Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/9/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/9/02


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Nikki: What are you doing here?

Victor: It's a beautiful night, you know. I thought we'd come out here and talk.

Nikki: I have nothing to say. And as far as anything you may have to say to me, I think your actions speak for themselves.

Phyllis: How's Billy?

John: Oh, very well, considering. Thank you.

Phyllis: You're waiting for me to apologize? For that little outburst earlier -- when I found out that the pool house is now available as a shelter for wayward bitches.

John: Phyllis --

Phyllis: What? I'm sure Jack is out there right now, asking her to stay.

John: I don't want to get in the middle of this.

Phyllis: Of course! Of course, you don't want to get in the middle of it. Why would you want to get in the middle of it? It's only your house. You could've put your foot down months ago, but you didn't. This is your golden opportunity.

John: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: It's all clear to me now, John -- all this false acceptance from this family. I mean, you all were just tolerating me until somebody else came around who measured up to your high Abbottonian standards. Miss Diane Jenkins, Miss Country Club, Miss Social Register, Miss La-de-da!

John: Phyllis, that is absurd.

Phyllis: Is it? I never even had a chance, did I, John? I never even had a chance with you. Let me tell you something. If Diane is successful in getting her hooks into Jack, into your precious son, he's gonna be a lot worse off -- because that conniving little tramp makes me look like an angel in comparison.

Diane: So this is it? You've come to say goodbye.

Jack: You know, I'm beginning to think this whole arrangement has been a colossal mistake from the very beginning. It's caused nothing but problems, nothing but tension.

Diane: Well, all roads lead to Phyllis.

Jack: Yeah, well, unfortunately when my wife is unhappy, so is everyone else around her. Of course, you know that. You've dealt with more than your share of unpleasantness.

Diane: Well, I won't deny, it's been a challenge. But Jack, you're forgetting why we did this in the first place -- our son. You and Kyle have spent time together. He knows you, he knows that you're a special person in his life. And that's the beginning of a father-son relationship.

Jack: Yeah, now we're being torn apart and everyone's gonna be more unhappy than they would have been if you'd never stayed here.

Diane: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. And frankly, given the challenges ahead of me, I don't appreciate you sounding like this was all for nothing. But then, I suppose my feelings really don't matter to you.

Jack: Look --

Diane: Anyway, if you won't say it, I will. Goodbye. Now, if you don't mind, I have some packing to finish. We have an early flight and I'll make sure that you and Kyle have a chance to say goodbye then. Is there something more?

Jack: A couple things have happened in the last few days -- some pretty hair-raising stuff. Oh, hell, I guess I might as well tell you about that.

Ashley: Honey, what's wrong? Oh.

Brad: Sweetheart --

Ashley: It's okay. I mean, I knew it could happen. It seems kind of soon, but, I mean, they told me it could happen. You have chemotherapy, you lose your hair, see. It's just that now it's happening to me. Now it's my hair. Suddenly, it just seems really real, doesn't it? I mean, it's right here in my face -- I'm fighting cancer, Brad. I'm fighting cancer.

Michael: "Michael -- tried to track you down, couldn't. I'm out of the office, back soon. If you're leaving again, let me know where I can reach you. Much to discuss. Chris." Much to discuss.

Michael: Good night, Christine.

Michael: "C," "C," "C." Colonnade Room. Could be a lovely evening. But is she ready?

Chris: Is who ready for what?

Jill: Why don't we sit in here for awhile? Although, after a dinner like that, we really should be taking a walk.

Esther: I brought the rest of your wine. How was everything?

Jill: It was wonderful -- for a change.

Larry: Esther, it was really good. Thank you. I didn't realize how hungry I was.

Esther: Well, you deserve a hero's dinner, Larry. And as soon as you're feeling better, you tell me all your favorites and I'll make whatever you like.

Larry: Wow, that's awful nice of you. I look forward to it.

Esther: Anything else I can get you?

Jill: No, Esther, I can take it from here. You can run off to bed. It's been a wretched day. I'm sure you're exhausted.

Esther: No argument there.

Larry: Good night, Esther.

Esther: Good night, Larry.

Jill: Mmm, more wine?

Larry: Actually, I'm good. Thank you.

Jill: The doctor told me you that you refused to take any pain pills.

