Y&R Transcript Monday 6/17/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/17/02


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Victoria: Sharon?

Sharon: Victoria. Hey.

Victoria: Mind if I come in?

Sharon: No. Not at all. Come on in.

Victoria: Hi, Diego. What are you doing here?

Diego: Well, you know, I just needed to talk to Sharon.

Victoria: Mmm. Why?

Diego: You know, I should probably get back to the coffee house. I'll see you later.

Sharon: So, what brings you by? What's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?

Victoria: You know, your door was wide open. I caught quite an eyeful. I saw what was going on between you and Diego.

Chris: Now there's a man in love.

Nick: Christine! What's goin' on?

Chris: Hi. I stopped by for a latte. Cody said you were back here.

Nick: Yeah, I was just looking at a picture of my hot wife.

Chris: Ah, beats working. I'm really glad things worked out with you and Sharon.

Nick: Hey, if it weren't for you, it probably wouldn't have happened.

Chris: Oh, come on, you're the one that whisked her away.

Nick: Yeah, but you gave me a kick right in the rear and got me motivated.

Chris: Well, you two are together. That's all that matters.

Nick: Yeah. So what's up with you? Last I heard, you were going back to Australia.

Chris: Yeah, change of plans.

Nick: You're stickin' around?

Chris: For the foreseeable future.

Nick: Oh, that's cool. So things must be better between you and Baldwin.

Chris: What does he have to do with anything?

Nick: I just assumed he's the reason you've stayed away. And I don't blame you. In fact, I've always wondered why you would get involved in a partnership with that guy. It just didn't make any sense.

Diane: Let me know when he wakes up!

Phyllis: No!

[Diane shrieks]

Diane: Hey! Hey. Would you mind scooting over? You're blocking my sun.

♫ She knows what she likes what she likes the dark side of the night

[Phone ringing]

Cody: Crimson Lights. Cody speaking. Yeah, yeah, he sure is. Hold on. Hey, Raul. Telephone.

Riana: So have you picked up any vibe that Brittany's still interested in Raul?

J.T.: Come on, Ri. What's the deal? Why do you care about Britt?

Riana: Sizing up the competition.

J.T.: Oh, yeah?

Riana: I heard things got pretty heavy between them.

J.T.: Are you saying the boy scout might want her back?

Riana: No. We are having way too much fun.

J.T.: Well, then why are you asking me all these questions?

Riana: You know Brittany. She might get jealous and --

J.T.: And you don't wanna get stuck in the middle. But to be honest with you, I don't know why they hooked up in the first place.

Riana: Opposites attract.

J.T.: Yeah, well, whatever. But I gotta admit -- lately I've been picking up some weird vibes. You know, like maybe this whole thing's a big act. Brittany still has it bad for the guy, and you showing up in town's only made things worse.

Riana: Are you saying she's jealous?

J.T.: Who the hell knows? We are talkin' about Brittany. But, you know, if I were you, I'd watch your back.

Riana: Thanks, J.T.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I hope I helped.

Riana: More than you know.

J.T.: Hey, Dylan. What's up, man?

♫ Gonna stick her to the wall gotta hand her to her knees show her how to crawl

she knows what she likes what she likes

Mackenzie: Mom, who was on the phone?

Amanda: Um --

Mackenzie: What's wrong?

Amanda: Nothing. Nothing, sweetheart.

Mackenzie: How can you say that? You look totally freaked. Was this about Jill's stupid bracelet?

Amanda: No. No. I mean, that is why I'm a little upset, though, yeah.

Mackenzie: Well, try not to worry. Okay? Billy and I had a long talk.

Amanda: You went to Billy about this?

Mackenzie: Yeah. I know the police are gonna figure out who stole the bracelet. But we did a little brainstorming, we put our heads together --

Amanda: Honey, you know what? This isn't right, okay? You shouldn't be involved in this. Okay, honey?

Mackenzie: But, Mom, you're innocent. And Billy and I both know that. Which is why he's talking to his mom right now.

Amanda: He's talking to Jill?

Mackenzie: Yeah. And I have to believe he'll get through to her, make her realize there is no way you took that bracelet.

