Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/12/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/12/02


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Paul: Thanks. Hey. I thought you were leaving town.

Chris: I beg your pardon?

Paul: You told me you were leaving.

Chris: Well, after weighing my options, I decided that it made more sense for me to stay. I have a business here and friends.

Paul: So in other words, you talked to Baldwin about it.

Chris: Paul, he is my partner, so we discussed it. But I did make up my own mind. Anyway, what difference does it make to you if I stay? Especially now.

Brad: Hey. Here we are, ready to take on the day.

Ashley: Thanks for getting Abby dressed.

Brad: Are you kidding? She did the whole thing herself.

Ashley: She picked her outfit out and everything?

Brad: Yes, she did. Little beauty. Guess pink's your favorite color these days. [Makes baby noises] How are you holding up, honey?

Ashley: I'm okay. The longer we go without hearing anything, though --

Brad: I don't think we should read anything into that, baby.

Ashley: Well, no. I just thought I would have gotten the results of the biopsy back by now. Can't help but make me wonder it's a bad sign.

Brad: Listen to me. The doctors said they were going to take a very close look at those biopsy results.

Ashley: Mmm-hmm, yeah.

Brad: So -- let's not jump to any negative conclusions, okay?

Ashley: In any case, I'll have my answers today, right? Good or bad, I'll know what I'm facing. Where we go from here. Hey, sweetie. How's my baby girl? How's teddy? How's piggy?

Jill: I'm gonna call security. Don't you touch me, you thief.

Larry: You better watch your mouth, lady. Because where I come from, you can get hurt talkin' like that.

Jill: What, are you threatening me?

Larry: Look, I did not take your bracelet.

Jill: Maybe not, but you sure as hell helped Amanda figure out how to do it. And who better?

Larry: Look, lady, you do not know what you're talking about.

Jill: I know that you and Amanda are in cahoots with Katherine.

Larry: How do you come up with this garbage, huh? What a phony you are.

Jill: What, me?

Larry: Yeah. Yeah, you. You sucker me in. You makin' me think that you got a heart by helping me get closer to Amanda, but all along, this whole thing is just one, big, fat act, isn't it?

Jill: Look --

Larry: You were just waitin', waitin' until the perfect time to drop the bomb.

Jill: Mr. Warton, you may be smart enough to keep yourself out of trouble, but I'm telling you, Amanda is in it up to her eyeballs. The woman is guilty as sin. Now, you get out of here or I really will call security. Go on!

Brad: Give me some of that. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, boy.


Brad: Look at her. One minute they're a tiny, little bundle in your arms.

Ashley: I know, and now she's already picking out her play outfits.

Brad: Mmm-hmm. They're not gonna stay little forever.

Ashley: Guess sometimes I wish they could just stay this age a little longer. What's that?

Brad: Hey -- we are going to have a lifetime together to show that little girl how much we love her. Right? Huh? Yes, we are. Can I get you anything before I go?

Ashley: No, thanks, honey, I'm fine.

Brad: Be back as soon as I can.

Ashley: Okay.

Brad: I love you.

Ashley: I love you, too.

Ashley: Bye-bye.

[Brad baby-talking]

Abby: Bye-bye.

Brad: Bye-bye. I'll see you later.

Ashley: What do we have here, huh? I've got your favorite bunny.

Abby: Bunny.

Ashley: Yeah, it's your pretty bunny.

[Abby talks]

Ashley: Just one second.

Mackenzie: Billy, thank God. I have been looking everywhere for you.

Billy: Mac, what's wrong?

Mackenzie: You haven't heard?

Billy: Okay, Mac, look -- try and calm down --

Mackenzie: No, Billy, I can't calm down, not when my mother is being accused of theft. You have heard.

Billy: About the bracelet, yeah.

Mackenzie: How could your mother do this? Billy, I realize she hates my mom and me, but to accuse her of stealing --

Billy: Look, I know how upsetting this is for you --

Mackenzie: It's a set-up, and you're the only one who can get your mom to stop. She'll listen to you, Billy. I know she will.

