Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/1/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/1/02


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Diego: Are you okay?

Sharon: I don't know. I mean, what happened, it was -- I'd better get dressed.

Trevor: Nick, you look worried, man.

Nick: Not worried, just surprised. It's kind of early for Sharon to have taken off. What kind of mood was she in when she left?

Trevor: Actually, I didn't even see her leave.

Nick: The kids are still in school. She must be out at the ranch.

Trevor: I don't know.

[Phone rings]

Nick: Thanks. Hello?

Victor: Hello, boy. Where are you?

Nick: Oh, hey, Dad. I'm at the coffee house. Just getting ready to head home and tell Sharon about the surprise trip.

Victor: Would you mind coming by the office?

Nick: I don't know, Dad. I'm kind of excited to see Sharon. I think it's best if I talked to her right away.

Diane: So what do you say, Jack? Do you want to keep your son this evening?

Jack: You know, Ashley hasn't really met Kyle.

Phyllis: Ashley has a lot going on right now, Jack.

Jack: Well, yeah, I know that --

Phyllis: Yeah, besides, we were going to spend a nice, quiet family evening tonight.

Diane: Kyle is family, Phyllis.

[Doorbell rings]

Diane: Come here to Mommy. Come here.

Jack: John, what are you doing here?

Silva: Jack, we have a few things we need to discuss before the hearing.

Diane: Well, I guess that's my cue to leave. So what about Kyle, Jack?

Jack: Um, can I get back to you on that?

Diane: Sure. Then Iíll take him with me now?

Phyllis: Yes, please do that.

Diane: Jack?

Larry: Hey, man.

Sean: Hey, Larry.

Larry: What are you using the computers here for, man? I thought you had one of those high-speed, turbo-charged ones in your office.

Sean: [Clears throat] As a Jabot employee, you've got to promise to keep this under your hat.

Larry: Yeah, man, no problem. I'm not a snitch.

Sean: Well, we're kicking off the summer campaign and the teen line at the kid's prom, so Iím here doing some field research and trying to figure out how to make this prom one no one will ever forget.

Larry: So that's why you're here in the coffee house rather than being in your office?

Sean: Let's just say it's a more pleasant environment.

Larry: Oh! Sounds like someone's got lady troubles.

Brittany: So many fittings for one silly dress. It was a hoot at first, but now it's boring.

Mackenzie: Is my mom back in the costume shop?

Brittany: Nope. Mrs. Frankel was wondering where she was, too. She was due back a while ago.

Mackenzie: That's strange. Something must have come up. But it's unlike her not to tell someone about it.

Brittany: Why do you even care? The less you have to do with your parents, the better.

Mackenzie: You really feel that way?

Brittany: Totally. And the feeling's mutual, which is fine with me. So where does that flat you're painting gonna go?

Mackenzie: It's part of the stage left garden wall in front of Leonato's house.

Brittany: It looks good.

Mackenzie: Better watch out for the paint. Your dress.

Brittany: Oh, right. Where did I put my bag? There it is. Might as well read while Iím waiting for my final costume fitting.

Amanda: Ralph --

Ralph: I came here to take you with me.

Amanda: Look, I told you that --

Ralph: I know what you told me, but you're not listening to me. Why are you buying into Macís lie? Do you have any idea how that makes me feel, having people believe that Iím some kind of child molester?

Amanda: Look --

Ralph: Do you even care?

Amanda: Please, just try to understand, I --

Ralph: Look, I won't force you to come with me. I'd never do that.

Amanda: Okay. So you'll leave?

Ralph: I'm afraid it's not that simple, and you're giving me no choice but to look out for myself now.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Ralph: Well, you talk about me making a fresh start, like you have, but Iím condemned without a trial. These people you're hanging with, they're powerful. If they decide to make my life miserable --

Amanda: They won't, Ralph, not if you leave.

Ralph: I'll always be looking over my shoulder, wondering if this lie that Mac told will come back to haunt me.

