Y&R Transcript Monday 8/19/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/19/02


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Juice: Back away! Sit down!

Neil: Hey, Juice, this is between you and me. Stop, stop! Relax. Let her go. Let go of her now!

Juice: Stay back or I will break her arm! What are you doing here?! Back away, Neil!

Neil: Lily, I am so sorry. There's nothing here, man. You took my watch and my cash. What do you want, my clothes?

Juice: Stop lying, man! I want it! Give me cash or somebody's getting it! I mean it!

Nicholas: Hey, you can't be serious.

Sharon: Of course I'm serious. Really. What would you think about our having another baby?

Mackenzie: He was in a car accident.

J.T.: A car accident? What happened?

Mr. Gutierrez: Our son, how is he?

Doctor: He has a minor concussion. He has a number of bruises and scrapes. What concerns me the most, x-rays show a compression fracture in his lower back.

Mackenzie: He has a broken back?

Doctor: It's the least serious break. As for what the long-term consequences might be, it's too soon to say. I'll show you to his room.

Mackenzie: Did you hear?

J.T.: I rushed over as soon as I got off the phone with you. Sounds serious. When Raul's dad asked what happened, it looked like you didn't want to say. Was Raul driving?

Mackenzie: No, Brittany was.

Brittany: Are you finished? I have to get back to the hospital.

Officer Roper: You're in a hurry.

Brittany: Of course I am. My boyfriend's hurt. I have to make sure he's okay.

♫ Everything that's beautiful

Everything that's good and true

I see in you

Every dream I ever knew

Lies before me in the dream ♫

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: What's all this?

Nikki: It's my way to say thank you. You have worked out to be proud owner of an English castle.

Victor: I could have been Lord Victor Newman.

Nikki: And his fair lady.

Victor: Has a hell of a ring to it. You and I right now living a beautiful fairy tale.

Nikki: I know. We're going back in time and I'm going to remind you of all the wonderful things we used to do when we got married the second time.

♫ My love is like a diamond

That only shines

A candle that never goes out

Iíll love you forever

Donít have any doubt

Lorie: You have it, a way to rid Nikki of Victor Newman?

Max: She needs proof that this marriage will never work.

Lorie: Okay. So how are we going to give her that proof?

Max: I think I have the perfect idea. We need to plant doubt. Lorie, a lot of doubt.

Lorie: Look, Max, even if I could make something happen with Victor, why would she believe it? She detests me. She knows you're hardly objective. And even though Nikki can be dim at times, I mean, it wouldn't be too difficult to connect the two of us and to discover we're still technically married. Add up the pieces, Max. Anything that I could do with Victor, anything that you would tell her about it would be highly suspect.

Max: There's a piece of that puzzle you don't have, a part of my plan you haven't heard.

Victoria: I can feel you watching me.

Diego: I'm just soaking it all in.

Victoria: Are you sure?

Diego: The eyes are the best part. You're just so beautiful. You know what? I don't even know where to start, you're just so smart, classy and stuff tough, tough, yeah, tough.

Victoria: I'm not that tough.

Diego: It's in a good way. It's kind of sexy. A body that every man would want.

Victoria: What's the matter?

Diego: It's just so perfect. What are you doing with a guy like me?

Sharon: You obviously think having another baby is a bad idea.

Nicholas: No, baby, it's not that at all. You caught me totally off-guard here.

Sharon: I realize we haven't discussed it. You and the children mean everything to me. Why not add to our family? I know things will be hectic. The idea of another child running around here and all the joy he or she will bring to our lives.

Nicholas: That goes without saying. There is no better mother in the world than you. But baby, we've kind of been through a lot this year.

Sharon: Talking about the little girl we lost?

Nicholas: That's something we need to face.

Sharon: Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. She probably would be taking her first steps. Life goes on, I know. I know. But I'll never forget.

Neil: Go before I call the cops!

Olivia: We don't have cash!

Juice: A bunch of lying bitches!

Neil: Stop it!

Dru: Let go. Let him go!

Neil: Stop it!

Officer Roper: Here you go, Mitch.

Brittany: You have my finger prints and my mug shot. Can we speed this up? I have to get to the hospital.

Mitch: You're under arrest.

Officer Roper: You're going to jail, Miss Hodges.

Brittany: You're keeping me here? How much is bail?

Mitch: 2500 dollars.

Officer Roper: We do take plastic.

Brittany: I don't have that much left on my credit card right now. I have to find out how my boyfriend is doing. I'll keep it short, I swear.

J.T.: Talk to me.

Mackenzie: I don't feel like talking.

J.T.: Does this have to do with Brittany? She messed up too?

Mackenzie: A few cuts and bruises, no big deal.

J.T.: If she's not messed up, why are you mad at her?

Mackenzie: Do you know where she is right now?

J.T.: No.

Mackenzie: She's at the police station.

J.T.: The police? Oh, don't tell me -- God, Brittany.

[Cell phone ringing]

Mackenzie: Hello.

Brittany: It's me. Do the doctors know anything yet?

