Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02


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Phyllis: Hi there.

Diane: Phyllis. This is a surprise.

Phyllis: Well, you must be the lady of the house. I know you were hoping to be.

Diane: You don't know half as much as you think you do.

Phyllis: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Diane: You know, I would love to stay and chitchat, but my leg is throbbing, and I need to get back to the pool house. Did you forget some of your things?

Phyllis: No, peg-leg. This is my house and I'm here to stay.

Nate: That was a cool inside-the-park home run. I've never seen anything like it. Have you, Uncle Neil?

Neil: What? A home run? Yeah, I've seen plenty.

Nate: But inside the park?

Neil: Yeah. I have -- it was special, though.

Nate: Only one thing would've been better. If you'd have caught the foul ball.

Neil: Well, that would've been kind of tough, 'cause it was way over my head.

Nate: But you didn't even stand up. That's okay, Uncle Neil. Like you said, it was pretty high.

Neil: Yeah. I'm sorry. I should have a bib.

Nate: Are you okay, Uncle Neil? I think you should eat something.

Brad: You know what, Nate? It's getting pretty late, buddy. We'd better be heading back.

Nate: But Uncle Neil's hungry.

Neil: Oh, no, no, no, I'm fine. I'm really fine. Don't worry about me, kid.

Nate: You don't look like you feel so good.

Brad: Um -- here, Neil. Why don't you eat something? We'll wait for you.

Neil: Thanks, Brad.

Olivia: What do you think you're doing?

Diego: So I swing off the horse this side, you know, through this little smack-the-feet-on-the-ground number and I reach up to grab the horn to pull myself back up --

Victoria: Oh, no, you're on an English saddle.

Diego: Well, somehow, it never occurred to me that I'm grabbing air and the horse is still running.

Victoria: That's horrible.

Diego: Yeah. And then along came a big cloud of dust.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh. Did you get hurt?

Diego: Just my ego.

Victoria: You know, you've got to remember what kind of saddle you're riding.

Diego: I don't think I'll have a problem remembering next time.

Victoria: Well, looks like everyone left.

Diego: Yeah, looks like they called it a night.

Victoria: Guess so.

Diego: It's late. Guess you're ready to head in.

Lou: Two-parter? You e-mail me that you want time for a two-parter? How do you plan on pulling this one off, Leanna?

Leanna: One very controversial name. Victor Newman.

Lou: Well, the guy sure tunes them in. I mean, there's no doubt about that.

Leanna: If you think our last expose made waves, this one will be a tsunami.

Lou: What, you've got some extra goodies up your sleeve?

Leanna: Lou, this is going to be a polished, in-depth, fully documented assault on the Don Juan of the boardroom. No more relying on flakes like Max Hollister for information. I'm gonna raise some serious bucks, burrow into Victor's past with interviews and provocative footage.

Lou: Oh. Poor guy. He doesn't stand a chance.

Leanna: Victor Newman, poor? Don't make me laugh. When I get through with you, my dear ex-husband, the whole world will know what a ruthless megalomaniac you really are.

Victor: Hi. Goodness.

Hope: Hi. Hi. Oh, God. Thank you so much for seeing me, and thank you for sending the jet.

Victor: I was stunned when you called. You needed to see me right away. Sit down.

Hope: You know, it's very important. Let's just hope no snooping eyes followed me.

Victor: Wait a minute. Is this about Leanna Love? This trashy expose?

Hope: It's more than trash, Victor. It's slander.

Victor: Well, my darling, these things pass as quickly as they come up.

Hope: Well, maybe for you. You're used to this kind of thing. This happens to you all the time. But for Julia, Ramona and me, this isn't the kind of thing that just rolls right off our back.

Victor: Julia, Ramona and you?

Hope: I've been in contact with both of them, and we are all in agreement. Something has to be done. This woman, she can't just make up these lies, pass them off as truths and not be punished for it. Something has to be done.