Billy: Well, what do you want me to do?

Mackenzie: You have to get your mother to back off. Okay? It's the only way to keep this from --

Billy: Look, Mac -- I'm not sure if I can do that.

Amanda: All right, I'm here.

Ralph: It's about time.

Amanda: I was at work when you called, okay? Insisting that I be here right away.

Ralph: So?

Amanda: So I can't keep doing this, Ralph. I can't keep dropping everything and come running to you every time you --

Ralph: Skip the lecture, all right? I get it.

Amanda: No, you don't get it, Ralph. All that matters to you is you getting what you want when you want it. To hell with me and my life.

Ralph: Wait, slow down, all right? Where's all this coming from?

Amanda: My God, how could you say that? I am being accused of stealing that bracelet, which you promised wouldn't happen. You made a lot of promises since you've come to town, none of which you have kept.

Ralph: Just wait a minute, you --

Amanda: No, you wait, Ralph. This whole thing is turning into a nightmare. My life is falling apart, Ralph. I don't -- I can't live like this. I won't live like this.

Ralph: What do you mean by that?

Amanda: I'm starting to think that I should just come clean. You know, with everything. I mean, Lord knows -- I have a lot to lose, but at this point, I don't think I have another choice.

Nikki: I can't believe you've done this to me, Victor. Oh, it's you.

Brad: So much for the warm welcome.

Nikki: I'm sorry. I was expecting Jack. He was supposed to meet me here ten minutes ago. I really don't appreciate him putting me off this way.

Brad: He's not putting you off.

Nikki: What, are you covering for him now?

Brad: No, I'm not covering. I'd better explain. What you don't know is that Ash has been battling breast cancer.

Nikki: What?

Brad: Yeah. The prognosis was good, but she found another lump in her other breast. It was removed and -- we're all waiting for the biopsy results. So everybody's pretty nervous and upset, Jack included. So I know this'll sound a little funny coming from me, but cut him some slack, okay?

Nikki: Oh, Brad, I had no idea. Honey, I'm so sorry.

Paul: I thought you were moving on with your life.

Chris: Well, I don't have to go all the way to Australia to do that. I'm not sure why this is so surprising to you. Anyway, I heard about your marriage. Congratulations.

Paul: Thank you.

Chris: I know you wouldn't have married Isabella if it weren't what you wanted. I wish you the best.

Paul: I wish you the same.

Ashley: Oh, hi. Hi, sweetheart. I was just watching you in your playpen, and you are just so precious and you're so adorable. And I decided that I have some thoughts that I want to share with you. I've had an amazing life, but it actually wasn't until the day you were born that I -- I felt truly complete. From the very first moment that I held you in my arms, I just felt a love like nothing I'd ever known before. A love so deep that it changed everything for me. You, my darling daughter, you changed everything for me in the most incredible and extraordinary ways. I'm sorry. In case that I'm not here to tell you all this in person, I just want it to be on videotape, so that when you're a little older, you'll watch this and then you'll understand and you'll know in your heart how much you meant to me. You know, more than anything, I want to be there when you grow up. I want to be there, and we can have all those mother/daughter talks. I can talk to you about life and boys and boys some more. But I know you're gonna be fine, sweetie. You just remember -- you just remember to be true to yourself and to always value yourself for the special and beautiful young woman that I know you are. And I want you to do something for me, Abby, my little baby Abby. I want you to close your eyes, okay? I want you to close your eyes very tightly. Can you do that for me? Close them. Keep them closed. Can you feel my arms around you? Can you feel me holding you close? My love will always be there for you, Abby, just as I know your love will always be there for me. Your mother loves you.

[Doorbell rings]

Isabella: Lauren, hi. What a surprise. Come in, come in.

Lauren: I'm not interrupting any newlywed moment, am I?

Isabella: You heard about our marriage?

Lauren: Yes, I did. And I came to congratulate you and give you this.

Isabella: Our first wedding gift. Thank you, Lauren. That's very sweet of you.

Lauren: I gather Paul's not around.

