Y&R Transcript Monday 7/29/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/29/02


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[Knock on door]

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Thank you for being so prompt.

Victoria: Thank Allison. She had to re-arrange my schedule.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry. Are you a bit grumpy or what?

Victoria: I have a lot going on. What's the big urgency?

[Doorbell sounding]

Victor: I'll tell you in a minute.

Nicholas: Hey, Dad, what's up?

Victoria: Is this a business meeting?

Victor: No. I asked both of you here because I wanted to congratulate you. The plant construction came under budget on time. That's a feat.

Victoria: Well, call us the dream team.

Victor: You are, you know. I say that as your father and as your chairman.

Nicholas: We appreciate the opportunity. That was cool.

Victor: How about some new opportunities?

Victoria: You called us here to present new opportunities.

Victor: I called you here to congratulate you on a job well done. I called you here to tell you your mother's back.

Max: Hello, Miss Gina.

Gina: You're back again.

Max: I couldn't seem to stay away.

Gina: Are you here for an early dinner? Should I get you a menu?

Max: I've been debating something.

Gina: Does it have something to do with a beautiful woman I know?

Max: Nikki promised to contact me about this evening.

Gina: And?

Max: Should I sit back and wait for her to call me? Should I be more proactive? I don't want to push her. I want to be there for her while she’s going through this difficult time.

Gina: Obviously, I have no idea what this is about.

Max: Remember that friend of mine about to make an important decision?

Gina: It was Nikki.

Max: I'm sure she's feeling tired emotionally, having a hell of a day. Maybe I’ll bring her some take-out, see how she’s coping.

Gina: We really don't know each other that well. Since you asked for my advice.

Max: Please.

Jack: Hey, sugar, how about whipping me up a cappuccino? I'm about to make my wife a very happy woman.

Gina: Sorry to hear that. Speaking about somebody who went up against Victor Newman and lived to tell about it.

Jack: Sorry?

Gina: Max Hollister, meet Jack Abbott.

Jack: Hi.

Gina: I will get your espresso.

Jack: Thanks.

Christine: I wonder where Jacques is.

Michael: Don't move. Stay right where you are. I want to memorize this.

Christine: You're embarrassing me.

Michael: There isn't a man in this room who wouldn't want to trade places with me. This might be my last chance to get the full effect.

Christine: I can't believe you did this. It was totally unnecessary.

Michael: You like it, right?

Christine: Surprising me with a beautiful dress and bringing me to the Colonnade Room to show it off? What's not to like?

Isabella: So you're going to stand there and dictate to me who I can and cannot see.

Paul: I'm trying to make you understand why Diane Jenkins is not the person you ought to know.

Isabella: You made that abundantly clear.

Paul: There's a lot of ugly history there.

Isabella: People can't change, is that it?

Paul: Honey --

Isabella: Don't honey me, Paul. If I wanted a macho, paternalistic husband, I would have had my family pick one out for me.

Paul: All right. I'm sorry. I guess I had that coming. I guess my point is, when it comes to friends, it's nice to be able to share them. If I were to walk into a restaurant and see you sitting there, I would like to say hello and not lose my appetite because you're sitting with someone I can't stand.

Isabella: What if I was like this toward Lauren? To hell with her even though I know she's an important person in your life.

Paul: You can't compare Lauren and Diane.

Isabella: She's your ex-wife, of course, I can.

Paul: It's not the same.

Isabella: I'm tired of you bad-mouthing someone that's been a lifeline to me. You don't know what it's like to be in a strange town alone with no one.

Paul: You don't know Diane Jenkins.

Isabella: Paul, just stop, okay? I don't want to argue anymore, especially in front of our son. Sweetheart, come here. You shouldn't have to listen to this.

Ashley: I think this is extremely insensitive to you to come here on the day I'm about to marry another man. You want to have a conversation about us?

Victor: This isn't about us. I don't want to talk about us. I came here to tell you're doing the right thing. Marrying Brad Carlton is the best thing for you.