Amanda: What are you getting at?

Ralph: Old lady Chancellor. She has long arms and deep pockets. There's only one way I have a chance at making a new start. I hate that it's come to this, but Iím gonna need you to get me some money.

Diane: I have an idea. Why don't I take Kyle for a walk outside around the grounds, get some fresh air?

Jack: Uh, yeah. That would be just great.

Diane: Good! That will give you all some privacy so you can talk.

Silva: I'm sorry. I guess my timing wasn't the best.

Phyllis: That's an understatement.

Silva: But with the hearing coming up tomorrow, we've got a lot of ground to cover.

Jack: Like what?

Silva: First of all, Phyllis, I'd like to sit down with you and talk about your testimony, not only your direct examination but also what to expect in cross from Dianeís lawyer.

Phyllis: Oh, I think I know what to expect.

Silva: Maybe so, but it's essential that you're well-prepared.

Phyllis: For what? Their vicious attacks on my character? How can I be prepared for that?

Silva: You know, if we talk things through, I think you'll find I can be a big help.

Phyllis: How?

Silva: I can coach you so you can hold your own on the stand.

Jack: Sweetheart, listen to him. He is the expert here.

Phyllis: You know what? I have a good idea. Why don't we, um, call Diane and get her back in here, ask her what we should be prepared for? How's that?

Jack: Phyllis --

Phyllis: No. No, really. I mean, she's being so cooperative these days, Iím sure she'd do it for you.

Silva: Obviously, you're being sarcastic.

Phyllis: No. No, I'm not. What's the problem? Jack's buying into everything she's throwing at him.

Jack: Wait a minute. If you're talking about Kyle spending the night here, Iím not buying into anything.

Phyllis: Ha!

Jack: I talked with my father just this afternoon about the idea of Ashley meeting Kyle. She loves kids. She would love to meet him.

Phyllis: Jack, give me a break! She has a child of her own! What does she need with a new and strange toddler hanging out?! If Iím missing something, please tell me!

Jack: Phyllis, you promised me you would try to bond with the boy, and you're being nothing but negative.

Phyllis: So easy for you to tell me how to be, isn't it?! You're not the one who's gonna be ripped into ribbons in that courtroom! You're not the one whose life is gonna be thrown through the mud in there! I am so sorry if Iím not being lovely and cooperative, but you're just gonna have to bear with me!

Diego: I don't know what to say. I never meant for this to happen.

Sharon: I know. I was angry. I was angry about what my husband did to me again.

Diego: I understand, Sharon. I do. But --

Sharon: But what? You don't think I have the right to be angry? Look, what happened between us was nothing compared to the slap in the face that Nick gave me. He didn't just reach out to someone else. It was Grace! The woman he betrayed me with before. My former best friend!

Diego: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Grace? She was once your best friend?

Sharon: Yeah, talk about an all-new low.

Diego: A tall, thin blonde, long hair?

Sharon: Yeah. How do you know that?

Diego: She was at the coffee house earlier.

Sharon: Oh, great. She was probably stopping by on her way to see Nick. And then she came back later on, looking for me, so she could rub it in.

Diego: No, I don't think so.

Sharon: What are you talking about?

Diego: This isn't tracking for me, Sharon. Not at all.

Nick: Hey, Dad.

Victor: Hey, my boy. I wasn't sure you were gonna stop by.

Nick: Well, I wasn't sure myself until I was a block away from the building.

Victor: Are you nervous?

Nick: More anxious.

Victor: You've chosen a destination?

Nick: The Caribbean.

Victor: Oh, yeah, nice.

Nick: It's a sailing cruise. We were planning to take it last year before everything hit the fan.

Victor: Well, I certainly hope that Sharon will take advantage of what you're trying to do.

Nick: Me, too. So why did you want to see me?

Victor: I just wanted you to know that the jet is at your disposal, all right?

Nick: I appreciate it, Dad.

Victoria: Hi. You didn't start the meeting without me, did you?

