Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/22/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/22/02


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Paul: Chris, you and I have had the most incredible past. And you know what? We could have the most incredible future together. You know that, and I know that.

Chris: Wait, don't. Just don't. Don't, don't.

Paul: Please.

Chris: Listen. Whatever you are thinking, whatever expectations you are forming, I'm afraid I've given you the wrong impression.

Paul: What do you mean, "the wrong impression"? I don't know what you're talking about.

Chris: Paul, we just got caught off guard seeing each other again.

Paul: Well, thank God that happened, or I never would have realized you were in town.

Chris: Well, maybe that would have been best.

Paul: You don't mean that.

Chris: Look, you took a moment out of time, and you started building this fantasy.

Paul: No, I started dreaming of what kind of life we could have together, what kind of life we could share. And it's a beautiful dream.

Chris: But that's just it, Paul -- it's a dream. It's not real.

Paul: It could be real.

Chris: I don't think so.

Paul: I wasn't wrong. I know what you were feeling that night, and so was I.

Chris: It doesn't change the way things are now.

Paul: Okay, I know my life is really complicated right now, but I can make it work.

Chris: You have a child! You have a new baby boy, and you've got to think about that baby's mother.

Paul: I will do whatever I need to do for my boy. I want to be involved in his life, but I have made absolutely no promises to Isabella.

Chris: Are you sure? I'll bet Isabella doesn't see it that way.

Jack: I asked you a question. Did you or did you not try to help Diane smuggle Kyle out of the country? Answer me!

Phyllis: Is there any point?

Jack: I want you to look me in the eye and say it.

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: Oh, God.

Phyllis: It's true.

Jack: I don't believe it.

Phyllis: Before you start acting like a victim, don't you want to even hear my side?

Jack: Yeah, what side is that? The side that connives and schemes to get what she wants, no matter what it costs anybody else?

Phyllis: You know, before you tar and feather me, Mr. Holier-than-thou, need I remind you what was going on back then? I was doing the in vitro fertilization. I just found out that I couldn't have a child. I almost died. Then you dropped the bomb on me that you and Diane have this kid together. I know how desperately you want a child. I also know what that bitch is capable of.

Jack: This is not about Diane!

Phyllis: No, it's not about Diane, is it? It's about you, what you need, what you want! This is all about Jack! I mean, I almost died. I put my life on the line to give you a baby -- us a baby. And then I find out that can't happen, so I suggest having a surrogate mother, and then you change everything around to justify bringing Diane and her kid into our lives!

Jack: He's my kid, too, and you seem to forget that at every convenient moment.

Phyllis: No, I don't, Jack, because you never let me. And all the while, you're singing this tune that I'm your first priority.

Jack: You are my first priority. You have always --

Phyllis: That's such bull! That's such a lie! Your first priority? You have no qualms about turning our lives upside down and bringing Diane into it. I don't know. I think that this makes me the third most important person in your life -- unless there's a list I'm unaware of.

Jack: This is not going to work. It's not going to work.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Attacking me to get the focus off of what you've done.

Phyllis: That's not what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make you see that you're not the only person who's been betrayed here.

Jack: Oh, so that's it? That's supposed to justify it?

Phyllis: Yes. I was cornered. Jack, I was cornered, I was scared. Don't you understand that? I took matters into my own hands. I mean, I just wish for our sakes that my plan had worked. I wish to God that Diane and her kid were miles away from here.

Jack: You know what the most amazing thing is in this whole thing? Nowhere in here have I heard anything that remotely resembles an apology! I've heard a lot of excuses, and that somehow makes it worse. No, that makes it a lot worse.

Diane: Michael?

Michael: Hello, Diane.

Diane: How did you get in here?

Michael: I convinced Graziella to let me in.

Diane: [Sighs] So much for her Christmas bonus.

Michael: Diane, we need to talk.

Diane: Well, tell it to the concierge on your way out.

