Y&R Transcript Monday 8/12/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/12/02


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Colleen: Is this everyone? Where's Phyllis?

Jack: She had an important business meeting this morning.

Colleen: More important than saying goodbye to Billy?

Billy: Don't worry about it. We cried and carried on.

John: What's with this sudden trip of Brad's?

Jack: How about more of that smoked salmon? I love that.

Colleen: Sure.

Jack: I didn't hear any yelling last night. I take it when Billy shared his plan with you, you were okay with the idea.

Jill: I want you to find Larry Warton for me and send him to my office right away.

Mackenzie: What's all this?

Esther: Mac, we were going to surprise you. I finished packing for you.

Mackenzie: All these bags.

Katherine: Since you're leaving us, we wanted you to have nice luggage.

Mackenzie: It's way nice. Where I'm going, Iím afraid it will get all beat up.

Katherine: Of course.

Esther: You got it before when we thought Mac was going to college.

Katherine: Thank you for helping. It seems you have picked the perfect alternative.

Mackenzie: In the attic. Dad's?

Katherine: Yes. I daresay this has seen better times. Perfect alternative for your first trip.

Raul: I got a postcard the other day.

Brittany: Fan mail?

Raul: I get bags and bags of that have stuff. Three guesses.

Brittany: Raul, Iím not awake yet. Would you just tell me?

Raul: Rianna. I guess she loves Montana. Summer job's been a blast.

Brittany: It will be tough to hit the books again. Isn't anyone excited about going to college?

Raul: All that wide open sky.

Brittany: Take a jog around the block.

Raul: Miss Drill Sergeant. Don't tell me you forgot.

Brittany: About what?

Raul: You were supposed to talk to your parents about getting together.

Brittany: I'll talk to them tonight.

Raul: Why donít you talk to them this morning?

Brittany: No one was around.

Raul: You didn't have breakfast?

Brittany: Yeah Ozzie makes pancakes while Harriet irons the napkins. Dad's probably at work already, and Mom's at the club.

Raul: You wouldn't be nervous, would you?

Brittany: Excuse me?

Raul: It'll be okay. I'll even wear a necktie, show them I'm made of the right stuff? I'll get more coffee. You get on the phone and see if you can set up some dinner with your parents. Come on, girl. Time's a-wasting.

Christine: I'm just as guilty. I think people see each other more when it's hot out.

Lynne: Life's too short. You can't be chained to your desk all the time.

Christine: I have been managing to get out.

Lynne: You met someone?

Christine: No, not really. I had dinner with Michael the other night.

Lynne: A business dinner.

Christine: No, just a night on the town. What can I say? It beats working.

Lauren: Are you here by your lonesome?

Paul: It's surprising how much work I can get done without the phones ringing.

Lauren: How's my godson?

Paul: His mom had an early appointment so she took him with her. How about some coffee? I could use a break.

Lauren: When do you think Isabella will be back?

Paul: What am I, chopped liver?

Lauren: You know I love chopped liver. I'm in the mood for girl talk.

Paul: She has shopping to do this morning, and you know how long that can take.

Lauren: If Iím stuck with you, Iím stuck with you. Paul, Iím teasing.

Paul: I know.

Lauren: Are we in a mood?

Paul: Yes, Lauren, I am in a mood. Why don't we drop it, huh?

Lauren: Are you upset about the other night? Are you and Isabella still in a tiff?

Paul: Sometimes I think you know too much about my marriage.

Billy: Jack, Dad was amazing, very supportive.

John: I think it's interesting that young William wants to spend some time helping people.

Billy: Dad wants me in college by spring semester.

Jack: What's your prediction?

Billy: Play it by ear.

John: If you don't have a darned good reason to be in college by spring semester, I will have to drag you back by the ear. I wouldn't worry. He'll be back. You know why? The checks will stop coming.

Colleen: That's cold, Granddad.

Billy: It was my idea. I don't want to be the token rich kid. I don't want a bunch of money laying around not being used.

Jack: How's Mac's thinking about the vow of poverty?

