Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/6/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/6/02


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Max: This is where you work.

Nikki: That's right.

Max: Jabot is not a part of Newman Enterprises?

Nikki: Not any longer, no.

Max: Well, then you're in competition with your former husband, aren't you?

Nikki: Will you please get to the point? I'm beginning to think this is a huge waste of my time.

Max: Yes, well, you were interested enough to want to hear what I had to say. You know, when I suggested something private, this is not exactly what I had in mind.

Nikki: What did you expect, Mr. Hollister, that I would take you to my home? Now can we please get on with it? What is it that you think I need to know so badly that's going to affect my future?

Ramona: It's so good to see you again, Victor. Let me look at you. You know --

Victor: What?

Ramona: -- You're even more attractive than the last time I saw you.

Victor: And how beautiful you are.

Ramona: Thank you.

Victor: You probably want to know why I've come here.

Ramona: Of course. Did you come all this way to discuss my work?

Victor: I came here to see you.

Raul: Ri, that's very nice of you. But don't even bother, okay? I don't care about a stupid dance.

Rianna: I know what you're thinking.

Raul: Yeah, what?

Rianna: That I'm trying to start something up again.

Raul: It's just --

Rianna: Been there, done that, right? I agree.

Raul: You do?

Rianna: Don't get me wrong. I mean, we've had some terrific memories. For awhile, we were really good together.

Raul: Okay, let's not start --

Rianna: I'm not getting all sentimental. But the prom -- I'd really like to go with you -- for your sake.

Raul: For my sake?

Rianna: You can deny it until you're blue in the face, but I know you still have a thing for Brittany.

Raul: Okay, so what? All right, even if I do, she can't even stand the sight of me.

Rianna: Are you kidding? Listen to me. That girl is so hung up on you she can't even see straight.

Larry: Look, I really want to do this for Mac's sake -- I mean, and Mandy's, too. I just think it will help them, knowing for sure that that creep Ralph is where he's supposed to be, in Tucson. So, I want to go there and get the proof, come back --

Amanda: No, Larry. You're not going there. You are not going to Tucson.

Larry: Mandy, what's up? I just want to try and help out --

Amanda: No, this isn't your business, okay!

Billy: Amanda, if Larry wants to go, why not let him?

Amanda: Bec --

Mackenzie: Mom, there you are. I've been looking -- what's going on?

Billy: Well, Larry here wants to go to Tucson, make sure Ralph is there. Amanda doesn't think that's a good idea.

Mackenzie: I think it's a good idea, Mom. I mean, it might finally put our minds at rest.

Amanda: What is this? Have you guys been, like, cooking this up behind my back?

Larry: Come on, Mandy, let me find out for sure if --

Amanda: No, let's just drop the idea right now!

Mackenzie: Mom, calm down. You're flipping out. Why? What is going on with you?

Ralph: Felix?

Felix: What is it to you?

Ralph: I'm Ralph.

Felix: Sit down. Want to order something? Some pie or whatever?

Ralph: No, let's just cut to the business, all right?

Felix: All right, whatever you say.

Ralph: You got any I.D.?

Felix: You're kiddin', right?

Ralph: I gotta be careful.

Felix: Yeah, me, too. What do you got?

Ralph: I heard you're the best.

Felix: I am.

Ralph: So how does this work?

Felix: Look, just cut the small talk and show me what you got.

Ralph: Well? It's gotta be worth a fortune, right?

[Phone ringing]

Serena: Olive Tree.

Neil: Serena.

Serena: Who's asking?

Neil: It's Neil.

Serena: Oh. What do you want?

Neil: Serena, I have to see you. Could you please come by my place?

Sean: Sean --

Jill: Listen --

Sean: No, you go ahead.

Jill: No, you go first.

Sean: I hate what's happening -- this tension between us. There's gotta be a way we can work this out. I love you, Jill.

Jill: I love you, too. I love you, too.

Sean: It's killing me that we can't get past this.

