Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/24/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/24/02


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Nicholas: Look, Iím serious. It's time to get everything out in the open once and for all.

Victoria: You shouldn't have done this.

Sharon: I couldn't agree more.

Nicholas: I couldn't agree less, which is why you're going to talk. I love you guys so much. Look at you now. There's all this tension and I don't get it.

Sharon: Nick.

Nicholas: I don't know what the problem is. I have to tell you - you have to resolve it or it will get worse.

Sharon: You are blowing this out of proportion.

Nicholas: I wish that were true. The three of us in this room know it isn't, which is why you're hashing this out now.

Sharon: Nicholas.

Nicholas: I'm serious. It's time you put all your differences aside. I can either stay or help you through it or I can leave and let you hammer it out for yourselves. You pick. So I should go. I trust I can leave the two of you alone. Work it out.

Jack: She's kind of nice, isn't she?

Phyllis: He likes me.

Jack: Yes, he does. Have some juice now, little guy.

Phyllis: Want some apple juice?

Jack: Diane, what are you doing here?

Diane: I came for Kyle.

Jack: I thought I made it very clear, I would bring him back.

Diane: I know, but it's getting close to his bedtime.

Jack: It's not that late, besides, I thought we made some very specific changes to the rules.

Diane: I'm very aware of that, Jack.

Phyllis: You're having a hard time sticking to them.

Diane: Fine. Next time Iíll call ahead.

Jack: Next time I pick him up, we'll preset a time I'll bring him back so --

Diane: There's no need for me to set foot in your house. Hey, sweetheart, how's Mommy's big boy?

Phyllis: You turned it off. Oh, boy. Turn it back on.

Jack: Hey, I'll go get that juice, okay?

Phyllis: No more song. Oh, no!

Raul: All right, you, out with it. How did you manage to get this room?

Brittany: My parents come here from time to time for romantic getaways.

Raul: So?

Brittany: I put it on their card and I told the desk clerk I got it for them.

Raul: Which is why we had to sneak in the back way.

Brittany: It's exciting anyway.

Raul: Which is why my heart's beating a thousand times a minute.

Brittany: Stick with me, Gutierrez. You haven't seen anything yet. So how about dessert?

Raul: I thought that was dessert.

Brittany: I'm talking about some amazing strawberries from that dessert cart and tons of fresh whipped cream.

Brittany: I thought we could order room service.

Raul: And have your parents pay for that too?

Brittany: Are we here to have fun or what?

Raul: All right, all right. I'm with you. Let's make this a night we'll never forget. I'll find a menu.

Sharon: Well, I can't believe Nick did this.

Victoria: Yeah, neither can I. I guess his heartís in the right place.

Sharon: You don't think I know that, Victoria?

Victoria: Don't start taking off on me.

Sharon: Don't you start acting holier than thou?

Victoria: I didn't know I was.

Sharon: That's part of the problem, isn't it? Why are you looking at me like that?

Victoria: No matter how hard I try, I can't figure you out.

Sharon: Who asked you to? I certainly didn't.

Victoria: All this stuff you have been saying about Diego and me.

Sharon: All what stuff, to whom?

Victoria: Nicholas for one thing, Diego. Who knows what you've been sharing your thoughts with?

Sharon: My thoughts?

Victoria: Diego and me, how we shouldn't get together.

Sharon: I can't express my opinion?

Victoria: If you're going to tell people Iím a heartless bitch that uses men, I think you have to explain that.

Sharon: Diego isn't your type.

Victoria: According to whom?

Sharon: It's so obvious. He's a stable boy. He's a drifter.

Victoria: Wow, Sharon, you've become a snob. Remind me who you were before my brother met you? Royalty?

Sharon: I'm not a snob. I happen to like Diego.

Victoria: I bet you do. And I'm the monster woman who's going to squash him like a bug.

Sharon: I know Diego is just a diversion for you.

Victoria: God, you are arrogant. How do you know what he is for me?

Sharon: What are you saying; things are more serious between you two?

Victoria: No, I'm not saying that. I don't know. If I don't know, how the hell can you know?

Sharon: I just don't want to see him get hurt.

Victoria: What are you, his mother? I think Iím beginning to understand why you don't want Diego and me together.

Sharon: I told you why.

Victoria: No, I mean the real reason. You think you're so clever at hiding it, but you're wrong. If I can see it this clearly, it's only a matter of time. I would lose my mind trying to live like you do.

Diego: You going to dock my pay?

Nicholas: What?

Diego: I'm getting back a few minutes late from my break and all.

Nicholas: No worries, man.

Diego: They're in the kitchen?

Nicholas: Office, actually. I don't hear any screaming. That should be a good sign. Victoria and Sharon, I got them together. Hopefully, they're working things out.

Diego: What things are you talking about?