Michael: I know I came off a bit strong before, but I've cooled down. I hope you have, too. Look, I know you're concerned that my loyalties are split between you and Phyllis, but I only want what's best for you. The proof is asleep in that bedroom.

Diane: I appreciate everything you've done for me, but there's nothing more to be said. You made your position perfectly clear.

Michael: It's more than I can say for you.

Diane: Meaning what?

Michael: I called your boss in Milan.

Diane: You talked to Giuseppe?

Michael: Yeah, and he didn't say so directly, but it sounded as if he would love to have you come back to work for him, which I found very interesting.

Diane: Michael, you had no business --

Michael: It was also clear from our conversation that he only "fired" you because you asked him to. So I had to wonder, why would Diane do this? Why would Diane manipulate things so she had to stay in Genoa City? And then I thought, oh, could it be that you think you have a chance of winning Jack away from Phyllis?

J.T.: Man, am I ever glad that stupid play is over.

Brittany: I still can't believe you didn't show up until after it ended. You are such a jerk.

J.T.: It was bad luck, Britt. First, my beer supplier runs dry, then my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Brittany: You know, my grandmother used to say, "there's no such thing as bad luck."  People get what they deserve.

J.T.: I should have known better than to expect sympathy from you.

Brittany: You've got that right.

J.T.: So what happened with you and Raul after the cast party?

Brittany: None of your business.

J.T.: Oh, come on, Britt. Let's hear it, all the sordid details. Did Gutierrez deliver?

Brittany: Get a life.

Larry: I thought I'd find you here.

[Amanda gasps]

Larry: Whoa, I didn't mean to startle you. I'm sorry.

Amanda: Hi, Larry.

Larry: Hi.

Amanda: What's in the bag?

Larry: I got some munchies. Have you eaten?

Amanda: No. No, and I'm starved. I've been going nonstop for hours. Now that the play's over, I've got to get the costumes cleaned and stored.

Larry: Look, Amanda, I, um -- I know this Ralph garbage is really upsetting you. What with Mac thinking that she's over the guy, and --

Amanda: Larry, could we please just talk about something else?

Larry: Oh, sure. Sure, no problem. That's why I brought lunch, so we can forget about this guy for a while, this scum, okay? Let's sit here.

Amanda: Oh, perfect.

Ralph: Did you think I'd let you walk away?

Billy: Hey.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Billy: Uh, look, can we talk?

Mackenzie: I need to study.

Billy: I know. This won't take long. Um -- I've been thinking a lot about what happened at the play.

Mackenzie: Billy --

Billy: No, no. Listen to me, all right? I need to know if you're angry at me.

Mackenzie: You really want to know what's bothering me, Billy?

Billy: Yeah, Mac.

Mackenzie: I'm starting to think you're right. I'm afraid I'm losing it.

Katherine: So, how was Paris?

Lauren: It was beautiful -- beautiful as always.

Katherine: Oh, I'm sure. I've been meaning to get back there one of these days, but -- so your trip, was it productive?

Lauren: Uh, yeah. Mmm-hmm.

Katherine: Lauren, is something wrong?

Lauren: I'm sorry. You know, I've been thinking about this conversation I just had with possibly the most irritating woman on the face of the planet.

Katherine: Other than Jill Abbott, is it anyone else I might know?

Lauren: [Laughs] Oh, yes -- Mary Williams.

Katherine: Oh, Mary, Mary.

Lauren: You know, she is just as possessive as ever over Paul. Why doesn't he just wear a big sign that says, "keep away! No women but mommy dearest"?

Katherine: Lauren, please, please. Now, come on. Some parents never realize at a certain point, they simply have to let their children go.

Lauren: Are you aware of what she's up to now?

Katherine: Well, before you tell me, are you aware that Isabella has had her baby?

Lauren: Yes. Yes, I know that. And I also know that Christine is back in town, which has sent Mary into a frenzy.

Katherine: And Mary is the only one in a frenzy?