Victor: Let me ask you something. Did Victor Jr. get wind of this?

Hope: Not that I know of. Not yet, anyway. One of the benefits of living a sheltered life on a farm in Kansas.

Victor: But you're still concerned.

Hope: Of course I am. He doesn't know there's any connection between the two of you. And if I become the focus of Leanna, I mean, all kinds of things could surface, and potentially, it could be very damaging to our son.

Victor: You know that I will do everything in my power to protect him.

Hope: I know that. I know that. You've proven that.

Victor: How'd you get in contact with Julia and Ramona? I didn't realize you knew them.

Hope: Well, I don't. But I have a friend who works with the local paper, and he has some contacts and they were able to help me find them.

Victor: I see. Well, they must have been stunned to hear from you.

Hope: I don't know. Maybe. But the one thing is, we're all in agreement. We have to fight this.

Victor: You're serious, aren't you?

Hope: Yes. Yes, we all are. We are not gonna let this woman make a mockery of something that was very important in all of our lives.

Victor: You just gave me a very good idea.

Phyllis: How long are you gonna be hobbling around on that leg of yours?

Diane: Four weeks or so. Depends.

Phyllis: I hope you learned your lesson. Look both ways. I learned that in kindergarten.

Diane: Accidents happen.

Phyllis: Now, we both know what really happened, don't we?

Diane: What are you implying, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Well, you may have convinced Jack to believe that you didn't notice the motor running, the lights on as I backed out and the music blaring. But we both know better, don't we, Diane?

Diane: What you're suggesting, it's ridiculous.

Phyllis: Isn't it?

Diane: Before you start unpacking, I'd talk to Jack if I were you.

Phyllis: Well, I intend to. He's my husband. I'm sure we'll work out our problems.

Diane: Is that right?

Phyllis: Yes. Without your involvement, for a change.

Diane: What's that supposed to mean?

Phyllis: You know, that's a strange question. You just assume you'll be part of our personal conversations? A permanent fixture in this house? I guess you would assume that, wouldn't you?

Diane: Haven't you done enough to that poor man? Do you have any idea what kind of hell you've put him through?

Jack: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Hi, Jack. I was just on my way up. Diane was on her way out to the pool house, weren't you, Diane? Here, let me get the door for you. There you go.

Nate: Feeling a little bit better, Uncle Neil?

Neil: Like a new man.

Brad: Nate, we're gonna leave in a couple minutes. Why don't you go hit the bathroom before we go?

Neil: Yeah, Brad's right. You don't want those big, ol' lemonades catching up with you on the way home.

Nate: All right.

Neil: I really appreciate you doing this, letting me see the boy again.

Brad: You realize Olivia's gonna have to hear about this.

Neil: From you.

Brad: I have no choice, Neil. And when she does --

Neil: Yeah, all hell's gonna break loose. Tell me something I don't know.

Brad: Take a look at yourself, Neil. Can you blame Olivia for being concerned?

Neil: Oh, come on, Brad, what -- did I do anything stupid today at all?

Brad: You say that like it's an accomplishment. Nate knows you have a drinking problem. Now, maybe today you were able to keep it together. But you try and pull this off again --

Neil: What? I'll blow up? I'll be a drunken menace in front of that kid?

Brad: You want to take that chance? Is it worth it? Come on, Neil. The boy loves you. He thinks the world of you. Isn't that reason enough to try and get your act together?

Neil: Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, just stop trying to save me. Stop trying to save my life here, okay? You don't know what I'm going through. You have no idea. I'm gonna go check on my nephew.

Olivia: I asked you a question. What are you doing?

Serena: I just came --

Olivia: Just snooping through Neil's things?

Serena: I was lookin' around. What's it to you?

Olivia: Why are you here?

Serena: To get the man some clothes. You don't believe me? I've got his keys.

Olivia: Neil's in town?

Serena: He never left.

Olivia: And I don't suppose you'll tell me where he is.