[Doorbell rings]

Jill: Esther! Esther! What a nitwit. Billy. I'm surprised to see you.

Billy: Yeah. We need to talk.

Jill: My, what a pleasant greeting. I take it you're upset with me?

Billy: Should I be?

Jill: If you're here to attack me about Mackenzie's mother, we've already been through all that.

Billy: All right, you've given me your theory.

Jill: Mmm-hmm.

Billy: But you have no evidence.

Jill: I caught Amanda coming out of my bedroom. That's all the proof I need. Darling, I'm sorry. You know what? I think it's best if we stay off of this topic.

Billy: Mom, all right, just relax. Okay? I'm not here to read you the riot act. I mean, obviously somebody did steal your bracelet. And who knows? Maybe it'll turn out that Amanda did have something to do with it. But the bottom line is you owe it to yourself and everybody else not to go off making all these wild accusations. You need to be absolutely sure you have the right person. Now can you do that for me? Please?

Sharon: "Going on"? What are you talking about?

Victoria: I saw you holding hands with Diego.

Sharon: Oh, because you were outside lurking and spying --

Victoria: I was coming down to talk to you. Just seemed like you were being awfully friendly with him.

Sharon: And you think that means what, Victoria? Just spit it out. Obviously, you're making some kind of accusation.

Victoria: You know, I thought that something was going on with Diego. But Nicholas said that I should just cut him some slack.

Sharon: Well, obviously he hasn't gotten through.

Victoria: No, no, he did. He did. He made me realize that maybe I was dwelling on Diego because I don't have a lot going on in my life.

Sharon: Good point.

Victoria: Yeah. I told Nicholas that I couldn't figure out what it was about Diego that bothered me. But you know what? I know what it is. That guy has an agenda. And his agenda is you.

Diane: Long day at the office? Jack should be home soon. He wants to spend some time with Kyle. He's been working so late these last few nights that he hasn't had a chance to be with our son.

Phyllis: Is that why you're on display, Diane?

Diane: Are you saying that the pool is off limits?

Phyllis: No. But my husband is.

Diane: Ooh. Someone's paranoid.

Phyllis: Don't screw with me, honey.

Diane: It's a lovely afternoon. I'm thinking of taking a dip.

Phyllis: Is that why you're prancing around half-naked?

Diane: Why else would I be in a bikini?

Jack: Hey! Been lookin' all over for you. There you are.

Phyllis: Yeah, here I am.

Jack: Wow. Hi, Diane.

Diane: You're home early.

Jack: Where's Kyle?

Diane: He's with Graziella.

Phyllis: Well, you're his mother. Shouldn't you check in on him?

Diane: Is that your subtle way of asking me to leave?

Phyllis: It's not so subtle.

Jack: If you don't mind, Diane, I would love a moment alone with my wife.

Diane: No problem. I will have Graziella bring him out in a bit.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: "What?" You were watching her.

Jack: I wanted to make sure we had some privacy. Could we forget about Diane for a minute?

Phyllis: Gladly. Gladly, I will forget about Diane.

Jack: I spoke to Ashley. She told me the two of you had talked.

Phyllis: Yes, we did. About the cancer, you mean.

Jack: The results of the biopsy are in.

Phyllis: Has it spread?

Jack: No, it hasn't spread. Totally isolated, contained to the breast.

Phyllis: Thank God. Thank God. She must be so relieved. Thank God. Jack --

Jack: Listen, she still has a long road ahead of her. She has chemotherapy ahead.

Phyllis: But everything's fine?

Jack: Yeah, it would seem.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm so relieved.

Jack: So am I. Going through something like this, the prospect of losing someone you love --

Phyllis: I know. It puts everything in perspective, doesn't it?

Jack: Yeah, big time. Look, I know there's been a lot of tension between us. If I've learned nothing else from Ashley's little scare, it's that life is short. I love you. I miss you.

Phyllis: I miss you. I miss you, too.

Jack: We can't ever lose sight of how much we mean to each other. We can't let that happen.

Jill: Billy, I hear what you're saying. But --

Billy: But you still think Amanda's guilty.