Nicholas: You know, have you noticed the tension that's going on between them lately?

Diego: I don't have any idea what it's about.

Nicholas: I'm asking you that. Come on, we both know why, don't we?

Isabella: It didn't go well?

Diane: What tipped you off?

Isabella: Where's Kyle?

Diane: Nestled in Phyllis' arms and loving every minute of it. Why did I go over there? I knew better.

Isabella: Wait a minute. You mean Kyle wasn't miserable like we thought?

Diane: Not only that, but Jack and his so-called wife were anything but overwhelmed, if anything, it was the perfect picture of domestic bliss. My little boy was so enchanted, he didn't even know I was there.

Isabella: What about Jack?

Diane: Did he recite the new code of contact, how he pointed out how I broke three separate rules by setting foot in his precious house? You bet he did.

Isabella: It couldnít have been that bad.

Diane: You're right. It's worse. Now I know what Phyllis is really up to.

Isabella: Which is?

Diane: She's playing step-mommy dearest to the hilt.

Isabella: Isn't that good for Kyle?

Diane: How can you say that? Of course, it isn't good for my son. It isn't good for anyone.

Phyllis: Your mommy wasn't in a good mood, was she?

Jack: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, she wasn't.

Jack: Honey, please donít.

Phyllis: She doesn't like to see me with Kyle.

Jack: Well, I don't think that would be too hard to understand. She has been his only parent for most of his life.

Phyllis: She's going to have to get over it.

Jack: Because you plan to get closer to him.

Phyllis: Yeah. You make that sound so deliberate. Look at this face. Look at that face. How can you say that doesn't melt your heart?

Jack: Then you are sincere about this?

Phyllis: Oh, watch out. Yeah, Iím sincere about this. Do you think this is an act?

Jack: I didn't say that. This isn't something you play at.

Phyllis: What is that supposed to mean?

Jack: The more time Kyle spends time with you; the more he comes to depend on you, for comfort, for security.

Phyllis: I've had a child before.

Jack: I know. This is a sudden turnaround on your part. I don't want to take any chances, not with my son.

Phyllis: I'm getting that treatment. I did it before; Iím going to do it again.

Jack: I didn't say that.

Phyllis: That's what it sounds like. Listen, Iím the first to admit I made a lot of mistakes but I was always an incredible mother to my son.

Jack: Look, maybe Iím overreacting because Iím new at this. I don't want to doubt you. I don't.

Phyllis: I was doubting myself earlier. But not anymore.

Jack: Not easy raising kids.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. Once you love them in that special way, then all that hard stuff just becomes dust and you don't question yourself anymore. Hey, what's going on? What are you doing? You playing with that? I can tell that Kyleís going to be easy to love. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. He's a very special boy. Aren't you? You know what? I think it's close to dessert time. And I think we should have some ice cream! Yea! You want some ice cream? Chocolate ice cream? Does his mother let him have ice cream?

Jack: I don't know about his mother but his dad sure does.

Phyllis: Let's go for it. Yea! Ice cream! I'm going to give you to Daddy. Then Iím going to get you ice cream. Okay. Bye.

Jack: Yeah, I like her too. Yeah.

Billy: Believe me, Iím glad the whole thing's over.

Mackenzie: So you're doing okay.

J.T.: Billy Abbott saving a damsel in distress.

Billy: You're jealous.

J.T.: Of you? No. But I am glad you guys are all right.

Billy: It looks like the guy's  got a heart after all. What a trip.

J.T.: Any chance you guys coming back to work?

Mackenzie: At the boutique? We haven't talked about it.

Billy: We're going to lay low, let things die down.

Mackenzie: It's been fun having nothing to do.

J.T.: Pretty soon everybody is heading off to college. Okay. Moving right along.

Billy: Something on your mind, J.T.?

J.T.: Wondering about your little buddy, Gutierrez.

Billy: What about him?

J.T.: I thought he would be hanging out here unless they went to the lake for another hot date.

Billy: I don't know where they are.

J.T.: Where are they?

Billy: It's supposed to be a big surprise.

Mackenzie: What happened?

Billy: It's already happened. Raul has a very special evening planned for Brittany tonight.

J.T.: At the burger shack, right?

Billy: Try the lodge. That's where they had their first date.

Mackenzie: That's sweet.

Billy: I hope Brittany appreciates it. Raul is bending over backwards to try to make her happy.

Raul: Last one.

Brittany: Oh, no, say it isn't so.

Raul: If you want, I can call room service.

Brittany: I think it's time we move on to other things.

Raul: Hey, isn't that supposed to be my line?

Brittany: Sorry, am I being too forward?

Raul: No, not at all. I'm right there with you.

Raul: Wow.

Brittany: I should have had room service bring us up a bottle of wine.

Raul: Who needs wine? Besides they would have carded us.

Brittany: I suppose.