Lauren: Are you asking me how I feel about Christine returning?

Katherine: And what do you think that it would mean to her and Paul?

Jack: How could you try to keep my son from me? I told you over and over again how much it meant to me to get custody of Kyle. I thought you understood that. I thought you understood what the stakes were! The whole time, you were plotting with Diane? I think back to the first hearing date, how you promised you wouldn't blow it when Diane walked in the courtroom. Wow, did you blow it! Well, now I know why! You thought she and Kyle were on their way out of the country! God, you talk about breaking trust. I -- oh, wait. I don't even want to ask this, but damn it, you be honest with me. Your so-called "breakdown" on the stand, was that for real, or was that all planned, too?

Phyllis: Are you saying you think that was an act?

Jack: I just asked you a question.

Phyllis: No, it wasn't. You know it wasn't.

Jack: I thought I knew. God, I thought I knew a whole lot. You fooled me, Phyllis. You fooled me real good. So tell me this -- how am I supposed to know when you're honest with me or when I should be checking my back to see if there's a knife stuck in it?

Michael: I knew it, I knew it. You still fantasize about being with Jack.

Diane: Even if I did, would I confide in you?

Michael: Diane, I'm not condemning you. I mean, who can explain how the human heart works? I'm just trying to save you a lot of heartache and sadness.

Diane: Oh, and is that your only motive?

Michael: You want proof? Here.

Diane: What's this?

Michael: Well, I had Chantal search the internet, compile a list of possible job opportunities for you in several attractive cities, both in the USA and abroad.

Diane: I know why you're so eager to get me out of town. You're worried about yourself. You've said all along that the best outcome for you is for Phyllis to be here and me to be in some distant place with my son.

Michael: That's the ideal arrangement for everyone involved.

Diane: Well, thanks, but no thanks. I don't need help finding another job.

Michael: You already have one lined up?

Diane: I have several offers to choose from.

Michael: Really?

Diane: Yes. I'm just not in a hurry to pick one.

Michael: I know it's a big decision.

Diane: Yes, it is. And until I make up my mind, I don't want to be traipsing around the world lugging my son with me. That's not the kind of life I want for him. When I choose to live somewhere, I want it to be for good.

Michael: Does Jack know you're sticking around?

Diane: He's a very interested party.

Michael: Interested how?

Diane: How do you think? He cares about his son.

Michael: What about his son's mother?

Diane: He's concerned about both of us. That's all I'm saying.

Michael: Yeah. You don't trust me?

Diane: Do you blame me?

Michael: You know, you're killing me here.

Diane: Okay, okay. I'll tell you, because I'm sure you're going to hear soon enough. It's possible that Kyle and I might be taking up residence at the Abbott house.

Billy: Afraid you're losing it, Mac? Why?

Mackenzie: Well, maybe all of you are right, and I imagined the whole thing.

Billy: You mean being watched?

Mackenzie: Yeah. What proof do I have? I saw a person outside the coffee house wearing a shirt like one Ralph used to wear. You know, I can't help wondering if what Ralph did to me affected me more than I realized.

Billy: That is possible, Mac.

Mackenzie: These visions, or whatever they are, they started right after you and I split up, because I wasn't ready to deal with sex. You know, at the time, I didn't want to believe that it had anything to do with Ralph, but maybe I was wrong.

Billy: Mac, come on. I mean, maybe. We broke up months ago.

Mackenzie: Yeah. Well, there was something else more recently that was sort of connected to sex.

Billy: What?

Mackenzie: Remember that time when I was backstage with J.T.?

Billy: Yeah. You thought you saw someone up in the flies.

Mackenzie: Yeah. J.T. checked it out, but no one was there.

Billy: Mac, what does this have to do with sex?

Mackenzie: We were, you know --

Billy: What?

Mackenzie: We were making out. But that's all that was going on, Billy -- just, you know, kissing and stuff.

Billy: Why were you kissing J.T.?