Jill: I know. It's been hurting me, too. I've been absolutely miserable.

Sean: Good, then let's talk. We have total privacy. No one's gonna bother us.

Jill: Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Sean: What do you mean?

Jill: If you think we have this room totally to ourselves, think again. It seems that Katherine has a new plan to drive me out of this house -- or drive me out of my mind, or both.

Sean: Look, relax. Whatever's happened, this is important. We need to talk about this.

Jill: What could be more important than our home, than my sanity? Baby, we can talk about our relationship all day long, but if I'm being driven out of my mind, how could the two of us be happy anyway?

Amanda: I'm sorry, okay? I know that you guys mean well, but I just feel this would open up a can of worms.

Larry: Mandy, don't worry, all right? I'll make sure the guy would never connect me to either you or your daughter.

Amanda: Larry, what happened with Ralph -- it's a chapter in our lives that we just want to put behind us.

Larry: Yeah. Yeah, only you can't seem to do that!

Amanda: Well, because people like you keep bringing it up.

Larry: Hey, I'm not the one that's doing that, all right? It's like this guy is a ghost or something. He keeps creeping Mac out, driving her crazy. Heck, both of you guys haven't been acting the same since you first mentioned the guy's name. So don't go telling me some bull about a chapter being closed when I'm trying to shut the whole book! Look, I'm sorry. It's just frustrating, okay? The guy is a thousand miles away, and he's still pulling your strings. Why don't you let me go there and --?

Amanda: Larry, please, just forget it, okay? I don't want anyone making any sort of contact. And I'm sorry that you disagree with that, but it's -- it's how I feel.

Larry: I wasn't gonna make contact.

Amanda: Promise me, Larry, you won't do this, okay? No matter how much you think you've got this figured out, just promise me.

Larry: Fine. Fine, just keep thinking that he's hiding underneath your bed or wherever you think he is, all right? Knock yourself out.

Mackenzie: Larry --

Larry: Look, I'm sorry, okay? This is just really getting on my nerves. But don't worry. I won't go to Tucson.

Amanda: Thank you. Well, hey, big guy, what were you doing here at the school, anyway?

Larry: I was gonna ask you out to a late lunch. But I think I blew that now, huh?

Amanda: Well, I'm not very hungry.

Mackenzie: Well, listen, guys, Billy and I are gonna head over to the coffee house.

Amanda: Okay. Come here, honey.

Mackenzie: Bye, Mom.

Amanda: I'll see you back at the house.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Amanda: Go have fun.

Mackenzie: Thanks, Larry.

Larry: Take it easy, huh, guys?

Billy: Later, man.

Larry: Look, Mandy -- I'm sorry about losing it just then, okay?

Amanda: No, it's -- it's okay. I'm just glad that it's over.

Larry: Is it over, really, Mandy? 'Cause I got this feeling that there's something about this Ralph that's still weighing on you really hard.

Felix: It's a nice piece. What're you lookin' to get?

Ralph: About 50 grand.

Felix: I'd have to have that appraised. Got any more like that?

Ralph: Maybe, but I'm not going back there. It's too risky.

Felix: Well, you know, if the well ain't dry, and you're not looking to boost it yourself, I can line you up with somebody.

Ralph: All I wanna do is get my money for the bracelet and get the hell out of town.

Felix: All right. Sit tight. Relax, have a cheeseburger. I'll make a call and see what I can do.

Raul: Trust me -- whatever was going on between Brittany and me, it's over. She couldn't care less whether I lived or died.

Rianna: You have a lot to learn about women.

Raul: Maybe so, but you are way off base on this one.

Rianna: I see what I see, okay?

Raul: And didn't you see that dirty look she was giving me?

Rianna: And didn't you see the way she was staring at us? She's jealous.

Raul: Of what?

Rianna: Of me -- the way you're paying attention to me.

Raul: I don't know, Rianna.

Rianna: Yeah, well, I do. And that's why you need to go to the prom with me, to make her even more jealous.

