Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/5/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/5/02


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Jill: Amanda, answer me. What are you doing in my room?

Amanda: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I never meant to --

Jill: Go.

Amanda: What?

Jill: Get out of my room. Amanda, what are you waiting for? What the hell is the matter with you?

Amanda: I was looking for a bandage.

Jill: What?

Amanda: Yeah, I -- I cut my finger, see? It's bleeding.

Katherine: So, Nikki, what do you think?

Nikki: Katherine, you are the sweetest, most wonderful friend in all the world to offer to give Victor and me this wedding, but you are forgetting one thing -- we're not engaged yet.

Katherine: But you will be when he gets back from his trip. That I'm saying, that is why we have to be prepared to start planning right away.

Leanna: My, my, my. Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Max: You've figured out what Newman's up to?

Leanna: He may be planning to marry Nikki. But before he does, he apparently is going back to some of his former wives and lovers for one last sexual hurrah.

Max: Including this Ramona woman from New Mexico.

Leanna: Mm-hmm. Not that they'll be alone when he gets there. I intend to have my photographer on hand to record their reunion for posterity.

Max: Unbeknownst to Victor, of course.

Leanna: Which makes my revenge all the sweeter -- after all he's done to me.

Katherine: Well, any thoughts about the wedding gown?

Nikki: What do you want to know -- if I'm planning on wearing white?

Katherine: Or anything at all, for that matter. No, we can bring in a designer from New York, Paris.

Nikki: Yeah, I suppose.

Katherine: Well, I see you don't find that a smashing idea. All right.

Nikki: No, it's not that. I just -- I don't know. Talking about it makes me nervous. I'm worried we're gonna jinx everything.

Katherine: Oh, please. For heaven's sake, you go ahead and you be superstitious, whatever you want, but I'm telling you right now, we have to start --

Nikki: You're gonna just forge ahead with your plans anyway. I know.

Katherine: Yes, well, when the big moment arrives, you will be prepared. You're gonna have some options. Well, listen, I really have to start -- I've got an appointment.

Nikki: What? What about your lunch?

Katherine: Oh, my lunch isn't beginning to show.

Nikki: Oh, Katherine.

Katherine: Besides, I do have a wedding to plan.

Nikki: Thank you.

Katherine: Keep in touch.

Nikki: All right.

J.T.: Okay, Britt, so spill it.

Brittany: Excuse me?

J.T.: A few days ago, you said there's no way you'd go to the prom with me, and now you're all hot to be my date. So what's up?

Brittany: A girl can change her mind, can't she?

J.T.: Don't give me that. You're up to something.

Brittany: Who, me?

J.T.: Yeah, you. Now level with me.

Brittany: Fine. Right after I do this.

Raul: Show's over. Brittany, you and I are gonna talk right now.

[Doorbell rings]

Ashley: Well, hi.

Victor: How are you?

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Victor: I stopped by the lab to see how you were doing. And you weren't there, so I was concerned.

Ashley: Oh.

Victor: May I come in?

Ashley: Of course. I'm sorry. Please come in.

Victor: Well.

Ashley: I was just looking at some family photos.

Victor: Your daughter's first birthday.

Ashley: Yeah. I can't believe how much she's grown since then.

Victor: My goodness. She's as beautiful as her mother.

Ashley: Thanks. So I don't know how you know, but you do, don't you?

Victor: Yeah. After I talked to Bradley, I knew something was wrong.

Ashley: Well, they found another lump -- in my other breast, and they removed the tumor, and we're just waiting for the results from the sentinel node biopsy.

Victor: And what will it show?

Ashley: If the cancer has spread, if it's moved throughout my body.

Jack: Oh, there you are. How'd the board meeting go? Were there a lot of questions?

Brad: About why you and Ash weren't there?

Jack: I'm sure Jill's antennae went up.

Brad: Not to worry. I handled her.

Jack: Well, good. The last thing in the world my sister needs right now is a lot of --

Brad: Hey, save the speech, Jack. We both want to protect Ash, all right?

Jack: All I'm saying is you and I can't afford to let our guard down for one moment, especially with the black knight circling around out there. My God, if that man ever -- what does that look mean?

Brad: Newman was here earlier, looking for Ash.