Mackenzie: It was a really hard time for me, Billy, and I had just found out you took Danielle to the hideaway.

Billy: You know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe you shouldn't be telling me about this.

Mackenzie: There's no one else I can talk to.

Billy: Which is why I brought up the idea of a shrink, Mac. Look, now that you've got J.T. putting his hands on you, I'm even more convinced that's what you need.

Mackenzie: What's that supposed to mean? You think you're the only guy I could ever kiss? I can handle this on my own, okay? I don't need to see a psychiatrist.

Billy: Well, at least talk to your mom.

Mackenzie: No. I've already caused her enough grief.

Larry: So how's the smoked turkey?

Amanda: It's delicious.

Larry: So, I bet you're breathing easier, now that the play is over.

Amanda: Not really. I mean, doing costumes kept me busy, but I enjoyed it.

Larry: Plus, you got to spend some time with Mackenzie.

Amanda: Yeah, that was pretty nice. So, you didn't tell me what you thought of the play.

Larry: Well, to be honest with you, I didn't get it. You know, everyone's ranting and raving about this Shakespeare dude. Me, I just wish he would have written it in regular English, you know? Anyway, I ran into Cassie Newman during the intermission, and she explained it all to me.

Amanda: Wow. She's so young. I'm surprised she was able to follow it.

Larry: Well, they had to study the play in school, so before I see any more Shakespeare plays, you know what I'm going to be doing.

Amanda: You're going to talk to Cassie.

Larry: Or I'll ask the teacher if I can sit in on their class.

[Amanda laughs]

Lauren: You know, you're forgetting something, Katherine. Of all the feelings that I've had for Paul, the most important has always been friendship.

Katherine: But what if he does reunite with Christine?

Lauren: It wouldn't be a big shock.

Katherine: Is that so?

Lauren: I've already accepted that we probably will never have another romantic relationship.

Katherine: Well, you did have a wonderful marriage for a while.

Lauren: Yeah. We were something, huh?

Katherine: You were a couple for the history books.

Lauren: But that was a lifetime ago. Wow. I really want him to be happy, and if letting go of him is what it takes, then so be it.

Katherine: Yes, well, it may be out of anyone's hands right now. I believe Christine and Paul are having a very important discussion regarding their future even as we speak.

Lauren: What's your take?

Katherine: Oh, Lauren, I've always felt that they would be good for each other, and I think there's a lot of unfinished business between them -- perhaps a lifetime's worth. I'm truly hoping they can clear that up before it's too late.

Paul: Chris, this isn't about Isabella. It's about you and me, and it's about that night, when I held you. We kissed. Are you telling me you felt nothing?

Chris: It reminded me of a time gone by, a beautiful time, and yes, I may have gotten caught up in it.

Paul: You may have gotten caught up?

Chris: Okay, I did, all right? I did for a moment. And then Isabella called.

Paul: Look, I will take care of Isabella and the baby, and if this is about you feeling guilty, don't. We have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Chris: It's not wrong to break up a family?

Paul: We're not a family. I keep telling you that. We aren't even living together. I made no plans for the future.

Chris: But now you have a baby. Paul, and whatever you thought or hoped, my life is moving in a different direction. I really can't make that any clearer. 

Brittany: One of my dad's clients invited them to dinner at the last minute.

Raul: And they couldn't get out of it?

Brittany: They tried, but I guess this guy's a real big shot. He and my dad are about to close a major deal, and my dad didn't want to blow it.

Raul: I'm sorry, Britt.

Brittany: It's no huge thing.

Raul: Sure it is.

Brittany: This stuff happens all the time. I'm used to it.

Raul: Well, you shouldn't have to get used to it. I've been to your house. Your family isn't exactly hurting for cash.

Brittany: What's your point?

Raul: I'm sure your dad has a lot of clients, but he only has one daughter. I think what your family did sucks.

Brittany: Where do you get off talking that way about my family?

Raul: I'm just calling it like I see it.