Colleen: Everybody has a trust fund.

Jack: Dad will be happy to tell you the money will flow.

John: It was his idea.

Billy: Right.

Colleen: Where's your mom? Didn't anybody invite her?

Billy: I called her. I left a message. I actually thought she might be here.

Ashley: You can see her at the house when you meet Mac.

Billy: She made it clear she's against me doing this.

John: Being against something is one thing.

Jack: Saying goodbye is quite another.

Billy: We did. It was a bad goodbye. I'm cool. I'm fine.

Lynne: Are you telling me you and Michael are seeing each other?

Christine: Michael's been a diversion. Although after the other night, it might be a diversion of the past.

Lynne: What do you mean?

Christine: He didn't declare his intentions but made it quite obvious he wants to be more than friends.

Lynne: Oh, my God. Michael didn't -- if Iím too nosy --

Christine: No, he's been a perfect gentleman.

Lynne: How do you know he's interested?

Christine: He's been extremely attentive, and he went fishing the other night. At the Colonnade Room, not so subtle, if you catch my drift. And he surprised me with this incredible cocktail dress I was salivating over.

Lynne: You say the Colonnade Room. Unless you and Michael made it a very early evening.

Christine: We didn't.

Lynne: That means the four of you ran into each other. Judging by the look on your face, it wasn't pretty.

Lauren: I wasn't aware it was a deep, dark secret.

Paul: Every time Isabella and I disagree, you will weigh in with your two cents?

Lauren: Sometimes, I might give a whole nickel's worth. It depends how generous I'm feeling.

Paul: I see.

Lauren: Did I hit the nail?

Paul: About what?

Lauren: About this lovely mood you're in. Does it have something to do with the other night and you went to the Colonnade Room?

Paul: I felt I owed her an apology, that's all.

Lauren: Must have been one heck of a disagreement.

Paul: Because I took her to the Colonnade Room?

Lauren: You saw Christine and Michael.

Paul: How did you know that? You've talked to Isabella?

Lauren: No.

Paul: I see. Everybody knew but me, is that right?

Lauren: I just mentioned it to her.

Paul: No one felt compelled to give me a head's up. Was it some kind of a test?

Lauren: Was it a problem to see Christine?

Paul: Why would you say that?

Lauren: From the way you're reacting.

Paul: That's why you're here. You're here on a fishing expedition.

Lauren: Of course. It was a benevolent one. Naturally, I would want to know how it turned out.

Paul: Well, naturally.

Lauren: What kind of evening did you have once you realized?

John: I'm going to get Jill on the phone.

Billy: I don't want her to come over here because you twisted her arm. If she wants to be stubborn, let her be stubborn.

John: Can I give a ride somewhere?

Billy: I was going to the coffee house to say goodbye to Raul.

John: I can give you a ride to the coffee house.

Billy: Cool.

John: Got your stuff packed up?

Billy: It's by the front door.

John: All right. I'll be right back down.

John: Let Mrs. Martinez do that.

Billy: I'm not going to apologize.

Colleen: I didn't expect you to.

Billy: I didn't want you to hang out with J.T.

Colleen: So what? You're not going to be there.

Billy: You're going to keep seeing him?

Colleen: You make it sound like it's so sleazy.

Billy: J.T.'s a sleazy person.

Colleen: We'll never agree on that.

Billy: Be careful. I know Iím not some wise old man. I'm just telling you.

Colleen: I'll be fine like Mac and all your friends. You survived being my age, didn't you?

Billy: All right. I love you.

Colleen: I love you too, Billy.

Ashley: You take care, sweetie.

Billy: You take care too, okay?

Ashley: I know. I will.

John: You know that I hope this experience is everything that you want it to be.

Billy: I know. I feel really good about what Iím doing. God, Iím going to miss you guys.

John: You just know something. This is always home, always. You call me later and let me know you got in safely, all right?

Billy: I will.

Jack: Here you go.

Esther: When you're done transferring your things, I will put the new suitcases in your closet for when you come home.

Mackenzie: Thanks, Esther.