Mackenzie: They don't know for sure but they're worried about his spinal cord.

Brittany: Is he paralyzed?

Mackenzie: They don't know for sure, but they're giving him medication.

Brittany: The cop said I was drunk.

Mackenzie: Have you called your parents?

Brittany: Not yet.

Mackenzie: Brittany, you have just been arrested. They don't do that for nothing.

Brittany: Look, I had some wine. I was a little buzzed, okay? I wasn't drunk, Mac. Why won't anybody believe me? God, I can't take this. Raul could be dying and I'm stuck in this hellhole. Mac, do you have $2500 right away?

Mackenzie: I don't have that kind of money lying around. You mean for bail?

Brittany: Yes. Maybe you could put it on your credit card.

Mackenzie: It's my grandmother's account.

Brittany: Maybe you could ask your grandma if it's okay.

Mackenzie: No, I can't. I'm sure she knows your parents and that would put her in a very awkward position.

Brittany: Okay, okay. I swear as soon as I clear this up, I'm coming right over. You tell Raul I'm on my way, okay? Will you do that for me, please?

Mackenzie: Yeah, I'll do that.

J.T.: Brittany's been arrested for drunk driving. What an idiot. Why the hell would she get behind the wheel if she was that messed up. God, this is crazy.

Mackenzie: Yes, it's crazy and Raul is the one paying the price.

Dru: What is your problem?! I bring our little girl here and you scare her out of her mind.

Neil: I never meant to --

Dru: You never meant to become a drunk?! Who is that?

Neil: A friend of mine. Yeah, I'm just -- I'm just great. Hey, can I speak to you outside alone?

Serena: Where's Juice?

Neil: He got away. I need for you to help me get my vitamins.

Serena: You have made it this far.

Neil: I wasn't planning coming home to a family reunion, Serena.

Serena: That's your kid?

Neil: And her mom. Superman needs help to fly, please.

Serena: You have a bottle in there?

Neil: I don't know. I think I do.

Serena: You think so.

Neil: Listen to me. I'm going to go down the hallway. I need you to get in there and take them off to Liv's apartment and I will meet you there in a few minutes.

Serena: You have a whole day under your belt.

Neil: It doesn't matter.

Serena: Let's go for two.

Neil: I don't want to make it two. I need a drink now! Olivia, whatever you got to say, I'm not interested.

Olivia: I want you to come to the apartment now.

Neil: I'm not interested.

Olivia: You get in that apartment or I drag you in myself.

Dru: Neil Winters, this place is a dump. I have brought your daughter all the way to see you here and we get attacked by that punk Juice. What have you done with your life, Neil!

Brittany: Mom, Dad, it's me. I have to talk to you. It's really important. They're not home. Now what do I do?

Officer Roper: Tell them where you are and what happened.

Brittany: I can't do that. They'll freak.

Brittany: I'll call you back, okay? I have to get out of here. They say there's something wrong with his spine.

Officer Roper: You should have thought about that before you decided to drink and drive.

Mitch: I'll take her down. I have to finish up this paperwork.

Brittany: Where are you taking me?

Mitch: The holding cell.

Brittany: You're locking me up?

Mitch: Yes.

Brittany: You can't do this! I have to go see Raul!

Dru: Neil, when is the last time you looked in the mirror?

Olivia: Dru.

Neil: I heard it all before.

Dru: You weren't listening!

Olivia: Dru, that's enough!

Neil: You ladies can fight all you want. I need a drink.

Dru: No, you're not.

Neil: Get off me! Come on, there's got to be a bottle somewhere.

Olivia: Stop it, Neil.

Neil: Olivia, why don't you run down to the liquor store and get me some now!

Olivia: Neil.

Neil: Shut up, all of you just shut up!

Dru: Neil, come on. Come on, Neil. Just sit down.

Neil: I know what you guys are up to. It's not going to work. You're all wasting your time.

Olivia: Neil.

Neil: What?

Olivia: Something you need to know. Is that everyone in this room, everyone loves you, Neil.

Lorie: That does add an interesting new level, no doubt about it.

Max: So you like the idea.

Lorie: That would be a quantum leap. I just said it's interesting.

Max: You're considering it.

Lorie: Do you have a plan for how to make it happen?

Max: Adjacent hotel rooms.

Lorie: And the technology required, is that a problem?

Max: It's not complicated, really. Just tell me you're in and we're off to the races.

Lorie: I don't know if I want to jump into a game Iím destined to lose.

Max: Victor is a connoisseur. You lay out a sample for him; he will want to sample every dish.

Lorie: How poetic.

Max: Who better to prove me right, darling, than you? Think of rewards.

Lorie: For you or me?

Max: Both of us, darling. We're in it together. We have a deal? Come on, Lorie. What do we have to lose? If this thing doesn't work out, so be it. If we happen to be successful, the rewards could be enormous.

Lorie: I still think it's a little over the top.

Max: So?

Lorie: Tell me there's life after you, Max. Okay. Count me in.

