Y&R Transcript Friday 8/16/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 8/16/02


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Brittany: He's going to be all right, isn't he? Raul, say something to me.

Doctor: Let somebody check you over, Miss.

Brittany: Raul, Iíll stay close by.

Doctor: Come along with me, Miss.

Brittany: I'm fine. I have to stay with Raul.

Doctor: Your friend is being taken care of. You have to come with me. We need some information.

Drucilla: What the hell are you doing again?

Juice: Drucilla Barber. Long time no see.

Drucilla: Long time no see.

Juice: I see you cleaned yourself up a bit.

Olivia: You can't be a friend of Neilís. How did you get a key to this apartment?

Juice: I'll be out of here in no time.

Drucilla: You'll be out of here now because Iím calling the cops.

Juice: Is this your daughter? I have had enough! I am having a bad day! All of you back off! Sit down and shut up!

Drucilla: You are not going to get away--.

Juice: Shut up. You just watch me!

Serena: Tell me what happened. It was Juice, right?

Neil: I saw him in the bar before. I told him who he was. He didn't care. He kept calling me a drunk. That's his name, Juice?

Serena: Not the name his mama gave him.

Neil: I knew a guy named Juice a long time ago. It can't -- can I see that?

Serena: What are you looking for?

Neil: I need a drink. Serena, forget about it. He broke my bottle.

Serena: Well, just as well. You made it this far.

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Iím fine. I'm just fine. I just have to settle down, catch my breath. You know, I can't believe I let that guy push me around.

Serena: Don't sweat it. So you took a few bumps.

Neil: That's not all he took. My watch too.

Serena: You have me to thank for that.

Neil: What?

Serena: That time I came into the bar about your watch? Rob was talking about how it was worth a lot of money. Juice must have been paying attention. As soon as you talk about money --

Neil: Serena, come on, it's not your fault. People like that are bad to the bone.

Serena: You seeing double?

Neil: Try triple.

Serena: Well, you're still alive.

Neil: I'm glad about you.

Serena: For what?

Neil: For what? You probably could have kicked his butt.

Serena: Never put up a fight with a guy trying to rob you.

Neil: Wait a minute. His license.

Nikki: Well, it's a lovely evening, isn't it?

Victoria: It is. It's a perfect summer night. Where's Noah?

Sharon: He's staying at a friend's house.

Nikki: What a nice thing to come home to after a rough day. My beautiful family enjoying a balmy evening by the pool.

Victoria: You look tired.

Nikki: Oh, thanks. I don't feel tired. I feel rather exhilarated. What's your excuse?

Victoria: My excuse for what?

Nikki: You seem a little happy these days too.

Victoria: I am happy. I'm happy for you.

Nikki: Is that all it is? I'm getting a glimpse of something in your eyes.

Victoria: I'm afraid that's just your imagination, Mother.

Lorie: Max, Iím waiting. You are strangely silent. So, um, what's this plan of yours?

Max: I told you, I don't have it worked out yet.

Lorie: Do you have any of it worked out? What are you trying to accomplish?

Max: To get Nikki out of Victor Newman's clutches.

Lorie: What are you hoping for, that you'll break up Nikki and Victor and that you'll live happily ever after? Oh, Max, it's not going to happen. You're chasing a fantasy. Frankly, I don't want any part of it.

Max: I'm not projecting into the future. I admit I find Nikki attractive and sexy and intelligent --

Lorie: Oh, stop, please. You know, you led me to believe that you had a plan. If that's not the case then Iím just going to go.

Max: Oh, stay, will you please? I do have a plan. It's just not fully formulated yet. The more I think about it, the more Iím sure I'm going to be counting on your expertise.

[Knock on door]

Diego: I wasn't expecting company.

Victoria: My feet just started walking and they brought me here.

Diego: Thank you, feet, for stopping by.

Victoria: You obviously have been working.

Diego: I'll take a quick shower.