Isabella: He'll be sorry he missed you, but I would love it if you could stay a little while.

Lauren: Is something on your mind?

Isabella: Yeah. I'm actually thinking of throwing a party to celebrate our marriage and try and mend some fences with Paul's friends at the same time.

Lauren: Well, if that's an invitation, I accept. I'm sure you realize you've got your work cut out for you.

Isabella: Yes, but still, it would be worth it if I could get most of his friends to accept me. I love Paul very much, Lauren. And I don't want him to ever regret the step he's taken.

Lauren: And neither do I. For one very important reason that I want to make sure that we're clear about. You see, I don't just want Paul to be happy -- I insist on it. And with you as his wife, you know, it's up to you now. Because if he's not, I'm gonna make your life a living hell.

Michael: Good news. Things went well with Judge Weber. You're still mad at me?

Chris: Actually, I haven't given it much thought. After you left Gina's, I ran into Paul.

Michael: And?

Chris: And he was surprised that I'm still here. He thought I went back to Australia.

Michael: It's a natural assumption, I suppose.

Chris: It's almost as if he seemed to have a problem with it.

Michael: Well -- even if he does, I'm curious -- what does it matter what Paul feels? It's not as if he's a part of your life or you're a part of his life.

Chris: Did I say it mattered?

Michael: No, but I'm getting a vibe here --

Chris: It just -- it threw me, okay? The way he was acting.

Michael: Did you ask him about it?

Chris: Why would I? As you've just pointed out, we've both moved on in very different directions.

Michael: And you're fine with that?

Chris: I'm more than fine with that, though if you keep pushing me on this --

Michael: No, no, no, no, no, far be it from me to say another word, nope. I'm not gonna get you any more upset than I already have today.

Chris: Now, I will admit, I was very freaked out when you told me that you were involved with Isabella, too. And not that I've bought into Mary's view of her as evil. It's just -- why would Isabella lie about the whole pregnancy thing? I just -- I don't get it. Why would she do such a thing?

Larry: Now who's making threats?

Jill: Oh, this is not a threat, Mr. Warton. This is a promise. If you don't get out of here right now, I'll have you thrown out.

Larry: Look -- Mandy's already been through a lot of hell, okay? The least you can do is give the poor girl a break.

Jill: Are you out of your mind? She stole from me.

Larry: Damn it, Jill. Quit saying that.

Jill: Well, I'm sorry if the truth hurts.

Larry: No, that's just it. You're not sorry. You're lovin' every stinkin' minute of this!

Detective: What's goin' on here, Mrs. Abbott? I could hear the two of you from the other end of the hallway.

Jill: Detective Joyner, you're just in time. I assume that your lab tests showed that Amanda's were the only fingerprints that didn't belong in my bedroom.

Detective: Perhaps you'd prefer discussing this in private.

Jill: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I want my friend here to hear for himself. Go ahead, detective. Tell me I'm right about the fingerprints.

Detective: We did find Ms. Browning's prints, and we also found another set belonging to a convicted felon named Larry Warton.

Mackenzie: Billy, my mother is going through hell right now. If someone doesn't get tough with Jill and put an end to this right away --

Billy: Mac, calm down, all right? Now, there's something that you should know.

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: Well, I've already talked to my mom.

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: Yeah, she called me this morning, had me come over to her office.

Mackenzie: Why? So she could spew more lies about my mom?

Billy: No. Actually, she wanted to tell me her side of the story.

Mackenzie: Right. You mean, how she totally made all this up just to get back at my mother and me?

Billy: Mac, I can understand why you'd see it that way.

Mackenzie: Because my mom would never do what Jill is claiming. You do know that, right, Billy? You can't possibly believe my mom did this.

Ralph: Look, baby, I know things are kind of rough right now, but I swear, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

Amanda: How could you say that, Ralph? I could go to jail.

Ralph: No way. The evidence is all circumstantial.

Amanda: No, then you don't know Jill Abbott. Once she gets her mind set to something, there's no stopping her.

