Y&R Transcript Monday 6/3/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/3/02


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Michael: Uh -- if I crossed the line just now, I'm sorry. It's just one of those things. My heart went out to you, and I felt you needed comforting.

Chris: "Comforting"?

Michael: Okay, I admit, it might have been a little -- self-serving.

Chris: Oh, you think so?

Michael: I just wanted you to know someone cares. I care. I hope you don't feel that I was trying to take advantage.

Chris: Well, were you? Taking advantage?

Isabella: You invited a judge here? Why?

Paul: Stewart, would you like some tea or coffee? Can I get you anything to drink?

Judge: No. Thank you, Paul. I'm fine.

Paul: Judge Parrish is an old family friend. He knew my dad way back when and --

Judge: And your mother. How is Mary?

Paul: Well, she is as feisty as ever.

Judge: Oh, I'm sure. Well, is this the young man you've been telling me about?

Paul: That's the one.

Isabella: This is Ricky, judge.

Judge: Please, call me Stewart. My, oh, my. Aren't you the handsome young devil?

Isabella: His full name is Ricardo Carl Williams.

Paul: After both our fathers.

Judge: Carl would be proud. He's a beautiful boy. Congratulations.

Isabella: Thank you. So, I am still a little confused as to why you're here. Paul's never mentioned you before. I mean, I'm delighted that he's inviting his friends to come see the baby.

Paul: Well, actually, there is more to this visit.

Isabella: There is?

Paul: Isabella, I asked Judge Parrish to perform a ceremony. A marriage ceremony. For us. If that's still what you want.

Victor: Hi, Connie. Any messages? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. All right, thanks. Now, listen -- if, while I'm gone, the Abbotts or Ashley call, you just let me know about that. Would you? Thank you.

[Phone ringing]

Victor: Yeah. Sure, send her up.

[Doorbell rings]

Victor: Come in.

Nikki: Hi. I tracked you down. I hope it's okay.

Victor: Of course it is. Come in. What's the matter?

Nikki: I just came from seeing Neil.

Victor: And?

Nikki: I left him some phone numbers.

Victor: AA?

Nikki: Yeah. But I'm sure they're in the trash. Just had to try. I remember all too well what he's going through right now.

Victor: I'm sure you do.

Nikki: So, what about your situation?

Victor: What about it?

Nikki: Well, now that your right-hand man is gone, are you gonna have to postpone your trip again?

Leanna: Well, Mr. Hollister. We meet at last.

Max: You know, I wasn't quite sure you'd accept my invitation.

Leanna: Well, I almost didn't, you know?

Max: Yes, I'm sorry. I must've sounded very mysterious on the phone.

Leanna: Yes, you did.

Max: Well, what finally enticed you into joining me?

Leanna: I like the French onion soup here.

Max: Anything else?

Leanna: You had a nice phone voice. Not half bad in person, either.

Max: Oh, my, my. Well, I had the advantage of having seen you on television. I already knew you were a beautiful woman.

[Leanna chuckles]

Leanna: Well, now that we've buttered each other up, why don't you tell me what we're doing here? You mentioned something about some information, something I might find useful?

Max: Maybe I should clarify. I'm looking for information from you.

Leanna: Oh. Mm, too bad. I thought you might be angling to become one of my sources. So, what can I do for you?

Max: I'm looking for information on Victor Newman.

Leanna: One of my favorite subjects.

Max: I've read "Ruthless." I've seen your show, a couple of times. You've really worked that guy over, more than once. I also happen to know that you used to be married to him.

Leanna: Well, you've certainly done your homework. Which still doesn't tell me what it is you're after.

Max: I would like to knock that guy off his high horse -- in a way he'll never forget.

Billy: Hey.

Mackenzie: Hey.

Billy: You know, I've been meaning to ask how you've been doing.

Mackenzie: No more Ralph -- real or imaginary.

Billy: Good, good.

Mackenzie: Thanks for asking.

Billy: Well, you know, I care about my friends.

