Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02


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[Phone ringing]

Victor: Yes?

Leanna: Wow, Connie put me right through. Talk about a first.

Victor: I would like to see you in my office right away, all right?

Leanna: I'm very busy, Victor.

Victor: You be here within the hour, or I'll come to see you. Is that clear?

Victoria: Hi! You're back.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. I was never away.

Victoria: Of course you were. You weren't in the office yesterday.

Victor: No, I was working from home.

Victoria: Well, then how do you explain that Mother was gone, too?

Victor: Because she went on a trip, and I didn't go along with her.

Victoria: Why? What happened?

Brittany: You're late, J.T., as usual.

J.T.: Yeah, I kind of couldn't deal with my alarm clock this morning. The party went pretty late over at Tommy's cousin's house. It got pretty wild, though. You should have shown up.

Brittany: Just think, I could have looked like you do this morning.

J.T.: So, how'd ol' rubber legs make out last night? Yeah, I'm talking about Raul. He got pretty hammered off two beers.

Brittany: Raul was fine. He wasn't the least bit drunk.

J.T.: That's too bad. I thought he was actually joining the human race, for once.

Brittany: Would you just shut up, J.T.?! This is work. The cameras are on and you look like hell. So why don't you just go run a pork chop through your hair, or whatever it is you do, and then come back here and help.

J.T.: Hey, Colleen.

Colleen: Hey.

Diane: Well, good morning -- I hope.

Phyllis: You care. How sweet.

Diane: Of course, I care. In fact, if there's anything I can do to help --

Phyllis: Help?

Diane: Yes. We all want a calm household. It's to everyone's advantage. You know, I never meant for things to get so nasty.

Phyllis: Don't you think it's a little too late for that.

Diane: Oh, I'm sure you can convince Jack that you didn't mean to overreact.

Phyllis: I did my best.

Diane: It didn't work? That isn't fair.

Phyllis: Well, I wish you could tell my husband that. But he's come to believe that there needs to be drastic changes here at the household.

Diane: That's a little harsh. After all, you've been under a lot of pressure.

Phyllis: Yes, I have, Diane. You know what? Can you tell him that? I think it'll help hearing it from you.

Diane: I'd be happy to talk to him.

Phyllis: I'm sure you would.

Jack: Is this a private conversation, or can anyone join in?

Rob: That's a nice watch. Worth a good piece of money. Where'd it come from?

Serena: I got it by accident. Pour a scotch for the man.

Rob: Yeah.

Serena: Hey. How'd it go with Nate yesterday?

Neil: It went okay. Bring me a drink or something. Come on.

Serena: Sure.

Neil: Gonna join me?

Serena: You know I don't drink when I'm working.

Neil: Stupid rule.

Serena: It really went fine, huh, with Nate?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, it went okay.

Serena: If you say so.

Neil: Yeah, I say so, dammit.

Serena: Then how come you're snappin' off my head like some mean old dog?

Neil: Go do something, Serena.

Olivia: Got all your things together?

Nate: Uh-huh.

Olivia: Good. Then we can talk.

Nate: Mom, my bus is gonna be here any second.

Olivia: If you miss the bus, I'll drive you to camp. This is important.

Nate: I know what you want to talk about -- yesterday, what happened with uncle Neil. You shouldn't be mad at him. It's my fault. I'm the one who called him.

Olivia: You lied to me, Nate.

Nate: I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell you what I was doing.

Olivia: It's the same thing, and you know it. You went behind my back.

Nate: I had to. You wouldn't let me see him. So I called uncle Neil, asked him if he could come and meet me and Brad. I was so happy to be with him. And now you're ruining it!

Olivia: Nate --

Nate: I don't know why you're doing this, Mom. It was just a baseball game. Nothing bad happened! And if he's sick, why can't you help him?

[Doorbell rings]

Brad: Hi.

Olivia: It's really not a good time, Brad.

Victoria: All right, what happened? Was there a disaster?

Victor: I don't care to get into it with you, all right? But if you want an explanation from your mother, then why don't you talk to her when she gets back?