Serena: He knows how to find you. I'm not getting in the middle of this.

[Cell phone rings]

Olivia: Hello?

Brad: Olivia, it's Brad. Did you get my message?

Olivia: No, I was in surgery. I haven't checked my voice mail yet. Why? What is it?

Brad: Neil's here.

Olivia: What? Where?

Brad: Eddie's diner.

Olivia: How did that happen?

Brad: He just showed up.

Olivia: Please don't tell me he went to the game with you.

Brad: As a matter of fact, he did.

Olivia: Stay there. I'm on my way. You knew. You knew where Neil was, that he went to see my son against my wishes. Well, I guarantee, there's gonna be hell to pay.

[Door slams]

Victoria: All right.

Diego: What a great idea. Capping the night off with a little ice cream.

Victoria: It's rocky road. I hope you approve.

Diego: Approve? It's the story of my life.

Victoria: Aw, woe is you.

Diego: Oh, I'm not complaining. What? Expect me to launch into another sad story again? How does a nice guy like me end up pitching hay for a living?

Victoria: Why would I wonder that?

Diego: You wouldn't be the first.

Victoria: Anyway, I think we covered it earlier.

Diego: My fast rise to mediocrity. No, just kidding.

Victoria: You'd better be.

Diego: Look, if I ever gave you the impression that my life is one, big, huge mistake, I'll take it back.

Victoria: You happy?

Diego: Right now, I am. Just one more bite of rocky road.

Victoria: Only one more bite?

Hope: So Julia and Ramona are in agreement?

Victor: Yes. I spoke with both of them.

Hope: Well, I feel better already, knowing that we're not gonna be outwitted by that bitch. You're not saying anything.

Victor: Well, I've never heard you say that word before, but you know, your anger is quite attractive.

Hope: Well, it comes from the heart. I'm sure it's probably my maternal instinct just wanting to protect my child from people who would bring ugliness into his world.

Victor: I understand your reaction completely.

Hope: So what's your next step?

Victor: I'll let you know very soon how we should proceed, all right?

Hope: Well, this trip certainly wasn't in vain.

Victor: I'm very happy you came by.

Hope: I had to come. And thank you.

Victor: Sometimes one can feel kind of alone in the world. So you've raised my spirits.

Hope: But you shouldn't feel alone. Especially now.

Neil: Here. Want to smell my breath? [Exhales] How's that, hmm? Or wait a minute, officer, maybe it would be better, how 'bout if I walk a straight line? How's this? Am I doing good?

Olivia: What were you thinking? You want to spend time with my son, so you invite yourself along, and to hell with how I feel?

Neil: Oh, for crying out loud, Olivia. You saw the boy. He was thrilled to see me.

Olivia: I made rules and you're breaking them.

Neil: Well, Miss Olivia, see, you don't rule the world. He's not a baby anymore. He actually picked up the phone and he called me and he asked me to come.

Olivia: He what?

Neil: Uh-huh. I see you didn't know about that, huh? He told me he ran it by you.

Olivia: After everything that happened, Neil, do you really think I'd approve something like this?

Neil: Like "this"? Like what? It was a ball game. What's the big deal?

Olivia: The big deal, Neil, is I'm his mother. I make the rules. You break them, and you won't see Nate again.

Jack: You're back.

Phyllis: Are you surprised?

Jack: Nothing you do these days surprises me.

Phyllis: Listen, I realize you're upset.

Jack: You walked out on me. You didn't get what you wanted, so you packed your bag and you left. That is not the way married people deal with their problems.

Phyllis: I know. It was childish of me. I felt like a promise had been made and then it was broken. Listen, if I hadn't started screaming and yelling when I found out that the Glow by Jabot house had been canceled, we could have had a rational conversation. I'm sorry.

Jack: Apology accepted.

Phyllis: I know you're under a lot of stress. There's no simple solution for this situation.