Jill: I do. But for your sake, I am going to try to keep an open mind. Okay?

Billy: Wow. Thank you.

Jill: You're welcome. Now I assume you have questions.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. Like, I don't know -- did you see anybody else around here the day your bracelet was stolen?

Jill: You mean beside the usual mob that has taken up residence here? No. But I know that someone else was here.

Billy: Why do you say that?

Jill: Because the police found a set of fingerprints in my room that doesn't belong to anybody else in the house. So Amanda had an accomplice.

Billy: Mom.

Jill: I am trying to be objective, darling, but look, think about it. Some burglar breaks in here, okay? Doesn't know his way around. And yet, somehow, unseen by anybody, he manages to go straight to where I keep my valuables.

Billy: Well, why is that so bizarre? I mean, if the guy was a pro --

Jill: If he was a pro, he would've cleaned me out, Billy. And Katherine, too. Why would he go to all that risk and only take one thing? Unless he was with someone who had a personal motive. I'm sorry, darling. I know that you don't want to think Amanda is capable of this, but those are the facts.

Billy: They aren't facts, Mom.

Jill: For heaven's sake, Billy! What criminal is gonna walk away from this house with one lousy bracelet?! It doesn't make any sense. Plus, none of the doors were broken into. None of the locks were broken, except the one where I keep my valuables. Come on, we gotta face it. This was an inside job, Billy. I wish that it weren't so. Believe me.

Billy: Okay. I mean, even if what you're saying is true, can't you just forget about it?

Jill: Forget what?

Billy: I know the bracelet meant a lot to you --

Jill: Your father gave me that bracelet.

Billy: I know. But wasn't it insured? Huh? I mean, can't you just get one that looks like that? Can't you just drop this?

Diego: What's up, little brother?

Raul: Hey, Diego! Hey, man, I thought you'd be long gone by now. You're not hittin' the road?

Diego: What, and leave you high and dry? No way.

Raul: Hey, listen, I know I gave you a guilt trip the other day. But I didn't pressure you too much, did I?

Diego: No, no, no. You know what? You were right. You know what? I'm glad you spoke your mind. I should be here for you, at least through your graduation. I mean, it is the one good thing with all this mess goin' on.

Raul: Mess? Yeah, that's the most you've told me. You want to talk about this?

Diego: No. You know what? Let's just talk about you. What's up with you and Brittany?

Raul: Me and Brittany? That is so five minutes ago.

Diego: Whoa, five minutes ago?

Riana: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Diego: Riana. Hey.

Riana: What's goin' on, Diego?

Diego: That's what I was wondering.

Riana: Well, on the Brittany front, Raul almost threw in the towel.

Diego: Let me guess. You wouldn't let him.

Riana: He can't give up without a fight. Which is why I just spoke with J.T. He thinks Brittany isn't over you.

Diego: You hear that, little brother?

Raul: J.T.'s so full of it. He's gonna tell you whatever you want to hear.

Riana: I think it's a sign we should continue on with our plan.

Diego: What, and try to make poor, little rich girl jealous?

Riana: Even if we are only pretending, I'm enjoying myself. Aren't you?

Chris: My time in Australia had nothing to do with Michael.

Nick: Oh, come on. I'm sure it didn't hurt being thousands of miles away from the guy.

Chris: He's a wonderful partner and a good friend.

Nick: Seriously?

Chris: Yeah, what can I say? People change.

Nick: Yeah, but this is Baldwin we're talkin' about.

Chris: Maybe we should change the subject.

Nick: Sorry. You know, I'm just -- surprised. That's all.

Chris: Oh, you're not the only one.

Nick: Hey, if it works for you, then it works for me. I'm just glad you decided to stick around. So, no regrets?

Chris: Why would there be?

Nick: Well, you were in Australia for a really long time.

Chris: So?

Nick: I'm sure you made a few new friends there.

Chris: Yeah, a few.

Nick: Anyone, you know, special?

Chris: Why is everyone so interested in my love life?

Nick: You know what? You're right. It's none of my business. Forget I asked.

Chris: Gladly.