Larry: Yeah, I thought it would be best if I kept sharp.

Jill: Even now?

Larry: Especially now.

Jill: I'm gonna take that as a compliment, okay?

Larry: Okay. You know, I've gotta be careful around you. You get off on changing people's minds.

Jill: Oh, you're talking about our conversation before dinner.

Larry: Look, maybe you're a glutton for punishment when it comes to this love thing, but not me.

Jill: People need companionship.

Larry: So, according to your theory -- which is screwed up, by the way.

Jill: Oh, thank you.

Larry: You're saying we should chase after love, even though it hurts like hell, and then just ignore the whole thing because we're so damn lucky?

Jill: We are, you know. I mean, look how much we have to be grateful for, broken relationships notwithstanding. You made it through a really hairy situation. And so did my son, thanks to you. I'll tell you what -- why don't we make a pact that for the rest of this evening, they'll be no more talk of failed romances. Think you can handle that?

Larry: Twist my arm.

Jill: I'd rather make a toast.

Larry: Okay. Here's to no more failed romance.

Jill: Oh, not if that means no more romance at all.

Larry: You wish your wish, I'll wish mine. Deal?

Jill: Fair enough.

Diane: Is Billy going to be all right?

Jack: Yeah, Billy's gonna be fine. He needs to recuperate. Doc says a couple of weeks. Meantime, our internet campaign in a state of shock.

Diane: Because of your brother --

Jack: No. Billy's injuries, Mac's mother and stepfather all the sordid crap they're into. The media's just chomping at the bit to get this story.

Diane: I can imagine.

Jack: Meantime, we're hunting for a webmaster. All the other kids have their own individual dramas. One day, they're in -- the other day, they're out. It's nothing but bad pr, anyway you shake it.

Diane: Are you telling me --?

Jack: We're downsizing the summer campaign -- confining our resources to the Glow by Jabot Boutique.

Diane: The boutique?

Jack: My dad seems to think it's the only answer right now.

Diane: And you agree with him.

Jack: All of this stuff was totally unforeseeable.

Diane: Totally. So in terms of the pool house, it sounds like you won't be needing it for business after all.

Jack: Diane, Diane, I know what you're thinking. There are endless ramifications.

Diane: You know, not that you've asked, but if you were to invite us to stay on here, at least until my leg heals, it would -- well, it'd be like an answer to a prayer for me.

Jack: What about Denver? You've got a job waiting there.

Diane: Oh, I can get another job. The job's not the issue. Jack, I hear what you're saying. I'm not totally insensitive to your wife's feelings. I mean, I know that this decision involves a lot more than just putting up with some houseguests. But still, if you could find some way to agree to this, I promise I will do everything I can to make sure things go smoothly with Phyllis.

Jack: I actually wasn't thinking of your staying on here.

Diane: Oh?

Jack: But something nearby a little house, an apartment?

Diane: Oh, no, come on. Come on! We've been through all that. If I move again, it's going to be some place I can stay, some place that I can put down roots.

Jack: Okay, okay. Okay.

Diane: Is it really that traumatic a decision? I mean, we're talking about your son, his well-being. Kyle should come first. Don't you agree?

Michael: It drives me nuts when you do that.

Chris: What?

Michael: When you sneak up on me.

Chris: Don't be so defensive. I wasn't sneaking up on you.

Michael: You could've fooled me.

Chris: Are you hiding something?

Michael: No.

Chris: Boy, are you grumpy. Are you having problems with a case?

Michael: Not exactly a case.

Chris: Don't tell me. Does this have to do with Diane Jenkins? Never mind. You don't have to answer. I can see that it does. So tell me, what has your favorite client done now? Or dare I ask?

Michael: It's what she hasn't done and may not do.

Nick: So, what you're saying is this guy Hollister was with Leanna when you saw her.

Victoria: He was nearby, anyway. He kept me from tearing her limb from limb.

Nick: Okay, so they could have been in on this, despite what he told you.

Victoria: Well, I hope that's not the case. I hope he's not just working on Mom.

Nick: Working on her, how?

Victoria: How do you think? Listen, Dad is not thrilled about this either. He went up to the house to see mother and she was there, she was in her robe, and this Hollister guy was there. And I just don't even want to know what was going on.