Jack: Oh, God, I was afraid of that. You told him nothing, right?

Brad: I didn't volunteer anything, if that's what you're asking.

Jack: Wait a minute. That almost sounds like -- oh, great. Oh, that is just great. You blabbed the whole thing to him? Bradley, you just opened the door to all kinds of trouble. All hell could break loose thanks to you.

Mackenzie: I can't believe you did that.

Billy: Did what?

Mackenzie: Telling Sean you were taking me to the prom without even asking me.

Billy: Well, oh, no. Am I in the doghouse now?

Mackenzie: Well, it was a little presumptuous, don't you think?

Billy: Well, hey, if you're having second thoughts, you know --

Mackenzie: I'm just curious. What made you feel I'd say yes?

Billy: I didn't know if you would.

Mackenzie: Really?

Billy: Mac, come on. This isn't about taking you for granted, you know? After all we've been through, I know not to make that mistake.

Mackenzie: We're going as friends, right?

Billy: Yeah. Yup, yup. Right. Just friends.

Mackenzie: Remember our first prom?

Billy: Are you kidding me? How could I forget something like that?

Mackenzie: Oh, you know, it was such a long time ago.

Billy: Mac, come on. That's one of those times, you know? I'll be telling my grandkids about that one.

Mackenzie: Yeah, me, too.

Billy: So you're sure you're okay with this?

Mackenzie: You can tell your grandkids anything you want, Billy.

Billy: Mac, I'm talking about going to the prom together -- as friends.

Mackenzie: You've got yourself a date.

Billy: Cool.

Mackenzie: Well, it was really nice of you, helping me with these props. It was a lot bigger job than I expected.

Billy: [In a French accent] I'm glad I could be of service. You know, it is a little surprising, you know, seeing you here all by yourself.

Mackenzie: Oh, you mean, because of --

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Mackenzie: Yeah. I think I'm over that.

Billy: Really? So soon?

Mackenzie: No more orange shirts.

Billy: Well, that's great. That's great.

Mackenzie: You know, it never really made any sense to think that Ralph might be here when there was no way he could be, and -- well, it still freaks me out to think I could have imagined all that.

Larry: Hey, Mandy. You back here?

Mackenzie: Hey, Larry. Sorry. Mom's not around.

Larry: Oh, darn. I wanted to take her out to a late lunch.

Billy: I guess you're out of luck, man.

Larry: Well, little lady, how you doin'?

Mackenzie: Actually, things have been going pretty well lately.

Larry: Oh, yeah?

Mackenzie: Yeah. No more sightings of you know who. In fact, life's starting to look up. I'll go check with Mrs. Frankel. Maybe Mom's helping her pack away some costumes.

Larry: Thanks.

Billy: What, Larry? Why are you giving me that look? Something on your mind?

Brittany: What do you think you're doing?

Raul: I told you -- we're going to talk.

Brittany: I have nothing to say to you.

Raul: Well, I have plenty to say to you. J.T., get the hell out of here.

J.T.: You're asking for it --

Raul: Bring it on, punk!

Brittany: Hey, stop it! Both of you!

J.T.: Not until I shut this guy up.

Brittany: Well, the only way to shut Raul up is to let him have his say.

J.T.: Fine. You got five minutes.

Raul: So what, hmm? You're using J.T. to try and get to me. Is this what this is about? Brittany, I know we have things to work out, but this doesn't give you a reason to pull something like this! I don't want this!

Brittany: We all know what you want.

Raul: Oh, yeah, and J.T.? What does he want, Brittany?

Brittany: Well, he ought to know. He's had it before.

Raul: What the hell are you trying to do? I mean, did I actually hurt you that much? How? 'Cause I don't get it.

Brittany: Fine. I'll spell it out for you. With J.T., I know the score. He doesn't get all lovey-dovey talking about the moon and stars. It's all right out in front. With you, though --

Raul: Okay, stop. Don't be like this. You can't mean what you're saying right now. You can't.

Brittany: Look. Don't get all dramatic. What we had was fun, but that's it. Nothing at all heavy -- at least, not for me. And if you feel differently, then I'm sorry.

Jill: Let me make this very clear. If you ever don't have something you need again, you go check in your benefactor's room. Do not come into my bedroom! And that goes double for your daughter! Now get the hell out of here! Why are you still standing there?