Victor: Didn't you get my message?

Victoria: No.

Nick: The meeting's been canceled.

Victoria: Oh. Well, I haven't checked my e-mail in a while. Why'd you cancel it?

Victor: Well, because he's taking a trip.

Nick: I'm taking Sharon to the Caribbean.

Victoria: Really? The two of you are going away together?

Nick: Well, I hope so. I haven't asked her yet.

Victoria: Well, if she has a brain in her head, she'll say yes. I think it's a terrific idea. The timing couldn't be better.

Nick: Yeah. Well, there's something in my office I need to get, and then Iím gonna take off.

Victor: Don't forget to call Wally.

Nick: As soon as I get home.

Victor: All right.

Victoria: Nicholas, good luck.

Nick: Thanks, sis.

Victoria: Well, I think that could be just what those two need right now.

Victor: Isn't that nice?

Victoria: What about your trip?

Victor: My trip has been postponed.

Victoria: But I thought it was so important.

Victor: Well, I have some other things to do right now.

Victoria: Are you ready to tell me what that was all about?

Victor: You know, your brother needs some encouragement. Why don't you go help him?

Victoria: All right, fine. Don't tell me. You know, Dad, Iím gonna find out.

Victor: Goodbye.

Victoria: Bye.

Sharon: What do you mean? What isn't tracking?

Diego: After you saw Grace, was she acting guilty?

Sharon: Like she'd just been with Nick. Yeah.

Diego: Well, doesn't that tell you she wasn't looking for you either time?

Sharon: No. She knows I work at the coffee house. This was all part of her plan, or, as I said, she just wanted to rub it in.

Diego: Sharon, that doesn't make sense.

Sharon: Why?

Diego: My conversation with her. She kept asking all these questions about you and Nick.

Sharon: So?

Diego: Well, it doesn't sound like she'd been invited here. It was more like she was getting the lay of the land.

Sharon: Well, that doesn't mean she wasn't invited.

Diego: You're guessing.

Sharon: Look, I know that Grace went to see Nick. He must have invited her.

Diego: What did he say?

Sharon: He wasn't in his office when I went there, but there was a note on his desk that was from Grace that said her number in New York and the word "call."

Diego: That doesn't mean your husband's having an affair.

Sharon: No, but, if when he saw her it was just innocent, why wouldn't he just tell me about it?

Diego: Wait. He tried to call you earlier. Do you remember that? Maybe he was trying to call you to tell you about it.

Sharon: Why are you doing this?

Diego: I'm just pointing out that you've jumped to conclusions about your husband before.

Sharon: Why are you defending Nick? Especially with what just happened between us?

Diego: Sharon, I'm not trying to upset you. That's the last thing I want to do. But we need to know the truth.

Michael: Aren't cell phones wonderful? So easy to track down your lawyer and rain on his peaceful afternoon.

Phyllis: I wouldn't have called you if it weren't important.

Michael: Well, what's the problem? You're obviously agitated.

Phyllis: You bet your -- yes, Iím agitated.

Michael: Because?

Phyllis: It was Jack's turn to have his kid. Diane Jenkins came over to pick him up. Even though we had a nice family gathering planned, this woman has the gall to ask my husband to keep her kid for the evening!

Michael: And Jack was too glad?

Phyllis: Oh, God, of course. Are you kidding me? And then to top it all off, John Silva came over. Yeah, he wanted to coach me for my testimony at the hearing tomorrow. Translation -- how to stand there while they blindfold you and how to fall when the bullets hit.

Michael: You held your temper, I hope.

Phyllis: No, I told him I was a very unhappy girl!

Michael: Phyllis, Phyllis, Phyllis. You're supposed to be playing it cool.

Phyllis: No, what Iím supposed to be doing is finding out a way to get Diane Jenkins and her kid out of my life.

Michael: Have you?

Phyllis: I was hoping fate would intervene.

Michael: Falling piano, perhaps?