Raul: You really think that's gonna make her want to get back together with me?

Rianna: Desperately.

Raul: You're nuts.

Rianna: We can pull it off. Besides, it's not gonna be torture. I mean, we like hanging out together, right?

Raul: Of course. But, you -- all right, look, I appreciate what you're trying to do for me, okay? But I don't play games. You know that.

Rianna: Which is exactly why Brittany's gonna believe it's for real. She knows you're not into that kind of stuff. Besides, what other options do you have?

Raul: Forget her and move on.

Rianna: Are you ready to give up any chance you have with Brittany? You think about that, because I don't believe it for a second.

♫ A feeling like this come once in a lifetime

Victor: Sit down. So I've been reading about your research with balsam root.

Ramona: Yes. For bronchial infections. It is so exciting.

Victor: Could become the cure for the common cold.

Ramona: Only time will tell.

Victor: I'm also aware that a lot of your products are already on the market.

Ramona: I know. I've seen the seltzer salts.

Victor: The numbers are very impressive I'll admit.

Ramona: Thank you.

Victor: What about your private life?

Ramona: I'm still single.

Victor: No significant other?

Ramona: Afraid not. I haven't had the time or the inclination to invest in a relationship. I've been too busy realizing my dreams, which you're making happen.

Victor: Sometimes, I've found, that when we chase our dreams and we catch them, the reality is not what we expected.

Ramona: I'll admit -- I mean, it was a bit of a culture shock at the beginning. I'm a woman who used to walk the desert alone, gathering herbs to cure people.

Victor: And now?

Ramona: I work in a lab, surrounded by assistants.

Victor: Any regrets?

Ramona: A few, I suppose. But isn't that the way it goes for everyone? I mean, even you, Victor -- surely you have some regrets about your own life.

Max: I head up a company specializing in kitchens.

Nikki: How nice for you.

Max: My firm dominates a significant segment of a very specialized market.

Nikki: And that should interest me because -- ?

Max: Ms. Newman, when I come out with a new product, all the other companies try to copy my designs. That's how unique they are.

Nikki: Oh, you neglected to tell me how modest you are.

Max: I was just trying to establish my credentials.

Nikki: Look, if you're looking for venture capital, you've come to the wrong place.

Max: I'm not asking for money.

Nikki: Then why are you bragging to me about your accomplishments? I really couldn't care less how successful you are.

Max: I just want you to understand that I'm a very well-respected man in my field. I'm not accustomed to being treated shabbily.

Nikki: What are you saying? I've done something to you? I don't even know you.

Max: Let me explain what this is all about.

Nikki: Please do. I hope it won't take very long. I'm very busy.

Max: Please, just hear me out.

Nikki: Go.

Max: Recently, I was on the verge of acquiring a rival company and expanding my business. My methods were completely legal. And just at the crucial moment, someone stepped in, destroyed my deal and sent me away with my tail between my legs.

Nikki: Does this have something to do with Victor?

Max: Yes. The man's on a power trip.

Nikki: You know what I think? I think you lost an acquisition struggle and you're a poor loser. Get over it. It's a cutthroat world.

Max: The point is that Victor Newman had absolutely no business interest in this acquisition. He had other reasons for racing me out.

Nikki: And what was that?

Max: Trying to score points with the owner of the company he kept me from buying.

Nikki: Who?

Max: An ex-wife of his, a woman by the name of Julia. Now do I have your attention?

Sean: What happened?

Jill: All right, aside from the fact that Katherine's granddaughter's managed to get her hooks into Billy again -- when I got home today, do you know what I found?

Sean: What?

Jill: Amanda, Katherine's new house guest, walking out of this room.

Sean: Amanda was in here? Why?

Jill: Looking for a bandage.

Sean: Couldn't she have gone to Esther for that?

Jill: Well, exactly, Sean. It had nothing to do with it. This is a set-up. Katherine is showing me that not even my own room in my own home is a refuge to me. When I think of Amanda here in my room -- it feels like such a violation.