Amanda: It's the cut. It's still bleeding.

Jill: Oh, for the love of --

Amanda: Well, you don't want me to get blood on your rug, do you?

Jill: Stop! I don't. This is a priceless Aubusson. Put this around your finger. I will get you a bandage from the bathroom.

Amanda: Thank you. [Sighs]

Leanna: Just don't let the man see you, whatever you do. If Victor finds out that you're there then -- fine. I'm sorry. Okay, just call me the minute anything happens on my cell.

Max: You expect your photographer will get all of the dirt you're looking for?

Leanna: Well, unless you have a better idea.

Max: This wasn't exactly my idea of revenge.

Leanna: What? You think it's beneath you?

Max: It's just more your style than mine. I'd feel better if we were beating him on his own turf, lousing up a business deal like he did to me, costing him money.

Leanna: Well, like I always say -- whatever gets the job done -- unless you're getting cold feet.

Max: I didn't say that.

Leanna: No, not in so many words, but -- well, well, well. What do you know? The gods are smiling on you after all, Mr. Hollister. I just realized there's a way you can get the satisfaction you crave. Look over there. See that woman -- the blonde.

Max: She's beautiful. Who is she?

Leanna: One of Victor's former wives -- Nikki Newman. Fascinating, isn't it? That she'd be here just now.

Ashley: Thank you for coming to see me. I really appreciate your support.

Victor: I'm very sorry to hear about this. When will you know about the result of the biopsy?

Ashley: In a day or so. The waiting is the hardest part.

Victor: I can only imagine. You know, I was about to take a trip out of town, but I think under the circumstances, I'll cancel.

Ashley: No, definitely not. I don't want you to postpone your trip on my account. I'm not dealing with this alone. I have Brad and my family.

Victor: Given your husband's attitude, I think it may be best if you and I stay in contact from a distance.

Ashley: Hmm. So, anyway, what about this trip of yours? Is it business, or something personal?

Brad: Just hold on a second there, Jack. I didn't blab anything to Victor.

Jack: So what? He found out by telepathic means? You should have told him to get the hell out of the building.

Brad: Which would have accomplished what? He could already tell from what I wasn't saying that something was very wrong.

Jack: So you make up something! Anything to keep him from finding out. I'm telling you, if this causes my sister even one moment of grief beyond everything she's already dealing with --

Brad: All right, you know? Let's just talk about you for a second. I assume you did what I asked. You kept your mouth shut about the mess you've made of your life.

Jack: You know as well as anybody else how close Ashley and I are, even when we disagree about something.

Brad: Which is your way of saying what?

Jack: I might as well tell you. You're going to find out anyway. No, I didn't try to hide the whole Diane situation. I certainly didn't intend to tell her the whole thing.

Brad: But you just couldn't help yourself. You had to fill her in on all the sordid details.

Jack: There is nothing sordid about a man wanting to be near his son.

Brad: Unbelievable. I mean, you talk about piling on the anxiety. How could you do that to your own sister, Jack? How could you be so damn selfish?

Amanda: My God, Ralph! What have you got me into?

Ralph: Geez, baby. Get a grip. You did great up there, okay? No point in freaking out now.

Amanda: We almost got caught.

Ralph: Yeah, but we didn't.

Amanda: No, but this isn't going to work. Okay? Jill saw me in her bedroom.

Ralph: So?

Amanda: So when she finds out that her bracelet is missing, they're gonna point a finger at me.

Ralph: Don't worry, baby. I've got it already covered.

Amanda: Oh, you do? You know, what's next?

Ralph: If this little trinket's worth something -- we'll wait till you have a solid alibi. You'll give me the house key, I'll go up to Miss High-and-mighty's room, mess it up a little bit. Make it look like that's when the bracelet was stolen.

Amanda: Ralph, what are you doing to my life? What --

Ralph: Amanda, hey, I can handle it. Okay? Anyway, first things first. Let's just get the bracelet appraised and see what bucks it's worth.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Be serious. This is a small town. You can't just take that bracelet into any jewelry store.

Ralph: I know that? What do you think I am? Stupid?