Victoria: Well, did you and she at least talk?

Victor: Yeah, we talked. And I made clear to her what my intentions were, why I had gone to see women from my past. Then I proposed.

Victoria: You did what?

Victor: I proposed.

Victoria: Well, what did she say?

Victor: That she had to think about it.

Phyllis: Hey, join the party.

Jack: Is that what this is, a party?

Phyllis: Yes, well, Diane and I were just discussing how unfortunate it is that things have come to the point they have.

Jack: Diane, I need to talk to you.

Diane: Fine.

Jack: Alone.

Phyllis: Oh -- sure.

Diane: Something on your mind?

Jack: Yeah, there are going to be some changes around here. When I first agreed to let you stay here, I think I was a bit naive in my vision of how things would work.

Diane: "Naive" in what way?

Jack: I think I hoped for the best, and I didn't prepare for the worst.

Diane: Jack, I am so sorry this has led to problems between you and Phyllis.

Jack: Well, given the situation and the way we set things up, I think it was probably inevitable.

Diane: I hope it's not too late.

Jack: In some ways, it is. We can't go back to the way things were.

Diane: Well, you just tell me how you want things to be, and I'll accept whatever you say.

Jack: I hope you mean that.

Caitlin: Hey.

Colleen: Hey!

Caitlin: What happened to you? You were supposed to call me last night.

Colleen: Something came up.

Caitlin: Uh-huh.

Colleen: I went to a party.

Caitlin: Oh, thanks a lot!

Colleen: I'm sorry. I didn't have time to call you, Caitlin. Everything happened so fast.

Caitlin: So where was the party?

Colleen: Carey Park.

Caitlin: Get out! Not the one that got raided.

Colleen: Oh, you heard about it?

Caitlin: You were there?!

Colleen: Shh! Tell it to the world, why don't you?

Caitlin: Your grandfather let you go to that thing?

Colleen: He didn't know. I snuck out of the house.

Caitlin: Oh, my God, Coll, you're the queen! What happened? Did you get busted?

Colleen: No, but it was close. Someone rescued me.

Caitlin: Who?

Colleen: J.T. Hellstrom.

Caitlin: Uh-uh, you're lyin'.

Colleen: I am not!

Caitlin: The guy you're, like, totally in love with?

Colleen: I am not in love with him.

Caitlin: No, you just scribbled his name about a thousand times in your assignment book.

Colleen: What are you -- you're not supposed to look in there.

Caitlin: Oh, it's a big secret, huh? So, J.T. bailed you out? Where did he take you? Out to the lake?

Colleen: Ha, ha. Caitlin, he is so cool.

Caitlin: He actually talked to you?

Colleen: Of course, he did.

Caitlin: Kind of like talking to a puppy.

Colleen: Not. It was real.

Caitlin: Don't be "real" stupid. He's about to go to college, Colleen. He's almost 19.

Colleen: So? I'm almost 16. My dad is five years older than my mom.

Caitlin: No, you didn't say that. You really didn't just say that. This is, like, too weird. Are you gonna see him again?

Colleen: I don't know.

Caitlin: How about right now? He just walked in.

Colleen: Oh, my God, Caitlin, don't look at him. I mean it! So are you coming to my recital tonight or what?

Caitlin: Sure. Who else is coming?

Colleen: Mostly family. My granddad and dad will be there.

Caitlin: Cool. He's dreamy, all right. You really think it could happen?

Colleen: Don't even talk about it, Caitlin. Don't even think about it!

Neil: You know, Serena, the guy who was taking Nate to the game, he gave me some pretty serious attitude.

Serena: Oh? Kinda like you're giving me?

Neil: Yeah, but I gave it right back to him. I stuck to my guns. We all went. It was great.

Serena: Who is this guy?

Neil: You don't know him. This guy I used to work with. He's a friend of the family. He's a pretty cool guy, you know. I know he was in a tough place, knowing that I wasn't supposed to be around the kid. But, hey, what the hell was he gonna do anyway?