Phyllis: Or that Jack would lose the desire to want Kyle after all.

Michael: That's a fat chance.

Phyllis: That he would be allergic to me?

Michael: Any luck?

Phyllis: No, I think he likes me.

Michael: Well, the question is, how do you feel about him?

Phyllis: It doesn't matter how I feel about him. The thought of having Diane Jenkins in my life -- Michael, I can't stomach that.

Michael: The hearing is tomorrow.

Phyllis: I know. And that only means one thing -- there's only one way out. And it's the most despicable, treacherous thing I could do to my husband.

Mackenzie: Brittany, you dropped these.

Brittany: Oh, my prom tickets. Thanks.

Mackenzie: I didn't know that they were selling those already. I take it you and Raul are going together?

Brittany: Maybe. What's it to you?

Mackenzie: Oh, would you stop being so defensive?

Brittany: I know what you're thinking.

Mackenzie: Whatever.

Brittany: For your information, despite your assumption that Iím a bad influence on Raul, he did get into college.

Mackenzie: Really? That's great. Which one?

Brittany: Humberton -- with a scholarship.

Mackenzie: Wow, that's terrific. Good. I'm glad things are finally coming together for him.

Brittany: Seriously?

Mackenzie: Yeah, of course. I mean, Raul deserves it. By the way, I want to clarify something with you. I don't want there to be any more hassles between us. For Raul's sake, and for mine, too. We'll never be best friends, but he's happy with you and --

Brittany: And what? There's no accounting for taste?

Mackenzie: What I was going to say was that he's happy with you and that's what you want for someone you care about.

Brittany: Well, you're going to the prom, too, right?

Mackenzie: I don't know.

Brittany: In case you're interested, I happen to know that J.T. would fall all over himself to be your date. But that's no big news flash. Guess you're not quite over Billy yet, huh?

Mackenzie: Why are you talking about this?

Brittany: Now who's being defensive? I suppose I don't expect you to admit it, but I understand. He's not an easy guy to forget.

Mackenzie: Look, Brittany --

Brittany: Hey, if it's any comfort, once the right guy comes along, it's not gonna be so hard.

Mackenzie: Why are you suddenly being nice to me?

Brittany: Beats me. For Raulís sake, I guess. If he had things his way, everybody would be pals. Like that's gonna happen, right?

Sean: Yeah, lady trouble. If I told you that you were right, you wouldn't be too surprised, would you?

Larry: Not really.

Sean: Hey, you've never been one of Jillís biggest fans.

Larry: Look, I still have problems with the woman, all right? But I'm not about to dump on her after all she's done for me. I mean, just the other night we were --

Sean: Look, you know what, let's just not talk about Jill, okay?

Larry: That bad, huh?

Sean: Yeah, that bad. Anyway, how are those lessons coming along?

Larry: Like gangbusters.

Sean: I know what that means -- that your breakfast with Amanda went well. Things looked pretty good when I saw you in here before.

Larry: Well, Jill was right. She knows her stuff. I mean, holding a chair for a woman and putting a napkin on your lap. I mean, all those little things, who would have thought how much they add up to for a woman? But man, Amanda was really appreciating that.

Sean: It sounds like you made some pretty smooth moves.

Larry: Yeah, I also trip myself up every now and then. But, you know, overall, it was pretty cool. And then we got to a point where we were talking about some personal stuff.

Sean: Personal stuff? Sounds like progress.

Amanda: Well, how much money do you need? I mean, I've saved up a few hundred dollars.

Ralph: Oh, come on. Starting over takes more than a few hundred dollars, baby.

Amanda: Well, how much? Like $500 or $1,000?

Ralph: No. Add a couple zeroes and you might get close.

Amanda: What are you, nuts, Ralph? I don't have that kind of money.

Ralph: I didn't say give it to me. I said get it for me. It's right at your fingertips.

Amanda: No, it's not.

Ralph: Don't insult me, honey. Your kid's grandmother.

Amanda: What about her?