Jack: Well, I thought I had one, but it kind of blew up in my face.

Phyllis: Yeah, you know, we don't need to go there. I think I have an answer. It's not anything weird or wacky. It's something that can work for all of us. Including Diane.

Diane: Thanks for coming.

Isabella: Okay, Diane, what is so important I had to run out on Paul and my son at this hour of the night?

Diane: Oh, great. If lending an ear to a friend is such a hassle --

Isabella: Calm down. I'm just curious.

Diane: It's Phyllis.

Isabella: You told me she left.

Diane: For a nanosecond.

Isabella: She's back?

Diane: Oh, yes. She's back. And she an Jack are talking right now.

Isabella: You sound concerned.

Diane: Why should I be? When Phyllis walked out on Jack, she made a very serious mistake.

Isabella: Right, one you hoped to cash in on.

Diane: That's right. You may not believe this, Isabella, but I am doing that man a huge favor. Phyllis is a raving lunatic. And the sooner he's rid of her, the better.

Isabella: Okay, well, it sounds like you still have the upper hand. I wouldn't worry.

Diane: I'm not. But there's something different about that woman. Something very disturbing. It makes me wonder what Phyllis is up to now.

Jack: This idea of yours, let's hear it.

Phyllis: Okay. First I want you to do me a few favors. Tell me you love me.

Jack: I love you.

Phyllis: Say it like you mean it.

Jack: I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

Phyllis: I love you, too. Kiss me.

Jack: Phyllis --

Phyllis: Please? See? That was nice.

Jack: You have no idea how nice. But I'm not gonna get drawn into anything unless I have some idea of where this is going.

Phyllis: Okay. Third favor. I want you to tell me that you believe when I say I didn't run over Diane on purpose.

Jack: I believe you.

Phyllis: See? That was simple, wasn't it?

Jack: What about the guest suite?

Phyllis: Well, no, sweetie, that's not on the table. Nobody got hurt. But that's a separate issue. Now, are you ready to listen?

Jack: Yeah, I'm more than ready.

Phyllis: Okay. This is our home. Diane does not belong. Diane is not a member of this family. Kyle, on the other hand, is. Kyle is welcome any time. You can spend morning, noon and night with Kyle.

Jack: But not Diane.

Phyllis: No. Not Diane. If Diane needs something from the kitchen, she'll be given specific times. If she needs something from the house, she can call and somebody here will bring it to her. When it's time to spend time with Kyle, we'll call her, someone will go get him, bring him over here, and after, we'll drop him off. You see, I'm talking about strict limits, Jack. There have to be strict limits. We'll be very polite to Diane, we'll respect her privacy, but she no longer has the run of this house. What do you say?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, it could work.

Phyllis: Well, no, see, honey, this has to work. We have to be committed to strict limits. No matter how warm or cuddly Diane seems to be, we have to follow the rules, okay? Because if we allow her to come back in here, I guarantee everything will go to hell. And there's only room for one queen bee in this house, and that's me. I hope you agree.

Leanna: I wonder when I'll hear from him.

Lou: Maybe he's just laying low. You know, let the smoke clear, hope it'll all blow over. The latest scandal.

Leanna: No. That is not really Victor. No, no, no, he'll come after me when he thinks he's ready.

Lou: Well, what if he slaps a big, fat lawsuit on you?

Leanna: If he tries that, I'll fight him. All I'm doing is informing the public, revealing what a womanizing, egotistical tyrant he really is. He doesn't have any grounds for a lawsuit. He was with those women. The camera doesn't lie.

[Phone rings]

Leanna: This is Leanna. You're kidding me. Oh, my God, that's perfect. No. Thank you. Call me if you hear anything else. Okay, bye.

Lou: More scoop?

Leanna: That was one of my sources. He's at it again. Hope Adams is in his jet at the airport as we speak. The man has a flying harem. He's making it too easy.

