GCU. Col's already read them all, so--.

John: Colleen's volunteered to tutor.

Caitlin: Something like that, yeah. It's not like J.T.'s stupid or anything. He's more into sports and stuff rather than the classes.

John: You think he's pretty neat.

Caitlin: Everybody does. The girls anyway.

John: Especially my granddaughter. Do you think he likes Colleen?

Caitlin: What's not to like? Colleen's a sweetie.

John: That's not what I was getting at.

Caitlin: You're worried that he's older.

John: And a lot more experienced. I'm going to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me. Is there anything I need to be concerned with?

Caitlin: Gosh, I don't think so.

John: Why?

Caitlin: I just don't think so. Your granddaughter has plenty of self-respect. J.T. is going off to college. Why would he mess around with a high school sophomore when he can have his pick of any girl on campus?

John: Do you have any idea where they are now?

Caitlin: I would guess at the boutique, working.

John: Where there are some other kids.

Caitlin: Is there anything else, Mr. A.?

John: I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't mention any of this to Colleen. I think it would be embarrassing for her.

Caitlin: No problem. My lips are zipped.

John: All right. Thank you. You say hello to your folks for me.

Caitlin: I sure will. Boy, Col, you better be careful. They are watching you like a hawk.

Colleen: I know it seems like Don Quixote is this old man when fighting in armor for justice.

J.T.: Don thinks he could do it.

Colleen: His name isn't Don. It's Alonzo Quixote. It will probably be on the test. The world doesn't need a knight in amour to rescue it.

J.T.: That's too bad.

Colleen: Not really. Not when you see it in context.

J.T.: I'll take your word for it.

Colleen: I wouldn't steer you wrong.

J.T.: You're like this genius. You have all the answers.

Colleen: I read a lot.

J.T.: Your family must be proud of how smart you are.

Colleen: It doesn't stop them from treating me a kid.

J.T.: Your grandpa keep a tight leash on you?

Colleen: His heart's in the right place. I feel so much older. I wish they would realize that.

J.T.: Maybe they think you're growing up too fast. They want to protect you.

Colleen: When they tried to protect me when my dad was cheating on my mom? I know life isn't a bed of roses, J.T. I know about heartache and disappointment. I just wish --

J.T.: You wish what?

Colleen: I didn't used to like myself all that much. It's changing because Iím changing. If my family opens their eyes, who knows, they might actually like the person I'm becoming.

Neil: That's great, Serena. Thank you for your confidence and show of faith.

Serena: It is about the pull of the booze, how strong it is.

Neil: I can fight it. I can fight it!

Serena: In your condition on your own. You tried that before.

Neil: Get off your damn soapbox. I'm not going to leave any time soon.

Serena: So, has anyone been by? You know like Olivia or your ex?

Neil: Like my ex would rush over with flowers and candy after what I did to my daughter.

Serena: You didn't know she was at your apartment.

Neil: That poor little girl, how hurt she looked, how frightened she was. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to show her that side of me. It was the worst day of my life. I have to get better. Not just for myself, but I have to make it up to my daughter somehow if that's even possible.

Serena: Neil, you are way too hard on yourself. Doing everything to get yourself well. Give Lily some time and give yourself some time. It's going to work. So, I don't suppose you're going to ask me how Iím doing.

Lily: Mom, can we talk?

Drucilla: You done playing videogames?

Lily: This isn't about a stupid videogame. This is about what happened last night.

Olivia: I'll give you two privacy.

Lily: Aunt Liv, stay. It's not like you don't know what's going on.

Drucilla: Baby, we know how upset you were when you saw your daddy in that state. I was upset too.

Lily: That's not what Iím talking about. I don't want to see my father. I want to go home.

Drucilla: Lily, come on.

Lily: School is starting soon. I didn't pack for a long trip. Plus, I miss all my friends.

Drucilla: Wait a minute, what are you doing?

Lily: Looking for the airlines. We can get the next flight out.

Drucilla: No, you're not. I don't know when we're going back to Paris. I can tell you one thing, it's not tonight.

Lily: Why?

Drucilla: Because I said so. Now we will talk about this later, okay?

Lily: Okay.

Drucilla: I love you.

Olivia: Honey, come on. Don't be upset with your mom, okay? She's had a lot thrown on her too.

Lily: Talk to her. Make her understand why I want to go home.

Olivia: Sweetie, this is your home. I hope you never forget that.

Lily: No offense, Aunt Liv. It doesn't feel much like a home, not with my dad acting like some crazy man.

Olivia: You know what? I can't make your mom leave if she doesn't want to. Besides, seeing you and Dru made him face up to his drinking. Now he will do something about it.

Lily: Fine. We helped. He's in rehab.

Olivia: This isn't an overnight thing. This takes a long time. Having you here is really going to help him.

Lily: A long time? How long?

Olivia: This is something your mom has to decide on.

Lily: You think we should stay, right?

Olivia: How about I stay neutral? I won't push one way or the other.

Nate: You want to go down to the rec room? They have a cool new ping-pong table.