Nick: Speaking of love lives -- do you happen to know any, like, cool single guys?

Chris: Are trying to matchmake for me?

Nick: No, no, no, no. It's for my sister.

Chris: Oh. Victoria's still going through a rough time?

Nick: Yeah. Ever since Ryan died, she just hasn't been herself. All she does is work and involve herself in other people's problems.

Chris: Doesn't sound very healthy.

Nick: It's not. I just keep thinking, if she'd just get out there and have some fun, you know, maybe she'd start living again.

Chris: Have you talked to her about it?

Nick: Yeah. Just before I came here.

Chris: What'd she say?

Nick: Well, I think I got through to her.

Chris: Now you just have to find the perfect guy.

Nick: I think already found him.

Chris: So then why are you hitting me up for dates?

Nick: Well, Vic, she hates him.

Chris: Ah. Ah, well, that can complicate things. Who is this guy?

Nick: Oh, it's one of the waiters here. His name's Diego.

Sharon: Victoria, don't be ridiculous. I mean, if you're implying --

Victoria: Diego was holding your hand!

Sharon: No, he wasn't. I was holding his.

Victoria: Why?

Sharon: Because he was upset.

Victoria: Oh, so you were comforting him?

Sharon: Yeah. There's a lot going on with his brother, Raul.

Victoria: And, naturally, he would turn to you.

Sharon: Well, he's a friend.

Victoria: A friend? I don't think so.

Sharon: Is it so hard to believe that I would have a friend that happens to be --

Victoria: Sharon, Diego is obviously after something more than just friendship.

Sharon: You know what? Nick's right. You really do need to start concentrating more on your own life.

Victoria: I know what I saw!

Sharon: It's what you think you saw.

Victoria: Why are defending the guy? You're a married woman. If he has a thing for you, you shouldn't encourage it.

Sharon: He doesn't. He doesn't, all right? So back off.

Victoria: Something doesn't add up here. Why are you being so defensive? What the hell is going on with you?

Mackenzie: Mom, we know you're innocent, which means that someone else stole that bracelet. We just have to figure out who.

Amanda: Right, well, do you have any ideas?

Mackenzie: No. Not really. But maybe you can help. Okay? Think hard. Have you seen anyone new around? Anyone suspicious?

Amanda: Uh, no. None that I could think of.

Mackenzie: Okay, what about the day the bracelet was stolen? Did anything strange happen?

Amanda: I'm not sure what you mean.

Mackenzie: Well, whoever stole that bracelet has to be someone who doesn't live in the house. Once we find the person, we can prove you didn't do it.

Amanda: You know what I think, honey? I think you and I should just take off somewhere. You know? We should just leave this place and start over. Just you and me.

Mackenzie: You wanna leave Genoa City?

Amanda: Well, you're gonna be going to college soon, honey. And we don't have much time together. So I was so looking forward to spending the summer with you and getting closer, you know? We can't do that here. I mean, not with Jill around. And even if Billy gets through to her somehow, she's gonna make our lives a living hell. She hates us. So what do you say? You know what? We could leave right away. I mean, we could leave tonight!

Larry: Just the guy I wanted to see.

Sean: Larry, what's up?

Larry: Oh, I'm sure you heard about this mess between Mandy and Jill.

Sean: Oh, with the bracelet? I heard all about it.

Larry: Yeah, well, that woman is whacked, okay? There's no way that Mandy took the stuff. Which is why I want you to go to Jill and tell her to back the hell off.

Sean: I'm sorry, man. I can't do that.

Larry: Why not?

Sean: I'm outta here.

Larry: What?

Sean: Jill and I are through.

Larry: Oh, come on. What, did you guys break up?

Sean: Yeah. I'm movin' back to New York.

Larry: Bro, you can't do that, man. You gotta stay here. We need you here, dude.

Sean: Look, I don't owe anybody anything. Now, Jill's got some real problems. I tried to talk to her 100 times. She sees conspiracies everywhere she looks.

Larry: Yeah. Yeah, and in the meantime, Mandy's the one payin' the price.

Sean: I am sorry about that.

