Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02


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Diane: The prodigal son returns. Are you just getting home?

Jack: Yeah, I had a few things to take care of at the office.

Diane: Well, I don't like to see you burning the midnight oil, Jack.

Jack: I'll survive.

Diane: I'm sure you will. But what about our son?

Jack: What about our son? Where is he?

Diane: He's with Graziella.

Jack: I'll stop by to see him a little later.

Diane: Well, he was looking for you last night.

Jack: It couldn't be helped.

Diane: It's a shame you missed dinner. Our son used a fork for the first time.

Jack: No kidding.

Diane: Yeah. Of course, half of his meal ended up on the floor. But still, it was quite a moment. Too bad you missed it.

Jack: This is kind of a stressful time.

Diane: Stressful, huh? Or is that just an excuse to keep your distance? Avoid me all you want, Jack. But just remember, you'll be avoiding your son as well.

Brad: Hey. Those are my favorite.

Ashley: Yeah, mine, too.

Brad: Our little girl's growing up so fast, isn't she? Can I get you something?

Ashley: I had some toast.

Brad: Come on. How about some pancakes?

Ashley: No, thanks. One set of biopsy results, coming right up.

Brad: Well, at least the waiting will be over.

Ashley: Yeah.

Brad: Whatever we find out, we're gonna deal with it together, huh?

Ashley: Mmm-hmm.

Brad: I love you.

Ashley: I love you.

Brad: I'm gonna take a quick shower, okay?

Ashley: Okay.

Brad: Be right back.

[Doorbell rings]

Ashley: Who is it?

Phyllis: Hey, Ashley, it's me, Phyllis.

Ashley: Hi.

Phyllis: Hi. I know it's early, but I really need to talk to you.

Ashley: What's going on?

Phyllis: It's about Jack. Who else? Listen, I know he's your brother, and you're probably sworn to secrecy, but I'm desperate. I need your help.

Katherine: Jill, I swear, if you make any more noise, you'll wake this entire household up. It's --

Sean: Just picking up the rest of my belongings.

Katherine: Sean? Well, did you see your former roommate this morning?

Sean: I haven't had the pleasure. And that's the way I want it.

Katherine: Can't say I don't blame you after the stunt she pulled last night.

Sean: Yeah, I still can't believe that she called the police on Amanda.

Katherine: Don't you understand she's seriously deranged?

Sean: I keep hoping she'll come to her senses.

Katherine: That's impossible. Jill Abbott has no senses to come to.

Sean: Listen, I know that you two have had your issues, but I still love the lady.

Katherine: Oh, stop it. Nothing is ever going to change her, Sean. Not even the love of a good, young man.

Sean: You think I'm wise moving on.

Katherine: Isn't it obvious?

Sean: What about Amanda?

Katherine: What about Amanda? The woman is innocent. She didn't do anything wrong. She certainly didn't steal any bracelet, for heaven's sake.

Sean: But you're still concerned?

Katherine: Well, not only about Amanda, but this whole mess. How can it not affect Mackenzie?

Mackenzie: What mess, Grandma? What's going on?

Jill: Yes. Detective Joyner, please. What do you mean he's busy? A very expensive piece of jewelry was stolen from my home last night. Now, I want this investigation given top priority. You hear me? Jill Abbott. He has my number.

Billy: Who're you chewing out now, Mom?

Jill: Oh, Billy. Thank you for coming.

Billy: Well, you seemed pretty freaked out on the phone. So, what's up?

Jill: Have you talked to Mackenzie?

Billy: Okay, you know what? If you're gonna start lecturing me about Mac, I'm out of here.

Jill: No, no, this isn't about Mackenzie -- not directly. But this does involved her, Billy. And I want you to hear my version of the story before you automatically go siding with her.

Chris: Are you happy?

Paul: I'm happier than I ever imagined.

Chris: I never should've doubted you. Being here with you in this -- this miracle that we created. This is the way it was meant to be.

Paul: You're right. That's the way it was meant to be.

Paul: You know what? Just get it out of your mind.

Isabella: Did you say something, Paul?

Paul: No, no, nothing important. Thanks.

Isabella: Are you tired?

Paul: Nothing like a newborn to help you not sleep all night long.

Isabella: Isn't it amazing? We're his mom and dad.

Paul: Well, responsibility of a lifetime.

Isabella: You were so cute last night.

Paul: What do you mean? Conked out on the sofa?