Serena: So he ticked you off, but now you're cutting him slack, huh?

Neil: Yeah, it went okay. I'm not gonna complain about it. The most important thing was that I got to hang out with Nate.

Serena: They have those great big beers at those games.

Neil: And I didn't touch a drop -- 'cause of the kid, you know. I wanted to the whole time I was there. And don't you think I wanted to drink one of those great big tall beers. But that kid was standing right there and I wasn't about to let him see me drink. So there. Man, it was really good to see the kid again. Really good. He's a great kid, Serena. You know, for anyone who thinks I shouldn't be hanging around that kid, they should have taken one look at his face when I walked into that diner. He had the biggest smile on his face, he gave me a big hug. Are you actually telling me that I'm a danger to hang out with a kid like that? I'm not!

Serena: Hey, don't look at me. I didn't say that. So you had fun at the game. I'm glad for you. Still, it couldn't have been all that cool when the kid's mother showed up.

Neil: No, it wasn't. She always gets on my case about everything, you know. But it was worth it this time.

Neil: How'd you know that Olivia showed up? Did you call her?!

Nate: Mom, I'd better leave now. I don't want to miss the bus.

Brad: Hey, Nate.

Olivia: Wait a minute! Nathaniel!

Nate: Mom, I don't want you to drive me. I'm gonna take the bus.

Brad: I think I know what happened here.

Olivia: What happened shouldn't have happened if you had done what you were supposed to do.

Brad: Olivia, when Neil showed up, I tried to reach you, you were in surgery.

Olivia: I don't care! You should never have let Neil go along to that game with you and Nate. You knew how I felt. And if he was being a jerk, you should have left.

Brad: I considered it, believe me. But the kid would have been crushed -- and not just because he wanted to see the game, but because he wanted to spend some time with Neil.

Olivia: What Nate wants isn't the issue, Brad. You know what? And I'm absolutely dumbfounded that you'd think it was!

Lou: I can't get over the way you handled him. "I'm very busy, Victor."

Leanna: Well, I have been busy -- like you wouldn't believe.

Lou: Yeah? Well, what've you got?

Leanna: Little tidbit from one of our local sources. I'm told Nikki's left town, very abruptly and that she's incommunicado.

Lou: Well, what do you make of that?

Leanna: Well, I don't want to sound immodest, Lou, but my instincts tell me, I can take credit.

Lou: You think we drove her underground, do you?

Leanna: It was a pretty compelling exposé. Come on.

Lou: And now Newman is on the phone, demanding a meeting.

Leanna: I'm sure the old boy got his head handed to him. He probably does want to make peace, stop me from doing any more damage so he has a chance to win Nikki back.

Lou: You're not at all worried?

Leanna: About what?

Lou: Well, you know -- maybe has another reason for wanting to see you.

Leanna: Oh, come on, Lou. He keeps handing me so much ammunition. I mean, if he doesn't settle down soon, once I track down Nikki, she's gonna be my next interview.

Lou: You've got a lot of guts, Leanna.

Leanna: Either that or I'm crazy, right?

Lou: Son of a gun. You are worried.

Victoria: Mom turned you down?

Victor: I didn't say that. What I said was that she wanted time to think about it.

Victoria: I don't understand this. Why would she say that? Does this have something to do with what Leanna Love did?

Victor: Partly.

Victoria: Didn't you explain to her that woman just twisted the truth? I don't understand why she wouldn't believe you. Wait a minute, you said "partly." Does this have anything to do with that Hollister guy?

Victor: What do you know about that situation?

Victoria: Nothing, really. Why? Do you think that he affected Mom's decision to not respond to your proposal?

Colleen: So I'll see you at the coffee house later.

Caitlin: Okay, see you.

Colleen: Bye.

J.T.: How do I look now?

Brittany: Irresistible.

J.T.: You could never resist me, Britt.

Brittany: Oh, but I could. And now --

J.T.: Now you've got someone else to play with you, don't you? I thought there was still hope for us, Brittany. But now that Gutierrez is this big party animal, too --

Brittany: What is with you? Why do you keep talking about how Raul had two beers?

