Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02


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Diego: Sharon --

Sharon: Don't do that!

Diego: Hey, I'm sorry. You're jumpy.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm jumpy. Victoria was there.

Diego: Where?

Sharon: She was outside. She saw us holding hands.

Diego: What, is she spying on us? What is her problem?

Sharon: She thinks that you're after me, and she thinks that I'm naive if I don't see it. I told her that I was comforting you and that you were worried about your brother.

Diego: Did she buy it?

Sharon: Not really. I think that I should be the one to go to Nick first, before she does.

Diego: No, Sharon, that is a very bad idea.

Victoria: Yeah, I'm sure he's great, but he only has one year out of college. I mean, I need someone with experience. I need someone who's been in the trenches, you know? Well, I understand that, but you're gonna have to keep looking. All right. Thanks. Bye.

Olivia: Sounds like you're in hiring mode.

Victoria: Yeah. You know, Neil really left us in a lurch. And if you're here to tell me how he's doing, you picked a bad time.

Olivia: Well, I am, kind of.

Victoria: Is he alive?

Olivia: Of course. I went over --

Victoria: All right, fine. That's all I want to know. Maybe when I'm not so angry, I'll go over there, I'll talk to him, see if I can help. But right now, I'm just not in the mood. There's just too much going on.

Olivia: What's going on?

Victoria: [Sighs] If only I could knock some sense into my sister-in-law.

Olivia: Sharon? What's with her?

Victoria: This really has to stay between you and me.

Olivia: Who am I gonna tell?

Victoria: Nicholas and Sharon have been having a rough time lately, but things seem to be back on track.

Olivia: That's a good thing, right?

Victoria: Yeah, but there's a problem -- a big problem named Diego.

Jack: Come to Papa. Come on. Oh, you! [Laughs] You move so gracefully, young man. I mean it. You move like a cat. Seems a little worn out.

Diane: Graziella said he didn't have much of a nap. Besides, you've had him tromping all over the place. Come here, baby.

Jack: So it's been a long day, huh, buddy?

Diane: Yeah. I'm gonna have Graziella put him down, and then mommy is going to go for a swim. You know, I used to love swimming here. Remember when we used to do that?

[Baby cries]

Jack: Gee, I wonder where the food is?

Diane: Oh, I know.

Jack: Oh, there's the good stuff. Umm, I thought Phyllis was gonna bring this out.

Graziella: Oh, she told me to, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Okay. Well, uh, thanks, Graziella. Thanks.

Diane: Graziella, would you mind getting Kyle ready for bed?

Graziella: Of course. Oh, yes, it's time.

Diane: My. Oh, he's getting so heavy.

Felix: That's Katherine Chancellor.

Ralph: Check out what she's got around her neck.

Felix: She's got more ice than a walk-in freezer. You can get in her house?

Ralph: Just tell me how much you think you can get for it, okay? This is all about money, pal, and I'm looking for a lot of it.

Mackenzie: Mom, come on. Talk to me. If you know something more about this bracelet business, please, Mom, you have to tell me.

Amanda: I -- I don't. No, there's nothing, Mackenzie. I mean, why would you think that?

Mackenzie: Because you're talking about leaving town, and that is insane.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I just want this to all go away, you know?

Mackenzie: Yeah, I know. Mom, but us going away is not the answer. It would only make you look guilty, and you're not. Mom, you're always saying that I should be totally open with you, right? Well, I want you to be totally open with me, too. Mom, what is it?

Amanda: It's nothing. It's nothing, sweetheart. I'm just sorry that all this had to happen. I regret it so much.

Mackenzie: But it's not your fault, Mom. You didn't take that bracelet.

Amanda: No, you're right. It's not my fault. You know that I love you, right, sweetheart?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Amanda: It's getting late. Let’s get back to Katherine's, okay?

Billy: Proof? What kind of proof are you talking about, Mom?

Jill: If there's another theft in this house, I am damn well gonna know who did it -- me, the police, everyone.

Billy: How?

Jill: It's all right, sweetie. I'll tell you all about it after --

Katherine: Oh, thank God. Billy, you're here. Have you gotten anywhere with your mother yet?

Jill: Billy, you don't have to tell this woman a thing.

Billy: Mom, relax, okay? Uh, Mrs. Chancellor, I have a very hard time believing Amanda stole that bracelet.

Katherine: Thank you, Billy.