Raul: Careful. I might attack you.

Brittany: Raul, stop it.

Raul: No, I'm serious. I'm a horny teenager. Better watch out.

Mackenzie: What's up with them?

Billy: I don't know. I'll talk to Raul and find out what's goin' on.

Jill: That's it? Just you?

Brad: You must be living right, Jill. You get me all to yourself.

Jill: Are we the only members of the board who have a clue we're supposed to be here?

Brad: Can't speak for Nikki, but Ash, John and Jack won't be in attendance.

Jill: Why? What's going on?

Brad: Can we just address whatever is on the agenda and call it a day?

Jill: No, we cannot. Not until I have a valid reason for all these no-shows.

Brad: Guess we're gonna be sitting here twiddling our thumbs.

Jill: Something's going on. I can smell it. Oh, Lord, I am so sick and tired of being kept out of the loop on everything all the time!

Brad: Damn it, Jill, the Abbotts are dealing with something. And that's really all you need to know. Now can we get on with the meeting?

Paul: Well, false alarm. He's as dry as a bone. So, I assume you two are in shock.

Judge: Paul, when you asked me to do this, I assumed --

Paul: That the bride was in on the secret?

Judge: Paul never proposed to you?

Isabella: No. And I'm caught a little off guard right now.

Paul: You know, it was not my intent to spring this on you. I wanted to talk it over in private. But time got away from me. By the time we got here, and Stewart arrived a little ahead of schedule, I just --

Judge: I think I'll take you up on that cup of tea. If you'll point me toward the kitchen?

Paul: All right. It's right back there. To your right. Yeah.

Isabella: Is this for real?

Paul: Yes. Now, I can understand why you would react this way.

Isabella: Hold on. You have been sneaking around with Christine every chance you get, and now, all of a sudden, you want to marry me?

Paul: It's given me a lot of time to think. And I have come to a conclusion.

Isabella: What conclusion? That your ex-wife said, "take a hike" -- why not settle for second best?

Paul: You know, don't be insulted. There's a lot more to it.

Isabella: I --

Paul: Would you just let me finish? When I was with Chris, as I told you before, it stirred up a lot of unexpected feelings.

Isabella: You're still in love with her.

Paul: I thought I might be.

Isabella: Oh, so now you're hedging?

Paul: No, I'm trying to be honest with you. When I saw Chris, when we were together, all the time we had apart, all the problems that we had seemed to disappear, as if by magic. We seemed so connected. And I thought she felt that way, too. But you know what? As it turned out -- I was very, very wrong.

Billy: Hey. So, you and Brittany -- things seemed a little tense.

Raul: Yeah, well, they'll get a lot better once she gets a refund on those prom tickets. We're not together anymore.

Billy: Since when?

Raul: Oh, just since she decided that I'm some sort of a pervert.

Billy: What?!

Raul: Oh, hey, you didn't know? All I care about is sex. The whole time we've hung out, that's the only thing that I've been after.

Billy: Hold on a second. Where is this coming from? You and Brittany, you haven't -- ?

Raul: No, no, no way. Not even close. But she's totally convinced, right? Everything that I've ever said to her about how I felt -- all lies. I've been fattening her up, for the kill.

Billy: Look, none of this makes any sense. Something must've happened.

Raul: Right after the play, she accuses me out of nowhere. I mean, yeah, of course, I've thought about it, you know? Just like what it's like and everything. But I would never push her. I mean, that's how I screwed up things so bad with Rianna. Damn, is it me or is there some kind of pattern here?

Billy: What do you mean?

Raul: Every time I think I'm getting close to a girl -- wham! I'm some kind of sex fiend. Whether or not I even lay a hand on her. You know, maybe it's just me, huh? No one can stand the thought of actually doin' it with good ol' Raul.

Brad: This one.

Jill: And for sure this one.

Brad: Okay.

Jill: Okay? What do you think about this?

Sean: Sorry I'm late. Where is everyone?

Brad: Gang's all here.