Katherine: Well, it looks like the law of physics might not be on your side.

Mackenzie: There's no way I need all of this.

Katherine: Do you really have everything you need for the great outdoors?

Mackenzie: Pretty much. You might want to send down a case of mosquito spray.

Katherine: Do you have plenty of sunscreen?

Mackenzie: I have enough to get me started.

Katherine: I don't know, I just really can't believe that you're going.

Mackenzie: It's the right thing. I get to work with Dad. I'll be with Billy. We're helping people. What's not to be glad about?

Katherine: I don't mean to sound sad. My God, Iím happy because you're happy. I know you've made this decision very carefully and it is what you want.

Mackenzie: I haven't seen Billy this excited in -- ever. It's too bad his mom is being such a pill. Have you seen her this morning? Is she still having a fit?

Larry: Hey. I got the message you wanted to see me right away? What's up?

Jill: Are you so shocked I wanted to see you?

Larry: Only because you really shouldn't be here.

Jill: Excuse me?

Larry: You ought to be over at that breakfast at the Abbottsí place.

Jill: How do you know about that?

Larry: Mrs. Chancellor mentioned it.

Jill: That old bat shouldn't be blabbing to you about me. Exactly what did you share with her?

Larry: I didn't mention anything about, you know, us.

Jill: I hope to God you didn't. So how did this other thing come up?

Larry: You really want to know?

Jill: Don't tell me. She was rejoicing I wasn't around, so she told you where she thought Iíd probably be.

Larry: Something like that. Getting back to this breakfast thing, why aren't you there? I mean, don't you want to say goodbye to your son? You don't want to leave things where they were yesterday.

Jill: What do you know about yesterday?

Larry: I talked to Billy yesterday after you were done yelling at each other. All he wanted was for you to listen to him.

Jill: I didn't ask you here to talk about my personal life.

Larry: Come on, Jill. You don't want your son leaving town on a sour note.

Jill: Enough. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Okay. We have business to discuss.

Larry: Business.

Jill: Yes, business. I think you better close the door and lock it.

Billy: Hey. I owe you some money.

Brittany: Settling your accounts before you go?

Billy: I ran out on you and Raul at dinner the other night.

Brittany: To save Colleen from big, bad, J.T.

Billy: I have a plane to catch. I was giving Brittany one last chance to come with me.

Brittany: Go on fantasizing.

Billy: I leave that up to Raul.

Raul: Diving into a new experience like this is always a trip.

Billy: Giving something back. Like my Dad said.

Raul: Bet he's pretty proud of you. You get to take a girl with you. That totally rocks, man.

Billy: We will have a great time.

Brittany: Mac's really going?

Billy: Yeah. You surprised, Brittany?

Brittany: I got this vibe while I was talking to her --

Raul: Brit, come on.

Billy: What vibe?

Brittany: Nothing. I'm sure I was imagining it.

Billy: Brittany, I know you don't want to go. That's cool. Don't go around putting it down. Mac and I are going to have a blast down there. We're going to do some good at the same time.

Brittany: Forget I said anything.

Raul: You'll keep in touch, right?

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Raul: Send the information when you and Mac get settled in?

Billy: Yeah, I will. Well, I guess this is it.

Brittany: Well, since we can't stop you, have a great time, Billy.

Billy: I will. Raul, dude.

Raul: Next time I see you, you will be buff and brown from working outdoors.

Billy: And your head will be stuffed full of college knowledge.

Raul: See you next year, same time?

Billy: You bet. Come on, buddy.

Raul: You heading to Mac's place? You need a ride or anything?

Billy: No, Iíll grab a taxi. Take care of yourself. That goes double for you.

Raul: Give Mac our best.

Billy: Bye.

Brittany: Wish you were going off to change the world too?

Raul: No. I think I'll stick with the job I have.

Katherine: I saw Jill leave at daybreak. Between growls, I got the impression she was leaving straight for the office.

Mackenzie: She can't get over herself long enough to bid Billy farewell. It shouldn't be that way, Grandma.

Katherine: Yes, I agree.

