Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/23/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/23/02


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Christine: Sharon, what are you so afraid of? You're afraid if Diego doesn't leave town, he'll tell everybody what happened?

Sharon: I just want him gone. I cheated on my husband. I don't want to be reminded of that constantly.

Christine: Obviously you're feeling guilty about this.

Sharon: It's eating me up inside. I go to bed thinking about it. I wake up in the morning thinking about it.

Christine: Why are you doing this now?

Sharon: Victor stopped by to see me. Apparently, Nicholas told him.

Christine: Victor is asking questions?

Sharon: Victor is asking questions.

Christine: You didn't tell him.

Sharon: What would I do, tell him I slept with Diego; he's not someone Victoria should get mixed up with? The way he stares at you it's like he looks right into your heart.

Christine: I know.

Sharon: It's not just Victor. Anybody who mentions Diegoís name I feel they can see right through me. I have to do something, and I have to do it now before Nick figures out why Iím acting this way.

Olivia: Somebody's certainly wearing out the carpet.

Victoria: I feel like I'm going to explode.

Olivia: You called me. It has to do with Diego, your mission impossible. Last time we talked you were confident you had the situation under control.

Victoria: I do.

Olivia: You two still painting the town tomorrow night?

Victoria: That's the last thing on my mind.

Olivia: Why don't you tell me what's going on.

Victoria: It's not Diego Iím worried about. It's Sharon. I was right about her all along.

Larry: Hey, Nick, what's up, man?

Nicholas: Hey, Larry. Damn it, ground coffee. I ordered whole beans.

Larry: Is that all that's bugging you, bro, and a botched up order?

Nicholas: No. You don't want to know.

Larry: Come on, man, try me.

Nicholas: It has to do with my wife and Victoria.

Larry: The ladies having a problem?

Nicholas: Yeah, with each other.

Larry: Really. What are they fighting about?

Nicholas: Diego.

Larry: Raul's brother, the guy that works here. What does he have to do with your wife and your sister?

Jack: Aren't you supposed to stay off that leg?

Diane: Silly me. I thought I'd answer the door.

Jack: There's no need for sarcasm, okay?

Diane: I'll keep that in mind.

Jack: Just about ready?

Diane: You do realize our son is used to me feeding him.

Jack: If this is your way to pull the plug on this evening.

Diane: No, Iím warning you. He may get fussy.

Jack: So he could throw some food. We'll manage.

Diane: I'm here if you need me.

Jack: Okay. I should probably get going. The foodís getting cold.

Diane: Actually, Kyleís still taking a nap. I'll bring him over when he wakes up.

Jack: What do you mean he's taking a nap? You know the new rules.

Diane: Forbidding me from setting foot in the main house.

Jack: Unless invited.

Diane: Which will be when? The next millennium?

Jack: Do you have a problem with me spending the evening with my son?

Diane: Why should I care, and he is spending time together with you and Phyllis, and to hell with me? Yes, today's a very important day for you, sweetheart. It's your christening day. I want you on your best behavior. It's just what our families need to bring us closer together. You probably don't realize this, but you have a very clever mommy. Yeah, you were terribly clever all right, Phyllis.

Mamie: Phyllis, are you all right?

Phyllis: Hey, Mamie.

Mamie: Hi. I was just leaving and I saw the door open. I couldn't help but notice you were lost in thought. Where were you just now?

Phyllis: You don't want to know.

Mamie: You look nice. You and Jack have plans?

Phyllis: Yes. We're having dinner with Kyle.

Mamie: Just the three of you?

Phyllis: No Diane.

Mamie: How sweet. Your own little family.

Phyllis: Yeah, our own little family. You know Iíve been spending so much of my time hating that woman, I forget Kyle is Jack's son too. And I think it's time I found a place for him in my heart.

Brittany: Hey.

Raul: Hey, Brit. You made it.

Brittany: What's the matter? Did you think I wasn't going to show?

Raul: I was starting to wonder.