Amanda: No. If anyone gets suspicious, Ralph --

Ralph: Hey, hey. Angel face -- I won't let that happen. I promise. You're sure eager to get rid of me, aren't you? Not like I feel that way about you. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to walk away from you a second time.

Larry: Yeah, you know, there is something on my mind.

Billy: What?

Larry: What? I got to spell it out for you? I'm talking about Mackenzie and this good mood that she's in.

Billy: Yeah, it's pretty cool, huh?

Larry: And it has something to do with you, right?

Billy: So?

Larry: So are you together again?

Billy: We're going to the prom together -- as friends.

Larry: Friends.

Billy: What? You got a problem with that, Larry?

Larry: You know, maybe I do and maybe I don't.

Billy: Well, what's that supposed to mean?

Larry: Look, I know the hell that Mackenzie went through because of you. And I don't want to see her heading for another fall. Capisce? So don't go playing tricks on her mind and messing with her head, or you're gonna have me to deal with. We clear?

Rianna: Hey, you. Remember me?

Raul: Rianna?!

Rianna: She's back.

Raul: My God, so how was Spain?

Rianna: It was wonderful. Should I say -- el stupendo.

Raul: Gosh. You look incredible.

Rianna: Thank you. Don't you get too used to seeing me. I'm only here for a couple weeks before I head off to my summer job in Montana.

Raul: Montana? Get out.

Rianna: Yeah. And then it's back to good ol' G.C. for a week or so before I go to college.

Raul: Wow. Busy girl.

Rianna: Yeah. So how is everybody? More to the point -- how are you?

Raul: Everything's cool. Yeah.

Rianna: Really?

Raul: Mm-hmm.

Rianna: Because looking at you --

Raul: All right, fine. You want the truth? I've never felt worse in my life.

Katherine: Esther? Oh, Esther? Esther?!

Esther: What? Mrs. Chancellor, I'm right here. What's going on?

Katherine: All right. Listen, we have some very exciting plans to make. Now, you have to promise me on your life that what we're about to discuss will go no further.

Jill: I knew it! I knew it! You're up to your old tricks again, aren't you? You're conspiring against me. You're trying to torture me into leaving this house.

Esther: Torture? I wish.

Katherine: I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.

Jill: Oh, you're going to play dumb. You're gonna pretend you had nothing to do with Amanda trespassing.

Katherine: Trespassing? Trespassing?

Jill: Trespassing in my room with the door shut in my room, Katherine! Pretending that she was looking for a band-aid for her bleeding finger. You and I both know she never would have done that if you hadn't given her the go-ahead.

Katherine: She's undoubtedly the most paranoid woman I have ever met.

Jill: No, I'm not paranoid. I just know how you operate. And I'll bet you're behind this Mackenzie thing, too.

Katherine: What about my granddaughter?

Jill: Oh, please, don't tell me you don't know anything about Mackenzie hoodwinking my son into inviting her to the prom.

Katherine: What?

Jill: Yes, somehow she managed to finagle -- you know, never mind, never mind. Just kick me when I'm do --

Katherine: When you're what? When you're what?

Jill: Nothing.

Katherine: Oh, yes, of course. Oh, well, that accounts for you being in such a bad mood. It must be that things between you and Sean have gone from bad to worse.

Jill: My personal life is none of your affair!

Katherine: Which tells me I am right!

Jill: Katherine, one of these days, I swear -- let this be fair warning to you. You keep your family of losers away from me!

Max: That's the woman Newman divorced and is now thinking about remarrying?

Leanna: What can I say? There's no accounting for the man's taste.

Max: Well, that guy's an even bigger jerk than I thought. Imagine having a beauty like that and doing what he's doing.

Leanna: You obviously like what you see.

Max: Look at her. What's there not to like?

Leanna: Plenty, let me tell you.

Max: You two don't get along.

Leanna: That's putting it mildly. I'll spare you the gory details. You married, Mr. Hollister?

Max: Once, never again.

Leanna: There's a story there.

Max: One which you'll not hear. That's curious. Why are you now suddenly asking me about my personal life?

Leanna: I was just about to point out -- it's kinda rude to drool over a woman in another woman's presence. In any case, now you know where you can drop your little bomb. But your word alone won't suffice. You'll need proof. Which, let's hope, my photographer in New Mexico will provide.