Ralph: Look. All you've got to do is hang tight just a little longer. Because as soon as I get my hands on this necklace, I'm out of here, never to be seen or heard from again, which I know is what you want. All right? So I can count on you, right? One last time?

Amanda: Ralph --

Ralph: Oh, come on, it's one lousy necklace. It's not like the old biddy doesn't have tons more.

Amanda: No, Ralph, that's not the point.

Ralph: Oh, don't -- stop, all right? If you're about to tell me --

Amanda: No, I'm telling you I want you to back off, once and for all, or I will risk everything and turn you in.

[Ashley gasps]

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. The door was open. Are you all right?

Ashley: I don't know. Am I? Have you heard anything about my biopsy?

Olivia: Actually, no. I just stopped by to check on you.

Ashley: How much did you hear?

Olivia: Enough to be moved by what you were saying. But a little concerned.

Ashley: Why?

Olivia: Well, you're doing all this before you find out the results of your biopsy.

Ashley: I know what you're going to say, but what if this thing has spread? What if it's gone all over my body?

Olivia: So that's what this is about? I mean, you're preparing? Putting things in order? Is that the case?

Ashley: I hadn't really thought about it like that, that I was "putting things in order."

Olivia: But that's exactly what you're doing. I mean, you're talking to Abby on this tape, you're telling her everything you think she needs to know because she's too young to understand. What is it?

Ashley: God, Liv, there is something else, but I can't talk about it, not to anybody, not even you.

Brad: So the second biopsy results are supposed to come back today.

Nikki: What you must be going through.

Brad: Nothing compared to what my wife is going through.

Nikki: Well, of course, but I know it's very hard on you. Look, I know you're trying to be strong for Ashley, but if you need anybody to lean on, I want to help in any way.

Brad: Thank you, Nikki. I appreciate that.

Nikki: Well, is there anything I can do? Anything at all?

Brad: Actually, maybe there is. It has to do with Victor. If you could help keep him away from Ash.

Nikki: What are you saying? He's spending a lot of time with her?

Brad: Well, let's put it this way -- as soon as he found out what was going on, he immediately wanted to get involved.

Nikki: Oh, he did?

Brad: Mmm-hmm. But Nikki, he's not needed. As a matter of fact, his involvement would only be counterproductive.

Nikki: Did you tell him that?

Brad: Which he was none too happy about. I'm surprised he didn't mention any of this to you, given how close you two have been lately.

Nikki: He's been away on a trip.

Brad: Really? Well, that's good news. At least Ash will be free of him for a while. Still, Nikki, I would appreciate you running some interference when he gets back. Because if Victor insists on insinuating himself into our lives, he and I will go to battle. You can bank on that.

Isabella: Gee, Lauren, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Lauren: I'm just making sure that, you know, we understand each other.

Isabella: By insinuating that I can't or won't make Paul happy.

Lauren: You think I've overstepped?

Isabella: I think you wish things would have worked out between you and Paul.

Lauren: Well, that's not what this is about. Though I guess in some sense, I did lose the man to you.

Isabella: A man you could have made very happy?

Lauren: Frankly, yes. But now that's up to you.

Isabella: Only you doubt that I'll be able to do that.

Lauren: Oh, I'm not assuming anything. Though, you know, I find it interesting that you resisted telling him about the child. You know, I can't forget about that, and that whole, ugly charade with Michael Baldwin.

Isabella: You know, I was under a lot of stress then. And I did some things I regret.

Lauren: Still, you really made a lot of trouble for yourself and caused Paul a lot of pain with your dishonesty.

Isabella: Why are you bringing this up? I know what I did was wrong, and I admitted that.

Lauren: So you're saying that you've learned your lesson.

Isabella: Of course I have. Why would you doubt that?

Lauren: It's just, I never thought that he would forgive you. But he did. And that's just the kind of man that he is.

Isabella: Mmm-hmm. I'm aware of how big Paul's heart is.

Lauren: Good. Then just be straight with him. And if you are, then you and your son and Paul can look forward to a lifetime of happiness. But if there are lies and deceit, this marriage will never work.