Brittany: I told you we would get together.

Raul: Not like --

Brittany: Like what?

Raul: Forget it.

Brittany: I was only a couple minutes late. Big deal.

Raul: It is a big deal. All day Iíve been looking forward to this.

Brittany: Arguing.

Raul: Being alone together. Haven't you? We've put in a long day together, time to relax.

Brittany: This is real relaxing.

Raul: It could be if you'd just drop your attitude.

Brittany: That's it.

Raul: Hey, come on. What's the deal? What, are you upset with me or something?

Brittany: You've been on my case since I walked in.

Raul: I missed you. I can't wait to see you. Is that so bad? All right. Let's try this again, shall we? Hey, Brit. Wow. You look fabulous. Is that a new outfit?

Brittany: Very funny.

Raul: Here, allow me. All these hours that I've been waiting for you, I've come up with a game plan for tonight.

Brittany: Another movie? No thanks.

Raul: You have to eat.

Brittany: I'm not hungry. I don't feel like going out tonight.

Raul: Too bad. I made reservations.

Brittany: You had this table set aside for the two of us? I'm touched.

Raul: Haven't you noticed my fancy threads?

Brittany: I thought you just got back from mass. Did you pray for us sinners?

Raul: Is this a tough crowd or what?

Brittany: Raul, Iím not into playing games, all right?

Raul: Fine. You don't want to know where we're going; I guess Iím just going to have to show you now. Come on.

Mamie: Wow, Phyllis, I'm proud of you. I know you don't like Diane, and yet you're still willing to reach out for her child.

Phyllis: Well, you know, he's Jack's child too.

Mamie: And I know the efforts that you're making will go a long way with your husband.

Phyllis: I hope that I can handle it.

Mamie: Of course you can handle it. Why wouldn't -- sorry. Forgive me.

Phyllis: Hey, what's there to forgive? No problem. I don't have the greatest track record with kids.

Mamie: Is this Daniel? He's so handsome. How old is he now?

Phyllis: He's nine. His birthday's in August. You know, when I got his picture, I brought it home and I buried it in that drawer. I just can't bring myself to look at it.

Mamie: But now you will be spending all of this time with Kyle.

Phyllis: Yeah. Oh, Mamie, you have no idea what it's like when I think of my son. How I failed as a mother. I mean, he's nine and he has his entire life ahead of him. I just can't be a part of it. To be honest with you, I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. I don't even wish it upon Diane enemy.

Mamie: Kyle will make you forget about the past. He's just your stepson, Jack's little boy.

Phyllis: You think? What if he doesn't like me?

Mamie: Come on, that's nonsense. He really is a cutie. The two of you will get along just fine.

Phyllis: Thanks for talking to me. Thank you. I could use all the encouragement I can get, you know? Okay.

Jack: Look, I know you're not happy with this new arrangement.

Diane: Banning me from the main house? No, Iím not happy. Maybe you believe it's best to quarantine me out here. Have you thought about our son?

Jack: You and Kyle will not always be living here. He will be visiting here frequently.

Diane: I certainly hope so.

Jack: I'm sure you understand why I would like him to feel comfortable in my home.

Diane: With you and Phyllis.

Jack: She's my wife. She's also Kyleís stepmother. Is he really napping?

Diane: Fine. You don't believe me? Go check for yourself. You have my permission, Jack.

Christine: Sharon, I do understand why Diego couldn't leave town.

Sharon: We were trapped. If I pressed the issue, it would have looked suspicious.

Christine: Enough time has gone by now. Can't you convince him to move on and find him a job somewhere else?

Sharon: He might not want to leave.

Christine: You never know until you ask.

Sharon: You don't understand talking to Diego is part of the problem.

Christine: What's that mean? He's not pressuring you, trying to get you to do something you don't want to do?

Sharon: No, it's not that.

Christine: Go to him. Tell him how you feel.