Billy: But I'm not going to assume my mom is crazy or out to smear anyone.

Jill: Thank you.

Billy: Look, I just think that we might have to admit that we'll never know who did this.

Jill: I will not admit any such thing. Amanda did it.

Katherine: You are going to be proven wrong, and you're gonna eat your words, and I have no doubt in my mind about that -- no doubt whatsoever.

Jill: You have no mind period.

Billy: Mom, come on.

Katherine: Oh, Billy, this is how it always is around here. I'm used to it by now, so -- well, uh, right now, I'm looking forward to my granddaughter's prom, and it's also your son's prom, so I would like to enjoy it, and if you would just be so kind as to steer clear of us, I think that would be wonderful.

Jill: You think I don't want some peace in this house? If you want to have a truce around here for a couple of days, I have no problem with it.

Katherine: Well, that's very gracious of you, since you are the one who started all this mess -- attacking an innocent woman.

Jack: I thought you were going to bring some sandwiches out.

Phyllis: I wasn't very hungry.

Jack: Well, you can still come out. I could use the company.

Phyllis: You have plenty of company.

Jack: Come on, Phyllis.

Phyllis: No. No, I mean it. You should spend time with Kyle.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: I'll get that. Sean.

Sean: Bad time?

Jack: No, no. Come on in. Come on in. Uh, what's up?

Sean: I brought you a list of the people I thought would do a good job for you.

Jack: A good job as what?

Sean: Webmaster.

Jack: I have a webmaster. Are you quitting?

Sean: I sent you an e-mail.

Jack: I haven't picked it up yet. What, is this a done deal?

Sean: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Jack: Your timing leaves something to be desired.

Sean: I will stay through the prom.

Jack: I would like to think so. Sean, is this anything we can talk about?

Sean: I'm sorry.

Jack: Okay. I'll see you at the office. Thanks for the list.

Phyllis: You idiot! God, you bastard!

Raul: You're not serious.

Brittany: Of course I am. Me and J.T. at the lake after the prom. It's party night. What's with the evil eye? Do you and Riana have dibs? What's up with him? I was trying to be considerate, checking it in advance. Why is he giving me such a hard time?

Billy: Okay. Hey, look, all right? You and Mrs. Chancellor both just said you wanted a truce, so let's start that now, huh?

Jill: That's fine with me.

Billy: All right.

Katherine: Thank you, Billy.

Billy: Okay, good. Uh, so, um -- when's Mac getting home?

Katherine: Soon, I think. Uh --

[Doorbell rings]

Katherine: Oh.

Larry: Hey, man.

Billy: Hey. Uh, Larry Warton's here.

Katherine: Oh, bring him in, by all means.

Larry: Good evening.

Katherine: Hello, Larry. You are looking well.

Larry: Uh, so are you, Mrs. C.

Katherine: Thank you. Are you here to see me or, uh, that?

Larry: Actually, neither one. Um, is Esther here by chance? I have something I need to talk to her about.

Katherine: Uh, no, she isn't. It's sort of a girls' night out. She's with some friends.

Larry: Okay. You wouldn't happen to know where they went, would you?

Katherine: Um, Yves' Bistro. It's a little French restaurant over on --

Larry: Okay. Um, I'll find it. Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but I really need to jam.

Katherine: Jam? Oh, jam. Yes, yes.

Larry: Thank you, and good evening.

Jill: First the phone man is interested in Esther, and now him?

[Door slams]

Katherine: Oh, Esther does have charms you wouldn't begin to understand, Jill.

Jill: Oh, gag me, Katherine. What on earth would Larry Warton see in that dingbat?

Sean: What did I do?

Phyllis: Sean, how can you leave town?

Sean: I have to.

Phyllis: You -- and to hell with me, right?

Sean: What does my personal life have to do with you?

Phyllis: Oh, well, let me spell this out for you, okay? Do you really think there's gonna be a Glow by Jabot house this summer without you?

Sean: Of course. Why not?

Phyllis: No. No, there is not. And you know what that means?

Sean: Uh, no.

Phyllis: That means that Diane and her little brat are gonna be living in the pool house until I'm old and gray.

Sean: The pool house? That pool house?

Phyllis: Yes, that pool house. That one. They're living there.

Sean: Whoa. How did that happen?

Phyllis: Don't ask. It's not your fault. Even if this summer campaign happens, she's gonna figure out a way to stick around.