Jill: With proxies, we have a quorum. So, if you have something to present, please do. Enthrall us.

Sean: I'll do my best. I wanna book this band, A1, for the prom. Now, these kids are out of the UK. They have two CDs out. The latest U.S. release is shooting up the charts. I just spoke with their band manager -- he and I go back a ways. He's holding the date for 24 hours.

Jill: This is one of those "boy bands," right?

Sean: They have their own sound, totally. Look, I just listened to the CD. I have their latest video. I'm telling you, these guys are the next phenom out of Europe. I really like these guys. In case you haven't gotten that. What do you think?

Brad: To tell you the truth, I have a problem with it.

Sean: Why?

Brad: Timing and expense. Do we have a chance to promote them? Will we get enough bang for our buck?

Sean: Jill, you're silent. Shall I assume that you're with Brad on this?

Jill: No. Actually, I think it's a very good idea.

Sean: You do?

Jill: Yes, Sean, I do. For a number of reasons. So, what are you waiting for? Show us the video.

Sean: Brad?

Brad: Sure.

Victor: I have considered delaying this trip, especially now that I realize Nicholas isn't quite up to speed yet.

Nikki: Well, I don't think you should.

Victor: You don't?

Nikki: Victor, for heaven's sake -- that jet of yours has every possible gizmo imaginable. You can run the whole company from there. You can e-mail your board members. You can do anything. And if there's a crisis, you can turn around and come home -- as long as you're not halfway around the world.

Victor: When I first told you about this, you were mad as hell.

Nikki: No. I was caught off guard.

Victor: Oh. And now you are practically pushing me out of the door.

Nikki: I admit, I have given you a hard time. But now that I have had time to think, I think it's very curious that you haven't denied my theory.

Victor: What theory?

Nikki: That this mysterious journey you are so determined to take has something to do with you personally. With your future. Perhaps our future. And if that is the case, I say go. Please, remove any and all obstacles that are keeping us apart.

Victor: It's not the right time to go right now.

Nikki: Why not?

Victor: I'm reassessing things.

Nikki: Okay, but why don't you wanna take this trip?

Victor: Many reasons. And you're one. I've come to realize -- [Victor sighs] -- what you mean to me.

Nikki: Victor, to hear you say that, that you would reconsider your trip for me, it -- no. No. That's not going to work. You can't do that. I won't let you do that.

Leanna: Please, don't mince words.

Max: Forgive my language. Sticking it to Mr. Newman has become a subject I feel very passionately about.

Leanna: I can relate.

Max: That's why I sought you out. I thought, if anybody might be able to help me --

Leanna: Not my usual assignment.

Max: We're both very motivated.

Leanna: Are we? What motivates you, Mr. Hollister? A paycheck?

Max: Uh -- I --

Leanna: This is a setup, isn't it? You're not looking to bring Victor down. You're one of his stooges.

Max: What are you talking about?

Leanna: Suffice to say, Victor knows I'm on the trail of a hot story that's been brewing. And now he sent you here to try and throw me off course. What, are you wearing a wire? Are you trying to get me to say something incriminating?

Max: Ms. Love, please. May I call you Leanna?

Leanna: No, you may not. And please, you cannot charm me into putting my neck in the noose.

Max: That's not what's going on here.

Leanna: You tell your boss, if he wants to me entrap me, he's gonna have to dig a lot deeper into his bag of tricks. 'Cause I am no pushover. And it's about time he learned that!

Michael: Christine, I promise you, I was not trying to take advantage of the situation in any --

Chris: I believe you.

Michael: Thank you.

Chris: The kiss -- it was partly my fault, anyway. I opened up more than I ever expected.

Michael: Then you don't --

Chris: Regret it?

Michael: Do you?

Chris: No. In spite of what provoked it, it turned out to be a positive thing for me.

Michael: Opening up.

Chris: You were right. I needed to say all those things. I need to get Paul and Isabella and all the rest of it out of my system. Look, as you know, I have never felt comfortable discussing anything personal with you.