Isabella: I didn't want to wake you, but you had this wonderful smile on your face.

Paul: Hmm.

Isabella: Must have been some dream. What was it about?

Mary: All alone -- how fitting.

Chris: What do you want, Mary?

Mary: I take it you've heard.

Chris: About Paul's marriage?

Mary: Mmm-hmm.

Chris: It happened?

Mary: Yesterday. And you could've saved my son from that woman.

Chris: You know something? You have to have a little more faith in Paul. He never would've married Isabella if he didn't think it was the right thing to do. And I'm not just talking about making an honest woman of her.

Mary: Well, then what are you talking about?

Chris: I'm talking about feelings, Mary -- deep feelings. The kind that people build a life on.

Mary: Oh, please. The only reason those two are together is because there's a child involved.

Chris: Well, I see you've already made up your mind about this marriage.

Mary: Mark my words -- this is gonna turn out to be the most painful mistake of Paul's life, one with terrible consequences because there's a child involved. And when that happens, when his world is shattered, it's all gonna be on your head, Christine -- yours alone.

Michael: Mrs. Williams -- with all due respect, put a lid on it. You can't harass Christine this way. I won't put up with it. Is that understood?

Mary: Are you going to do nothing to intervene in this tragedy?

Chris: I don't think it's a tragedy, Mary. You do. Paul married someone he cares about. They have a child. You're gonna have to accept that.

Mary: Have you accepted it, Christine, deep inside?

Larry: Thanks, Trevor. Right on. Oh, there she is. Hey, thank you so much for meeting me here.

Amanda: Yeah, sure.

Larry: Would you like a cup of joe?

Amanda: No, thanks, I can't stay long.

Larry: Well, you don't want to be late for school. Look, the reason I asked you here is to show you these.

Amanda: Travel brochures?

Larry: Yeah. It's for our little getaway together. Anyway, I basically narrowed it down to two choices. One for the city, one for the country. I'm sorry it's not that original, but this is all new to me. Anyway, this first one is a little cabin on the lake up in Door County. Beautiful surroundings, maybe we could go for a hike in the woods, throw some burgers on the grill, go for a swim. If you want something a little more exciting, I found this motel right in the heart of Milwaukee. It's around all the attractions. You could shop until you drop. Maybe we could even catch a Brewers game. So what do you say? Mandy, hello?

Amanda: I can't go.

Larry: Look, it's not what you're thinking. I'll book two separate rooms so you don't have to worry about me pressuring you or any kind of --

Amanda: You're not hearing me, Larry. I said I can't go.

Larry: Oh, man. You've got that look in your eyes again, Mandy. This is about Ralph, you ex-husband, isn't it? Somehow he's messing with your mind again. You know, I thought you said that he was in the past. So why does he keep eating at you like this, huh? How come, Mandy?

Mackenzie: Is there something going on I should know about?

Sean: Actually, there is. I'm moving out.

Mackenzie: Why?

Katherine: Mackenzie, you have to ask?

Mackenzie: I'm sorry, Sean. I really like having you around. It takes the edge off.

Sean: I need to get back to the office.

Katherine: Sean -- don't ever be a stranger, please.

Sean: I won't. See ya.

Mackenzie: Bye, Sean. Wow, a lot's been going on around here.

Katherine: And what about you, young lady? You were out very late last evening.

Mackenzie: I hope you weren't worried. I left a message.

Katherine: You and Billy went to a movie?

Mackenzie: We were having so much fun, Grandma, that we decided to make it a double feature. Relax, we're just friends. That's all. Really.

Jill: Oh, this is so unfair. I am the victim. Why should I be the one who has to --?

Billy: Today, Mom, all right, 'cause I gotta get to school.

Jill: All right, Billy, but you have to promise to hear me out on this. I mean, the whole story.

Billy: Okay. Fine, sure, whatever. Go on.

Jill: All right, it's about this bracelet I have. It had sentimental and monetary value. Your father gave it to me. I hardly ever wear it. I keep it in the back of a locked drawer in my room.

Billy: Where are you going with this?

Jill: It was stolen from my room.

Billy: What? Well, who could've -- oh, wait a minute. Don't tell me you're accusing Mac of this?

Jill: No, no, not Mackenzie.

Billy: Good. Thank God.

Jill: Her mother.

Billy: Amanda? Are you kidding me? Come on, Mom. I can't believe you'd be accusing Mac's mom of something like this!