J.T.: I'm just curious how much you had to pay him to come to the party.

Brittany: He wanted to come.

J.T.: Yeah, because you were there.

Brittany: Is that such a bad reason?

J.T.: Okay, like I said, he made a gesture. He showed up, sucked down a couple of beers to try to convince you that he's on the same planet as you.

Brittany: It really bothers you, doesn't it? That Raul and I are together.

J.T.: Only because I hate seeing you get fooled.

Brittany: Is that right? And how am I getting fooled?

J.T.: You think you can change him.

Brittany: Change him?

J.T.: Yeah. Loosen him up, make him part of the gang. Like that's gonna happen, Brittany.

Brittany: Look, if all I wanted was a slacker who didn't care about anything but his next keg of beer, why would I change Raul? I'd just pick you.

J.T.: Yeah, that's my point. You used to be one of us, Brittany. You taking Raul to that party the other night, putting a beer in his hand -- you telling me you weren't wishing that you two would wake up on someone's floor this morning?

Brittany: Been there, done that.

J.T.: Yeah, exactly. And you liked it. Raul's not that kind of guy. Pretty soon, you're gonna be listening to jazz and talking politics.

Brittany: You know what? I think you're on to something, J.T. Maybe you're right. Maybe Raul is changing me.

Raul: Hey.

J.T.: Oh, Raul, hey. I was just telling Brittany that they're spinning some Dave Brubeck sides down at the young republicans club. Thought you guys might want to check that out.

Brittany: Take a hike, J.T.

Raul: What's his problem?

Brad: First of all, Neil wasn't being a jerk. Now, I didn't know, if I got tough with him if it might make a big scene in front of Nate. I thought I might be dealing with a loose cannon. It turns out, I wasn't.

Olivia: Because he got his own way.

Brad: Look, Olivia, I had to make a judgment call and I made it. I realize you're upset. I wish it hadn't happened. But as it turned out, it wasn't that bad. Neil was sober the entire time he was with us. I could see he was getting the shakes by the end of the day, but he really was on his best behavior.

Olivia: Do you understand how much I hate this? Do you? You think I don't love Neil? You think it doesn't break my heart to see him numbing his pain this way. I truly despair for him, Brad. I don't like playing the heavy, but I want to protect my son. You knew my wishes and you let me down.

Brad: Olivia, I --

Olivia: No, no, no. I'm not finished. Do you know how much harder it's gonna be for me to justify to my son now that he can't see his uncle? Maybe this was a hard call for you. I mean, you weren't there when I had to make that difficult decision that Neil couldn't be in our lives. You weren't there when he was drunk. You weren't there when he was practically falling on my son. Nate doesn't understand that that wasn't just a one-time thing. He doesn't believe that I don't know what's best for him. And so he's furious with me. I can deal with that. I don't have a choice. Until that man stops drinking, I don't want him anywhere near my son. He can't be trusted, Brad, not when he's like this.

Brad: You know, there may be something positive to take away from what happened.

Olivia: Positive?

Brad: Olivia, our seats were in the sun. It had to be 90 degrees out there. Now, those icy cold beers had to look pretty tempting to Neil. But he didn't even give 'em a passing glance. You see where I'm going with this. If it was meaningful enough for Neil to spend time with Nate, and I believe it was, this could be a first step back for him.

Olivia: I'd say that's wishful thinking, Brad. I don't know how far Neil's progressed. I don't know if he's still self-medicating, or if he's gone further than that. I do know that if he continues down this road, he's gonna be a full-blown alcoholic.

Brad: You're saying he needs to get help.

Olivia: If he wants to turn his life around, yes. You know what? He may have pulled his life together for a couple of hours yesterday, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's drinking right now.

Serena: No, I didn't call Olivia -- but somebody else did.

Neil: How do you know this?

Rob: I swear, that watch -- I made some calls. I could get you a couple grand for it, easy.

Serena: Rob, not now.

Rob: Hey, you decide to sell, you let me know. I'll take care of it for you.