Sharon: That's just it. I don't know how I feel. Whenever I see Diego, especially with Victoria, you know, it's not possible.

Christine: What's not possible?

Sharon: I get these feelings, you know, like anger, only it isn't really anger.

Christine: Sharon, what are you trying to say? There's a reason you don't want Diego and Victoria together, isn't there?

Sharon: My God, I'm jealous. I'm jealous. What is wrong with me, Christine? Is it not bad enough that I cheated on Nick, now Iím developing feelings for Diego? What kind of a person am I?

Olivia: Vicki, you're not saying what I think you're saying.

Victoria: My brother was here talking about Sharon.

Olivia: Their marriage is okay.

Victoria: So he thinks. He dropped a bomb. Apparently, Sharon is up in arms about Diego and me. She doesn't want us to see each other.

Olivia: When you mean up in arms.

Victoria: She's very upset. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on. All this time I have been suspicious of Diego. I thought he was the bad guy.

Olivia: But not anymore.

Victoria: I made a mistake. Any flirtation going on between the two of them, it's completely one sided. Diego is a nice guy and doesn't want to cause harm to anyone. I wish I could say the same thing about my sister-in-law.

Jack: The men folk are here.

Phyllis: Hey, look at the two of you.

Jack: You remember Phyllis, don't you? Oh, that's the curtain.

Phyllis: Hi. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

Jack: Want to say hi?

Phyllis: Hey, listen, we're going to have dinner together, your daddy and I and you. Am I coming on too strong?

Jack: No, no, you're doing great, right, buddy?

Phyllis: Hey, Kyle, we don't know each other that well. We're going to change that, aren't we?

Jack: Why don't you hold him?

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: Here we go.

Phyllis: Okay. Here we go, little guy. Yeah, that's the ceiling. All right. We're going to have some pasta. Do you like pasta? Your daddy likes pasta.

Jack: What do you think? You hungry, buddy?

Phyllis: I'll put it out.

Jack: I'll get it. You guys have a lot of catching up to do. Let's get him strapped in here. You ready to eat? Here we go. Here we go. I think the eagle has finally landed. There we are. You two talk amongst yourselves.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: I'll be right back.

Phyllis: Okay.

Sharon: I can't believe this. I have been pointing the finger at Victoria and Diego for keeps why they shouldn't be together. This is sick. It's wrong. I am going to just put Diego out of my mind. I love my husband and only my husband. That's all there is to it.

Larry: So Diego has Sharon and your sister pushing each other's buttons. How did that happen?

Nicholas: Diego started seeing my sister.

Larry: You mean as in going out.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Larry: The guyís moving up in the world.

Nicholas: Not according to my wife.

Larry: She doesn't like the idea?

Nicholas: She thinks Diego is going to get burned. Things are getting dicey, all you guys shacking up so close to each other?

Nicholas: If only I hadn't stuck my nose in this.

Larry: What do you mean by that?

Nicholas: You remember when Diego was talking about leaving town?

Larry: Then he changed his mind.

Nicholas: That was because of me. Then I convinced my sister to start hanging out with him.

Larry: What are you going to do?

Nicholas: This has nothing to do with Diego. This is about my sister and my wife pulling each other's hair out. The more I think about it, the more I think there's a very simple solution to this thing, and Iím going to clear this up once and for all.

Raul: What's the matter, Brit; did you think I was taking you out for a hamburger and fries? You like this place, right? Thank you.

Brittany: Yeah, great. My family comes here all the time.

Raul: I remember another time you came here with this really hot looking guy. Hello, you're looking at him.

Brittany: That's right.

Raul: Glad I made an impression.

Brittany: It's not that, Raul.

Raul: I'm just kidding. It was the first time we danced. I was so nervous. I didn't want to blow it.

Brittany: You're a terrific dancer.

Raul: Still, being that close to you, holding you in my arms. That night that's all I could think about. It took me forever to fall asleep.

Brittany: Wait a minute, isn't that the song?