Nick: What'd Mom have to say?

Victoria: Not a whole lot. Dad had just gotten back from his mystery trip and she was ticked at him, of course. So the conversation didn't go very far. And small wonder, with this new guy in the picture, turning her head.

Nick: Okay, "A," you don't know that.

Victoria: I know enough. Mom is spending time with this guy we don't even know.

Nick: Meaning, what? Mom was out playing around and Dad's a total saint? You're just gonna accept any story he has to tell you?

Victoria: Listen, he flat-out denied Leanna's version of the events.

Nick: So you're just willing to accept that everything's on the up-and-up.

Victoria: Why are you so ready to assume that he's the villain in this?

Nick: Why are you so ready to assume he's not?

Victor: You still believe the trash you saw on television is the gospel truth?

Nikki: You're still gonna deny to me that you were criss-crossing the country on some romantic jaunt?

Victor: I'm telling you now -- it had nothing to do whatever with romance.

Nikki: Victor, you don't have to explain yourself to me. It's already a matter of public record. What I don't understand is what you're doing here. And do you really think that you can lie your way out of this, that I'm that stupid, that I'm that gullible? Maybe you do. Maybe you think that I'm that naive little girl that you pulled off the street so many years ago.

Victor: Now, you know I don't think you're naive. And you also know that I certainly don't think you're stupid. But I do owe you an explanation. When you hear it -- you may realize that you've been wrong about me.

Brad: Ash, this isn't forever.

Ashley: I know, honey. It won't take long.

Brad: It's part of the process. You are fighting this. So far, nothing's happened we didn't expect.

Ashley: No, but expecting something intellectually is one thing. And losing your hair -- I just can't hide from it, Brad. I can't run away from it. I have to take that poison into my veins or else I could die. I have to feel sick and throw up and feel like hell and look like a freak.

Brad: Now listen to me, you're are going to get through this. You will. The whole reason you chose this type of chemotherapy is because it's less likely to effect your reproductive system. Which means you plan on living a rich and a very full life. Are there side effects? Yes, there are. This is one of them. But so far you haven't been sick, you haven't really had a lot of heavy nausea. You still look beautiful and to me you always will. Ash, don't do that. The candles are wonderful. We have to believe that everything is going to be all right.

Ashley: Oh, God! It's not all right! Would you stop saying that? It's not all right! I'm so sorry --

Brad: It's okay --

Ashley: [Crying] Don't say that either. Don't let me off the hook, Brad. You've been nothing but loving and supportive through this whole horrible thing, and all I'm caring about is myself. I know this has to be hard on you, too, honey. Are you okay?

Jack: I don't know, Diane. I don't know --

Diane: Look at the way you are with Kyle now. The progress you've made. If the fates have given you an opportunity to build on that --

Jack: This isn't just about Kyle and me!

Diane: I know you're concerned about Phyllis. But why don't you and I put our heads together, and we can come up with a way that you can see Kyle as much as you want without upsetting her.

Jack: It isn't the child that's upsetting her.

Diane: Bottom line -- I want what's best for our son. Phyllis and I have certainly had our clashes! But I'm willing to move past that for your sake, Jack.

John: Phyllis, I want you to listen to me.

Phyllis: Why, so you can give me empty reassurances about Diane?

John: Diane is not a threat to you.

Phyllis: And the moon is made of green cheese, John!

John: You know, if you were thinking clearly, you'd realize how insulting you're being here.

Phyllis: Excuse me -- insulting?

John: Yes!

Phyllis: Really? Am I just supposed to take that as a compliment? That you've allowed this viper to make a nice warm nest under my nose?

John: Now listen to me, from the very beginning I have said I did not want Diane Jenkins to move into this house.

Phyllis: All right, but you didn't do anything about it, did you, John? You or anybody else in the family!

John: You know, if I were you, I would think twice before making the Abbott's your enemy. Because no one has it in for you. No one's lying in wait. Now if we choose to allow Jack to make his own decision here, it's because we trust his commitment to you! Oh, of course, I could pull rank. But my son would accuse me of not trusting him. And you know what? He would be right. But the fact of the matter is, I do trust him and so should you.

Phyllis: Trust. That is such a lovely concept, trust. Beautiful! Except when it comes to Diane Jenkins.