Mackenzie: I can't help but feel this is partly my fault.

Katherine: Because Billy came up with a brilliant idea for you two to be together? Stop worrying. Let's not worry about Jill anymore. You and your young man have a plane to catch and I have an errand to run so get cracking.

Raul: So getting back to what we were talking about, did you get hold of your parents?

Brittany: We kind of got sidetracked.

Raul: I called the Lodge. I got us a reservation for 6:00 tonight. I put it under Hodges. I figured your parents would be comfortable there.

Brittany: Why did you book it?

Raul: Why not?

Brittany: My dad's probably in meetings, won't be able to make it. Who knows what my mom's up to. What are you doing?

Raul: What's your father's number?

Brittany: Raul, Iím not doing this.

Raul: Fine, never mind. There we go. Dad's office.

Mackenzie: I'm back!

Billy: Hey, hey, hey. Today's the big day.

Mackenzie: I'm not ready yet.

Billy: No kidding. What is this stuff?

Mackenzie: Grandma got me new luggage for school and Esther packed for me.

Billy: Classy.

Mackenzie: Too classy. I found Dad's old duffel bag in the attic.

Billy: It's not like we're leaving civilization.

Mackenzie: I know. Who knows how much space there'll be.

Billy: I'll help you. How about this?

Mackenzie: That's linen. It stays.

Billy: Maybe I should let you do this. You know, I know we're going to be doing a lot of work down there, but I can't help but think about the things we can do when we have time off. New Orleans is supposed to be cool. There's Cajun country and the Grand Isle. It's going to be fun, Mac.

Mackenzie: Food, reminds me. How was breakfast?

Billy: Brad couldn't be there.

Mackenzie: How about your mom?

Billy: She didn't show. She upstairs?

Mackenzie: She went to work early. You want to stop by Jabot and see her?

Billy: No.

Mackenzie: You sure?

Billy: If my mom wanted to see me, she'd make the effort.

Ashley: Hey, penny for your thoughts.

John: Not worth very much Iím afraid. What?

Ashley: Are you sure you're okay with Billy taking time off to go to Louisiana?

John: I'm afraid your brother will realize if he --

Ashley: I meant in terms of college.

Billy: He'll go next semester or the one after. Hopefully, he'll have a better understanding of who he is and what he wants. Meanwhile how are you doing, honey?

Ashley: Don't worry about me.

John: But I do.

Ashley: I'm fine. You on the other hand are thinking about Billy.

John: You know, it just struck me when you were walking in this door. Just standing here and suddenly the room is just quiet, empty.

Ashley: All the chicks have flown the nest.

John: You know the day is calling. The last kid walks out the door.

Ashley: Jack's still here. I live just a stone's throw away. We all came back.

John: I remember the exact day each of you left. Really. You, then Jack, then Traci.

Ashley: I know it's hard because Billy is your baby.

John: There's certainly not going to be more.

Ashley: Some people actually look forward to having time they can call their own.

John: I would rather have my kids around than go fishing any day in the world.

Ashley: You can do both. I'll go fishing with ya.

John: I am going to hold you to that.

Brittany: Eleanor, hey, it's Brittany. Dad isn't available to talk, is he? Oh, he is? Well, if he's -- hi, Dad. Yeah, I want to talk to you. You're not free for an early dinner tonight, are you? Oh, you are? How does the Lodge sound? No, reservations have already been made, 6:00. You'll call Mom? Okay. Good. All right. See you then.

Raul: That wasn't so painful, was it?

Brittany: You didn't hear what he said.

Raul: It's going to be fine. Believe me. There's only one thing I'm curious about. Why didn't you mention to your dad I was coming along?

Lynne: Was it really awkward, you and Michael, Paul and Isabella?

Christine: I know Michael wasn't thrilled.

Lynne: Doesn't sound like you were either.

Christine: It wasn't easy, seeing the two of them walk in, happy, holding hands.

Lynne: I could have sent them to another restaurant.

Christine: What's done is done. Everyone survived. I hope I didn't make a fool of myself.