Ralph: She's worth millions. I've seen that house. There must be a safe or a jewelry drawer --

Amanda: What are you talking about? Stealing it?!

Ralph: I like the word "take" better.

Amanda: No, Ralph! Absolutely not! Katherine Chancellor has been kind and forgiving to me, okay? I will not betray her!

Ralph: You betrayed me. You did. And as for stealing, you and your daughter did a great job of stealing my reputation and turning it into mud.

Amanda: Ralph, no. I will help you, okay, if I can, but I will not do this!

Ralph: Yes, you will, Amanda.

Amanda: You can't force me.

Ralph: You're wrong about that. So wrong about that.

[Tape rewinding]

Amanda: -- My reputation and turning it into mud. I will help okay, if I can --

Ralph: That's you right there.

Nick: All right. Well, thanks, Miguel. At least now I know where she is.

Victoria: Hey. Everything okay?

Nick: Didn't we already say our goodbyes?

Victoria: Yes. Dad felt that you needed a little bit more of a pep talk.

Nick: I'm fine.

Victoria: You don't seem fine.

Nick: Okay, so I'm not fine. Why isn't Sharon at the coffee house? I just called out at the ranch and Miguel said she's there.

Victoria: So?

Nick: Why'd she leave Crimson Lights? When I talked to Christine earlier, she said that her mood had gotten better. Well, what if it changed back?

Victoria: Nicholas, there are a thousand reasons why Sharon could have gone home. I mean, are you worried about something in particular?

Nick: Yeah, a something. Or someone.

Victoria: Who? Oh, my God!

Nick: She came all the way back from New York City just to sniff around. I told her to beat it, but --

Victoria: But you're worried that she might have run into Sharon on her way out of town.

Nick: It's possible.

Victoria: Nicholas, you don't have any proof.

Nick: No, I don't. And I suppose I shouldn't be looking for trouble.

Victoria: No, you shouldn't be. Let's just be positive.

Nick: Well, that's easier said than done. Especially when I'm not even convinced I can get Sharon to get on that plane with me.

Victoria: Well, Iím sure you'll think of something.

Nick: Vic, the whole point of this trip was for me to show her how I feel about her. You know, because words just haven't worked out well for us lately.

Victoria: Well, maybe there's a way of jump starting this trip without words.

Nick: How do you mean?

Silva: Jack, I'm sorry. I guess I pushed Phyllis the wrong way.

Jack: No, that's pretty much par for the course these days, counselor. Look, I know what you're thinking. This is not exactly the best time to be counting on Phyllis for her testimony.

Silva: Well, do you think she can pull it together by tomorrow?

Jack: I'm just praying that when push comes to shove she'll be there for me.

Silva: Listen, try to get her to meet with me tomorrow morning before the hearing.

Jack: So you can prepare her. Yeah.

Silva: Yeah, and if she refuses, I strongly advise that we shift to a joint custody deal.

Jack: What?! What?!

Silva: Without Phyllis by your side, asking for anything more is just too much of a risk.

Jack: Let's just see what side of the bed she wakes up on tomorrow.

Silva: In the meantime, I have a list of character witnesses, people that could stand up and support you -- both you and Phyllis.

Jack: I'm not so sure about Ashley.

Silva: What do you mean? She's your sister.

Jack: She's going through some very difficult personal issues right now. If she couldn't do it, we can work around her, right?

Silva: If necessary. Jack, is there something else?

Jack: If Phyllis is able to tough it out on this, Diane and her lawyer are gonna go after this Daniel thing hard, aren't they?

Silva: Yes. We knew that from the beginning.

Jack: I guess what I'm asking you is, do we have something to counter it? I mean, can you still build a strong enough case to get me through this thing?

Silva: Jack, we've already discussed this.

Jack: Diane's weak spot.

Silva: Her illegal actions, how she became pregnant.

Jack: Yeah, will that even things out?

Silva: It's hard to say.

Jack: Why?