John: Look, I understand that she's using this to influence --

Phyllis: Influence? Are you -- John, where have you been? I mean, talk about an agenda.

John: All right, all right, even if that's true, give him some credit. He did not say he's going in there right now and allow her to stay.

Phyllis: No, he did not in so many words.

John: Then why think the worst? I have not seen any evidence that Jack is anxious to have this woman stay here.

Phyllis: Diane, no. The kid, yes.

[John sighs]

Phyllis: Listen, I would love to believe that Jack will cave. But bitter experience has taught me not to get my hopes up. Not where he and Diane are concerned. I don't need to beat you up anymore over this. It's really -- I should be preparing.

John: What do you mean by that?

Victoria: Listen, Nicholas, in my mind, there are no villains. Except maybe Leanna. I don't know this Max guy -- I'm not sure about him.

Nick: So Mom should just fall into Dad's arms? No questions asked.

Victoria: You make him sound like he's this big liar.

Nick: Don't put words in my mouth. I'm not saying that. I'm saying you shouldn't just blindly accept things.

Victoria: I'm not doing that.

Nick: Look, sis, all parents have failings. All right, nobody's perfect -- including Dad. That's all I'm saying.

Victoria: I think you're saying more than that.

Nick: Look, I don't want to fight about this, okay? But we need to face reality.

Victoria: Whose version?

Nick: Mom's in a robe entertaining strangers. And Dad's flying around visiting all his exes. You need to accept the possibility that things may not work out for our parents.

Nikki: You say I'm wrong about you? I guess that remains to be seen.

Victor: I went on that trip 'cause I needed information about my son. And those women helped me get it.

Nikki: What kind of "information"?

Victor: That's very personal.

Nikki: [Sighs] Sorry, that's not gonna work for me. You need to do a little better than that, Victor. Julia, Ramona, Hope -- these are all women that you have been intimate with.

Victor: I know.

Nikki: And I am not going to blindly accept that you were on some fact-finding mission. It's obvious you don't want to be honest with me. That's your decision. But don't come here looking for my absolution. You're not gonna get it. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Victor: Please don't go right now. Please don't. Hear me out. I'm being brutally honest with you now. I went on that trip because I needed to find out about my son. And those women helped me do that.

Jack: For my sake.

Diane: In spite of everything you've had to deal with, you've been very fair with me. And I appreciate that. I know how much Kyle means to you, so I would like to try to find a way to make this work. [Sighs] There -- that's it. That's all I have to say. I will accept whatever decision you make.

[Baby crying]

Diane: Oh, sounds like somebody's awake. I'll go get him.

Jack: No, no, wait, I'll go, okay?

[Baby crying]

Jack: Oh, he's doing fine now. He just needed a little attention.

Diane: Huh -- I bet it was hearing his daddy's voice.

Jack: Yeah, you think?

Diane: He is so comfortable in your arms.

Jack: I love this boy so much.

Diane: He loves you, too. He's going to miss you.

Jack: Listen, I want you to know everything you say is plausible. I mean it makes sense, I guess I just need you to answer one question.

Diane: Which is -- ?

Jack: Can I trust you? I mean, can I really trust you?

Chris: Michael, why do you care so much what Diane does or doesn't do?

Michael: Force of habit, I guess. Oh, I got your message, by the way. Sounds as if there's a lot we need to talk about.

Chris: Oh, just odds and ends. Nothing that can't wait. I was about to head home anyway -- and something tells me, you could use some rest.

Michael: You're right. I'm worn out. Frankly, being caught in the middle can be exhausting.

Chris: Between Phyllis and Diane? Both good friends of yours.

Michael: Yeah, and that supply is dwindling fast. Not that it was huge to begin with. This custody case --

Chris: I know, it definitely took it's toll.

Michael: It's unfortunate that, I swear, every action I took was in the best interest of both those women.

Chris: But Diane and Phyllis don't see it that way.

Michael: To say the least.

Chris: You know, I never thought I'd see the day -- Michael Baldwin, concerned about his friendships and how people perceive him?

Michael: And you're surprised? You said it, and I heard you say it, I'm a changed man.

Chris: You are, at that.