Lynne: Why would you have?

Christine: I kept looking over at Paul, watching him. Did he say anything to you?

Lynne: He said he had a nice night. He didn't mention you.

Christine: They had a nice night. Divorce isn't easy to get over. I'm going to be fine. It's hard to see your ex-husband happily married to somebody else. To know he has a baby with her. Your pride gets a little wounded.

Lynne: Maybe so. I don't think that's the only reason. I think you're having trouble with this because you still have feelings for Paul.

Paul: Look, Lauren, everything was cool. I passed the test.

Lauren: You and your wife go to the Colonnade and everything is hunky-dory.

Paul: Yes.

Lauren: You were fine, Isabella was fine, Christine was fine?

Paul: Yes, yes, everything was fine. That's what I said. Can't you hear me?

Lauren: Why are you yelling at me. It sounds like you're having trouble.

Paul: It's not me. It's Chris.

Lauren: Chris, really?

Paul: At times I caught her looking at me from across the restaurant. Her eyes were filled with so much emotion.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Paul: Sad and wistful. It bothered me seeing that.

Lauren: And days later you're still thinking about it.

Paul: Yeah. Is that a crime?

Lauren: No, it's not a crime. I wonder why it bothers you.

Larry: Okay. We are all sealed in tight. Why don't you tell me about this big top secret.

Jill: It's the result of our test market. Project He-man?

Larry: Huh?

Jill: The advice you gave us we should be using earthier-looking men in our fragrance advertising? We did some tests in six different markets this summer. It appears we have a winner on our hands.

Larry: Wow. You're kidding. What do you know.

Jill: Apparently, it's a very good idea, at least on a particular brand we tested.

Larry: Meaning all these Joe Blows tried it and liked it, but you're still not sold on it?

Jill: I'm sold on it. Sometimes in business you can't follow your own gut instinct, especially when the evidence is overwhelming in another direction. The evidence proves you were right. Especially if the trends in the cities give any indication at all.

Larry: All this talk about business is just a bunch of hooey, okay? We can talk about this later. You should head over to the Abbotts to see your son before he leaves.

Jill: No.

Larry: Come on. You're going to regret this after he's gone.

Jill: I regret it already, okay? Could you just let this drop?

Larry: Be smart.

Jill: Take your shirt off.

Larry: What?

Jill: I've never tried it on you. The cologne.

Larry: I tried it on my own. It's a little bit too --

Jill: I know you think it's too flowery. We reformulated the product. I want you to smell it and tell me if you like it.

Larry: I can do it --

Jill: You're not doing it fast enough.

Larry: Is this about the cologne?

Jill: Don't talk. Don't talk. Just hold me.

Larry: Whoa, whoa, hold on, girl.

Jill: Why are you pushing me away?

Larry: We're not going to do anything until we talk.

Jill: About what?

Larry: About Billy.

Mackenzie: Billy, come on. You're not going to see your mom for a long time.

Billy: It cuts both ways. If she wants to be a drag about us working with your dad, what's there to talk about?

Mackenzie: Her point of view --

Billy: Her point of view bites. She won't change her attitude.

Mackenzie: No more than you will.

Billy: As far as my mom's concerned, this isn't the best scenario. I can't make myself crazy about that. As far as we're concerned it is the right thing, right? That's what matters.

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: The way you say that --

Mackenzie: I have to finish packing.

Billy: You don't seem that jazzed --

Mackenzie: Billy, I am. There's so much going on. I have been really busy saying my goodbyes and getting everything together, I just want to make sure I don't forget anything.

Billy: That's all.

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: All right.

Mackenzie: No, nothing from that stack. It's way too dressy.

Billy: I've never seen you in this.

Mackenzie: I got it for school.

Billy: Mac, we will be going out, to nice places. It's not like we won't have any time off.

Mackenzie: No. It stays.

Billy: Wait a second. Stop packing. Stop. Look at me. You're having second thoughts again, aren't you. You don't want to do this. You're only doing it because of me, right? You don't really want to go to Louisiana with me.

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