Sean: That's quite a pickle you're in. I assume that this has to do with Jack's son.

Phyllis: Diane's son. Diane's son. Hello, Diane's son. Don't forget that.

Sean: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Sean: Okay.

Phyllis: Even if you did forget it, Diane would pop out of the ground and remind you. I mean, this kid, it's not a baby. It's like her secret weapon.

Sean: Well, you have weapons of your own.

Phyllis: Yes, I do, but I feel like I'm outgunned. She's at the pool right now with Jack and her little mini-me, lounging and wanting lotion on her back and --

Sean: Showing off her stuff.

Phyllis: Yeah, to a man who's been her lover more than once for years.

Sean: Look, lover, schmover. You're the one with the ring. Now don't you tell me you're going to give up.

Phyllis: Please. Please, just stay with me and help me. Please?

Sean: I can't. I would love to, but time's up for me in this burg. Look, Phyllis, I would love to help you out, but I've got things I've got to do. Now, listen.

Phyllis: What?

Sean: Sweetheart, you've got the brains. Use them. And don't forget to be absolutely ruthless. You can do that. I've seen it.

Phyllis: You're really gonna leave, just like that?

Sean: I have to.

J.T.: So what's the latest with mind game central?

Brittany: I'm not in the mood, J.T.

J.T.: That's exactly what I'm going to hear after the prom. "Oh, I'm sorry, J.T. I've got such a headache. I've been thinking about Raul too much."

Brittany: Did you see the way he stormed out of here a minute ago? How romantic.

J.T.: Very. The guy still cares about you. That's why you tick him off so much.

Brittany: Oh, I suppose that's also why he was making out with Riana?

J.T.: That was so staged. But of course you didn't see that because the sight of your little sweetie kissing on some other girl got you freaked out.  

Brittany: Shut up. Raul is not my sweetie.

J.T.: All right. Well, does that mean I am?

Brittany: Not until prom night.

J.T.: Okay, then why don't you give me a little preview of the coming attractions?

Brittany: Forget it.

J.T.: Why don't you do us both a favor? Why don't you figure out what's going on with Raul? If you realize that you can't live without him, I'm okay with that. But if you go to the prom with me, you're going all the way. That's the deal. Later, angel.

Edie: You're kidding?

Francine: No, I swear that is exactly what she said.

Esther: Well, someone should have slapped her.

Francine: Well, I was going to, but I was laughing too hard.


Edie: It's funny you said that.

Larry: Hey, guys.

Edie: Oh, my God.

Francine: I've got pepper spray in here somewhere.

Esther: Oh, stop it, you two. Edie, Francine, this is my friend Larry.

Larry: Look, I am sorry to barge in, but I have a very important question that I need to ask you.

Olivia: Are you saying that Sharon's mixed up with this guy?

Victoria: She's not mixed up with him yet.

Olivia: I don't know, Vicki. I mean, with a strong marriage like Sharon and Nicholas have, do you think there's anything to worry about?

Victoria: Oh, this guy, he's so good. He's got his act down pat. I mean, when Nicholas and Sharon were separated, he was right there. He was all buddy-buddy with Nicholas. He was a shoulder to cry on for Sharon.

Olivia: That sounds like he's being a good friend.

Victoria: Listen, I know you think I'm being a busybody, but I care about Nicholas' happiness, and Sharon is being naive when it comes to Diego. That guy doesn't care how much damage he does. And why should he? He can just leave whenever he wants.

Olivia: Okay. I hear what you're saying, but I think he's picked the wrong victim, 'cause Sharon loves Nick.

Victoria: Maybe she does, but people betray their loved ones all the time. The wrong person, the right circumstances, and it just happens. I'm not gonna let it happen to my brother.

Diego: Sharon, why would you want to tell your husband that his sister saw us holding hands? I mean, that's crazy.

Sharon: Because if he's gonna hear it, I want him to hear it from me. But what if I can't say it so it sounds believable though?

Diego: Why can't Victoria just mind her own business?

Sharon: Are you after me, Diego?

Diego: Sharon, I mean, you are a beautiful, fascinating woman. I mean, if things were different, I mean, if I really had a chance. Look --

Sharon: But you don't.

Diego: You know, I know that. Even after we slept together, I knew that.

Sharon: You know that thing you said before about how I was using you --

Diego: Yeah, but I was really angry.