Michael: Look, I know you said that you were ready to head home. But I was wondering if you might let me take you to dinner.

Chris: Um -- on one condition. No shop talk, okay? I need to unwind and so do you.

Michael: Deal. Where shall we go?

Chris: Oh, I don't care. You pick.

Michael: Hmm -- uh, Gina's.

Chris: Okay. I'm gonna write a note to Chantal and we're outta here.

Michael: Thank you.

Chris: For letting you feed me?

Michael: And for being a good friend. Especially now.

Chris: When you're feeling beleaguered?

Michael: Yeah, yeah -- beleaguered and bereft. Once Diane and her son leave town, I'll be down one ally. I just hope her departure gives Phyllis some peace of mind.

Jack: You want one?

Phyllis: No. You were just talking to Diane?

Jack: Yeah, I was.

Phyllis: And?

Jack: Just so it's clear to you -- I want to get past where we've been. I want to get back to where we were. Happy together. Looking ahead. I know it's not gonna be easy. I know there's been a lot of water under the bridge -- I know there's been a lot of pain, a lot of anger -- but I love you. And it's because I love you --

Phyllis: Do me a favor. Cut to the chase, please. What's the deal with Diane?

Jack: Diane's staying.

Jill: Well, we did it, didn't we?

Larry: That polishes that one off. Oh! I'd better head my "you know what" out of here. It's been a long day.

Jill: And then some. I'll get Robert, Katherine's driver, to take you home.

Larry: Good, 'cause I left my car out at the lake.

Jill: Mmm, pick it up tomorrow morning.

Larry: That's a good idea. You know, I had a few more drinks than I thought I would. I guess that's the reason I was able to not think about Amanda.

Jill: Oh, you broke our agreement! You brought her up! Uh --

Larry: Sorry.

Jill: Yes, Robert, would you mind driving our guest into town? Thank you.

Larry: Well, it has been a great evening. And I want to thank you for the eats and the awesome conversation.

Jill: No. Thank you. Thank you for saving my son. I don't know how I ever could repay you for that. What?

Larry: That perfume that you wore before, that night at Gina's -- mm, you're wearing it again tonight, aren't you?

Jill: Yeah, yeah, I usually wear that scent.

Larry: Well, it definitely smells really nice.

[Both laughing]

Larry: Thank you again.

Jill: You're welcome.

[Car horn sounds]

Jill: Oh, your ride is here.

Larry: Oh, then I'll be running on. Give my best to Billy, will you?

Jill: I will.

Larry: And I appreciate everything.

Ashley: This can't be easy for you honey.

Brad: I'm okay.

Ashley: Don't you try and be stoic now. Come on, this isn't a one-way street. You need to feel that you can turn to me.

Brad: Ash --

Ashley: Come on, please. We need each other right now.

Brad: You don't need to comfort me. It's not necessary.

Ashley: Yes, it is. That's part of the deal. What?

Brad: I love you for caring so much. But the last thing in the world you should be doing right now is worrying about me. I'm fine. And you will be, too. I don't have a doubt in my mind about that.

Ashley: What would I do without you?

Brad: What would I do without you? I'm not going to sugarcoat this. It's not gonna be a walk in the park. But so far, you haven't gotten really sick the way a lot of people do when they first start treatment.

Ashley: Yeah.

Brad: We've gotten a little bit of a free ride.

Ashley: Well, now reality's hit.

Brad: And you know what that changes? Nothing. Nothing. I love you, you love me, that's all that matters. And we will get through this together.

Jack: Hey. Hey, hey! What are you doing?

Phyllis: What does it look like? You've made your choice. Diane's staying. I'm leaving.

Jack: Phyllis, you --

[Door slams]

Nikki: So you went on this tour of former lovers and ex-wives to learn about yourself.

Victor: Yeah. These are women I was close to, at one time or another. And then those relationships ended one by one.

Nikki: So, what? You wanted to find out what happened? What came between you and them?

Victor: Yeah. I never wanted to make the same mistake again.

Nikki: So did you find out?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, great. Maybe you can fix it with one of them if that's what you want.

Victor: It isn't. That wasn't the purpose of the trip.

Nikki: What was the purpose?

Victor: To make sure that I'd never make the same mistake again. I want to marry you. Will you be my wife?

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