Ashley: So I take it you're referring to Diane?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, our new roommate. Woo-hoo!

Ashley: Yeah, Jack filled me in.

Phyllis: Doesn't he care about our marriage? I mean, to allow this leech to move into our home?

Ashley: Well, if it's any consolation, I'm with you 100%.

Phyllis: I wish my husband were.

Ashley: Frankly, I don't understand why he's blatantly going against your wishes.

Phyllis: Oh, didn't he fill you in on all the sordid details?

Ashley: There's more?

Phyllis: Yeah, there's more. Listen, when I found out about Diane's kid, it hit like a sledge hammer, of course.

Ashley: Understandably.

Phyllis: Right. And I knew that that would spell trouble for Jack and me. So what I did was try to smuggle the kid and Diane back to Italy, and she ratted me out.

Ashley: Is that that time I saw at the lodge in the wig?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, yeah. That was part of my plan. All right, lay into me, everybody else has.

Ashley: Well, I can't exactly condone what you did.

Phyllis: Well, I was desperate, Ashley! What am I supposed to do? Does that give Jack the right to use the pool house as a hotel?

Ashley: No, it doesn't. And I told Jack that I thought Diane was bluffing. She has no intention of leaving Genoa City for a job offer in Japan.

Phyllis: Did he listen to you?

Ashley: To a point. Then he backed off and said he couldn't risk it.

Phyllis: What -- he couldn't risk it? About our marriage? He doesn't care about risking that, does he? She's after him. She knows.

Ashley: She knows what?

Phyllis: She knows that I can't have children anymore. So you can see why I'm upset? Diane thinks she's holding all the cards, and she is. She has this kid, and she can give Jack something I can never give him.

Ashley: He doesn't love her, Phyllis. He adores you.

Phyllis: I know. Love doesn't conquer all. You know that as well as I do. She's not gonna get my husband. I'd rather die first.

Diane: Jack, this arrangement may not be ideal, but it's what's best for our son. And we all need to try to keep a lid on the tension around here.

Jack: And you've done everything you could, I suppose?

Diane: Well, as a matter of fact, I have. I wish I could say the same for your wife. I came in here the other day to take a shower in the guest bath, and --

Jack: Why?

Diane: Because the one in the pool house is kind of cramped. Well, anyway, who did I have the pleasure of running into?

Jack: Oh, let me guess -- Phyllis.

Diane: Yes, and just seeing me in the house practically made her go berserk.

Jack: Listen, I have done everything I can. Eventually, the two of you are going to have to start acting like adults.

Diane: Talk to Phyllis.

Jack: No, I'm talking to you. Don't provoke her.

Diane: Well, in case you're wondering, I'm sticking to my promises -- all of them.

Jack: And what does that mean?

Diane: I've sent out resumes.

Jack: Oh? Any responses?

Diane: Oh, a few, but none that are acceptable.

Jack: Why not?

Diane: How does Auckland grab you?

Jack: Auckland, New Zealand?

Diane: Yeah, if you don't believe me -- don't worry. Something will turn up closer to home. And, in the meantime, I wish you wouldn't work so hard. I want you to spend as much time with Kyle as you can.

Jack: You think I don't?

Diane: Well, if last night was any indication --

Jack: Last night had nothing to do with you.

Diane: Yeah, but we're talking about Kyle. And a part of me still --

Jack: I repeat, last night had nothing to do with you or Phyllis or the tension around here. You understand?

Diane: Jack, you're obviously terribly upset about something. If there's anything I can do --

Jack: No, there's nothing you can do. There's nothing anyone can do. It's so damn unfair. It's Ashley. She has cancer.

Paul: So Ricky still down?

Isabella: If he'd only sleep like this at night.

Paul: Yeah, no kidding.

Isabella: So -- your dream last night, was it about us?

Paul: I don't remember.

Isabella: Well, whatever it was that put a smile on your face, I approve, unless it had to do with another woman.

Paul: Would you quit with the dream thing?

Isabella: You know what? On second thought, it doesn't matter what your dream was about, because we are living our own dream, right here, right now.

Isabella: You know what I was thinking?

Paul: What?

Isabella: We should do something to celebrate our marriage.

Paul: What do you have in mind?

Isabella: Well, we really didn't have a wedding, you know, with a big, splashy reception.

Paul: Oh, you mean you want to throw a party?

Isabella: I know a lot of your friends don't have the highest opinion of me. But now that we have Ricky, we're a family. So I'm determined to win them over. What do you think?