Raul: It's pretty wild, isn't it? Amazing what you can do when you plan ahead. Want to dance?

Brittany: What am I going to do with you, Raul?

Raul: What do you mean?

Brittany: Because when I'm with you --

Rail: Yeah?

Brittany: You make me feel so good.

Raul: That's how I always feel when I'm with you, Brittany. It doesn't bother you, does it?

Brittany: Should it?

Raul: Not if I can help it.

Diane: Come in.

Isabella: You are in.

Diane: Don't you have a baby at home?

Isabella: And a devoted husband.

Diane: You have a free night and you decided to come here?

Isabella: What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. Besides you're the only friend I have.

Diane: Apparently, things are all sunshine and roses in your neck of the woods.

Isabella: I didn't know doing laundry and changing diapers would be so good. How about you? I assume Phyllis didn't talk herself back into the house and you have Jack all to yourself.

Diane: Not only is Phyllis back, but she and Jack are having dinner together with my son.

Isabella: That's perfect.

Diane: How can you say that?

Isabella: Come on. Do you think this dinner was Phyllis' idea? Jack is forcing her to make nice with Kyle. Having a quiet evening with her, worse with the kid? I say her backís against the wall.

Diane: -- With her worst enemy's kid? I say her backs against the wall. It's like she's Buddha or something. To make things worse, she and Jack slap this absurd new rule on me. I'm forbidden to set foot in the main house so they can have their precious privacy.

Isabella: That's not good.

Diane: It's not good at all. You know what? I can't do a damn thing about it.

Jack: This is pasta, my favorite. How about noodle? I love the word noodle. You want to join the party?

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Why don't you feed Kyle?

Phyllis: No, honey. He's having a great time with his daddy.

Jack: You know what they say. The quickest way to a man's heart.

Phyllis: I think I remember this.

Jack: Remember, babies don't have manners. If he's hungry he'll eat. If he's not hungry, he isnít going to eat.

Phyllis: I remember that. Okay, Kyle, here we go. You want some? Here, sweetie. There you go. All right. I got it on there. Now let me get it off there. Here, honey.

Jack: It's been a while. You're doing great.

Phyllis: He doesn't like me.

Jack: Honey, he's a baby. He doesn't know what like means. The important question is do you like him.

Phyllis: I don't know.

Jack: Hey, hey, there's no rush. You just give him time to work his charms on you, that's all.

[Phone ringing]

Jack: Honey, that is a call I'm waiting for from the west coast.

Phyllis: It might not be Diane.

Jack: No, no. It better not be anyway. I'll be right back.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey, sweetie, let's have some more food. Let's have some more food. You know, here we go. Get the food off me. You know, let's get you out of that. Oh, boy, you don't want to be in there. That's not fun, is it? That's not fun. That's not fun to be in that chair, is it? All right. You're out of that now. What's that? What is that? Is that a flower? Huh? It's an "ask"?

Raul: You want to dance some more?

Olivia: We' talking about Sharon, your brother's wife.

Victoria: They're supposed to be back on track now. They have two wonderful kids, a great, loving family. Why does she want to throw that away? Sharon doesn't want me with Diego. That's not proof.

Olivia: Did she give your brother a reason why?

Victoria: She's concerned about Diego like I'm a vamp that will swoop down, break his heart and throw him away.

Olivia: It sounds an awful like what you do have in mind.

Victoria: Are you defending her? Sharon is awfully defensive with Diego like she's a jealous girlfriend. She's a married woman, for God's sake. What's up with that?

Olivia: I don't want to answer that.

Victoria: You don't have to answer that. I have all the answers I need. If Sharon doesn't shape up and I mean now, I have to go to Nicholas and let him know what's going on with his devoted wife.

Christine: Sharon, you want to put Diego out of your mind. I don't blame you.

Sharon: I have to. If I can't do this, I could lose my marriage. I could destroy my whole family and I refuse to let that happen.

Christine: You have to deal with your feelings.