Victoria: Why?

Diego: Because I'm a mess.

Victoria: I like you a mess. You're a nice mess.

Sharon: Well, I think it's time to get ready for bed.

Cassie: I'm not tired.

Nicholas: If you stay out here any longer, you're going to fall asleep by the pool.

Cassie: All right. Good night.

Sharon: Good night, sweetie.

Cassie: Good night.

Nicholas: Good night.

Cassie: Good night.

Victor: I thought I heard voices out here.

Nikki: How was your day? Exhausting? Tense? Busy?

Victor: All of the above.

Nicholas: Fix you a drink, Dad?

Victor: No, not right now.

Nicholas: All right. How are the wedding plans coming?

Victor: Your mother and I planned a wedding no one will forget.

Nikki: You have no idea what he has in mind.

Sharon: Knowing Victor, I can only imagine.

Nikki: He bought a castle.

Nicholas: You're kidding.

Victor: In England. I thought it would be great for the reception.

Sharon: And the wedding ceremony?

Victor: The cathedral if we can work out the date.

Nicholas: Those are quite the arrangements.

Sharon: I can e-mail or fax everybody on your list.

Nikki: That would be helpful, thank you.

Nicholas: It will be the wedding of the year.

Doctor: You were very lucky, Miss Hodges.

Brittany: I feel terrible.

Doctor: Shock mostly. The doctor says you will have a few bruises, nothing that should last more than a few days.

Brittany: Can I use your phone?

Doctor: Right there on the desk.

[Phone ringing]

Mackenzie: Hello.

Brittany: Mac, hi, it's Brittany.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Brittany: Something terrible's happened.

Mackenzie: What do you mean?

Brittany: Raul and I got into a car accident. We're at Memorial.

Mackenzie: Are you okay?

Brittany: I'm fine. But Iím afraid Raul --

Mackenzie: Brittany, hang on. I'll be right there.

Brittany: Doctor, how is he?

Doctor: Still unconscious. Dr. Walker is running some tests to determine the extent of your friend's injuries. We'll know soon.

Neil: Serena, what is my driver's license doing out of my wallet.

Serena: Probably fell out when Juice swiped your cash.

Neil: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Serena, I think I know where that low-life Juice went. I want to you stay here, okay?

Serena: Whoa, sport, who made you sheriff?

Neil: Juice is helping himself to my stuff. I'm helping him make a trip to the hospital.

Serena: No, you're not.

Neil: Yes, I am! Listen, Serena, I have to set this straight.

Serena: What you have to do is chill, man. Knock it off with the macho bit. People get robbed all the time. They don't go out playing vigilante. You don't know if Juice has a gun.

Neil: This is my battle.

Serena: Your battle is with a bottle of scotch. You win that one, Juice can take a leap.

Neil: Fine. You win. I'm just going to use the bathroom.

Serena: You want to play the lone ranger, it's your funeral.

Juice: Ladies, I want you to open your purses and give me your wallet. Sit down, Dru! I told you to shut up!

Olivia: Just do what he says.

Juice: Smart girl. What about your kid?

Lily: I don't have any money.

Juice: What about Neil? Where does he keep his cash?

Drucilla: If I knew I wouldn't tell you.

Juice: You know something, Dru? You have a smart mouth same as always. Dru, don't make me hurt you! Because I will! I am really starting to lose my patience.

Drucilla: Why don't you get out of here and harass somebody else?

Juice: Maybe I can convince your little girl to help me.

Drucilla: You put your hands on my girl, I swear to God, I will kill you.

Juice: Bring it on, Dru.

Victor: Alone at last. I love it.

Nikki: Not for long.

Victor: The kids coming back up?

Nikki: They went to say good-night to the kids.

Victor: In that case, let me get a brandy. Do you want anything?

Nikki: No, thank you.