Paul: What do I think? I think -- it's a fabulous idea. Who would you like to invite?

Isabella: Let's start with the people who dislike me the most.

Paul: Okay.

Mary: You can't deny it, can you, Christine? You haven't accepted Paul's marriage.

Chris: You're wrong, Mary. I have accepted it. I'm sure it's what Paul wants.

Mary: No, no, no, Christine. Isabella Braņa is the most manipulative --

Michael: Don't you mean Isabella Williams?

Mary: Oh -- you know, I just wish that you had stayed with the woman, Michael. You two are perfect for one another.

Chris: What did she just mean by that?

Michael: Oh, you know, Mrs. Williams is delusional at the best of --

Chris: Answer the question.

Michael: All right, fine. I've been meaning to tell you, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Chris: Tell me what?

Michael: Isabella and I got to know each other during the fall.

Chris: What do you mean you got to know each other? You were dating her?

Michael: We met at Jack and Phyllis's engagement party, and we were both at loose ends, so -- I wish you wouldn't look at me that way. I mean, it was nothing, really. I mean, it was over in a few months. I mean -- almost over.

Christine: What the hell does that mean? Damn it, Michael.

Michael: All right. Before Isabella told Paul the truth that he was the father of her baby, she claimed that she was carrying my child.

Chris: What?

Michael: Yes. Crazy, huh? Believe me, it threw me.

Chris: Don't just laugh this off.

Michael: Why are you getting so upset? This has nothing to do with you.

Chris: That woman has made a very significant impact on my life, and you chose to keep this from me?

Michael: You are the one who doesn't want us to share our private lives.

Christine: Oh, don't give me that. You should have told me, and you know it.

Michael: What could I do? It wasn't my best moment. I was duped. Isabella was desperate. She needed somebody to be the baby's daddy. And lucky me, I got picked. Look, Paul knows the truth now. They've gotten married. Hopefully, they will live happily ever after. Please, look, Christine, let's just please forget the whole thing ever happened.

Chris: Unfortunately, for you, I can't do that. You and Isabella? That's something I don't think I'll ever be able to forget.

Amanda: Why did you bring up Ralph?

Larry: And why can't you seem to let him go, huh? I thought you said that you were done worrying about the dude?

Amanda: Larry, you don't understand.

Larry: Of course, I do. Even though he's still a creep, he's still getting to you.

Amanda: No, that's not the case at all.

Larry: Oh, really?

Amanda: The reason I can't leave town -- the police won't let me.

Larry: You're in trouble with the law?

Amanda: There was a bracelet that's missing from the Chancellor home.

Larry: And they're trying to pin it on you?

Amanda: Well, I was seen in the room that it was taken from.

Larry: That's ridiculous. Oh, my -- I can't believe that Mrs. Chancellor's actually accusing you.

Amanda: No, no, no, it's not Katherine. Katherine has totally defended me.

Larry: Oh, well, then, who? Jill? It was her bracelet that was swiped? So what did the cops say?

Amanda: Well, obviously, they haven't arrested me.

Larry: But she's telling them that you took it?

Amanda: Katherine has told me not to worry. But, Larry, they're taking fingerprints of everyone and --

Larry: I cannot believe that she's doing this. Oh, girl, you must be scared, huh?

Amanda: I'm terrified.

Larry: Well, look, just remember, you're innocent.

Amanda: Haven't you ever known any innocent people in jail?

Larry: Yeah, but the fact is, you didn't take the bracelet. Mrs. Chancellor's right, okay? You've got nothing to worry about.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah. Everyone has been so sweet and supportive, you know? I've got to go. I've got to get to work.

Larry: Look, I'll call you later, okay?

Amanda: Yeah.

Katherine: You know, Mackenzie, Billy has hurt you more than once.

Mackenzie: It's different this time, Grandma.

Katherine: Because you're friends?

Mackenzie: You don't believe me, do you?

Katherine: Well, the point is, do you believe yourself?

Mackenzie: Look, all the problems we had before still exist. Besides, we're going to college in a few months. There's no point in getting all intense, even if we wanted to. The thing that bums me out the most is Mom. I mean, we've finally started to get close and now I'm about to leave. I wonder if she'll stay in Genoa City or go somewhere else. What is it, Grandma?

Katherine: Darling, let's sit down. There's something I have to tell you.

Jill: Billy, you promised you would hear me out.