Sean: Look, Jill, I can understand why you're upset, but right now, this is what's important.

Jill: No! See, there you go again. This is one of the things that's wrong with us. You refuse to take me seriously when I tell you this is really important! It is important to me. Katherine is undermining my happiness. You know, sometimes it seems like you're more a friend to Katherine than you are to me.

Sean: Look, I am more than your friend, Jill, I'm your lover. Damn it, I want to be your husband.

Jill: And you expect me to leap into marriage with a man who obviously doesn't understand me, doesn't believe in me.

Sean: You're right.

Jill: You're damn right I'm right.

Sean: Obviously, we're not gonna have the conversation I was praying we would have because you are too obsessed with Katherine.

Jill: Where are you going?

Sean: I'm packing. I'm moving out.

Serena: Nice place. Neighborhood's not too shabby, either.

Neil: Mm. You surprised?

Serena: No. I knew you didn't live under a bridge. So what's on your mind?

Neil: Okay, all right. First of all, I really have to thank you for coming all the way over here. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Serena: It cost me.

Neil: Okay. And I will reimburse you. Ha!

Serena: 50 bucks. I took a taxi, not a limo.

Neil: Ah, keep it.

Serena: What do you expect in return?

Neil: Nothing. No, I just -- you know, wanted to hang out with a drinking partner. No sex.

Serena: Yeah, you made that very clear last time. I won't flatter myself that you want to have sex with me again.

Neil: Now, Serena, come on. Don't get me wrong. You know what happened at your place that night was really nice -- what I remember of it.

Serena: Gee, thanks.

Neil: A drink. Serena, let me get us a drink.

Serena: I'll pass.

Neil: No, no, no. There is no passing in this house. You must have a drink.

Serena: Look, I'm on a break. I gotta get back to work.

Neil: I will make it a light.

Serena: Look, I don't drink on the job. You keep pushing me, I'm gonna split.

Neil: Okay, hey, that's cool. You know what -- more for me. So, seeing that you don't want a drink, will you at least sit down and let's talk?

Serena: You want to talk some more.

Neil: Yeah, just not about any thing personal, though.

Serena: Then what? You know, I'm not up on my sports and I'm not into politics. The only talk I'm used to is drunks that aren't nearly as funny or smart as they think.

Neil: Hey -- all right, what -- tell me something about yourself.

Serena: What do you want to know?

Neil: I want to know how long have you worked as a barmaid or waitress or whatever?

Serena: Couple years.

Neil: Couple of years. At the same place or others or --

Serena: I worked at a few places.

Neil: In the same neighborhood, or what?

Serena: Yeah. Look, are you really interested in any of this?

Neil: Cheers. Serena, you know, what happened that night between you and I, you said that I was new at it.

Serena: So?

Neil: But you --

Serena: Yeah, I said that. Of course, I really don't even know you.

Neil: But it wasn't the first time that you had sex with a stranger.

Serena: Boy, you really are new at this. Are you making an effort to insult me? Or does it just come naturally?

Neil: Come on. [Chuckles] Hey, listen to me. I -- I just asked, all right? There's no need to get snarky about it. Come on. Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Come on. No, that's not yours. Leave that alone.

Serena: Who's the kid?

Neil: His name is Nate.

Serena: Oh, the one you were talking about, the one you let down. Your nephew?

Neil: Yeah.

Serena: What's he need you so bad for?

Neil: His father died.

Serena: Tough break. His old man had to be pretty young.

Neil: He was my kid brother.

Serena: How did it happen? This him?

Neil: Yeah, that's him.

Serena: Good-lookin' dude. Whoo.

Neil: Okay, you're just trying to do this on purpose now, aren't you?

Serena: Do what?

Neil: You know what you're doing! You just -- you came over here to push my buttons!

Serena: Yeah. You did the same thing to me a few minutes ago.

Neil: Maybe this was a mistake.