[Nikki remembering]

ďNow for as much as Victor and Nicole have consented together in holy wedlock and for that reason have given and pledged their vows one to the other, I do now according to the authority vested in me according to God and in this state announce that Victor and Nicole are husband wife. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Victor, you may kiss your bride.Ē

Victor: Well, we certainly got warm approval from Nicholas and Sharon.

Nikki: I'm sorry.

Victor: What?

Nikki: I was thinking of our first wedding. Do you remember?

Victor: How could I forget?

Nikki: I do like the idea of going to Europe. I really do. It would be romantic.

Victor: What do you mean, it would be?

Nikki: It will be.

Victor: Be honest with me. Would you rather not go to England for the wedding?

Nikki: Why would you say that?

Victor: I sense that you, you know, I sense a little reluctance on your part. I have a feeling you would rather get married here in Genoa City in the Colonnade Room where we were married last time.

Nikki: Would you be upset if I said yes?

Victor: Don't worry. No, no. No. But aren't you afraid the place might be jinxed?

Nikki: Why, because of what happened to our first marriage?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: No, I think the fact we're getting married in the Colonnade Room shows we're putting the past behind us and we're certain this wedding could never be jinxed.

Victor: That is a great idea.

Nikki: Are you sure you're not disappointed?

Victor: My baby, I don't care where we get married. I'm marrying you. I'm marrying my princess. So wherever the hell it is, I'll be happy.

Nikki: Me too.

Lorie: You're counting on my expertise. The game, playing, that's what it is, is it?

Max: Leave it to you to take that the wrong way. You are one of the very few who played a hand against the great Victor Newman and won.

Lorie: That was 20 years ago and I'm not exactly proud of it. You and I are not of the same mind.

Max: I don't know why that should surprise me.

Lorie: I don't want to harm Victor.

Max: Your beef is with Nikki.

Lorie: Who's grown too high and mighty for someone who was born with absolutely no class. You're right. If I do join forces with you, it is because of her.

Max: Bring her down a notch or two.

Lorie: As satisfying as that could be, I still don't know why I should help you.

Max: You still have unresolved feelings for the great Victor Newman.

Lorie: Even if that's true, and Iím not adding that it is --

Max: That's the key I need to prove to Nikki to prove to her she's making a mistake.

Diego: I have been thinking about you all day.

Victoria: That's a coincidence. I've been thinking about you, about us.

Diego: What's up?

Victoria: My mother suspects something.

Diego: I wonder where she got that idea.

Victoria: Not from me? We Newmans, we live in a fishbowl.

Diego: That's why we decided to keep us, this -- whatever this is under wraps.

Victoria: Yeah. Wow, you're so romantic.

Diego: Do you know what it is?

Victoria: I know it feels good.

Diego: So you have something to say.

Victoria: I don't know how much longer I can keep this to myself.

Diego: You want to go public.

Victoria: It may happen whether I want to or not. Sooner or later somebody is going to ask me about this big smile on my face. Yes, yes, Diego and I are --

Diego: Are what?

Victoria: An item?

Diego: That's a cleaner version of what's going on.

Victoria: What is going on?

Diego: Words put labels on things and labels bring judgments and judgments bring --

Victoria: Right, right, I get it.

Diego: We'll deal with it. We'll just start swimming in the fishbowl with everyone else.

Victoria: Poor Diego.

Diego: Poor me.

Victoria: He will come up to you and say so, Gutierrez, you make my daughter happy? I can tell them you make me happy.

Diego: I'm the small fish in the food chain. I think I can live with that.

Victoria: You're the fish I want.

Diego: And that's all that matters to me, right?

Announcer: Dr. Reese Walker, Dr. Reese Walker, please report to the ER.

Mackenzie: Are you sure you're all right?

Brittany: I'm so scared about Raul, Mac.

Mackenzie: Where is he?

Brittany: He's in there.

Mackenzie: He was badly hurt?

Brittany: I don't know the details but you can tell by looking at them.