Larry: No, if you were sorry, bro, you'd stick around and get your woman to lighten up --

Sean: Damn it, Larry! Jill and I are done! She will not listen to me. So you're gonna have to deal with this on your own.

Larry: Man. This is the only time in my life that I wish I was a cop.

Sean: So you could figure out who's behind this?

Larry: You know, they found another set of prints.

Sean: Jill told me.

Larry: Yeah, and if the person that did it had done time, they would know by now. But if they're clean, they may never find out who did it.

Sean: Would that be so bad?

Larry: Hell, yeah! The crime will never be solved, and Jill will just keep blaming Amanda.

Sean: She's definitely made up her mind. That's for sure.

Larry: She even pointed the finger at me. Figured that I helped Mandy to rip her off.

Sean: Unbelievable.

Larry: Yeah. And then when that didn't pan out and she heard about the other set of prints, she immediately convinced herself that Mandy was workin' with some partner.

Sean: Jill is obsessed. No doubt about it.

Larry: Yeah, yeah. But I'm telling you, Sean, there's no way that Mandy took this stuff. And whatever it takes, I gotta prove it.

Riana: Well, Raul? Are you enjoying yourself, even just a little?

Raul: Sure.

Diego: Hey, you know what? Hangin' out with a beautiful girl like Riana is not a bad thing.

Riana: Thanks, Diego. Don't worry. I know our mission is to get you and Brittany back together.

Raul: Guys, this is a big waste of time. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Riana: She's the one you want, though, isn't she?

Raul: Yeah. But you don't always get what you want.

Diego: So you're giving up, then.

Raul: I'm giving up what? Brittany's already latched onto J.T. Who knows who's next? Come on. Let's just forget the whole thing. All right?

Diego: Why don't you go talk to him?

Riana: Yeah, wish me luck.

Diego: Good luck.

Brittany: What took you so long?

J.T.: You're welcome.

Brittany: I saw you talking to Riana. Did she say how close she and Raul are?

J.T.: Why do you care?

Brittany: I don't.

J.T.: Then why are you asking me all these questions?

Brittany: Forget it. So did you finally get your tux?

J.T.: Ah, I knew I forgot something.

Brittany: Very funny.

J.T.: [Chuckles] Did you check out A1?

Brittany: Yeah. They're pretty cool. I bet this'll be the best prom ever. What?

J.T.: You are so clueless, Brittany.

Brittany: Talk about clueless. You forgot my cream.

J.T.: You okay, Britt? Britt? It really got to you, didn't it? No, no, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Something's goin' on here. We walk in and just happen to catch Raul and Riana lip locked? Meanwhile, Riana's asking me all these crazy questions about you and the choir boy.

Brittany: So?

J.T.: So you guys are both playing games. And I'm the idiot who's stuck in the middle. Well, the hell with that. Why don't you go back to Raul? You guys deserve each other.

Jack: Holding you this way -- it's like heaven.

Phyllis: Why don't we go up to our room?

Jack: Honey, I'd love to, but --

Phyllis: But you want to see your son.

Jack: Honey, I've spent so little time with him lately. You do understand that, don't you?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, sure, I understand that. You know what? I wanna talk to you about something. I'm still thrown about something regarding Ashley's situation.

Jack: What's that?

Phyllis: Well, you must've known for days that she was sick, but you didn't tell me. And I don't wanna make a big deal out of this, Jack, but I just don't understand that. I mean, I'm your wife.

Jack: Honey, I only found out myself a couple days ago. And things have been a little crazy.

Diane: Oh, Jack, I forgot to ask. Any word on Ashley's biopsy? You were so concerned when you told me about it.

Jack: The cancer hasn't spread. God willing, Ash is gonna be fine.

Diane: Oh, that's wonderful. I am so happy for you and your family.

Jack: I know you're upset.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I'm upset.

Jack: Yeah, I did tell Diane about Ashley's situation.

Phyllis: Obviously Diane is more important to you.

Jack: That is not true, and you know it.

Phyllis: I don't know that, Jack.

Jack: I ran into Diane this morning. The subject of my sister's health happened to come up.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, just happened to come up, didn't it? Like she just happens to be living under our roof? She just happens to be at breakfast? And she just happens to hear the most intimate family detail. You could've picked up the phone to tell me.