Sharon: No, no, you're right. I was.

Diego: But I also said I was glad it happened.

Sharon: I don't want to hear that, okay?

Diego: Just be careful.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Hi, honey.

Katherine: Mac! Oh, darling, I'm so glad you're home. Guess what?

Mackenzie: What?

Katherine: Well, Lauren had your two prom dresses sent over.

Mackenzie: Oh, that's great, Grandma.

Katherine: I am just dying to see what they look like. So? Mac?

Mackenzie: Oh, sorry, Grandma.

Katherine: Well, I was hoping for a preview.

Mackenzie: You know, I like them both so much, I have no idea how I'm gonna make a choice.

Katherine: Well, Amanda, you can certainly help her make a decision, can't you?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Jill: I believe that I will retire for the evening.

Katherine: Well, don't let us stop you. If your conscience doesn't bother you too much, perhaps you can get some sleep.

Billy: Mrs. Chancellor --

Katherine: Oh, that's right. I forgot. Jill and I made a truce until after the prom, at least. I apologize for my comment.

Jill: That's all right. I realize that it's hard to remember things when your brain has turned to cottage cheese.

Katherine: Oh, wait --

Billy: Mom.

Jill: I'm even. I'm even. Let the truce begin. Good night, everyone.

Billy: Hey, Mom.

Jill: What is it, Billy?

Billy: Look, I really didn't want to end the night like this.

Jill: Sweetie, don't worry about it. Katherine and I wouldn't know what to say if we couldn't gripe at each other.

Billy: Yeah, but it's not much fun to listen to.

Jill: Okay, listen to this -- you better get some rest.

Billy: All right. Okay.

Jill: Okay.

Billy: Good night.

Jill: Oh, sweetheart. This is the big one, you know. This is your senior prom. It only happens once, then it's gone forever.

Billy: How cheerful.

Jill: I just mean that I want you to enjoy every single minute of it.

Billy: Well, you know, there's something you can do. This whole thing with Amanda and your bracelet -- it's really kind of bumming my date out.

Jill: Billy, I know that, darling. But I have to find out what happened. The situation has to be resolved.

Billy: No, no, I hear you on that, Mom. I really do. But let the police do their work. Don't assume you know who it is.

Jill: Do you know how much I want to enjoy these last few moments, these last few months with you before you go out into the world?

Billy: Come on, Mom. I'm not going to disappear forever.

Jill: I know. I know that. What I mean is -- and I swear, I am not feeling sorry for myself here -- but nothing's ever gonna be the same again. I mean, you're not my little boy anymore.

Billy: Well, how about I be your big boy?

Jill: Will you? Do you promise?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, you bet.

Jill: Thank you, son.

Billy: Good night.

Jill: Good night.

Jack: Aren't you cold?

Diane: No, not a bit. Did you find Phyllis?

Jack: Yep.

Diane: Is she coming out?

Jack: I don't know. She kind of slipped away from me. I was talking to Sean Bridges.

Diane: Oh, your webmaster?

Jack: My former webmaster. He just quit on me.

Diane: Oh.

Jack: Wait, lest you wonder if the Glow by Jabot house is still on this summer, it very definitely is.

Diane: Fine. Well, speaking of my move-out date, there's something I wanted to show you.

Jack: What?

Diane: It's a list of all the job offers I've received.

Jack: More news from New Zealand?

Diane: No, these are all in the continental U.S.

Jack: Wow. Geographically well distributed. No Chicago, no Detroit, no Minneapolis -- in fact, it seems the whole of the Midwest has as many architects as it needs.

Diane: You know what? It just worked out that way. None of them are that good, actually. But don't worry. I know I have to make a choice soon because time is running out. I just want to tell you how wonderful these last few weeks have been for me. And I want to thank you for allowing us to make this compromise. I mean, this has been the most special time I've had since Kyle was born. I've spent so much time with him. And I've had the pleasure of watching him respond to his father.

Jack: It's meant a lot to me, too.

Diane: Well, let me just say first that I'm just going to put an idea out there. I mean, we have been playing this whole thing by ear.

Jack: No, no. You've been playing it by ear. The rest of us are on a real schedule. In two weeks, there are gonna be kids in this Glow by Jabot house for the rest of the summer. The only way the two of you could stay on is staying in the main house. And surely you're not suggesting that.