Neil: Hey!

Serena: Here. I was gonna give it back to you. Really.

Neil: Really?

Jack: There are going to be some new rules around here, rules I expect you to abide by. For starters, this house is Phyllis's and my home. We need our privacy, Diane. Your home is the pool house.

Diane: Meaning, what? I've been officially banned from the main house?

Jack: That is the long and short of it. Starting today, you are no longer free to come here as you please. You have your own bath. If you need to use the kitchen, that can be scheduled. As for Kyle, he is always welcome here. Mamie or I will pick him up at the pool house and we will bring him here. For what it's worth, we are also protecting your privacy. We'll call ahead of time. No one will come barging in. This is the way it should have been set up from the very beginning.

Diane: I just have one question. These new rules -- is Phyllis prepared to live by them as strictly as you obviously expect me to?

Jack: I firmly believe she will try.

Diane: Well, then, it's obvious that it's not up for a vote, so yes, Jack, I accept your terms.

Phyllis: Hi, um -- do you two need more time? I could run some errands.

Jack: No, that's okay. I think we're through, unless, Diane, you had something more you wanted.

Diane: No, no, no. I have nothing to say. Have a nice day.

Phyllis: Watch your step. Thank you, sweetheart. I truly believe that this is a new beginning for us.

Olivia: I bet you right now, Neil is with that woman, Serena. That woman he's been seeing, probably his drinking partner or, at the very least, enabling him. Not exactly the kind of person you want your child to associate with.

Brad: True.

Olivia: Yeah, and another thing, last night, when I got home from the hospital, there was a light on in Neil's apartment, so I poked my head in. And there she was, alone. Now, apparently, Neil must have given her some keys. They're probably holed up somewhere together. She said that she was picking up some things for him, but I got the impression she was checking out the place.

Brad: You don't think --?

Olivia: That they're probably thinking about shacking up downstairs? Yes, it could be what it is. Then what am I supposed to do? God, it's like everywhere I turn, things just get worse.

Brad: Olivia, I don't know what to say. I guess I made a mistake. You've been such a great friend to Ash and me, and all I wanted to do was help, instead, I just made things more difficult for you. I'm sorry.

Olivia: I gotta get ready for work.

Neil: My watch! You were going to give it back, right? Huh? How did you get it in the first place?

Serena: I went to your apartment yesterday.

Neil: You what?!

Serena: You left your keys here yesterday.

Neil: Give me my keys!

Serena: And you hurried off when the cab came, so I didn't have time to tell you.

Neil: How dare you do that? You know, I knew this moment was gonna come. The moment would come when you would go and rip me off. What else? Did you take my television, my stereo, and all that stuff? I'm gonna go right now. I'm gonna go change my locks.

Serena: Hey, I didn't go to your place to steal anything. I went because of you. Look, I was curious. I wanted to learn more about you, why your life got so messed up. But why should I care about that now, anyway?

Colleen: Hey, J.T.

J.T.: I assume you made it back okay last night?

Colleen: Everyone was asleep.

J.T.: Hey, good job. Some people don't know how to sneak. It's like they want to get caught or something.

Colleen: Not me. I saw you talking to Raul and Brittany. You looked pretty upset.

J.T.: Oh, no. Not really.

Colleen: Do you like her?

J.T.: Who, Brittany? No. No, it's just -- we're friends, that's all. And I hate the way she's acting, though. It's totally not her.

Colleen: Do you want some coffee?

J.T.: Yeah, thanks. I had two cups this morning before I got here, but I still need more caffeine.

Colleen: I'm drinking decaf.

J.T.: I don't get the point of that stuff.

Colleen: Well, today, it's so I don't get jittery. I have a recital later today.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, that's right.  You nervous?

Colleen: I would be if you were --

J.T.: If I was what?

Colleen: Maybe I am a little nervous.

J.T.: You know, you should try a couple of beers right before you -- no, no, forget I said that.

Colleen: Once I start dancing, I'm not nervous anymore.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, that's when you get caught up in that web of music you were talking about.