Sharon: I have been dealing with them for months and look where it's gotten me. I appreciate your advice and my mind's made up. I simply am not going to have those feelings anymore.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sharon: It's Nick. Hello.

Nicholas: Hey, babe. I'm at the coffee house. I thought you'd be here.

Sharon: I had some errands.

Nicholas: Oh, okay. I'd really like to see you.

Sharon: I'd like to see you too, Nick. I'm on my way.

Christine: What are you going to tell him?

Sharon: That I love him. That Iíll always love him. That nothing and no one will ever change that.

Christine: I know you want to forget this ever happens. Given everything you're feeling.

Sharon: I have to forget it happened. I have to.

Isabella: When did these new rules take effect?

Diane: Just recently.

Isabella: Is Jack sticking to them?

Diane: Is he ever. I went to borrow milk earlier and he and his sidekick read me the riot act. They said if I needed something in the future the help could get it for me. I can't even bring Kyle in the house. If you could see the smug look on her face it took everything in me not to smack her upside the head with one of my crutches.

Isabella: She's a loose canon. Let her self-destruct.

Diane: I'm not sure she will now that she's mellow.

Isabella: If Jack is making her bond with Kyle.

Diane: She will make it seem like that's exactly what she's doing.

Isabella: Maybe Jack sure, kids are adorable but also a handful and they're probably figuring that out now. When you walk in there and Kyle comes running because he sees his mommy, Phyllis will realize what a huge mountain she has to climb.

Diane: Do you really think so?

Isabella: Oh, Diane, yes. Listen to me. You are the little boy's mother. He looks to you for everything. Phyllis can't take your place, nor can she share it.

Diane: Thanks. I just needed reminding. I am the most important person in that little boy's life. I am the one he counts on. I just need to remember that.

Brittany: What are you doing?

Raul: What does it look like? Taking care of the bill.

Brittany: That's not necessary. It's like a whole day's pay for you.

Raul: Relax. I've got it covered. Is 15% enough in a place like this, I mean?

Brittany: Why don't you let me get the tip?

Raul: I take that as a no. I have to cough up a few extra bucks.

Brittany: I can handle it.

Raul: This is my idea. Next time you can buy, deal?

Brittany: Deal.

Raul: So now, where'd you disappear to before we ordered, huh? Did you go put in another request for a song?

Brittany: I was just making a few arrangements.

Raul: What kind of arrangements?

Brittany: I got us a room upstairs. Shall we?

Phyllis: When your daddy gets here, we can show him what you do.

Jack: Gee, it seems like Iím missing out on all the fun.

Phyllis: We're just goofing around.

Jack: I can see that.

Phyllis: Hey, who was on the phone?

Jack: It was just business. So what do you think? She's a pretty neat lady, isn't she?

Phyllis: You think Iím a neat lady, do yaw? That's the ceiling. Bye-bye to the ceiling. He's waving bye-bye. Hey, I think he likes me. I do. We were goofing around and something just went poof, you know? I really saw you in him. He's really a part of you, Jack. I like him. I like him a lot. Okay.

Nicholas: That's okay, man, mistakes happen. Okay.

Sharon: Problem?

Nicholas: It's handled.

Sharon: I'm glad you called, Nick. I wanted to see you too. Things have been a little tense lately.

Nicholas: Yeah, they have. Why is that do you think?

Sharon: I'm not sure. I don't want things to be that way.

Nicholas: Neither do I.

Sharon: I think of you. I think of the kids and the great life we have. I'm so lucky. I love you so much, Nick.

Victoria: All right, Nicholas, what's the big emergency?

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Nicholas: I asked her to come because the three of us are going to have a little talk.

Victoria: I'm not in the mood.

Nicholas: Well, get in the mood. This has gone on long enough.

Victoria: What?

Nicholas: This tension. Whatever is going on between you two is annoying. It's going to stop today. I don't know what's going on or what's causing it but we're getting it out in the open and we're staying.

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