Serena: Yeah, maybe it was.

Neil: Serena, wait a minute!

Amanda: What do you mean? I thought that we agreed that --

Larry: Okay, okay, you don't want me going to Arizona. I got that. But is there any guarantee that you're going to be able to forget about this creep and go on back and be your old self again?

Amanda: You just can't seem to drop this, can you?

Larry: Look -- Mandy, could we just for one minute not talk about your ex? This thing between you and me, I don't know where it's going, but I want to find out.

Amanda: Yeah, me, too.

Larry: You mean that?

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Larry: 'Cause this Ralph dude, he's getting in the way. And I -- I want to do something about it, not just sit by and hope for the best. And hey, it's not only for me, to satisfy my curiosity. I want you to be happy. But most of all, I want you and your daughter to feel safe.

Amanda: Right. Larry, if I've been a bit more high-strung lately than usual, it's because of my concern for Mackenzie. You know, she's the one who thought she saw Ralph, not me, and she seems to be over it, so I can relax.

Larry: I hope you're right. Because without this turkey being here, he's got everyone spooked.

Amanda: Yeah. And I really appreciate how protective you've been of me.

Larry: Well, sometimes I wonder.

Amanda: Well, don't. You have been incredible. You know -- I think I might know just what the answer for me is. For us.

Larry: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Larry: And what's that?

Amanda: Well, you know how we've been treading water for a long time now? What if we got away, just the two of us, you know, for a weekend together somewhere?

Larry: You would do that?

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, I think it's just what I need to pull myself together, and what a better way for us to get to know each other? So what do you say? Are you up for it?

Brittany: Well, I guess I should be flattered that you went to all this trouble to try to bug me.

Mackenzie: Brittany, what are you talking about?

Brittany: News flash -- it's not working. Why should I care? It's over, okay?

Billy: Come on, Brittany, we really don't know what you're talking about.

Brittany: Whatever, Billy. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've never been happier in my life.

Mackenzie: Yeah, it really shows.

Brittany: It's too bad you had to drag her all the way back here.

Billy: Drag who?

Brittany: Oh, please. Rianna.

Mackenzie: Rianna's back?

Brittany: Yeah, she's out on the patio acting all affectionate with Raul, as if you didn't know.

Mackenzie: Rianna.

Rianna: Hey. I missed you. Billy.

Billy: Rianna, what's goin' on? Wow.

Rianna: How are you?

Billy: Nice to see you.

Rianna: You, too.

Mackenzie: Well, how long are you gonna be here?

Rianna: However long it takes.

Mackenzie: Whatever that means.

Billy: So how was Spain, huh?

Rianna: I'll tell you guys all about it later. Right now, I just want to hear about you two. Raul said you guys broke up, but then now you're back together?

Mackenzie: We're friends, if that's what you mean.

Rianna: Oh, friends. Right. Are you guys going to the prom together?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, well, it's better than going alone, right?

Rianna: That's what I was just telling Raul.

Raul: Yeah. Yeah, and I totally agreed. So Rianna and I are going to the prom together. I think it's gonna be a blast, huh? Although I wouldn't say we're going just as friends. No. You know, it is just so great to have you back in town.

Rianna: Good to be back.

Jill: Baby, please don't do this. Oh, come on, Sean, aren't you being a little childish?

Sean: Why? 'Cause I'm tired of constantly arguing with you?

Jill: You said you wanted to work this out.

Sean: Look, I've tried. But when you can't stay focused on us long enough --

Jill: I'm upset about Katherine.

Sean: You're always upset about Katherine. Or Esther. Or Mac. Jill, you're a drama queen.

Jill: Maybe I am. Okay, but look, look, look at me. I'm all ears now. Just put those away, please?

Sean: It's too late.

Jill: Are you gonna throw away everything we have over one little bump in the road?

Sean: One bump? Give me a break.

Jill: Okay, fine. Leave. Go. I don't care. You know what? It's gonna be a relief not to have you around here. You used to be fun. You've been a total drag lately.