Mackenzie: Sometimes cuts and bruises can look worse than they are.

Brittany: He's unconscious. That isn't good.

Mackenzie: No, it isn't. They're going to work on him.

Brittany: I can't believe this happened. Why?

Mackenzie: Brittany, calm down, okay? Why don't you tell me what happened? Who was driving?

Brittany: I was. We got into an argument and I was angry and upset and the next thing I knew --

Mackenzie: Were there any other cars involved? Was anyone else hurt?

Brittany: No. I think I hit a tree or a light pole or something.

Mackenzie: You don't remember what you hit?

Brittany: Well, it just happened so fast. Oh, God, Mac. This is all my fault.

Mackenzie: Brittany, Brittany, pull yourself together. It's not going to help Raul if you fall apart.

Brittany: Raul has to be okay, Mac. He has to be okay.

Doctor: Miss Hodges?

Brittany: Yes.

Doctor: Mr. Gutierrez is in stable condition. We've taken a CAT scan.

Brittany: Is he going to be okay?

Doctor: It's too early to say. Excuse me, I need to get back in there.

Brittany: Did you hear that, Mac? He didn't answer me. He didn't say Raul was going to be okay.

Mackenzie: All he said was he didn't know.

Brittany: Are you trying to tell me that's good news?

Mackenzie: I'm sure they're doing all they can.

Lorie: Thank you. You are so sure you know Victor's true colors. How? I mean, from what I understand you've had very little contact with him.

Max: Are you reading the latest book on him?

Lorie: What a piece of trash.

Max: Sensationalist, yes, trash? No. All the facts hold up.

Lorie: All men of great power and influence have a few skeletons in their closet.

Max: A few? Try hundreds, thousands. That man is capable of being incredibly cruel and deceptive and abusive. The lengths that man will --

Lorie: That is your perception. Big men are often seen that way by little men.

Max: Little? I take offense to that.

Lorie: Since when do you -- calm down, all right? Max, remember when we were first in love, what I used to call you? Big Max, hmmm?

Max: If you're impressed with that man's power, ability to do things other men can't, you're welcome to him.

Lorie: He's spoken for.

Max: You don't think he still has leftover feelings for you? You outfoxed the man.

Lorie: I think that ship has sailed. He's marrying Nikki.

Max: You're forgetting something.

Lorie: Oh?

Max: My pet name for you when we were first in love.

Lorie: Max, don't.

Max: I won't. Don't underestimate your power, my dear. It is substantial.

Max: It's so simple.

Lorie: Simple for you. I have to do some sort of miracle. You haven't told me where, when or even how.

Max: I've got it. I have the answer. I have the answer that will satisfy your needs and mine.

Nicholas: They seem happy, don't they?

Sharon: Mmm-hmm. I couldn't believe our daughter just now. Saying she's too old for bedtime stories? I know she's right, but I like reading to her.

Nicholas: She's growing up.

Sharon: She's not our little girl anymore.

Nicholas: She's always going to be our little girl, always. You know, this is nice. Family together, everyone's in a good mood.

Sharon: It's too bad Noah couldn't be here.

Nicholas: There will be other nights.

Sharon: You're right. It's a wonderful evening. I think your parents' happiness is catchy.

Nicholas: I tell you, I am one happy dude.

Sharon: I could make you happier.

Nicholas: No, I doubt it.

Sharon: Want me to try?

Nicholas: Well, sure, baby, I don't think it could happen.

Sharon: You like being a father, don't you?

Nicholas: I love it more than anything. You know that.

Sharon: And you're really good at it.

Nicholas: I have a good partner. She's the best mom in the whole world.

Sharon: Well, then, what would you say to us having another baby?

Officer Roper: Excuse me, miss.

Brittany: Yes, ma'am?

Officer Roper: I'm Officer Roper. I understand you were the driver of the vehicle during the accident?

Brittany: Yes, ma'am.

Officer Roper: Are you a passenger?