Silva: She was never actually charged with a crime.

Jack: And that would have made all the difference in the world, huh?

Silva: Definitely. But she made a deal with Victor. And, well, we just can't rewrite history. Also there's something else.

Jack: What?

Silva: She's been a very good mother. She's taken excellent care of Kyle.

Jack: And she's got witnesses that'll testify to that.

Silva: So have a look at that list. Tell me which order you think would be most effective for them to appear.

Jack: I gotta get out of here.

Silva: Now?

Jack: There's someone I need to talk to. It's not a conversation I'm looking forward to, but I have no choice, and Iím running out of time.

Sharon: Oh, my God.

Diego: Sharon, I don't want to be messin' with your head this way, asking you all these questions and putting you through this.

Sharon: Then don't, okay? Donít. Just stop it.

[Knock at door]

Diego: Who is it?

Miguel: It's Miguel. I'm looking for Sharon. Has she been here?

Diego: If you want to go out the back way, I --

Sharon: Hi, Miguel, Iím here. What is it?

Miguel: Sharon, Iím glad I found you. Would you please come with me?

Sharon: Where?

Miguel: I need to take you someplace.

Sharon: Is it the kids? Is everything okay?

Miguel: No, Sharon. The kids are fine. But you must go with me. It's urgent!

Larry: Dude, we're not even close to being that kind of personal, you know? But for once in my life, Iím in no rush.

Sean: So you and Amanda talked about the meaning of life?

Larry: Come on, bro. Quit yankin' my chain, all right? We were talking about some serious stuff.

Sean: Like what?

Larry: Well, Amandaís been having this thing on her mind, and, anyway, she finally, I guess, felt comfortable enough to open up to me and share that. That's good, right?

Sean: Yeah, that's great. Did you help her work through it?

Larry: Yeah, but it's got to do with her ex. And that's all I want to say about that, but I do think I helped open her eyes about the situation.

Sean: I'm sure she appreciated it.

Larry: Yeah. It's just I think I may have spooked her a little, you know? Too much, too soon. So what I'm gonna do is just back off and loosen up.

Sean: That's a tough call, man. You have to take your cues from her.

Larry: See, that's just it. I don't know how to, like, read her.

Sean: Listen, you want my take on the situation?

Larry: Yeah.

Sean: I think Amandaís had some bad luck with men. And I think you're just the man to help her get over that.

Larry: I sure hope so, man. It'd be nice if she didn't have the think about that grungy ex-husband of hers anymore.

Ralph: That's right, honey. Our whole conversation right here on tape.

Amanda: You bastard!

Ralph: Well, you sucked up to Mac and everybody around her telling you believed what you said about me, when the truth is, you really didn't believe any of those lies. It was all an act. But how do you think people around here are gonna feel when they hear this tape? How do you think your precious little daughter will react?

Amanda: I said that I believed her!

Ralph: No, you said you came to believe her, that you didn't when you first hit town. It's right here on the tape. And even now, you're not so sure what the truth really is.

Amanda: Ralph, please. You can't let my baby hear that tape, okay? It's taken me a very long time to get her trust back.

Ralph: Well, I'm sorry, honey. I have to play hardball. You forced me. I'd rather have you leave with me, but if you're not, I'm not walking away empty-handed. So what's it gonna be?

Amanda: Oh, my God. I gotta think about this.

Ralph: Okay, fine. Don't take too long thinking about it. I'm sure you remember I get real impatient when Iím kept waiting.

Amanda: No!

Ralph: I love you.

Diane: Where is everybody?

Silva: They all left.

Diane: Did Jack say anything about my leaving Kyle with him?

Silva: No. No, he didnít. I'm afraid there's no one here to leave him with.

Diane: Well, did Jack say when he'd be back?

Silva: Sorry. You coming?

Diane: I think I'll wait here. Don't worry, John. I won't steal anything. We don't mind waiting, do we, honey? We'll just make ourselves right at home, right here in your daddy's house.