Sean: Yeah, whatever you say.

Jill: And I'll tell you the truth about something else -- the thrill has been gone for quite a while now. So you're right. It's stupid to try to breathe life back into a dead relationship. Speaking of life, I'm gonna go out tonight. I'm gonna have a great time for a change. Wait, wait a minute.

Sean: Jill, I've waited long enough.

Jill: No --

Sean: I'm finished --

Jill: Oh, my God. This drawer is not locked. It's all scratched up. Somebody's pried -- I've been robbed.

Sean: What, more drama, Jill?

Jill: No, I am serious. My ruby bracelet. You know my ruby bracelet?

Sean: Yeah, what about it?

Jill: It's gone, Sean. That is the most valuable piece of jewelry I own.

Sean: Someplace else, in another drawer, maybe.

Jill: No, no, I always put it back in here and then I close this and lock it. Somebody stole it.

Sean: Who? Who would want your -- come on, you don't think that --

Jill: Oh, you're damn right I do. Amanda stole it. Amanda stole my bracelet.

Ralph: Any luck?

Felix: Yeah, I leaned on my appraiser. I figured you were in a hurry.

Ralph: That's right.

Felix: He's meeting me around the corner. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Ralph: Oh, no, not so fast.

Felix: All right, fine. Forget it, then.

Ralph: Wait, wait. Okay, all right. Take it. But make it quick.

Felix: I wish you'd tell me where you got this from. It's no skin off your back, since you're leaving town anyway.

Ralph: On second thought, I might have to stick around a little longer. I've got some unfinished business to take care of.

Felix: Thinkin' about gettin' some more of these goodies, after all, huh?

Ralph: Not that kind of business.

Felix: All right.

Nikki: Do you really think I care about any of this? What Victor does is his business, not mine.

Max: I assumed you'd be interested.

Nikki: I don't know why. Victor helped Julia. So what? That's the kind of man he is. Over the years, he's helped many friends, men and women, and yes, even ex-wives.

Max: I think you're protesting just a bit too much right now.

Nikki: What kind of person are you to go to a complete stranger with what you think are dirty, little secrets?

Max: I also sense that you're a lot more upset about all this than you'd like to let on.

Nikki: Well, I think it's time for you to go.

Max: I suppose you'd like me to come up with some sort of proof. Unfortunately, I don't have anything concrete.

Nikki: Well, then, please leave. Now.

Max: What if I could demonstrate that this is a pattern? That right now, Victor Newman is out visiting ex-wives and ex-lovers?

Nikki: What the hell are you talking about?

Max: Are you aware that he left on a trip?

Nikki: Yes, I am.

Max: Are you also aware that his destination is New Mexico?

Nikki: So?

Max: More specifically, to rendezvous with a woman. A woman by the name of Ramona Caceres. I know that's where his jet was headed. If you don't believe me, check the flight plan. Now, what do you suppose Victor's intentions could be?

Victor: You know, when I offered you the funding to build your laboratory, I did that because I thought it was right for you. Was it?

Ramona: Of course it was. Why would you have any doubts, Victor? I mean, just look at me. Because of all your money, your power and your generosity, I now have a very successful company.

Victor: And I am so glad to hear that.

Ramona: And I also have very fond memories of something else.

Victor: Of what?

Ramona: Do you think I could -- have something to drink? Maybe a glass of wine? If it's not an imposition.

Victor: Why don't you and I maybe have dinner together? But we can make up our minds after we've had a glass of wine.

Ramona: [Sighs] Thank you.

Victor: What were you thinking about?

Neil: Serena, I'm sorry.

Serena: You should be.

Neil: I know. I don't know why I act like such a jerk sometimes.

Serena: Maybe it's the booze.

Neil: Maybe. I really didn't ask you over here to -- talk. See, the truth is -- I'm kind of lonely these days. You're the first lady that I've been with in a long, long time. Please don't leave.

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