Olivia: That sounds like fun. I wish I could join the two of you. Some of us have to work. My cell phone number's by the phone. If you need anything, call me. Give me a kiss.

Nate: Bye.

Olivia: You be good, you two.

Nate: Okay. You ready to go downstairs? Lily.

Lily: Later, okay, squirt? Right now I just want to be alone.

Colleen: Sorry. I didn't mean to get all serious.

J.T.: Enough with the apologies.

Colleen: I feel like a jerk going on like that.

J.T.: You weren't going on. You were opening up. That's what friends do with friends. Besides, I can relate.

Colleen: Really?

J.T.: Yeah. My parents don't really get what Iím about either. Not that they don't try. It's just they're terminally clueless.

Colleen: They expect you to act a certain way.

J.T.: Like the good little boy scout I never was. And when I don't --

Colleen: They get on your case.

J.T.: They've backed off. They figure Iím going to do my own thing no matter what.

Colleen: J.T. Halstrom, rebel.

J.T.: You have one life. You can live it the way everybody else wants you to or you can live it the way you want to. You might end up being a loser like me. At least, I won't look back one day and regret it. This growing up thing will be somebody else's script, not mine.

Colleen: I don't think you're a lizard.

J.T.: You're kidding. What do you know. Look, you're a kid, what do you know. Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.

Colleen: That's how you see me, as a kid.

J.T.: I used to.

Victor: Don't you think you have been romanticizing the past a bit?

Lorie: Why do you say that?

Victor: Because I have the feeling that you have been going through rough times lately. You seem a little down.

Lorie: Well, you are still a very perceptive man.

Victor: So I'm right?

Lorie: Yeah. My new novel is giving me fits. And I, I split with my husband a few months ago.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Lorie: You know, that's partly the reason I came back to Genoa City, to connect with my roots.

Victor: That's good to do from time to time.

Lorie: I couldn't imagine that reconnecting with my roots would be spending time with you.

Max: Nikki, don't go, please. You haven't finished your salad. Surely you have another couple of minutes?

Nikki: Max.

Max: Come on, come on. Just a couple of minutes.

Nikki: This is a nice idea having a chance to talk.

Max: One last time.

Nikki: Max, what is it? You seem very intense about something.

Max: I can't deny it. I'm realizing this is our last visit.

Nikki: I don't know why this is coming as a surprise to you. With Victor about to be my husband, it's reasonable for him to not want you in my life.

Max: Have you ever wondered why this man is so eager to see me go?

Neil: Hey, that's right. You're off the sauce, aren't you?

Serena: Yeah.

Neil: Yeah. How's it going?

Serena: Hanging in. Still--.

Neil: It's different for you.

Serena: What do you mean?

Neil: You never had it that bad.

Serena: Look, Neil, I needed the booze just as much as you did. It's just I kept it all caged in like a lion tamer.

Neil: You're going through the exact thing as I am and you're stronger and handling it better. Look at you.

Serena: I didn't say that. I'm dealing with it in my own way.

Neil: Which doesn't involve rehab.

Serena: Yeah, it does. Your rehab.

Neil: What does that mean?

Serena: Taking care of you is taking care of me. So you and me, where do we go from here?

Neil: I honestly don't know. Serena, I can't even think about that right now, not with everything that Iím facing. But I can tell you this much. You're very special to me. I hope you understand where Iím coming from right now. You do, right?

Colleen: You really mean that? You donít think of me as a little kid anymore?

J.T.: Yeah. You surprised?

Colleen: A little. Actually a lot.

J.T.: Maybe it's because Iíve gotten to know you better.

Colleen: Found out I'm mature beyond my years?

J.T.: You really came through for me, helping me with this books. I really owe you.

Colleen: I enjoyed every minute of it. I feel we have gotten a lot closer which is a good thing, right?

J.T.: I don't know what you're asking. I have to go.

[Phone ringing]

Wesley: Hello.

Lily: Wesley, thank God you're still in your office.

Wesley: Lily, is that you?

Lily: Yeah, it's me. I need your help, Wes. You have to come to Genoa City and save me.

Nikki: Victor doesn't want you around because we are days away from our wedding.

Max: I suppose I don't have to say I would have preferred a long engagement.

Nikki: You know what? I can't eat another bite. Excuse me. I'm going to use the bathroom before I leave. You left your TV on.

Max: Come on, Lorie. What the hell are you doing in there?

Lorie: Do you have any idea how I feel right now, seeing you, being with you, talking about old times, reliving old memories? Victor, memories of times when things were very different. What might have been perhaps could be again.

Victor: Lorie, I am about to get married to Nikki.

Lorie: I know that. But are you so sure that there's no potential, none for you and me?

Victor: What is going on in that beautiful head of yours?

Lorie: Do you know what I am remembering?

Victor: What?

Lorie: The day you proposed to me and you gave me that amazing 12-carat diamond.

Victor: I remember that. You were speechless.

Lorie: It was the words that you spoke to me more than the ring itself that mesmerized me. You said that I taught you something that you had never known before. How to open your heart. Do you remember?

Victor: Yeah, I remember. Listen to me, I've never known anyone like you.

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