Raul: You're not nervous, are you? I thought you said that --

Brittany: I did. I'm not. Not really. I mean, why should I be?

Raul: I've got something better than wine. At least I hope you'll think so.

Brittany: What's this?

Raul: It's a little gift for you. I was going to give it to you at dinner. Now Iím glad I waited. Timing is much better. Go ahead, open it.

Brittany: It's lovely.

Raul: It's a locket. A cute couple, huh?

Sharon: It sounds like you're threatening me, Victoria. You're threatening my marriage, my family.

Victoria: My brother's too. We both know you don't just like Diego, Sharon. It goes beyond that, doesn't it?

Phyllis: Okay. Here it comes... It's going through a Turbulence. Yea, Kyle. One moreÖ what?

Jack: Nothing, nothing.

Phyllis: Yea! You haven't eaten your ice cream.

Jack: I kind of feel like going to bed.

Phyllis: Really? Here we go. I think it's Kyleís bedtime too. Why don't you take him out to Diane, and Iíll be waiting upstairs.

Jack: That's a good plan.

Phyllis: There you go. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye, baby. Sweet dreams.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Phyllis: Bye. Bye.

Raul: You want to try it on?

Brittany: I'm sorry, what?

Raul: The necklace.

Brittany: Yeah.

Raul: It's not sterling. It's silver-plated.

Brittany: So what. I think it's beautiful.

Raul: You really think so?

Brittany: I really do. Thanks.

Raul: Thank you. Wow, check this bed out. It's great. We have our own hotel room, total privacy. It's cool, huh?

Brittany: Yeah.

Raul: May I? You want me to turn the light off?

Brittany: Why?

Raul: That's a good question. Am I squashing your arm?

Brittany: No.

Raul: You okay?

Brittany: Uh-huh.

Jack: Here we go.

Diane: So there were no problems at all?

Jack: Everything worked just great. Didn't you have a terrific time? You could see for yourself all the fun he was having.

Diane: With Phyllis.

Jack: Yeah. She's got quite a way with him.

Diane: Come on, Jack. She's using that little boy.

Jack: No, no, no. She is making friends. She is getting to know him. Which is good for all of us, especially Kyle.

Diane: Fine. Explain why she's so buddy-buddy with Kyle when a week ago she couldn't care less for him. Youíre sure it's a genuine transformation.

Jack: He's not a threat to her any more than you are.

Diane: I am not a threat.

Jack: Then things will go more smoothly between you two. That is what you want, right?

Diane: Sure it is. I just don't trust her. But then you had your own doubts about your wife too.

Jack: I believe my wife wants to heal. She wants all of us to heal. And you, I need you to be part of that process. No, I expect you to be part of that process.

Diego: You know, Iím sorry, Nick, I don't know what you're talking about.

Nicholas: Because you and my sister are starting to spend more time together.

Diego: So?

Nicholas: Vicki must have said something to you.

Diego: Why her and Sharon aren't getting along.

Nicholas: Spill it. What's she said?

Diego: Nothing. If she wants to know something, she's going to have to tell you herself.

Nicholas: Fair enough.

Diego: I hope they work it out, whatever's going on.

Nicholas: Yeah, we too. What's been going on with you and my sister? What's going on?

Diego: I like her a lot.

Nicholas: She like you?

Diego: You have to ask her.

Nicholas: Like that will do any good. She'll tell me to mind my own business. Of course, if you are getting closer -- sorry, take it back. I don't want to crowd you or push you on the road again.

Diego: Don't worry about it. I think I'll be hanging around here for a little bit. So you're really worried about them.

Nicholas: I hate to see people I love on the outs.

Diego: If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Nicholas: Just be good to my sister.

Diego: No sweat. It's easy to be good to her. Sorry it took so long to figure it out.

Sharon: How dare you accuse me of something like that?

Victoria: I haven't accused you of anything. I asked you a question you haven't answered.

Sharon: This is ridiculous.

Victoria: I want you to answer me.

Sharon: You're totally off base.

Victoria: You're denying it.

Sharon: Deny what?

Victoria: That Diego got under your skin. You were going through a horrible time. You were alone and vulnerable. And Diego had a sympathetic ear and a nice, strong shoulder to lean on.

Sharon: You don't know what you're talking about.

Victoria: I know more than you think I do.

Sharon: Meaning what?

Victoria: I told him I would lighten up on him. The minute he thought I was gone, he picked up a phone and he called you and thought you guys had dodged a bullet.

Sharon: Geez, Victoria, I don't even remember a conversation like that.

Victoria: Are you sure, Sharon? Even though I didn't hear your side of the conversation, it sounded like you were relieved that nosy Victoria wasn't --

Sharon: You draw some crazy conclusion that something happened between Diego and me?