Michael: No, I've got the scars to prove it.

Chris: But you did bring this out in me. And for that, I'm grateful. Otherwise, it just would've festered, and I would've had a lot of trouble cutting the ties.

[Chris sighs]

Chris: So, thanks to your stubbornness and not letting me bury my feelings, I think I'm truly ready to go back to Australia.

Michael: No. No, you're not.

Chris: What? 

[CD playing]:

Caught in the middle even though I'm with someone new all I can think about is you and now I'm caught in the middle

Brad: You're right about the music, Sean. I think they're great.

Jill: Yep, I agree. So what do we do?

Brad: Well, I think we should approve it. Especially with so many unknowns going into the summer.

Sean: Are you talking about the cast situation?

Brad: Yeah, we're still short a girl. And we're down to one couple, now that Billy and Mac are broken up.

Jill: Mm. Thank the Lord Almighty.

Brad: Anyway, whatever will help the transition to the new setup.

Sean: I think that the Glow by Jabot kids that we do have make a very intriguing bunch. I mean, Brittany, Raul, Billy, J.T.

Brad: Don't forget Erica.

Jill: Oh, he won't forget Erica. Hiring her was his idea.

Sean: Anyway, since we are down to the wire, why don't we get the kids in here? Give them a preview, start some buzz.

Brad: All right, I'll make a few phone calls. Hopefully, there hasn't been any new teen drama to help change the lineup again.

Billy: Raul, come on. It isn't you.

Raul: All I'm saying is that if this is how Brittany sees me after everything that we've been through, then the hell with her. Except -- damn. You know, being without her is the worst, man.

Billy: It mystifies me, man. You and Brittany? I mean, you guys hated each other forever, and now you started getting tight.

Raul: And what? What, you assumed it had to be about sex?

Billy: Well, that's what kept me around.

Raul: Yeah, well, it wasn't like that for us, okay?

Billy: All right, look -- hey, I'm sorry that you're hurtin', man. But you had to expect that Brittany would do this to you. It's probably best that you broke up.

Raul: You know, I knew you would say that. See, you only see Brittany one way. Now, whatever she thinks about me right now, I know she's not the same person she was with you. I know she's changed. And I miss the hell out of her. Thanks for nothin'.

Brittany: Got yourself an eyeful, huh?

Mackenzie: What?

Brittany: Raul and me in the hall before? I know you're dying to ask, so I'll save you the trouble. Yes, we broke up. No, we're not going to prom. Which means the coast is clear for you. You two can wear matching scout uniforms.

Mackenzie: Since when do you care who I go to the prom with?

Brittany: I don't.

Mackenzie: You're going to an awful lot of trouble, then. Why don't you tell me what happened?

Brittany: Your friend, who's so into telling the truth, couldn't even admit that our entire relationship was fake. He was only after sex.

Mackenzie: Gosh, really? Sex from you? Why would a guy ever think that was a possibility?

Brittany: You know, I don't even know why I bother talking to you.

Mackenzie: Because I know Raul. And I think we both know that he --

Brittany: What? He's not a card-carrying jerk like every other guy on the planet? Think again.

Mackenzie: Okay. Back up. Did you guys have an argument?

Brittany: Look, if you're about to defend him --

Mackenzie: It doesn't sound like Raul!

Brittany: Why? Because he behaved himself when he was dating you? You're Miss Pure-as-the-driven-snow. He knew exactly what he was getting himself into. Just like he thought he knew what he'd be getting from me.

Mackenzie: Drop the attitude. Whatever was on Raul's mind where you're concerned, it was more than sex.

Brittany: Yeah, right.

Mackenzie: He told me he cared about you, Brittany.

Brittany: He cared about getting me into bed.

Mackenzie: You know, I don't get you. After all the time you've spent with Raul, how could you think he's some insincere creep? Raul isn't the kind of guy who's "after one thing." I'm sure he denied it.

Brittany: Of course, he did.