Michael: There are plenty of reasons why Isabella would try to convince me I'm the father.

Chris: Such as?

Michael: Well, hey, look, I mean, for starters, she's alone, she's scared, she has no money, no way to support herself or the child once it's born.

Chris: So why didn't she go to Paul and let him support her? After all, he's the real father. Unless she wasn't really in love with him.

Michael: Are you kidding? The woman was crazy in love with him. She just wasn't sure how he felt about her, frankly because of his feelings for you. So she convinced me that I was the father, something I was none too thrilled about, at least in the beginning.

Chris: And you hold no grudge against her?

Michael: No, I wouldn't go that far, but I am sorry that you found out the way you did. I realize that I should have told you long before today.

Chris: Yeah, you know, you should have.

Michael: You were the tiniest bit harsh with me, though.

Chris: Well, you're right. Maybe I was a bit unfair. After all, you've been there for me when I needed you. I suppose if anyone is guilty of being underhanded, it's Isabella, not you.

Michael: So -- friends again?

[Phone rings]

Chris: Hello? Landon, hi. Yeah, I've been expecting your call. Could you go over that list of precedents for me? Yeah, great. What about '76 Grishom? Exactly.

[Door closes]

Billy: Look, I know you and your grandma think that my mom cooked this whole thing up, but --

Mackenzie: But what?

Billy: Well, I'm having a hard time believing my mom would frame someone, much less get the police involved. I mean, why would she do this?

Mackenzie: Billy, I told you why. Because your mother has this thing against my mother and me. You know that.

Billy: But somebody did steal that bracelet. And after hearing her out --

Mackenzie: You're convinced everything happened the way she claims.

Billy: Mac, would you stop putting words in my mouth?

Mackenzie: That is what you're telling me, Billy. I mean, otherwise, you wouldn't be defending Jill like this.

Billy: Look, I don't want to believe this, either. And I know you feel the same way about your mom. We both don't want to think our parents could do something like this.

Mackenzie: Yeah, and yet, one of them has.

Billy: Maybe not. Maybe there's another explanation. Something that no one's thought of yet.

Mackenzie: Like?

Billy: I don't know. I don't know. But it is possible. I mean, something else could be going on here. The question is what it could be and how do we find out?

Mackenzie: Yeah. Before things get any worse.

Jill: I knew it! I knew I was right! You've been in cahoots with Katherine all along!

Larry: Lady, I don't know what the devil you're talking about.

Jill: Right. Of course, you don't. And next you'll be telling us that the police lab made a mistake with the prints and they're not yours.

Detective: Wait a minute. This is Larry Warton?

Larry: Yeah. Yeah, that's me. But the only time I was in her room was months ago. Remember when I came up to ask you to give me a lesson?

Jill: Oh, listen to you, trying to talk yourself out of this. Save your breath, because fingerprints don't lie, do they, detective?

Larry: Okay. Okay, time out. You guys have got this all wrong!

Jill: Really?

Larry: Yeah. Detective, these prints that you found. Where exactly were they?

Detective: On a book.

Larry: Really? What book?

Detective: "Sense and Sensibility." It was sitting near the dresser where the jewelry drawer had been forced open.

Jill: That's the only place they were found? Nowhere else in the room?

Detective: Is that significant?

Larry: You're damn right it is. Go ahead, Jill, and tell the man.

Jill: I lent the book to Mr. Warton, and when I got it back, I put it in my room.

Larry: Uh-huh. You see where jumping to conclusions gets you?

Jill: I still -- oh, the hell with it! Maybe you weren't involved.

Larry: "Maybe"? Gee, I guess when you have your mind all made up then the facts don't really count, do they?

Detective: Calm down, Mr. Warton.

Larry: No, man. I'm on probation. I'm not letting anybody mess this up for me.

Jill: Never mind that. Where does this leave us now? We're back to square one. I didn't take it. Esther didn't, Sean didn't. Katherine didn't, I don't think. And somehow I doubt that Mackenzie did.