Ashley: That's kind of embarrassing. I'm sorry that I misinterpreted your reason for coming here.

Victor: I only want the best for you. Brad Carlton is a very lucky man.

Ashley: Excuse me, are you Laurie Brooks? I'm sorry. I'm Ashley Abbott Carlton.

Laurie:  John Abbott, Jabot Cosmetics.

Ashley: Outstanding women of Genoa City.

Laurie:  Did we? I'm sorry, I don't remember.

Ashley: That's okay. It was a few years ago. Anyway, what brings you back in town?

Laurie:   I beg your pardon?

Ashley: You're one of our local celebrities, a best-selling author. As far as I remember, you haven't been back home for years.

Laurie:   So?

Ashley: So why now?

Laurie:   I don't remember agreeing to be interviewed, Ms. Abbott.

Ashley: May I? Look, I'm not trying to offend you. You're here because of Victor Newman.

Jack: Thank you, Jordan.

Max: So, I guess you don't have much use for Victor Newman.

Jack: Who does? Max Hollister. Hollister Manufacturing, Chicago?

Max: That's me.

Jack: What brings you to town, you have business here?

Max: A friend of Nikki’s.

Jack: Nikki Newman?

Max: Now you know what you've walked in to. You must have had dealings with Nikki, if you have had dealings with Victor. May I call you Jack? When I ran into her earlier she wasn't quite herself.

Jack: You're telling me -- because?

Max: I'm concerned. I want to offer help?

Jack: I'm picking up a vibe that your interest in Nikki goes beyond friendship?

Max: My first priority is to be there for her.

Jack: Nikki has plenty of people there for her. She doesn't neat a vulture ready to swoop in.

Max: When I first met Nikki, Victor was treating her very badly. I don't remember all these vultures waiting to swoop in and offer any help.

Jack: Rest assured, Nikki has enough people in this town that are concerned about her.

Gina: I'm sorry it took so long. I don't know which is more temperamental, my espresso machine or my chef. It looks like the two of you had a lot to talk about.

Max: I made a decision. Why don't you give me take-out for Nikki?

Gina: No problem. I'll fix you something very special.

Max: Thanks.

Max: Nikki Newman, please. When will she get back? Maxwell Hollister. When she does get back, would you tell her to call my cell? She has the number. Thanks.

Nicholas: So Mom's back.

Victoria: Why didn't you say so?

Victor: I just did.

Nicholas: How is she?

Victor: I have no idea.

Victoria: Hasn't she called you?

Victor: I'm not calling your mother and she hasn't called me.

Victoria: She went out of town and now she's back. Pick up the phone and find out what's going on.

[Doorbell sounding]

Victor: Who's that?

Victoria: I don't know. Tell them to go away. We're in the middle of a family crisis.

Victor: Your sister is in a very grumpy mood.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: Darling.

Victoria: Hi. You're back.

Nikki: Thank you.

Nicholas: Hey, Mom.

Victoria: We're just leaving.

Victor: There's no reason to go.

Victoria: Mom came to see you. We're going to go.

Nicholas: I don't get it.

Nikki: What your father said is true. There really is nothing more to say, is there?

Paul: I can understand you wanting some companionship.

Isabella: As long as I don't choose it.

Paul: I think you should have new friends. I think if you would stop fighting it, you would discover that you would have more friends than you would know what to do with. What about joining a playgroup, a bunch of young mothers. That would be perfect, wouldn't it?

Isabella: Ricky's way too little for that.

Paul: Joining a gym, volunteering?

Isabella: I appreciate you wanting to help. I can manage my own social commitments.

Paul: What about Diane? Does she have a host of friends?

Paul: What about Lynne?

Isabella: This is something I have to do on my own.

Paul: All my legitimate warnings about Diane Jenkins are falling on deaf ears.

Isabella: Fine. I will be more cautious, all right? I have to follow my own instincts.

Paul: I won't say another word.