Jack: I haven't exactly been myself lately. My sister's life has been at stake.

Phyllis: Yes, that is my point.

Jack: Didn't we just agree we can't lose sight of how much we mean to each other? Listen to me, my number one priority right now is to --

Phyllis: Yeah, sure, right. It's not your number one priority, Jack. Your son is.

Jack: Kyle, you, my family, Jabot are all priorities with me. I've talked to you about this before, sweetheart. Listen to me, I love you. Don't let Diane interfere with that. Don't give her that power.

Diane: Jack, come here! You've gotta see this. Kyle is looking at himself in the mirror. It's so cute!

Phyllis: I'm gonna fix a sandwich or something.

Jack: Can you make me a sandwich? Hey, we're on the same team. I love you. Nothing's gonna happen to that. Nothing's gonna change that.

Diane: Look at this mess you've made.

Jack: Hey, what are you doin' there, mister?

Diane: You're supposed to eat these!

Jack: Can I have one?

Diane: Here, give one to Daddy. I'll give you one.

Jack: Can I eat it?

Diane: Mmm!

Jack: Oh. Oh, these are good.

Diane: They're tasty.

Jill: Billy, you don't honestly expect me to just let this drop? You're joking, right?

Billy: Why not, Mom?

Jill: Well, it's a matter of principle, for one thing.

Billy: Principle, or spite?

Jill: Now, you just wait one minute here.

Billy: Hey, you said you would keep an open mind.

Jill: Yes, about finding who stole my bracelet. But to let the person get off scot-free? Do you know what kind of message that would send?

Billy: Mom, you don't have any proof!

Jill: Why are you so concerned about this? I mean, if you're so sure that Amanda's hands are clean?

Billy: Well, it's complicated.

Jill: Yeah. I am so sorry if this is inconveniencing Mackenzie, but I am the victim here.

Billy: The victim. I know. All right.

Jill: Never mind, Billy. This whole thing's gonna be moot, anyway, soon.

Billy: What do you mean by that?

Jill: I have a plan. See, if my instincts are right, this is not an isolated incident. There will be another hit. Only this time, I'm gonna be ready. And then everybody is gonna know who the thief is. And I will have my proof.

Larry: Man. You would think with a second set of prints being found that Mrs. Abbott would back off a little bit. But hell no. In her mind, Mandy is guilty as charged.

Sean: For a moment she thought it might've been someone else.

Larry: Really? Who?

Sean: The phone repairman. He'd been around the house a couple times lately. But that didn't pan out.

Larry: Whoa, whoa, hold on. Back up. What's with this phone repairman?

Sean: Turned out he had a thing for Esther.

Larry: Did you see him?

Sean: Yeah, once.

Larry: He look okay to you?

Sean: He looked like a repairman, Larry. Where you going?

Larry: Going over to the Chancellor's place. Check on this phone repairman. Make sure it's a dead end.

Mackenzie: You can't be serious.

Amanda: You know, you're right. I have been way too serious. And we need to have fun. So let's go, okay? Let's just go far away from this place, honey, okay?

Mackenzie: No, Mom, we can't do that.

Amanda: Well, why not?

Mackenzie: Because this is my home now. Yours, too. Look, I don't wanna leave grandma.

Amanda: Well, you can always come back.

Mackenzie: That's not the point, Mom. If we took off, it would look like you're guilty. Jill would think she's right! We have to stay here and find out the truth. Look, I know you're frightened, Mom, but you didn't steal that bracelet. And maybe we'll never find out who did. But, I mean, it's not like they can press charges against you. There's no real proof. Look, I promise you, soon this will all blow over, and it will be a thing of the past. You'll see. Mom? Mom, is there something else? Something that you know about that you're keeping from me? Because if there is, please, Mom, you have to tell me now.

Brittany: You're right, J.T. You really are an idiot if you think Raul's into playing games. That is so not him.

J.T.: Come on, Britt. Walking in on him and Riana makin' out? You don't think that was a setup?