Diane: Well, there is that guest suite and it's removed --

Jack: Diane, that is not going to happen. I made promises to a lot of people, principally my wife. And don't tell me you're gonna punish me by accepting a job offer halfway around the world.

Diane: No, I'm not. I was just floating a trial balloon. The job search will continue, and I'll do my best to find something fairly nearby.

Jack: Thank you.

Diane: Well, I'm sure Graziella has our boy ready for bed. Shall we go do the honors?

Jack: Think I'd better go alone. Oh, hell. Come on. Come on.

Nick: Well, that was a nice hello.

Sharon: I save my best ones for you.

Nick: Oh, the best ones. Well, who gets the other ones?

Sharon: That's not what I meant.

Nick: I was just kidding.

Sharon: You're in a good mood.

Nick: Yeah, I was just talking to Chris.

Sharon: Oh, really? I thought that she would be on her way to Australia by now.

Nick: No, she's staying here apparently long-term.

Sharon: That's good news. You know, I thought she might end up settling back in here.

Nick: Yeah, well, she's busy already, but she's gonna find some time to help me with a little project of mine. You know, our problem with Victoria.

Sharon: Oh, have you seen your sister?

Nick: Yeah. She was on her usual rampage about Diego.

Sharon: And what does that have to do with Chris?

Nick: Well, if Victoria's gonna get a life of her own and stay out of ours, a good place to start is if she gets a guy in her life.

Sharon: Maybe.

Nick: So Chris is gonna keep an eye out for any eligible bachelors.

Sharon: Well, I wish you luck with that because Victoria has been getting worse every day.

Nick: Did you run into her again?

Sharon: She stopped by after you left, and she ripped into Diego again.

Nick: I really thought I got through to her. What is she accusing him of now?

Victoria: I saw you holding hands with Diego. That guy has an agenda. And his agenda is you.

Nick: Babe?

Sharon: You know what? Maybe we just shouldn't worry about this so much. You know, Victoria can find her own boyfriends. Maybe we should just ignore her.

Nick: Look, she's upsetting you and I don't like it. I guess I'm gonna have to lay down the law.

Sharon: No, no, no. Please, don't do that. That'll just create more friction.

Nick: All right. You're the boss. I've got some stuff to finish in the office. You cool out here?

Sharon: Mmm-hmm. Hurry back.

Nick: All right.

Riana: Raul? I figured you'd come here.

Raul: Yes, I did. To be by myself, Riana.

Riana: Okay, well, that's just too bad, because I'm not leaving you alone.

Raul: How could I have thought that Brittany was a nice person, hmm? She's so damn cruel. Going after J.T. is bad enough. But to make sure that she rubs my nose in it first --

Riana: Raul, it's all an act.

Raul: Oh, great. You stick somebody in the gut with a knife and then you call it an act, that's supposed to make it hurt less, Riana?

Riana: People only do that when they're feeling hurt, too.

Raul: What the hell did I do to hurt her?

Riana: Even if you did, it doesn't mean that you meant to, or that you did anything wrong. Raul, some people are just weird. You say "good morning" and they get all uptight.

Raul: Thanks, but that's not what happened here. Somehow, without realizing it, I sent her some signal.

Riana: That you were after sex. Were you?

Raul: I'm human, Riana. But I wasn't after it.

Riana: Then stop being so hard on yourself. You are one of the nice guys, Raul. And if Brittany can't see that, well, then, that's her loss. You deserve the best. Because you are the best. So forget about Brittany and move on. Okay?

Raul: Yeah.

Riana: Starting now. Don't say anything. This isn't what you need now. I'm not the one you need.

Larry: Look, here's the thing. I was up talking to Sean about this telephone repairman that's been hanging around the house.

Esther: Yes?

Larry: Well, Sean tells me that he's really interested in you. Is that true?

Esther: Well, gosh, I guess so. He always manages to spend time with me, and nothing seems to be wrong with the phone ever, and he really likes my carrot chip cookies.

Larry: Hmm.

Esther: He's very nice, Larry.

Larry: Doesn't ask a lot of questions?

Esther: Not really. Why? What's going on?

Larry: Nothing, I guess. What's his name?

Esther: Jay.

Larry: Jay what?

Esther: Taylor. Is there something that I --?