Brittany: Well, you shouldn't talk about things you don't know anything about. Yeah, my dad makes a lot of money, but he works hard for it. And if you think I want a dad who's broke just so he can hang around, think again. I happen to like my life. I mean, it's what I'm used to. I didn't mean to --

Raul: Hey, don't worry about it. In case you haven't noticed, you and I are from totally different planets, Brittany.

Brittany: That's for sure.

Raul: Yeah. See, for one thing, I don't pretend to be tough.

Brittany: And I do?

Raul: You're acting like what your parents did doesn't even bother you. You don't have to do that, not with me. I understand.

Brittany: Well, whatever. I'll survive.

Raul: Hey, Brittany, I wasn't --

Brittany: Raul, stop it. I'm fine, okay? I'm a lot stronger than you think I am.

Raul: Okay, maybe you are, but in case you aren't, you don't have to hide your feelings. I'm not going to hide mine from you.

Brittany: And what are your feelings?

Raul: Actually, right now, I'm a little bummed.

Brittany: Why?

Raul: My brother's leaving town.

Brittany: Like you didn't see that coming?

Raul: I don't think this is like the other times.

Brittany: What do you mean?

Raul: I get the impression that Diego doesn't even want to go, but he feels like he has to.

Brittany: And you're saying I'm the one that makes excuses for other people?

Raul: It's not the same. Something's up with Diego.

Brittany: Like what?

Raul: I promised him I wouldn't talk about it.

Brittany: Not even with me, since I can't be trusted?

Phyllis: Okay, fine, do you want me to admit I'm a sinner? I'm a sinner. There, I admit it. If you want to hold this over my head forever, so be it. But for you to use this to justify allowing this snake into our lives --

Jack: This is about Kyle!

Phyllis: This is about Diane.

Jack: That woman is of no consequence to me.

Phyllis: Really? Really? You think so? Let me ask you a question. You sidestepped this before. But whose idea was it for Diane to live with us?

Jack: What difference does that make?

Phyllis: Whose idea was it, Jack? Whose idea? It was Diane's idea, wasn't it? Right? Absolutely unbelievable. I totally underestimated that woman.

Jack: Oh, and what does that mean?

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Isn't it obvious? She doesn't want to live anywhere in town except with you. She is after you!

Jack: That is ridiculous.

Phyllis: Oh, don't do that to me. It's not ridiculous. She knows you've latched onto her kid, so now she wants to put the hook in you as well.

Jack: God. I thought you knew me a lot better than that.

Phyllis: Is that it?

Jack: What?!

Phyllis: You told me that your decision rested on how I answered the question. So you tell me. Tell me, Jack, do we have a new house mate? Is it Diane?

Jack: I'll let you know.

Michael: You're going to be staying at the Abbotts’ house?

Diane: Temporarily. I'd say the probability is 99%.

Michael: Right. What kind of lies did you have to tell to make Jack agree to this?

Diane: Michael, I'm in no mood for this. I told you before, I don't want to fight with you, so I suggest you leave. Thank you very much for your help. I'll take it from here.

Michael: No, no, no, no. You say you think this is a temporary arrangement. No, that's not what you're thinking. You have other plans when it comes to Jack.

Diane: Oh, is that so?

Michael: Yeah, and you have totally deluded yourself if you think you're going to pull it off.

Diane: Deluded, am I? You think I don't have a chance with Jack even though we share a son?

Michael: Oh, you tried to use that child to trap Victor before Kyle was even born, and it didn't work, and now you're going to try it again?

Diane: But Jack is really Kyle's father.

Michael: Diane, you don't use a child this way! You're a beautiful, intelligent woman. You have to find a man who loves you and settle down. Why do you pursue men who don't want you? It's a stupid, destructive waste of time.

Diane: Stop it, Michael.

Michael: No, you keep chasing fantasies. What is wrong with reality?