♫ You leave me breathless

You look so wonderful

Youíre like a breath of spring

You leave me speechless

Iím just like a bird.

I'm filled with melody

But Iím at a loss for words

That little grin of yours

That funny chin of yours

Means so much to my heart

Give your lips to me

Oh, baby that would be

The final touch

To my heart you leave me breathless

Thatís all I can say

I can't say more because

You take my breath away ♫

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Diego: It's true. You don't see yourself with a guy like me.

Victoria: Am I that intimidating?

Diego: No.

Victoria: Am I frightening?

Diego: No.

Victoria: Tasty?

Diego: No. Tasty, yes. You can't keep this a secret anymore. What are you going to do, ditch me?

Victoria: No. I want to tell everyone.

Diego: You want to put me under the Newman microscope now.

Victoria: Can you handle it?

Diego: I don't think I should have to. Everything is perfect right now.

Victoria: Perfect.

Diego: Just peachy.

Nicholas: It's impossible for me to love you anymore that than I do. You go and say or do something that makes me realize what a lucky man I am.

Sharon: I'm the one that's blessed. We have such a beautiful family.

Nicholas: We decide to do this, it won't seem so little anymore.

Sharon: Are you saying you want this too?

Nicholas: I'm saying if you're truly, truly ready for this --?

Sharon: I am, I am.

Nicholas: All right then. I mean what better proof of our love than a brand new baby.

Sharon: I love you, Nick, so much. Don't ever forget that, okay? Promise.

Nicholas: I promise.

♫ I'll be loving you

Always with a love that's true

Always when the things we've planned

Need a helping hand

I'll understand always

Mackenzie: Doctor, how's Raul, any change?

Reese: Afraid not.

J.T.: He still out of it?

Dr. Reese: He's unconscious, yes.

Mackenzie: When you were talking about fracture to the spinal cord?

Dr. Reese: There will be swelling around the spinal cord. The question is how quickly we can reduce it, whether any nerve pathways have been compromised.

J.T.: He's not going to walk again, right?

Dr, Reese: I have seen more serious fractures than Raul's without permanent damage.

Mackenzie: But it's possible?

Dr. Reese: Let's not assume the worse. We'll know more in the morning. Excuse me.

Inmate 1: Time is money. I'm missing out on money. I'm not happy about this.

Brittany: Just one second.

Hey, hey, sweetie.

Inmate 2: Nice threads.

Inmate 1: This is no bargain basement shopping.

Brittany: Get your hands off me.

Inmate 1: Girl's got spunk. Are you talking to us?

Inmate 2: What are you in for? A john rat on you? You got busted for lifting merchandise like our little friend over there. That way you got those designer clothes? Or did your rich boyfriend buy them for you?

Brittany: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Inmate 1: You watch it, kid.

Brittany: No, you watch it!

Neil: If you love me, give me a drink.

Olivia: That's not the kind of love we're talking about, Neil.

Neil: Well then, I guess we're finished. It's been really nice talking to all of you. You can thank me later for helping you out with that Juice guy. And Lily, I'm sorry. When I get straight, I'll take you to the movies, we'll get together, okay?

Lily: Whatever. Olivia, make her move.

Serena: Don't you want to stop?

Neil: I want to stop. I want to stop but I don't want to stop right now.

Olivia: You can't do this on your own.

Neil: I can do it on my own. Ask her. Serena, you tell her I did this for a long time.

Serena: One whole day.

Neil: See?

Olivia: You don't want to start again. This is the perfect time to get into treatment.

Neil: What you people don't understand is I'm the one in control. See, I decide when I drink and when I don't. My problem, see, I've got it. I've got it all worked out. Olivia, please. Please, come on. Come on, just give me a drink. I want to feel good, please!

Olivia: You don't have to drink.

Neil: Because you don't drink.

Olivia: If you had this under control, you would --

Neil: I do. I fought it. I fought it at Serena's place. I sat there with a bottle right in front of me. It was a full bottle and I didn't touch a drop. I showed that bottle who was boss. I made the decision not to drink. And now I feel like a little drink. What is the big deal? Dru, get your keys and go down to the Olive Tree.

Dru: What the hell happened to you!

Neil: Lily. Lily, honey, tell your mom, honey.

Lily: Don't call me honey. I'm not your honey.

Serena: You don't have this under control, Neil. You don't just want a drink. You need a drink. You can't go a day without the stuff.

Neil: Oh, man, this isn't good.

Olivia: Neil, we love you. We want to see you get better. That's what we want.

Dru: Yeah. We want to see you get better.

Olivia: I want you to get better. I want us both to get better. Lily, isn't there something you want to say to your father?

Lily: No, there isn't. That isn't my father. I don't even know this person. And I don't ever want to see him again.

Neil: Are you going to lock me up?

Olivia: No, no. I'm not going to lock you up.

Neil: I'm scared.

Olivia: I know. I don't blame you. But Neil?

Neil: What?

Olivia: You've got to say it. You've got to say the words, Neil.

Neil: I need help. I -- I need -- I need help. I need help.

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