Larry: No, no, Esther, if -- everything's cool. Look, I don't mean to interrupt your dinner any further. Thank you so much for that information, and you guys have a good one, all right? Nice meeting you.

Felix: Lay off that stuff. You're wound up like a Swiss clock.

Ralph: Yeah, I'm new at this. Cut me a break, all right?

Felix: Listen, when you score big, you live like a king for a while. And the chicks love a big spender. You know what I mean?

Ralph: Yeah.

Felix: You got a girl?

Ralph: Sort of. I knew her back in St. Louis, but I missed my chance. When I got here, I saw her again. She's looking good. Very good.

Felix: Well, then, you'd better look sharp. Especially if the chick's high-class. Get yourself some new clothes, sweet ride.

Ralph: This one, all I've got to do is help myself. That's the only way it's gonna happen.

Felix: Okay, pal, whatever you say.

[Phone ringing]

Voice: You have reached telephone customer service. Your call is important to us. Please try again during our normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Larry: In the morning. That's when I'll find out about this Jay Taylor.

Billy: You okay? Look, I feel bad for your mom. I mean, this whole thing is obviously tearing her up.

Mackenzie: Yeah, it is. A little too much.

Billy: What do you mean by that?

Mackenzie: I got the feeling that she's hiding something. Like she knows more than she's saying. I keep telling her that she's innocent and that everything's gonna work out, but she's acting like --

Billy: Like what?

Mackenzie: Like she doesn't think everything's gonna work out. Like she's guilty. Billy, you believe she's innocent, right?

Billy: Look, you know what I believe?

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: It's very simple. The bracelet's gone, and we don't know who took it. And until I get some more information, that's where I'm leaving it.

Mackenzie: So my mom's still a suspect, in your mind?

Billy: Well, everyone is -- and no one is. Look, you know what? I'm not gonna think about it anymore, okay? You think you could do the same?

Mackenzie: I could try.

Billy: All right, good. Look, I'm gonna go.

Mackenzie: I'll walk you out.

Billy: All righty. Good night.

Mackenzie: Good night. See you tomorrow.

Billy: Yeah.

Jack: Nothing more peaceful than watching a baby sleep.

Diane: I've heard mothers say that's true, even when the kids are teenagers.

Jack: Incredible.

Diane: Yeah, and we have all that to look forward to with Kyle.

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: Well, I'm thinking of taking that swim. Can I entice you to join me?

Phyllis: Hi, guys.

Jack: Hi, babe.

Phyllis: Hey, did someone mention a swim? I have first dibs.

Diane: Phyllis, there are children in this house.

Phyllis: Yes, there are children in this house, and I'm naked. Want to join me, baby?

Jack: Excuse us, Diane.

Phyllis: Yes, excuse us, Diane.

Diane: By all means.


Phyllis: Oh, oh, it's great! Come on! Come on, Jack! Get in here. Quick.

Sharon: I couldn't do it.

Diego: Smart.

Sharon: I should have.

Diego: Fine, Sharon. Tell him everything, why don't you?

Sharon: You don't mean that.

Diego: Well, it's driving you nuts, and we agreed what happened between us, you wouldn't dump it on your husband, and part of that plan was that you would put it behind you.

Sharon: Well, you know what's making this so difficult, Diego? It's you. Victoria's right. I should just stay away from you.

Diego: Fine. You know what? I'll take a break. You be gone when I get back.

Olivia: Okay, let's just say for argument's sake that this Diego character is as dangerous as you think. What are you gonna do about it, realistically? Isn't this the same situation like with Neil?

Victoria: You mean, where I put my 2 cents in and all I get is a bunch of resentment and attitude? No. I'm through giving advice to Sharon. She just gets defensive.

Olivia: And what about Nick?

Victoria: What am I supposed to say? That his newfound buddy has eyes for his lovely wife?

Olivia: Based on your intuition and the couple of times you've seen them together "talking."

Victoria: Yeah. No, I can't do that. Can't. I mean, it would just cause more trouble. Diego would pretend to be innocent and I would look like a troublemaker.

Olivia: Okay, let's go back to my original question. What can you do? And maybe it's just best you let the chips fall. And is this your problem anyway?

Victoria: Olivia, I know me. I'm not gonna just sit around and do nothing. Sharon needs to see Diego for the opportunist that he is. There's really only one way to do that. It's not gonna be easy, because he knows how much I don't like him. But I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it, and I don't care what it costs me.

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