Mackenzie: Well, if you still don't believe that he's being honest with you, that he really cares, then you shouldn't be with him. You know, I was pretty stunned when you guys first got together. But after a while, I stopped questioning it because being with you seemed to make Raul really happy. And wonders of wonders, you weren't having sex. But given your attitude now, I can see my first instinct was right. You don't deserve a guy like Raul. He's way too good for you.

Max: Oh, Ms. Love, please, please. That's really not what's going on here.

Leanna: Then tell me why you want information on Victor Newman.

Max: If we can bring him down together, does it really matter why? All right, you win. If it's the only way I can get you to talk to me -- please.

Leanna: I've learned from experience in dealing with Victor that it is impossible to be too careful.

Max: You are preaching to the choir, my dear.

Leanna: So he burned you.

Max: Oh, yes. The reason I was hesitant about confiding in you is -- I'm still reeling from the way he humiliated me.

Leanna: What happened?

Max: I was on the verge of closing the deal of a lifetime. And, lo and behold, there's Newman, mucking up the works.

Leanna: So this is strictly about business.

Max: This is about manners and common decency. You see, it's not just what he did, it's the way he did it. That arrogant son of a – Ms. Love, you have no idea how much I want to see him get what's coming to him.

Victor: You won't let me do what?

Nikki: I don't want you to abandon this trip.

Victor: You want me to go for it?

Nikki: Well, yes, as long as you --

Victor: As long as what?

[Nikki sighs]

Nikki: Nothing. Just -- just go, so you can hurry back.

Victor: I'll miss you.

Nikki: You better. And, if you ever need any incentive, you just close your eyes and think about the "welcome home" I'll have for you.

Victor: I'm glad you came by.

Nikki: Me, too.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nikki: Excuse me. Hello? Oh, Ben, yes. I've been anxious to speak to you. Hold on just a minute.

Victor: You stay and finish the call. I gotta go.

Nikki: I'll miss you. Hurry back.

Victor: Who's Ben?

Nikki: Business.

Billy: Well, I say, "good riddance."

Mackenzie: Great minds think alike. Except I know Raul has to be hurting.

Billy: Yeah, you're right. He is. I don't know why, but he really digs Brittany.

Mackenzie: I feel so bad for him. I mean, he's gone through so much. Now to have to deal with another breakup?

Billy: Well, it's not easy. Especially when it's someone you care about.

Mackenzie: And things end badly. It's totally the pits. Unless -- you're able to work things out and -- be friends again.

Billy: Yeah, like us.

Mackenzie: Yeah. Like us.

[Cell phone ringing]

Billy: Hello? What's up, Brad? What, you need to see us? Why?

Isabella: I'm supposed to stand here and listen to all this mooning about Christine and then go through with the wedding?

Paul: Isabella, I'm trying to explain -- it wasn't her rejection that opened my eyes. It was my realization that I had obviously misread the entire situation. And if ever I needed proof how far we had grown apart -- you know what? I got it. I realized that I was living in a fantasy. And the minute I knew that -- the spell was broken.

Isabella: Lovely. So you're no longer bewitched. You're on the rebound again?

Paul: Okay. I know I had claimed I was ready to move on. So I admit, you know, I was not being honest with you. But you know what? I wasn't being honest with me, either.

Isabella: So now everything's different? Is that your story?

Paul: I want to start a life with you, a brand new life with you and our son. I truly do.

Isabella: So what happens next time Christine comes around?

Paul: Chris is out of the picture. She's going back to Australia.

Isabella: That doesn't answer the question.

Paul: Isabella, if you can find it in your heart to give me another chance -- I believe, with everything in me, we can make a go of this.

Isabella: "We?"

Paul: We. You and I, and our little boy -- as a family. I'm telling you, I'm ready to make a commitment. If that's what you want, I'm ready. So you tell me -- where do we go from here?

Isabella: I say let's tell Judge Parrish he has a wedding to perform. I'll get him.

Chris: What did you say?

Michael: I said I don't think you're ready to leave.

Chris: Well, who the hell are you to tell me --?