Diane: Absolutely nothing. You want reality? Yes, I failed with Victor. But that was a mistake to begin with. He didn't want any more children, and certainly not another man's child. But Jack, on the other hand, desperately wants a child of his own to raise. It would make his life complete. And can I help it if I --?

Michael: I don't know if you've noticed, but that man already has a wife!

Diane: Don't make me laugh.

Michael: No, he loves Phyllis, and he hates you. In fact, he despises the --

Diane: But I can give him a child, and Phyllis can't.

Michael: How the hell did you find out about that?

Diane: Michael, please leave right now.

Michael: No, Diane. Whatever you're planning, it's wrong. It's more than wrong.

Diane: Oh, like I need a lesson in right and wrong from you.

[Phone rings]

Diane: Hello?

Jack: Yeah, it's me.

Diane: Oh. Hello, Jack.

Jack: Listen, if you have the time, I need to speak with you.

Diane: Oh, of course I have time.

Jack: I'll meet you in your hotel suite.

Diane: I'll be here.

Michael: Jack's coming over?

Diane: Uh, yes, so if you don't mind --

Michael: No, Diane, you listen to reason.

Diane: Goodbye, Michael.

Michael: No, you take the baby, and you leave town.

Diane: That's enough! Enough. I am not telling you again. Get out, or I'll call security.

[Amanda laughs]

Larry: What's so funny?

Amanda: I'm sorry. I just -- I was imagining you sitting in a sixth grade classroom. [Laughs]

Larry: Yeah, I guess that would seem pretty ridiculous, huh?

Amanda: Mmm-hmm. But hey, Larry, don't feel so bad. I mean, I spent days with them at rehearsal, and at first, I was as lost as you were.

Larry: Well, you know what? Life is too short to know everything, and believe me, I've got a lot of catching up to do, so maybe this Shakespeare dude is just going to have to wait.

Amanda: Well, I think you do just fine without Shakespeare. Hey, thanks again for doing all this.

Larry: Oh, it's my pleasure. Um, did you get enough to eat?

Amanda: Oh, plenty. I feel much better now. It was really sweet of you to think of me.

Larry: Well, I think about you a lot.

Amanda: Well then, we should do this again.

Larry: Right. Sure. I mean, maybe we could meet here again, so long as, you know, school is in.

Amanda: Yeah. When it's out, we'll find another place.

Larry: That works for me. Well, I'll see you later.

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. You got to get back to Jabot.

Larry: Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Amanda: Thanks. [Screams]

Ralph: So that's Larry?

Billy: So what next?

Mackenzie: You mean now that I've realized that all that stuff with Ralph was probably just in my head?

Billy: Yeah, yeah. What are you going to do?

Mackenzie: There's not much to do, except try to deal with it.

Billy: On your own?

Mackenzie: If I can. If not, I'll get help.

Billy: Is that a promise?

Mackenzie: Yeah, but you have to promise me something, too.

Billy: What?

Mackenzie: You won't say anything to anyone.

Billy: All right, all right.

Mackenzie: Thanks.

Billy: I should get going.

Mackenzie: Billy, wait. About what you asked me earlier, if I was angry with you because of what you said, I'm not. Actually, I'm grateful. It means a lot to me, you being so supportive.

Billy: Well, I care about you, Mac. And I always will, even after everything that we've been through. I hope you never doubt that. So you and J.T., huh?

Mackenzie: What about us?

Billy: I just -- I hate thinking about you with that guy.

Mackenzie: He's not so bad.

Billy: Mac, he's a total user.

Mackenzie: And Danielle isn't?

Billy: Well, we're not talking about Danielle.

Mackenzie: Wait. Let me get this straight -- if you want to date a girl like Danielle Jorgensen, that's okay. But J.T. and I are disgusting? Tell me something, Billy. Does the word "hypocrite" mean anything to you?

Paul: You know what? I don't believe that's what you really feel.

Chris: Well, I'm sorry if I misled you.

Paul: I still think this has to do with Isabella.