Seamstress: There you are, Mac. Any idea where your mother is?

Mackenzie: No. I've been looking for her, too. I'm really sorry she wasn't there to help you.

Seamstress: I went by the lunch room to see if she was there, but she didn't show up for work, either.

Mackenzie: Well, that's weird.

Seamstress: Well, if you see her, ask her to drop by, okay?

Mackenzie: I will. Ned? Hey, it's Mac. Hey, listen, is my mom over there, because I've been looking everywhere for her --

Amanda: Honey, I'm here.

Mackenzie: It's all right. I found her. Thank you. Mom, where have you been?

Amanda: I wasn't feeling too well, so I just went home, and I took a nap.

Mackenzie: Well, I was worried about you, and Mrs. Frankel was looking for you, and --

Amanda: Oh, I just meant to take a -- wow. I gotta get back to the cafeteria, okay?

Mackenzie: Mom, what's going on with you?

Amanda: Um, Iím fine. I'm fine, honey. I'll see you later, okay?

[Plane engine]

Sharon: I wish you would tell me what this is all about, Miguel. What's going on?

Miguel: Sharon, you'll know everything soon.

Sharon: No, I want to know now! Why would you bring me here of all places?

Nick: Because I asked him to. Thank you, my friend.

Miguel: You're welcome.

Sharon: Look, whatever this is, whatever's going on, it isn't --

Nick: Look, just let me tell you what I got planned, all right?

Sharon: Why did you ask Miguel to bring me here?

Nick: So I could fly you away to paradise.

Michael: Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. What do you have in mind?

Phyllis: We have to figure out a way to torpedo Jack's case.

Michael: We?

Phyllis: Yes, Michael. You and me.

Michael: Look, it's bad enough that I'm working against my client, and Iím advising you on --

Phyllis: Stop whining about your ethics! Besides, you keep on telling me that Diane and I want the same things. We both want her to keep her kid.

Michael: Okay. But you didn't hear it from me.

Phyllis: Better be good. Because if Jack sees what I'm doing, I can kiss my entire life goodbye.

Michael: Come unglued on the stand.

Phyllis: What? I've been hoping and praying to keep it together on the stand.

Michael: You want to lose this case, right?

Phyllis: Yes!

Michael: Well, Jack's not gonna do it for you. And Dianeís gonna come off pretty darn good. So, whether you like it or not, you, my dear, are the only wild card left in the deck.

Phyllis: So you're telling me that I have to sit there while Dianeís attorney rips me apart and drags me through this entire Daniel business, and then I lose it?

Michael: No. No, that might create sympathy for you. I have a better way.

Phyllis: What is it?

Michael: John Silva is gonna question you on direct, right?

Phyllis: Yes, that's what he wants to prepare me for. Michael, you're forgetting, he's on our side.

Michael: No, exactly, exactly. But he's a very good attorney. He will undoubtedly go for a preemptive strike. He will raise the Daniel issue. He will get it out there on the table before the other lawyer has a chance to jump into it. He will deprive her of that element of surprise.

Phyllis: So you're telling me by the time Ms. Gorman brings it up, it'll be old news?

Michael: Yes, yes, yes, yes. You'll be able to present it in the most favorable, positive light possible before she gets a chance to besmirch you with it. It's when John Silva is questioning you, that is when you flip out.

Phyllis: And Jack won't suspect anything?

Michael: Well, that's when your acting abilities come in. If your husband detects a whiff of sham, yeah, you're dead, but that's why this has to come from the gut.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. My God, my God, I have --

Michael: Look, shh. This is your only chance. You've got to bite the bullet and do this. Otherwise, by this time next week, you're gonna be changing Kyleís diapers.

Phyllis: This is so unfair.

Michael: Is it fair for your husband to ask you to put the most dramatic time of your life out there for everyone to see? And what do you get in return? You get to play dueling mommies with Diane Jenkins for the next 18 years of your life. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Let's do it. Let's go.

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