Billy: You're trying to pin this on Mac's mom! You've got be nuts.

Jill: Would you please listen to my side of it before you pass judgment? Okay. Now, I didn't wear that bracelet very often. But the last time I did, I distinctly remember putting it in the back of my drawer and locking it.

Billy: Which means Amanda must have stolen it, right?

Jill: Right before I discovered it missing yesterday, I found Amanda coming out of my bedroom. She was looking for a bandage, she said, and I accepted it at the time.

Billy: And now your bracelet's missing.

Jill: Well, it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. So I called the police.

Billy: The police?

Jill: I had to, Billy. Nobody believed me. Katherine even accused me of stealing my own bracelet to set Amanda up.

Billy: Okay, look, Ma, I know you're not thrilled having Amanda in the house, but --

Jill: You really believe that I would try to set her up? You think so little of me, Billy? Your own mother?

Ashley: Look, Phyllis, I can understand how upset you'd be. I mean, I can't believe that Diane found out.

Phyllis: I can't either. I don't know how that happened. I mean, this is the last thing I would want that bitch to know.

Ashley: I know, I know.

Phyllis: Have you seen him with your brother, by the way? Have you seen that? It's like this kid is the center of his universe.

Ashley: Look, it's not like I don't think Diane has her own agenda.

Phyllis: Of course, she has her own agenda. Of course she does. You'd think with everything she's pulled, Jack would have his guard up to here --

Ashley: Have you told him about your concerns?

Phyllis: Of course I have, at least 1,000 times.

Ashley: I know that Jack loves you very, very much. But Diane is a dangerous woman, and Jack needs to know that. Let's just pray that he hasn't forgotten --

Phyllis: Praying's not gonna do it, Ashley. It's not gonna do that. I have to do more.

Michael: Christine, please, believe me, Isabella was a fling. It was nothing. Less than nothing.

Chris: And that makes it right?

Michael: We were both consenting adults. It was --

Chris: Of all the women in Genoa City, you had to get involved with her.

Michael: I keep telling you, there was nothing significant --

Chris: Yeah, I know, it was no big deal. It was casual sex. Except you could have been the father of her child.

Michael: But I wasn't the father of her child. Paul was the father of her child.

Chris: That's not the point.

Michael: Oh, isn't it? Look, Christine, can we please get past this? We have both had enough of this woman to last a lifetime. I messed up and I messed up big-time. I should never have gotten involved with that woman. And if you had been around --

Chris: Oh, if I had been around, what?

Michael: It wouldn't have happened.

Chris: Why not?

Michael: It just wouldn't have. You would have stopped it.

Chris: I'm really disappointed in you.

Michael: You know, let me make this up to you. I hate letting you down.

[Cell phone rings]

Chris: Better get it. Could be important.

Michael: It's Judge Weber.

Chris: Don't want to keep his honor waiting.

Michael: All right, all right, look, we will continue this conversation later.

Chris: There is no need. Whatever you do in your personal life is your business. As for my part, I don't intend to think about you and Isabella ever again.

Ashley: Now, look, I know you're upset, but promise me you're not gonna do --

Brad: Phyllis, what the hell are you doing here?

Ashley: Honey, it's not what you think.

Brad: The last thing Ash needs right now is to be hearing about --

Ashley: Brad, she doesn't know. Jack hasn't told her.

Phyllis: What don't I know?

Ashley: I found another lump.

Mackenzie: Jill called the police? My mom must be freaking out.

Katherine: No, no, but she didn't do anything wrong.

Mackenzie: What kind of a mean, spiteful, vindictive woman is she?

Katherine: Darling, Jill is all of those things and more, but I'm telling you right now, I'm the one who feels guilty, because I invited her to stay here --

Mackenzie: No, don't, Grandma, it's not your fault. I can't believe this.

Katherine: Darling, I want you to remember one thing. Your mother is not guilty of one, single thing.

Mackenzie: Yes, but if the police are involved, this could drag on for weeks.

Katherine: Well, I --

Mackenzie: Ruin our time together before I go away to college. Billy.

Katherine: What?

Mackenzie: Of course. Once he hears about this, he'll make her drop the charges.

Katherine: Mackenzie, where are you going?

Mackenzie: To talk to Billy. Grandma, this can't wait. I know Billy can get his mom to be reasonable. I'm sure of it.