Chris: It doesn't, Paul. I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do. This is your decision. I'm not trying to push you into her arms or force you to be a family no matter what.

Paul: Well, it sounds that way to me.

Chris: I'm just telling you what you need to know for yourself.

Paul: And what's that?

Chris: Whatever feelings we once shared, whatever feelings we felt when we kissed -- once you left, I remembered all the reasons why our marriage broke up, and those reasons haven't changed. I am still so committed to my career, and you -- you have a family now. And I just have no interest or desire in resurrecting something that caused us both so much pain and so much heartache, and that's the bottom line.

Paul: So you really mean this?

Chris: Yes.

Paul: You're going to go to Australia?

Chris: Uh, yeah. I think that's the best option for me. I've started building a life there.

Paul: I see. Well, please excuse me for jumping to conclusions. I mean, I honestly did think that you were feeling what I felt. And if that's not the case, I apologize. So I guess there's nothing more to say.

Chris: Paul, whatever you decide with Isabella, I wish you a lot of luck.

Paul: You know, Chris, I really feel sorry for you. 'Cause one day, you're going to wake up and realize that that law book you're sleeping with is a very cold bed partner. You're going to think about what might have been, and your memories of this moment are going to haunt you.

[Door slams]

Chris: [Sobs) Oh, my God.

Raul: Britt, it's not that I don't trust you.

Brittany: Then why won't you talk to me about your brother?

Raul: I told you, I gave Diego my word I would not discuss what he's going through with anybody. Quit picking a fight with me.

Brittany: You have a better idea?

Raul: I think we should go somewhere and be together.

Brittany: We are together.

Raul: I mean alone. Look, I want to get our minds off this stuff, okay?

Brittany: [Sighs] I bet you do.

Raul: What, did I say something wrong here? What?

Brittany: Apparently, you don't think so.

Raul: Look, I don't get you, Brittany. There you go again with your attitude. What? What did you think that I was suggesting?

Brittany: I know exactly what you were suggesting -- that we go out to the lake and get it on, like we didn't do after the play. Am I right?

Raul: Look, I wasn't thinking about the lake.

Brittany: But you were thinking about the other thing.

Raul: Look, why do you keep assuming that all --?

Brittany: Raul, you didn't believe me when I said I don't like to be used, that I didn't like being taken for granted as your little sex toy?

Raul: Okay, hold on, all right? I thought you were just upset because your parents didn't show up to the play, but are you telling me this is real?

Brittany: Guys looking for sex -- what could get more real than that?

Amanda: Ralph, what are you doing here?

Ralph: Well, the principal thinks I'm dealing with the phone problem -- the one I created.

Amanda: What if Mackenzie sees you again?

Ralph: Relax. She's working at the coffee house. Don't look at me like that. I tracked her schedule so I could stay out of her way. So what's the deal with that Larry guy?

Amanda: He's just a friend.

Ralph: Yeah, well, it looks like old Larry thinks it's more than friendship. I've got to say, it hurts seeing you with another guy. But you know what hurts me even more?

Amanda: What?

Ralph: I recognize that guy. He's one of the guys that came to the motel, busting down my door looking for me. Now, I've got a bad feeling here, Amanda, like maybe you're setting me up. And if that's true, if that's what you're doing, let me remind you. If I go down, you go down with me.

Phyllis: Not now, Michael. Please. Not now. Didn't you hear me? I said not now. I'm exhausted. I don't want to go another round with you.

Michael: Look, I just came from Diane.

Phyllis: Good for you.

Michael: Yeah, well, you wouldn't believe what she told me.

Phyllis: She wants to move in with Jack and me.

Michael: You know?

Phyllis: Yes, I know that. My husband did me the courtesy of mentioning it. He said he hasn't made up his mind. Do you know something different?

Michael: No, I'm just going on instincts now, but I have a bad feeling about this -- a very bad feeling.

Phyllis: You're scaring me.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry, Phyllis. If I were you, I'd be scared, too.

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