Detective: Actually, there was one other set of prints on that drawer that weren't identified.

Jill: What?

Larry: Oh, wow. Well, what do you know about that?

Jill: Oh, stop looking so smug. That doesn't prove anything.

Larry: No, not to you. But to me it says loud and clear that there is somebody besides Amanda that swiped your bracelet.

Jill: All right, fine. Maybe little Miss Doe Eyes didn't have you helping her. But she had somebody with her. I would swear to that.

Detective: What are you saying, Ms. Abbott?

Jill: Just that there is a link between Amanda Browning and that set of unidentified prints. Find out who they belong to, and you'll solve this case.

Amanda: I gotta get back to work.

Ralph: You're not going anywhere! And you're sure not gonna turn me in. You're gonna do exactly what I tell you.

Amanda: Or what?

Ralph: Or I'll tell Mac how long I've been here, how many times you've met with me. I'll tell her everything. She'll never speak to you again after she hears that.

Amanda: I could go to her and explain everything first.

Ralph: Oh, what? You think she's gonna forgive you?

Amanda: Ralph, I'm her mother.

Ralph: Yeah, right. Well, your whole relationship with your daughter and her grandmother and your whole charmed life here is built on a lie.

Amanda: That's not true!

Ralph: Oh, right. Well, you just keep telling yourself that. But you and I both know Mac and how she's such a morality freak. One thing she'll never put up with is being lied to, especially by dear old mom. Of course, if you do decide to spill the beans, it'll be my word against yours about the bracelet. And you'll already be on record as a liar. Imagine the field day Jill Abbott will have with that one, not to mention the cops. One more thing -- if you even try to bring me down, before you see the last of yours truly, I will get my payback on everyone that crossed me.

Amanda: Who are you talking about, Ralph? You don't mean --

Ralph: I mean everyone. Including "you know who."

Isabella: As if I weren't motivated enough to be a good wife, now I have you to answer to.

Lauren: And don't you forget it.

Isabella: As if you'd let me, right?

Lauren: Right. Paul means a lot to me. Just be truthful with him, and I won't give you a moment's grief.

[Baby cries]

Isabella: Excuse me, I'm being paged.

[Lauren remembering]

Paul: I'm glad you stopped by. Good to see you. I hope it wasn't just for the tickets.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Paul: I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're an important person to me. You always have been. And I just --

Lauren: I'm gonna get the "I hope we can be friends" speech, aren't I?

[Doorbell rings]

Lauren: Michael? What are you doing here?

Nikki: Brad, you know as well as I do, Victor has a mind of his own.

Brad: Which means what? You're not gonna make an effort to run a little interference when he gets back?

Nikki: I'm sorry. I know I said I would do anything I could to help, but --

Brad: But you're drawing the line at this.

Nikki: I have no control over him. He does what he wants, when he wants.

Brad: Come on, Nikki, you're acting as if there's nothing you can do.

Nikki: There isn't anything I can do. Not when it comes to --

Brad: When it comes to what?

Nikki: Look, I don't think Victor's going to be back any time soon. And even when he does come back, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Brad: Why do you say that?

Nikki: Because, he's got a lot going on right now. Believe me, Victor's got more on his mind than Ashley.

Olivia: Obviously, whatever this is about is very personal.

[Abby talking]

Ashley: I'm sorry. What did you say?

Olivia: This thing that you can't talk about to me or anyone.

Ashley: Yeah. But if I'm putting things in order --

Olivia: I don't mean to pry. I can see this is very important to you. And I'm sure you have a very good reason for not saying anything.

Ashley: Yeah. Look, Liv, I'm fine. I'm hoping for the best. I just wanted to prepare for the worst, if that should happen. That's all.

Olivia: Because of the people involved?

Ashley: Yeah.

Olivia: People you care about.

Ashley: Would you mind? I need to be alone right now. Thanks. Hey, sweetie. Yeah, hi. Hi, Victor, it's Ashley. Is there any way that I could speak with you today? It's very important.

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