Katherine: Mackenzie, I --

[Door closes]

Jill: Billy, please answer me. You really think I would stoop that low? To try to frame Mackenzie's mother?

Billy: No. No, I don't, Mom.

Jill: Oh, thank God.

Billy: But just because your bracelet's missing doesn't mean Amanda took it.

Jill: Darling, I have lived in that house for years. I've never had any jewelry stolen before. I've never had anything stolen before. Then Amanda moves in and one of my most expensive pieces of jewelry is stolen right after I find her coming out of my room.

Billy: Well, she said she was looking for a bandage.

Jill: Oh, Billy, please. And you should have heard how she was struggling when she talked to the policeman.

Billy: That's because she probably was freaking out.

Jill: Of course, she's freaked out. She stole it.

Billy: Look, Ma, you said yourself that she just moved in. It's too obvious. If she was gonna do this, why wouldn't she have waited?

Jill: I don't know. Maybe she needed the money. Maybe she's stupid. I'll tell you what I really think -- I think Katherine has something to do with all of this.

Billy: Mrs. Chancellor?

Jill: Yes, it's part of her ongoing plan to get me out of that house. But it's really backfired, hasn't it? Because I'm on to her, and so are the authorities.

Billy: Okay, look, Mom, I've heard what you've been saying --

Jill: And you don't believe me?

Billy: I know Amanda. I don't think she's the type of person that would do something like this.

Jill: Really? How well do you know her, Billy? How well does anybody here know her? Even Mackenzie.

Billy: All right, look, you know what? I don't mean to bail on you, but I gotta get to school, okay?

Jill: Billy, listen to me. I know that we've had our problems over the years, but I swear to you, I am telling the truth. So I beg you, don't let this incident drive us any further apart, okay? 'Cause I couldn't take that.

Billy: See you later.

Phyllis: Listen, I'm sorry. I had no idea. My God. What you must be going through.

Ashley: It's okay.

Phyllis: Listen, Ashley, if I can do anything, please --

Ashley: Okay.

Phyllis: I can't believe Jack didn't tell me. I feel like an idiot. How long has he known?

Ashley: He hasn't known very long at all.

Phyllis: Well, he could have clued me in. I mean, I've come over here dumping my problems on you. I feel horrible.

Ashley: It's okay. It's all right. I mean, obviously, you and Jack aren't communicating. All the more reason to get Diane out of the house, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, that has to happen. I have to make it happen. And I will.

Ashley: Okay.

Phyllis: I'm sorry.

Jack: My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back. We thought she'd beaten it.

Diane: But she hadn't.

Jack: They've done a biopsy. The results will tell us whether the cancer has spread.

Diane: Oh, Jack, I am so sorry. I realize I'm not one of your sister's favorite people, but I feel terrible about this. I'm glad you told me.

Jack: Well, you would have found out eventually.

Diane: So this is why you were at the office last night. All right, obviously, Ashley comes first. I can rearrange Kyle's schedule so you'll have a chance to see him.

Jack: Thank you.

Diane: Hey, despite our differences -- this is a crisis that we can face together. I'll be there for you, Jack.

Jill: This is the second time I've called today. Now, I realize that Detective Joyner is busy, but so am I. Tell him Jill Abbott called again. Well, well, well. Look who's here. I'm certainly surprised to see you. Just looking like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. I am on to you, Larry Warton. And I've been on to you and Katherine for a long time. What, are you gonna play innocent with me? Gonna pretend you had nothing to do with stealing my bracelet?

Larry: You know, you are crazier than I thought.

Jill: No. What you thought is that I was stupid. Too stupid to realize that you and Katherine are involved in some conspiracy against me! Well, I am not the one who's stupid. What a pity, going back to jail for two losers like Katherine Chancellor and Amanda Browning. You know what? I'm calling security.

Larry: You're not calling anyone. You're gonna shut your yap up and listen. You got it? Now, are you listening, huh? You're gonna hear what I gotta say.

Paul: Hi, there. Coffee to go? Thanks.

Gina: Well, hello, stranger.

Paul: Hey, Gina, how are you?

Gina: So you broke my heart, huh?

Paul: Yeah.

Gina: Well, congratulations, anyway.

Paul: Hey, listen, Isabella's thinking about throwing a party.

Gina: Say no more. I'll take care of it.

Paul: Thanks.

Gina: And tell the new Mrs. Williams congratulations for me.

Paul: Will do.

Bartender: There you go.

Paul: Hey. I thought you were leaving town.

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