Brittany: You must've said something to Riana, given her the impression that it bothers me seeing those two together. Thanks a lot. I don't care what Raul does. If that's why they're putting on their little show, they're not getting away with it. I'm fine. And I'm gonna prove it.

Riana: Catch you off guard?

Raul: That kiss really did throw me.

Riana: I was improvising. Not that I didn't enjoy myself, a little. I think we may have finally given Brittany a message. Here she comes now.

Brittany: I need to talk to you, Raul. You know, that spot by the lake, the one you were trying to get me to go to? Well, I've got first dibs on it on the night of the prom. J.T. and I are going to go there. We're going to spend the night together, and I'm sure it'll be very romantic, if you get my meaning.

♫ Didn't want to hold you I never thought

I'd kiss you I didn't want to watch you but I do

Jack: I'm telling ya, he cannot wait to get in this pool.

Diane: Not without Mommy or Daddy.

Jack: You are gonna be a fish, you know that?

Diane: Just like you. And he's got those big, beautiful blue eyes. They just break your heart, don't they?

Jack: Yeah, they do.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: Yes, they do.

Diane: You know, I keep thinking about Ashley.

Jack: It's quite a miracle, isn't it?

Diane: Yeah. It reminds you how precious every little minute is. Yeah. That's why I'm so glad that you have this time with Kyle. You're making memories that will last forever. Hey, sweetie.

Chris: So, why does your sister hate this Diego so much?

Nick: You know, I don't know. He's cool. He's good-looking. He's a nice guy.

Chris: Sounds good to me.

Nick: Yeah, but Vic's had it in for him since the day he rolled into town. And I don't get it. She's being totally irrational.

Chris: Well, it doesn't seem like there's much potential there.

Nick: No, so I'm back to square one. Know anybody that fits the bill?

Chris: I haven't been in town that long. I'm not exactly in with the social scene.

Nick: Yeah, well, you know, just keep an eye out.

Chris: If I find another Diego, I'll let you know.

Nick: Thanks. I just want my sister to get something going on in her own life, so she stops worrying about everybody else.

Chris: You're a good guy, Nick.

Nick: Thanks.

Chris: I'll see you around.

Nick: All right.

Victoria: Sharon, listen to me. Diego is not your friend. I know his type. He's always around, he sucks up. He pretends to be so supportive, but it's all an act. He's just using you.

Sharon: You couldn't be more wrong, Victoria.

Victoria: All right, all right, fine. Let's just say that I am wrong. The point is you and Nicholas are finally on track. Do you really want this guy messing things up for you? I mean, let's think about this for a second. This whole "friendship" with Diego started when you and Nicholas were having problems.

Sharon: So?

Victoria: So, you were vulnerable. You weren't thinking clearly. Remember when you caught Nicholas kissing that girl? I came down to see you, and I interrupted this intimate moment between you and the coffee boy. I mean, I thought it was kind of weird then, but I had no idea what was really going on.

Sharon: I had just found out that my husband had been with another woman. Diego was comforting me.

Victoria: Yeah, you guys seem to be comforting each other a lot lately.

Sharon: What's that supposed to mean?

Victoria: He's an employee. I mean, he acts like he --

Sharon: Like what, Victoria? Spit it out.

Victoria: He's always around. He's either here, or he's at the coffee house, or he's in the tack room --

Sharon: The tack room? That's where he lives.

Victoria: Yeah, and you know what's interesting? That's where Miguel found you before you went on that trip with Nicholas. I'm warning you, Sharon. Stop spending so much time with the help.

Sharon: "The help"? You know what? This conversation is over. I want you to leave.

Victoria: Why are you being so defensive? I'm your sister-in-law. I care.

Sharon: Yeah? Well, then do me a favor -- butt out!

Victoria: You know what? I can't do that. I won't. Diego is after you and you're encouraging him. I mean, he's probably waiting for the perfect time to make his move. And for you to open up, even a little bit -- it just seems a little naive.

Sharon: No, Diego would never do that. He would never take advantage like that. You know what? You think you know him, Victoria, but you don't. You don't have a clue.

Victoria: Oh, my God. You've got feelings for him.

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