Lou: It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Leanna: Exactly. He knows I'm on his tail and he's not even trying to be discreet. He thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. Go through women like dollar bills. Well, not anymore. Time to zip you up, Victor. Once and for all.

Hope: Victor.

Victor: Mmm-hmm.

Hope: This travesty of Leanna's -- it hasn't caused any problems for you and Nikki?

Victor: Well, unfortunately, Nikki heard the broadcast before even I knew about it.

Hope: If you want, I will drive out to the ranch with you right now and I'll explain everything to Nikki.

Victor: That's very nice of you and I'd take you up on it, but Nikki isn't at the ranch.

Hope: What do you mean?

Victor: I don't know what it means. I have no idea where she is, except I guess she's doing some soul-searching before making a commitment.

Hope: So you've already proposed to her.

Victor: Yeah.

Hope: And the damage was already done.

Victor: I don't know.

Hope: You seem to be surprisingly accepting of all of this. Aren't you even curious about where she's gone or how long she'll be away?

Victor: Of course I'm curious.

Hope: What do you think her answer will be?

Victor: I don't know. I know what I hope it will be.

Hope: Well, I hope things work out for you and Nikki, because I know how much you want this. But there's still the tiniest, little part of me that's selfish enough to wish -- never mind. I shouldn't even have these thoughts. I apologize. I'm sorry.

Victor: I'm touched by your thoughts.

Hope: I should probably get going. I need to get home to Victor Jr.

Victor: It means a lot to me that you came by to tell me this.

Hope: So you'll be in touch about our plan?

Victor: Of course I will be in touch. Well, I'd better get going.

Hope: Thank you -- for everything.

Victor: I'll be seeing you.

Hope: You, too.

Diego: All right, so are we finished with the show?

Victoria: What show?

Diego: "Diego Gutierrez, this is your life."

Victoria: For now. Don't give me that look. I'm not prying.

Diego: I know. I know. You're just curious.

Victoria: Well, you've been to a lot of places, done a lot of interesting things.

Diego: Yeah. It hasn't been boring, that's for sure.

Victoria: Must be liberating to just pick up and go whenever you want.

Diego: You could do the same thing, Victoria.

Victoria: Well, there'd be a big difference. I'd have a whole herd of people hot on my trail.

Diego: All right. What about you?

Victoria: Oh, my life is boring in comparison to yours.

Diego: Daughter of Victor Newman?

Victoria: Yeah, well, believe me, that has its ups and its downs.

Diego: Yeah, I know. I heard you had a terrible loss.

Victoria: Yeah, Ryan.

Diego: I'm sorry.

Victoria: I don't really want to talk about that.

Diego: You were married before that.

Victoria: I was. Five years. To Cole Howard.

Diego: The writer?

Victoria: Yeah. You know him?

Diego: Well, believe it or not, Victoria, I have read a book or two.

Victoria: Actually, we lived in the tack room. He was working there when we met. Kind of like you.

Diego: What happened?

Victoria: I don't know. We just drifted apart. Happens sometimes in marriages. So are we even?

Diego: I guess so.

Victoria: Good. What?


Victoria: What? Where?

Diego: Right there.

Victoria: Thanks. I guess we should call it a night. But not until after this song. I love this song.

Diego: Usually this is when the guy asks the girl to dance.

Victoria: Are you asking?

♪ Behind your disguise and is that light the truth I see

blazing in your eyes are you afraid to let me

find the secrets that you hide you have to trust your feelings now

passion doesn't lie ♪

Neil: Hey, Liv, you know what? I thought -- I really thought that you were in the loop, and I'm sorry.

Olivia: Even if you managed to convince yourself that I had given permission for you to go along to this game with Nate, Brad must have set you straight the moment he saw you.

Neil: Well, it was a little late to back out by then, wasn't it?

Olivia: So you just decided to go anyway.

Neil: You know what, Olivia? If you just listen to me for a minute, I'll explain everything to you.