Max: You're going to give me those photographs?

Leanna: Yeah. If we can make a deal. You agree to come on my show -- talk about Victor and Julia. It will lend authenticity to my exposé. I, in turn, will give you any pictures you need to support your allegations. That way, we both get what we want.

Max: I'm not exactly smashed about the idea of going public like that.

Leanna: Well, as far as I can tell, it's really your best option -- your only option at this point.

Max: You're going?

Leanna: Yeah, I have some things I have to take care of.

Max: I assume I'll be hearing from you.

Leanna: If I don't hear from you first. Goodbye, Mr. Hollister. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. And we will be doing business together, I'm sure of it. Because I can tell, you want to get to Victor as badly as I do. Thanks for lunch.

[Cell phone ringing]

Billy: Are you threatening me, Larry?

Larry: Let's just say I want to make sure you get my message loud and clear.

Billy: Don't worry about it. I'm not gonna hurt Mackenzie again. Okay?

Larry: Good. Because if you do, let's just put it this way --

Mackenzie: Larry, it's okay. There's nothing for you to worry about.

Larry: You sure?

Billy: What? She needs to take a blood oath?

Mackenzie: Billy -- everything's fine, Larry. Really.

Larry: Did you find your mom?

Mackenzie: No. She's not with Mrs. Frankel.

Larry: Okay, then I guess I'm gonna go check the cafeteria.

Billy: Where the hell does that guy get off, thinking he can come in here --

Mackenzie: Hey, come on, Billy. Larry's just being protective. Actually, I think it's kind of sweet. Only, he doesn't need to protect me from you anymore. At least, that's how I feel.

J.T.: So, admit it. I was right about you -- what you're trying to pull. Oh, come on, princess. Don't look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about. I mean, yeah, you've denied it over and over. But it's obvious -- you got in too deep with Gutierrez, and you got scared. And now you need a little help breaking away.

Brittany: What's it to you, anyway? Since when have you cared about what a girl's thinking? Just shut up, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Rianna: Raul, what is it? The diabetes?

Raul: Ri, the diabetes is under control.

Rianna: Well, what is it then? I mean, there's obviously a problem.

Raul: Hey, come on. You just got back home, all right? I'm not gonna lay a bunch of -- besides, there's a whole lot of other stuff that you need to be caught up on. Like the Glow by Jabot house.

Rianna: What's going on? How's Mac? Or should I say -- how are she and Billy?

Raul: Actually, they broke up -- but they're back to being friends, which is good.

Rianna: Huh. I guess some people are just meant to be together -- one way or another. Raul, talk to me. What is wrong? I mean, something obviously is. Raul, come here.

♫ Of all the lips you could kiss

I know you feel it too

Mackenzie: I think we got everything.

Billy: It's about time.

Larry: Well, Mandy is not in the cafeteria.

Mackenzie: That's weird. Wonder where she could be?

Billy: I don't know. You want me to go ask around?

Mackenzie: No, I'll do it.

Larry: You sure?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Larry: Thanks. Look, Billy, about before. No offense meant, okay?

Billy: Okay.

Larry: I'm glad that Mac is doing better. I just wish her mom was, too.

Billy: What? You still thinking about going to Tucson?

Larry: Yeah, if I can work it out. I want to do this for Mac's sake. I mean, and Mandy's, too. I just -- I think it would help them knowing for sure that this creep, Ralph, is nowhere around, but in Tucson. You know? I want to go there and get the proof --

Amanda: No, Larry! You're not going there! You are not going to Tucson.

Larry: What?

Rianna: Hey, Brittany, come on over.

Brittany: Hi. I thought that was you. What are you doing here?

Rianna: Visiting my parents for a couple of days. How's it going?

Brittany: Great. It's nice to see you again.

Rianna: Yeah. Same here. Maybe we can catch up later.

Brittany: Sure. Well, I'll see you around.

Rianna: Bye. What is her problem? My God, it's like she's jealous or something. What's going on?

Raul: Nothing.

Rianna: Raul, talk to me.

Raul: Well, it should have been nothing. But instead, Brittany manages to turn everything into a royal pain in the butt.

Rianna: Are you and Brittany seeing each other?

Raul: Not anymore.