Victoria: It's not just that we know how upset you've been I was dating Diego. How upset would you be if you weren't jealous?

Sharon: When I have Nick?

Victoria: I don't know what you want, Sharon.

Sharon: Did you think that maybe you're jealous? You're interested in Diego and you can't stand having another woman within ten miles of him.

Victoria: That's not it and you know it. You want this to be all about me.

Sharon: What is wrong with you, Victoria? Why are you making these ridiculous accusations?

Victoria: Listen to me for a second, Sharon.

Sharon: No, you listen to me. If you go to Nick with this, he will never forgive you. You're going to cause this huge rift in the family. Is that what you want? Well, is it?

Victoria: I'm trying to protect my brother and his marriage. I'm not the enemy.

Sharon: Meaning what?

Victoria: Meaning I'm not going to go to Nick with this, not yet. I don't want to tear his world apart. You happen to be the center of his world. I'm not convinced that I'm wrong and Iím going to be watching you. I'm going to be watching your every move.

Billy: I'm going to grab a refill. You want one?

Mackenzie: No, I'm fine.

J.T.: Me too, man, but thanks for asking.

Mackenzie: I want to ask you something. You and Brittany have been friends for a long time.

J.T.: I guess.

Mackenzie: You know her pretty well.

J.T.: What's this about, Mac?

Mackenzie: I wonder if she's said anything or you picked up on anything.

J.T.: About?

Mackenzie: How she really feels about Raul.

J.T.: You think she might be jerking him around?

Mackenzie: Brittany is no stranger to playing games. Billy and I are worried that she doesn't feel the same way about him --

J.T.: As he does about her.

Mackenzie: He's head over heels.

J.T.: I wouldn't worry about Raul. He's having the time of his life. It's Brittany Iím worried about.

Mackenzie: Why?

J.T.: She doesn't just like Gutierrez. It's like I don't know her anymore. The princess in love. What's up with that?

Raul: I love you, Brit.

Jack: Phyllis!

Phyllis: I'll be right there.

Jack: Oh, my gosh.

Phyllis: Shah.

Jack: Why?

Phyllis: Shah. Let me do that.

Jack: Wait a minute.

Phyllis: It's allowed.

Jack: Why are we whispering?

Phyllis: Because Kyle is right down the hallway sleeping.

Jack: Kyle's at the pool house pool house. I just left him there.

Phyllis: I'm pretending.

Jack: We're pretending because Kyle is in the nursery next-door.

Phyllis: He's older now. He's in his bedroom.

Jack: How old?

Phyllis: 10, 13.

Jack: The dangerous years.

Phyllis: No, no. He's very sweet. We get along great.

Jack: Is that right?

Phyllis: I make his lunch. I bring him to school every day and I tell him I love him.

Jack: Really. Is he as smart an old man?

Phyllis: You know what I like best about this?

Jack: Tell me.

Phyllis: He calls me Mommy.

Jack: Is that right.

Phyllis: It's my fantasy.

Jack: Sounds pretty real to me. So what does he ca1l me?

Phyllis: He calls you Pop. I need $20.

Jack: I'm the human ATM in this little fantasy.

Phyllis: That's why we have to be quiet.

Jack: Because we're a family and because teenage quarterbacks have big ears.

Jack: Hey, there you are.

Phyllis: I think I blew it, didn't I.

Jack: The part about being quiet? You blew it big time.

Phyllis: Kyle has to learn about the birds and the bees - eventually, right?

Jack: If he's 13 years old, I think that's a lost cause.

Phyllis: Wow. Kids these days.

Jack: You're serious about this, arenít you?

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm very serious. I think that this is the beginning of a fabulous journey.

Jack: Into the future.

Phyllis: Yeah. Our future. Yours, mine, our son's. I'm serious, Jack. I really want to be there for Kyle. He's my son too. He's not just yours.

Jack: He's a very lucky boy. And you, Mrs. Abbott, are an amazing lady.

Isabella: I told Kyle you would be up to give him a kiss good night.

Diane: Thank you for putting him in his PJs. I don't want him to see me this upset.

Isabella: Don't let this get to you.

Diane: You were in the other room. You heard Jack. I want to be part of the healing process. Like that will happen.

Isabella: Maybe it will be better for everyone.

Diane: Jack may be all gung ho about healing but that is the last thing on Phyllis' mind.

Isabella: You think she's in the driver's seat now?

Diane: If not, she's making a well-planned lunge for the steering wheel.

Isabella: You think this is so terrible?

Diane: Don't you get it? My son is my one and only advantage.

Isabella: Is that how you see your little boy, as an advantage?

Diane: No, no. I love my son. There is nothing that means more to me. You know that. But in terms of strategy, you know what, don't look at me like that. There are strategies on both sides.

Isabella: You think this is all a performance.

Diane: I know it is. Phyllis is a horrible mother.

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