Isabella: You won't make this a problem for us?

[Doorbell sounding]

Paul: I'll get it.

Lauren: Hello, hello. How are my favorite newlyweds? Good to see your smiling faces. Boy, I am so thirsty; do you mind if I have some iced tea?

Phyllis: If we can get smaller size with distributional compression, we should do that. I'm not afraid of the new technology. Exactly. Do me a favor and call me with the results at five megabytes.

Jack: I love it when you talk that high tech trash.

Phyllis: Sexy, isn't it?

Jack: Everything you say is sexy these days. Hello. You're up and out awfully early this morning.

Phyllis: We can't make love all morning long.

Jack: Isn't that a shame?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: So, what have you got on your plate today?

Phyllis: The usual. What did you have in mind?

Jack: I have a surprise for you.

Phyllis: I love surprises. Jack does that mean I have you to myself this evening?

Phyllis: What did you have in mind? Gina's.

Jack: No, actually.

Phyllis: Good. The Lodge maybe?

Jack: I had something a little more special. I cleared the deck for the next few days that you and I could get away like we talked about.

Phyllis: A weekend getaway?

Jack: A weekend getaway and then some.

Phyllis: Maybe that places in Chicago? We just missed --

Jack: Think of a place that has its own film festival every year.

Phyllis: Hollywood? Sundance?

Jack: Think festival of fun.

Phyllis: Canada? I don't know. I haven't traveled a lot.

Jack: How about Cannes, the south of France.

Michael: I think we're going to go with the '93.

Waiter: Excellent. Thank you, sir.

Christine: A designer gown and vintage champagne?

Michael: I saved up my pennies for just such an occasion.

Christine: Then I can also bring up business so you can write this off. We are law partners. We have tax to pay.

Michael: I pay the taxes. No business.

Christine: You're so stubborn.

Michael: I would lay my last dime down to put a smile on that beautiful face.

Christine: No offense, but in this place I don't think pennies and dimes are going to cut it.

Michael: Don't underestimate my preparedness. I have dishwashing gloves in my pocket.

Laurie:   You think I’m here because of Victor?

Ashley: Well, aren't you?

Laurie:   I have had no contact with him in many years.

Ashley: You just happen to show up in Genoa City now, of all times.

Laurie:   Actually, I’m here for personal reasons. Not involving Victor Newman.

Ashley: I think I know why you're here.

Laurie:   Then why don't you tell me?

Ashley: Did Victor ask you to come to Genoa City?

Laurie:   That's right, were you married to Victor, weren't you.

Ashley: Yeah, a while ago look, I'm sorry. I assumed Victor asked you to come back here.

Laurie:   Why would he do that?

Ashley: You really don't know, do you?

Laurie:  No. Evidently, you're going to tell me.

Ashley: Recently there's been a lot of publicity surrounding Victor. It's about Victor seeking out his former lovers and I just assumed that your time had come.

Victoria:   Oh, my God, I can't believe this.

Nikki: It's true, your father and I are engaged.

Nicholas: Is this for real?

Victor: This is for real. Your mother accepted my proposal.

Nicholas: Congratulations!

Victoria: I'm so happy.

Victor: I know you are.

Nicholas: Dad.

Victoria: I'm shaking.

Nicholas: Let's sit her down or she'll fall over.

Victoria: I can't believe this is happening. We're going to be a family again.

Nikki: I know how long you waited for it.

Victoria: My whole life. Since I was seven years old. Show us the ring.

Nicholas: Not bad, Dad. That's quite a rock.

Victoria: When's the wedding?

Nikki: We haven't talked about that yet.

Victor: We are not in a hurry.

Nikki: We have been fond of June weddings.

Victoria: June's a year away.

Lauren: That's much better. The reason for my visit is I come bearing gifts.

Isabella: Lauren, you are spoiling us.

Lauren: It's a godmother's prerogative, isn't it?

Paul: Is that for Ricky’s baptism?