Rianna: You didn't even like her.

Raul: Yeah, it's weird, huh? She and I, we're from two different planets.

Rianna: How did this happen?

Raul: It just kinda happened.

Rianna: Who would have thought?

Raul: Well, anyway, it's over now.

Rianna: Is that why you look like your dog died?

Raul: Hey, I'm cool with it.

Rianna: Yeah, sure.

Raul: We fought all the time, anyway. We have nothing in common.

Rianna: That doesn't matter. You fell for her, didn't you?

Raul: No, I didn't! All right, maybe I did a little bit.

Rianna: You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Raul: It's just that, at first, we --

Rianna: What?

Raul: She loosened me up. You know, we had fun together. We were like buds, you know? We had a lot of laughs. We kidded around a lot.

Rianna: Then it turned into something more.

Raul: What difference does it make? Like it said, it's over.

Rianna: Why?

Raul: She freaked out.

Rianna: About what? You can tell me.

Raul: All right. Check it out. We broke up over sex.

Rianna: Oh, Raul, you didn't!

Raul: No, I didn't. It was all in her head.

Rianna: In her head?

Raul: Maybe not totally, but I never made any serious moves on her. The chick is paranoid.

Rianna: Doesn't sound like the Brittany that I know.

Raul: Yeah, well, it's true.

Rianna: Okay, Raul, let's face it. Brittany is not exactly shy. She's been around, if you know what I mean.

Raul: I know what you mean. She made sure to rub my nose in that.

Rianna: Why would she? Okay, I don't understand.

Raul: Let's just forget this. Okay? J.T. can have her.

Rianna: What does J.T. have to do with all of this?

Raul: He's taking her to prom, which is fine by me. I don't care. They deserve each other.

Rianna: I have missed so much being gone.

Raul: That's the whole boring story.

Rianna: What are you gonna do now?

Raul: There's nothing I can do.

Rianna: I'm not so sure about that.

Raul: What are you talking about?

Rianna: I think I'm gonna stay in town a little longer than I'd planned.

Raul: How come?

Rianna: Because you need a prom date. And it's going to be me.

♫ A feeling like this comes once in a lifetime

Jack: I am not about to start defending myself to you, nor am I going to apologize. I told my sister what she wanted to know.

Brad: Right. Like she twisted your arm.

Jack: I'm a little more concerned right now about the implications of what you've just told me. God, I wish you'd handled this Newman situation differently. Okay. So he knows about Ashley's condition. I guess the big question is --

Brad: Will he or won't he stick his big nose in?

Jack: He has been nothing but trouble for my sister. He wants to help her out? The best thing he can do is stay out of her life.

Brad: Which is exactly what I told him. And if he doesn't stay the hell away, he is gonna answer to me.

Jack: Correction. He's gonna answer to both of us. This is one thing you and I actually agree on.

Victor: You're not the first person to wonder about the nature of my trip. Apparently, a number of people are interested in my comings and goings.

Ashley: How long will you be gone?

Victor: I've left it open-ended.

Ashley: Well, I meant what I said. I don't want you to change your plans because of me. And, as you pointed out, it's probably best if you're away right now. Don't stir up any old tensions.

Victor: Will you promise me one thing?

Ashley: Hmm?

Victor: As soon as you find out, you let me know. Connie will always know how to reach me.

Ashley: Of course. Thank you for caring.

Victor: I will always care about you -- always. You will always be in my thoughts and my prayers.

Nikki: Okay. I'll handle that as soon as I get back to the office. Yeah, I'm leaving now. Okay. Bye.

Max: Please, allow me.

Nikki: Excuse me. Do I know you?

Max: Not yet. But you will.

Nikki: Look, whoever you are, I really don't have time --

Max: Hollister, Max Hollister.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. Well, I must get back to my office. So, if you'll excuse me --

Max: Please, don't do that. Not at least until I get a chance to tell you what a beautiful woman you are.

Nikki: Thank you.

Max: I'm being too forward, aren't I?

Nikki: As I said, I must go, so excuse me.

Max: Ms. Newman -- not quite yet, please. You see, I didn't just come here to tell you how beautiful you are, although, that is certainly reason enough. I have some information for you -- information you'll find important to you and to your future.

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