Olivia: I'm not gonna listen, Neil. No more excuses. Not where my son is concerned.

Neil: Come on.

Olivia: My God. You've got the shakes. Are you that far gone?

Neil: I'm a little out of it, that's all.

Olivia: I can only imagine the kind of day Nate had today.

Neil: What kind of day that Nate had was a great day. If you don't believe me, why don't you just go ask him? See, I didn't make a fool out of myself. I didn't embarrass him. But I see that you've already convinced yourself that today must have been a nightmare.

Olivia: It could have been a nightmare, Neil. That's what concerns me.

Neil: You're just trying to protect your son. I understand that. So am I.

Olivia: Really?

Neil: You don't you get it, do you? Nate misses me. And I miss him. I swear to you, Olivia, the entire day that I was hanging out with your boy, I didn't touch not a single drop. I swear.

Olivia: I understand that there are dangers and unpleasant things out there in the world, Neil. Things I can't protect my son from. And as he gets older, I can't be there with him all the time and he's got to live his own life, and I understand that. But when there are things, things that I can control, things that I think will hurt him, I will protect him. In the condition you are right now, I think it's best that Nate isn't around you. It may hurt him, and he may miss you right now -- but what if you lose it again? Just think how much that'll hurt him and confuse him. Think of the damage that might cause him.

Neil: Well, it's just another one of Olivia's ultimatums.

Olivia: If you love my son as much as you say you do, get your act together, Neil, before it's too late. And if you can't -- stay the hell away from him.

Serena: Okay. Let's see, let's see. Winters -- Drucilla and Lily. Paris? Drucilla -- she's the chick  Juice mentioned. The one Neil stole from him.

Isabella: So what are you saying? You think Phyllis has changed?

Diane: She didn't seem her usual flaked-out self. She was calm. She was in control.

Isabella: Well, that is weird.

Diane: Very unnerving.

Isabella: Maybe she's drained. You know, walking out on your husband can take a toll.

Diane: Oh, stop feeling sorry for her.

Isabella: All I'm saying --

Diane: I know what you're saying, and I don't want to hear it. Phyllis left. And Jack and I were here together, and it was perfect. A couple of weeks, and I would have made him forget all about that redheaded psycho. But now she's back.

Isabella: Yeah, but don't forget the reason she left. You're still here.

Diane: And I am not leaving. No way. Give me one opening, Phyllis, just one, and I will blow you out of the water.

Phyllis: So what do you say, Jack?

Jack: What you're suggesting is essentially what I had in mind when Diane first moved in.

Phyllis: Yes, I know, but we lost control of the situation. See, we can't let that happen. No matter what happens, we have to follow the rules. You see, if Diane has a heart attack, we'll just get a hospital bed, put it in the pool house and hire a nurse to look after her. If the air conditioning breaks, we'll fix it immediately. But under no circumstances is that woman allowed in our private space anymore. Agreed?

Jack: In theory, your plan works.

Phyllis: But you have concerns?

Jack: It requires a great deal of restraint from you.

Phyllis: You don't think I can keep my cool?

Jack: Honey, Diane pushes your buttons like no one's business. This is a cordial, civil arrangement. No animosity, no ugliness. If Diane pulls something --

Phyllis: Yes, I know. Well, I intend to do everything in my power to make this work, and I'm saying, everything. Now, if Diane wants to foul it up -- listen. Let's just hope it won't go there.

Jack: That doesn't sound too positive.

Phyllis: Do you want me back or not?

Jack: Of course I do.

Phyllis: Then you're gonna have to give this a try.

Jack: We'll see how it goes.

Phyllis: It'll only work if you trust me.

Jack: I said we'll see how it goes.

Phyllis: Okay. One more favor. Can you seal it with a kiss?

Leanna: This is Leanna love. Leave a message at the tone -- if you dare.

Victor: I trust you know who this is. I want to see you first thing in the morning in my office.

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