Lauren: That's coming up.

Isabella: Oh, my gosh. It's a christening gown. It's breathtaking.

Paul: Look at all that lace.

Lauren: It's Italian. I mean the minute I saw it -- well, I just wanted to do something special for my guy.

Isabella: He is going to look amazing in this. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Paul: Thank you.

[Doorbell sounding]

Paul: It's Grand Central Station around here. Hey, Mom.

Mary: Hi. Am I interrupting?

Isabella: Mary, no, come on in.

Lauren: Hello, Mary.

Paul: What brings you by?

Mary: Since the baptism is almost upon us, I thought you should have this.

Isabella: Oh, that looks like a christening gown.

Mary: It was Paul’s when he was a baby.

Paul: That's wild. I didn't know you would still have that.

Mary: Of course I would.

Lauren: It's lovely, Mary. It's real antique.

Mary: I knew you would want little Ricky to wear it too. I see someone's beaten me to it.

Lauren: Being the godmother, I sort of took charge.

Mary: They asked you to be godmother?

Lauren: Yes. I was very moved. Ricky is the sweetest baby ever.

Paul: I should have called.

Mary: That's fine. Congratulations, Lauren.

Lauren: Thank you. As far as the christening gown, it's far more meaningful for Ricky to wear yours. I'll take mine back. I insist.

Michael: He puts his hand in and the dog barks. I said I thought the dog doesn't bite? She said that is not my dog.

Christine: I had no idea you were a Peter Sellers fan.

Michael: I wanted to be Peter Sellers as a kid.

Christine: The master of disguise.

Michael : To make people laugh that way that can be real and goofy at the same time. You have to love it. That's talent.

Christine: I have to say that's a side of you I didn't know existed.

Michael: I wanted to be Peter Sellers. Unfortunately, I don't have the chops. I'm not the least by the funny.

Christine: I think you're very funny.

Waiter: Your champagne, sir.

Michael: This is going to be good.

Christine: That is not my glass.

Michael: You should leave it to professionals or you could get hurt.

Christine: That's so good. Thank you.

Phyllis: Cannes? The French Rivera? Tonight?

Jack: If my lady is willing.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I have a nail appointment tomorrow.

Jack: So cancel it.

Phyllis: I have to take my grandmother to the hospital for heart surgery.

Jack: I guess she'll have to take a taxi.

Phyllis: In that case, yeah, yeah, the French Riviera, why not. Do I get to eat snails?

Jack: Snails, goose liver, the works.

Phyllis: You don't mess around, do you?

Jack: This is long overdue.

Phyllis: I would go anywhere with you as long as we're alone.

Jack: I wanted it to be exotic.

Phyllis: Twist my arm. France it is.

Jack: That's my girl.

Phyllis: Are you going to be okay being away from Kyle?

Jack: He'll be in good hands even if it's Diane’s hands.

Phyllis: I was just beginning to make progress with him.

Jack: You are making great progress with him, great progress. He smiles when you walk in the room. And now he has Dad and he has Mamie and he has Billy. Your stepson has more love and care than he knows what to do with.

Phyllis: Wow, my stepson.

Jack: That's right. Now and forever.

Phyllis: The sound of that. It's going to be weird to get used to that.

Jack: I also want to say thank you.

Phyllis: For what?

Jack: I know you are making a real effort.

Phyllis: It's no effort.

Jack: Come on.

Phyllis: Enforcing the rules with the pain in the neck.

Jack: I'm glad you feel that way.

Phyllis: Have you been to Cannes?

Jack:  This will be a unique experience.

Phyllis: Every experience is unique with you.

Jack: It's pretty exciting, isn't it?

Phyllis: Throw in the French Riviera to boot. When do we leave?

Jack: As soon as you throw in the bathing suit.

Phyllis: I hear in Cannes, you only wear the bottom half. Is that true?

Jack: Suit yourself.

Isabella: I fall more and more in love with him every day. He fills my heart.