Colleen: Yeah.

J.T.: Well, you'll be cool.

Colleen: You think so?

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, it's just another rehearsal, right? Piece of cake. Hey.

Leanna: Well, I wouldn't say that I'm worried, exactly.

Lou: But Newman's got you wondering.

Leanna: There was something in his tone. He sounded very upset. Will you listen to me? I used to let him get me so intimidated. But now, I mean, what can he really do to me? He can't come after me unless I crucify him with something I know to be untrue.

Lou: You really think he's looking to smoke a peace pipe with you?

Leanna: Well, it would be smart of him. He has to know his arrogance doesn't play well with the public or with Nikki.

Lou: Well, what about that two-parter you're talking about? You know, "the best of Newman at his worst"?

Leanna: Who says I have to give that up? Victor would betray me in a second.

Lou: Oh. So you line it up, tape it, get it in the can --

Leanna: And wait. It shouldn't take long. Victor has all the loyalty of a gnat. In any case, we're just speculating. I mean, who knows what he really wants? Let's just hope it's not a big, fat waste of my time. See you later, Lou.

Victor: Look, I don't know what that Hollister fellow said to her. Whatever it was, it should be of no consequence.

Victoria: But maybe he's influencing her. Maybe he's poisoning her mind against you.

Victor: I have told your mother what my reasons were for taking the trip. If she chooses not to believe me, that's her problem. I can't stop her.

Victoria: No, you mean, you won't stop her. You know very well that if you pick up that phone and fought for her that you'd win. Why are you giving up?

Victor: Now, sweetheart, I think this meeting is finished. You have a good day.

Victoria: No, no. You're going to explain to me why mother didn't accept your proposal, and you're going to explain to me why you don't seem to give a damn.

Victor: If your mother chooses to marry me, it has to be of her own free will. She has to be certain. There's nothing I can or will say to change her mind. It's her decision. Now, you have a good day. [Sighs]

Phyllis: So you explained everything to Diane?

Jack: I did.

Phyllis: Is she going to behave herself?

Jack: You know, I could ask you the same question. I assume you're sincere about wanting to end all this warfare.

Phyllis: Sweetheart, this isn't a game. I don't have a private agenda.

Jack: I just want to be sure that you're willing to keep up your end of the bargain. No more dirty tricks, right?

Phyllis: Sweetheart, when we talked last night, we agreed that this is the only viable option for all of us. I intend to do everything in my power to make this work. I mean, you agreed to what I need, and that's minimal contact with Diane, and I'm very grateful for that. Thank you. Now I can live with the situation.

Jack: Okay, then.

Phyllis: Hey. Let me ask you something. I mean, I understand that you're a little, I don't know, cautious where I'm concerned. My ability to make good on some very tall promises. But, you see, what I need in return is an acknowledgement that this three-ring circus isn't only of my making. That when I agreed to marry you, this was not on the horizon. And in some people's eyes, I may be a saint, actually. I've been a damn good sport putting up with everything that's been crammed down my throat. In fact, any other woman would have walked away and kept on walking.

Jack: It's true, I could have handled this better. I have admitted that to you before.

Phyllis: Better, or a lot better?

Jack: Okay, a lot better.

Phyllis: Fair enough. Thank you.

Jack: If there is any doubt, I do love you.

Phyllis: I love you.

Jack: I have to go.

Phyllis: Okay. I'll see you later.

Raul: I know what J.T.'s problem is.

Brittany: Which one?

Raul: He's over there shooting little hate beams at us.

Brittany: You're paranoid.

Raul: He's dying to come over here and make fun of us, try and get us all upset. Only he can't find a way, because there isn't a way. He's frustrated, honey. It's totally hilarious.

Brittany: You really think J.T. thinks about us that much?

Raul: Yeah, I do. It makes him crazy that we're happy. That we're in love.

Brittany: Love? Who said anything about love ?

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in.

Leanna: Well, Connie offered me coffee. Apparently, I'm getting the kid glove treatment.

Victor: You've got me this time, haven't you?

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