Michael: Look, you put your life on hold for a year because it was too painful to be around Paul. You don't have to keep living in limbo. You can come home to Genoa City.

Chris: Oh, thank you very much. Even if I did want that --

Michael: What do you mean "if"? Of course you want that. You were right to tell Paul it was over. It frees you both up to move on with your lives. And look, at this point, going back to Australia, being honest, Christine -- that's just running away again. Everything you have is here. Your work is here. Your friends are here. Your life is here. And unless there's somebody back in Cairns who will give you a reason to --

Chris: Enough, okay? Whatever private life I have -- it's just that. It's private.

Michael: Okay, unless you tell me otherwise, I will just assume that you have no real reason for leaving town again.

Chris: Michael, no reason you can understand. But you're not me!

Michael: Well, then explain it to me! What possible reason could you have for hiding out in Australia?!

Chris: This is what I get for confiding in you?

Michael: No, no, look at me. Look at me. I am speaking the truth. The best thing for you -- it's right here. You know it.

Chris: Well, the role of God today will be played by Michael --

Michael: Oh, come on! You know, you're gonna make me say it, aren't you?

Chris: What?! What?

Michael: You know, I stand behind every logical reason I've just given you. But there's more. There's my personal feelings. I want you to stay.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: I need you to stay.

[Chris sighs]

Chris: Well, you do have a law office to run. It's not fair keeping you hanging. All right, I owe you a decision. I'll give you an answer today.

Sean: Thanks for not shooting me down before.

Jill: I went along because I liked the idea. I wasn't trying to please you, if that's what you're implying.

Sean: I was just trying to say thank you, Jill. Forget it.

Jill: I already have.

Billy: Hey! What's up, Mom? Sean.

Sean: Good to see you, Billy.

Jill: Hello, darling. So where are the others? Are they tied up?

Brad: No, they're on their way.

Billy: So, what's this all about, huh? I mean, Brad said something about "prom with a twist"?

Jill: Why don't we wait till everybody gets here?

Billy: Okay. Fine by me.

Brad: Hey, Sean, you have your manager friend's number there? I wanna pin down a fee, start working on our budget.

Sean: Yeah, it's right there on the case. Thanks. He's in New York right now. Use that number.

Jill: Excuse me.

Sean: Hey, Billy. I know you and Danielle have been going back and forth on whether she's gonna be in the cast or not. But what's the deal? You gonna take her to the prom or not?

Billy: Well, actually, I was planning on taking someone else.

Sean: Who?

Billy: Mackenzie.

Nikki: That is an excellent point. Yeah, let me write that down. I'm not at my desk. Hold on. I've gotta get some paper. Just a minute. Okay, yeah. Just repeat that last part. And the number. Great. Yeah, I'll type this up, and I'll fax it to you tomorrow. Okay, very good. Thank you. Bye. Oh, it's beautiful. Oh, Victor.

Leanna: Well, Mr. Hollister, what you're saying does have a ring of truth to it. But if you'd like me to help you in your dealings with Victor, then you're gonna have to be a little bit more forthcoming with the details.

Max: Such as?

Leanna: Tell me about this business situation. Who are the players involved?

Max: I own a design firm. I was on the verge of buying out a key competitor when Newman rode into town, stopped everything cold.

Leanna: Who was the competitor?

Max: Mart Kitchen Concepts. It's a firm out of Lake Forest.

Leanna: Oh. I know that company. Isn't that run by Julia Martin?

Max: Yes. She's obviously a friend of Newman's. She called him in the eleventh hour.

Leanna: No. No, Mr. Hollister. Not just a friend. Julia is Victor's first wife. Was he there with her when all this happened?

Max: Oh, yes, she was sticking to him like glue.

Leanna: Then I think we can't assume this was strictly about business. Victor has a habit of reaching out to his old flames. Suddenly, I have a feeling that we may have a great deal to talk about after all, you and I.

[Phone ringing]

Ramona: Hello?

Victor: Hello, Ramona. This is Victor.

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