Mackenzie: I'm a friend.

Officer Roper: Do you mind leaving us? I need to speak to this young lady alone.

Officer Roper: Name?

Brittany: Brittany Hodges.

Officer Roper: Address, please?

Brittany: 425 Hyde Park -- I have it all here on my driver's license.

Officer Roper: Suppose you tell me what happened.

Brittany: Well, I was with my boyfriend and I got in the car, and then he got in the car and I started driving. And then and it all just happened so fast.

Officer Roper: Miss Hodges, I would like you to come with me for a moment.

Brittany: Where?

Officer Roper: Over here, please.

Brittany: What is that?

Officer Roper: I'm going to give you a breathalyzer test.

Brittany: You've got to be kidding.

Officer Roper: It will just take a minute, Miss Hodges.

Brittany: What, do you smell something on my breath? Okay. I had a glass of wine. Big deal. There's no need for that.

Officer Roper: You have the option of refusing the test, of course.

Brittany: Then I refuse.

Officer Roper: In which case, the motor vehicle department will automatically suspend your driver's license for a period of six months.

Brittany: That's ridiculous.

Officer Roper: I will testify that you're unsteady.

Brittany: Of course, I'm unsteady. I was in a car crash.

Officer Roper: I detect alcohol on your breath and --

Brittany: Officer, I am in control. My boyfriend is seriously injured. I have to get back out there.

Officer Roper: Take a deep breath and blow into here, please. Do it.

Drucilla: You heard me. Stay away from her.

Juice: Why don't you convince your mama to help you.


Juice: You come any closer, I'll --

Neil: Juice, let go of her. Calm down, take it easy. This is between you and me.

Juice: Back off, you drunk! I'll hurt her, I swear I will.

Diego: You know what? I don't even want to hear about it.

Victoria: Hear about what?

Diego: Whatever has gone on in here before.

Victoria: A lot of history.

Diego: That's exactly what I mean.

Victoria: You're right. The past should stay in the past.

Diego: I love it when you get all philosophical.

Victoria: It makes my head ache.

Diego: You're probably just hungry.

Victoria: You're talking about food?

Diego: What?

Victoria: How long have I known you?

Diego: My name? You've known that for quite a while. As far as really knowing what Diego --

Victoria: Get all deep on me.

Diego: You brought it up. What difference does it make?

Victoria: I'm surprised.

Diego: Things going too fast for you?

Victoria: Things. Is that what we're calling it, things?

Diego: You know what? Let's not talk about it.

Victoria: Why talk about that? It leads to over-thinking and I wouldn't want to ruin the thought.

Diego: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Victoria: That didn't come out right.

Diego: If there's something on your mind --

Victoria: Yeah, there is.

Diego: I'm still kind of sweaty.

Victoria: I know. Come here.

Diego: We're cool?

Victoria: Yeah, we're cool.

Mackenzie: Raul's parents are on their way. Brit, what's wrong?

Brittany: The police gave me a breathalyzer test.

Mackenzie: A breathalyzer? Oh, my God, Brittany.

Brittany: I only had a little bit of wine. I swear, Mac.

Mackenzie: She said you didn't remember what you hit.

Brittany: I hit a tree. I remember.

Mackenzie: What am I supposed to do?

Brittany: Tell them I wasn't drunk.

Officer Roper: Miss Hodges, Iím going to take you downtown.

Brittany: What have I done?

Officer Roper: You're underage and your alcohol level was above the legal limit for an adult. I'm placing you under arrest. Mitch.

Mitch: Miss, you have a right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you before you answer any questions. Do you understand this?

Brittany: I have to stay here with Raul. Please, can I stay here, please?

Officer Roper: I'm sorry, no.

Mitch: You understand your rights, Miss Hodges?

Mackenzie: Answer him, Brit. Don't make it any worse.

Brittany: I understand.

Mitch: All right then. Let's go. This way.

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