Lauren: Enjoy him.

Isabella: Thank you for understanding about the christening gown.

Lauren: Your son should be christened in the gown his father wore. Speaking of gowns, a tidbit for you, something you would enjoy. I went to Michael’s office. When I was there, I got this big Fenmore’s box with a bow on it.

Isabella: He bought a gift for someone?

Lauren: Not a gift for someone but a fabulous cocktail dress for Christine.

Isabella: Lauren, thank you. That makes my day. A little more power to Michael. Keep her occupied.

Lauren: That's enthusiastic.

Isabella: You have always been supportive of Paul and me.

Lauren: Are things as good as they seem?

Isabella: They are at least for the moment.

Lauren: Still pains about Christine?

Isabella: A lot of regrets.

Lauren: About what?

Isabella: My relationship with Paul.

Lauren: The one you didn't tell him about the baby or taking a backseat to Christine for so long?

Isabella: Both, I guess.

Lauren: Why do I get a strong feeling there's something else making you feel this way?

Waiter: I'll have your salads out shortly.

Michael: Great.

[Christine flashbacks to the happier times at the Colonnade Room bringing in the New Year with Paul]

Paul: Happy New Year. May it be the best ever?

Christine: It will be because I'm with you. Happy New Year.

[Christine goes back to focusing on her ‘date’ with Michael]

Michael: Hey, have you ever had the lobster here? I understand it's great. It's flown in all the way from Venus. Venusian lobster is very well, with Martian butter.

Christine: What are you saying?

Michael: Something the matter?

Christine: Nope.

Michael: Never play poker in Vegas.

Christine: Michael, it's nothing.

Michael: It's something.

Christine: You won't want to hear it.

Michael: Try me.

Christine: I was thinking about Paul and the last time we were here. I'm just sitting here and out of nowhere all these memories come flooding back.

Michael: Hmm. Well, you've lived in this town a long time. There's bound to be all sorts of places that conjure up memories for you.

Christine: The longer I’m here, the more I find out that's true.

Michael: The trick is to create new memories, new experiences, and new people. Tell me about the last time you were here with Paul. Was it a special occasion?

Christine: I didn't want to get into it. I certainly don't want to talk about it.

Michael: All right. You know, a lot of guys would be upset. They laid out for the dress, the bubbly, all nine yards and all his date could do was mope about her ex. I understand. I understand. You're not in the same place I am. Are you?

Victoria: June, you're not serious. What are you waiting for? Why are you putting this off?

Nicholas: They're obviously yanking our chain. I mean you are, aren't you?

Nikki: We've tormented them long enough.

Victor: Think so?

Victoria: You're just kidding, right?

Victor: My darling, rest assured it will be soon, very soon.

Victoria: How soon?

Nikki: We really haven't set a date yet.

Victoria: To make sure nothing else goes wrong, I will call the caterer, invite the guests, book the church.

Nicholas: All right, all right.

Victor: We thought of eloping.

Nicholas: No more --

Victoria: No, no, you're going to have a big, fancy wedding. Come on. Let's go find some champagne.

Nicholas: All right.

Nikki: I think she's excited.

Laurie:  Well, that's fascinating. Victor is seeking out his old wives and lovers? I wonder what he's trying to accomplish. For the record, I really don't belong on that list.

Ashley: What are you talking about? The two of you were engaged, weren't you?

Laurie:  Briefly. But we didn't marry. We were never lovers. I left him high and dry on our wedding day with a little note saying goodbye.

Ashley: I would say that definitely puts you on the list.

Laurie:  So how is he these days?

Ashley: He seems very well. In my opinion he's only gotten better with age.

Laurie:  Really.

Ashley: Anyway, thank you so much for your time. I must be going.

Laurie:  Have I answered all your questions?

Ashley: Yes, yes.

Laurie:  Good.

Ashley: Sorry about that.

Max: What the hell are you doing here?

Laurie: Surely you're not surprised, Max. I came here to see you.

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